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    Hola señor, welcome aboard. Everyone here's super chill, so don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it.
  3. Sitting down in the chair, getting comfortable, looking over the apparatus as she explained it. Noting the interesting tip that was on the injector, still a bit caught unawares at how advanced Terrenus was. What a curious world, two lands that were so often at odds, perhaps their differences were inherent. Which most likely sparked the conflict that seemed to occur every other year, the scale depending on the dispute of course. "Ten minutes, how much weight will I gain, though liquid weight isn't terrible, could probably run it off." The multiple needles pinched as she pushed them into his shoulder, he always hated this feeling. Ten minutes of sitting there, some idle chatter here and there, but then she led him back into the other room. What he thought to be an observatory of sorts, noting the thickness of the glass as he passed through the door which slid shut behind him. Sitting down in second room, opening up the food to eat a bit, his eyes glanced up at the corners of the room, ah those must have been those 'cameras' he had been seeing about. Some kind of way of recording the happenings of reality, yet another thing to investigate. "So when should this start to take effect..." He had just remembered something, this was a problem. How much time had passed, to much? Standing Diana would be able to notice an obvious shudder go through his body. "Excuse me, but could I please have my incense burner?" Gritting his teeth slightly, what an unpleasant feeling, if Diana had been outside, she would have been able to tell that the rain had gotten steadily harder and harder in the last thirty minutes. Instead of moving Marcus sat down at the center of the room and tried to control his breathing. Getting caught up in the moment and he forgets something so elementary. "Quickly if you would?!" His voice a bit more curt, and less amiable, his expression pained. As this was happening his body was also going through a series of sensations that he had never felt before, as if his whole form rippled. Like that shiver that runs up your spine for no reason whatsoever.
  4. When the game stops being fun, there's nothing wrong with not playing. You shouldn't be forcing yourself to do something you don't enjoy especially when enjoyment is the reward of this particular activity. From what I can tell with your efforts in Illumad, "failure" isn't a word that I would use so I'm glad Hummingbird is keeping it around. If things change and the site gets fun for you again I hope to see you back. But if not, then good luck and godspeed
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  6. Fae, take a break. Ill still be here should you want to talk brother. Step outside of your mind. Benny
  7. interest check

    Sure thing. I could use a little assistance. Yes, I've looked into the Inugami. That sounds good to me. We may share great interests about the Easternly world, honestly that was one reason I actually started roleplaying in the first place. It was to fill in the shoes of warriors I was fascinated by as a child. I think that's a reason we all roleplay - for our imagination. My characters are usually fantasies of my own creations, as they should be.
  8. He'd survey a Titan emerging from folds of breaking waves against the beach. A severe facial expression, and it was well earned. This island was more then 30 miles off the main land and the colossus emerging from the water had literally walked the entire way here along the ocean floor. It went without, that was a substantial travel for something and someone with little to no importance. New to these lands any invitation big or small had to be entertained and so, he was here. He stood every bit of 12' in height, ensconced in the armor of a king. Runic, functional, placed over what would be assumed to be vital places free of a helmet. Every foot fall brought him closer to the smaller being to whom which he believed to have been the source of the invitation and this meeting. Oddly enough, if this onlooker was observant there was a steady aura of steam rising off of the King, who was purposely radiating the air within his proximity. This would prompt an immediate evaporation----and dryness of his attire. Success came in the form of the tremendous cloak picking up in wind while he walked to within speaking range. "You're the heretic I presume?" That was how this man was described, not a personal outlook. He was mildly concerned with this individual taking any offense.
  9. Ilpholin smirks a little as Remissio hastens to close the gap, leaving himself open to counter-attack. The tanky brutes were always so confident in their ability to take a hit, in their metal suit's protection. Feeling more stable and mobile, she begins her dance, pulling back with every step forward he made as if he were pushing and she were pulling on some invisible line that ties them together. Even as nimble as Ilpholin is, it is difficult to match pace with someone advancing forward at a practical run. Which is why she relies on the the threat of her whip's reach to slow down her opponent while she hops backwards. When Remissio comes into range, Ilpholin's whip cracks at his legs, an ominous crackle and the stench of burning ozone accompanying it as a heavy dose of electricity shoots from the hidden battery in the handle through the tendril. There is a flaw to so much reliance on armor and Ilpholin aims to take advantage of it, letting the enemy's strength work in her favor. It is too much to hope for it to kill him outright, but she wouldn't hesitate to blast him with electricity again as she continues attempting to lure Remissio further and further away from his army.
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    oooo a scottish character! nice! I'm scottish myself
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    I can spot Kinslayer a mile away, sup bruh? But do I spy a wild Kbizzle? Nono, it must be Fiend.
  12. Hello, I know I come to you as a new player, and some of that bears some truth. However, some of you may have known me as SkyLander. I never thought of returning, however I simply passed the site and thought, perhaps giving it one last try. I have not role-played in many years now, as I work full time. The time I have now is very minuscule in comparison to when I was a child. Yes, a child. I am afraid that most of what I had said about myself previously was nothing but fiction, in fact I would be surprised if any of it were to bear any remarkable truths. Please accept my deepest apologies for deceiving you fine people. I honestly do not know what I was thinking back then. Despite it only being 3 years, I feel significantly different then before. Actually working a job, and living on your own, well it changes you. In any case, I am glad to be back among the role-playing society, and perhaps this time I may actually tamper with it. :) Let me answer the first question before it is even asked. I tried to access my old account, but I don't remember which email or which password, that was... so long ago. And I have too many damn emails from the past, to even bother thinking of which one I used, and even if I could remember which, I doubt I could access it. ;p Thank you for reading, and I hope to be apart of many adventures in the future. ^-^
  13. Late response boy'o so I dunno if you'll read this but- While I dunno you terribly well and can only gleam at what's transpired in your life, I promise it'll get better. You've always been abnormally polite compared to other people I've met around these parts and that stuck out to me, very positive decorum. But at the same time, you seemed to take personal insults and any of the wayward drama to heart very quickly. Take a break. Take a huge hiatus if you need to. But when you hopefully come back, I hope you can decompress a little. Don't sweat having "responsibilities" here so much, you don't have to upkeep any of those to be welcome. And don't take people's bad moods as something you have to fix. I think there's plenty of fun to be had here ahead for you still. Until then DevFae. Adiós.
  14. Welfrick had a few things he wanted to say to the individuals who were guarding the entrance to the dungeon, but he was pulled along by the Psion before he could utter a single word. It was for the best -- if he said what he had thought, then he surely would have been spending a few more hours locked up in a cell. He was still slightly aggravated at the young man's naive reaction. He so strongly wanted to say yes -- he was a man. He wanted to say that to every guardsman and woman they passed. They all made him feel like a rabid circus animal that was prematurely let out of his pen by the ringmaster. He wasn't dangerous -- he was clearly human, not a beast. Couldn't they see that? Still, he couldn't blame them for their distrust -- they had every right to not trust him. He didn't know how much they saw, or what exactly what they saw, but he knew that they saw something. He hoped -- so very strongly hoped -- that he didn't eat someone the night before. If he did, it would not surprise him if they had sent a handful of military officers to watch over the duo from the shadows. Then it hit him: why was he so trusting of Raveena? She was military -- a General at that --; however, she treated him completely differently. Sure, she was a shifter, but it donned on him that she could have some ulterior motive. All she did was help him, but why -- what made him special? Was she going to use him? It was hard for Welfrick to fathom why she had been so kind -- why she had been so understanding (and more importantly why she was in his arms when he woke up). Why did he let his walls down so readily for this woman -- a complete stranger? He had been so sorely out of character lately, and was not acting like his usual self. Perhaps it was just the fact he was tired from the night before, or maybe her appearance smote his better judgement. Thinking back, it was as if he were a begging dog, asking her for help. Stupid, he thought, regretting spilling most of his secrets to the psion. In hindsight, he could have been more dignified in the way he had asked her for assistance.As they proceeded into the the town, his ears caught the sounds that marked the hustle and bustle of a thriving populace. Children laughing and playing in the streets, the clanging of freshly forged steel from the local blacksmith, the crinkling of freshly baked bread, the rabble-rousers at the nearby tavern, and the townspeople -- a lively bunch -- talking and chattering away. Welfrick could see an assortment of lively colors pass by as he was pulled through crowds of people by Raveena. To both sides, there were buildings that were clearly built by the hands of the inhabitants -- some modern, some traditional. He couldn't help but grin as a child ran in front of the two, carrying what looked to be a small toy of some sort. It was a fresh, new experience, but It was also oddly nostalgic, reminding the hunter of the happiness he had back in his village. It was nice. He wondered for a moment why didn't he just live here in Predator's Keep -- a place that he could see himself residing in. He could find a wife, start a family, grow old! Live life, and be happy. It was a fleeting thought, one that was killed immediately when he smelled the distinct musk that every hunter knows to be the smell of a fresh kill. He turned, and saw a bowman walk by with the carcass of a wolf slung over his shoulder, an immortal snarl plastered onto the dead creature's face. Vivid memories of blood, carnage, and the change came into Welfrick's mind. It was best he didn't stay in towns. He quickly glanced back towards the child running clumsily over the cobbled stones of the road, waving a wooden sword as if he were some noble warrior. The boy was smiling. Welfrick didn't want to risk taking that smile away. * * * * * * * * * * * * * They were nearing the great walls that surrounded the town now -- a towering monument of black stone that encircled the keep. Were they going to exit, were they going somewhere else within the town? The Psion had been pulling him through the city, almost impatiently, leading him through the town at a brisk pace without giving him the slightest clue of their destination. He was afraid that any sudden disturbance would interrupt her focus -- her eyes looking strange ever since they had left --, but he needed to know where she was taking him. He gave a slight tug on her hand. "What do you see? Are we almost there, Raveena?"
  15. Are you available on Discord?

    1. supernal


      I check it now and then but it shouldn't be used as a primary point of contact 

  16. Mal read through the reports; very impressed with how thorough the information within was. He was now reconsidering his idea of sabotage. The grounds looked to be to well protected to make such an approach viable. Now he was pretty sure that he would need to find a way to get the family to let him in voluntarily. "Two avenues of approach strike me as the most viable," Mal started, "All of the family members have to leave home at certain points in the day. I would guess that they are under guard when they leave the grounds. We could possibly convince one of their guards to, uh, take a day off, and then take their place." "The other possibility that looks promising is this part about Masato and Ayako entertaining guests and the like after dinner. Do you have any idea what it would take to get on the guest list?" Mal closed the folder and looked directly at Maira, "One last thing. I assume you don't want us killing people during this mission. Are there any other lines you don't want crossed? Because if you don't tell me that something is off limits, I will assume that everything is on the table."
  17. Spotting someone walking towards the entrance, She began the climb down. At the same time a voice came from below her. Zarine rolled to the side, And slid off the rock. The man next to her had the look of a villian. At least in her own opinion. Sharp features, White hair. Well If he was attracted to her all the better. Zarine could use that. She smiled, And in the elvish tounge said. "Auta miqula orqu" It was quite insulting, But Zarine doubted he could understand. "Can't say I do. But I might more often if I Keep meeting strangers like yourself." She paused turning to the second person. "Yeah we are waiting on one more. The village is sending someone with a couple mules along with supplys, Food, Torches and the like." As if responding to her words, A man appeared out of the trees. He had a frail look, Not appearing suited to combat. Unfortunately not many were willing to brave the catacombs. This one would have to do. He led to pack mules that were weighed down heavily with various supplys. The man wore simple clothes, With only a simple carving knife at his hip that could potentially be used as a weapon. "I'm Zarine, And you fellows are?" She took a step towards the entrance as if wanting to be off. Which was true. Athough she also wanted some space between her and the white haired man. He might be useful in the tunnels, But for now he was only annoying.
  18. Malik sat in silence for a few seconds, thinking over what he had heard. The wealth did not appeal to him much, he would have no use for it in Haven after all, but the quest seemed both challenging and intriguing – an interesting diversion if nothing else, and it would give some direction to his wanderings..... “How are these poppy flowers deadly? Do they exude a poisonous gas, for example, or is just being around them dangerous?” he asks calmly. “Are there any other known dangers?” He had already half decided to take the quest. After listening to her response to his previous questions he asked “have you ever considered taking the quest yourself?" he asks. "If you were so inclined, I can certainly help you...” he adds, just a touch of pride seeping into his voice. As he finished speaking he placed a few coins on the counter – enough to cover his drink and a modest tip for the bartender.
  19. The young Welander stepped in quickly behind her, offering a quick summary bow to those in the room. Straightening, he nodded thoughtfully. " Kimura Sai, at your service. It would be a good place. The buildings on either side are abandoned as well, so...even though it's in the city, the risk of hurting civilians is low. Of course I'm not particularly enamoured with the idea of destroying the Swan more than she already is, but...If it will help save lives, of course you will have my full cooperation." His gaze had gone around the room as he spoke, as calm, confident and respectful as the tone he had employed. That gaze returned now to the girl with the headscarf, the only one who had not stirred or returned his gaze. A gypsy? She was dressed like one, but the troups he had seen had all been of a dark complexion. The blond hair, pale skin and blue eyes, with just a bit of a tilt to the shape of her eyes and the pouting curve of her mouth, gave her an exotic appearance, even beneath the dirt and blood. It seemed that whatever foe they were fighting, those who had arrived in the carriage this morning had only just escaped it. Taking a seat at the table, he added, "I'm afraid I am as yet ignorant of our foe. I had actually come here on other business -- but it can wait, of course. Please, could someone explain what we are up against?" The knowledge that Claire was part of this fight was reason enough for him to join it, but more knowledge was never a bad thing.
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    Profile, still working on it
  21. Maira looked at Richard with a look of incredulity as he asked for a ski mask and whatever else he wanted. "This isn't that kind of a mission." Maira said in a solemn voice. "Unfortunately, around here, to spy on someone is less..well...obvious." She said with a wave of her hand. "Your skills are useful though. And you are absolutely correct. The estate is heavily fortified. You'll find that the area upstairs is very much what you will be up against. It's not shabby either. Not just regular foot soldiers guarding them. They've got cameras everywhere. Their guards are highly trained. There are droids on property as well. Not as advanced as those found in the military, but they're not to be taken lightly." "It would be easier to get onto the grounds by either coercing them into it or by strong-arming some guards. Unfortunately, they know me as I am pretty easy to recognize." A fae with purple hair sharing none of the racial traits of a native Welander? This fae was also known family of the Regent. And she had been in the press in Weland before. "That is why you are here. You are here to help this go smoothly. I am here to guide you. You will be wired for the amount of time that you are going to be in there, which should just be enough time to get in, plant the crystals, and get out." She opened her folder and took out a paper from it. She held it up. "Page 5 has the directions you need. Also, routines." Masato Okamura: Aged: 40. Married to: Ayako Torii At 0700, Masato trains with a sword for hours at a time, usually ranging from three and a half to four hours. At around 1100, he eats lunch with Ayako, then goes to the city's council chambers to listen to cases throughout the day. At around 1500, he strolls through the garden with Ayako, then at 2000, he returns home to his estate. At that point, the entire family eats dinner and until Masato and Ayako retire at 2300, they entertain guests or hold important business meetings. Masato spends most of his time in the council building during the day. During this time, Ayako attends to her own businesses that she owns in the Eastern Quarter. The Torii are known for their dealings in the theater industry. They own three successful kabuki theaters. Ruka Okamura: Aged: 18 Ruka Okamura attends Tenjin Academy of the Arts. She is a music major and spends most of her days in the music labs. She leaves fairly late, usually between 2100 and 2200. Her studies consume most of her time. She is the only child of Taiji Okamura. Her mother died during childbirth. Ruka Okamura is noted as having a difficult time adjusting to the loss of her father during a large coup at Okamura's Grace. When she is not at school, she is at home, practicing her shakuhachi (bamboo flute). She also occasionally trains with her uncle using the sword. Maira looked at the men in the room. "Take these. I will be watching you." She stared at Richard. "No funny business."
  22. Cid couldn't help but grin at her company's enthusiasm. They'd come forth with several ideas, many of which seemed viable, or at the very least, worth the attempt, to her. She looked from member to member, listening to their questions and objections with interest, soaking up the image of their faces as they were then; hopeful, eager to begin the fight. She really hoped those faces would come back in one piece. "So long as you were able to crush the organ inside of its head first, you could easily strangle it." The pilot affirmed, nodding at noone in particular. "Though I do have my doubts about being able to keep it in place for that long. It's likely going to outmuscle most of you in a direct conflict, after all. Perhaps, if you were able to find a way to bust through its defenses firsthand, you might succeed in wearing it down long enough for one of you to get the cords around it's neck. That aside, you still have a few options beyond that. Just remember that its body has likely reshaped to avoid being crushed a second time." Cid turned the lights back on, and began putting away her projector. "The Jenkins will begin going down right away, and we'll be deploying shortly." She spoke, loud enough for everyone to hear her. "Seeing as we're right on the fringe of the Kaantus' territory, it isn't unreasonable to assume that the monster will decide to confront you quite quickly. Make sure your gear is ready the moment we touch down." The projector went away, and she spun around. "Myself, I'll be overhead, out of harm's way for the most part. Ideally, I won't have to come back down until the job is done, but if things go wrong or somebody needs to pull out of the fight, I'll make sure that we can get into contact quickly." On that note, she returned to a small compartment by the exit, labelled 'Emergency Kit' and produced a few items. A brick-sized black transmitter, for contacting a radio tower or something similar, as well as an orange stick with a capped top. "Take these, and use them if you need an out," She told Ivas, passing him both of the pieces. A thought passed through her head, and she lifted a finger before he could react. "This is a radio, and that's a flare." She told him firmly. "Do not try and use either of them unless somebody tells you to do it. This is important; don't go setting my ship on fire, you understand?" She turned back to the rest of the group, and nodded. "And that should be everything. I'm going to bring us down, now. Get your things together and be ready to drop! --- The Jenkins eased its way out of the skies of Vechynacht, and came to a halt mere inches from the surface of the mountainside. It was dark; yet it was midday, the clouds were dense and all-encompassing at the time, making it difficult to see the sunshine behind them. The crew was able to leap down from the deck, a mere four-foot drop onto soft, uncut grass. The world was still, and the mountain air seemed unperturbed. It was almost like seeing a mercurial lake for the first time. The stillness and clarity could be mistaken for peace and cleanliness, hiding the evil waiting in plain sight. Behind them, the airship gently rose, the engines still roaring as the vessel lifted itself from the earth and into the clouds above. It took only a minute to happen, and then Cid, and her wonderful flying machine, were gone, leaving only the team of monster hunters to face off against their foe. As to the location of their foe, that remained to be seen. Cid may have been wrong; their surroundings seemed mostly unperturbed, with the trees and foliage showing little wear at all. Yet, approximately a mile away on foot rested a camp of sorts, replete with some temporary facilities including a stone-breaking apparatus of some kind. Even from this distance, the site looked decrepit and ransacked. Likely the place where a survivor had barely gotten away with his life upon encountering the beast. It seemed likely that, were they to find the creature, it would be in that direction. --- Back on board the ship, Cid was alone again, and the first thing she took care of was picking up that damned photograph of her. The woman on transparent paper grinned sinfully at her, as if defying her own pragmatic thoughts. Cid frowned in response, and slipped it into her jacket pocket. Then, she studiously put away all of the chairs she'd set up, and put them all away. Silence. Nothing moved. She supposed that she could watch some T.V, then. After all, she'd learned that there was still a bit of time left on that Pay-Per-View. Oh, but before that, she recalled that she had an important package to open! Cid bounced with glee as she hurried into her personal quarters, and got her hands on a long, narrow box. She eagerly tore open the top, her grin growing ever wider. It was even better looking in person! She picked up her new blouse and apron with a grin, before giving the box a quick shake, thrilled to hear the sound of collar bells jingling within it.
  23. Hey

    Thought I should jump in here and meet some people before I get into things I've been rping actively for a few years now, writing for a couple more, but I had to leave the site I was on and I thought it might be fun getting into here since I adore fantasy and seeing the ways multiple people bringing ideas into things can change it. I'm really shy and don't talk all that much but I am happy to meet you all and am excited to get into things
  24. It's good you are seeing the bigger picture though, amidst complaints.
  25. Normally, curious strangers annoyed the hell out of Elsia, but tonight she found herself far more forgiving of a single individual when compared to the sea of idiots she had been swimming through just earlier. So, rather than outright ignore the man, she too turned toward him. “You aren’t from these parts are you?” It was a rhetorical question, and one she didn’t wait for him to answer. “This is no ordinary key -- why in the world would anyone risk life and limb for an ordinary key? There is a quest, with much gold and a few rare israle stones, to retrieve the key -- the key to any door.” She let this name sink in, and wondered if he would finally understand. After a moment, and after she traded a look with Frank who had already served her another drink, she went on. “There are only three of these keys. The Queen had them made for her children, in case they ever had to -- escape. The keys can lock and unlock any door in the Royal Castle. And so you see, it’s very important that such a special key not fall into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, the key was in the Queen’s possession when it was lost in La Cierra, one of the villages that was overtaken by the dead a few years ago. When the High Lord Alazar turned the dead into the deadly poppy flowers that now creep throughout the Ellwood Forest, the key was lost completely. But it’s still out there, and that means it can still be found by someone other than us.” Elisa shrugged and turned away. “Many have tried, none have succeeded. And tonight just felt like the right night to complain about it. Right Frank?” She asked the bartender before downing her whisky. Frank just shook his head and poured her another.
  26. I've actually thought about it. But in the end I always decide that the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is worth the struggle. Doesn't mean I'm not gonna complain about it though lmao
  27. Trydian didn't inuldge in his meal, but watched his family interact with one another instead. His stern gaze fell on Kazuhiko, who averted his similar intense gaze. Like father, like son, the two struggled to find common ground with one another, but they could always manage to be cordial for their family. Their relationship was strained, as one would expect with their eldest child, but Trydian dismissed his sons rebellious behavior. If he acknowledged his outspoken mindset and unruly behavior in front of his mother and cousin, it would only fuel the fire. Perhaps Kazuhiko should enlist in the military and put the rebellious energy to good use, but Trydian knew that if he made the suggestion, his son would avoid it like the plague. Which brought his thoughts to a more pressing matter: Palgard. Even if Palgard was beyond saving, he didn't understand why they couldn't be seen as some sort of savior. There was no reason why they should ignore such an opportunity, when they had every resource available to them. Influence alone, they could bring it back to its former glory and then some. The citizens of Palgard – or what was left of them, would look to them as heros. Fame wasn't on Trydian's mind, but influencing Weland was always his top priority. His sons disruptive behavior further neglected, he cupped a rice bowl with uncanny grace and enjoyed his meager meal. The chopsticks fluidly reached toward the bowl, but it was as though the rest of him remained stilled. Sake was not something he enjoyed regularly, but he felt himself compelled to induldge. Perhaps it was the stress of this particular meeting, or the headache their son was responsible for in the past few days. He placed the empty rice bowl down and enjoyed the exotic floral fragranted notes of the sake, but the texture itself was silken to the palette. “Illusions?” He listened to Chizuru with interest, but it sounded like rubbish lore that one would tell a child. As it were his responsibility, he would investigate the disturbances. His gaze drifted toward Maira and he nodded in her direction. She spoke of other dangers, to which he replied with a grin: "Few things faze me, dear." She understood this about him more than anyone. He was the only one who had rushed in after their son, once the Yokai had descended. “You will be joining me. If you have to report to the military, do so. I wish to leave before dawn.” He informed Maira, his steely gaze averted to glare toward his son. Before he could speak, Kazuhiko announced his leave from the table. Trydian sighed, the tension returning to his shoulders. He would let this incident go, since they had more important things to discuss. “Meet me in the main area once you are ready to depart.” He instructed Maira, his tired eyes showing some human emotion of exhaustion, mixed with irritation. Heavy silence fell between them, while he waited patiently for her to ask any questions.
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