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    • The footsteps were so close that Ainsworth could hear them over the roar of the blood rushing through his ears. The shadow paused directly over them. There was a moment of silence. It seemed like the entire forest was holding its breath. A click of the safety being disengaged. Ainsworth looked up straight into the masked face of the bandit. Two things happened at once. The bandit, upon seeing them, took a breath to yell for the others. Their crossbow was pointed directly at them with their finger over the trigger. Almost instantly Ainsworth let out a muffled noise of alarm from behind clenched teeth and made a panicked grabbing motion with his arms. A small, barely visible shimmer of a similar-looking magic to the type that made up his shield appeared in front of the bandit and grabbed the front of their armor. It pulled them forward and sent them off balance. The bank was steep enough that they fell down towards Luna and Ainsworth. They landed in a mess of limbs and struck out wildly. Ainsworth barely managed to throw himself backwards in time to avoid a kick to the chest. The bandit's crossbow fired with a loud crack. In the commotion, Ainsworth couldn't see where it shot.
    • Tibale is awake. When Luan starts to stir around, he does turn toward her. Tiredness shows in the edges of his eyes, how they look, and when his voice rolls forward. "You don't need to thank me," he says back quietly. Taking the cloth off her forehead, he rewets the cloth. Ringing the fabric free of liquid, he presses the wet one to her forehead. "How do you feel?" he asks. Knowing the fever is still there, Tibale wants details. Maybe she feels a little better? Maybe she feels worse? Her answers show progress in either direction.    "Lay back," his voice comes out a little firmer than normal. However, that's just the tiredness showing. Fingers start to pick at, and undo the bandages to ready new ones. The wound is rewrapped after a few moments. And like before, more medicine is offered to her. "You still need your strength," he admits. The irony is not lost on him. His ailments are a little more easily cured. A good rest, and most of his concerns would fade. His price is kept close to the chest. Later they could discuss.    "Tell me something about yourself. Don't tell me a lie, but I don't need to know deep truths. Nor do I need to know dark secrets. How much I know depends on how much you tell me," he says laying out terms. The injury tells so many possibilites. And she may want to keep a few secrets. Now, Luna gets to determine how much the spotlight comes down on herself. 
    • Ingrid lead the way to the gate. The walls around the manor themselves were relatively new, an add-on from the Marquis or rather future-Marquis to keep their home safe. She approached the gate as well as the two guards that stood at attention, two more add-ons from the High General to protect the grounds. Altus was more out the way but it was close enough to the Capital to be a problem if there were invading forces. She spoke to one of the guards. "He wants to see the Marchioness." The guard looked to Varisho, then to Ingrid. "Dining Hall." The guard answered before he moved to open the gate to allow them to pass through. Ingrid led the way to a courtyard that was decorated with an abundance of flowers both foreign and local. There were two more guards who guarded the front doors and they too allowed them to pass to head into the estate. Everything was very tame on the inside, decorated in dark and muted colors. At the top of a pair of butterfly stairs was a portrait of an elven woman sitting posed and refined while there was a more stoic portrait of a man with graying hair and beard. The middle section was empty, awaiting the day their marriage portrait was to be painted. The elven apprentice would step more to the right, going to another pair of large doors with yet more guards who allowed them to pass. The Marchioness, Kalmuli, was sitting at a large, long table with a few others enjoying a light lunch. When Ingrid and Varisho arrived, she stopped eating and pat her mouth with a napkin, awkwardly rising from her seat. She was heavily pregnant, making the front of her gown puff out around her stomach. "Right on time for lunch...but that doesn't look like a crow or raven you caught."She chuckled.  "No...but he can talk to them it seems. Or understand them. He's got a case of amnesia and he needs some help figuring out who  he is and where he's from."Ingrid explained. Kalmuli looked to Ingrid and then to Varisho. She would approach, her walk more like a waddle and she peered at him a little. "Mmm...Awful gaunt...Come, eat with us first and get some food in you. Then we can go to my research corridor and see if we can figure out who and what you are."She said, rubbing her stomach as she spoke and then waddled back to her seat. Ingrid would move toward the table, taking a seat and pointing to a chair where Varisho could sit. "I believe he's a shapeshifter...but from the way he talks, it sounds like he's much older."She suggested. "Mmm..."Kalmuli pondered as she picked up her fork. "Only one way to find out. Eat first, research and prodding later."
    • Step by step, he walked beside her, enough to keep up but a step back at every stride so that she was the guiding. Her behavior, although understandable, felt strange. There was no placing what it felt like. She wasn’t unfriendly or a standoffish air around her, but detached and impersonal. He wanted to prod and pick. Pull apart the layers of armor that protected the core element of her psyche.  “You know this is an oddity, right?” His inquiry to her continued, “We’ve barely known each other for a full day and here we are, a forgotten memory being accompanied by a man you know little to nothing about.” Step by step, he walked beside her, trekking along the dirt and grass, recklessly speaking without concern for others who could listen. “What if I were an assassin sent to slay you. Or, a murderer with no regards for lives,” some truth to that isn’t there, “Why this suggestion for my help with unveiling your blank spots in your memory?” Step by step, his final step, making sure he had enough distance from her but an arm length away, he remained motionless. “I’ve had this nagging, gnawing thought locked behind a door but the knocking is increasingly louder.” Out of range from any sentries, this was his best opportunity – his backpack slid down his right arm, – any charisma in his demeanor dissolved, deadened eyes glared at her. “If you’re honest with me, I’m more inclined to assist.” The glint of steel peaked out from the wooden sheath and wooden hilt; the palm of his hand pressed against the grainy hilt. “I’m in a line of work where trusting strangers ends up with someone’s blood being spilled. All I require is a little, collaboration. Give me enough to quiet this knocking. Tell me that on the other side of the door isn’t death in wait.”
    • ¥ Nodding silently.Celestia began taking small bites of egg,bacon.and occasionally buttered rolls.Sighing at the sheer taste and flavors.Caused a smile to upturn,her dark-pink lips.While sipping on freshly made orange juice.Having been mostly in her own thoughts,thinking from one thing to the next.While everysooften,glancing toward dauner.Taking in the fact of him,acting like a true 'king' wondering if he planned for any events today.¥"....."¥Smiling toward layla,And hana.before quietly going back to eating.¥
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