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  5. I heartily appreciate the positivity but unfortunately one of the boys brought home something from college and I've definitely caught it ~laughs and sighs~ Running a fever and throat is swollen nearly shut. Any advice from ANYONE on what the best approach for rescheduling interviews, is? I've never had to, personally, but I feel like it should be as easy as calling and letting them know I'd rather not potentially have something and pass it off? And asking if they can move the interview to another day?
  6. As these two came for their respective killing blows. A smile crept across the kings face, and his eyes emanated large plumes of Celestial Anima. It was exciting, that moment right before the kill. The anticipation of blood. The smell of the iron in it, the warmth of it against his flesh? He couldn't even feel, but just knowing it was there was exhilarating. He couldn't count the number of bodies have been piled at his whim. Civilizations lain to waste on his mad campaign to absolve his own Kingdom of would be enemies. Great beasts slain and presented as a monument to any who'd spectate and wonder of the Kings stature. All this to say that he'd be felled by some KIDS with parlor tricks! It had been made painstakingly clear that the King didn't have what most would consider a blind spot. considering how those senses worked, their sensitivity and tuning. Just because he didn't literally lay eyes on it doesn't mean it went unnoticed. Considering how easy it is to shift a blind spot---with the simplest swivel of ones head, the presumed window of chance Kai and Kurdish had was immensely small. There would be an immense reaction as the King's movements alone would be enough to totally BREAK the restriction spell placed on him initially as well as shatter the Shadowed Spikes that were attempted Prior---this was significant because it would be an distraction to his assuming attackers. With pace, Kai would find his entire arm caught by the kings right gauntlet covered hand and that broad swords blade stopped by the gauntlet covered left, BOTH given enough vice to decimate a block of steel as if it were wet-cardboard----a Truly painful experience it is, having your fore-arm crushed into dust, as Kai would be learning. And what a blow to the ego would it be if that sword (Uncharged by any mana or mysticism to further harden it), were to literally shatter to pieces in his palm, but catching one large shard. He'd give Kai a very brief quip, "Your penance.." and the act would come with swiftness and brutality. A being, powerful enough to literally move entire land masses if properly motivated would seek now to literally TEAR KAI'S ARM OFF. And that left shard of the presumed shattered sword would be driven toward the chest of Kurdish. He had played the victim and had drawn in the opposition, and now they'd pay their respective prices. IF the shock of amputation kept Kai from Flee'ing the Kings Palm would come to rest atop the mans head, even as the others plotted their spells and such, and thus apply ample pressure sufficient enough to crush his skull outright within his palm... And there he stood..blood on his hands, and a deathly look casts to the others..."You should run....."
  7. I'm talking about the reasons for a setting such as this. Not the style of combat lol.
  8. open

    Fast learning that Genesaris had a bead reputation in these lands, be it from bad blood, broken ties or bullshit battles, it was in the Kings best interest to not keep the trend ongoing. There wasn't anything to be said in response, they accepted. He only needed to double check his resources before speaking seeing as how these individuals may have superiors---but may BE the superiors. If such was the case it would be imperative to him provide his best effort as to cement a place within their minds. Consideration goes a long way, and when the time comes for things to be "Considered" in the name of progress, Proteus was counting on that cementing to provide ample foundation. ---His attention was corralled from elsewhere. Before the men discharged their weapons one or two of them may have noticed the swivel of the kings head in the direction they would inevitably shoot. His senses put him a step or two ahead, still he was still to slow to speak on it attributed to the exceptional training of these men who acted with machine like reflex. He was no different. When it appeared that the CUB selected him as a target it was BULL's turn to let it be known that the cub had chosen POORLY. His first step was nothing short of explosive. For someone his size he deleted distance like a cheetah on PCP. A harrowing, roar escaping his throat as he hare-footed toward the cub with thunderous footsteps and malicious intent. If the Roar from these beasts were to call the fiends of these lands to them, then those of Proteus Rauz, and the thunder of his impressions would serve to convince them otherwise. Both of his hands were outstretched wide on approach and at the impending moment of impact Bull's right gauntlet-covered hand would come forward to impact and vice the creature by it's throat, throttling it mercilessly with a grip sufficient enough to abrogate steel as if it were wet toilet paper. If he was successful at all there would be presumed squealing and cries to it's mother for help and it would warrant little mercy from The King of Taurus who's white eyes emanated a hearty plume of indignation and his native Anima, "We're beyond that now.....FLEA.." He'd have plucked this thing from where it stood, and SLIDE to a stop with it hoisted in the same manner was One would prepare to throw a football. "BEGONE..." and away it would go. Like a proverbial fucking bullet. A plausible few hundred pounds of living beast chucked off into the distance for MILES on end with almost no effort on his part but perfect form and execution. Dare one to say that the creature even moved in a perfect spiral! Reminiscent of one, great mortal he had spectated on a tenure on the Realm of Man, EARTH---Tom Brady (Let's go pats!). Having dispatched his opposition, Proteus would turn his attention to the mother, only to find his senses tripped by exterior movement a ways off. As predicted, attraction was afoot.
  9. Original Version WARNING: This thread is currently under construction! The present information may not be up to date. [legend=Welcome, scholars!]You've heard many things about Mhasalkar Conservatory during your stay in Nich'e. It's the center of diplomacy, a bastion for researchers, home of the Council and the guests from the Terrenus military. The large, impressive set of ancient buildings contains many halls that lead to many rooms, spiraling high to the tops of the city and extending deep below. The main halls and rooms are grand beyond measure, yet the smaller crevices of this place seems to hide something very…sinister. You've heard rumors that Sa'dar Makari encourages and even helps to fund the most absurd projects, especially those who have fled from above to find a place that appreciates their talents. This couldn't possibly go wrong, could it?[/legend] Welcome to Mhasalkar Conservatory! Here you can look up the extended profiles of the Council as well as seek the unique services that Mhasalkar has to offer. Seek a mentor and perform research, train to be an ambassador to the world above or learn the intricacies of Pyare Bhuta technology! The Conservatory also offers enchanting services and access to a library. However, beware as you head deep into the Conservatory. There are rumors that escaped experiments prowl the laboratory basements. THE COUNCIL OF NICH'E Since its humble beginnings, Nich'e has always been ruled by a Council. Each member holding the title of "Sa'dar" is handpicked by their wise predecessors to lead the city to prosperity and represent the interests of its many diverse residents. They are bound to be the servants of their people, every decision made for the sake of the Undercity. Reveal the spoiler to learn about the members of the Council.
  10. Tanner took his cues from Welfrick once more, and put the pin back in his grenade before returning it to it's place on his belt. The grenadier was of two minds about this stranger. On the one hand, Welfrick's caution was more than warranted. The new guy had showed up without making his presence known, and who knew how long he would have stayed anonymous if the hunter hadn't noticed him. But, Abigail also had a point. It was entirely possible that the sandy haired stranger really was a late member of their group simply trying to catch up to his party. Besides, if he had meant to harm them, he could have done so before he was noticed. Tanner decided to give the guy the benefit of the doubt. He started tossing the grenade up and down in one hand, and gestured at Welfrick with the other. "Man's right. Introductions are in order. My name is Tanner. Pleased to meet you Mr..."
  11. The trick is to not write in a way which invites such a forward and direct confrontation. You find the flaws in your opponents writing and exploit them. Example: Someone says they dodged the moment they heard a gunshot? The bullet would have hit you before you heard the sound. No, edits are not allowed. You eat that bullet and learn from your mistake. Or You litter your posts with innuendo and ambiguous terminology until it affords you a moment of opportunity. Whatever that may be. You're still going to have constant conflicting opinions, you can either debate it or get a third party opinion to moderate. Whatever floats your boat.
  12. Please stay on topic.
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    @Salt @Porcelain_Puppetress Jahan's head whipped around to confirm the source of the hellish, disgustingly guttural, loud, grumbling-like sound. He was ready to discover that he would find the being as the owner of such repulsiveness, and sure enough, he did. After all, he had been witness to what the tongues that were possessed by her could do. The owners of the worried whispers and the shocked expressions who had also heard the loud grumbling would only be glad that they hadn't, if they had any means of knowing what Jahan was thinking. "Why don't you direct what you have to say to me?" He spoke in a low tone, bright eyes focused on her apparent 'head', on the smooth surface where a normal human being's face would be. "Since our new friend seems to be disturbed by your way of communication, I am willing to be a.. Bridge. No need to trouble yourself with.." He stopped; not knowing what to liken that slime-secreting cavity that sat on the middle of her abdomen to, while being aware that any name which came immediately to mind would be way too rude to utter, and ultimately had to choose to nod towards its direction in order to address it. He shook his head as he went back to his former position, and silently smiled again as he focused on his new acquaintance. He hoped the man would be more.. Comfortable in the company of a fellow human. "To answer your question, yes, I have agreed to help her find the said object. However, we are still in need of company.." Jahan was trained in dancing, music, and cajolery way more than he was trained in martial arts, offensive magik and marksmanship; even though he had mastered the use of his custom Whirlwinder and could probably putrefy the body of an average 20 year old man in two minutes with the right resources. And as for the being.. Well, since she was the first one to offer to look for other people, Jahan noted that she probably wasn't pleased with the idea of following through this with only one person with her. "Without the necessary numbers, what we are capable of won't be that effective on this particular mission it seems, mister Marcus."
  14. He lowered is bow slowly, waiting to see if he'd make any sudden movements. There were none. He unnocked his arrow and held it in his hand for a moment, glaring down the strange man. The sandy haired fellow was not an immediate threat, but still seemed very suspicious. Why should he be trusted -- a complete stranger who seemed to appear out of thin air? The hunter considered slashing at the man with his short sword, but there was something about his arrogant smile that made Welfrick reconsider. Additionally, he reasoned that whatever strange weapon Tanner held in hand would probably cause some sort of loud raucous since it was small and unassuming -- the kind that looks harmless, but holds a deadly surprise. Any effort now would be useless, and it seemed that the stranger still had a gimmick up his sleeve. How else could he sneak up upon a group of three? He would forego violence for now, and try civilized discourse. There were still many questions to be answered. Welfrick lowered his bow, and let go of some of the tension in his bowstring -- his arm now relaxed. "It depends Abigail. People who just appear without any warning is something not to be taken lightly." There were no indications of malice or misdirection in the other man's voice when he spoke to the group that Welfrick could pick up on, but it was better to err on the side of caution. Why should we trust you," he asked the man directly. "You haven't even given us your name yet."
  15. I want this. A lot. I think having a sub forum, or sub board, or whatever term we use here in Valucre would be amazing. Having it under the Alternative board sounds like a good idea to me, that way people who want to RP in a Free for All environment could start making setting/locations that all shared a rough continuity between them. I'm always a fan of starting in a fresh environment. Anyone here now who once RP'd on Gaia will be immediately familiar with this format, or perhaps approach, to this kind of RP. We had it in Commerce, the FFA, Military/organization, and to a limited degree, Barton. All forums or former forums that existed on Gaia.
  16. Ok, you guys. @Jotnotes @Seyge It seems that @TeddySpearson has been AFV for a while. I'm going to go ahead and make a final post to wrap up Lorial's part in the thread. You guys can do a final post too, if you'd like. It's up to you.
  17. The ore tainting Rodham worked slowly, affecting his thoughts in a way that was subtle and undetectable. It nudged him to take the coach and go to Lyonesse, and he never suspected that the thoughts were not his own. The truth was that Kyouji wanted to lure them out of Sol-Mowenna so that they were not able to find out about Rin and Esslyn's plans. Vex was looking to Rodham for directions. In his mind, there was only one choice to make. "Well, in any case, she's not here now. Let's go, it's the only option we have." He walked up to the gruff, grizzled coach driver. "Are you heading to Lyonesse?" The man grunted in response. Without further delay, Rodham climbed into the coach, and beckoned to Vex. "Come on, don't just stand there, get on." ---------- Esslyn was mesmerised by Rin's smooth, feline motions. She had been made into a succubus, a glutton of pleasure, and she couldn't resist the charms of the winged beast. She sat in Rin's lap, her arms wrapped around the other demon's neck, as she watched their fat orange and red minions move in a horde out of the city, a smile on her face. ---------- The demons marching up to Val Roux was a sight to behold. They did not approach subtly, they did not attempt an ambush, nor did they have the intelligence to do so. However, with the swells in their bellies, their physical strengths also doubled and tripled. Besides, whoever had the ore forced into their mouths turned into demons themselves and joined their ranks. The people in the city of Val Roux would not be able to do much against these demons. Manah was one against a hundred. Val Roux was a doomed city.
  18. interest check

    I am so down to do whatever it takes to make this happen. You can't image how tickled I was when back reading and saw people mentioning the FFA. Hard to believe how long ago that was.
  19. As the wave of energy diminished from his paws, the avian feline's aura followed suit almost instantly. With his power restoring to base capacity, he now felt just how much the skirmish had torn away at his body. It felt as if he was experiencing each grueling blow all over again. The large warrior stumbled about briefly as the world became but a blur. But with a growl and a grit of his exposed teeth, he fought against every fiber of his being to regain enough composure to defend himself. For all he knew at this moment, Dugall had endured the blast enough to leap forth and plunge the wicked blade into his frame. With vision still hazy, his remaining senses worked with enough vigor to compensate. As such, his feathered ears was what told him victory had been achieved and he listened to each individual word with the utmost thoroughness. With clarity restoring to his eyes, Tharr watched as his adversary dropped to weary knees. The warrior stood there with momentary silence, contemplating the human's words. The swordsman would hear the heavy taloned footsteps approaching him. Even crossing such a short distance turned out to be a taxing endeavor for the Griffin, but there was one final thing he needed to do before rest and recuperation would be granted. He halted his movements barely a foot away from the awaiting assassin with vigilance still very present. For all he knew, this was a ploy for the hybrid to drop his guard. "Garun Dugall." he started, voice fatigued while retaining its usual rigidness. "I refuse to heed your request as I have no jurisdiction over one's life. Regardless, your demise would be a substantial squandering of potential." he explained. "Rise to your feet and face your defeat with vanity. You are a remarkable combatant and it was an honor to face you in battle." he finished, waiting for the man to regain both his footing and his lost weapon.
  20. As Slejpner bowed before her, Kryt full-on smirked - her lover's only warning. Her hand darted out, ignoring his hand completely, and found the back of his head, fingers burrowing into his messy locks. A single, sudden yank pulled his face towards her, her eyes slipping shut just before she pressed his lips against her own for a deep, passionate kiss. While she had him locked against her, her spare hand lifted to delicately trace contours of his cheek with gentle fingertips, until at last a lack of air forced her to break apart from him. She beamed at him, the glint of her ring sparkling along the edge of her vision. "Try to contain yourself hm?" she chuckled, but the devilish streak in her grin made it clear she wasn't chastising him, but rather challenging him. Oh, yes - even as she turned to walk towards the ball, her hand finally slipping down the length of his arm to find his, she was already plotting every single way she intended on making her directive impossible for him to fulfill. Back in the grand hall, Brandon's cheeks had taken on a gentle flush, his expression receding into a restrained smile. "A-Ah, yes," he softly replied. "You're right." He kept his realization silenced behind his averted gaze. I suppose we're brother-in-laws, now. For better or worse, he didn't have much time to dwell on it. In those moments, a familiarly foreboding presence had entered the room, bringing with him a stranger whose appearance alone terribly intimidated the young cambion. Between someone who would probably come to hate him and someone he knew already hated him, Brandon grew ever more feeble, subconsciously taking a half-step behind Vali as the pair approached them. His pupils contracted, on high-alert, and it wasn't until Loki had finished speaking to them that Brandon realized he'd forgotten to breathe. When he finally did, his already racing heart grew even more taxed, and his knuckles were starting to grow white from how hard he was gripping Vali's arm. To his credit, the strange, lithe man accompanying Loki wasn't trying to intimidate - not consciously, anyway. He was simply... tense. He found something to hate about every last thing about this place - the mass of people, the blinding lights, the deafening noise, the mass of people, the sweltering air, the reeking odors, the fucking mass of goddamn people. It didn't help matters that he was still adjusting to everything around him, the intensity of his gaze worsening the more he struggled to keep up. It began the minute Loki started walking away from him, sparking the sudden realization he didn't know how to walk. Out of pure necessity, he slowly, carefully figured it out, one hesitant foot in front of the other, but movement brought with it more problems: avoiding contact with all this fucking people, feeling their judgmental eyes sloughing down his bare, vulnerable skin, not knowing where the shit he was even going. By the time his father's green cloak re-entered his periphery, his anxiety had reached what he thought was the most he could stand, but then the fucker went and abandoned him. So consumed with his rage at everything happening to him right now, he'd completely missed what Asgard's infamous liar had said just a moment prior. Thus, rather than do or say anything to greet the people in front of him, he just twisted about in place, feet defiantly planted right where they were, his skin pulling taut against the nauseatingly severe coil of his torso. His sickening yellow-green eyes sought his father's fleeting form, but what they found instead was beautiful maiden... walking right towards him? His manner quieted somewhat, his surprise at being approached popping him out of his stewing rage. Alas, the moment was but fleeting, for as soon as the woman uttered his name it dawned upon him just who exactly this was. Pointed, proud, resenting... Lady Sigyn, Father's latest whore. What followed didn't help his opinion of her - in a blink of an eye, Jormungandr was right back to his pissed state, this new skin she'd summoned upon him itching and chaffing the flesh within. The first thing he'd utter all night would be a pained half-grunt, half-cry, as if he suddenly felt he might be sick. His entire being tensed, frozen in uncertainty, his attentions removed from the crowd around him to incredulously regard the absolutely ridiculous state he found himself in. In fact, it was so loathsome, he found himself wondering why he was even here to begin with. His teeth gritting and his nose wrinkled with pure, unrelenting hatred, he finally moved, stumbling slightly as he pushed his way through the little mob towards the tables of food a small distance behind them. The only thing the group would receive in acknowledgement was a spat curse. "Fuck this." On the other side of the room, Hel had finally found some modicum of amusement in everything unfolding between her brothers, snicker pulling the abrupt edge of her flesh ever slightly out from the shield of her golden masque. Well... perhaps this whole affair won't be a complete waste of time... Finally moving from her spot beside the window, she eerily glided through the crowd, her footsteps so light she made not a sound as she moved. Her gloved hand plucked a glass of wine from a server (purely for appearances - she had no intention of actually drinking or eating anything), and she swiftly crossed the room towards her brothers. Her smile tipping towards a devious smirk, she approached from behind one of the women - Narfi's wife, if memory served... - such that she would go unnoticed among the hustle and bustle of the ball until the last moment. Towering majestically over the little Timelord, her voice spilled from her half-lips like a breeze through a cemetery. "Enjoying the party?" After allowing her a moment to enjoy whatever affect she'd had upon the poor woman, she lifted her face to regard the wayward brother fumbling towards the feast, watching on with a detached, melancholic interest. "A pleasure to finally meet you all in person," she idly spoke, though she was still all but ignoring the lot. "Are family reunions always this..." She paused for a moment, allowing the tray she saw Jormungandr knock from the table to echo beautifully between her remarks as it crashed upon the marble floor, its scrumptious contents shattered and soiled. "...animated?" Still hiding behind Vali, Brandon was still a trembling mess. Between the revelation that the odd man was Jormungandr and for the first time witnessing Hel in all her terrible glory, he could hardly muster up a pathetic whimper. "...If I die tonight, I won't have to fight in the war, at least... ?"
  21. Kill it. You got this bro
  22. Hm... Fight us both.
  23. Brynhildr In The Darkness is next!! More news coming soon!!!!! AND, a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT on Blue Exorcist!!!
  24. Let me know when you do that. No rush, for the moment. One of the major (and one of the only) RPers, @Gust, is re-evaluating his life right now, effectively putting the Union in a coma. Right before we were about to get things going. But, until our.. little buddy (left eye twitches slightly) gets back, not much is going on.
  25. Until time is through
  26. This is a TEST spar with commentary on how I am doing in T1. Cody has decided to help me out and to give me some critiques, hints and some overall input on how to improve in my T1. I am very, VERY HONORED to do this. This cat is COOLER than cruising down Crenshaw Avenue with the Windows down chasing down Donald Trump!!! (LOL) More coming soon. Style: T1 Light or Mid Powers. Setting; The Outskirts of The Geostratum Of Antiquity, Old Rydin, Old Ayenee (Since I have NOT moved the Geostratum over to Valucre as of yet; Paradigm is going to HELP me to do that in a massive RP later this year. Temperature: 67 Degrees, Sunny Winds: North by Northwest at 14 MPH Powers: Magic, Physical Combat, Summoning Of Spells, Parrying Quickdraw: yes Preps: Yes (That's how I started with T1 back on Eden) TBA. Benny
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