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      Post here to introduce yourself to the Valucre roleplay community. Returns can post here too.

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    1. Genesaris Roleplay Information

      The birthplace of airships and land of bounty hunters supports anything from science fantasy to steampunk to medieval roleplay, the land of Genesaris is diverse in race and religion, awaiting your exploration. Indulge in the lore – from the national flag to nationwide events – of the largest continent of Valucre.

    2. Kingdoms of Genesaris

      Take an airship or use any means at your disposal to travel to the sprawling cityscapes of Genesaris, from the perpetual darkness of Saint Desolatus to the great Carmine Empire. Visit the capitals of each land, or create and discover mysterious new villages and towns unlisted on the map.

    3. Orisia Isle

      A beautiful, tropical island nation, Orisia is commonly referred to as the Island of Summer. An embodiment of peace, equality, and balance, this small country off the eastern coast of Genesaris prides itself on diversity and cherishes its many inhabitants.

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      Information about the roleplay setting Tellus Mater, including the lands of Renovatio, Alterion, and Elendaron

    2. Renovatio

      Renovatio is a collection of floating landmasses created in the First Cycle of Creation by their abstract cosmic God-King, AV. Combining many unique cultures, Renovatio offers a diverse and exciting experience for all players.

    3. Alterion

      The birthplace of combat Alchemy, Alterion occupies southern Tellus Mater and hosts three city states constantly in political turmoil. In this blend of dark science fantasy and horror, nothing is out of the cards and no one is safe.

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    1. Terrenus Roleplay Information

      The birthplace of magitech and home to savage wilds and cities of monsters, Terrenus marries elements of fantasy and science fiction to present a unique science fantasy setting. It is ruled by Odin Haze, king to the people and Saint of Gaianism, and managed by the military. Use this board to find information on artifacts, quests, bounties, and more.

    2. Cities of Terrenus

      Use this board to roleplay in any one of the major cities of Terrenus, from the trade center of Casper to the technological wonder of Hell's Gate. Big cities are tags you can apply to threads, and smaller properties are pinned threads that you can add as a text tag in your thread title.

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      Explore the savage wilds of Terrenus, including magical forests, frozen tundras, high mountains, plains and islands. Use this board to roleplay in any of the landmark areas of the nation.

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      Any type or genre of RP that does not fit within the Valucre canon can go here. Must still abide by Code of Conduct. 

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    • Athentha a place of magic, shadows yet it is also a place where species had been brought to live together. Yet if there was the one thing that concerned Lexdord's people it would be the suddenn rise of demon presence in the area and vampiric rule. Yet they said not a thing about it as they felt above war dispite preparing for one just incase Although when this story starts is just the retrival of the Blackheart mirror from within the depths of the ruins. However upon searching Cali had found an excellent way of getting his hands on it, yet this involed making an exact replica which had an identical magical discharge to the mirror. Then there was the problem of transporting it, how was he going to carry a cursed Mirror without being cursed himself? The dilemmas were making this all the less profitable. At least while they were still inside the ruins. By now they were almost back at the town and Cali came up with a plan, he did call pirates and pretended to be as naive but he also called his shipwhich during or after the inital pirate attack would set an extraction point. Then they should be off the island with a few less pirates to deal with and a cursed mirror to use. It was a good plan but it had yet to be perfected as there were meny flaws that he should have considered but chose not to.
    • It happens so fast. Darya doesn’t even have time to loosen her tense stance against the door. At the sound emitting from the card reader, the walking tank pivots, suddenly alert, and the roll of the machine gun echoes loud throughout the room. Oh gods. In the split-second that follows, Darya dives for Alise, sending them hurtling towards the ground. She tucks herself around the woman’s body, takes the brunt of the fall’s impact, then rolls them both into a makeshift barricade of display screens, just barely avoiding the trail of bullets that race a path into the doorway they had just vacated. She hears the glass wall splinter and crack from the assault, and the ensuing crash that follows bodes ill for the three of them. There goes their element of stealth. “Well, that’s that,” Darya murmurs to herself, hedging a glance beyond and paling at the sight of the shambling bodies pouring their way out of the gaping hole in the wall. Erin isn’t visible from this vantage point, but judging from the way she had acted, it is suffice to say that the woman can take care of herself just fine. She turns to her other companion, gives Alise a near-desperate look as her fingers dig into her coat and produce her gun. “You got something that can help?” Something clicks, metal panels grind, and a sudden whoosh makes her heart sink.  A missile. “Brace for impact,” she shouts, pulling Alise farther away from the vicinity of the blast.
    • The giant mongrel was far more nimble than it's size would suggest, reacting to Athoxhyx's attack with great speed an ferocity. It left the Nymerian in something of a predicament, leaving him unable to dodge back or to the sides, nor jump ahead. But there was nothing stopping him from going up, so that was what he decided he would do. A telekineticly assisted jump sent him spinning through the air, just barely missing being hit by his preys head. On the other side of the creature now, he straightened himself out, and took aim with the lightening bolt in his hand. "This'll pierce that hide..." His concentration was broken when a chunk of frozen rock flew by his face, grazing him and opening up a small gash on his cheek. Quickly zeroing in on the spot where the projectile had come from, he found himself staring at at a small group of yetis staring up at him as they prepared to pelt him with more rocks. Rage boiled over in Athoxhyx's gut, and he roared in fury before loosing the lightening bold in their direction. The attack slammed into the ice just in front of the group, blowing a chunk the size of a bathtub out of the frozen ground. A cloud of steam obscured the view of the blast site, but he had seen one of the creatures be blown away from the crater, missing both of its legs. Grunting his satisfaction, he called up two more bolts like the first one and refocused on the Mongrel, a feral smile on his face. "Now where were we?" The Nymerian then flung both bolts at the Mongrel. @amenities  
    • Xylex was surprised at Vance’s actions, his voice still rough, but the kindnesses definitely shown through. He made sure to bundle his kids up he didn’t want them catching a cold. He spoke to Vance a bit flustered.  “Umm thank you... you really should get inside the wagon. Please don’t take this the wrong way but you’re older than I am or maybe were the same age I don’t know I’m fourty my best guess you’ve got ten on me, maybe more...” He turned to face his children to make sure they were asleep. ”that technique you tried to use to kill me was rather fast. If you’ve really are in your 50s or perhaps older it’s very impressive, but it also means well you must be noticing the adverse effects of aging.” Xylex looked away Incase Vance was about to give him a thrashing. He then coated himself in metal and floated over by Vance’s side.  “Besides I do owe you one you should rest and dispite the fact I think some of my bones are broken I can well obviously float.” Xylex coated Vance in his metal and forced him into the back of the wagon. ”I won’t take no for an answer. I still owe you a great debt and despite you might think I’m a mobster and some common criminal I’m a person of greater honor then that. What I’m about to tell you stays between us or...” things went dead silent and dark ominous chill wafted through. Then suddenly and indescribable vibe of terror that would frieghten even the bravest of men.  “I’ll haft to kill you. I am a divine descendant. If I were to be dishonorable it’d be as bad as a god being so. So just sit back there for a while you’ve earned it and at your age I’m actually honestly concerned you’ll catch a cold.”  Xylex floated over to Lars. With a cocky smile on his face.  “So umm Lars... I’m always looking for ways to make more money... I’d like to propose something to you. If you are perhaps looking for shareholders or investors. I’d more than interested if your business starts kicking off. Since Vance doesn’t want the sword my brother made him I can always pawn it off it’d be worth about 2.7 million and the weapon I had him made you is probably about 5 times that amount. A diamond that big that’s already cut doesn’t even exist so umm yeah it’s easily worth ten times the amount of what you could make from this, but good luck pawning it off no one has that kind of money for antiques. You might have your skepticisms about working with me, but like I said I’m honor bound to be a man of my word. In fact if you do work with me you’d be able to have the Farenhide family backing you up and it wouldn’t even cost you anything. You don’t haft to agree, but realize it’s  an option.” Meanwhile Xylex’s pups where swarming Vance. Terrified, yes, but inevitably very thankful to the man for rescuing their father. Little Jasper was even searching his pockets managing to pull out a knife. He quickly turned away to keep for himself like a dog hoarding a stick. Then he anazlyed it, flicking the blade and listening closely, sniffing the grip and tasting the metal. He handed it back to Vance with a guilty face. “It’s a nice blade sorry I took I mister.”  He looked down afraid this man would be mad at him or perhaps even hit him. Whatever would happen Xylex wouldn’t notice he was too busy sensing his surroundings. It appeared  small group of armed bipeds were closing in. 
    • "Of course! I have to go to the staff room to get the tea, won't take more than a minute!" Issac made sure the door had hissed shut behind him before he let out a deep sigh and allowed some of the tension to leave his body. Part of him was glad the Linda hadn't seemed to pick up on the signals he was giving, while another part was crestfallen. Of course, he was still trying to figure out exactly when it was that he had developed romantic feelings for his friend. Part of it was probably proximity; he had very few friends, and so she was around a lot, it wasn't hard to see how he could feel like that. But now he had no idea what to do. He had never actually spoken to anyone about such matters, and now he wasn't even sure that he could. Shaking his head, he made his way to the kitchen, made the tea, and went back to his room. He handed Linda the cup, and then sat down on the other end of the couch.