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High Crest City

The Hummingbird

"Climb to greatness. Maintain your honour."


An Unofficial Capital: High Crest City

[JUSTIFY]A city not quite large enough to be a capital itself, High Crest city is a highly successful city that combines magic with technology, leading the way for technological advances of magic. The city builds it success largely on this push of technology and with the money earned, they have a built a powerful city. The military is quite capable and well trained, led by one of the few remaining Bridgemasters, a specialist peace officer who learns the way of both Edgemasters and their counterpart, the Stealthmasters.

At the heart of the city is the town hall, a large structure with many built in defense mechanisms, the most noteworthy a unique artifact crafted by a council of Wizards who also work out of the Town Hall. This artifact produces an impenetrable shield that reverberates energy to degrees capable of breaking fine steel, and sends powerful electrical currents as well. The shielding also acts a magic leech, helping power itself by stealing released magic from the environment. This artifact forms the basis of much of their defensive program, programed to connect to a specific enchanted metal that will ground its shielding. These metals are found as poles surround the city hall, pieces that protect the all warp gates, in arrows of their specialist aerial troops, and in other places as well.

Flag: A summit outlined in white, with a rising sun in gold, all on a dark red flag.

Ruler: Mayor Geval Ectaris, a middle aged man who has served for several years and is expected to serve for several more. He is an effective leader with a good mind for technology and trained in magic, though he is less talented in the arcane arts. However, he has taken his knowledge and become highly successful in implementing it with technology, he credited with creating many of their current advances. He works out of and lives within the city hall with his wife and two daughters.

Prime Military: High Crest Militia

The High Crest militia is the main fighting force, with 7500 regular troops and an additional 500 city guard. The city guard receive training on par and even slightly better than the regular troops, as the troops are provided with better equipment, have advantage of numbers and rely on tactical command from their leaders, while city guard are often left to solve issues on their own. In addition to the regular troops, High Crest city also has 1500 archers, and another 500 specialist units, totaling 10,000 fighting units, excluding higher ranking officers of rank Captain or higher. In addition to these numbers, they host 50 mages who work for the government, plus an unknown amount of civilian spellcasters.

Specialist units include exceptionally trained fighters who work under an Edgemaster and a small tactical team of Stealthmasters, who are typically deployed with a powerful and advanced airship. These armies are led beneath a Bridgemaster named Arenach Reayiss, a long time warrior and wielder of spirit magic, who also holds onto a legendary artifact spear, which further augments his magic use. They say his wit is legendary and his knowledge of battle unparalleled.


City Hall

City hall is noteworthy for its grand size, beautiful architecture and dedication to the rise in technology. It looks like a normal building but is said to be a highly defensible structure in disguise. The building is comprised of three upper stories and two basement levels. The lowest level serves as their prison, while the floor above is a Research and Development department for the handful of mages on site and the mayor to play in. The bottom floor is day-to-day affairs and the courts, the second floor comprised of meeting areas and private business for the capital, and the third floor is the living area for the incumbents.

Campus for Advanced Research and Learning

Serving both as a college and the main site of technological advancement, this location is a campus nearly the quarter the size of the rest of the city, making up the back fifth of the city itself. The sprawling campus houses many learning centers, research labs and testing areas, where they work on bringing the future to Genesaris. The campus hosts well over 200 faculty, some 10,000 students, as well as an additional 1,000 staff for varying purposes- security, cooking, cleaning, land crew, etc. The campus tuition is reasonable and scholarships are often awarded to those with an aptitude for the magical technology being developed. They make much of their money off the products sold.

Blue Dream Hotel

The Blue Dream Hotel is a luxurious resort, designed primarily to increase tourist traffic and provide vacationing spots for the locals. The hotel includes its own recreation center, a world-class kitchen with award winning chefs, and many other unique features. There are often business gatherings, balls, and other parties held within its walls.


  • Taking High Crest City: Coming soon

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