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    Though it may not had been hard to notice, the creature he had met before was attempting to follow him. Sliding across the tavern inside the crowd of drunks, from a distance that made the action subtle. Yet calling the bustle a 'crowd' may be inaccurate. Even the intoxicated avoided her figure like it was the plague. Occasionally someone would accidentally trip and fall onto her towering mass of a body only to jump feet into the air and cower back to where they came, just from the sheer revolting menace of such a presence. She would not regard such awkward encounters, continuing to silently listen to the individual who had declined her assistance. If someone were to pay close attention, they would likely hear a shrill clacking among the daily commotion, as she navigated the elaborate room. @Salt @Consigliere
  2. makes sense thanks for the answer
  3. @Salt is this character particularly paranoid/weak headed? this telepathy shouldnt work up his brain hard enough that it feels invasive or gives him a headache unless well theyre particularly paranoid or weak minded asking so i know whats going on
  4. Open

    "Thankfully, you have exasperated no deity. Only precipitated their curiosity. You will apprise me of the land you speak of." The questions such simple phrasing could bring upon one person could only be so limited. Regardless, the inquiry the beast had made had been done so firmly. What were the defining features of Terrenus? Were the odds of finding a "disgusting, foul, cursed object" any higher there than anywhere else? Presented deep within the seemingly telepathic voice, many of these questions were laced. As if to be said in a tone so specific as to communicate the inquisitiveness of the otherwise small statement perfectly. Perhaps a certain knowledge set would be able to discern that the unusual properties this voice had shown were all of one, simple cause. Few could realize that she was not speaking, even in thought. But presenting information to the minds around her in such a way that it would manifest in a form they would understand. Emotion, speech and raw concept. No one speech would be presented to all people samely. But where was this power situated? That, even the most adept mastermind may struggle to conceive. @Salt @Consigliere
  5. Open

    "May we proceed." With that she slid away from the bar, her tongues vanishing inside her gaping mouth as it closed forcefully. @Consigliere To what would be some's dismay, the man was approached by a grotesque figure. A tower of multi-shade brown exoskeleton, dressed in peach ligature with black ribbons tied around it's upper and lower abdomen. The center of its body being occupied by a large, horrendous wall of flesh in the shape of a circle. Judging by the teeth growing from the middle of this formation, this was the creatures gums or perhaps "cheeks". All in all, it's some kind of mouth. From the four corners of the mouth extended blade arms from that you would expect from an insect. The very top of this "tower" was a long neck with a skull like head mounted on top. This skull had no features, and judging by the fact that its mouth is on the monster's body, it probably isn't a head at all. It moved closer to him using the minuscule tubes of transparent flesh stepping frantically underneath it. "My confederate and I are seeking for the residence of a profoundly sinister object. It is spoken to be within Valucre. Will you kindly amalgamate for the purpose of our pursuit?" The beast's contrarily holy voice presented itself entirely separately from its own body. Instead, it resonated within the minds of all those in the presence of it. @Salt
  6. Open

    After a series of moments standing near the bar with her new companion, scrounging for inexpensive snacks and drinks. All the while unintentionally spreading thick puddles of slime across the bar. She had decided to move things along. "Shall we locate the derelict?" Her voice gracefully echoed. "Alternatively we could commission a new array of legionnaires." @Consigliere
  7. Open

    "I perceive no rationale that would pressurize you into making such an impetuous decision that would certainly be easier composed at the time. However, if that is your desire, we may part ways when the time has approached. I will commence when we are prepared to." She faltered for a moment, seeming to be thinking. Creating an awkward silence between the two. She continued to clack, her mask moving around as if to search for something. It was almost a blessing when her voice presented itself. "...Where did that juvenile imbecile get off to." @Consigliere
  8. Open

    Her grotesque mouth seemed to be agitated for a moment before the flesh surrounding it pulled itself open, revealing a pit of sodden, soft flesh. Alarmingly quickly, three lengthy, narrow tongues dashed out of her gaping mouth, apparently from random locations inside. They zipped around Kublai and wrapped themselves around his water before carrying it with ease towards her mouth, where she dumped the rest inside. They then swiftly placed the slime coated cup onto the table in front of him. "I have pondered betwixt consultations and I presume we would first undertake to entering through a wormhol- ...magical corner, gate, thing. We would determine one to pass through that we would presuppose to have the highest chance of detecting what we are searching for. Then we would monitor hearsay throughout our travels. I am unequivocal that such a repulsive artifact would be perceptible lands apart. The one endangerment I can surmise to occur would be that of local misbehavior. And your reward... thirty three percent of the encountered loot. I do not explicitly have a use for your currency outside of this mission."
  9. Open

    She unassumingly paused to allow Jeff to excuse himself before attempting to answer Kublai's question. Her sourceless voice far more soothing than during her previous fit. "The latter is quite uninvolved. Servitude will be more than obligatory in order to find the item I am entrusted with eradicating. Yet the former..." The being's frame slouched, if anything else suggesting that she was feeling particularly dreadful when it came to this subject. Her telepathic speech only proved such an assumption correct, providing a great mental display of crude defeat. "...That is the difficult segment of my investigation. All that has been revealed to me on this concern is that I must find an object that will be located within the sphere of Valucre, that it will be horrendous, gruesome, and shameless in nature; entirely worthy of its destruction, and that my assignment is to destroy it." Her neck stiffened reiteratively and turned so her head could face towards Kublai. "Though it should be discerned that the one who has assigned me this operation is likely not of the variety you would allegedly envision. Their kind are The Eminent. Omnipotent, omnipresent individuals that are worthy of worship. They are not exceptionally benevolent immortals, either. In my indigenous tongue it is uttered that for The Eminent to acknowledge your pitiful existence at all, would surely bring your entire cosmos to an end in a mere moment. I am of the rare few gifted with the ability to consult with them, even if not at my own gratification." @Consigliere
  10. its fine the whole rage thing was strictly in character
  11. could you please slow down your posts? you arent even giving me a chance to respond @Jeff Grundy
  12. Open

    Done with silently listening to this blabbering imbecile drone on and on, the creature decided to finally interject. Insectoid limbs shaking with agitation. "SILENCE!!!" Her voice screamed, echoing brutally in the minds of the people around her. "I do not possess a 'name' and the notion of providing one for you to address me as, I find outright ludicrous! I authorize you to dub me anything you may importune, but I will have you recognize that your title for my being will in no way generate any foreseeable adjustment to what I am objectively and absolutely! Do I make myself clear?" Her frustrated voice shadowed the raw emotional rage she was displaying. With that she directed her attention at this 'Kublai'. Her featureless face seeming to scout him out before proceeding. "Forthwith, if we are concluded here. Should we assign ourselves beverages of some definition?" She seemed to calm impressively fast, though still with a hint of annoyance. @Jeff Grundy @Consigliere
  13. Open

    She seems to disregard the compliments without second thought. "I am not interested in your misapprehensions of heroic valor. Regardless, I will accompany you in your travels. My endeavors reconcile under the uttermost intention of finding an accursed entity that resides within Valucre and destroying it permanently. You and your associate will assist me in this voyage. Yet in present time, we will rest. Our expedition will be inexorably debilitating."
  14. Open

    Her attention was easily diverted. The minuscule tube shaped tissues underneath her all produced hurried steps in a clock-wise rotation, turning the creature to face the stranger who had approached her with his hand out rather foolishly. This allowed the man to see her mouth for the first time. A sizeable, circular gap in her carapace which replaced her natural armor with muscular, moist, veiny flesh. This opening, which was closed at the time, seemed to visibly pulsate, dripping entire globs of saliva as it did. As these movements occurred, a sudden, high pitched beating noise was repeatedly produced. Her neck stretched downward, allowing her skull like face to look down on the man. Or as it was, down at his closest body part to her, the hand. Of which she did not appear to have one. Her four sword like limbs sat comfortably opposite each other, guarding her flesh covered mouth if subtly. "What is this gesticulation you have utilized in conjunction with your greetings? Are you equipped with a form of weaponry?" Her contradictory, graceful voice echoed out to him and those nearby. Which presented the man with some troubling questions. Such as but absolutely not limited to: Why is she asking if I am holding a weapon if she is looking directly at my hand? What was that noise that her freakishly disgusting mouth had made and why is it that she looked at me only when that noise was being made? Does that being even have hands? Or eyes? Even if he could not piece it together, the sad truth remained. He just tried to handshake a handless blind girl. @Consigliere @Jeff Grundy
  15. Open

    The 'creepy hot chick's' exoskeletal neck twisted clockwise so that her unusually featureless bone looking face could observe the shy young man eyelessly. Though her intangible, otherworldly voice was beautiful and perhaps attractive, she certainly did not appear human in the slightest. To some her appearance would border on foul or frightening. The more he would squint his eyes at her figure the more he would spot horrendous oddities in the dim lighting of the tavern. She did not have legs, only millions of tiny, transparent tubes that would step hastily to move the creature steadily. She did not have arms, only four limbs routed at the front of her abdomen, resembling blades that you would expect from some form of crustacean. She did not have a mouth. Only a large, disgusting, dribbling, wet mass of exposed tooth and muscle at the center of her body rather than her skull. Though hideous as it was, the aforementioned mouth was facing away from him, making it difficult for him to make out what the repulsive structure was. After listening to his strange rant, she turned her head back to the two in front of her. Though she did not speak in response. She let this man prove her point, wrongly assuming he was off his ass. Likely with many assuming the same. With that, soon half the tavern was in a drunken rampage, cheering for seemingly no reason at all. Some were chanting "let her go" repeatedly, while most were vocalizing something entirely different with no purpose whatsoever. One man, his noise dampened in the loud mess seemed to angrily shout something along the lines of "HEY, YOU FAKED THAT VOICE, KID!!" but that man was unheard by most. Quite frankly no one would had cared if they heard him anyway. @Jeff Grundy @Silhouette @MandoMG