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      The birthplace of magitech and home to savage wilds and cities of monsters, Terrenus marries elements of fantasy and science fiction. It is ruled by Odin Haze, king to the people and Saint of Gaianism. Use this board to find information on artifacts, quests, bounties, and more.

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    • Yvonne was a dark haired halfling, barely four feet tall. She wore a cheap burgundy dress and had her nappy hair tied up in a aggressive knots that seemed to pull at her scalp. She had wide, dark brown eyes and a tan pigment, making her seem like a native to any unnamed island you could name at the top of your head. Across her shoulder she carried a large punch almost her own size which unwanted bits and pieces from people who didn't care about scraps, to her great confusion. But she never lingered too long on the strange habits of the chatty tall people who towered like the highest mountain, for the never gave her much if a second glance.  Now today was the day that Yvonne finally got to open her own shop, or stall, she should say. It was the tiniest one, which would probably get anyone into a fit, but as long as she could maneuver without much trouble, the young half Ling didn't give two cents. She shuffled quickly towards the marketplace, seemingly unaware of the weight of the pack on her back. That was because she'd worked long years, since she was barely seven, at a farm, laboring for little food or money. Now since she was seventeen, and she'd grown from being a shy little girl to a sassy and sarcastic adolescent, she lived on her own and this was a very good way to make ends meet, running her own loot shop.  Yvonne didn't think too much about how if no one wanted the scraps people discarded, why would anyone else want to buy them? She just thought about the coins that'd flow through her fingers, a dream that would most likely not come true in this tale.  The young halfling was making her way, passing a tavern, when suddenly she felt a kick to her side, not even a hard one, and with the weight of the load she tumbled over. A roar of laughter came from the crowd as her items spilled from the pack, causing her face to reddened, but for the wrong reason; she didn't want anyone to get jealous and steal her glorious loot. A young boy tried to come over and help her, but she gnashed her teeth and growled, "Back up, get from my things, you street urchin! Find your own wealth!" She snatched a handful of silver trinkets from his hands and gathered the rest up, running away as some things spilled from her hands.  When she was safely hidden behind the tavern, Yvonne slouched against the wall, exhausted. She stared up at the sky in wonder. Then her stomach growled. Groaning, she reached into a secret pocket and fished out the few coins she had, which she hoped would amount to enough for her to eat. Right now she lived with a friend so she didn't have to worry about boarding.  Yvonne hid her pack in the small wooded area behind the tavern and went around, stepping inside. She was short enough to not be noticed but maybe if someone saw her they'd be surprised by the state if her ragged clothes, which she didn't care about. She kept her eyes on the ground and walked towards a table, barely reaching the table enough to rest her arms on. She sighed and when the servant lady came, she muttered, "Anything worth this is fine..." The sounds of a small amount of coins dropping on a table could be heard around the tavern. There was a brief silence as people stared at her and then laughter erupted. Yvonne buried her head in her arms the tips of her ears reddened, as the server said something about `only a sip of wine and some bread' and left. 
    • As of late, the Doctor's favorite Vampire of the house had been scarce. No doubt carrying out more important details and recon pertinent to their Master's bidding. Though on this even he had returned, and while he was lurking in the shadows for his moment to drop in on the Doctor for another one of his mischievous pranks, it would seem she had already done herself the favor of practically incapacitating herself. It was only a brief moment after she crashed into the floor, the draw in tow. The smell of her blood leaking from her nose was intoxicating to say the least. Several a night by now had been spent wondering what she tasted like. Perhaps now was the time, today was the day! From the looks of her she was on the way out anyway, surely he could convince the Master that she had committed some sort of suicide, in which he felt like drinking her before she died completely would be such a genuine waste of resources. Then of course came the subtle thought of turning her officially into one of them. Stepping up before her he knelt down beside her in her shocked state. Depending on just how lucid she was, perhaps she'd even mistake Alistair for a hallucination.  "It would seem that I have returned to you in a time where you need me most. There there now dear, relax. I'll take good care of you." He spoke as he grasped the shot of adrenaline from the floor just beyond her reach. He hesitated only long enough to consider the application of his blood instead of this shot, for certainly his blood was a better substitute than this mundane chemical. Alas, he respected the human's state, as well as his Master's wishes. If the adrenaline didn't serve to revive her, then he would go along with his methods of saving her. Pulling the protective sleeve from the syringe, Alistair delicately pushed the needle into her skin. Slowly he pushed the plunger all the way down, releasing the adrenaline into her blood stream. Discarding the syringe just after, he sat on the ground and rolled her over, into his arm. With the support one might expect from a father or a lover, he held her gingerly and stroked her hair with his caress.  "Come on back, I'm waiting." @DarkHorse
    • Constans swept light across the room as he walked to its center, smiling at Ioreth's quip as he knelt down to scoop up a handful of rotten wood. Kneeling made his stomach feel better, and as he lingered for a moment in reprieve he thought of his own church, itself already quite ruined. Yet still, his faith was surrounded by life. If this old church had once served a god, Constans knew it must be a long forgotten one, for in his studies he had never seen designs or secret symbols that matched the ones Ioreth was inspecting. He stood slowly, puzzling over the room and touching his fingers to his abdomen, prodding around to feel the source of his discomfort.  The source of his discomfort prodded back. Constans' eyes widened, and he gave a furtive glance to make sure Ioreth was too distracted to notice him explore further. He pressed against himself again, and felt a horrifying sense of movement in his stomach. He wasn't sure how much longer he could attribute this to indigestion, but when he opened his mouth to say something about it he heard the clattering sound of bone hitting the stone floor and found himself distracted from what was, after all, just a bit of a scary stomachache.  Constans crossed the room hoping his forward lean wasn't too conspicuous. Looming over Ioreth's shoulder, he saw another long pathway, curved this time. Ancient wall sconces held more rotten wood-- torches, once-- and etched into the stone on the walls were surprisingly adept pictographs of humanoid figures arranged into a sort of religious dance. The first had the dancer crouched low, then on the next he seemed to leap up. There were more, but they were spaced out unevenly and continued around the bend.  "There's something wrong with the shadows." it wasn't just here, it was everywhere he looked. In the first room it had been easier to ignore. After all, there were things here and there around the room which could, if you didn't think too much, be the cause of the strange shadows. In this hallway, there were no such excuses. Even though there was nothing before them except open air, his green light seemed to cast upright shadows that would be there one moment only to disappear after the next flicker of his inconsistent eyes. He caught one, a tall shape jumping halfway down the path, and gasped.  "They're people." he whispered, "There are people everywhere in here. Look!" he said, pointing to a shadow on the wall just ahead of them. The shadow was of a man on all fours, skittering away. Constans' light blinked, and when it returned the shadow was gone.  "Why are they moving like that?"    @KittyvonCupcake
    • Jester chuckled silently from the shadows. This was going exceedingly well. Then Joker fell to his knees. That blood was no good. He had to keep Joker safe. He had never done what he was about to try but he figured it was worth a shot. He concentrated on Joker's body and protecting it. Shadows started to crawl up Joker's body mixing with the air element around him and hardening into armor as it climbed his body. When the shadows stopped climbing Joker looked as if he was wearing a set of full plate armor made entirely out of shadows. The armor was almost a see through, like a black mesh, it also weighed nothing. A drop of sweat formed on Jester's forehead. This was taking a lot of concentration. He sent the clones in to start destroy the Djinn, the thousands of cuts from each leaving streaks of dark ichor flying through the air. Once the Djinn was sufficiently weakened Jester had two of his clones grab his arms and hold them back behind the Djinn's back, the third one took one vicious slash across the Djinn's stomach slicing through and spilling his guts onto the ground. The third clone jumped back and turned to Joker. "It's time to finish this Joker. We have to leave."
    • With a few moments of breathing room, Tharr had successfully rid his wings of the flames. With them shredded and charred, they swiftly retreated to his backside. With a heavy exhale releasing from his nares, the attention was diverted back to the fray. "No apologies necessary, as your defeat is nigh." The proud beast retorted, opening his maw to let out the ear splitting screech of an eagle. This would transition into the fearsome roar of a lion and Tharraleos would assume a readied stance, eyes flashing thrice. The ever powerful dragon had illuminated his scales and sent an earth shattering stomp to the ground. Raising a leg of his own, Tharr would send a precise tremor towards the very same thing that was heading his way. This would split the incoming crevice and send it to each of his sides, preventing the unbalance. While it didn't impede the Griff like expected, Zoburiss did accomplish creating a diversion somewhat. The reptile was already airborne by the time a sufficient reaction was formulated. Rearing his arms back, one final construct was forged. 8 feet in length, the Pompous Polearm would be the weapon to end this. With a broad frontal axe blade, rear crescent hook and top mounted dagger, this halberd was an incredibly versatile weapon. It would be the 2 foot spike that aimed for the dragon's heart as it was plunged forth. Given the 7 reserves and almost all of his strength designated to the strike, this would very likely break through his hide and pierce his most vital organ. There was the chance, however, Zob would connect his assault before he was given the chance. Dealing with that fissure initially had deprived those crucial few seconds that could determine victory or defeat. This skirmish was thoroughly enjoyable, and if this was the conclusion, Tharr would be content no matter the victor. @FirePenguinDiscoPanda