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  1. Hey! Your avatar is awesome. Is that your drawing? If so, do you mind me asking what program (assuming it's digital) that you use?

    1. HighTopp


      Hello :) I didn't make it. I got it from my friend who made it and I don't know what she uses xD

  2. I've done this before as Babette within Red Ruler Liquor. Want to emphasize that I used Djinn as a class/foundation, I didn't directly use the rules, imagery, and the like of Arabian folklore.
  3. I haven't, I'm actually not much of a reader but I do know it's a pretty common archetype, with exception to projected images specifically. People tend to hear "universal translator" and be reminded of Star Trek or 1940's pulp retrofuturism sci-fi, but it's far older than that, I can think of quite a few examples from mythology that have the same function, like when Sigurd ate Fafnir's heart--it's kind of like an inverted Tower of Babel idea overall, I suppose. On the point of fairness, I think it's completely up to the players involved. I don't see why there couldn't be a nice little Gaianist town called Greenwitch where a mistlike aura makes every word traveling through air sound like Allspeak or "common", or become Oldspeak (which is a Terran universal language idea) but I also see how valuable language barriers can become in a story if it were fleshed out that way. I think it's pretty peripheral to most players but it's definitely a variable that can be useful when on or off as opposed to non-existent. If you really wanted to find out, you might want to purposefully make up your own language then enter threads and start using it to the point where the others are forced to either come up with a solution or pick it up contextually?
  4. I've noticed a few different languages within Terrenus, mostly limited to racial differences like Elven or Merfolk (and have somewhat fleshed out two languages myself), but overall I think it's just symptomatic of every one wanting to be able to play the same game. In this world though, magic is a tangible reality and able to be replicated through technology, becoming magitech. If psionic and telepathic powers are real and viable, then would you say that they project sub-vocalization (as in, a Terric-speaking psion could only transmit information to a Terric-speaking person and they're simply 'throwing' their inner voice into someone else's head) or that they're able to directly transmit and convey non-verbal messages which are then translated by the recipient in their native language, becoming the transmission of intent? If the latter, then a psion would more or less transcend verbal languages (including their differences) and the argument could be made that it could be replicated through technology like omni-tools or universal translators. Given the alleged variety of a setting like this and the inevitability of countless amounts of cultures, species, languages, and so on, it seems like some form of universal translators (or a form of passive illusion magic with the same function, maybe called "Common"?) would be inherent.
  5. @The Hummingbird Here's your map, and the Photoshop file so you can rearrange the major islands however you like and very easily. @Alexei@Aleksei@Pasion Pasiva This is what I'll be using for you: I'll need to know where to put Kadia and how big it is though. Total guessing is around here-ish: Here's a Photoshop file for a simpler version of the above if you'd rather move or scale Kadia yourselves.
  6. It's the very same world vector as the map exported from Illustrator, then imported into Solidworks as a .dxf file. All I have to do is extrude upward to create a brand new 3D model in that method, but I did also make a version with Cinema4Dlite, that's surface modeling (as opposed to solid modeling, what I'm showing above is more for engineering than 3D graphics) and it has the ability to wrap a mesh or create them but I did the same extrude upward from a vector path and just experimented in that one, I haven't used C4D much at all. I was thinking it'd be useful to actually build the terrain from 3D then export them as bump maps and overlay or work with those--I could do it the other way around though, if any one is particularly good at 2D textures like mountains or terrain and especially within programs like Illustrator or Photoshop, I could use those as bump maps and generate organic 3D terrain. So to answer no I didn't, but I could, if I were given meshes and textures or the like.
  7. I can. In fact, I can calculate exact distances, surface areas, and more with an accuracy of .009%. I could make a 3D model, and already have, everything being scaled to Genesaris, each controlled in a ratio: with object files that could be used for either solid or surface modeling 3D, meaning it could be plopped into the next game using Unreal Engine or even 3D printed: ^ But I did all that like a month and a half ago, it's all irrelevant because there's a 2.0. I could 3D print things like this or I could just give you the file and you can do whatever you want with it. You could print out that world map in perfect clarity no matter the size, with no loss of resolution. If you and every one else agree to work with me on a universal map as 2.0, you could be holding Genesaris in your hands, or be free to print out a poster of it or whatever you'd want with everything available, I'll be sharing all the files--I actually already have, including individual 3D files of each nation. I've already posted everything that I've just posted. ...But any way yes I could make Nvengaria exactly 50.009% bigger. I could actually do way more than that if you or any one else will not feel too guilty to ask, I'm already done with an initial 2.0 version for Terrenus and Genesaris and will be working on the others *any way* but if no one speaks up then I'll have no reason to change things, you know?
  8. I'm pretty rusty in Photoshop but it's an option when need be. Also won't export with this much dithering grain when I'm not being playful. Satisfactory? If you have a source file (which, to be honest, considering what you paid and the contextual use of this map it'd be really odd for you not to have gotten one) it'd make my life a lot easier but it'll get done regardless. Nope, no take-backsies now, far too late for that. Not gonna lie, I'm pretty disappointed by the lack of challenges to be had so far. I was expecting a lot more nitpicking and requests for changes, and I don't mind that because I can bulldoze over "problems" all day long but I'm not telepathic (yet!) so I need people to speak up about it. You don't need to be a board leader or staff or a veteran of the site to speak your mind and have useful things to say. Tagging board leaders so that I can get some universal consent on the last version of the map. @paradigm@Acies ab Vesania@Jesus Negro@Mickey Flash I've also yet to hear anything from Tellus Mater about the continent arrangement so I'm assuming I haven't been too inconsiderate with your sandcastles.
  9. It's actually made from an auto-trace of the current maps. But if it's still inaccurate it would be easy to adjust or fix, and that goes for any one who sees anything missing, in the wrong place, or wants to be added. This is the alpha matte, here's a Photoshop file of it with continents separated, organized and labeled--so anything can be moved or scaled differently, modifications and additions can be done, and so on. I think it has a lot of negative space (maybe a bit too much) for a world but we're still only on the first draft, and if any one wants to show changes or do a little of the work for me (I'd be pretty motivated to update it if that were the case) there are isolated versions of each and more in Map Pack 1. The next version will be a lot sharper. If any one here's skilled in Photoshop and texturing and would like to try their hand at more realistic terrain it'd be much appreciated, otherwise I'll likely do that last.
  10. I haven't touched it for over a month because of other projects but I'll be swinging back to it and rebuilding from scratch in a much higher resolution than the above, soon. I'll also be providing every iteration's source files alongside alpha mattes so that any member of Valucre has access to the continents and shapes as resources, I know there are many people here who delve into Photoshop and other programs and likely could do a much better job of things than myself. Also might be a good time to mention to board leaders, I've taken all your maps and manually traced them at 3200% magnification, so the newest map will undoubtedly have the highest resolution versions of every continent that've ever existed (by a pretty big margin). I'll provide single versions respective to each board with the DW Map Pack, you're free to use or not use them, but since they're vectors and able to be scaled to any size without pixelation or loss of quality, they could prove to be pretty useful. On that note, it's really easy to edit, so if any one has suggestions or critiques that's welcome. I'm also more than willing to share the file for Photoshop or Illustrator if any one wants to recolor, resize or rearrange things (and will! But I'm pretty busy and intended to be prepared when I make the DW Map Pack)
  11. No need to apologize, I actually think you were one of the calmer heads but I meant to try and veer from ongoing friction and that seemed the clearest route, lol. I didn't mean for you to feel like you were being actively called out, not my intention.

    1. Mountain King

      Mountain King

      Oh its fine. Looking back i was losing my head and im.glad to have taken a minute to cool down and owned up to my behavior

  12. @Robbie Rotten Thanks for the clarification. There used to be, Storytellers. There are many examples of quests and events having some form of moderator or canon authority (and there are canon enforcers for Terrenus, this was essentially the function of the Peacekeepers) and the point of having them is to provide some manner of challenge while ensuring the result is directed towards something that makes sense for the larger story/canon. Unfortunately if you're such an advocate for something like Storytellers, all I can suggest is that you take up on that initiative yourself and perhaps inspire the community to pick it up again. There have been and are examples of what you're talking about, I'll provide if needed.
  13. You seem like a cool guy, do you mind not... Antagonizing? I haven't been here for a little while, do you have examples of this?
  14. If you enter the thread with the intention of killing them, that certainly fits my idea of an antagonist. My understanding is that you can't force someone to accept RoE if they're not eligible--it's intended to be a mechanism for canonization, meaning that if you take a high position of authority in "canon lands" by sitting on a throne in a major (board-sanctioned) city or as an artifact holder (who, if I remember right, isn't able to deny someone from trying to T1 them since they're artifact holders and are subject to the RoE for the entirety of the time they have the artifact) or something equivalent that's an active role in the "main"/canon story of Valucre. Open threads are intended to be ones that you don't need permission to join, but RoE is only applicable when the recipient is eligible for it. And you're allowed? Artifact holders are subject to RoE while in possession of the artifact. You can take actions against them, it'll likely end up needing to be resolved by administration, but that's because both parties have an interest in having a canon artifact.