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  1. William's eyes widened in surprise as the strange reflection spoke back to him. It then disappeared and reappeared in a nearby café window. William looked around and saw the others acknowledge the strange man. "Guess I'm not delirious then," he thought to himself. He moved closer to the man, who was ineffectively offering a hand shake. 'Do you only exist in mirrors?' William asked. 'And wait, did you say hero?' He wasn't sure how the man's ability would help him fight crime, but he kept that thought to himself, seeing as it was probably rude. Turning back to the group, he saw the mysterious man calmly excusing their presence and explaining things. He seemed as cool as ice; but William couldn't help but notice his prominent feature: They were both the only ones wearing masks. That lead William to the conclusion that he must have a life outside of being a hero. He felt that that endeared him to the man a bit more, but he was still off putting. William didn't like to judge books by their covers (seeing how he worked in a book store), but the man had a hardness to him that didn't make him feel like a hero. Rather, the opposite. Still, William pushed that thought out of his head. This man had taken down that beast, and he agreed that they should all go and talk, like William did. 'Yeah we should go somewhere, after all, this many hero's haven't gathered at one place since shattered hope right?' He had remembered reading about it a year or so ago; a tragic battle between heroes and villains that destroyed a whole city. The thought of involving himself in that career had scared him, but here he was. 'So... wherever you guys want to go is fine,' He added. Remembering, William turned back to man in the mirror. 'If you're a hero like you said, then you should come with us.' 'If... you can, that is,' William said awkwardly.
  2. All I would say is that she's a bit over powered and that her physical description is a bit vague. So: I'm not saying take away the strengths, just add a few more weaknesses. As for description, she's a mix of 3 animals so is her face human? Dragon face? Wolf face? Cat face? Besides that I think it's fine. Hope that helps; I was new here once. Criticism was an important step in making myself better.
  3. I'm here, I've just been busy. All the players have met, and are about to go off to talk amongst themselves.
  4. Hope you enjoy the story! And that you're on team Ryu. #Ryudidnothingwrong
  5. Ryu stared in silence as the man in his old body arrived at the room. Just as Ryu expected, he was remarkably cool headed. But when the man chose to leave immediately after Ryu's threat, that caught him slightly off guard. He had expected to talk with the man, or at least be able to get some answers from him. But it seemed like white had anticipated that and "left him hanging" as some might say. Ryu knew that if the roles had been reversed, he would have stunned his opponent and attacked. But that was then; and with new bodies, Ryu knew he would have to switch up his strategy. Then there was white's threat of remotely deactivating him if he escaped. That would be quite troublesome. However, instead of feeling fear, he launched right into thinking. He smiled cruelly as he realized: He would be safe no matter what. White may have been smart, able to predict even Ryu's behavior, but he knew nothing of demon's. If Ryu escaped the train, he would be free. His legs would take him as far and as fast and physically capable. After this, there were 3 distinct possibilities. Though not all the options would particularly be beneficial, none would allow White to deactivate this body. It would give him a fighting chance. Ryu did wish he could have talked to him; but with the threat of deactivation out of the way, he could continue with his plan. He waited 1 minute before peaking out the door. It looked like white had not been planning to ambush him, for the hall was empty. He stepped out from the room and walked silently to the stairway. Looking down, he saw that, thankfully, the room that held the rest of the group was closed. The door to the conductor was cracked open slightly as well. Ryu could recall that he had been attacked by the sand covered man. He hoped he was alright for the sake of the plan. This next part would be the most important; moving past the others quietly and reaching the conductor's room. An idea for doing just that came to Ryu. He aimed for the ceiling right above the door to the conductor. He shot a cable there and tucking in his knees, zoomed through the air and now dangled above that spot. He then began to dispense the wire slowly, as to not make noise. Soon enough, his feet were on the floor. He recalled the wire into his body silently. So far so good. Turning to the door, he pushed it open very slowly and smoothly. After stepping inside, he closed it just as smoothly. Looking around, the room appeared to be just like the front of every train. The conductor sat in a chair weakly, holding a bloody handkerchief to the side of his head. Ryu moved to him, and did everything he could to show he meant no harm. He kneeled in front of the stout yet short man and spoke softly. 'Hello, I am one of the passengers on this train.' 'As i'm sure you've seen, some terrible things are happening.' 'For the sake of the rest of the people here, we need to get off before things get worse.' 'Can you stop the train?' 'Or at least, can you open the door?' 'Do have the key?' Ryu asked, nodding his head to the right, referencing the nearby door that they had entered from to board the train. Channeling his artificial face's ability to imitate humans, he made himself look earnest and truthful, all to persuade the conductor to help him. Ryu did not feel bad for manipulating the man, for he told the truth. The conductor would help one innocent man escape.
  6. Cool; thanks for understanding.
  7. Kinda wish someone had answered that...I'll just assume it's closed. Catz post doesn't mention whether it is or not, but it probably won't matter.
  8. I think it would proabably be best for ionfang to post.
  9. Hey guys real quick; the room that all your characters are in, is the door closed? Need to know before I post.
  10. As Xio continued to stare at Haze, he was surprised to find that she did not shy away from him, instead giving him a rather neutral expression. It was the strangest thing; women always seemed to be scared of him in this form. Or just in general. But she didn't. Xio's smile widened a bit, his body seeming to relax more; even though his back was already slouched and his head was resting on his shoulder. He frowned in confusion when she suddenly jumped away and floated in the air. He turned and saw a spray of acid heading right for him. Seeming to wait until the last second, he easily slid 8 feet to his right- like he was doing the cha cha instead of barely dodging an attack. Xio was now near the front of the creature and closer to the party. He did not notice the actions of the others, not even Haze once she went up into the air. As far as he was concerned, he was alone. He prepared for another charge when he arched his back in pain. He could feel them sinking into him, just like before. Xio grabbed at his shoulders like he was trying to hold himself. Xio continued to twitch but it was different. He was trembling. 'Not again,' he muttered to himself. His hands desperately scratched at his back, like he was trying to remove something. How could he have known? He was only a child. The smile. The lighting. The hooks in his back. His own soul made to be a marionette. Training to kill. Training to be a weapon. 'NOOO!' Xio yelled, mental shockwaves wrecking any kind of connection to his mind. He breathed heavily and looked up, the large smile on his face contrasting his pained outburst. He looked up and could see Haze attacking the creature, now on the verge of the pit it had emerged from. Wanting to keep fighting, Xio tried channeling his lightning, but he had clearly not recovered from his outburst. Lighting now coursed all over his body instead of forming in his hands. Though the others might now this, this was the equivalent of peeing yourself to Xio; letting your energy spill out without any control. He took a deep breath and focused again. A ball of energy now appeared in each hand. Xio then staggered over towards the party until he was directly facing the creature. With a smile, he thrust his hands forward, lighting branching off and mainly hitting the creature in both sets of eyes. Moments later, Rainza zoomed up to the creature and knocked it down into the pit. She climbed out soon after and reunited with the party; which Xio had regrouped with as well. He stared at her as she walked past and fully extended his arm to point at her. 'I thought that child was dead!' he said, actually seeming surprised. 'Just like me... heh.' He stood in silence for a moment and turned back to Tegrash and said: 'I still hate you.' He then walked a few steps away from the group, winking at Haze as he passed. Or at least, what could be assumed as a wink, which simply looked like one of the white orbs disappearing momentarily. Now that he was a few feet from the group, Xio fell to his knees. A few seconds later, his head moved backwards, his hood falling off him. He opened his eyes and turned to the group. He was normal again. Rubbing his back, he moved back to the group and saw that none of them were injured; at least not by him. Internally, he was very relieved. Realizing he should probably say something, Xio spoke humbly. 'Sorry about that; just a thing that happens sometimes.' 'It won't happen again anyway, and it helped defeat that monster so really, no big deal.' He then remembered what Rainza had been saying. 'If that wasn't the Gutterfiend, then I guess we still have more work to do.' He tried to avoid making eye contact with Haze and glared at Tegrash. 'And next time, watch it with the spells douche bag,' Xio growled.
  11. Oh, my mistake-sorry. About to post.
  12. She's been with the party since the beginning. He laughed at her drunk shenanigans remember?