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    • Grant spotted Giliam approaching from the snack bar and decided to run out to meet him halfway. The dark-skinned youth was the quietest out of his brothers, and probably the smartest if all the studying he did was any indication. At the very least he seemed to be the most insightful of them. Giliam had been the first to realize that he was dating Delphine, but had sworn to keep it a secret until the time came. The shared secret seemed to strengthen the bond between the two of them. He often asked Grant's advice when his studies turned to matters of warfare and tactics. Indeed, it was this newfound closeness that enabled the eldest Knight to see that something had been troubling the boy. He didn't know how to ask, and Giliam hadn't said anything, so he had just let the matter lie. Still, he couldn't help but worry for his brother. He knew how much pain self-doubt could cause. Falling into step beside the boy, Grant smiled down at him, "Hey Gil. You having a good time?" @Malintzin
    • For a moment Iblis was too stunned to respond in any meaningful way as the elf pressed her lips against his. Then he began to return the kiss as though it were the most natural thing in the world. Except it wasn't. He was not mortal, despite the form he took. Logically there was no reason why he should enjoy this, the scent of her, the touch of her skin. But he did, and if he wasn't so focused on the moment he might have been disturbed by how much he wanted her. When she pulled away he felt a pang of disappointment, along with a slight chill upon his lips. Sorry… Iblis are you sure you want to be with me? Bonded? Because if you do, then--nevermind, I'm sure father just told me that to scare me. Something akin to a growl escaped his throat, and he pulled her close to him. The Djinn still wasn't entirely sure what was happening, how it was that he was feeling this way about Claudette. Everything in him urged him to go further, to take her here and now. But something in her gaze told him that there was something that was worrying her as well. He brought a hand up to caress her face, looking into her eyes. "You needn't keep any secrets from me. And I will keep none from you." Utter sincerity. Iblis had made many oaths in the past, but none with as much passion and honesty as this one.    
    • Claudette remained silent for a moment. Though he had asked, she decided to be a bit forceful and kissed him passionately. She decided to take the first step. For the moment anyways. As she kissed him, something dark awoke in her.  Something sealed within her by her own father. As she was made as a weapon to keep Talia intacted, but here in this room none of that mattered now. Claudette continued to kiss him for a minute more before breaking free and breathing a bit hard. Looking down, she blushed.  Sorry… Claudette breathed a bit raspy. However, that dark feeling within her didn't go away. Iblis would however feel a chill from her kiss. The ice princess bit her lip, trying not to let this strange darkness bother her at the moment. Though from her reading, it would come to pass once she found someone to be with.  Iblis are you sure you want to be with me? Bonded? Because if you do, then--nevermind, I'm sure father just told me that to scare me. Claudette shook her head as she let that thought scatter. But it remained in the back of her head. The ice princess looked down still, as she remained lost in other thoughts now. Still a bit not sure why she was here. But she didn't move from her spot. 
    • It was mostly all a blur to Glee how he ended up from one side of the ship to the next, even more so a blur watching him leap from the ropes, than back down to manage any sails that weren't tight, then back to any part of the ship that called to him. Overall Glee was quiet for a few long hours until he had a feel for the ship and the storm. "BRACE!" He shouted out as the waves would come and attempt to slam into the side, threatening to tumble anyone or anything loose.  "Come on ya ole tug, I wanna see that devilish side of ya." Glee was chuckling as he spoke, eager to be off solid ground. His hand would come to the solid frame of the wood, caressing the ship from time to time with rubs or pats. He was energetic to be out in the storm. "Birc haf viplyv sulvw, wmas hafr ofrh!" The devil cursed out the storm itself laughing again in defiance of nature. "Sharpen up boys, that storm ain't getting any lighter. If you're idle, and by the hells you better not be, secure the deck and bellow. You'd be daft to think there won't be any damn barrels not rolling in this roil."  Glee chuckled again, delight filling him as the storm was not showing signs of stopping. "This is where the fun starts." He muttered to himself. Glee had took off towards the ropes again, climbing up the rigging to get a better look of the storm, the waters and anything that might be lurking below. His biggest concern was anyone falling off.  The sound of someone hurling broke his focus as his gaze turned to M'yr. It was no surprise. "Aye, chum the waters boy not the ship. No need to have this ole gal messy and mad." Glee turned back to look over most of the crew, "Someone get this deck cleaned damn ya, be tripping over this if we aren't careful!" Glee took in a good look over the rail, they were not alone out here. The waters forebode the fate of anyone careless enough to tip overboard. A rescue would have to be swift if one was to be launched. "Feet planted lads! Waters aren't clear out there, got ourselves a pack of something in there. Keep your brother and to him keep you." Glee descended from his hold on the ropes, dropping back on deck. He was heading for some crewmen that were trying to lock down some crates and barrels that were starting to rock and shift. The devil was spending most of his time on the trip trying to sharpen up with the crew where it was needed. "Easy does it lads, I'll hold em steady you tie em down."  Around Glee there was heat starting to rise, his body was pumping blood at a faster interval generating more heat. It was noticeable to anyone close enough to him. He was overjoyed to be on the sea again, that was translating to his body and generating more blood flow which in turn made his body project heat. It had felt like any other day in a bad storm. Glee had to remember from time to time this was not his ship only that he was a passenger on it. The way he moved and the way he acted reflected to markings of his old title as former Captain of many a ship. Nary a time Glee caught himself before breaking into a song. It was the realization that these men were not his crew nor was this his ship that stopped him each time. It brought back memories being on the ship, not bad, but memories of the crew, the ship he captained, the storms he'd been caught in...before he witnessed them betray him, maroon him, than become demons infected by an ore native to this land. It was enough to make Glee want nothing more than to leave on his ship, which was now commandeered by his second in command, somewhere in the sky. It brought him rage thinking about it each time, remembering he had been land locked and had little chance of making it back up there, nothing less than doing mercenary work or stealing an airship would get him back up there.  Glee looked around to the others on board the ship, the ones he would be working with soon enough. Part of him wanted to get to know these people for the sake of having to work together but for now, Glee wanted more so to run the ship as he had before. Though he was not the captain, Glee barked out and ran from one point to another working with the crew, securing the ship and helping where it was needed like he owned the ship.
    • Elekteri gave a nod and headed out with cameras in hand. He affixed in various areas around the terminal, checking to ensure they wouldn't be easily noticed while still providing an ample viewing angle. It proved simple enough to balance stealthy placement and high visibility, though remaining inconspicuous proved more difficult. The droid constantly looked over his shoulder as he worked, hoping that passersby wouldn't notice what he was doing and make a fuss about it. He was surprised that no one seemed to take notice, like they all had personal matters that were more pressing than discerning why the strange robot was planting small black gadgets in specific places. The last was put in place, and Elekteri headed for secluded bit of alleyway and pulled out his crystal.  "Cameras are placed and active. Awaiting further instruction."
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