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  1. interest check

    I would also like to nominate myself as royal sorcerer, as a warlock would be very essential for an evil empire to flourish when faced with magical problems.
  2. interest check

    My character is a pretty close rip to old school Warcraft stuff.
  3. interest check

    I am definitely eying this idea, and am already preparing my character for when he eventually meets yours Akako.
  4. 'Are you certain you wish to leave now? You can stay a little longer, learn more and go into their world at a later time.' Mathias Mollins considered his master's proposal for a moment, his fears for venturing out into the world of man starting to show on his face. All of his life he had lived in the realm of his lord and master, Giulguthep, the Patron of Pain. These eighteen years had hardened him, molding him into a tool of destruction that would bring the message of his great master for all to bear witness. Whether or not he was truly ready, the young warlock could not answer with certainty. What he did know was that to continue waiting would be a waste of his potential, and that his destiny was out there for the taking. "No master, I must do this now, so that I may show them the truth that lies in pain, and establish a foothold for your influence." For some time there was nothing but silence, as if the great twisting form of Giulguthep were contemplating whether or not to truly grant his request. Mathias was aware of the true form of this demon, a towering millipede body, with a seemingly endless amount of human arms as its legs, and a head shaped in the form of a cuttlefish. This was a stark contrast to his pupil's human form, a somewhat weak looking man with Grey skin, jet black hair and violet colored eyes. Living in a realm of darkness and despair was not ideal for a human such as him, but through his devotion to his master, he had emerged far stronger than his diminutive stature would suggest. After some time had passed, Giulguthep was ready to give his answer, much to the warlock's relief. 'Yes,' he said in Mathias' mind, 'enter into the world of man, establish my church and spread my message for all to bear witness to. I shall give you my blessing, Mathias Mollins, to claim your destiny as my herald, for Valucre shall soon know the name of Giulguthep.' Mathias knew what was about to happen next, his heart racing in anticipation as he felt the shadow of his master looming behind him. In just a few moments, a multitude of arms slipping into the folds of his robes. The fingers of each hand gently rubbed against his skin, their smooth touch sending chills down his spine. Then, as easily as they had slipped into his robe, the multiple sets of fingers began to dig through his skin, Mathias' eyes began to glaze over as waves of pleasure started to pass through him. The pain was something of a cross between dull, icy stabbing and searing hot tearing. There were three pairs of hands traveling their way underneath his skin, making their way to different parts of his body. One pair was gripping his pelvis, the other linked over his ribcage, with the last pair climbing up his face, fingers splayed over his skull as great floods of pain tore across his mortal coil. Through a scream of pain that would pierce the sky, Mathias Mollins was anointed with the blessings of his master, prepared to bring untold suffering upon the people of Valucre
  5. Thanks, and I really do love this site, idk, I'm just, dealing with a lot of things right now, and I don't just want to leave everything, I just want to try and feel less pressured I guess.
  6. I guess ive just been feeling really scared lately. My daughter was just born a few days ago, but even before then the weight of it just hit me and I started feeling this stuff just crash down on me as I realized how much responsibility I had at home and all the stuff I had taken up to do on Valucre. It just really started to overwhelm me and I dept I had to do something to take the pressure off.
  7. I see you lurking! Hope you come back, so Tamashi can hang out in your city again :smile:

  8. If you happen to read this, I really hope you return one day, friend. For now, know that House Rhodos will remain an ally of Tazarek. We will not allow your work to die!

  9. I am sorry to do this, but I am leaving Valucre, and role playing in general, because the idea of it has changed for me. In the past it was a fun hobby, where I could escape into an adventure and have fun with a lot of people. Now it feels like a job, and the thrill of the adventure has been replaced with a sort of mundane feeling that leaves me feeling drained just keeping up with it. This site is an incredible experience that I will never forget; you're all amazing people, and I hope that you will continue to have incredible adventures together. To everyone participating with me in threads, I am sorry, but I cannot continue with it, and I do not wish to make anyone suffer through waiting for me, so I will try to tag everyone that I am involved with so that they are aware of this change. @supernal I am sorry to do this, but I don't really have anyone set up to run my board for me, as I don't really plan on coming back, so it would be simpler to allow the board to be recycled and for Tazarek to fade into the background as it were. Have a good adventure everyone, this will be my final post, and I hope that everyone again has endless adventures in this wonderful site. @Red the Ambivalent @Akako Akari @Fallen Joy @Autholius @TheElementHunter @LastLight @Robbie Rotten @Avvercus @Anarchy's Finest @polardragon @Lord Satin
  10. Gasp! Such trickery will not do at all! Clearly this calls for expert maneuvers, so Gradric rolls backwards, then fires his lightning bolt like a majestic performer at Kasai's back, yodeling his next prayer to Thundermar...then the ground shakes a little. Preps: Lightning prep 1 Earth prep 1
  11. Little was the ninja aware, but the great future king of Tazarek did not simply strike at a tree! She may have only felt a wobble, but in truth it was in fact a great smash that would sunder the inner works of the tree. With just one great kick, the tree would be sent flying, thus sending the ninja backwards over some distance. With a great swing of his hammer he struck the ground again, sending out a shockwave that would have random spikes of rock shooting out of the ground, heading towards her quickly. With a quick prayer to Thundermar, the dwarf charged at the nimja to swimg his hammer, thunder sounding in the distance. Preps: Using earth magic 1 Making prep lightning magic 1 Advantages Strength allows Gradric to break the tree and kick it very hard.
  12. Bro this ninja too stronk, maybe later
  13. Things weren't looking good for the dwarf, but when the going got tough, dwarves got tougher. Sure he took a slice to his shoulder, but it seemed the main event was just on its way. The fire took him by surprise, but no true dwarf ever let a bit of fire stop him from his destiny! Once the fire was over Gradric was completely covered in soot, head to toe in a black powdery substance, with little fires going at the ends of his beard. Touching his tongue to his fingers he put them out, then looked to his opponent who had just landed on the ground. Right as she began to start her hand signs, Gradric turned to her and fired a bolt of lightning at her with true kingly grace. As the bolt flew from his hammer towards the ninja, Gradric said a short prayer to old Thundermar. Feeling a rumble in the earth the old dwarf knew he was on the right track, charging after her whether the lightning struck or not in order to deliver a devastating swing when he got into range, going horizontally with the flat end of his weapon. No sooner that he began his charge, the sky started letting loose massive amounts of rain, which would drench them in mere moments. Preps: Using Lightning magic 1 Making earth magic 1 Advantages Enhanced endurance allows for reduced damage from flame attack.
  14. First post now has the first Quest, we are going after the magic chest in the Cold Mountains of Genesaris
  15. General Cornelius Firebrew of the Tazarek army looked out at the small amount of land that was just spotted at the horizon. Soon it would start to grow in size, the mountains coming into view as they would reach the land known as Genesaris. This was to be an important mission for his people, not only in the search and collection of magical artifacts, but with scouting out possible locations for expansion. While that would be far down the road, it would still be invaluable to learn more about this land, should they need to build a city here for their people. Barring that, it would still be good to develop good relations with the people here, in case they needed a safe haven should something go wrong in Terrenus. Standing in the bridge of their newest airship, Emboldened Fortune, General Firebrew took some time to appreciate the state of the art equipment at his disposal. This airship was able to hold at least one thousand people, along with support rooms and a small shield generator. Most airships of this kind were not equipped for fighting, but Tazarek did not believe they should go unarmed, so Runic Concussion Cannons were installed at the sides of the ship, allowing for the Emboldened Fortune to have some teeth with it as well. As he stroked his red beard, the dwarf nodded in satisfaction, then decided to take some stairs up to the top deck of the ship. Sailors were hard at work, making sure that everything continued to go as smoothly as it had so far, checking dials and readouts to insure everything was in working order. Firebrew admired their commitment, and hoped that the commitment of these individuals today would help to make this mission happen as smooth as it possibly can. "All right now, you have been chosen to take on this journey with us because of personal reasons that I am not interested in. Whatever it is you are here for, that is your business, but the important thing here today, is that work together to make it all happen, or else the mission is a bust. Today we make history, as we scour this continent for treasure, for knowledge, for damn well anything else we can get our hands on. I look at many of you and I see potential to do great things, I see a possibility for us all to work together to meet a common goal. Follow my rules, and we won't have a problem, if you do, then you won't be on this expedition for much longer. We will be approaching the Great Mountain Range of Genesaris soon, so state your names and make sure you're ready for when we arrive, it's gonna be a long trip." As the dwarf waited on hearing all their names, he would commit them to memory, looking at them with his clear blue eyes as he paced around the ship, his chain mail armor clinking with ever step. Much of what would be done on the ground would be through these people, along with some security forces aboard the ship, he would have to do his best to guide them through at the bridge, should there be any problems. Taking a deep breath, he tasted the salt of the sea air, knowing that this would truly be a great adventure for them all.