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    • Lexa shook her head. "Lexa doesn't remember Big Sister. Lexa remembers Big Sister's scent, Big Sister's healing, Big Sister's speed- but not Big Sister. Picture reminds Lexa she likes Big Sister." If Addison remembered, Lexa's memories were all muffled up, and she didn't even remember her handler. As they walked, Addison asked where they were. Lexa replied "Lexa doesn't know." In the path, far beyond the light of the torch was something glowing blue. It squeaked, easily the sound of a rat. It turned around and darted off. "If Lexa finds handler, handler helps Lexa. That way, Lexa never forgets anyone." @Phoebe   
    • "That shock- Does it happen every time you wake up?" Addison asked, her lips parting briefly as she smiled for the photograph. She had a few ideas in mind for how the energy surge could be neutralized, such as through the use of a lightning rod built into the room. Reaching forward cautiously, she tested Lexa's boundaries, gently and slowly putting her arms around her loosely. @Priestess
    • "But why come alone?" her cheeks reddened in surprise when Lexa planted the kiss on her cheek. "If it was going to be dangerous, you could and should have asked for help." She bent down onto one knee. "You know I wouldn't have said no." Standing back up, she scanned their surroundings with what little light her flame offered her. "So- Where are we? What is this place?" @Priestess
    • Update to Ursa Madeum Thread canonized: Advent To be added to the Timeline of Ursa Madeum
    • Lexa hadn't used a bed much, if ever. She couldn't remember the last time she'd actually had one since she'd spent her entire life moving around and sleeping outside. The idea of static shelter wasn't new to her. She'd slept on people's porches, attics, or wagons plenty of times. Lexa watched Addison walk over to the balcony and take a seat. Shortly after, she followed Addison and gently planted herself on her. She'd reach into her satchel and pull out a small camera, one that tourists used. That camera would be extended as far from Lexa as her tiny arms could get and aimed in her and Addison's direction. A big smile would be on her face as the picture was taken. "Lexa doesn't know if Lexa wants a bed. Lexa knows Lexa wants to keep picture. Lexa likes Big Sister, so picture helps Lexa remember."  
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