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Welcome to Valucre

Register now to gain access to the World of Valucre. Once you do, you'll be able to contribute to this site by submitting your own content or replying to existing content. You can ask questions before signing up in the pre-registration threadexplore the world's lore in the Valucre Overview, and learn all you need to know in five minutes by reading the Getting Started page.

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Valucre FAQ


I've registered. Now what?
Take a few minutes to read the Getting Started thread, which presents two basic approaches on navigating the site and points new members to the Tavern of Legend and the Overview article. The Tavern of Legend is our new member sandbox and the Overview tells you about Valucre as a planet and the locations which make it up.

Are character sheets required, and where do I post mine?

Character sheets are optional and do not require approval. Since profiles not reviewed, character sheets are not taken as an accurate representation of abilities, status or canon.

Some members find sheets to be a useful way to track and display information. If you do choose to create a sheet, you can post it in the Profile Database.

What are the limitations?

Only your imagination! Just kidding. Although we encourage creative expression, some limitations are required so that players can interact with the setting and with other players in a respectful and fun manner. Valucre is a Mild Powers setting.

Can I travel between areas?

Yes. The various continents and territories of Valucre are landmasses inside of a single planet setting so characters are capable of traveling between locations.

Are there any word count requirements?

There are no strict word count requirements for writing on Valucre, though some members may have preferences for shorter, faster replies or longer, slower replies. We only require that members do not abuse this system by rapidly posting single sentence replies to increase post and page count or using only emoticons as post content.

Valucre does not label our writers with tags like "literate" or "advanced". A post that advances the plot in several well thought-out sentences is more valuable than one that wanders for paragraphs without contributing anything.

How do I contact a staff member?

Check out the Staff Directory for an up-to-date list of staff.

Where can I get updates on the site and the game world?

The Announcements forum is where administration posts all critical announcements on the site. Follow the forum.

The Valucre Facebook is updated with curated posts (interest checks, quests, events, etc) to help engage our members with in-character events.

The Daily Weekly is an in-character method to keep informed on what's happening in the game world. Consider the Daily Weekly like a newspaper or broadcast that your character can pick up pretty much anywhere in the world.

I'm being bullied, harassed, or otherwise experiencing problems with another member. What can I do?

Read the Code of Conduct to familiarize yourself with the rules of the site and the Reporting process. If they're being a pest or annoying, place them on Ignore.

How does the user title rank work?
User title, what you can see under the username, is a function of post count. As you post more often you hit different tiers and different tiers come with different titles. If you want a custom title, you can go to the Valucre site market.

I can tell that the site is active. How fast are the replies around here?

It ranges depending on your partners or what is established for a specific plot. Three (3) days is the standard wait before members normally expect to be skipped for that turn. That said some members have completed three page quests (approximately 40-45 posts) with a partner in a period ranging from just a few days to two weeks.

What if I have questions that aren't answered here?

Valucre has a reputation for being one of the friendliest and most helpful roleplay communities on the net. Don't believe me? Just post a new thread in the Help Forum and see what happens. If our community doesn't answer your question our staff will, and you can use the Contact Us page to send a message directly to administrators. And if you have questions about the locations, you can contact board leaders directly or post in the relevant AMA Thread.

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