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  1. My college just started up again, so I'm really busy right now, but I'll make the post when I have the time. @Teivel Morteus
  2. I think the flow would be best if Hikage opened first. Additionally, does it matter where in the Wilds it takes place? Optimally, it'd be somewhere close to Midri's clan because she's fleeing from there, but the character sheet doesn't mention a specific location.
  3. I was thinking that maybe Midri could stumble across Hikage while practicing kendo or something similar. Hikage doesn't know a lot about magic or the arcane, but she has 50 years of blade work experience she can teach.
  4. Open

    Mizzy scratches the back of her neck in thought, "Mmmm, I don't know anyone of extreme importance. Everyone just seems to be passing through here. In fact, all the other people I've greeted have already moved onto greener pastures or wherever else they went." "Oh! But I do have a friend here. His name's Grike. He's sitting just over there." Mizzy points a finger off in Grike's direction. "He's the tall guy in the mask. Mizzy waves at him and Grike gives a small wave back. Then he gives one to Waters. He sticks his hands into his pockets nervously once he's done. Mizzy turns back to Waters, "But don't be intimidated by him! Why, the reason he's not over here with me is because he's very shy. Like, really shy. Look at him. What a baby." "But anyway, now that you know Grike. Let's go back to small talk. What do you do for a living?" @RentedRed
  5. Open

    Mizzy settles into a chair next to him, nonchalantly easing herself onto the shaped wood. "Well, to answer your first question. No, I don't need a drink," then sticking her tongue out almost child-like, "Alcohol tastes nasty anyway." Observing from their original table, Grike watches the conversation. It appears that she is going to engage in small talk first, before asking about profession and job hunting. Should he go over there as well? He is usually besides Mizzy, but he knows his appearance is intimidating and may cause concern on the stranger's part. But on the other hand, if he noticed Grike listening in on the conversation he would almost certainly get the wrong idea. As Grike mulls over the issue, Mizzy has not skipped a beat talking, "But moving on to your second question. I'm doing quite wonderfully actually, this tavern is so full of many colorful characters, it's lovely to met some of them." "Speaking of, I don't think I heard a name from you. Mine's Mizzy. What's yours?" @RentedRed
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    "Grike, we got a problem and we need a solution," interjects Mizzy into the silence that had settled between the two of them, "We still haven't found someone to do the job with! That's bad! I know you've been watching the scene! Have you seen anyone who might be suited for it? What do your special eyes see?" 'Special eyes?' Somewhat of an overstatement, considering that with so many numbers and all in one place, the qualities that make them 'special' have little use. However, she was right, he had been observing the bar around them. *Some new people have entered. Two are already talking to each other and a man has sat down to drink some water. I do not know anyone's business here* Grike explains with quick, sharp hand movements. Mizzy reaches up and pats Grike's shoulder, "Thanks buddy. Let's talk to the lonely guy. Where's he sitting?" She is out of the chair by the time she finishes her sentence. Grike has barely pointed towards the man before Mizzy shoots off, making a beeline for him. What was she going to do? Go up to him and say 'Hey, want to hunt down some bandits?' She was certainly blunt enough. Or, perhaps more likely, open up with a simple greeting and work her way to it? Mizzy walks up to the man and practically plants herself in front of him , standing straight and tall, like a proud oak tree. "How's it going stranger?" @RentedRed
  7. I have a new character who needs honing. Would you like an interaction with Hikage Kaede, samurai and kendo master? See WIP in signature
  8. [BASICS] First name: Kaede (楓) Surname: Hikage (日陰) Nicknames: N/A Alignment: Lawful Neutral Race: Living Armor Profession: Samurai (Ronin/masterless) Affiliation: N/A Religion: WIP Hometown: WIP Marital Status: Single Gender: Female Age: 50 [PHYSICAL] Voice: Speaks with the voice of authority. Medium volume with a gentle high lilt. Eyes: N/A Complexion: N/A Height: 5’ 4” (162.5 cm) Build: N/A Hair: N/A Scars: None Tattoos: None [MENTAL] Demeanor: Stern and unyielding. Perhaps a bit too strict. Hopes: A new master, WIP Fears: Dishonor, WIP Likes: Cats, WIP Dislikes: WIP [ARMOR] Red ou-yoroi (samurai armor) Kabuto w/ Oni mask [WEAPONS] 50cm (20”) wakizashi 70cm (27”) katana 220cm (86”) naginata w/ 40cm (15”) blade [SKILLS] Physical- Kendo: Equivalent of an eighth dan in terms of skill and proficiency. Hollow: The empty space within her armor makes for a great storage space, allowing her to hold more without needing a bag or backpack. Magical- Shinken: Type of spirit weapon. A completely invisible (excepting characters with magic vision) magic katana that strikes at the spirit of her opponent. Unaffected by mundane physical barriers, cutting right through them. Can be slowed or halted by magical barriers. Being hit with the shinken gives the same sensation of pain as being hit with a real, sharp katana, despite the fact that the shinken doesn’t cause physical wounds. Needless: As living armor, Hikage doesn’t require food, water, or air to survive. Ever-Vigilant: Hikage doesn’t feel physical fatigue and doesn’t require sleep or rest.
  9. Open

    Mizzy drums her fingers absentmindedly as she turns her face to Grike. "Well Grike, she's making an offer. Wanna take it up?" There's no hesitation in Grike's answer, a quick nod. The rest of his body doesn't move but Mizzy can see that he's excited. Hardly a surprise since Mizzy has never seen Grike change out limbs in all the years she's known him. Returning to the woman, she relays the response, "Alrighty, he agrees!" "However, I doubt you have body parts shoved in your pockets, so where do we need to go to assemble this?" @Bagelsworth
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    Grike scanned the tavern to keep himself occupied while Mizzy was dealing with the three men. Of course he still kept an ear out for developments, but talking with others was Mizzy's strong suit, not his. As his eyes swept across the expansive room, picking up every minutiae of detail, he noticed a flash of metal from a patron's leg. A drawn weapon? Sharply, he focused his attention to the patron, a slender woman shrouded in dark clothing, and watched as she drew not a weapon, but her entire leg and laid it in her lap. She ran her fingers across its shiny surface and murmured to herself, searching for any flaws. Seeing the prosthetic sitting out so plainly, so simply, Grike unconsciously rubbed his right side at the hip, feeling the transition from cold flesh to worn metal. His legs have carried him for hundreds of years, needing hours of maintenance and countless patch-ups to keep putting one foot in front of the other. He was rather fond of his legs, but the woman's leg looked brand-new and far more durable than the ones holding Grike at that very moment. Where did she get them? Did she make them herself? Or perhaps there is a metalsmith who specializes in such things? He was grateful that his legs had carried him as far as they had, but an upgrade would be nice. Legs that didn't cramp up on hunts or give him a lumbering gait. And a pair of arms too, if possible. He should ask her about her about it. He wouldn't dare. Talking was not a talent of his. But it was one of Mizzy's. A few quick taps to her shoulders provokes an immediate response. "Hmm? What is it, Griky?" questions Mizzy. He signs his request. *That woman has a prosthetic. I want to know where she got it. Help?* Mizzy waves a hand almost dismissively as she reassures him, "Oh, no problem Grike. Follow me and watch this." She begins sauntering casually in the woman's direction, Grike as her shadow. She plucks a mead from a passing server and stands in front of the woman. She sets the mead down on the table, far away enough not to interfere with her examination, but within arms reach. She flashes a friendly, welcoming smile and opens her mouth to speak. "Hey there, thought you could use a little drink. It's mead, by the way." She drops down in the chair across from the woman and leans in. "I'll go ahead and introduce us. I'm Mizzy and this guy is my buddy, Grike," Grike manages a curt, but not unfriendly wave when introduced, "Now, he has a question about that absolutely gorgeous leg of yours. And don't worry it's not some stupid, invasive question about what happened or whatever, it's just that Grike is in a similar boat," to demonstrate, she pulls Grike's right arm so that it's in clear line-of-sight and rolls up his sleeve, revealing dull steel, "and would like to know what smith crafted that thing. That's all, nothing weird." @Bagelsworth
  11. Open

    Pointing at herself extravagantly, "I'm Mizzy," then lighting patting Grike's chest, "And this is my buddy, Grike." Grike simply raises a gloved hand and waves. "You see, we're here looking for a job and we wanted to join up with James and Ricardo to hunt down some bandits." explains Mizzy. "But then Hammerfist showed up and you know what happened after that." "Now that introductions are out of the way, do you guys want to do a job together?" Mizzy asks. @Ghuji @Sirplyot @Nym Sefter
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    "Well then, let's do that," says Mizzy clapping her hands together eagerly. "But first-" exclaims Mizzy pointing at Sefter, "Who are you? You just sort of came out of nowhere." @Sirplyot @Nym Sefter @Ghuji
  13. Open

    Drumming her fingers thoughtfully against her side, Mizzy considers the situation. The two men clearly had a very extreme case of miscommunication and sorting things out was never her strong suit. Grike would be better at this sort of thing but Mizzy has a better chance at growing wings and flying away than convincing Grike to open his mouth to strangers. Thankfully, he did give her some pointers on how to deal with problems that should be solved with words and not swords. After a moment, Mizzy opens her mouth, "Okay, so, the way I see it you two both had a misunderstanding of the situation. Now, I will admit upfront that I am not a counselor, but I think you two should an adult, civilized discussion about what happened. And I'm not saying you have to forgive one another, but try to come to a mutual understanding and at least come to an agreement where you don't confront each other in taverns randomly with threats. Beyond that is up to you guys." Shifting to Ricardo, she addresses him specifically, "Now Ricardo, my offer for the job is still open and when you're done we can discuss it further. Also, 'Oops' doesn't quite cover setting his camp on fire and almost killing him, you should apologize." Shifting to Hammerfist, she does the same, "Hammerfist, your first impression was not a good one and I'm not going far. If you threaten this man again, I will rat out you to the bouncer before you can even finish your sentence." Mizzy steps back to conclude her involvement. "This is between the two of you so I'm gonna go now, BUT," Mizzy becomes stern, "I WILL reinvolve myself if EITHER of you starts something." "See ya." Turning away, Mizzy throws her hands in the air as if to demonstrate that the matter was literally no longer in her hands and leaves them to their dispute. It was the right thing to let them figure this out themselves without much outside help. Hopefully. Hopefully it wouldn't end in an escalating situation because Mizzy would rather not have get them thrown out. That wouldn't help them at all. She sidles up next to Grike and whispers softly, "pssst. Did I do good?" Grike was the only person she'd rely on for reassurance. He'd always been there for her. And he was good at this sort of thing. Grike casts his striking eyes into her soft ones. And... Gives a thumbs-up and follows it up with some quick signing. *You did fine.* Mizzy starts to let out a relieved sigh before Grike quickly snaps his fingers in a fashion that clearly said 'I'm not done!' *Remember, what happens next is on them. Don't get too caught up with what happens.* Mizzy nods, "Okay okay. You always know what to say" "But what now Grike?" @Ghuji
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    Mizzy always considered her ability to change her opinion of someone one of her strong suits. Now was probably a good time to exercise that ability. "Oh, my name's Mizzy," Mizzy sheepishly scratches the back of her head, "Um, now that I'll heard your side of this I'd like to apologize for my outburst. Ya see, from my perspective I just saw you as some dude who came up and threatened this guy I just met. You can see how that kinda made me nervous." "Ah, but on the flipside." She spins to look directly at Ricardo. "Would you mind explaining yourself? Because you went from zero to sketchy in two seconds flat." @Ghuji
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    When the man, rather rudely, pushed his way past her and her partner, Mizzy turned to berate him until she heard what came out of his mouth. Mizzy didn't know who this man was. Mizzy didn't know his history with Arthur. Mizzy also didn't really care about either of those things. Appearing out of nowhere to make such an extreme threat was unacceptable. "WOAH THERE BUDDY BOY!" exclaimed Mizzy, jumping directly between Arthur and the newcomer and throwing her hands up in a placating gesture as Grike shifted behind her with his hand on his sword's hilt, "Calm down there for a second." Taking a cautious step forward and keeping her hands in a pacifying manner, Mizzy places herself right in front of the newcomer. "Now, now, since you asked, I'll give you some reasons not to kill him." Counting on her hands, she continues, but her voice turns cold and menacing, "Reason 1: The bouncer here is an awfully nasty shadowmancer who will throw you out faster than a pitcher before you even draw a weapon. Reason 2: If the bouncer don't get you, 90% of the patrons here are adventurers, sellswords, mages, rogues, knights, and all sorts of other trained fighters who will be more than happy to apprehend someone attempting murder. Reason 3: I don't take kindly to people making threats and you'll have to fight through me and my buddy here to so much as put a finger on him." When she finishes speaking, the scowl on her face and the fiery determination behind her eyes makes it abundantly clear that she means business. She practically growls her next words. "Now you have two options here. You can say who you are and what you want so we can settle this like civilized people. OR you can leave now and go on your merry way before you do something stupid." "So which will it be?" @Ghuji