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  1. And I look forward to seeing your future creations! Welcome aboard!
  2. I actually read your name as "Ceitnehmer". Blame that on my German lessons. Anyway, interesting quote. I think man may control time, but it is ultimately a pointless affair. Yet I still strive for immortality. Anyway, I'll guide you through the rules and stuff, get you settled in properly. I'm a bit sick, so I'm sorry if my post isn't adequate. You should read the guidelines. It's a simple ruleset. None of it strays from the ordinary. You also want to read the Get Started Guide and FAQ, both of which should answer just about any questions you have. You want to look out for the Tavern of Legend. It's a great place to start out as a new member. If you need any help with the site, I'm here to lend you a hand.
  3. Hey I welcomed you some time ago, didn't I? Anyway, RPs can die, and they die quite often, but that shouldn't discourage you. Keep going. If you enjoy writing, that's all you need. Anyway, enjoy your stay! Welcome back!
  4. That would be Herr Kommandant for you.
  5. Good idea... How did we not come up with that earlier?
  6. Hmm... We must make a decision then... Let's leave it to a virtual dice throw, yes? If it's a 1, 3, or 5, we go for discord. If it's a 2, 4, or 6, we go for Skype. I'll screencap the results. You'll simply have to believe that I didn't falsify the results. Or we can solve it some other way, of course.
  7. Neither do I. There's a first time for everything!
  8. If you happen to read this, I really hope you return one day, friend. For now, know that House Rhodos will remain an ally of Tazarek. We will not allow your work to die!

  9. I actually think I remember you... You probably don't remember me, as we haven't really written anything together before, but I saw your name in the OOC somewhere. Anyway, welcome back! May the blessings of Gaia guide you.
  10. Goddamn... Nearly -20 degrees today... Those Siberian winds are giving us quite the hit. Suppose it's only a good thing. Hadn't had such a winter in over 5 years. Slav winter for life!
  11. I'd even be down for joining that faction... And I'm willing to keep that alliance with House Rhodos going as well!
  12. I shall take you in as well. Perhaps we should make a Hosue Rhodos Skype group?