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  1. Visceral Solutions We won't save the world, just get the job done. Hierarchy: Founder: Akiris Current Leader: Akiris Note on leadership: Leadership in VS does not mean absolute command. It is the responsibility of acquiring quests that are agreeable to the group and all negotiation and legwork required to make them work. By definition VS is a small group, and therefore a leader is required to actively put the effort forth to make things work. Members: (max 4) Note: Suggestions are taken from members. For example if there's a certain area or organization you want to quest in that the rest of the group hasn't submitted objections to I have no issues with pushing it to the top of the list. General: Location: Drifting- Visceral Solutions has no home base that it owns due to the fact that the very requirement of going forth to hunt quests makes caring for a static location nigh impossible. Should the group require long term lodgings due to a centralized cluster of missions then the acquisition of longer term lodgings would be handled by the leadership. Affiliations: VS is not a political group and therefore does not actively seek allies and enemies. Notably, we don't antagonize large organizations nor are we seeking to play the 'character arms race' game. Establishment: Agenda: Quest completion with a minimum sanity requirement. VS seeks to promote its members as reliable, whether it's while they remain with the group or whether they go forth to seek their own fortunes at a later date. This is by nature, not a massive organization and is aware that it's members may not be looking for something to devote the rest of their lives to. So whether it be cash, renown, reputation or simply just something to do with their lives VS seeks to ensure they do so without worry that their allies will not become one more job hazard. Operations: — Ongoing: — Completed: — Abandoned: Historical: Background: Violence for pay was a life that Akiris was born into and despite effort never really made it out of. Over time he's noticed that once one seeks to hire combatants of a certain level one runs a massively increased risk of batshit insanity happening even on what most would consider trivial tasks. The breaking point for simply enduring it came on an expedition to Yh'mi where he was barely in time to stop a pair of his subordinates and their hangers on from attempting mass slaughter on the settlers of Inns'th. Why. During the groups effort in recruiting a town watch for the settlement that while slow going was ultimately on a path to success, a heckler appeared. Despite being warned that there were shapeshifters hidden among the populace intent on causing chaos they felt they only response was as much killing as possible. Unfortunately, that sort of thing is not quite an isolated event. On returning to what was once The Free Company headquarters to lodge a rather pointed complaint in someone for saddling him with three liabilities, Akiris found the place shut down. Thinking back on it, if he didn't blindly trust the competency of whoever commissioned The Free Company competency in hiring then Akiris would have gotten more than two competent associates. He'd press the issue, but he'd never learned the mans name. Recent Events: Recruiting. =============================== Joining Requirements Players are taken in if there's an opening and on a 'first come first considered' basis. While I don't need a complete profile there are some things that I very much need to know. Consider it like an interview that could be RPed out if you'd like it to be. However, I really want the actual thing to be in this form. Nothing kills an RP like stagnation, so in the OOC the interview would would be taking place in another thread alongside whatever quest we have. More work for me, but I signed up for it. I suggest you read through the questions before answering, if you find this isn't for you I will not be offended. --------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) What kind of jobs is your character interested in? - I very much do not want to bore people so I implore you to be honest here. 2) What kind of jobs will your character not do? - We are not the designated heroes. We do jobs and get paid for them. However we don't take jobs that will negatively impact our future, like boarding up an orphanage and burning it down with its inhabitants. I've given myself the task of finding something that all (up to five) of us will find interesting. Please be honest, I need to know here and not in the thread where your character snaps and goes ballistic on the rest of us. 3) Is your character Mild Powers - Semi-Realistic? - Unless the answer is yes I can't take your character. If this answer of yes is proven to be false then the OOC hammer is coming down and you're done. If there's something you're worried about let me know, I can't guarantee anything but I might thing of a work around. Very simply I'm going to be targeting quests targeted art mild powers characters, entities stronger than that are going to have or be flush with 'i win' buttons. While there are ways to trivialize encounters, I want it done in a way that contributes to the narrative of a quest. A solve all ability and a boring invincible hero is just that, boring. 4) Can your character meet a Minimum Sanity Requirement? - No trolling. I may have mentioned this for the entirety of the post but I'm asking aspiring players to not join for the sake of trying to get the group to implode. If you can say yes the I'll need some time to browse your content if I don't know you as well as I'd like. I know there is a difference between players and characters, so if you do have other characters that would be eyebrow raising if stumbled upon that aren't the one you're applying with here just let me know. 5) How often can you post? - I'd like to find a good median with the group. My job doesn't really give me take home work so while I'd be available almost every day I don't expect that from everyone else. Just be honest. If people only have so much time until a date arrives that requires them to devote all their time to real life, then I'd like to find something that fits our pace and their time frame. I'll need a name of course to put on the roster and I won't refuse to take anything past those four questions. I don't seek to prevent characters from having personality, however the theme is that Akiris is searching for like minded individuals. ===============================
  2. You know, it's really not that hard to gather a group up and do a quest with the thread mod as an 'invader', I was the storyteller for the most part and I sure as hell wasn't certified. I've done that and almost chained a second into it.... This thread was an interesting read. Basically what I take away is that a players worth isn't so much 'rp skill' a blurry category, but rather just the ability to be non-toxic. Unlike 'rp skill', toxicity is rather easy to screen for. Had I done that instead of just blindly taking anyone in the pool who wanted to play I'm certain I would have had a much better run of it. When I speak of toxicity I'm talking about two party members on the first quest where the goal was to recruit members for a watch. When the thread mod invaded with a heckler (a minor likely non-combat threat) their response was to try to kill as many people in the settlement as possible. This brought the RP to a screeching halt of WTF. Due to some collaboration a workaround was found (bullshit was stopped cold) and both of them left in a huff. This deprived the party of 1/3 of it's members. The second quest never made completion as we had another player leave in a huff after I had made clear one too many times that Akiris was not interested in her sexual wiles. With that much of a slowdown the remaining players had RL responsibilities that took precedence and that I cannot fault them for. ------------------ Final thought: Party member, Invader, as long as everyone involved isn't toxic everything should go smoothly. It's time for another shot at this.
  3. I've never really had this issue. Now if you include not showing off the characters whole kit due to not going off like c4 at the slightest drop of a hat.... well, then that's pretty much everything I ever played. After seeing people go off like that and thinking back, not getting everything out there really didn't lessen the experience on my end. Wish they didn't do that though, the knee-jerk attitude did.
  4. It wasn't like Akiris didn't expect Jin to pull something like this. The wind-up had a bunch of spear twirling, there was forward movement, and somewhere at the start his almost non-committal stab had been batted away. Had he been fighting someone normal, that stab would have done some good. Not true here, here, it was bait. Jin had depressingly high base abilities and Akiris knew it. Hell, he'd suspected the powers even before he'd resigned himself that this match was going to be a thing. That wasn't the issue. The issue was that the cheap little bastard with the lightning powers had apparently decided to loiter about a field, waiting for someone to fight, with the full knowledge that shortly into the match he'd obtain a serious advantage. That wasn't a friendly match and if Akiris knew that this was what would have happened he'd have refused. Refused again. And then responded with gunfire. That wasn't an option now though. Nor was trying to analyze the latest attack in the slightest. Akiris didn't bother to try. Keep it simple. Counter faster movement with efficient movement. Prep expended: Block A shield isn't usually seen as a weapon. Which is odd, because there are many weapons that can be referred to as blunt objects. Many of them have more range by design, however one would have to be a fool to simply assume that a slab of steel is a non-threat. Especially, if you're up close. Or on one leg going forward. That's when the lack of reach ceases to be a factor. Jin had moved with the expectation the he'd be safe from the deflected longsword, and for the moment he was. But he forgot a rather important fact. Akiris dual wielded. A shield was not just something to hide behind. It was different, but just as useful as the sword it was paired with. This fact would be shoved in Jins face, literally. Akiris' height advantage caused the point of impact for the brutal shove to cover Jins face and upper torso. Another interesting fact about a shield was that it blocks. Because without a sturdy stance Jins spear wouldn't have the leverage to force back the shield this time, and thus this time it was his attack that got forced back. Further, the impact would be forcing Jin backward as well. Getting his foot on top of Akiris' would be an impossibility as well. A fancy two pronged attack would be met by its polar opposite. One quick and simple action that was as much defense as it was assault. Economy of motion negates superior speed. Due to using far less movements in comparison to his opponent, Jin's speed is momentarily negated as an advantage. Because of the above negation and wide attack area, Jin being off balance is not able to be countered by a speed advantage. +1 advantage. +1 for the prep Block Move is performed at an equivalent of 2 preps. Should the shield make solid contact, the runes would come into play. The result? The electrocution of Jin. Yeah, that's right. The runes did not negate, but instead devour. And they did not do so cleanly. Whether the electricity running through Jin's body could do so safely due to an additional ability protecting him from the excess electricity of simply superior control abilities to prevent the power from running wild and doing damage.... it wouldn't matter. The power would be pulled out of alignment via the devouring runes and Jin would be exposed to a staggering amount of pain as his control/protection powers were also pulled upon roughly creating gaps in what should have protected Jin from his own ability. It would be tantamount to burning a dragon. Result if success = Damage + stun However, Akiris would be in no mood to stop there. He wasn't about to let this go on and let the storm arrive. He wouldn't stop and followed the shield maneuver with a stab intended to lodge his blade in Jins gut. Quickdraw: Stab Stun would negate superior speed. Because of stunned opponent Stab is made at advantage. Attack is made at the equivalent of 1 prep. The longsword would have an identical effect to the shield with the additional multiplier of it being jammed in Jins body and therefore much harder for the man to distance himself from. Akiris wasn't planning on pulling the blade free until they were done with.... this. A demand. "Yield. Now." ((No preps currently. As a prep was used no preps can be generated this turn.)) @ImNoHero
  5. Akiris blinked as he saw that Jin hadn't rushed him and seemed to be waiting for his opponent to rise. Well, that was nice of him. He'd say something like 'so much for a no holds barred duel' but he'd sorta made the first move to disqualify that by divesting himself of his firearm. And that would untruthfully hint that he didn't appreciate the gesture. So Akiris complied by bouncing to his feet and resetting his stance, shield forward. Second times the charm. It really was. Akiris had dropped the ball hard in the first clash. If Jin had capitalized on what had happened then Akiris would likely have some damage to balance out his new advantage. True, Jin was fast. But now Akiris knew Jin was fast and could compensate for that. After all, once known, the danger was effectively halved. It was time for take two. Still Active: Perseverance The first spear thrust came right to his shield. Lucky. There was a difference now though. With an actual stance Akiris now had strength and leverage to put into his defense. It showed, the heater shook but still had plenty of give as the first blow landed dead center. The rapid following blow was not a surprise, Akiris had begun to reset the moment the blow recoiled. The third, forth, and fifth created a rhythm as Jin continued to try to break through Akiris' shield. The lightning went almost unnoticed. True, it made crackles of noise, but in the big picture it really wasn't relevant. The point of a shield was to protect oneself when armor was insufficient and as there were beings out there that could smash though platemail with their abilities he'd lived or died by his ability to block. And Akiris hadn't died quite yet. The sixth strike landed home. Jin was drifting his strikes to the right of the shield. He was aiming them well enough but with the heater literally strapped to his arm it just wasn't enough to knock the shield loose. That's a pattern. The shield tilted. Quickdraw: Counterstrike Akiris had the timing down. While he doubted he could match Jin's raw speed he'd gotten the man's rhythm mid combo. He shifted forward, and instead of parrying merely shifted his shield a fraction of the full arm swing. Should the spear thrust follow the pattern it would skitter off the shield almost harmlessly to Akiris' left. Simultaneously, without shifting his stance he perform a light stab at Jin's forward arm aiming between the elbow and shoulder. Unlike the previous attempt there would be no effort to put strength into the blow. Strength wasn't an option with Jin's speed, he'd dodge it. Speed wasn't a great option either since Akiris was definitely beat there too. However, if Akiris could determine where Jin was going to be.... then he could fake a way to match the speed and land blows. Quick and light, incapable of doing more damage than the weight and edge of the blade could inflict as it licked out at the mans arm. And then would be immediately pulled back regardless of the result, the light stab ensuring that the was not so much momentum as to unbalance Akiris. He needed to score some injuries on Jin to slow the man down and to some extent drain his power down directly. If that meant trading shots on the hope that he came out ahead then it was a risk Akiris would have to take. He was going to stack the deck as well as he could in his favor but the biggest factor for the first few was going to be luck. If he failed a guess catastrophically it was going to hurt. @ImNoHero ((Persistence active. Will end next turn. Block prepped. One prep available. Cannot create new preps this turn.))
  6. The spear user was quick, Akiris would give him that. After all, that was one hell of a fancy move he was pulling. Akiris knew he couldn't pull a twirl like that off reliably. However, he could do simple. Akiris could do simple easily, and thumping ones left hand over his chest mid stride was the definition of simple. It was natural. His sword point was two feet away as the spear came forward. One foot away as a dull clunk sounded as spear hit shield. Down to mere inches. This was it...... One and a half feet away and counting. Akiris felt his eyes widen as his breath escaped in a forced whoosh and his feet left the ground. The result of the nigh simultaneous stabs hadn't been determined by speed nor accuracy. Rather, it was in the stability of each of their stances. Jin had been set against the charge, feet planted. Akiris, despite his forward momentum did not have the same steady root. While his momentum was not to be completely discounted, the end result was clear. Those inches might have well been a mile. While the almost unconscious move of planting his left fist to his chest did indeed protect his torso. The fact of the matter was that when nigh flush on his torso, there simply was no capacity for the shield to give and properly absorb the blow. Thus, the entire force of the thrust would be transferred through the shield into Akiris' chest. With his too wide stance, the end result was clear. Right foot still in the air, Akiris hit the ground hard. He'd be feeling this by tomorrow if he didn't force down some healing potion after the fight. Quickdraw: Roll Prep expended: Perseverance Arching his back Akiris felt his neck being forced to the right by the pressure of the ground as his body flipped and he once again landed heavily. Not on his feet, but on his knees with both legs folded under him. His right fist planted into the ground for balance, sword still gripped parallel to the ground and pointed forward. But getting his blade prepared to attack wasn't his priority. That honor would go to raising his heater in the direction he thought Jin was. The spearman would have to be fast to truly flank him. That was the problem though. Jin was fast. @ImNoHero ((Perseverance is active. Will be active this post and the next then end at the start of the following post. Block is prepped, total of one prep. Prep total can not rise until Perseverance ends.))
  7. Suggesting to people that they alter their characters never seems to go well. But then you lower your possible pool of applicants or screw up your balance if you avoid that conversation. It's a touchy subject.
  8. @ImNoHero Passive Interrupt! Akiris' previous action disrupts Jinsoku's following action without any changes. For this post no further action happens, instead I will outline why Jin did not properly defend himself allowing the interrupt to happen naturally. I would like to note that this is not some kind of angry rant. Melee combat has many factors and I prefer to employ them as I find it enriches the experience. Another note. A longsword is not an epee. Nor is the fighting style Akiris is using known as fencing. While Jin may believe that to be the case I haven't seen any reality warp ability hit the field that takes the decision of how Akiris is fighting out of my hands. While Jin did do a dodge, it is important to note that when dodging in close quarters it is just as important to not dodge too soon as well as too late. As Akiris' followup did not happen simultaneously with the parry. Nor could it have happened fast enough after the parry attempt to consider the time frame 'close enough.' To further justify this, Jin seems heavily reliant on his electrolocation. The runes that Akiris uses devour power and while I won't make the case that they'll block every scrap of the power, it would muddle his ability to read Akiris' nerves correctly as the man is holding both sword and shield. The dodge that happened before this attack was to the distance of a half step. Also... So it is established here that Jin is not out of sword reach. The stab happened after the sidestep. And Akiris at the point of the stab took a step with his right foot and stabbed at Jin. At Jin. Not just forward. For that part of my post I did establish that the direction was oriented on a person, Jin, rather than just forward. Akiris does not have zero ability to track a moving target after all, the small movement is simply not enough to reasonably throw off his thrust. So in closing, I would like to state that contact between longsword and Jin would happen after the dodge and before he would be set up to counterattack with the spear. ((FROZEN: Due to the nature of the interrupt no changes in prep status can happen. Block is prepped. one prep currently. Next turn Perseverance will have one prep for a total of two preps.))
  9. When I hear loadout I generally think gear. Not so much moves or abilities. I could see how a character could own more weapons than they could reasonably bring into a fight. I know the front page says you can have any amount of mundane equipment as long as it's not a gun, a stupid amount, ECT. I think that variety isn't bad. But stop and think about what you are doing if you find yourself creating entirely separate loadouts vs every opponent. For abilities the only thing I really think of in that category would be spells memorized that day. But outside of saying 'just use the prep system' I don't want to try to think about trying to balance a custom magic system.
  10. And just like that the time for thinking was done. There were likely a thousand things Jin could try and at this point pondering what they were was a waste of time. At this point Akiris would just roll with what he knew. Nothing changes. He noticed that Jin had charged and he noticed the beginning of a stab in motion. If he was thinking about it, Akiris would muse about how the two of them were going to likely learn quite a bit about what they both hadn't revealed before the duel. But he wasn't thinking. Therefore muscle memory kicked in. This was hardly the first time someone had tried to stab him after all. Quickdraw: Parry Putting his weight into the move Akiris would lunge forward while bringing his shield in a rising arc to his left. This would catch the spear on its side and possibly even Jins hands as the spear was being thrust. Akiris intended to not only knock Jin's weapon aside but in one move also put him off balance for Akiris' followup. The followup would have Akiris complete the lunge with a fast step from his right leg and a stab at Jin's midsection with his runed longsword. Should the parry be successful and Jin be momentarily knocked off balance I propose that the followup stab give Akiris advantage. Advantage is equal in value to 1 Prep. If Jin wanted to come to him then Akiris had no issue with forcing himself inside the mans guard and having at him until he went down..... Or said uncle, but the latter was more floating around and not really paid attention to. He notice if it was shoved in front of his face, but at the moment it was the furthest thing from his mind. Akiris had committed to this move and would grit his teeth if need be and stick to it. Prepping: Perseverance @ImNoHero ((Block is prepped. one prep currently. Next turn Perseverance will have one prep for a total of two preps.))
  11. Arguments happened, no rules changed. Fighters are placed in groups and are tasked with arranging a fight with each other member of the group in a set time period. There is no cap on groups at this time.
  12. "And I'm Akiris. Currently unemployed and with no last name to give. Give me a second." Working the quick release mechanism his cloak and attached backpack came loose. Akiris immediately made a grab for them before they could simply tumble to the ground. While a decent amount of his belongings were durable and there was no way he'd fight as well encumbered but it was always nice to take that extra step to make sure everything stayed okay just in case. He immediately felt noticeably lighter after setting the bag down and settling his cloak atop it. After all, there was lead in that bag. Next up were the belt keepers securing his.... gunbelt? If not for Akiris' choice in helmet there would have been all of zero warning of the nasty surprise hidden beneath that cloak. One that was apparent that the man had no intention of employing as he removed it from his person. However, before placing it atop his cloak he tapped on an odd double pouch that would have rested on the left hip. Each container seemed completely sealed and access to each pouch was possible by means of a simple snap. "They're not the best, but I have healing potions here. If your master hasn't pointed it out to you yet, it's usually not a bad idea to be open about the location of healing items to anyone but an enemy. While they may very well save your life ,it's not always your own hand doing the saving." Despite the idea of a no holds barred duel being agreed upon Akiris finished settling his pistol still in its holster atop the pile. "Don't take this the wrong way, but I think gunfire would be a bit overkill for a no holds barred duel." He unslung his blackened heater shield from his back and with practiced ease attached the steel shield to his left arm. The shield had seen some serious abuse over the last few years and there were multiple deep scratches on the face to attest to that fact. The longsword showed similar amounts of wear as Akiris drew it forth from his back mounted sheath. He held the weapon near the hilt, the remaining space making the fact that the was enough grip room to make two handing this here three feet of sharp steel possible. Speaking of the steel, inscribed down the fuller were runes. Not just a few either. Almost the entire hollow was taken up by the things that were etched into the steel of the blade itself. If one had an omniscient view of the field then one would notice that the back of Akiris' heater had received a similar treatment. The only true difference was that the back of the heater had that much more available space for them. As for their purpose, at the moment they seemed to do nothing. Although, if one had knowledge of runes, their appearance alone might make a knowledgeable person dismiss them as nothing more than decoration. For starters, a fair amount of the runes themselves were flawed in some way. Not quite all of them but enough that one might suspect that the carver had done so on purpose. Nor were these runes used in any capacity to augment weapons or shields. Whatever Akiris was hoping the runes would accomplish was hidden in disjointed function and some illegibility. But Akiris was aware of this. He had carved these runes for a reason after all. After a deep breath he face Jin once more and squared himself standing belated about fifteen feet away shield ready and forward and blade held low. He was still betting on Jin having some kind of ability and the first few seconds were going to likely be critically important if that was the case. Simply put, if Akiris got blindsided right off the bat the odds were he'd be backfooted for the rest of the duel. In that case he'd likely just try for a good showing and them treat Jin to room and board. Losing would of course eat at him but it was always better to be embarrassed than injured. Much cheaper. Still he'd try and face the expected unknown to the best of his ability. Prepping: Block "Okay, I'm good. Thanks for waiting. We'll start on your mark?" @ImNoHero ((Next turn Block will have one prep. Zero preps currently.))
  13. Oh for the love of..... Either this guy was a village nutjob or far more likely, had some sort of special ability. Like the female caricature he'd for lack of a better term worked with in Yh'mi. They'd just do their own thing regardless of the situation. Great. There really wasn't any getting out of this then. With a sigh, Akiris stopped and turned to face the shorter fellow noting that he had roughly eight inches on him in height. Normally, that would be an advantage. However, the unconventional weapon and the frankly damning countenance pretty much stated that any apparent mismatch really couldn't be counted on. Now to be fair, he could be wrong and this could get awkward fast. But he'd spent years not being the mook that underestimated the unassuming and he certainly wasn't going to start being that guy now! "The first thing is, I need to know exactly what you mean by bout. If you're looking for a fistfight, then that can wait until we get indoors. As long as we keep it contained we could likely get some drinks out of the free entertainment. On the other hand, should you be looking for something a lot less restrained... then I'll take the wager and raise you the healers cost. Take it or fold, I do this for a living and no one does it for long without the reality of injuries." Seriously, wounds sucked. Sure there was stuff like healing magic that lessened them from possibly permanently debilitating to a temporary state. Yeah, it was easier to grit your teeth and plow through it when you knew you didn't have to suffer though them for months on end. But they still were on Akiris' list of least favorite things. Yeah, he could FORCE himself to be stoic about the realities of battle but there was no way in hell he was going to risk injury to obtain free laundry service. Come to think of it. He really would be flat out charging for this if he didn't think the guy would flat out attack him if he tried to beg out. Beneath his cloak he fingered the catch for the aforementioned cloak and backpack. The cloak was a reward from a previous job well done and he'd rather not get it destroyed if he could help it. It really did help fend off the foul weather and if the hothead was willing to head inside first. Well. One of the was still going to be decently dry. "Well, What say you?" Well, if Akiris had wanted an easy life then he should have been born rich. What would happen would happen. There was no helping it now.
  14. A not quite so young man also had reason to pass through the field this miserable day. However, given how he was dressed, his age would not be readily apparent. What seemed to be a full set of worn leather armor would at times peek out from beneath the fluttering almost pristine white cloak. Also on his back underneath the cloak was.... a hump? Possibly, but far more likely they were his possessions as a suspicious lump the rose above his right shoulder was likely the hilt of a weapon. Jarring with his attire in an almost disturbing way was the thing that was peeking out from the hood of his cloak. Dark, almost black, seemingly featureless, if it didn't protrude from the front of the hood one might think that the traveler was faceless. Should one take the time to inspect the strange object they would recognize it as...... a motorcycle helmet. Akiris sighed within his helm, he had seriously considered sticking around Blairville and hunting down a job or two but he'd gotten a bad feeling about sticking around any longer than he had too. He'd learned to trust the gut feeling that he'd developed over his twenty seven years of life. It was useful for a mercenary. Not Akiris' first pick for a career growing up, but despite not getting handed the entire deck of cards he felt he'd been playing his hand pretty well. It wouldn't be true to say that he hadn't been envious toward the 'haves' of society growing up but with youth behind him he'd aged out of it. Was he better for it? Akiris often contemplated that during long stretches of silence. On one hand, if he'd been born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth he'd likely have everything he'd every want. On the other, if everything had simply been given to him..... would he have ever developed the drive to become the man he was today? He was sure this half focus on musing could go on in his head for hours before he failed to come to a conclusion. "Perfect." It really was, he had a bit of a walk to the next settlement. Maybe then he could find a caravan to hire on as a guard or at least some work to tide him over. He'd save that thought for later though. Rushing though thoughts on the road was the sure path to boredom. There was a massive rumble that seemed to shake the sky and Akiris' spirits dipped as the weather seemed to be taking a turn for the worse. "Just bloody perfect." The sarcasm was now thick as he knew that even if he tried to run for the next town the wind would just have an easier time blowing his cloak loose and he'd just get even wetter that if he walked. Well at least he was better off than that fellow in the tracksuit.... who is armed and.... aw shit. He just had that feeling that this wouldn't be fun and plan A sucked. He'd try to pass the fellow at a distance adjusting his pace slightly so he'd be at worst about 20 feet away and at best farther. His best idea to deal with actual acknowledgement was to nod back and hope that was sufficient. Any sane and rational person would likely try to get to cover rather than start something in this weather. But Akiris was aware that the world wasn't full of sane rational people.
  15. Consider it done.