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    1. Terrenus Roleplay Information

      The birthplace of magitech and home to savage wilds and cities of monsters, Terrenus marries elements of fantasy and science fiction. It is ruled by Odin Haze, king to the people and Saint of Gaianism. Use this board to find information on artifacts, quests, bounties, and more.

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      Use this board to roleplay in any one of the cities of Terrenus, from the religious mecca Ignatz to the oriental-styled Weland. Big cities are tags you can apply to threads, smaller properties are pinned, and any unlisted towns and small villages fall under this board as well.

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      Explore the savage wilds of Terrenus, including magical forests, frozen tundras, high mountains, plains and islands. Use this board to roleplay in any of the landmark areas of the nation.

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      The origin of airships supports anything from science fantasy to steampunk to medieval roleplay, the land of Genesaris is diverse in race and religion, awaiting your exploration. Indulge in the lore – from the national flag to nationwide events – of the largest continent of Valucre.

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      Welcome to the land of arcane sorcery and fascinating magitech. From the wilds of the snowy mountains to the burning fire of the desert storms, behold the beauty and danger of a world unlike any other. Fight the monsters of nightmares or be the first to discover ruins of an ancient past.

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      Take an airship or use any means at your disposal to travel to the sprawling cityscapes of Genesaris, from the perpetual darkness of Saint Desolatus to the great Carmine Empire. Visit the capitals of each land, or create and discover mysterious new villages and towns unlisted on the map.

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      A beautiful, tropical island nation, Orisia is commonly referred to as the Island of Summer. An embodiment of peace, equality, and balance, this small country off the eastern coast of Genesaris prides itself on diversity and cherishes its many inhabitants.

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      Information about the roleplay setting Tellus Mater, including the lands of Renovatio, Alterion, and Elendaron

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      Renovatio is a collection of floating landmasses created in the First Cycle of Creation by their abstract cosmic God-King, AV. Combining many unique cultures, Renovatio offers a diverse and exciting experience for all players.

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      The birthplace of combat Alchemy, Alterion occupies southern Tellus Mater and hosts three city states constantly in political turmoil. In this blend of dark science fantasy and horror, nothing is out of the cards and no one is safe.

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      Elendaron is a kingdom full of magic and unique creatures, a traditional fantasy setting already caught in a march towards technology and riddled with political upheavals. Led by the teenaged Queen Malia, who knows what Elendaron's future holds. Will you be a part of it?

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    • Bringing up the rear of the group, the woman preferred to fight with her own fists. However, you don't bring fists to a gunfight and expect to win. Gisela at least knew that much. She inspected the weapon and admitted to herself that she didn't know how to use one effectively. She could learn. She watched with the same impassive expression as one of the others shot the man who seemed to have a desire to mess with the womanfolk, as he referred to them. A grin was plastered to her face as she watched his corpse slide down the wall. Oh, this was going to be fun.  "He was going to hinder the mission." Gisela stated, but no one asked. "Keep your eyes on the prize, not on your penis." She took a pistol herself, then smirked. "Seems sufficient." She muttered.  Gisela's weaponry was powered by its own magitech mechanisms. The design was to disperse gas into the air. The gas varied. Sometimes, it was a simple poison. Sometimes, it was some genetically altered plague. This was one of those times, but she didn't care to disclose this to her teammates. The plague was always a last result. A full display of the weaponry that Sector 3 in Alterion was known for in some backwater part of Terrenus, so far away. It was a last resort. If shit hit the fan, Gisela was pulling the trigger. Shit shouldn't hit the fan, though. Right? Her team was capable and she needed to trust the process.  Humming to herself as she readied herself, the woman in white was tying to mentally bring herself to the moment. In that moment, there was going to be mayhem. This would be the time Gisela would wonder how it was that Kallias, the gawky little kid that guided her to the goddess's temple, was so calm when destruction rained around him. Gisela was simply a champion, a fighter and not much more. Then she arrived on Valucre and the world was her oyster. Who would have known that a former slave would be doing such things as involving herself politically in business that she typically did not care about? After all, these were the affairs of man.  Gisela grabbed another pistol. There was a cool, silent confidence as she awaited more information. Her party was varied. It was going to be a challenge without the aid of magic, but magic wasn't everything. She supposed that there were simpler spells that could work to their advantage. The woman was no strategist. That was where White, who was missing yet again, came in. The pair in the most sterile of whites were two different parts of the same machine. It was fair to mention that like White, Gisela had taken to wearing white as well.  "Let the party begin?" 
    • Esben tilted her head. A historian came to the cursed lands. Though Talia wasn't as spoke about as Athentha and Lyonesse but it was also cursed here and there.  "It's not that you have to leave.  It's that  they are frightened. They are intune with what is going on." Esben said as she shook her head.  She made her way towards the elf as she noticed the hair and ears. Talia was a place of neutrality and peace unlike its sister islands. It kept its nose out of affairs but that wouldn't last long.  "And what have you come here to find? I mean besides a library and military contracts. I am Esben. An elven mage of the land. Not to get confused with my brother of the same name." She chuckled then.
    • Ingrid's face burned. He proposition was...a nice offer. She felt like sinking into the bath and maybe drowning the burning in her face. She looked up at him, managing a sheepish smile. "I appreciate it...but I think for me, graduating will let me be able to enjoy it more."She spoke softly, but shifted a little and eased to rest her head on his shoulder. This was the only bit she could have. Lian could enjoy the craziness of what happened the previous night but for her...just someone to sit with. "It was nice...but I like this more."She said, reaching behind her and bringing his hand about her more. "I never got the chance to experience all the before that comes before being intimate...I want to know what that's like myself. I guess that is what they call 'dating'?"   Kalmuli nodded. "Makiel's right. Intention is the key to our magic."She said, reaching over and patting Plana's knee. "Once you've gotten used to the basics, you can be tested to fine which type you would be best at." Plana nodded. Granted, she wasn't even good with the basics yet. She wanted to know what she could do but to do that, she needed to get over the beginner's hurdle. She munched on her lunch, thinking about all the types she had read about and what she had seen so far from Aldorto and Master Kalmuli. "I don't want to destroy them..."She said after she finished her sandwich. "I want to make the area better and safer."
    • The day of the execution... Ingrid had been wary of bringing her son to it. She kindly asked a maid to watch over him while she went to attend in the morning, dressed in all black as was customary. She went out to the balcony overlooking the execution site. She stood with Lady Uldwar and the children, looking down at the twins as they were taking to the chopping block. All she wanted was for this to be over. Done with. The family needed closure after all they went through yesterday and this was it. Ingrid took a deep breath. Despite the event, she caught the smell of the sea and the freshly tilled soil. The sound of Sir Gerald's booming voice made her snap back to attention. She stood slightly behind Lord Uldwar and just in front of Lady Uldwar like a wall. She was ready for the chop. Ready to see their heads drop off and roll along the platform.  And then the twins dropped a bomb on them all.  Ingrid was appalled. She looked at the twins in horror, looking to the Lord and Lady. Her mind couldn't catch up with what to do for them. She could only watch. Ingrid wanted to run to her son and hug him. She wanted to forget what she heard but she held her breath to shove that need aside. She could feel her head tingle...Whenever she was stressed, Lian was more aggressive in trying to force her way out to deal with it. "The sooner they are gone...the sooner the family can heal."She said calmly to both parents. 
    • Kalmuli chuckled and started using both hands to give him a short but pleasant massage. It was nice that he was warming up to her and for a little while, she wasn't a Queen. Just a healer and an elf. She moved her hands along his muzzle, all the way down to his neck, repeating the motion as she ran her hands along his massive head. "You can only move forward from here. It may let you see your father in an unbiased way."She said with a little shrug.  She grinned, leaning down and gave him a kiss on top of his head, nuzzling the top of it. "You're welcome. It's nice to have some time to not be a Queen for a little bit. Petting soft fluffy things is good therapy for me."She said, giving his ears a bit of a massage before she started to shift a bit. "I should get back to Makiel though...If you'd like, I can have the rest of the shark beast up to a room where you can rest?"