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      Post here to introduce yourself to the Valucre roleplay community. Returns can post here too.

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    1. Genesaris Roleplay Information

      The birthplace of airships and land of bounty hunters supports anything from science fantasy to steampunk to medieval roleplay, the land of Genesaris is diverse in race and religion, awaiting your exploration. Indulge in the lore – from the national flag to nationwide events – of the largest continent of Valucre.

    2. Kingdoms of Genesaris

      Take an airship or use any means at your disposal to travel to the sprawling cityscapes of Genesaris, from the perpetual darkness of Saint Desolatus to the great Carmine Empire. Visit the capitals of each land, or create and discover mysterious new villages and towns unlisted on the map.

    3. Orisia Isle

      A beautiful, tropical island nation, Orisia is commonly referred to as the Island of Summer. An embodiment of peace, equality, and balance, this small country off the eastern coast of Genesaris prides itself on diversity and cherishes its many inhabitants.

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      Information about the roleplay setting Tellus Mater, including the lands of Renovatio, Alterion, and Elendaron

    2. Renovatio

      Renovatio is a collection of floating landmasses created in the First Cycle of Creation by their abstract cosmic God-King, AV. Combining many unique cultures, Renovatio offers a diverse and exciting experience for all players.

    3. Alterion

      The birthplace of combat Alchemy, Alterion occupies southern Tellus Mater and hosts three city states constantly in political turmoil. In this blend of dark science fantasy and horror, nothing is out of the cards and no one is safe.

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    1. Terrenus Roleplay Information

      The birthplace of magitech and home to savage wilds and cities of monsters, Terrenus marries elements of fantasy and science fiction to present a unique science fantasy setting. It is ruled by Odin Haze, king to the people and Saint of Gaianism, and managed by the military. Use this board to find information on artifacts, quests, bounties, and more.

    2. Cities of Terrenus

      Use this board to roleplay in any one of the major cities of Terrenus, from the trade center of Casper to the technological wonder of Hell's Gate. Big cities are tags you can apply to threads, and smaller properties are pinned threads that you can add as a text tag in your thread title.

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      Explore the savage wilds of Terrenus, including magical forests, frozen tundras, high mountains, plains and islands. Use this board to roleplay in any of the landmark areas of the nation.

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      Any type or genre of RP that does not fit within the Valucre canon can go here. Must still abide by Code of Conduct. 

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      Winter break is here!
      Posts will start rolling out today in no paticular order ❤️
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    • Theseus

      Dear fellow citizens,
      I have thought that is was best to hop right into an RP but none truly suited me.
      That is why I have created "The Quest for Enlightenment". It is a fairly different quest. You will learn the way of the monk. I will not say what the "way of the monk is but by doing to the levels of the quest in succession you may join the ranks of the Island Monks.
      I am looking for a successor for that is my duty as the last surviving monk of my village. 
      *Out of RP*
      This will be a lax RP and I am not some screen hog. That being said once you say what you want to say, just let it be and I will get back to you in about an hour. I know that is this is kind of sucky but I am focused on school right now so... live with it.
      Anyways, DM's open for registration. You can do the quest with others. To apply just fill out the form:
      Are you willing to wait a bit for each response? (Yes/No)
      Are you willing to work in a group with others? (Yes/No) ((Saying no is ok but if you say yes I will start with you earlier))
      Which time zone are you in?
      Sub to PewDiePie. Destroy T-Series. Blahh Blahh Blahh
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    • The City of Umbra The city that was bustling and alive just yesterday is suddenly empty. The streets are devoid of people and entirely silent. The entirety of the Umbran Military and policing forces were in the inner heart of the city. Upon learning of a horrible threat targeting their city next, everyone was ordered indoors. Everyone obliged, and now watched and waited as They walked through the city. Heroes that had taken the Carmine Empire up on its offer. Those either brave or stupid enough to pit themselves against whatever monstrosity that was leaving empty, bloody towns and villages in its wake. A shadow crossed the Cold Mountains, headed directly for the city. The light sound of jingling bells could be heard if one was crossing close by. The shadow would soon give way to an abnormally large sled. The area before the sled was painted scarlet by an ominous red light.  A large figure held a set of reins. Behind it was a large sack. The figure transferred the reins to one hand, and held out a long sheet of paper in the other.

      "............ Umbra." No more small time villages and towns. This time, it was taking a big target.

      "Lets see just how red the Red City can get." Dan walked through the city, bare feet padding the roads as he did. He was heading to the agreed upon meeting spot. According to the intel he had received from both the Empire and from his little birds, the monster always appeared at the entrance to the town he was about to slaughter. So, the meeting place was before the grandest entrance to the city. Dan hoped this would pay off. He killed monsters for a living, and of all people, he knew a flare for the dramatic when he saw it. He had picked this area because it was the best place to make an entrance. When Dan arrived at the meeting point, several things hit him all at once.
      1: That there was not going to be a very big force to combat this. Only 3 people, himself included, took the job to deal with whatever this was. Dan had a bad feeling about that. He didn't know why, maybe it was just paranoia in dealing with a major threat with 3 people.
      2: His resolve to stop the monster stemmed not just from his demigod desire to kill evil monsters. He had begun to view Umbra as another home, which was a bit of a shock to him. He had never thought anything in this world would become home-like to him.
      3: Worry over whether Leo was safe or not. Dan knew this was ridiculous. Leo was in Bronte in his room, with so many enchantments on the door and window a dust mite couldn't creep in without getting disintegrated, let alone a monster.
      4: The description Dan had received from the Empire and his little birds seemed very familiar.... Dan went by and sat on a bench. Only thing to do now was wait for the other two to arrive. Dan hoped they arrived before the monster did. True, he had every confidence that he could handle himself alone, numbers were always a help.
    • As always, Redbridge seemed unphased by anything those around him did or said, merely responding to Aspen in a matter-of-fact tone. "Quite common, yes. The jeep is very popular among civilian and business users alike. It is also currently the most common vehicle in Norkotian military service." And when you had a vehicle that was easy to jump in and out of, that moved quickly and was simple to drive, and relatively simple to maintenance, while providing a total open-air field of view, why wouldn't you make it your most popular vehicle? Whether it was a coal company needing to quickly move men and light equipment around a strip mine, a local police force on patrol, military officers needing to cross a camp, or even a civilian just looking for some off-road fun, the jeep filled the need. But on the downside, the ride was a bit bumping, as the two siblings found-out once the vehicle started moving. While few people actually used the seat belts in the rear seats, the Prime Minister wanted to ensure the two Hildebrand siblings were looked after, lest an unexpected accident cause very unfortunate injury. Tynes, on the other hand, did not instruct Varda or Jasper to use their seat belts, either not thinking about it and assuming they'd know what to do, or just not finding it necessary for the people in the backseat. After all, if the vehicle were to make an impact, it was the front seat people who would go through the windshield, not the passengers in the back. Instead, he was focused on the conversation rather than safety technicalities. "They probably would have had to ride in the back of the truck." Tynes chuckled, "I suppose we should have brought one more vehicle just to make sure we had enough seating. Oh well, maybe next time." He was about to suggest something else when Varda inquired what he wanted to see first, so he held-off on that matter and instead answered her question. "You know your way around the estate, my lady, perhaps you can suggest the best route? Whatever order you think would be best, it's fine with me. I'll radio the jeep to follow us, so you can direct our heading." Each Norkotian vehicle in the convoy was equipped with a radio transmitter, allowing communication between each vehicle while on the road. Tynes used this device to direct Redbridge to have the jeep follow the car, while Redbridge acknowledged the order, only to try once again to convince Tynes to bring more security along, in the form of the armored car. Tynes again denied the suggestion, reasoning that this was a diplomatic visit between allies, not a show of military force. Little did he know that the wheeled tank would prove to have been a nice thing to have with on this little tour. In any case, the vehicles set-out in the direction Varda or Jasper instructed, the executive car in the front and the jeep trialing behind. Squire Dicken and the guards remained at the estate with the left-over Norkotian vehicles, supposedly not needed today. Oh, how wrong that assumption was.
    • Kicking off the side of a tree, Kid performed a soaring backflip, spreading out his arms and legs to glide through the air under the cover of night until he positioned himself over a woman with an oar. Dropping quickly, he landed behind her in a huff on his right knee. As he peered through the darkness, his eyes started to glow with a crimson aura, not unlike two searing embers burning up the fog. Taking up his longsword with his right hand, he exploded forward in a fast sprint and pulled his left hand back, making a fist. Buoyed along by air from the atmosphere, he did so soundlessly. A muscle in his arm jumped and blue arcs of electricity crackled around his hand. Coming up behind the woman with the oar, he attempted to punch her in the lower spine and release high voltage electric chi into her body. Then, using the inside edge of his sword, he chopped at the woman's oar from right to left, attempting to cut it in half. After that, he went for a headbutt to the back of the head to body check, trying to slam Rin into the ground.
    • Well, the alien fellow was an odd one, though still not half as odd as the drunken cowboy. As of yet though, he hadn't showed villainous tenancy, but it didn't necessarily take a villain to destroy the world. "Care to explain what you are and why you are here, Ignus?" Erin narrowed her eyes at him. It was interesting that he warned them from getting near him, as though he was making an awkwardly polite threat. She didn't intend to get near him anyway, as she'd just shoot him if it was necessary to kill him. Well, at this rate, Clive would shoot him first if it were necessary to shoot him. Perhaps there was nothing to actually worry about, but when you were as paranoid as Erin, everything seemed to have an ulterior motive. "And why now, of all times?" she added.
    • The United Federal Kingdoms of Lexdord Aero flighting standards report Level of security required: Public (general information for the general public) Type: Airship class labeling  Authored by: Education Bureaucrat society --------- Standard Class: a group of common balanced ships whom are balanced in aspects of flight speed, attack power, defences (includes point defence and Arcane force fields), and detection (ether its own or how well it can detect others). This class of airship is the normal every day airship that you might see, most also call it the 'Average class' as it seems like airships within this class are infact the adverage of the bunch. Pincer class:: A class of Airship which has an unusual amount of speed due to ether an efficent engine upgrade, being outfitted with tech that works too well, a very good reactor or being lightweight in comparison to its heavier counterparts. It comes at the cost of limited weaponry that can be thrown on it but other then that