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Terran Rules of Engagement 2.0

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The Rules of Engagement (ROE) dictate terms between the parties of otherwise unregulated (and agreed upon) conflicts between individual (character vs character) or large-scale (armies, fortresses, etc) story elements.

This is a living document, which means that it is liable to change and update. 

Rules of Engagement

  1. Send PM to target of ROE claim with board leaders copied informing on intent to attack and seeking approval. BLs can veto if the proposition fails to meet the standards, even if both parties agree. The attacker has to convince the defender that the attack is both justified and worthwhile. Forcing someone to defend their territory when they don't want to is a recipe for disaster.
  2. In the PM, determine the terms under which the engagement will be fought. If T1, acquire a judge and copy them into the PM
  3. All details should be included, such as setting, map, size and ability of forces, etc.
  4. In large-scale combat, all forces are roughly equal in number and capability unless otherwise stated and agreed upon by all parties or the board leaders or judges have reasonable belief that one force would have an advantage.
  5. In threads with a lot of members, groups should be split by objective to avoid congestion
  6. Once ROE is approved, there is a two week period where members can join the thread. After which, it becomes semi-closed where both parties must agree to any new member.
  7. There is a maximum posting time of 72 hours. Failure to post results in an automatic hit. You have 24 hours to accept the hit. After which, your character is considered defeated and your troops retreating without a leader. If not in active combat, failure to post results in the post being skipped. Three skips results in an automatic disqualification.
  8. Each side must appoint an OOC delegate to convene with the other party and handle arbitration. Anyone who starts any problems gets one warning before an ejection. Please be civil.
  9. Representatives should hash out issues in private.
  10. Each leader must maintain a cliff-notes account of the thread to be provided to an arbiter during disputes.   
  11. If all conditions are met and the thread can be canonized, all future canonization attempts by the "dead" character and their participation in future battles are void. However, it should be noted that administration does not enforce character death by policing activity or preventing character use. PM board leaders to discuss resurrection propositions.
  12. If someone starts an ROE thread and has not met any of the previously stated standards, thread should be paused until all conditions are met, otherwise thread will be non-canon and may be archived.
  13. Any time that a plot results in the destruction of anything building-sized or larger, or incurs a major loss of life, anticipate story-teller level interference or auditing. 
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