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  1. When the game stops being fun, there's nothing wrong with not playing. You shouldn't be forcing yourself to do something you don't enjoy especially when enjoyment is the reward of this particular activity. From what I can tell with your efforts in Illumad, "failure" isn't a word that I would use so I'm glad Hummingbird is keeping it around. If things change and the site gets fun for you again I hope to see you back. But if not, then good luck and godspeed
  2. Are you available on Discord?

    1. supernal


      I check it now and then but it shouldn't be used as a primary point of contact 

  3. Congratulations man! That's extraordinary news!
  4. We very strictly limit images that can be uploaded to the database so that in terms of taking and storing backups we have a more manageable database with less bloat. So the best way to use images on the site or in the profile and so on is to upload to an image hosting site and use the link. I usually use IMGUR
  5. Like he's sensitive or almost allergic huh? Most people eat peanuts no problem but some people, no good! I have a character that is still influenced by siren music but is physically allergic to them
  6. I think it's considered polite, which I don't consider the same as kind but it isn't bad or annoying at least to me. However as a member you'll be able to use the Like function for posts which is an easy way to show both acknowledgement and appreciation of a post without having to make a post yourself
  7. 1. You can be whatever race and have whatever abilities that you'd like as long as they adhere to the Mild Powers rules: What that basically means is that in terms of type or variety, you're pretty much unfettered, but in terms of raw power we have a cap, so no godmodding. 2. You can start with any profession you like 3. Character sheets are optional but many members use them, including myself. You can edit as often as you like.
  8. In the temple was a small room with no windows and one door. The walls were lined with flameless torches flickering at a frequency meant to facilitate a meditative state of mind. In this room knelt a humanoid with plastic-sheened blue skin, six depthless eyes currently closed, and many-jointed fingers grasping the handle of a wooden ladle. He dipped the ladle into the ground before him, into the aperture of a small well purpose-built to supply water to this room. Twizzen let the waters cascade over his smooth, hairless cranium and down his polished back. As the waters first gushed then streamed in ever thinning rivulets, he intoned wordless paeans of his faith. He stopped when he felt a presence intrude on the tight quarters. He waited to be addressed. "Archbishop. I apologize deeply for interrupting your quest for spiritual enlightenment." Worry not. This undertaking of ours is everlasting. Speak your concern. "There are men en route to the temple." Twizzen said nothing at the priest's caesura. When the priest realized the void was for him to fill he continued. "They wear armor. They bear weapons, and a flag." How many among their ranks? "Two." And these are men? Human males? "By all visual accounts, yes Archbishop, but you are the only one present skilled enough in necromancy to confirm from this distance." Meet them outside. I'll be along shortly. A man stood at the foot of the stairs, waiting for the Sons of August to dismount and approach. At first blush, his vestments did not evoke religious purpose. The simple robe was earth toned, swept to the floor to terminate just above his ankles, and bore no special signs or symbols. The man himself was unimpressive, of middling height and weight, and his gaunt facial features hardly suggested a serene carriage. "Welcome to the First Temple of Ignatz, beacon of Mother Gaia's love and hope. Please, no weapons. If you would leave them outside or allow us to check them for you, then I can freely admit you into the temple. Otherwise I ask that you wait, meanwhile a higher ranked member of the fa-" To the Sons of August, there was no precursor explaining the abrupt end to his speech. The man merely stopped speaking, then turned his head to look over his shoulder just as a silhouette resolved itself in the gate. This blue-skinned specimen broke the six-foot height threshold, absorbed every detail of the tableaux on the grounds before the temple with six eyes, and walked to join the Sons of August. This was a man-thing with authority, or so his every step suggested. "Ah. The Archbishop. You'll notice he has no mouth. He communicates by directly modulating sound in a transmission medium. You'll feel a slight pressure around your heads and inner ears. Please do not be alarmed. Rest assured this is not telepathy and the Archbishop does not possess the means to trespass on your thoughts." Twizzen turned his head to the priest. The priest nodded, murmured agreement, nodded again, and then went back up the steps to the temple proper. Twizzen turned his full attention on the two Sons. Welcome. Your sigils are strange – pardon my tongue, they are unfamiliar. You have traveled far. Would you drink and eat and rest in the temple or would you have words first?
  9. I might be misreading the post but in the case of where you don't feel it would fit. Why not just not use them for that case and use them for other appropriate cases?
  10. Is the rulers and activity thread made by Hummingbird permanently locked?

    1. supernal


      Good question but I don't know, Hummingbird locked it 

    2. Alexei


      Oh, okay. Thanks. XD

    3. supernal
  11. Let's all welcome @Wade as the newest addition to the military with his Sniper. Welcome!
  12. OP has apparently not signed in in approximately 2 months. By all means proceed with supernal's blessing. You're continuing the thread rather than starting a new one right?
  13. Changed title to be animated instead of anime, for anyone that makes the distinction and because I wanted to talk about: Steven Universe. I cannot get enough of this fucking show right now.
  14. Since I know not everyone checks Announcements, let me make a post here for this community minded announcement: