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  1. Warmth rippled within Rainza's chest. A soft, gentle feeling that spread to the tips of her fingers and made every follicle of hair stand on end. She felt safe, content, happy, and...full. A void that had long been set firmly inside felt filled for the first time since she was a child. Here, in this place that was trying to kill her simply by existing, she was alive again in a very human way. She couldn't put a name to the feeling, and for the moment she didn't care to think about needing to. As she always had, Rainza let her heart tell her what to do. Not caring if the flame burned her, the Aldrak leaned forward and threw her arms around Ansen's neck, practically climbing into his lap as she did. She pressed her cheek to the side of his head and squeezed him as hard as she could. "Thank you, Ansen. No one has ever told me...they would save me. Thank you..." She whispered, nearly choking from powerful emotions. She made no move to release the knight, but sighed and took deep breaths while wrapped around him. She trembled slightly, holding back a torrent of feelings so they would trickle out slowly, rather than spill all at once. She'd made a promise to never cry again, and wouldn't break it even for this. The painful memories and hesitation to forget them and become whole again were steadily fading. So long as she had the knight to support her, Rainza would surely be able to learn to truly love again. The swirling mist was ever in motion, creating shifting patterns around the duo that took their rest. They didn't know it, but there was no other such safe haven within this valley. Once they left it, danger would pursue them relentlessly until they made their escape or succumbed to the magical horrors prowling within.
  2. Oh how the tables have turned, Jotsy. NOW IS THE ERA OF THE MAID!
  3. I changed my mind. Val, you do in fact have wonderful taste.
  4. Forcefully dragged from her allies into a swarming pack of snarling direwolves. A snap decision saved her from a gruesome fate. Turning her blade on her own flesh, the girl separated her arm from the rest of her, giving it to the beast that had it crushed between its jaws. She threw a burning glance of hatred back at the idiot that had caused this to happen in the first place. Abusing the fae in the party had caused this, and the self-preservative Aldrak was less than happy with the outcome... Rainza would have sighed if she wasn't coughing. Not a pleasant memory, but she was over it now. Reluctantly, Rainza got to her feet with heavy, sluggish motions and followed behind their fearful leader. "If you decide to try it, warn me first" she finally answered Tegrash in between bursts of coughing. Each step left a slimey bootprint behind, and her walk was noticeably unsteady. She'd channeled a lot of energy into that attack, energy needed to repair her injuries. Gaining it back would take time, and until she did she'd feel unwell. She stopped and turned to Haze suddenly, remembering she'd made a complaint. " en-" she began, about to tell the fae to simply endure. However, she was reminded the others in the party were not Aldrak. Rain wasn't a negligible inconvenience to them. "I can help you if you need it" she amended, keeping a neutral tone. The Aldrak waited for Xio to walk by as they began to move, and grabbed a fist full of his garb, pulling his chest down to put her face in his. The reeking perfume she was coated in also got closer to him. "Twenty-five years old. Not. A. Child." she hissed, giving him her best death stare. She shoved him away with one arm afterwards and stumbled off to the side before moving to follow Haze and Tegrash. Mimicking Tegrash, she muttered " Emvula evulakileyo" and began to channel the relatively small amount of energy necessary to cast the spell. Her mind divided into three different functions, she was silent and unresponsive as they made their way. An hour passed, and their seemingly unending wasteland of crags continued on. Rainza had recovered by now, breathing normally but still unsteady on her feet. Aldrak were powerful, yes, but they came with their own drawbacks. The first plip plops of rain began to sound their symphony, and Rainza couldn't help but let out a long breath of relief. Finally, she would be relieved of the disgusting film covering her. It had begun to dry, and she feared the smell would never wash away. She glanced at Haze, then at the land surrounding. No shelter. "Give me fifteen minutes. I will provide us with shelter." She said, stepping away from the group and beginning to focus. Rainza stopped and knelt, placing both hands on the ground. If she did this, it would provide the others respite from the rain, a safe place to sleep should they end up staying here until sundown, and she would gain a good chunk of energy. She closed her eyes, her breathing slowed and evened, and an image formed in her head. A line. Two lines. Slowly, more added and a shape formed. These lines actually formed on the ground, dark blue and glowing as they stretched out from where Rainza's hands made contact with the earth. This took about five minutes, and over the next ten the ground began to glow. As the ten minutes were nearly up, the glow was so oblique that it looked as though the ground had become a blue block. A bright flash erupted, blinding any that were watching. As it faded, Rainza stood, humming with energy. Her eyes looked to be on fire with an ethereal blue that quickly faded. A two foot wide, 8 foot long, 4 foot deep hole was now in the ground. Getting inside of it, one would find that it was actually 8 feet wide, with a 6 foot ceiling. Rainza had converted a block of earth into pure energy and absorbed it. It had only been lightly drizzling while she was preparing their shelter, but the rain was beginning to thicken. Billowing steel gray clouds rumbled overhead, roaring the first signs that lightning was afoot. "Get in" she commanded, and walked ten feet away before tossing herself on the ground and closing her eyes. She was sprawled out, waiting for the mercy of the weather to wash away her filth.
  5. Jotsy, prepare your anus. I'm gonna make you regret this.
  6. Kal felt like a broken record in his own head at this point but....this strange, strange girl. His imposingly broad shoulders drooped as he sighed and physically put his face into his hand. She really had. He should have known, but the queer creature had honestly managed to make washing dishes a thing that needed direct, thorough explanation. How had she ever learned to wield a spear? Honestly though, how could she ply the blade with such seasoned skill, but be unable to comprehend the most basic of common sense concepts? No matter. It was a good thing Kal'to had found her before someone less well intentioned had discovered her naivety and taken advantage of it. She lacked knowledge, but absorbed it well. He could simply teach her everything she would need to know to conform to societal norms. Kal's mild irritation melted at the sight of her body language. She was eager for more cookies; joyful even. Like a child that had tasted chocolate for the first time. He reached up to pat her head and ruffle her dark locks. His smile was warm and lacked in any sort of animosity whatsoever. "Chrysilla, cookies are treats. You're only supposed to eat them sparingly and on special occasions, or as a reward. They are delicious, but refraining from bingeing on them makes the taste all the more special. I'll need to teach you how to properly wash dishes later, but thank you for washing them." he spoke gently, like an older brother would to his little sister. "Now, let's get moving. We need to get to that Oasis!" Kal'to got dressed energetically, first turning to shut his door when he found Chrysilla standing there watching him take his shorts off. He swathed himself in desert gear. Light, breathable material colored in subdued tan and brown earthy tones. A poncho, face wrap, and goggles went on as well as a pair of black leather forging gloves and boots. Ready to face the elements for hours now, he exited his room. Just to the right of his door-way, Kal pressed a hidden switch that was flush with the wall and a trap door in the ceiling opened up. A ladder fell down, scoping out from it's compact storage mode, and tapped the ground with a satisfying thunk. Kal'to climbed his way up and found himself in the 'control room' of sorts for the Willand. It was a small chamber with secondary controls and a large crystal pane looking out the front of the Willand. A place to drive safely in environments that made operating the primary controls on the outside decidedly not so safe. It was here that a switch needed to first be flipped before the Willand would move, preventing easy theft of the home. Kal pulled a lever on the wall next to the pain and a door swung open, leading out to the driving deck. Here, a comfortable bench padded with very durable material sat before some fairly simple controls. Two levers peeked out from the deck, one on either side of the driving wheel. The one on the left was a break that deployed kinetic energy sapping magic circles on the axels, and the one on the right was the throttle for the vehicle home. A steering collum made of two curved metal bars wrapped in dragon skin was what allowed the operator to direct the home. A magic compass on the wheel's console allowed for easy navigation and a large blue crystal on the left told of how much power was left depending on how brightly it glowed. At the moment, it's luminosity was still almost maximum. Kal turned to shut the door as he stepped on deck, but found Chrysilla was right behind him. He closed it after she got through, but raised a concern about her lack of clothing and the harshness of the environment. He was assured she'd be fine. Kal took a seat at the controls and offered Chrysilla a seat next to him. He pushed the throttle forward and the Willand gently began to move. Surprisingly, it conquered the sand with ease, their ride barley getting bumpy at all. "My people have worked for decades with the most creative of magical engineers to perfect our Willands. They can take on almost any terrain dauntlessly." He explained. Following that, Kal'to carefully explained what each lever did and how to properly drive the Willand without damaging it. It was, again, a very simple process. One even children could do without issue. "You seem very hardy, Chrysilla. You really don't look like the sun is bothering you. Could you tell me more about your...species and home?"
  7. OH SHIT @Jotnotes THE FIRE IS RELIT, I'VE GOT ANOTHER VOTE Don't forget, if the vote ever sways....heheheheehe
  8. I just so happen to be said chat mod. As well, PoetFae has joined me in the battle against angst and ad hominem. If you join the server, send one of us a DM on discord and we will give you member permissions so you can post in there.
  9. Lovely. So I can have my solo experience no matter what. Expect Illisandra the lone Raven to go exploring soon.
  10. Let's say I want to run it solo, but there is also a group that wants to do it at the same time? How would a solo player like myself participate separately from a group that's also running around in there?
  11. This girl. This strange, oblivious girl. Kal'to was absolutely dumbfounded by her continual lack of self-awareness and common sense. There she sat, glistening in sweat lounging on his couch naked and choosing very poor and easily misunderstood words. His face tried to imitate the red scales of a fire drake, and he closed his eyes, hung his head, and let out a long and heavy sigh. He walked over to her and put one large palm on top of her ebony head. He looked down at her with a stern look. "Chrysilla, in this house we eat together at the table. No food on the couch and no eating meals alone. Snacks are ok though. Understand?" He lectured before grabbing her hand and pulling her towards the table for their meal. When the meal was finished, he made a decision. Chrysilla lived here now, and was a servant of sorts to him. She needed to earn her keep, and learn some basic life skills at the same time. He asked her to follow him to the sink. He had her watch as he properly cleaned his plate, rinsed it, dried it with a towel, and put it away. "This will be your responsibility from now on. One of us cooks and the other cleans the dishes. You will have other chores as well. It's proof that you live here now." he explained, smiling. He had a companion! A fellow traveler to share meals, stories, burdens, and success with. Strange though she may be, Kal was pleased to have her. He joyfully hummed at the thought while leaving her to clean what remained in the sink. The rest of today would be spent navigating the sands and closing in on their destination. sand... Flashes of the strange event yesterday went through the blacksmith's mind. It was as though he was inside Chrysilla's mind, and she in his. Her home was naught but an endless desert, a place she seemed more than comfortable being in. Yet, she had nearly died traveling here. What did that mean? And the insects...What the hell exactly was she? The girl's nature was mysterious. No sexual traits, seemingly human anatomy beyond that, incredibly exotic skin and hair. He wanted to push for more details, but it would need to wait. He needed to get to know this girl better and earn her trust for real rather than the easily given faith attributed to her naivety. It would hopefully come with time. Kal dug through his cupboards, searching for a tin he knew had some fine cookies he'd traded for not long before coming to this world. He found the container and frowned when he lifted it. Opening the lid, he saw it was indeed empty. He walked back to his companion and showed the empty tin to her. "Chrysilla, would you happen to know where my cookies went?" He asked with a bit of skepticism. She'd been left alone for quite some time while he forged her weapon. He had no doubts she could have found and devoured them.
  12. A fine field, healthy and well groomed for crops was where Larcan soon found himself. A wide trail cut through it so that travelers such as himself wouldn't ruin the crops. Shortly after entering he stopped and closed his eyes, sighing. He was being stalked, it seemed, and by someone who either wasn't trying to hide their presence or simply wasn't very good at moving silently. His observer finally revealed himself, an old wolfman with an injured hand. Instinct kicked in, making Larcan feel as though he was being challenged for dominance. He whipped around to face the unwanted local, snarling as he did. A short conversation, heated words, misunderstanding, and a lot of testosterone led to the two of them circling one another, tensions rising like the hackles on the backs of their necks. Larcan's fingers were stiffened into claws, held wide and level with his hips. Aggressive, ready to pounce. His blades were left untouched. Larcan crouched low, growling when he suddenly found himself approached by a group of strangers. Seeing Michelee, oddly, gave him reason to listen to what was said rather than immediatley fight or flee. Larcan stood up straight as Owain left, wrestling control back to his humanity rather than his wolven instincts. He heard key words such as 'not our enemy' and 'our guest' that set him at ease. This was not an attack then, but a simple greeting. He eyed the 'right bower' with yellow irises, noting her completely unaggressive stance and friendly tone. She seemed to be the only one here that favored his presence so far. He definitely did not feel very welcome at the moment, and the expression and body language of Michelee seemed to agree. "You would have me give up my weapons?" He asked flatly, frowning with displeasure. He took care of his swords better than he did himself. While his clothing was ragged and dirty, the swords were polished, sharpened, clean, and oiled. The scent of the place was absolutely natural. Not a hint of human society could be found, and the bower herself had an aroma that somehow made him feel...nostalgic? It seemed almost natural to relax around her. Heaving a deep breath, he finally relented. "Fine." he said with a grumpy tone. He wasn't dependent on his swordplay to survive. The man turned his gaze to the tiny being that rejected him, staring down at her and her mount without shifting his stance from it's relaxed state. "And you should choose your words carefully, tiny one. Call me monster again and I will eat your rabbit" he growled, ears twitching. His gaze swept to Michelee for a moment, checking to see her reaction to the situation. They were companions now, of a sort. He did not know her very well at all, but he would honor their status and keep her opinions in mind.
  13. >_> I mean, yeah, but... Whoever heard of someone watching starwars for the first time and starting with anything but episode 4? You are correct in that there are some big differences between F/SN and UBW. There is also one more major storyline for the visual novel that I hope gets animated at some point too. That's awesome dude. Zetsuen is one of my favorites. Let me know what you thought when you're done.
  14. You watched them in the reverse order they were originally presented lol. Be glad you didn't have to watch the original Fate/Stay Night. The visual quality was pretty awful. If you're interested, there's a visual novel for it that goes in to much more detail on that holy grail war. Actually, there's quite a few visual novels for the nasu-verse, especially the Fate series, that haven't been adapted into anime yet. I would highly suggest you watch Kara no kyoukai. It's a series of 6 movies set in the same world, but an alternate time line and completely different characters and story. The visual quality is some of the best I've ever seen in anime. I just finished Vivid Strike. I'd give it a decent 7.5/10. It's set in the nanoha universe and it is literally magical girl competitive MMA complete with a tense friendship and troubled past storyline. It got me pumped up to get back into kick boxing, and watching magical girls punch each other in the face was really fun. I'm currently rewatching Zetsuen no Tempest. 10/10 anime of the year 2012 if you ask me. Its an end of the world scenario William Shakespeare inspired tragedy. Modern, Murder mystery, romance, action, interesting take on magic, plot twists galore, unique but relatable characters, minimal fanservice. Absolutely amazing. They spent several episodes on a single scene where three characters were trying to out bullshit each other in a logical Mexican stand off. Definitely worth picking up.
  15. Well, today could have been better but it was still pretty ok!