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    • It wasn't that Rodan was shocked by Gabriela's powerful grip, nor at the hate he could see in her eyes as she glared up at him, but something had ever-so-briefly surprised him in the actions of the newly restored queen. Perhaps it was his expectation that one who had been changed back by him ought to be grateful for the gift they'd been granted at his indulgence. In any case, the natural human instinct Rodan had to pull his hand out of her grip only manifested every-so-slightly before it was suppressed. He then grinned as she wrapped her other hand around his wrist, giving him dual connection to both of her upper extremities. Though he could feel pain as she squeezed his fingers and wrist, enough that he swore he heard a bone crack, he knew that she had already lost this round. His power was already pulsing back inside her, weaving around her muscles and preparing to do to them as he had done to neutralize the hybrid girl, Arashi, that fateful night in Orisia. Once her muscles had been hardened, the queen would have to calm down and see reason. Alas, this was not to be, as the arrival of Agony and the creature called "Mal", another thing in the same grain as the former, prevented the Black Queen from receiving or dealing any further damage. As her grip went limp and fell away, Rodan shook his head slightly and flexed his fingers, feeling a bit of pain but figuring nothing was permanently damaged. It was a bit disappointing, as he had hoped to further impress upon her how much power he had over her, not to mention have an opportunity to actually converse with royalty. And as Marigold shuttled Gabriela DuGrace away, with Agony in-tow, the Mutator shook his slightly as he wondered if he'd ever actually see this particular ruler of Orisia again. After this came a wait, during which time Rodan brought forth the barrel that was Arashi and placed it near the center of the room so he could began to work with it. At first, he studied the innards that lie within, finding to his surprise and disappointment that the fire breath Arashi had possessed was not produced by any of the preserved organs. Hoping to locate it amidst the full-sized body, he gradually restored to girl to her original form, though he kept her muscles inert and did not restore mouth. Arashi was unconscious throughout the process anyway, so he had little to fear, but he did not intend to risk another incident with one of his "subjects". Finally he concluded that the fire breath was not something biological, at least not recognizably. Disappointed, he awaited the return of their host. But when said host returned, he only suggested they find food in the kitchen, before taking Immie and Lunara away. This left Rodan with the unconscious girl in crude rags at his feet, as well as Nines and Mal. He suspected neither of the latter wished communication with him, so he instead turned his attention to the bone cage, deconstructing it and fashioning for himself a stool to sit on while he waited. Once Arashi awoke, maybe he'd finish restoring her, but only if he was guaranteed her cooperation first. Until then, he'd keep her paralyzed...
    • It is the solemn duty of all scientists, who truly live for the progression and evolution of their race as a whole, that they see the world through a purely indifferent point of view; To believe that good and evil were a man made construct and thus imperfect in it's design. It was their responsability to view this world through such a cold, calculating looking glass so that they could identify their research and progress without the hindrance of emotional attachment. This is the burden we are born with as creatures of intellect and innovation, and it is a burden I have made use of, molding metal to my own design...

      What changed?

      He still felt his indifferent nature blanketing him as he watched their displays, and even felt a spike of excitement from Agony's warning. He hadn't felt fear like this in quite some time...it grounded him. The rest squabbling among themselves figuring out what to do with the queen more than likely as Rodan sculpted her back into her original form. His eyes trained on her with a mix of nausea, worry, and interest. How was it that when faced with flesh changers, ancient evils, and unimpressed drow women he felt nothing more than a latent interest in what they might be, yet when faced with a woman who savagely lashed out at Rodan, and was handily dealt with my agony, he felt the hairs on his arms raise as though he could taste the concern for her on his tongue. The doctor watching Mal interact, and even begin to torture the queen.

      That prickle gnawing at his stomach; his fingers tensing before making an audible cough to acquire everyone's attention. The air of unease about him returning to the calculated calm as he rose a finger "Mal if you would please refrain from torturing our guest I'd be most appreciative" He said, an edge in his voice apparent before flicking his eyes toward her "I don't want any physical stress to endanger her child, is that understood?" He asked, looking at Agony "I find torture to be rather barbaric, now if I may?" He asked before moving toward. and looking her over. He checked her vitals, and despite her vampiric nature was able to glean that she was physically unmarred. "Well she is still in fine condition at least" He said, his eyes hovering over her face for a few seconds longer before rising to his feet once more.  The Doctor whistling, and immediately Xerxes marched around Gabriella. His tail stiffening and expanding into what appeared to be some form of panel. It's width matching hers perfectly as the mechanical canine carefully slid his now widened tail underneath her, lifting her a few feet off the ground with ease. 

      "The containment rooms are located within my sub laboratory. I am currently only allowing Agony, and Nines  entrance until we all have a much needed discussion on my continued role here" He said as he turned heel and left with The Queen in tow, Marigold figuring Agony would follow regardless. "Just try and be careful in these halls will you? I don't know how your mass could react to some of the couplers and loose wires down here." They heard him say to the primordial creature. The group being left alone for the time being before after almost an hour before the doctor returned, Xerxes at his side and no longer carrying The Queen "Agony is currently preoccupied with the queen so for the time being you all might aswell decompress from your trip. I did install a kitchen I believe..." He muttered with a scratch of his chin.

       Truth be told he hardly ever ate, keeping himself up and running with nutrient pills he developed so hunger wouldn't impeded his work. He pointed to an adjacent hallway where a stocked mess hall was. "You will have rooms at your disposal if you so choose, they are right next to the...kitchen" He muttered. The word not often used in his vernacular so it felt strange to say. The doctor seeming more perturbed the more he talked as if his thoughts were elsewhere. His fingers drumming consistently "Feel free to do as you like I suppose; if it's locked. Theres a reason for that." He said, pointing at Immie and Lunara "you two, come with me if you would. I need to do a physical on everyone present and add them to the registry, especially if you are going to be staying here. If any of you need me...wait I suppose" He said dismissively. The trio soon leaving, and giving the rest of the group the freedom to do as they wished. 
    • I wanna Know every form of Combat so I can have the biggest Body count to ever be achieved, sand you partially know 1 and are profeincent in the other. That seems good enough to me!”   He followed the senior to  the rock and stared him down with a vibriant Fire. If looks could kill his life would be in the most danger it had even been in. But they can’t leaving him either eh upper hand.
    • A smile, the curling of the lips to an upward position, a sign of revelry in their fascination of a superior culture. There would come a time when wars would not be fought with swords or arrows, but the sophistry of greater philosophy. Battled would not be won based on bloodshed and the strength of the sword arm, but by the beauty and elegance of the art of diplomacy. When that time finally came, Lothlorian was confident their people would rise to the top of the rabble in their rightful place. "Right this way" he said as he placed a golden hand gently upon the ornately carved oaken doors, the warm feeling of magic stirring inside the wood. No human could understand the complex enchantments placed upon the door, making it a solid fixture with no means of physically opening. All they would see was the glorious craftsmanship that created a picturesque landscape of a fantastical world beyond that of Valucre. Like the placid waters of a lake suddenly disturbed, ripples of rich golden energy emanated from the elven guide's hand, traveling all over the surface of the wooden art piece. It was then that the wood began to change into a liquid, and the door was now fully opened to the outside. With but a single step, Lothlorian was on the other side, his alien beauty now obscured by the gelatinous waters of the portal. Looking back, he smiled to them, and beckoned them forward with a motion of his hand. The Dream Lands of Aetherion were unlike anything they had ever known before in their own world, for these were the fleeting scenes of dreams that eluded one's memories and enticed the artistic mind of mortals. "Welcome, good people of House Kuei, to the Dream Lands. Very few humans are allowed into the inner sanctum of our people, but Gentle Breeze has deemed you worthy to see our most prized possession." His mother was an elf of unfathomable kindness, a kindness matched only by her beauty. Lothlorian was proud to be her son, for even as their family grew over the centuries, her love for her firstborn never faltered. It was for this reason that he would do anything for her, even give his own life if necessary. In the verdant wilds of the Dream Lands, the sweet smells of jasmine and myr were constant, but never overpowering. The energy of life was a vibrant, intoxicating presence in these tranquil spaces, where happiness and laughter ran rampant as the breeze. Much like the artwork they witnessed on the exterior, all that they saw appeared alien and unique, not truly part of the real world yet incredibly corporeal. Majestic trees of gold and silver shined playfully in a light that did not hurt ones eyes to look upon. Truly it appeared that nothing in this place wished harm towards them, for even the thorns of roses made from rubies would retract within themselves as someone's hand came close to them. "This is a place of peace and serenity" the elven prince explained, "we ask that you respect this place by leaving your weapons here, where they will be looked after by our attendants. It is by the tenets of our own religion that blood never be shed here, lest the terrible wrath of the sun, the moon and Valucre herself bring calamity upon us." Tenets, laws and decrees, all handed down from the divine lips of their deities, all so they may continue to live their idyllic lives. Golden elves in wispy robes of linen approached them, with gentle smiles and beautiful hair that seemed to shimmer like spun metal. Gently and non threateningly, they would take the weapons of those who would give them willingly, anyone who did not wish to give up their weapons, would be required to stay behind and be entertained personally by the attendants. When the disarming was complete, they would proceed through the Dream Lands until stopping at a massive table made of living wood. Etched upon this wood was the beautiful lettering of the elven language, the curving lines and docile structuring which told of wondrous stories for those who could read it. They sat on chairs of strong interwoven vines that seemed to stem from the table itself, their eating area designed to where no plates or bowls were needed, as the table had all they would require. More of the golden attendants came to direct the guests are where they would be seated, until at last Lothlorian sat at the right hand side of the largest and grandest of the chairs. "She will be here at any moment, my mother can sometimes get lost in the beauty of her own creations." At the sound of the wind rolling through the grass, the coming of the head of House Aetherion was announced, and through it, she had arrived, and with her came the essence of beauty itself. Standing just above six feet, she was a regal figure above the human standards of glory and majesty. Wearing brilliant threads of gold spun into a dress of other worldly elegance, it was a Celtic masterpiece that was only marred by the violet veils which obscured her face from sight. With grace equal to that of her namesake, she glided over to her seat from the west, a breathtaking apparition of something even greater, hidden in the cloth of her station. No human, no matter how high in status or of power, may look upon the face of the Chosen of the Gods, for it is their beauty that breaks the wills of lesser beings, a beauty as dangerous to look upon as the sun itself. As Gentle Breeze took her seat, her son leaned toward her, listening to the whispered words of their matriarch before relaying them back to their guests. Just as a human may never be allowed to gaze upon the beauty of the Chosen, so too must they never listen to the harmonic melodies of their voice. "My mother would like to thank you for your attendance here today. It is her solemn wish that we forge a friendship here today that will never be broken. To befriend house Aetherion is to invite a new age of prosperity upon your own people. For who better to befriend than an elf?" The attendants gave playful laughs to the jest, though one could not tell the expression upon the face of Gentle Breeze, given the layers of veiled cloth covering her face.
    • Kian knew full well that the situation of the people here was far from glamorous. When he'd first approached the fort as it was, it'd been one of the first things he'd noticed. There was money going into it, yeah, but what was the gain? It wasn't a whole new city, or trading settlement--more like a refugee camp with bigger walls. Whoever's coffers sat behind this establishment almost certainly couldn't have the depth to sustain the full staff, as well as keeping them well-supplied, as well as paying Kian and other similar mercenaries off. It just wasn't feasible. To this end, the grave robber knew almost as soon as the claim had been made that it had to be a bluff of some kind. Yet, despite the dubious nature of the claim, the glitter of gold was there. It was only a matter of getting it out of them. Regardless of his answer the two of them continued to talk, exchanging quick words on the situation at hand. Kian listened passively, and followed suit as they all scrambled into the tunnel. "Neither of you told me exactly what's going on in these warrens." He pointed out, following behind Tyrell and Brand. "What are we trying to do?" 'Do you know what these warrens are? Are they a grave of some sort?' Was a question he'd wanted to consider asking, but kept it to himself. He was a prospector with a shovel, after all. Thinking about the dead wouldn't suit him.