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Acies ab Vesania

The Bulletin Board [Quests]

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The quests are set between levels 0 and 3. The higher the level, the more difficult the quest in terms of what needs to be accomplished, and what the requirements are. However, completion of higher-level quests nets better rewards in terms of VB and items. In order to start a quest, you must first enter the main thread of the Tavern and speak with the “Contact” listed on the posting (All ToL quests have a contact in the Tavern). Once you have done so, I (or a designee I appoint) will open a thread for you in the proper place (local quests will be in this sub-forum, world quests in their corresponding location) and let you begin. Any quests that occur outside the Tavern will be reachable within a reasonable extent; i.e a quest to search the Cold Mountains will put you in a major city nearest the proper part of that mountain range.

Any quest will have a posting time limit of 72hrs between players as a general rule (before someone can be all together skipped), though this can be negated by agreement by all included parties. However, any thread that goes for more than a week without a post and without giving me contact (having issues come up is fine, just please let me know) will be assumed abandoned and relisted. If you take it back up before someone else takes it, you can begin where you left off. However, if someone else takes it, your work is lost and the thread is locked. If the group will be waiting on someone for a significant delay, please be sure to inform me so I will not assume you have abandoned the RP.

As stated above, the quests come in four levels (0 through 3). All “Local” Quests are level 0 and level 1 while regional quests come in at all levels. Once you have completed a level of quest, you cannot complete the same level again, nor can you go backwards. If you complete a level 0 and desire another, you must do a 1 through 3. If you do a level 2, you can only choose level 3 quests from there on out. You can start a quest anytime within your 90 day period, and will be allowed to finish a quest you are in after your 90 day period is up. You may only do one quest at a time. The higher the level, the more work you will have to do, but the more post credits you get and the better your potential “Bonus items” are. Here are the requirements of each quest level.

Post credits earned in the Tavern of Legend can only be spent in the Tavern of Legend's marketplace. Post credits expire 30 days after your 90 day period is up.

  • Level 0; Tavern: For up to the first 3 participants, these quests require 10 posts total and must contain the ToL word minimum of 20 words. For each additional person who joins, you must produce 2 more posts. A group of four needs 12 posts, while a group of 5 needs 14 posts. Post credits: This is a Level C quest and awards 1.25 credits per post.
  • Level 0; Canon World: For those going solo, these threads require 5 posts and will have to conform to the canon board minimum of 120 words. A group of three or more requires 2 posts per person minimum. Post credits: This is a Level C quest and awards 1.25 credits per post.
  • Level 1; Tavern: For up to the first 3 participants, these quests require 15 posts total and have 75 words in a post to count (about 3 sentences). For each additional person who joins, you must produce 3 more posts. A group of four needs 18 posts, while a group of 5 needs 21 posts. Post credits: This is a Level C+ quest and awards 1.3 credits per post.
  • Level 1; Canon World: These quests are also set with a minimum word requirement in line with the site minimum (120 words, about a paragraph) and will require 12 posts for up to the first three who join, with an additional 2 per additional member. These quests also come with a small amount of required lore reading (a short article or a section of an article). Post credits: This is a Level C+ quest and awards 1.3 credits per post.
  • Level 2: For up to the first 3 participants, these quests require 25 posts total and must be about 175 words per post (two smaller paragraphs or one very large one). For each additional person who joins, you must produce 4 more posts. A group of four needs 29posts, while a group of 5 needs 33 posts. This will come with a moderate amount of assigned lore reading (up to a medium length article) Post credits: This is a Level B- quest and awards 1.4 credits per post.
  • Level 3: For up to the first 3 participants, these quests require 40 posts total and have reach 300 words per post—about 3 average paragraphs. For each additional person who joins, you must produce 5 more posts. A group of four needs 45 posts, while a group of 5 needs 50 posts. This will come with a decent amount of assigned lore reading, either in a couple of small to medium articles or one large one. Post credits: This is a Level B quest and awards 1.5 credits per post.

Local Quests

Level 0

Quest: Hide and Seek- Complete

  • The Info: This lady’s grandmother died and left her house to her granddaughter. That sounds like a lucky break, but there was a catch- the woman was a serious hoarder and cast the mold for “cat lady”. When they went into the house, they found it filled top to bottom with junk and garbage, the place overwhelmed with the smell of garbage, feces, and urine. Worse, not only did she have way too many cats, the majority of them have turned feral over time, becoming rather vicious towards anyone who tries catching them. In all, they estimate there are between thirty and forty cats, and nearly all of them are less than friendly towards people (at least half are outright vicious). In order to make any kind of use out of the house and to get it habitable again, the cats have got to go.
    Now, some of the nearby farmers have volunteered to take the cats on to their property, as feral cats make fantastic mousers for their barns- so they have no issues with the cats being half-wild. The lady doing the hiring would much rather see that the cats go somewhere where they can be useful and still live a good life, so she wants them caught humanely, not killed as they are captured. It adds an extra layer of complication, on top of the fact that you will be hunting for these cats amidst mountains of rubbish and trash, as well as potentially other deceased cats (yes, it has happened before with hoarders).
  • Contact: Gertrude, a woman approaching her middle aged years, with blond hair turning silver and crow’s feet on her eyes. She’s friendly enough, and cannot emphasize enough how much she would really would like for the cats to be humanely removed.
  • Required Lore: Tavern Quests do not require lore.

Quest: I Cannot Bear it Any Longer- Complete

  • The Info: Local travelers have been complaining about a real problem with bears as of late—well, one specific bear. There are some bears that wander the local woods and most of them keep to themselves, but one of them has gotten used to the presence of people and has gotten awfully brave, attacking travelers and raiding their food stores, or wandering through their camps at night and stealing leftover food. It is only a matter of time before this bear attacks a person, and once a bear has had a taste of man, they rarely stop.  A reward is being offered  for the bear’s removal, and upon proof of having done so, you’ll be given the VB. This bear is distinguishable in that it is larger than the rest and has a bright pink scar on its snout. Watch out though, this is a big brown bear, with estimates putting at 1,200+ pounds (545kg).
  • Contact: Vaddock
  • Required Lore: Tavern Quests do not require lore.

Quest: It Came From Outer Space!- Available

  • The Info: Well, you are not going to believe this… but these farmers are complaining about a “Giant Space Hamster”- no, you did not misread that, the flyer is calling for assistance with a “Giant Space Hamster”. Now, no one has confirmed whether the brute actually came from outer space, but they do say its arrival came just after a meteorite fell into the mountains just a few miles away. The morning after the fated shooting star came crashing down, a (literally) giant hamster showed up and started eating everyone’s crops. This thing is a bottomless pit and eats their vegetables nonstop. Now, one farmhand already tried to get rid of it- and nearly got his arm bit off. If it weren’t for Gallen, the lad probably would have lost the arm entirely.
    They really aren’t terribly picky about how you get rid of the damn thing- there is no love lost here. They just want someone (or a group) to get in there and find a way to get rid of it. Just bear in mind, this thing is over 8ft long, 5ft at the shoulder, has a bite that seems to be stronger than a crocodile’s and a hide tougher than a bear’s. It is quite aggressive too, which may or may not be out of fear. Also, there is an ongoing debate on whether it is actually a hamster or if it is a gerbil- not very relevant though.
  • Contact: Farmer Bill, who comes into the Tavern once a day to check in and see if anyone is interested in taking on the job (those looking to take this quest on can act as though the farmer stopped by while their character is in the Tavern).
  • Required Lore: Tavern Quests do not require lore.

Level 1

Quest: Arachnophobia- Complete

  • The Info: Lately, there has been a bit of an infestation by spiders. Not just any spiders, oh no- that would be too easy. These spiders are about the size of a housecat, extremely aggressive and shoot webs that can even tangle up full grown men. They’re up in the rafters, and have on more than one occasion dropped down and surprised unsuspecting patrons- quite the problem. You will be tasked with going up there and trying to maintain your balance in those rafters while exterminating the two dozen or so vermin that are still up there, and then you have to go one and find the source.
    They think they are coming out of the attic, which has not been in use for a little while. You will need to go up there, navigate the maze of old relics while fighting off more of these spiders, and find the queen spider, the breeder of these things (they know based on the breed that there is in fact a queen breeder). In all likelihood, she is going be bigger than a pony and incredibly aggressive, as well as hungry. Get rid of her and any egg sacks she might have left up there to complete the quest.
  • Contact: This quest is recruited by overhearing Levhea talking to Vaddock (the bartender) about the continued problem with the infestation. Basically, if you choose to take this on, you can post overhearing this conversation and volunteering to get rid of the problem. 
  • Required Lore: Tavern Quests do not require lore.


QuestRoundup -Available

  • The Info: A group of local bandits has been reported stealing from traveling merchants and caravans, as well as being suspected of being involved in a few recent robberies. There have been a total of three serious injuries at this point, one of which is believed to have been actually an attempted murder that failed, rather than a serious assault. Clearly, the group is getting out of hand, and their time between crimes is rapidly dwindling.
    The group is wanted Dead or Alive, but they are proving quite difficult to catch. They seem to have a hideout somewhere, possibly a cave in the base of the mountain range or some secreted cabin in the woods. In order to find it, it will be necessary for you to capture one of these bandits first, and then find a way to get him to spill the beans. This is a level 1 quest, which will go in two parts. In the first part of the quest, the participant(s) should work on finding a way to draw out and then capture at least one of the bandits. The second half of the quest will then entail getting to their hideout and either capturing or killing the said bandits. In all, there will be about dozen, give or take a few.
  • Contact: Zell, a middle-aged man with roughhewn features and a less than sunny disposition. He works as a volunteer constable in the area (there is no actual official one) and he is recruiting the help. You can find him sitting at the bar, complaining about these bandits over his glass of bourbon.
  • Required Lore: Tavern Quests do not require lore.


Terrenus Quests

Level 0

Quest: A Finger to the Man- Now Available

  • The Info: A childish task this one, someone who is disgruntled with Odin Haze wants you to go into Ignatz and really put it to him, by painting rude messages about the leader on the capital building itself. If you do it at night and are quick, you can probably get away with it, but the place is pretty well guarded, so be careful.
  • Contact: Teenage boy, drinking apple juice over in a dark corner. He’s got bright red hair, freckles and blue eyes, and looks really sulky.
  • Required Lore: None


Level 1

Quest: Fetch Me Mine Sword

  • The Info: A patron of the Tavern needs an order picked up out of Weland, Terrenus and he doesn’t have the time or ability to get there himself. He’s so busy in fact, that he needs this taken care of straight away, and will only be able to stop by the next day for a few minutes to meet you. You will need to go to Weland and find this weapon shop. Of course, what the characters will not realize is that this weapons master has ran into a spot of trouble and had to close for the next couple of days, leaving the characters in a predicament—how do you get the weapons? You have three options: Break in, convince a guard or another authority figure to let you in (using the writ of purchase), or go find the owner at his own (have to ask around). If you go to his home, you’ll find out that a sewage line burst beneath his house and he is now ankle deep in sewage- if you help him clean it up, he’ll go get the weapons for you.
  • Contact: A middle aged man, balding, sitting at a table in the middle of the Tavern. He is dressed for travel and goes by the name Fred.
  • Required Lore: Read the lore for Weland, but the history section is unnecessary.

Level 2

Quest: A Smaller Man Without

  • The Info: A special family heirloom was stolen, and now it is said to be in the possession of a fence who works out of The Black Tarantula. When the man inquired about the price of getting his heirloom back, they told him a price he cannot afford. Now, there are a couple of ways to go about getting this—you could try and intimidate or force the fence to give it back to you, but you must watch out for the doorman (it may require you tailing him). However, this fence is also known for giving up items for favors. If you ask to do a favor for him, he will send you out to deal with a rival group who have been selling stolen wares and drugs in the nearby area. Your job will be to “convince them” to stop- however you feel is appropriate. Do that, and he’ll give you the item. Now, this all sounds well and good, but there is one problem: Finding the Black Tarantula is hard. You will first have to go to the Biazo docks district and find the right kind of people to not only tell you where you can find it, but the pass phrase of the week. For those curious, the heirloom is actually an amulet said to give you a “Special Endowment”.
  • Contact: Older man, quite overweight, kind of sweaty and has bulging veins in his cankles that stick out of pants that are a little too short and definitely too tight. His name is Lermon, and he is found sitting across from the stage.
  • Required Lore: This information on the Black Tarantula

Level 3

Quest: Last Chance to Lay Him to Rest

  • The Info: Back before Last Chance’s development was taken over by Argus Incorporated, it was a real hellhole. Murders were rampant and people rarely did much about it, unless the case was a slam-dunk. Even now, with law and order restored, not much effort has gone into solving the cold-cases and this old mother just wants to see justice done for her dead son. Rumor had it he was involved in some backmarket trading, so this might have played into his death. It has been a few years now, so the clues are few and far between, but there might still be a chance to find his killer. The best she can tell you is that he was known for selling “questionable goods” and while he did that, he mostly avoided other trouble. This thread is taking place while there is a riot, so be careful not to get mixed up in that mess. Best place to start might be that black market. This is a level 3 quest whose nature will require an actual Storyteller or someone acting in that capacity.
  • Contact: Haggard looking older woman, sitting at the bar nursing a whisky. Her hair is grey and her face sorrowful. She’s seen better days. Her name is Lilly.
  • Required Lore: For this, you need to read the Last Chance lore page, the Black Market Lore, and the content of the first post in this thread, “Watching the Watchmen Burn”.


Genesaris Quests

Level 0

Quest: Get my Cat Down From a Tree- Available, may start from this thread

  • The Info: Yes, it is that simple. Really… okay, maybe not quite. The tree happens to be thirty feet tall… and mean. It’s semi-sentient, batting away humanoid sized creatures. It’s a prized tree in this area, so you can’t hurt it beyond what it can heal itself, but this cat is important.
  • Contact: Little girl, waiting at a table by the door. She’s eating cookies and drinking milk.
  • Required Lore: None 

Level 1

Quest: Help Me Score...

  • The Info: This patron… well, he seems a little out there. After talking to him, you have a pretty good idea why that is too. Turns out, he is really into Talthanus, a type of drug pretty similar to Earth’s marijuana, only it’s a bit stronger and more likely to cause hallucinations (mild, pleasant ones). He’s known for carrying, so most way-gate stations in Genesaris won’t let him through without thoroughly searching him, so he’s had trouble picking some up. He needs you to go to Talthanus, pick up his order, and then find a way to sneak it past the customs inspectors at the High Crest City or Ballard Bay way-gates (both are about equally far away). There is an airship that leaves to either one daily, and the tickets are cheap, so he’ll pay for you to get there, since walking could take you weeks. Once you find a way to get through customs, bring his stash back to him and you’ll get paid.
  • Contact: Young man, maybe early twenties. Has total “bed-head” and smells really bad—a known feature of the drug. He’s up in the rafters, giggling by himself. Other patrons avoid him. His name is Quinn.
  • Required Lore: This bit on Talthanus

Level 2

Quest: Picking off the Flock- Complete!

  • Stay tuned for a replacement.

Level 3

Quest: The Missing Girl

  • The Info: An assistant to a politician has come seeking help in rescuing his daughter. He would go to the guards, but there are reasons that must be avoided. He fears for her life and cannot afford the ransom they think he can pay. He has tried tracking them down personally but they are an elusive group, rumored to have originated from Wicker Town, a prison city and they may be working with the Slaver’s Enclave to hide. This is a level 3 quest that requires a Storyteller or someone acting in that stead. It will be more complicated than it first seems.
  • Contact: A man in an expensive suit, with combed back hair, sunglasses he even wears inside, and a very short and to the point form of communicating. His name is Kesic.
  • Required Lore: Read about Aelindra (city politician is from), Wicker Town (rumored origin of gang), and Slaver’s Enclave (possible hiding place).


Tellus Mater Quests

Level 0

Quest: Gain some Argane

  • The Info: The Argane mines are replenishing themselves, and this alchemist needs a batch of it. The area itself is abandoned, covered in overgrowth and hard to get to. If you go in there and procure about a few nuggets worth, he’ll pay you for your trouble.
  • Contact: Temlin the Alchemist. He’s sitting across from the bar, at a table by himself.  
  • Required Lore: None

Level 1

Quest: Five Fingers and the Seed

  • The Info: In the Heart’s Emporium business district, a tradesman has obtained a fresh supply of “Vital Seed”, but the cost is expensive. This contact wants you to go in and ‘acquire’ one for the low price of free, and bring it back to him. Just be careful, lots of guards wander the market.
  • Contact: Man dressed in a flannel and denim overalls. Name is Hoss.
  • Required Lore: Page on The Heart’s Emporium

Level 2

Quest: Some Other Doctor's Monster

  • The Info: Nu Martyr likes to take old abandoned laboratories with dark history and convert them into museums. They just found another one, so they sent in a team to go clean the place up, restore it, and get it show ready. Well, it turns out the reason why it was abandoned is because somebody made something they could not contain, and it killed them. This same thing just killed two crew workers, leaving them in a bloodied, mangled mess. They need a group to go in there, find the creature, and kill it. [Up to you to describe it, it’s nothing normally native to Valucre, but a mutant]. Once you get out of there, you’ll need to box up the beast and bring it back *discreetly*, so the public never knows about it. Best way to do that is to find a nearby “Heaven’s Gate”. It can bring you back to the Tavern.
  • Contact: Pencil thin man with glasses and a long neck. Dressed in a nice button down shirt and slacks. Looks nervous. Name is Grev.
  • Required Lore: Lore page on Heaven’s Gate (If link does not take you to a particular post, it is post #6) and the one on Nu Martyr.


Level 3

Quest: Due to board archival, needs a replacement- stay tuned!

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Word count for level 0 quest updated to reflect ToL overall rules. 


New level 0 quest local quest added to replace completed quest.

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A Ghoulish Good Time- Completed


Differentiated Level 0 and Level 1 Tavern based quests from Level 0 and Level 1 quests in the canon lands (due to canon lands taking on a 120 word minimum).


Added new level 0 and level 1 quests for the Tavern.

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A Round Up, Get My Cat Down From a Tree, and I Cannot Bear it Any Longer have all been relisted and made available once again. 

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