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      The birthplace of magitech and home to savage wilds and cities of monsters, Terrenus marries elements of fantasy and science fiction to present a unique science fantasy setting. It is ruled by Odin Haze, king to the people and Saint of Gaianism, and managed by the military. Use this board to find information on artifacts, quests, bounties, and more.

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      Information about the roleplay setting Renovatio, including Alterion

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    • "Alright, that sounds fair enough." He simply said, he didn't really care what she wanted to be called, it just needed to be name and he was okay with that. Because he may have been detached from the wolrd but he never discriminate someone. His eyes slightly widen and his eyebrows slightly move up and then down when she adjusted herself on his lap. It really did feel good to have a woman in his presence again, clearly she could tell that he missed that because of his tight and warmness embraces around her waist. "Oh I'm glad that I caught you." He teased her back and gave her a smirk, when she reached up and tapped his lips he kissed them slightly. "Hmm...you do. Well..you sure do get interesting by the minute Crow. "He grinned. "Not many women just appreciate the soul and don't care about the exterior, which furthermore confirms my statement." He said with a soft tone. "You truly are more than meets the eye and that you don't belong to a pleasure house."  His grip around her waist tighten and brough her ever so closely towards his chest, he looked at her lips and then eyes. "Crow if it was just business I wouldn't have gone through this little game and out right paid you." If she looked into his eyes she could tell he said the truth as mischievous or manipulative as he can be he told the truth. "The moment you weren't scare of my Demon side...made me somehow fall for you after all of this chaotic play." He briefly chuckle. "I am half human after all, don't forget about that." He leaned so closely with his head, his lips towards her lips as if he wanted to kiss her, his eyes the gate way of his soul, he truly had some emotion left in him. After years of being just a Demon he forgotten how to be human, and now it appeared that they both would help each other but he didn't know much about her past but he gladly would like to her hear out. "But in other words...yes Crow...for real..I want..it." He said with his soft voice, yet again his eyes would tell the truth as he just waited for her, he was close to her so if she wanted it could be possible for them to be together. @Sivrhea Drake
    • Taking hits to his chiseled abdomen but not being aware that the griffin was aiming at certain pressure points, Clash retaliated by throwing his left hand first then the right in a flurry of punches aimed at the beast of majesty's eyes.
    • Crow smiled, but winced a little bit, she hated when people called her by her first name. It made her feel dreadful, like a rotting corpse, just to remind her what it really meant. For many years she hated her name, and hated the shaman that gave it to her, she wanted to change her name or do something that will change her fate, but no matter how many shamans or soothsayers she went too, nothing could be done. She would often introduce herself as Little Bird to avoid any questioning or judgement from customers. "Well I'll call you Jack if you call me Crow, sound fair?" She looked at him, amused by his playfulness, seems she can captivate any man after all, even a demon. "I'm pretty sure you caught me."  She teased, adjusted herself on his lap, so that she was facing him more.  "I do want to get to know you." She reached up and tapped his lips with a finger, "The real you. I think that will help you find yourself in turn... I think you really need that. And if you want to know something about me right now, I think looks aren't everything. Real beauty comes from the soul. I'm not so easily swayed but a pretty smile. Nice try though." That being said, the eyes were the gateway to the soul, and looking into Jack's eyes she could see so many mysteries, emotions and feelings that she wanted to understand. So many questions she wanted to ask, and to pass up this opportunity would really be stupid. He must know so much about the world, and maybe her fate! She had to ask that, and so much more. "Hmm..." Crow tilted her head in mock thinking, "Oh I guess one night wouldn't hurt, but is this business or real?" She said in a serious tone, looking up at Jack, making sure her point got across. "Because those are two very different things and one of them might not have the out come you were anticipating. I may be a pleasure worker, but that doesn't mean my private life has the same needs or wants, got it?"  Madam Deerly did allow her girls to have their own life and relationships, as long as it didn't interfere with their work or health, but Crow had never thought of having any relationships at all, it never occurred to her, until just now that this meeting could turn into one, it made her nervous. On her free time or days off she would read, or go for walks, visit the local stables and pet the horses or the barn cats.
    • It didn't took long for her to have that playful side or at least from what he was getting by looking at her and studying her as a person she might have been that way, he faintly smiled when she remarked that he was even more confusing. "I guess I am..." He admits with a soft tone. "But please.." He puts his hand on her cheek and strokes it. "Call me Jack, I prefer it that way." He said as he didn't let go of her, even if he wanted he couldn't because they were sitting off on the edge but the wings covered most of that view so that she won't make any sudden moves but even then he won't let her fall, after all she was his prey. He was surprised that she could see through him as much as he could with her, maybe this human wasn't as stupid or ignorant as he liked to believe. "I guess we have something in common...we both saw what we truly are through this little game I orchestrated." He briefly chuckled. "Perhaps you'll get to know me tonight...Carrion, after all I'm an interesting catch, would you say?" His eyebrows slowly moved up and down, he started to have that playful attitude as well. Maybe it was because she managed so stir some emotions he thought they were long gone. "Well do something we both like and get to know each other, after all you are starting to get interesting and that's some high words coming from a Half Demon who also happens to be also very attractive, wouldn't you say?" He leans his forehead against hers, their lips apart a few inches, he didn't lie he did look attractive, his slim but muscular figure, his face with his match scars and beautiful eyes. His light grey eyes starring again into hers, those eyes you stare at and you loose yourself in them, they looked so charming. "So what do you say..?" He asked with a soft tone, his hands sliding down on her waist and bring her closer to ho his abdomen. @Sivrhea Drake
    • Crow was surprised by his sudden softness, she was beginning to doubt that he was capable of such tenderness, but this man kept on surprising her.  She let his magics or aura calm her, comforted by his arms, words and soft lips,happy to feel her heart slow down and her breath easing. Though her mind still raced from her first flight, she was able to assess her surroundings and turn her attention to what Jack was saying, now that her heartbeat wasn't pounding in her ears. The woman promised herself that she would find a book on demons and the kind when she got back home, but she felt that the chances of that happening were now slim, would a demon just let go of his prize? She knew a cat wouldn't... Were demon's like cats? The thought made her smile just a bit. That little bit of a thought gave her the confidence to speak to him again, though she was still mad at him for torturing her.  "You said you were half human, and if I know men, I could tell you that no man knows what he truly wants. It's the drive that carries then forward, to step up to a challenge, to fight and to live." Crow said wistfully, sitting up a bit so to look at him, frowning, "But where ever you came from, surely kidnapping women and dropping them from the sky must not be a date, or what ever you called that. Like you said, I'm a human, more proof that you must not know much about us, or at least women. If you wanted to spend the evening with me, you could have just said so." She glared up at him, but more in a playful manner, that charming maiden was coming back, but maybe it was the more truthful side and not a fake facade. "You are a very confusing being Sir  O'Neal, but I feel you're more confused than I am on how you're feeling about this whole situation. You are more scared of yourself than you are of woman, is that why you're so shy?" Crow ignored the part about the large sum of money, she was more focused on satisfying her own curiosity than the money, and she felt that that would be discussed if and when he decided that he was bored of her.
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