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      The birthplace of magitech and home to savage wilds and cities of monsters, Terrenus marries elements of fantasy and science fiction. It is ruled by Odin Haze, king to the people and Saint of Gaianism. Use this board to find information on artifacts, quests, bounties, and more.

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      The birthplace of combat Alchemy, Alterion occupies southern Tellus Mater and hosts three city states constantly in political turmoil. In this blend of dark science fantasy and horror, nothing is out of the cards and no one is safe.

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    • "Thats.... Actually a good idea." In truth, Dan didn't like anyone tying him up in any capacity except Leo. But, they needed to sell this. There would be little need for Hyperion to have heightened security if Dan was already immobilized. Plus, he was making Ethan uncomfortable by going on a plane, so it was only fair Dan be made uncomfortable as well. "Okay fine. But make it real good. I don't wanna be able to get out. As tight as you can make it. If Hyperion senses a double cross, we're ALL screwed." Dan took out a phone and made a call. "Yeah. Its Palmer. Private flight. Me and one other. Ursa Madeum. Corinth. Now, this is important. Once we land, go to the other side of the Island and wait. We will be back within 2 hours. The moment we are on the plane, take off. Understand? ...Good. You'll be getting a hefty bonus for this." He hung up. "Alright. I'm good to go if you are."
    • Ethan nodded along as Dan was talking. He missed a couple bits and pieces here and there but zoned back in when he heard the name Zeus. Now that was a name that he never liked hearing. Ethan being a son of the underworld, he never sat well with Mr. High and Mighty Lightning Bolts. Ethan was also fairly terrified of being in planes. He just didn't understand how they stayed in the air. They were too heavy. How did they stay in the air? A trickle of sweat started going down his spine. "Uh.....if you insist we can do the plane thing.....but....uhhh......." he stammered out nervously. "And I could always tie you Up really really tight to help sell the idea that were surrendering you. I can shadow travel you out no matter how tied up you are"
    • Actions proclaim intention, so what does that say of my mission? I intend on curing this world of violence, or chaos, of suffering, and all that comes with a terrible cost. How can I reconcile these feelings, without betraying who I am and what I have fought for? The gods were cruel indeed to put me on such a difficult path. Do you consider yourself broken, Orion? You...you said my name...I...yes, yes I am broken. What has broken you? Whispernight broke me. It tore me apart and ripped me away from my family. No, Orion, it was not simply Whispernight that has broken you, but life itself. We live in a continuous cycle of suffering and strife, with only more suffering to be found in each generation. Do you wish to perpetuate this cycle of pain and torture by doing nothing but become complacent in it's operation? That is an unfair question to ask, for you know that I cannot bear to think of the suffering that could be visited upon so many future children. None of them deserved such a fate, even if it was not the same as my own, though still just as heartbreaking. Life appeared to be nothing but one horror after the other, so why even bother continuing to live it? Even if I were to end the suffering of all living things, what then what I do when the mission was completed? Do I live out the rest of my life in complete exile with no one else to accompany me until I finally die? Answers come at their own time, which was why I needed to focus on something productive until they revealed themselves. The professor suggested taking up a hobby, though I don't know exactly what kind would benefit me and my art form. Doing something like painting or poetry didn't seem likely to last that long given my current position. Perhaps something more durable and able to handle the heat of a fire on a normal basis would suffice as a hobby. The forge calls to you, Orion. The forge? As in to be a blacksmith? That's rather strange, but then how do I accomplish this? Surely this place couldn't have teachers for that as well as mages, could it? There will be much to think about when this class is over. Until then I should remain quiet and continue dutifully observing what is being taught to us, which on it's own is rather fascinating.
    • Eulalia was silent for a long moment. "I suppose I practice the magic of fate." She divided her hair into three sections, starting to braid it. "And the magic of the mind." She tilted her head, considering it. "My máthair passed the magic along to me. She was attuned to the magic of life and death. I am too, in a way, though I am more guided by the currents of fate. It was fate that brought me here." She looked over at him. "I saw the advertisement you posted, and Bran brought me to you. He is far more attuned to the patterns that guide us than I am." She finished braiding her hair and stood to start shrugging out of her outer layers of clothing. "I mostly practice with the cards. I use them to gain insight into a person's future. They're not always ... clear, but they have yet to steer me wrong."
    • "I wonder what to exspecting of this little bout of adventure Nyx..." Maria said walking along the bazaar talking to her cat as if it was nothing. Certainly this drew some attention from the crowds as she appeared to be a normal human with a cat on her shoulder. She should have no business out here in the scoorching sun and certainly not seem right at home. Though she paied this no attention. She appeared to be in a landof her own as she walked. She yawns a bit board by the whole thing.judging by the sun she still had an hour before the meeting was supposed to take place. Looking down at the paper she had received and given her the invitation she read over it. Very little info to go off of but she was no stranger to that. She had done more on less. It seemed like fun and she wasn't busy. She was just curious if this Harlow knew much about her... Did she even have a record? Maria was just a nomad never sticking in one place to long. She hadn't really interacted with authority much either... How did this person even find her?! So many questions... WAIT what if this was a trap?! What if the paper was harmful?! She yelps drawing attention to herself as she throws the paper in the air and quickly snaps her fingers send a bolt of bright red flame up and engulfing the paper she watches it staring with hatred.  "Hm... Okay... Totally normal paper." She says reganing herself. She giggles a bit and speaks to her cat. "Well that may have been over kill..."  People we're not to sure what to make of the girl and she just looked around the crowd and laughed a bit waving hi before crossing her hands behind her back and moving on like nothing had happened. She had people to meet and places to be! Clearly this Harlow might not be bad... She would hear this out. MAYBE she could meet some fun people... OH OR MAYBE there would be things to burn! That was always fun for her! A smile crossed her face just thinking about that as she approached the meeting point. OH GOOD! People are already here!  She stops in her tracks and smiles at them. "Hello fellow adventures! I am... Well we don't need formalities. I would show my invite but..." She trails off and looks back with a giggle. "I burned it... Thinking that it may be a bomb... Or something." She says almost not even noticing how that might sound. She turns back to the group and holds her hand out in friendliness. "Nice to meet you all though!" A smile crossed her face.