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Acies ab Vesania

Tavern of Legend: Season 2

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"Many thanks," said Ainsworth gratefully as he accepted his third drink of the night. He wasn't an alcoholic but this weird tavern might just turn him into one

. A blast of cold air and the lack of light from outside reminded him of the time. As much as he would have liked to stay in the tavern longer, he would need to get moving again soon and he didn't have enough money for a room. His couple chips that were stored away would be needed for food later. So much for paying people back right away. Maybe they would conveniently forget? 

His ale was half gone by the time the conversation at the table was dying down. "Well, I think that's my cue to leave," he said, drawing the attention back to him. "I mean, not that it's you, it's just that I should probably get back on the road." He collected his bag from the floor and slipped a few things into his pockets before standing and offering a hand to each of the members at the table (except for Grak'ni). 

"You've all been... well, it's been interesting. Sorry for getting chili on your friend, Kaldair," he said, still a little embarrassed about that situation.He slung his bag over his shoulder and pushed his chair in. "And if any of you are passing through the cold south and you're in the Boews area feel free to stop by. Not that you have to, of course, actually, it might be better just to stop in the city because they have an actual inn there and it's not in the middle of nowhere but feel free to visit." 

@sapphyrelorelle @NellieGrey @Ange V. Nettle

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1 hour ago, Salt said:

Having sat back down he looked up again as a new voice presented itself. The creature had followed him, still a bit confused by her, but this one at least looked human...ish. 

"People learn to control themselves as they age, not due to age itself but the experiences they gain through the passage of time. Which is why a man who has known nothing but the home till he left it, will still act as if he is a child."

Finishing his soup, waving over Vaddok for a request.

"Tea, shot of brandy in it too if you would."

Some quick nods before the other man turned away to get the drink prepared, in the meantime Marcus looked over what he now realized to be a rather interesting duo.

"Magic? A small charm or two yes, anyone from Genesaris can do that though."

Taking the cup of tea from Vaddok with a nod and a thank you, breathing in the steam for a second before sipping the steaming drink, ahhh, just right.

"Well met Kublai, I'm Marcus, so, if you have the same question as your curious companion then you are going to receive an answer that is much the same."

Lifting his incense burner to sit on the bar top next to him, leaning his staff up against the bar as well. Pulling his time keeper out of his shawl, checking it quickly before pocketing it away, nearly the agreed on time, it would be good to get up in the air again soon. Especially if he wanted to catch the storm on his way there. Glancing back at the creature from before, nodding at Kublai who was sitting next to him.

"So is this the guy you are with working to find that... cursed object, or something along those lines?"

Taking another sip of his tea as the wind grew a bit louder against the door and the shuttered windows.

Figuring it to be best not to agitate the man with any further psycho-communication, she replied from a customarily large distance in the only way she new possible from a physical form. "HR-AU-EE-NH" Her abnormal cavity of a mouth boomed across the tavern, almost waggishly anti-climactic in tone. It was inhumanly hoarse, gruff, and guttural. Sounding more of a chant than of some kind of ancient tongue. Accompanying the harsh voice seemed to be a low, crackling hum.

With that, she had the intent of watching patiently as Kublai did the talking. But unfortunately gave off more of an outward form resembling a nightmarish 'body guard - interrogator' hybrid. Looming behind him, unintentionally dwarfing the man in both size and questionably existent threat.



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Mabh was a little sad to see him go, but she understood life is that way. If she had anywhere to go she too would be anxious to get there. In fact she had the unsettling feeling she had been staying in one place to long. There was still a nagging fear that her past would find her. A small voice screaming “Run!”. She ignored it. She needed to figure out where she was running to, and she would prefer friends to run with. The cold south was a possibility but as she had no shoes and only a few thin dresses it was definitely not an immediate one.

She shook the man’s hand. “ I may one day take you up on that,” she smiled sweetly, “ make sure you are taking good care of that coat”. Also he owed them all a drink and Mabh never can forget a debt. While she could never begrudge a man for not evening the score as her faerie ancestry would, she still would not forget such a thing.

@AngryCacti @Ange V. Nettle @sapphyrelorelle

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@Salt @Porcelain_Puppetress

Jahan's head whipped around to confirm the source of the hellish, disgustingly guttural, loud, grumbling-like sound. He was ready to discover that he would find the being as the owner of such repulsiveness, and sure enough, he did. After all, he had been witness to what the tongues that were possessed by her could do. The owners of the worried whispers and the shocked expressions who had also heard the loud grumbling would only be glad that they hadn't, if they had any means of knowing what Jahan was thinking.

"Why don't you direct what you have to say to me?" He spoke in a low tone, bright eyes focused on her apparent 'head', on the smooth surface where a normal human being's face would be. "Since our new friend seems to be disturbed by your way of communication, I am willing to be a.. Bridge. No need to trouble yourself with.." He stopped; not knowing what to liken that slime-secreting cavity that sat on the middle of her abdomen to, while being aware that any name which came immediately to mind would be way too rude to utter, and ultimately had to choose to nod towards its direction in order to address it.

He shook his head as he went back to his former position, and silently smiled again as he focused on his new acquaintance. He hoped the man would be more.. Comfortable in the company of a fellow human.

"To answer your question, yes, I have agreed to help her find the said object. However, we are still in need of company.." Jahan was trained in dancing, music, and cajolery way more than he was trained in martial arts, offensive magik and marksmanship; even though he had mastered the use of his custom Whirlwinder and could probably putrefy the body of an average 20 year old man in two minutes with the right resources. And as for the being.. Well, since she was the first one to offer to look for other people, Jahan noted that she probably wasn't pleased with the idea of following through this with only one person with her.

"Without the necessary numbers, what we are capable of won't be that effective on this particular mission it seems, mister Marcus."

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