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  1. You guys both make very compelling arguments, I must say.
  2. Name: Terrin Crucifix Gender: Male Occupation: Knight of the Holy Crucifix Race: Half angel half human (angelspawn) Age: 29 Backstory: Born in Hodra to a wealthy noble and an unnamed peasant woman, Terrin was abandoned days after he was born on the steps to the military academy. He was taken in by the chief knight there and named after the order, the Knights of the Holy Crucifix. He was raised learning arts of war and diplomacy, and became one of the greatest, if not the greatest Knight of the Holy Crucifix. He fought in wars and appeared before the Templar Tribunal to argue for the rights of soldiers. During a fateful battle against barbarians, a shaman blasted Terrin with a lightning spell, which for some odd reason strengthened all of his abilities and attributes, but took away his ability to speak. He fought off and killed the rest of the bandits, and returned to the castle. The Knights tasked him with killing a corrupt nobleman, and Terrin fought through the nobleman's manor and cornered the man, only to find it was his father, who told him where to find his mother. Terrin killed him out of mercy, knowing that he would be hanged slowly if he was found to be alive. Terrin sought out his mother and found out that in fact she was an angel of the northern mountains, and that he was of holy blood. His mother then left him, but blessed him with the powers of the angels. Terrin went back to fighting for liberty and justice with the Knights of the Holy Crucifix, and continues to this day. Appearance: Terrin rarely takes his helmet off, but when he does, onlookers see that he has black hair, with streaks of gold, and black eyes with pupils that glitter gold in the sun. With his armor off, he has a muscular body, with the lean and strong arms, legs, and torso of a fighter. Should he want, he can extend two large, feathered gold wings out of his back which enable him to fly. His skin is tanned, despite him rarely being in the sun, likely due to his Middle Eastern parentage. Weapons: Greatsword, battleaxe, shield, misericorde dagger, morningstar, crossbow Powers/Abilities: Terrin, due to him being angelspawn, has multiple interesting abilities, such as the ability to extend two large, feathery gold wings out of his back which give him the ability to fly. He has the ability to see one's soul/spirit/morality and tell if they are a good/just/kind/honest person or not, as well as the ability to heal the soul, mind and even body. He can also imbue his weapons with a holy energy that makes them a great deal more powerful, as well as making his weapons able to burn through the flesh and souls of unholy creatures such as vampires, zombies, or demons. Personality: Fearless, moral, just, determined, serious, caring, righteous, honourable, trustworthy, polite, gentlemanly, knightly PICTURES: Greatsword: Battleaxe: Shield: Misericorde dagger: Morningstar: Crossbow:
  3. The door swung open with a creak, and Terrin ducked inside, glancing around at its wares. Two items drew his eye, but he didn't know how many credits he had. Probably about 9. The Map of Terrenus (4 credits) would be helpful, as would the Everlast Torch (4 credits). He should be able to buy both and have a credit left. He looked up at the shopkeeper, his helmet obscuring his face, and motioned for the Map of Terrenus and the Everlast Torch.
  4. Vyne dashed out the door onto the balcony and saw Moreau flying like a cannonball towards him. As much as he was disgusted to have to hold a human he reached out to catch his friend temporary ally, but felt arms grab him from behind. "Dammit why do they always do that?" he yelled out loud. Moreau's head was going straight for the metal balcony. Vyne growled and pushed backwards onto the thug, who was struggling to stay standing, and threw his feet out, catching Moreau before tossing him through the doorway into a thug's face and kickflipping off the railing out of the man's arms and shoving him headfirst over the edge. He sprinted into the room and split-kicked two thugs trying to grab Moreau. "Get up stupid!" he yelled at the human, still curled in a ball on the floor. He felt a tug on his hood and a thug had pulled it down. The room fell silent and still as the men saw his ears - slender and pointed. "He's an elf," one of them muttered. Vyne's face scrunched up for a minute before yelling "Hell yeah I am! And you're a corpse, asshole!" He threw several kunai into the crowd to keep them at bay and helped Moreau up, before hurling a smoke bomb at the ground to cover their escape.
  5. Capita city is likely set in the year of about 2025, so it is a bit more advanced than current tech, but nothing like laser guns or flying cars. If you need a reference to the type of weapons check out my character Soot:
  6. Name: Bubl Pahp Race: Turtle changeling Gender: Male Visual age: 8 or 9 Actual age: 14 Occupation: None Backstory: Bubl Pahp was born to Splysh and Drahplyt Pahp of the Braunshel Turtle Bale, a tribe of turtle changelings native to the Great Northern Sea of Genesaris. He was raised swimming through the ocean in his turtle form and catching fish to eat, but also walking through the coastal fishing villages in his human form and bargaining for the price of dried seaweed, every once and a while. He has barely seen anything outside of the coastal villages and the Northern Sea, which he has spent 98% of his life in anyway. He recently heard of the world outside his, and told his parents goodbye, swimming off into the deep blue to learn more about Valucre. He eventually arrived at the west coast of Terrenus, and is exploring the coastal villages there. He is grateful for any advice given, and wants to experience an adventure. Personality: Gullible, childish, happy-go-lucky, adventurous, loyal, friendly, innocent, empathetic, distractable Appearance (turtle form): Bubl is a small blue turtle about the size of a small puppy and has a very round brown shell with a white edge and a light brown/tan underbelly. He has large eyes, a round, large head, and a swirly tail. His eyes are a blue-gray colour, and he has two small stumpy fingers ending in little claws on each of his legs. Appearance (human form): Bubl is a short and round little boy, who looks younger than he is. He has light blue hair the colour of his scales in turtle form, cut very close to his head, and blue-gray eyes the same colour as in turtle form. He is unable to get rid of his shell and tail when he shifts from turtle form, as it is his natural form. He always goes barefoot and always has a smile on his face. He wears no clothes besides his shell, which covers his torso, waist, and upper thighs. Powers/Abilities: Bubl has the ability to shift between his turtle and human form at will, like all turtle changelings, though he greatly prefers his turtle form, as it is his natural form, and must revert back to it fairly frequently. As a turtle, he has the ability to swim incredibly fast and tuck into his shell, as well as the ability to spin while in his shell to either roll very fast or to use it as an attack. He has the power to shoot strong streams of water out of his mouth and create bubbles, which can also be used as attacks when launched at a high speed. As a human, he possesses all his turtle abilities, and may accidentally sometimes forget he is a human and act like a turtle. He also has the childish tendency to name his attacks and sometimes even announce them in battle while doing them (in human form). Weapons: In both human form and turtle form, Bubl carries no weapons other than a short pink coral staff which he holds in his shell for self defense while in human form.
  7. Yo ya wanna do a quick rp?

    1. Slank44


      I'm on my mobile device, so I'm a little limited at the moment, but, sure, what did you have in mind?

    2. Sphynx


      Sorry I'm late had to do homework.

      I have this post-apocalyptic rp that it would be kewl for you to join.


  8. Name: Eaurynj Fyrestahrtr Visual age: 17 Actual age: 101 Race: Dragonspawn Occupation: Adventurer, vigilante, freelance Gender: Male Backstory: Born to the Matchtip dragon tribe of Biazo Isle, Eaurynj was kind of puny for a fire dragon, but had incredible firepower (pun intended). He was born with borderline unnatural fire reserves, and had great natural talent for aerial maneuvers and acrobatics as well. His father was the leader of the pack, and so he had much responsibility on his shoulders. However, Eaurynj did not want to be the alpha, and ran away from home, seeking out the help of the wizard Byronius Smidge. He begged the wizard to turn him into a human, but the spell could not contain the dragon inside, and he was left constantly and uncontrollably shifting between dragon and human.When he heard new that his tribe was being attacked, he flew back as a dragon, and fell out of the sky onto the back of the giant dragon attacking. He focused, and transformed at will into his dragon form, fighting off the dragon and transforming back into his human form to dodge attacks. He defeated the dragon and raced back to his father, who died in his arms. He vowed to rebuild the tribe anew as the Matchtip Dragon Clan, and brought it to new heights, despite being so young. After that, he left, and became a freelance and vigilante, stopping corruption and representing the Matchtip Clan in meetings of the Draconian Council. Appearance (dragon): Eaurynj is a smallish dragon, and his species is also smaller than most. He is orange and has reddish-orange eyes and a yellow chest. He has two horns on the top of his head and green on the underside of his wings. He is a bit taller than a tall human, though much larger altogether. He has a long tail with a flame that never extinguishes on the end, exclusive to his species. Appearance (human): Eaurynj looks about 17 in his human form, with messy orange hair the colour of his dragon hide, and two tufts sticking up similarly to his dragon horns. He has reddish-orange eyes. He wears a yellow t-shirt the colour of his stomache in dragon form and orange cargo pants. He wears a sweatshirt tied around his waist, and his shoes replicate the look of the claws on his feet in dragon form. The one thing he is unable to hide while in human form is his tail, which is long and has a flame on the end, identical to his dragon form's tail. He, should he want to, mix part of his other dragon aspects with his human form, such as growing his wings or claws. Powers/Abilities: Eaurynj has mastered fire dragon combat and is hence able to use many types of techniques, such as fire attacks and physical attacks. He names his attacks and will occasionally shout their names in battle. He can willingly shift between dragon and human form, and can use his powers in both forms. He can shoot dragon fire from his mouth and hands in human form and can use the same attacks as dragon form. He can glide and drift in human form (without his wings), though cannot fully fly unless he extends his wings (or turns into dragon form). Personality: Bold, serious, quiet, determined, fearless, rebellious, moral Weapons: Carries an concealed, extendable flaming sword with him when in human form.
  9. YAY
  10. I didn't call you retarded! (though I did call you a dimwit.) Buuuut.... alright. I've never been one to hold grudges. Sorry for being irritable.
  11. Dude why are you always so sarcastic and rude I was just saying that permission should always be asked.
  12. That makes sense, but I think that permission should always be asked.
  13. This is the OOC for my Terrenus Quest. It has a link to the IC thread at the top.
  14. I dunno if I would want a random character to come into my open thread solely to cause trouble. I like it, but there may be cases where it just doesn't fit.
  15. It's fine. It's not so bad, I mean you're using it to assist allies and defeat NPCs, so it's all cool.