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  1. Winter crud has migrated to my sinuses and now I have no voice. Husband makes fun of me, making me laugh making it harder and harder to hear me.
  2. Xiao was quite twitter pated by Kazuhiko, and knew very well what he was trying to pull with Aoi wasn’t going to fly. Nodding quickly in response about how he will pay, also confirmed that he would definitely be making his order run to the palace, and on time. “Oh yes, I will be there with the order, I promise.“ You could almost hear a twinge of nervousness in the fat bald man’s voice, as he would turn to watch on as an audience with Kazuhiko and Aoi. It was indeed very shocking to hear the prince making such small talk with a complete stranger who looked as Aoi did. Starting to turn away from the short bald man and the prince, she paused at what was just said to her. “Your garb lacks feminity. Your weapon frightens people. Did you expect to blend in with that?” Turning her body towards the prince with just only forty-five degrees, strengthening her core in her stance. “No, I didn’t expect to blend in, I wanted to be noticed. “ Aoi had nothing to fear with the gifts she carried within herself, but also she had worked for a company that enforced a lot for the government they worked for. It wasn’t unusual for a woman who seemed so timid like herself to find a battle to be won. Yes, she spoke soft and polite, and had an air of timid to her but it was all to keep herself from using her voice to blow every ear drum near her, to not destroy the very orange the prince peeled in his hand with the waves of sound her throat could produce. “Come back with me to the palace. I can get you some finer clothes and maybe I'll show you around.” With her hands calmly resting at her side, she would just raise a brow to the offer she was just given by the Prince. It was obvious that he wouldn’t just invite anyone to the palace like this, and in fact those within earshot of the two were whispering amongst themselves. Unsure of this man, she would turn towards him full on. Aoi’s right hand would sweep some of her long hair out of her face and away from the bandana that was wrapped around her forehead. “That is quite the offer, am I to learn that you reside in the palace giving you the ability to come and go as you please with whomever you wish?” It was evident that she just didn’t trust the man, especially with how somewhat generous he was trying to be with her. Was she really in the presence of the royal family, someone who could easily have her exiled or even worse killed if she looked at him the wrong way? Adjusting the bow string that was swung over her shoulders with her left hand, she would shift her weight showing she was a bit unsure of the situation. She couldn’t possibly turn the man down; she might risk offending him. “No harm will come to me if I join you? “Bowing her head slightly towards the short bald sales man, and a brief smile. “Sorry, I will not be purchasing any fruit from you today. “Mismatched eyes falling back to Kazuhiko once more, she would give a polite smile. “I will join you then. “
  3. Hospital working, patients wife is playing WoW while I help him shower.. epic.
  4. Good Morning! About to get a cup of coffee, and some oatmeal. I've got some homework to get done before I am off to the Hospital for work.
  5. My children are goofy. I need to make responses.. to non-existent posts.
  6. Go shopping, get your nails done, pedicure, hair cut/washed. Pamper yourself!
  7. My husband says that with Trump we will become more divided giving Russia an advantage. Putin in supports him because he wants to kick Americas ass. "A house divided within itself cannot stand." Abraham Lincoln
  8. Welcome to Valucre!
  9. Impatient Alaric, can't give me two seconds to fill his spoon with food before shoveling it into his mouth. Morning my fellow writers!
  10. That is absolutely horrible to hear. Working in the healthcare field as a CNA it's hard, and I had recently found out that in most states if you put your elderly in a facility they have the right to take all of the assets that person has (Home, possessions that are willed to the family, any inheritance etc) Which is absolutely stupid, and I feel they have no right to it. Keep fighting for what you know is right.
  11. Kazuhiko is very much anti Aladdin esque LOL

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  12. Love telling my daughter Aryanna who is four that we were going downtown to pick daddy up from work and she exclaimed "FROWNTOWN!" No downtown. "I love going frowntown."