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    • Moshra had never seen such darkness personified. His entire being, but a shadow of will. Was it fear that shook in her bones even as she struck at him? It had to be; fear existed for those few to surpasa it's ensnaring grasp. She looked at him in all his terror and eldritch monstrosity with eyes of pure tenacity. There was a chance within us all to be good. Perhaps in learning defeat he would see power is not the key to greatness. Her shield searing the air with holy energy that only shown in the hearts of billions strong.  She saw into the mouth of destruction and corruption; seeing only purpose in her being "Face me demon and you face the light!"  She said, her shield colliding with his sword and erupting in a quaking blast of light and dark as though they were sheer forces of nature colliding. Her hair blowing back as she faced him with a heavenly gaze of pure determination. The snow burned away and leaving the mountain eroded against such pressure. Her shield blasting back against his sword and slamming into Dredge. The visage of an archangel behind her shield, ramming into him with a powerful shoulder bash. Every atrack seeming to be guided with silhouettes of heavenly paragons.  ---- Marigold could barely believe the power that was being exuded atop that mountain. The pressure felt even at this distance and making his skin crawl with unease. "Are we going to do something or just watch??' Rivana barked at him as she watched the battle as best as she could. "What can we do? This is beyond us my dear..." He said, racking his brain with plans as Rivana growled and punched the nearest tree. Fye looking toward the mountain with only silent concern. "Arashi..." She murmured with a fearful whimper. 
    • “He’s lying. I say we kill him and catch the next boat out of here.” Marishi knelt down and pulled out her tanto. Slowly. The ringing of steel obviously heard. She kneeled down so that her words would only be heard by him “Know when I say this that it is in full earnestly: You let us walk into something like that again, I’ll kill you. You awoke something in the dark. They can’t see it. They can’t feel it. But I can. A gift from one who killed me. Whatever it is that brought out of whatever hole it slept, your research better damn better be sure to procure a way to stop that … thing.” Marishi looked up and towards the northeast. There was a disturbance so great it could actively be seen malms away if one had the equipment or gift to see it. “No more half-truths or ‘I don’t know’. I could even leave you here to fend for yourself. I wouldn’t be overly concerned about being eaten though. You’ve been cooked too long.” Marishi stood up, sheathed her tanto and before moving her foot she ground her heel into the Scholars hand. She walked to the frightened and cowed Sharlayn’s. I sincerely hope you got the data you needed. Since it won’t be happening again. Put that crystal in the caravan. I’m sure our esteemed colleague would love a chance to inspect it.” Marishi strode to Rae and spoke quietly “I’m sorry Sunlight. I know you respect and love him very much. I didn’t want to put you into that position. But I can’t let anyone put you in harm’s way.” Marishi paused for several moments, fighting with herself on what she was to say next. She chose her words carefully “That man has an … distasteful quality about him and his flock. I can’t see the path in front of us. It is hidden. Be careful who you listen to and who you trust.” Marishi didn’t like the Scholar. She didn’t like his appearance, she didn’t like his verbiage, she didn’t like how he limped along. Jealousy. Thought Marishi. She resented him for having grown up with him. For having shared secrets with him. She hated how his words seemed to affect Rae so. Marishi let out a small “hmph” and turned to the caravan. “I suggest we take an alternate route. This way is impassible in our current situation. Might I suggest the way you ventured the first time?” Marishi said with a nasty tone in her voice. “Of course, I defer to the great knowledge of the leader of this expedition. Either way, we’ve wasted too much daylight as it is. Decide and start moving.”
    • Rae was briefly shocked once Marishi knocked into her, but she braced herself and helped stop the charge of the Pugil. As Marishi cut its life short, Rae heaved a sigh of relief. These monsters could take a beating, and that was mildly concerning. Before she could react, the Pugil was up again and coming at the Scholars, but Marishi disposed of it easily enough. "What in the Hells is going on with these beasts?!" Rae gasped. The other monsters watched as their kin were slaughtered and wisely kept a distance. Before Rae could stop her, Marishi had thrown Matiseau on the ground and stomped on his hand, causing him to gasp and cry out. He couldn't react fast enough to her movements. He squirmed and looked to Rae pleadingly for her to intervene, but she furrowed her brows and frowned. She looked torn between telling her wife to let him go, but also being concerned. If these monsters were going to be a problem from here on out, they'd need to know everything. "I-I-I don't know exactly why they're so strong," Matiseau stammered once he realized he wouldn't be saved from Rae. "Perhaps being exposed to the fluctuating levels of aether for so long has caused them to become more... durable and powerful. I didn't anticipate them to be so powerful. A group of us dispatched them easily enough earlier when we went north-northwest from the docks. H-had I known you would have been sorely contested..." Rae's left ear flicked at the suggestion that they were anything but mildly inconvenienced. "Matiseau, make no mistake. We aren't angry because we exerted a strenuous amount of effort into killing such lowly creatures. We are angry because the full scope of the situation was not told to us before we agreed to do this mission. In any place on Eorzea, those leeches would have shrivelled under the heat of my fire with one spell alone. They barely hindered their assault upon our team." She explained calmly. There were too many unknown things about this expedition. Rae was quickly losing faith with it. It appeared as if Matiseau sensed Rae's disheartened disposition and scrambled to find words to put her mind at ease. "I-I didn't--we had to find--to go soon so we needed-" he grimaced, realizing his mind was a mess. Having his hand crushed helped little. He took a moment to collect his thoughts and breathed deeply, his forehead pressed against the sand. "I didn't mean to insult you. I only thought that... when I said that we weren't able to fight the monsters we had engaged earlier, I thought it would have been interpreted by you as that the fiends here are not easily taken down and you'd be doing everything you could to fight them." "We can't very well expend our energies on the first set of monsters that cross our path," Rae answered, crossing her arms and frowning deeply. "So what you're saying is these creatures are stronger because of the aether. So they feed on it?" "Presumably so-" "What DO you know about this place, Matiseau?!" Rae barked. Matiseau cowered and the other scholars flinched at her elevated voice. There was a quiet moment before he answered. "I know that what happened on this island was horrible. I know that the Laboratory holds information on what exactly happened here, so we can work on reversing it and making this island safe to walk on again. We need this place so we can continue our studies. We're so close to a breakthrough..." "What about the concentrated aether flow that spawns stronger monsters?" Rae asked tersely. "Th-they are unpredictable on when they spawn, but there are set areas of where they happen," He answered earnestly. "With our goggles, however, we can see when that happens and we can warn you to stay away from them. Truthfully, only those monsters that spawn from the concentrated aether are a real threat to the likes of you and Marishi. We will be with you until the Cabin, at which point we will arm you both with these goggles and you can finish the trek towards the Laboratory." Rae mulled over the answer while tapping her chin. "What do you think, Marishi? The only issue we had with the monsters was that we expected them to die. I wasn't overly exerted. Plus, I worry. If the aether here is unstable, what if it creates a ripple towards Othard? I'm not too fond of the rest of the world getting affected by this problem." She looked to her partner, awaiting her to weigh in on the situation.
    • @supernal @LastLight @Old Man Jean The TES Bluebird was cruising low and slow, its sails full of fresh, tropical air, and its engines set to half-power. They were nearing the position of Amalia, a modest chain of islands off the coast of San Yara, though visibility was low due to the fluffy white cumulus clouds drifting below them. The air had warmed considerably since they had left Palgard to crawl along the Barnstable Coast, and it was mildly humid despite their position in the skies. The journey hadn't been long, only around a day and a half, and the crew and passengers were in good spirits. There had been no issues on the flight down, even though they had taken the longer route in order to avoid flying over Yh'mi, and the south provided beautiful sailing weather, with no tropical storms on the horizon or powerful air currents to rip their sails down. Deciding to take advantage of the fair weather, many of the crew members were doing their work on deck, and the sounds of humming and whistling and softly sung sea shanties filled the space with cheer.  Well, more accurately, most of the space was filled with cheer. There was a distinct pocket of the deck with a considerably more gloomy cloud hanging over it, and at the center of it all was Maya Zapatero. The Terran diplomat looked miserable as she gripped the railing with one hand, while the other hand was clenched around an open book. Although she had bound the pages down with little clips, the wind still caused ripples to appear on the paper, distorting the words she was so desperately trying to read. Maya knew it wasn't an ideal situation. Reviewing the material on Amalia would have been far easier in her private chambers, it was true, but the closed walls and rocking deck had stirred her stomach in an entirely ... unpleasant manner, especially while reading. She had spent the first eight hours of the flight bent over a bucket before one of the crew came and dragged her on deck. As the man had promised, the diplomat's airsickness had subsided enough that she hadn't vomited in hours, but her head was still filled with a vague, unsettling nausea. Maya hated flying. The effect of the ship's gentle rocking was amplified by her horns, whose weight caused her head to tilt her head back and forth with every wayward current. Still, there was something admirable about her commitment to the mission; even now, after emptying her stomach and sleeping very little, the diplomat was still trying to review the reference material on Amalia for the fifth time. She needed to know if there was something they weren't catching. After all, multiple scouting and diplomatic parties had entered the mysterious island in the recent past, and none of them had been even mildly successful. Capital had been wasted. People had been lost. And she, along with her party of military specialists, had been sent in to make sense of it all. She couldn't afford to miss a single detail. "Land ho!" a boy cried from the lookout tower, his eye squinting through a comically long spyglass. He waved the lens in the air a moment later in excitement, drawing the crew and its passengers toward the rail of the deck.  "Thank Gaia," Maya sighed, closing her book with a snap. In a few minutes, the green coast of Amalia would break through the cover of clouds, breaking up the landscape of blue and white they had grown accustomed to. The diplomat grinned a little as she watched the island come into focus, ultimately excited despite the very real danger surrounding this quest. She had been practicing her more obscure languages for a few weeks now, and was eager to put her knowledge to good use.     
    • Watching the luminous and pure light show that was Moshra, Dredge did not recoil. He only stood there and let her light push out and hit his armor where even the light itself visually repulsed back. Oozing outwards from the Stygian black and metallic armor a dark cloudy miasma of suffocating primordial fear, rage, and hatred grappled with the light of Moshra. It’s power and mere presence held ineffable suggestions of a vague and ethereal beyondess, far more evil and dark than this terrestrial world could produce. It gave appalling  reminders of the utter remoteness, separateness, desolation, and untrodden and unfathomed deaths of thousands of worlds. All it had sprung from Dredge and it battled it with each push and pull to do more than just claw its way towards Moshra.    ”But I like it here in the dark. It’s so much more liberating.” He said with a fang filled smile.   Their auras had met at the center of the distance between them. Dredge’s inky and ethereal darkness, and Moshra’s angelic light. There were no more words to exchange, no more witty banter to be had before the start of the fight. With a firm grip on his bastard sword, it’s hollow and empty eyes and blade light up with fire. Dripping from the snake and fang filled maw of his sword’s elegantly designed hilt was the red and burning lava that seemed almost to salivate in anticipation of the coming kill. The nexus and sword itself wished to be fed the blood of a true hero. With each drip, the ground hissed and cracked. It was time.    With almost a flash of movement, Dredge augmented his speed and closed the distance between them. The first strike was his. Coming down with an overhead strike downwards with enough force and power to split the woman in two, Dredge was hoping that she’d put up a real fight and not be slain by the first move. While he didn’t pull and punches and each swing of the sword had the intent to kill, he didn’t want things to end so quickly.