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Welcome to Valucre!

Valucre is a fantasy roleplay forum with a simple mission statement: turn creative expression into a game of writing. Game play is achieved through individual and collaborative writing in threads. The characters are the pieces, the world is the setting, the history of the planet and its nations is the lore. Our character creation process is minimal and easy. Sheets are not moderated and require no approval so long as, when you play your characters in the world itself, you observe our Mild Powers rules and Code of Conduct.

As a roleplay site Valucre offers character and plot driven play, a unique setting, an active community and a friendly staff. Valucre, with its global capacity, can host nearly any genre of roleplay – action, mystery, romance and much more. We allow our members to bring their ideas to life inside of our framework, so visitors will notice familiar races alongside original creatures and plants. Valucre emphasizes creativity – balancing individual agency against the rich lore which has been added in the past and which gets added every day by people like you.

For those of you that don’t know, October rings in that time of year again – the time for Valucre’s annual horror themed writing contest, Spinal Chills!

Much of the rules for this year’s contest are the same as last year. Entries must be an original work that does not exceed 2000 words. We’re aiming at getting no less than 10 entries, and since these have to be read so that the members can cast their votes, you can see why we want to put a word maximum on it rather than a word minimum.

There is no restriction on the medium of your entry, meaning your entry can be a song, a poem, a short story, and so on. Let your imagination run wild! Make sure not to identify your work as all entries should remain anonymous until winners are announced.

The deadline for Spinal Chills 2017 is October 22nd, 1159PM Pacific.
When casting votes, you can vote for 3 stories, just make sure to order them first choice to last so that they can be properly weighted.

This year’s prizes are Amazon gift cards: $10, $15, and $25 for third, second, and first place respectively.
For more information visit the official thread: https://www.valucre.com/topic/37815-spinal-chills-2017/

Today I made a post about information security. InfoSec has always been a fascinating subject to me, and it’s the kind of thing we as regular people, as consumers, want to keep in mind and not just something for the corporations and cloud services to take action on.

Your information is valuable. Not just the credit card and social security stuff, although that’s undoubtedly vital as well, but your searching habits, your shopping habits, where you go, who you talk to and for how long, and things of that nature. You should be mindful of what you say, where, and to who for anything that is more than just casual conversation. This is true for pretty much anywhere, let alone online, let alone on Valucre.

This post isn’t meant to scare anyone or ring the alarm, because the truth is that security and caution are not things that should only be employed in fear. It’s about changing your habits and perception of what security is. You lock your front door “just in case”, not because you think a murdering drifter is going to stop by that night. You put a pin on your phone or checking account just in case.
So encrypt your messages, use strong passwords, secure your information, just in case.

You can read about more recommendations and find more detailed resources in the Information Security Recommendations announcement

If you aren’t already familiar with the subboard, you’re no doubt asking yourself what the Daily Weekly even is, let alone how to use it.

Think of the Daily Weekly as a roleplay newspaper, or media source, for your characters. They can pick it up and read it like a regular paper, or they can tune in to radio transmissions, or view reporters on a screen, depending on the level of technology they have access to. Articles posted in the Daily Weekly are usually written from the perspective of correspondents or reporters, and cover events that have happened in the in-character world or observations made by different characters.

Submitting content to the Daily Weekly is not the same as canonization. You can think of this in terms of “loose canon” and “strict canon”. What this means is that events written about in the Daily Weekly are often related to the site’s canon or roleplay events but are not in themselves canon and do not canonize or make official any perspectives relayed through the Daily Weekly.

Another way to think about this is that strict canon is what has actually happened, as reviewed and approved by appropriate parties. Loose canon is more about perspectives or opinions, written about through the imperfect lens of a specific character. If an article gets posted calling a certain kingdom corrupt, this could as easily be true as it could be a misconception of the character, or propaganda, and so on. On the other hand if a kingdom describes itself as corrupt in its lore then that would be the authoritative perspective.

Examples of previously posted articles include: information on the Spire event in Terrenus, political news for Tazarek, coverage of prison escape and large-scale theft, interviews with characters, and satirical observations of the “comet-people”. It’s a great deal of fun to both write and read, so don’t hesitate to contribute and help immerse other members into our shared game world.

The Bronte Arcane Academy is situated in Umbra, Genesaris. This school is nested against a mountain range inside of a city built upon the traditional values of wealthy families. It has a prep school vibe but accepts almost all students. Bronte is meant to cater to players who want to play in a school environment and has things for characters from the novice to the accomplished mage
Bloodstone Marsh is located in northwest Genesaris. It is a cool and tropical swampland populated with deadly plans and animals. It encloses one of the four great lakes of Genesaris, and is said to be an ancient battleground of strange gods.
La Guardia is the first city that visitors to Renovatio will interact with. This is the only hub capable of providing transportation to all parts of Renovatio. Because of its hub status La Guardian has become a cesspool for of drug lords and other criminals.