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  1. The quests are lised here: Disregard the VB awards and all that mentions them, as the VB point system is no longer part of Valucre atm. My quest system is different from Terrenus; while Terrenus classifies all their quests by a letter to signify a difficulty level, I don't. Anyone of any level can take on any quest from Genesaris they wish without fear of taking on something way out of their league and possibly dying >_>. I trust the member or members taking on the quest to provide themselves with appropriate challenge. If you want to take on a quest, many of which are repeatable, you just have to let me know and provide a link so I can check in needed.
  2. interest check

    I wasn't going to, but considering the number of people and for convenience I'll make a simple character sheet here soon. Thanks for this opportunity!
  3. I have a dry red from the Arbor, crisp and delectable, just for you.
  4. Hidden well within the forest, Rentae watched as the scene before him turned into one of bloodshed and curiosity. The great, black wolf was very interesting, and for a moment Rentae thought that perhaps another of his line had escaped the fires that had extinguished them all in a cruel and devastating history. But the vampire’s human form went unrecognized, and the feel was all wrong. And the eyes, too, were gold, not red. Rentae frowned in disappointment. This was just another mongrel, barely more impressive than these other wretched creatures. At least one was vampiric, to be sure, but Rentae already felt contempt and disdain. The one with the strange speech couldn’t sense Rentae at all, and he quickly dismissed her as something not worth bothering with. He was more interested in the other two – the one whose lower half dissipated and flowed like fog or mist, and the one who knitted blood and gore together, forming these… hemogoblins. There were cries coming from the distance, sounds of horses and boots, and the light of burning torches dancing in rapid succession, drawing closer with every passing second. The Knights of the Radiant Dawn would be upon them soon, and they would not forgive the slaying of their brethren. Rentae pushed off the tree bearing his weight, straightening and striding forward. Like a ghost himself he appeared silently before the females and the mongrel. He didn’t look like much. He looked like a normal man, slight in build and height, with normal teeth and normal green eyes. His coal black clothes were ragged, stained with travel and the blood of his recent kill. Surely he was no threat, not to two vampires, a bloodshaper*, and a spirit, but there was a presence about him, an unnerving sensation as he smiled. It was not a friendly smile. “The mongrel is no kin of mine,” he declared. He gave a disparaging look at the dog man before turning his contempt towards the other vampire. “You are freshly spawned,” he said simply. “Who chose so poorly as to make you a vampire?” He did not give her a chance to answer. “More humans come. Do you intend to stand here and wait until their fire consumes you?” *Odessa
  5. It's more of a cautious ceasefire. We screwed each other up pretty hard, Carlos and I. But people are free to travel to and fro, so that's good.
  6. I will miss you, Fae. I won't be getting rid of Illumad. I will see if anyone is willing to take it and love it as you have.
  7. Sure, I have no problem with this. Thanks @Off Topic!
  8. So I didn't know this, but Bed Bath and Beyond carries legit Prisma Colored Pencils and they were only $7.99 from $19.99! 

    It was crazy! They had the pen set too...I had no idea they carried that! :dizzy:

  9. You seemed to be gloating when Bull so nicely tried to call me out.
  10. After being ganged up on by three people, one of whom I used to hold in high regard... leaving Valucre seems like a great idea. A great idea.
  11. He let her go. Ryerus smiled as Victoria – Gabriela – left in complete defiance and dignity. As she vanished into the crowd of people to go where she wished, he allowed his spell to weaken, letting sections of it slip away. Only the most knowledgeable and observant would recognize her, but recognize her they would. And he, of course, would know where she was; he did not intend to lose her so easily. Biding his time, Ryzerus would watch the King for a while longer, marveling at the pristine nobility a murderer could display. Eventually though, he grew bored, and with his curiosity satisfied and his purpose here complete and redefined, he turned and waded through the people still celebrating Lucis’ guilty coronation., making his way back to the hedge maze. Lost between walls of green foliage and the blossoms of night roses, he secluded himself from all others before removing the mask. The shock of cold night air filled his lungs with ecstasy, and he let the mask fall from his hands. One wing shattered under the weight of that bronze face and he kicked it away, letting it slide beneath a row of hedges. He needed it no more. A flash of silver light consumed Ryzerus and then he was gone, in his place a condor that rode the lowest thermals to the greatest heights of the starry sky. It wheeled once, twice, before leaving to watch and wait, all in silence and subtlety, the little queen. His queen. [Exit: Ryzerus]
  12. For me the worst promise is, "I promise we're friends." That promise was made to me so many times. I've made some pretty horrible friends. Friends who were never friends in the first place. Friends who wanted to take advantage of me, or who turned their back on me the first chance they got. Friends who didn't give a shit about me. You know who you are,
  13. I got tea coming out the ears here, as long as it's spicy thai, pomegranate black, strawberry green, or just straight green tea. If anyone wants hot chocolate... here, you can have a box or five.
  14. I am currently not giving away any cities to new members. The reason for this is not a single member has shown any dedication after I give them a city; they either disappear or do absolutely nothing. If you stick around a while and show dedication to RP and the growth of Genesaris by creating/ completing quests, generating activity in the board, and so forth, ask again.
  15. I was like... "It's three at night!" but then I saw you're in Scotland. I had a brief fascination with Hell's Kitchen and let me tell you, no one gets scallops right.