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  2. As per policy on the posting of off-site roleplay platforms, I have removed your link posted in Rulers and Activity Needed. Free positions. Though I do agree with the overall gesture of communication, and that the discussion was falling well outside the scope of the thread's intended purpose.

    1. THE_BULL


      Oh im sorry. It's just a Chatroom for for people who happen to RP HERE...My apologies if it violated anything, sorry!

  3. Today
  4. Working on alternating posts! I appreciate everyone's patience. I'm still trying to kick this cough and I have a busy work schedule. Just realized as of last night I worked eight days without a full day off, and I still have six more until I get all of Monday off, I have a three hour doctor appointment Tuesday and a training class for work on Wednesday so there wont be much activity from me then. Trying to take my time so I'm not burnt out, but! Expect the next round of posting in the next two to three days. Love you guys~ <3

  5. Hey, go ahead and ignore my question. I figured it out on my own. Thanks.

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    2. Aleksei


      I believe that as long as you're genuinely happy with whatever choice you make, to have another child to never have children again. It is none of my business and it's for sure none of their business, especially if all those people are going to bring you down. It's useless to care what they think because they're not going to change their minds anyways and it's just a waste of time to even attempt. And don't feel mortified! It was obviously something on your mind for a bit and it helped your mind connect the dots. 

      Dude, I agree so much @ asking when people are going to have kids. Like, are you going to raise them? It's none of their damn business! It took Robert and I 6 years after our first to have another and we're comfortable with that choice. Other people were like: YOU'RE ADULTS NOW, HAVE KIDDOS. Nah, we wanted to be better off and capable to raise our child comfortably.

      I really do need to check out Weland. It would be a awesome change to my norm =D Which is always a nice thing.

    3. Deviant



      I was mainly shocked by the destructive attitudes toward it and the mean questions. Like I said, I just couldn't imagine. 

      There should be new quests soon, so you could ask Pandahat about any new stuff coming up. I could always Rp Kazuhiko with you, which would be fun, but I'm sure you can find a quest too :smile: 

    4. Aleksei


      People are just a bunch of weenfaises and they suck balls. 

      Awwww yaaaaah! I'll have to check everything out after I finish up this lore, that is surprisingly going really well. I'm rather damn proud of myself because I struggle writing lore >D My brain struggles to stay focused on it for too long. 

  6. I saw your request for a more active thread. Have you thought about checking out Weland? 

    1. Etched In Stone

      Etched In Stone

      I haven't. Mind letting me in on what's going on in the thread? Or link would be great.

    2. Deviant


      Oh, there's no active thread - I just meant have you checked it out for Rp? 

  7. Hello everyone! As you can probably tell, I'm rather new here. I've been looking for something to fill the lack of High Fantasy in my RP repertoire. I'd love to get settled in here and get started writing, but this forum is nothing like what I'm used to. Where does one post characters? 

  8. You're back! :D

    1. Qwertyope


      I am! :D hopefully for a while this time :3

  9. "Hates Cheese" That's a shame, because there is a world of cheese he doesn't even know about and will never be able to enjoy it! 

    Welcome to Valucre by the way :bigsmile:

    1. Salt


      Many thanks, it was tough to write that in considering how much I like cheese, but who knows, perhaps he shall be convinced otherwise one day.

    2. Aleksei


      Cheese is pretty fantastic. He needs to find a friend who has just all the knowledge in the world about cheese to convince him! Just feed him cheese facts until he gets curious. 

      He looks like a wonderful character nonetheless! Can't wait to see him in action.

  10. YOU!

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    2. Aleksei


      D: Ew, mobile posting! I remember those days, and they were hard, but I was still able to write some stuffs! And I miss writing with you too, we must get back to dancing at some point good sir =D

      I am absolutely wonderful! Moved to Florida last year and have been loving it ever since. Avalynn is growing like a weed and it makes me happy/sad >: I absolutely loooove watching her develop and become her own person, but I do miss my little baby. She will be a year old in 4 months, it's just wild how time flies!

    3. Grimmholt


      Holy lol you moved to FL! Hope you like it! Have you been exploring they much?

    4. Aleksei


      I did! All the way from Idaho to Florida, it was a pretty huge move but a pretty awesome one =D Husband got a job that requires him to travel mostly on the east coast, then we had some besties wanting to move to Florida, and so magic happened and we're all roomies.

      We have, there's is so much to explore!

  11. Just stop it, okay?! You’re not making any sense! None of this makes any sense to me!” Raven was panicked now—and in that panic, was anger and fear. She didn’t like the way he grabbed her shoulders and watched her. She didn’t appreciate him at all. What scared Raven the most was that he looked familiar. Not him, but the silhouette of his existence. The idea of him--like a distorted concept of someone she dreamt of. It was like a wild dream, but she couldn’t readily recall any of the details. Whoever he was, he was beyond her grasp of recollection.

  12. Yesterday
  13. I need this creative outlet!

  14. Just want to let you know that I will answer your PM as soon as I get home. 

    1. Paroxysm


      No rush, and thank you.

  15. Sorry everyone for not being as active as I usually am -- been doing a very large amount of work in the past few days both in college and at home, but my schedule should be clearing up soon. For now, I'll hash out all of the threads by tomorrow! Thanks for being patient!

  16. I am so sorry that I completely forgot about our rp in the tavern. If you want to pick it up, please let me know!

  17. I have some questions for you about the vampires before I commit to this RP

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    2. Deviant


      YAY! I'm getting everything updated. I owe a couple posts, so the profile for her will come last. 

      No ages? I'd love to make a family tree sometime. 

    3. Robbie Rotten

      Robbie Rotten

      i mean the lore is not really that detailed, its purposely lacking in the fine print minute details, partially because who has time for that, partially because that way there is room for people to fill in when/wherever they want

    4. Deviant


      I can help fill in some stuff. I have time for it and love doing lore. I can take on some projects in the future :sunglasses:

  18. Alright. Let's see if I can pull some inspiration out of my asshole to write something. No promises, I've been having issues as of late.

    1. Roen


      Is that where you've been storing your inspiration? In your butt?! 

    2. Red the Ambivalent

      Red the Ambivalent


      Side note. Thank you to Rothfuss. I couldn't have wrote today without him. 

  19. I know it's been forever. 

    I finally have time and was thinking of hopping back on this: 

     @-Lilium- was also interested in picking it back up, I believe. If you are in, I think it's your post.

    1. Reign


      Left this out: if you aren't, that's cool, too. We can run as is for a bit.

    2. PandaHat


      I am interested still. I will post as soon as I can catch up with everything. >_>

  20. Don't know if you still wanna hit our thread. Don't sweat the win. DQ was yours. But I don't dig leaving stuff super unfinished, DQ or not.

    1. Doge


      I am actually all set on it. But I would gladly start a new thread with you for combat purposes and maybe even for storyline if you are up for it. Dominic could use some more people.

  21. Last week
  22. Love your characters name Laecandra! :bigsmile:

  23. Continuing to push through the day one step at a time, one or two rps at a time. Still going to write even if it goes nowhere and the death of me.

    I am glad to be almost wrapping up a few plans to move some of the things ahead. But boy, owning a board is hard, but I'm happy to have it.

    Anyways, more to come, plans to unfure and land to destroy and rebuild in the process. Ebil!

    Love you all.

    The Crowing, Coheed and Cambria


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    2. Rin
    3. princeben07


      Got depression issues myself. it comes and goes, know what I mean?




    4. Rin


      Of course I do.

  24. I've just landed! Thanks for welcoming me to the world!

    1. supernal


      Welcome to Valucre!

  25. I get a few good mornings and now the newcomers are saying hello benny?


    O_O Did I offer some free life insurance or something?





    1. Rin


      Probably the life insurance.

      I kid.

  26. I see you lurking! Hope you come back, so Tamashi can hang out in your city again :smile:

  27. Back now.  
    A bit of time off helped me and some therapy is keeping me on the right track. 

    Welcome back to the League of Draaaaa~ven. 

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