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    • After wondering around for an hour or two Lupin eventually found himself in the biggest tavern that Aligoria had to offer, a place called the False Ship. No one seemed to know why it was called that or at least they weren't willing to share that information with him. Luis thought to himself that maybe the wood for the original installation had been salvaged from a ship. Why not? Taking stock of the people around him and then of the menu of food and drink that the False Ship provided to its patrons Luis thought about how he was going to get hammered without spending much of his own money. He had plenty of coin but the thing that people didn't really think about a lot is that making a lot of money was only half of the other, the other half was keeping it. He settled on someone that looked a little bigger and stockier than the people around him, someone whose many years gave him the idea that he was a pretty strong, tough sort of fellow, which would make him exactly the kind of target that Luis needed. He walked over to the man's table and pushed his shoulder. Luis didn't care for subtlety when it wasn't needed. "Hey, oaf. Yeah you. I want you to pay for my drink. Just one, I'm not trying to empty your wallet out but I'm thirsty and I don't want to get my own." The guy looked at Luis like, what the fuck? Who the fuck was this guy? And then put his attention back to the half-circle of his friends. To keep his attention Luis slapped him on the back of his head, timed to interrupt and spill his drink. He had made himself impossible to ignore at this point. A levelheaded or skittish sort would call the tender's attention, at most take a few lumps to see this outsider done up proper by the Shadow Guard. "All I'm saying is we take this outside. You dust me I'll kick off. I dust you, you get me one drink. Just one! I promise I'll leave your moneymaker alone if that makes things easier for you."
    • Seeing that the other two wasted drunkards have no intention of ever waking up or helping, Natalya decided to take initiative.  "Ok, here we go. Don't let anyone shoot me." Little Natz nodded in assent. Since Mel was in dire need of protection, the young girl would her best to help her elders. From her plethora of possible summons, she chose to a more grounded one. An earth spirit. One tainted by Natalya's shadow. The spirit rose from the girl's shadow and into the ground below where it would raise a mound of earth that would cover Mel's strange transformation sequence. When the magical monster transformation sequence was done, Little Natalya dropped her protection and followed this strange form of Mel into the ocean. "Grab onto my fins, quick! Don't worry, I probably won't forget that you two can't breathe water. That's one of those mistakes you only make once or twice, am I right?" Getting a little wet is the least of Natalya's problems but drowning seemed like a major death flag. However, that notion did not hinder her from jumping onto Mel's newly reformed body.  @notmuch_23 @Veloci-Rapture Unbeknownst to Natalya was that there seemed to be two suspicious individuals that were trailing after Mel's form while running on water and maintaining a safe distance.
    • The Master Knight frowned immensely as Masuda burst forward like a gust of wind, ever so soundless and quick. She nodded solemnly as the wind lifted her hair, her cloak billowing in the gust generated by the force of Masuda's powerful dash. Beneath it, a metallic suit of plate gleamed beneath, dulled from age and wear and patched up with a layer of dutifully applied polish. She swept her cloak aside, pressing her palm against her chest over her Dragonslayer pendant. The offer had been made and rejected. She could hold back her people's outrage no longer. Perceiving in advance the oncoming rain of fire, an orange sphere of raw energy burst out from the pendant around Addison's chest, extending fully into a bubble two metres in diameter, encasing her fully in a bulletproof shell. She gazed at her foes, which were being harassed vigorously by Masuda's team. In her younger days, she might have charged in then and there, to do battle alongside her beloved comrade. But the Master Knight had aged, and with age came wisdom and restraint, as well as knowing better than to succumb to one's own temptation. She stood still as a rock amid the ocean of chaos, analysing and evaluating the enemy's movement within her protective bubble. As a bloodied pirate hand struck struck her shield in desperation, she looked on in pitiful apathy. Her heart hardened as she looked beyond the dying man before her, onto the four ships floating dangerously within range of counterattack. @Fierach
    • Grant spotted Giliam approaching from the snack bar and decided to run out to meet him halfway. The dark-skinned youth was the quietest out of his brothers, and probably the smartest if all the studying he did was any indication. At the very least he seemed to be the most insightful of them. Giliam had been the first to realize that he was dating Delphine, but had sworn to keep it a secret until the time came. The shared secret seemed to strengthen the bond between the two of them. He often asked Grant's advice when his studies turned to matters of warfare and tactics. Indeed, it was this newfound closeness that enabled the eldest Knight to see that something had been troubling the boy. He didn't know how to ask, and Giliam hadn't said anything, so he had just let the matter lie. Still, he couldn't help but worry for his brother. He knew how much pain self-doubt could cause. Falling into step beside the boy, Grant smiled down at him, "Hey Gil. You having a good time?" @Malintzin
    • For a moment Iblis was too stunned to respond in any meaningful way as the elf pressed her lips against his. Then he began to return the kiss as though it were the most natural thing in the world. Except it wasn't. He was not mortal, despite the form he took. Logically there was no reason why he should enjoy this, the scent of her, the touch of her skin. But he did, and if he wasn't so focused on the moment he might have been disturbed by how much he wanted her. When she pulled away he felt a pang of disappointment, along with a slight chill upon his lips. Sorry… Iblis are you sure you want to be with me? Bonded? Because if you do, then--nevermind, I'm sure father just told me that to scare me. Something akin to a growl escaped his throat, and he pulled her close to him. The Djinn still wasn't entirely sure what was happening, how it was that he was feeling this way about Claudette. Everything in him urged him to go further, to take her here and now. But something in her gaze told him that there was something that was worrying her as well. He brought a hand up to caress her face, looking into her eyes. "You needn't keep any secrets from me. And I will keep none from you." Utter sincerity. Iblis had made many oaths in the past, but none with as much passion and honesty as this one.    
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