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    Mmm.. Jahan watched the barkeeper rise up to his feet. "He could've been executed for that, where I came from." His eyes glinted faintly as he turned around to face the man his companion had interacted with. Here's what I've been waiting for. "Treating anyone involved with magik like that, especially if they're of a higher standing, is strictly prohibited." He paused for a moment; his lips slightly parting open as they offered a generous smile, the silver veneering on all four of his canine teeth scattering the light that shone down on them from the candelabra upon him. "..Unless you're involved with magik yourself, of course. That brings in a whole new variety of factors." Jahan slipped out of his seat for the third time that day, and approached the new.. Target, perhaps? A number of questioning thoughts filled his mind as he put his elbows down on the bar before him, and sat next to the man. Was his height that usually made him tower over people intimidating? Did his complexion look healthy enough? Was his velvet coat that worn down? Did his long, copper-colored hair look maintained? A forceful end had to be put towards such inquiry. Old habits die hard, I suppose. As his chin rested on his knuckles, he spoke: "Greetings. I am the 'confederate' that has been mentioned to you. You may call me Kublai." He offered not his real name but his nickname to him, as he had done with everyone he had spoken with here. Trust hadn't been established, and it never would be until he found himself the foundation to do so. @Salt
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    Jahan watched with tingling anticipation as the man's eyes narrowed after they went over the being's features. He had thought to make whatever introduction that would be made together, but she had acted very quickly; sliding out of her seat as soon as he had provided his agreement to her suggestion. Not a problem. I will talk whenever I feel is the right moment, then. He kept watching; fingers tightening their grip on the handle of his jet-black valise, light green eyes following each gesture and mimic as if they were trying to incorporate them into a single move in an imaginary game of chess, and the corners of his mouth involuntarily twitching with contemp for the raw simplicity of the man's reactions, right until the very moment he put his spoon down and lifted up his pass. That was when his eyes widened and lips parted under the weight of the once feather-like anticipation. He leaned forward in his seat, with the utter inclination of jumping into the conversation. A pass?! Why didn't I-- Wait. There had been nothing that could've pointed towards the specific region of Terrenus in her sentence, no? Why had he started with the mention of the pass in his possession? Perhaps he had just misheard her. The matter is not urgent, then. I will keep listening. Relaxing and leaning against the back of his seat once again, Jahan hoped that he hadn't made himself too obvious as her "confederate", that the man hadn't taken any notice of him. Still, he could be the one to provide easy access to a potential starting point. I hope she realizes that opportunity. He sighed; the excess slivers of the now dead anticipation still affecting him, and turned around to order himself another glass of cold mineral water. It's been too long a day.. I will rest, but not until the end of this. @Salt @Porcelain_Puppetress
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    Jahan sighed softly, once again lost in the discovery of potentials. Someone like Jeff would drive her mad.. And that could be fun to watch.. The bar which was now dripping with slime caught his eye. But her actions are hardly graceful. Could I count on her to not flip out and just cut his throat open any moment he got her mad? He glanced at his companion. I do not believe she would be tolerant of anyone or anything as trying and slow as him.. Jahan thought to himself, counting on his best assumptions which he had calculated through her actions. Hmmm.. He spoke a few seconds later, as if his words were not meant to be heard, almost murmuring to himself. "I do believe 'a new array of legionnaires' would be more useful, after all.. Jeff acted on his own will, he could find us the same way he left us." @Porcelain_Puppetress
  4. Yeeeey~ Thanks a bunch! @Jeff Grundy
  5. WAIT WHAT WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN I AM ONLY JUST NOW SEEING THIS POST ok alright I'm calm Uh, I don't really know about how I can find the character sheets? Could you elaborate? (and GOD I AM SORRY FOR THE LATE REPLY) @Jeff Grundy
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    Jahan couldn't help but chuckle at the way she worded her sentence. "Juvenile imbecile", huh? Well, Jeff has certainly made an impression. "I share your distaste, my lady, but he seems only a child to me." He slightly shook his head before completing his sentence. "A boy, in his mid-twenties, at most." Jahan was almost 34 now, and knew from experience that young age could take the blame for a number of things. Well, it certainly was a significant factor when I made the decision to join the Consigliere Quarters. That much I can remember. Jahan's light green eyes went off-focus for a moment, his mind seemingly lost in the broken, upside-down memories of whatever he had went through. Then he blinked; once, twice, and woke back to the real world. "But I've been wondering about his whereabouts too, since he hasn't returned." Jahan stirred in his seat. "Shall we make an effort to find him?" @Porcelain_Puppetress
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    Jahan watched in awe and disgust as a drop of clear slime slowly travelled down and leaked on to the worn out surface of the table. That was.. Less than graceful. Although definitely practical, considering the circumstances. But I should've ordered two glasses. He chuckled silently at the thought, then turned to face his company. Seeing no reason to further complicate his point, he spoke: "The conditions you've mentioned suit me, my lady." Then he stopped to smile, genuinely, making sure he showed his four canine teeth which were covered in embroided silver while doing so, just to show how sincere he was. "What I understand is that we would part ways after the deed is done?" Jahan continued, now a hint of satisfaction lurking behind his voice. Thirty-three percent is not bad for a beginner, I'm sure I can work a few ways around it if I feel the need to.. And local misbehaviour is nothing I can't handle. At the very least, I could take the initiative to run. "If that is also a part of the condition, I would then ask you to specify when we would start, so that we would have ourselves a deal." Jahan smiled again, this time a rather small one playing on his shapely lips. @Porcelain_Puppetress
  8. >that face when you refresh the page when it hasn't even loaded your reply yet and end up with a double post Thanks for telling me, cleaning it up now. @JustALargeCoke
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    ..Oh dear.. Jahan had to close his eyes for the ringing in his ears to stop. Well, at least it makes sense, communicating that way. For a mouthless being, that was. He settled in his seat; catching his breath after all that fuss, crossed his legs once again, and did not forget to throw a death glare at Jeff before turning his attention to the female-sounding being next to him. Not only were his statements poorly worded, they also lacked logic. They had met about 15 minutes ago, and Jahan was sure that didn't qualify as a 'two-man group'. He did not want to think about how Jeff had already asserted a 'leader' to their group that had yet to exist. God, he would take him to the Marrowers gladly, and let them sink their teeth into him for a favorable profit. If he could. ..Although, this was not the place for such a thing. He cleared his throat before speaking. "Yes, gladly." Jahan turned around to order himself a glass of sparkling water. He did not want to drink anything alcoholic whilst in company. He took a little gulp of the refreshing drink before speaking: "Then, my lady," He took a shot in the dark with the assumption, "may I inquire about the 'apparition' that's been deemed worthy of your wrath.. And the supposed 'group' in the making?" He glanced at Jeff, and quickly muttered "Yes." under his breath as an answer to his question. He had never made an attempt to master it, but Jahan had always known his way around magic. @Porcelain_Puppetress @Jeff Grundy
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    Jathan quickly rose to his feet after he saw Jeff wave to him. He had been watching, listening, too. Fearing he would start feeling compelled to sit back down and bury his face into his palms in an almost drowning sense of disappointment, he quickly made his way over to where the two were sitting. If Jeff were a low-ranked Bussinessman, he would be able to end his life. If he were a high-ranked one, he would be able to take his millions. This kind of lack of deliberateness while speaking, especially when another was involved, what was he thinking? Could he not choose what he had to say just a bit more carefully? An internal sense of being broken came over him before he sat down next to Jeff. It's in the past now. People may not value what you do. Forget it. Coat done up to his throat, his belongings in hand, he spoke: "Pleased to make your acquaintance. I am Kublai." Jahan locked eyes with-- looked at the smooth surface of the alien-looking creature's .. Face?
  11. Open

    Jathan looked over from Jeff's shoulder to his new object of attention. His brows knitted together worriedly as he saw who the young man was approaching. Did that.. Being even have hands? Or eyes? Jeff might have had bitten more than he could chew with this target. And Jathan wasn't sure if he wanted to be involved in the ordeal. He thought of following behind his 'friend', but decided to sit down and watch how the whole thing would unravel. This way, if things got too messy, he could choose to help Jeff or save himself if it all spun out of control. But for now, he had to see as to how the creature would respond.
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    "Presentable." Jahan repeated after Jeff. Presentable. "If you had known me a long time ago, I could've shown you what presentable meant. I used to work with the finest of the finest silk, the best of engraved éolinne, the crisp linen and satin; beautified with strings of thinnest lace, the rarest type of tafetta, cashmere, chintz, messaline, Egyptian cotton... I used to outfit the royal Birds, served only the highest class of Bussinespeople. I was their Collector." Jahan shook his head, tucking his hair behind his ears before continuing with a less sentimental tone. "But, unnecessary talk aside, you look presentable. Not to my standards, definitely, but seeing as we're in this kind of place, and even I am reduced to this type of outfit, you will do fine. By the way, shaking her hand is not a bad idea. Do that first and try giving her the saltwater taffy after that, say that you are trying to sweeten the air around here. That kind of rather.. Basic wordplay like that would present you as.. Friendly, but also a little immature, so if you're going for that kind of approach.. That course of action would be ideal. But if you're going for another type of approach, ditch the candy, and the pun. It would suggest you're far too childish."
  13. Open

    "You can call me Kublai." Jahan said, calmly. He wouldn't reveal his true name for now. He did, however, reach for Jeff's hand and shake it firmly. "And that.." He raised his eyebrows as he eyed the contraption-like being Jeff pointed at. "Does not look like a lady to me, nor do I think it-- they would enjoy candy." Kublai, or Jahan, tilted his head slightly. "But, if you do not think it would bring any harm.." Because I certainly do, but if it does, it'll be on you. "..Then why not?"
  14. Open

    Jathan caught the piece of paper that was thrown at him in a miserable fashion between his index and middle fingers before reading the chicken-scratch writing on it. "Hey, how's it going?" His green eyes widened as he chuckled at the man's attempt of mingling. It was unexpectedly.. heartfelt? He must had been dying for company. He turned to look at the man who had called for him. A pale silhouette was all he could make out in the darkness. I'll oblige, then. Normally, it would be the opposite party who would walk to him, but now was not the time for expectations. He would take what he could get. Jahan took his belongings and walked to the seat the man occupied, hoping his bronze skin, shoulder-length, straight copper hair and slanted eyes would be enough to leave a good impression. He crossed his legs after he sat down comfortably, and started observing his company.
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    What a mess. Where had he happened upon? He had no idea. Jahan had been traveling for a while now, his memory slipping from the grasp of his consciousness every now and then, and his grip of reality becoming so liquified-- oh, so much so, it could even drip from his face at times, it could. But this place, it was, simply put; decrepit. He had slinked through the doors, not wanting attention-- at least, not much of it, and put his worn down velvet black coat and valise on the empty seating next to him, watching. Humans, half-humans, and an alien-looking creature-s? He couldn't make them all out, but none of them were surprising to see. He ordered a drink, and started tapping on the table with his nails as he waited. This was a starting point which hid other starting points behind it. A place to settle down, then he would help it grow, feed, and then, he would gobble it up. It had been such a long tme since Jahan had last offered his most humble suggestions to someone, spoke with someone, coaxed anyone into doing something.. The want of persuasion, it was simply a craving now, he had to have his way. It was time for him to have his title back. But he would be patient. For the moment, he only needed a drink and someone that would be willing to.. Listen. The place stinks of hard, inexpensive liquor. The sky does not stir. There will be many willing.