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  1. Don't worry, I can see where this is going.
  2. Sense the rolepay is moving kinda slow, I'm gonna cause some chaos here. keeping with the theme on arguing about backflips, let's take a vote on this: can dogs do backflips. No, you cannot look it up. Let the arguements begin.
  3. *Squagison and Moreau climb the rope. Squagison mutters under his breath,* Showoff.
  4. I'm on board with this. Let's do it, lead us to the train.
  5. Sir, I have fallen from a dragon onto sharp rocks that were about a mile below me. I think I can handle a little fall. I can hold Moreau and land on my feet so he doesn't feel the impact.
  6. *Kicks Moreau*
  7. So you want us to be hired muscles? This job will be a breeze compared to bounty hunting and monster slaying. I'm definitely up for it!
  8. Just stop commenting.
  9. Shut up, guys.
  10. Why did this forum for signing up for a roleplay become a discussion about backfliping forward?
  11. So we have a party. Me, Vyne, Moreau, and maybe that other guy that appeared earlier. This seems good. Where to, Moreau?
  12. *Turns to look at Moreau* Who are you, exactly?
  13. It Might.
  14. (OOC) I have apologized to Sphynx and bigfatcat in private messages, but I want to apologise to everyone on this roleplay for me missing details and other things that Sphynx listed. (IC) *Seeing no possible way to get the bag without killing him- No, scratch that, he couldn't kill him. Seeing no possible way to get the bag, Squagison is confused in what to do. He only hoped for yet another ally.* (OOC) *Starts nudging Pandorite and Gogito uncontrollably.*
  15. I am sorry for missing a crucial detail, and it will not happen again. From this point on, I will read the post multiple times, and slowly to make sure the characters are doing what I think they are.