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    • "To know what my enemies seek to hide, and to protect what I wish for them not to know?" she replied in earnest. "I presume that is the cause for your presence, and gladly so." She followed the man's gaze into the distant skyline, before returning back to him with deep curiosity. "Mister Sinnett, if you wouldn't mind me asking, tell me a bit about yourself! What of your exploits, your past work, and your knowledge." Her dainty cheeks dimpled as she offered him a wide, hearty smile. "Share your wisdom, for I care to hear." @Diremast
    • Shishi nodded at Tenkai. "I got it as a gift from...a friend of mine." She caught herself from spilling her 'friend's' name. As far as the public eye knows, her 'friend' was still charged with terrorism in by the authorities of Lacrimosa. Anyway, its best to move on to the matter at hand. "It's a weird thing," she continued. "I think its best I show you. Is there a secluded place that is safe for experiments?" Wherever that place is, Shishi would follow Tenkai. Strapped to her back was the weapon in questions, sheathed in a plain and old scabbard.
    • “I have come with a proposition.” He withdrew his hand and it rejoined at his side once more.  “A beneficial arrangement for the both of us, if I may be so bold to say so myself.” He turned from the Master Knight and looked up into the night sky just as she had done previously, gesturing his arms to the alluring glimmer of the stars while speaking.    “For you see, just as this mask that shelters the truth behind my charred skin, people wear masks to hide their own blackened faces and the vices that come with them.” Although his face remained covered, it was not difficult to notice the smile behind his words.  “Never underestimate the lengths people will go to in order to keep their secrets just that.” He returned to face her once more, taking a few steps further in her direction.  “A faint whisper in the night, if left unchecked, may become a catalyst of glorious fire and chaos as the sun rises.” He spoke with passion and personal conviction.   “That is my craft, to conjure from nothing… Power.” He paused for dramatic effect, as if he was performing a private play just for Addison.  “This is what I offer you, Addison Nacht, Master Knight and Governess of Bastion City.” He offered her a bow, signifying the respect and admiration befitting someone in her station.   @Phoebe
    • I walk into the shadow of the cathedral. Through the giant guarded doors and into the dread hall, I venture forward, carrying my packages of meat and a strange compass. The pews are empty now- the uselessness have all gone- and I am both grateful for the solitude and apprehensive of what I will be facing alone. I can see why Sophie did not want to come back here. I approach the throne and stop several meters away from the chained figure. Behind me, great stone doors open once more, but I am not focusing on that. I kneel somewhat awkwardly before the throne. The contents of my arms threaten to spill out if I’m not careful. Nerves pinned my voice down and I clear my throat. “I presume I am addressing the martyr?” My thoughts are racing. There are a million different things I could think to say, but I am wary to speak the wrong thing. “Please, my friends and I are not from this world and we would like to go home. What do you want?”
    • "Get down!"  "Thanks Sir," Decant breathed as he picked himself up from the ground. It was by sheer luck that senior officer manage to save Camuel's life. He was a hair's breath away from dying. No longer connected to the Blackspear's network, he was nothing more than a mortal man. However, he can still feel it. That mental tug in the back of his mind. The network beckons. Still enticing him, still alluring. But he won't take the offer a second time. "Return fire!" Prompted by the senior officer, Decant raised his rifle and began firing at any visible enemies. A couple of good shots and some enemy combatants were down. Then came Hawk's psionic shenanigans and the way aheaad seemed to clear for a moment. Their group needed a breather for now. "Camuel, take Martinez and Loyola with you. We'll cover you and handle this. Make sure Derolz is here. Gareau, you got eyes on the tangos? We have no vision, but I estimate a little over than half a dozen judging by the amount of bullets at a time. We need eyes, now!" "Martinez! Loyola! With me!" Camuel barked at the two soldiers. "Loyola, take point." Satisfied with their nods, Camuel and Martinez trailed after Loyola pressing forward, going from cover to cover. A few calm moments then two more enemy combatants spiiled into their vision. Shots were fired, bodies crumpling to the ground and the trio were pressing forward again.
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