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    “You think you do.” Reaching up she traced his flawless jawline, looking him over more carefully than she had before. “We are not without conscience.” Her words were less than a whisper, but he would hear them clearly. “We do not live without regret.” Gingerly she guided her hand down his chest stopping just at his left pectoral. “We are not heartless creatures through and through and we are just as susceptible to nightmares as humans.” She patted his chest and took a step back. “Of course the level of these things depends on you, and how much of your humanity to cling to.” She looked over his shoulder toward the direction of the club. “Our abilities differ from being to being. However, your sight, smell, taste, hearing, speed and strength will all be ten fold of what they were when you were human. Beyond that, you must learn, test yourself. I will make certain no harm comes to you as you do so.” She took a step in the direction of the club. “Where better to learn than somewhere you are comfortable.” She flashed a wicked smile and waited for him to take the lead on his chosen path. xxx The crowd in the club was no larger then when they had left, and all eyes were immediately on Ezra as they entered. He was indeed a beautiful man, more so now, though it was likely not a single lost soul in the establishment would notice the changes. Not even those closest with him, who wasted no time in finding their way to his side and take his orders post haste. The office was beautiful, decorated with things from all over; certainly some of his most prized possessions. From behind Ezra and the other man a loud crashing sound would be heard as she shoved everything off the edge of the desk. Hoisting herself up, she took a seat and crossed her legs, resting her hands in her lap curiously watching the two men. A maniacal laugh filled the office; cold...calculating. She hopped down from the desk and moved closer to the duo. The henchmen had an erratic heartbeat, his fear no secret to her. “I believe I have revealed enough for now. Show me what you are capable of my love.”
  2. Sending good thoughts your way. I'm so sorry for your loss.
  3. Good morning lovely people of Valucre! It's a good day for a good day! <3
  4. Haha! I actually do have a really, really large wine glass. But I don't really drink often. Maybe a glass every few months?
  5. Hey ya! Because there isn't anyone around to shame you for using a glass that holds half the bottle...and drinking 4 glasses. =D
  6. Same. Only...I'm really not >__>
  7. Same! Call me a geek, but I love getting new glasses. >_>
  8. Great basketball game tonight, our boys won by one point in the last few seconds of the game. It's been a long day, but I'm kinda sad I didn't have any posts waiting on me. =(
  9. It's a lot like 5 to be honest. A few things different.
  10. Got my post owed out, got my coffee, got some chill time. Maybe some Civ...Hmm....
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    Truth be told she understood more than he gave her credit for. Simply put, she was unsure if this should be his first order of business in his new form. A long list of things that could possibly go wrong flooded her mind. She would have to remain close to him, protect him, guide him and allow him to chose the path he felt he needed to take to start his new life despite the doubts she had. Multitudes of men stood in wait to snuff out things like this. One word and they would see to it that the club was a smoldering lump of debris and that not a soul survived. There was respect to be given to Ezra for not even considering this. Although not every task should be handled by themselves every time, that would be a lesson for another day. A raspy laugh echoed throughout the park. “A weapon? My love, that is exactly what we are.” She patted his shoulder lightly and turned to the body that remained in the path. Steadily she raised her left hand beckoning what appeared to be nothing within the treeline. As if the moon adjusted itself blatantly in the sky, the shadows began to elongate, stretching out towards her. “Hurry now. We haven't much time.” Her words quietly hissed and the movement of the shadows obeyed. Eagerly the shadows swirled up her body, swallowing her in entirety within seconds. As they began to dissipate, her being was gone and a new one appeared. Sleek in its ebony beauty, as dark as the shadows themselves; a panther crouched before Ezra with menacing emerald eyes. Great paws reached forward as her back arched in a stretch. It had been some time since she had taken her animal form, but it was a feeling of freedom unlike any other. She hunkered down and glared at the body and with a great leap she was off. With speed and precision unprecedented, her powerful maw snatched the body up and disappeared into the wood. Minutes later she would appear where the great cat had been last seen. “One problem down.” Her hands ran down her form wiping away any filth that may have come to rest on Wrath as she made her way back to his side. “I will indeed help you Ezra. If you feel so strongly that this deed needs to be completed, we shall do so and without mercy. No one leaves. Do you understand?” Devastation was about to lay waste to the club, many would die and while killing a mass of innocents wasn't exactly something she relished in, something told her that the majority of the club goers weren't anything but.
  12. semi-closed

    The events unfolded before her and silently she watched. The sudden rush of senses could easily consume a newborn, but as she suspected he quickly gathered his wits about him and his breathing slowed. In awe she observed him looking himself over. A scar remained here and there, reminding him of his past, though taking nothing away from the perfection that he now was. His strength while undeniably unearthly, was nothing in comparison to her own. She allowed him to refuse her touch but only for a moment. A petite, strong hand grasped his arm tightly as he tried to stand. “No.” It was a demand which in tone itself dared him to challenge her. “First thing you must do is feed your hunger.” Her lips curled back into a sinister smile. “I'm certain there are people in that club you do not wish to kill. Finding your control might be difficult at first but it's important you find it. We do no litter the streets with bodies.” She lightened her grip, but gave him a reassuring squeeze that she was still there. “We are better than that.” Drawing in a deep breath she looked around the park. He wouldn't have to wait long. “I know you feel the twinge of hunger but you must remember; you control it, it does not control you. We feed discreetly. There is no need to draw unwanted attention to ourselves or what we are, so choosing the proper mark is of utmost importance. Once you've had your fill we can return to your club if you so desire.” She offered him her hands for steady guidance. “You must get the feel of your new self down as well. Things are different, yet very much the same. Do not over think that. Most newborns are mules that have worked within the family for years. They have learned what to expect and have prepared for this day every day of their lives.” She paused a moment, stressing the importance of her next words. “Most never get the privilege.” She extended an arm towards the pathway where she had fed not so long ago. The next move was his, but that is not to say that she would not be watching him with a maternal eye.