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  1. OiC

    There is no one managing the group, most of the old members are gone. I have no interest in trying to resurrect it. Rob probably doesn't either. You could either pick up the characters story, after escaping from a prison, recycle the character, or try to revive OiC yourself. My thoughts on the subject.
  2. I am a ditto. I can be whatever -you- want.
  3. Maybe, maybe not. Maybe everyone is a huge hipster and feels the need to be original and trendy. Maybe that thought just hadn't occurred to anyone yet. The world may never know.
  4. Yes.... absolutely.
  5. It's almost been two years since I got PRK, I should probably actually schedule an exam as well.
  6. -examines- Looks likes eyes to me. Seems a-okay.
  7. .... But you.... Don'
  8. I don't think we'd make a very good fusion. 1. that's fucking nuts 2. fuck the police 3. glad everyone is safe 4. glad you are safe
  9. I don't see enough comparable elements between the two to call it a revision. I feel like that'd be like saying Sharknado is a revision of Birds, because they both have animals in the sky and are horror (Sorta horror) movies.
  10. There are comparable elements, however you can say that about any 'slasher' film. The characters do share similar names, Patrick Bateman/Norman Bates, so there is a chance that American Psycho was inspired by Psycho. But if you watched the two moves you wouldn't go "SSDD."
  11. It is worth watching, in my opinion.
  12. I am the sweetest person you don't know.
  13. You only get one shot, make it count. Because if it isn't a clean cut and my head doesn't go rolling, I'm going to rip your face off and wear it.
  14. You're so full of shit. -_- You never need a reason to be violent.