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    • From upstairs the feeling only grew stronger and stronger..this is what the wolf had been hiding back. He was swift, moving around at different angles. Causing panic in the younger elf. This was necessary for him to feel this fear and to overcome it. His claws out, he dashed forwards. There was a cold feeling along his chest. Blood..he was bleeding..this was not good. Aldorto branded his knife and tried to keep his eyes and ears honed to what was in the dark. There was a fast dash again, Aldorto moved away. Something was pulling at him, urging him to move faster, move by using a lot of his own power. Panic was not there, there was only a feeling like a storm in him that was growing stronger. The noise was loud from the sound of the dark figure snarling and growling heavily as he dashed. The room was getting thrashed. Aldorto let out the werewolf to fight this dark 'thing' that was running about. Makiel wrapped his legs around Kalmuli. His tongue played around with hers before pulling her closer to him. "I can think of some things..but mostly I'm enjoying having you close right now." The wanderer felt a strong connection with the elf for the moment. His breath was shallow as he connected his legs around her. "Show me how much you'll miss me."  There was far more power in him, his strength, at least mentally, was solid. He even had a bit of a shine in his eyes. Makiel's legs were tight around Kalmuli's waist, not wanting to let her go. His arms moved to run along her back and her hair. 
    • As Ashelewyn cast aside his gaiety, the flippant resonance of his voice now drawn taut, Eleri responded to the abrupt severity with a subtle frown of her own. Cresting waves rippled around him as he neared her on the stream's bank, barely obscuring the suggestive silhouette of his figure just below the surface. Their eyes locked, baring upon one another as if engaging in a game of willpower, each daring the other to turn away first. Or perhaps it were only Eleri who'd seen it that way, her tenuous pride bloated enough to even recognize the challenge.  The edge of his words stung her more than she'd care to admit, propagated by the icy bite of his spectral gaze. But with easy indifference he emerged from the water, prompting Eleri to shun her head away and bite her lower lip, cross with his carefree deposition. She remained at the stream's edge, unmoved from her original position as she mulled over the bitter advice he felt inclined to share.  This kind of thing was exactly why she avoided working in groups. Borders were often crossed, bristling with tension and eventually leading to hapless bickering. It seemed easier to just call it quits and resign herself to a lifetime of bleak solitude than to deal with such frivolity. In fact, she began to consider how long it would take to make the trek back to town, where her horse and packs were waiting at the stables, paid by what little coin she had left to spare. The path back was fairly straightforward now that she'd recovered her bearings, and even with the relentless thrashing of her aching head, she'd make it back with plenty of time to spare. It's not like she had committed a grievous amount of time to this endeavor anyway; Eleri happened to be in the area and blithe curiosity was the only motivator that had encouraged her to seek him out. There was absolutely nothing obligating her to stay.  But gods, only if his poignant prejudice hadn't irked her so. Pivoting around with a less than graceful twirl, she circled to his anterior with no visible cognizance to his revealing visage. "Why yes, master," she mocked with a swooping bow, "I'll do as you bid as it offends you so, but not before we set the record straight." She pulled up with barely half of an arm's reach away, her armored and much shorter frame a comical contrast to his tall and nude one.  "First off, you're not the first, nor will you ever be remotely close to being the last naked man I'll ever set my eyes upon. I'm not some dewy eyed virgin getting her first whiff of a cock waggled before her nose. I thank you for the find demonstration, by the way," she quipped, gesturing with a pointed hand to his manhood without a glance. "But there are some things I'd prefer to not overly familiarize myself with." Accentuating the gravity of her words with the expressive quirk of her brows, Eleri licked her drying lips before continuing. "And no, don't get me wrong. Just because I'd rather not set my eyes on your cock doesn't mean I won't be there to cup your balls to staunch the bleeding when a goblin gnaws one of your precious ornaments off. Hell, I'd pull your own dick out of your arse if it came down to it. But the way I see it, this," she said, mimicking the same gesture he had made in regard to their surroundings. "This isn't a state of emergency. Not anymore, not now."  With a pause, Eleri sighed to ease her taxed lungs, consciously honing the rough edge of her tone. "That brings me to my second point," she began, her eyes flicking down at his bare chest and realizing for the first time their dangerous proximity. But there was no backing down now. With a soft flutter of her eyelashes, she peered up at him once more, making an attempt to seem more brazen than she actually felt.  "I think it's only fair, as potential partners, to define some boundaries to be respected outside of the more... dire situations. It's about..." She she bit her lower lip, eyes shifting up to the side just as Crysta flitted into view, searching for the right word to say. "Communication." She returned her gaze to him, nodding as if to affirm the choice. "Communication and give and take. Cooperation. If we're going to work with one another, we need to be on the same page... Right?" The last line of her lecture seemed more directed at herself, uncertainty crinkling the corner of her eyes as her nostrils flared. This whole ordeal was beyond her. There had been a perfectly good reason she worked alone. "Bah! Hell if I know!" In a whirl of frustration, she snapped away and returned to the stream's edge, struggling to unbuckle the straps that secured her armor as frustration magnified the difficulty of what was otherwise a fairly simple task. "Look, do what you want, okay? After all, what do I know? I'm just some greenhorn wannabe-adventurer who obviously has no idea how to survive in wilderness by myself, let alone work with someone else who I'll just drag down with me." With the final plate of metal falling away with a heavy clatter, Eleri practically tore her clothes free and tossed them aside into the same haphazard pile as her armor, donning only the gauzy ivory camisole she wore beneath, with a pair of dark mismatched knickers to veil her virtue. If the stream had been any deeper, she might've dived right into its chilly depths with a poised lunge, anything to escape the elf's gaze. But, with one head-injury more than sufficient to endure for the day, she plodded in, an involuntary squeak escaping her lips as the cold breached her threshold. Yet, she pressed on and ventured as deep as she could, the water peaking just below her breasts. Eleri inhaled sharply to fill her lungs before ducking before the surface, her loose ash-brunette waves resisting against the water's tension before finally succumbing to the depths below with the rest of her. She didn't realize how flustered her outburst had made her until that moment, hot cheeks prickling against the cold of the stream. Although the woman seriously contemplated remaining below the surface as long as possible to avoid the ranger, the wound to her head threatened to lapse the longer she held her breath. A short lived escape, she bubbled to the surface and gasped lightly, black spots flickering in her vision briefly before dissipating. Gingerly, she stroked her hair and ear clean, soaking the side of her head to wash away the grime though it were stubborn and resisted her careful method. Pain flared from the wound as she skimmed the tender skin a touch too rough, and she hissed in response with a visible wince.  "Fuck, that hurts."
    • Kalmuli let out a long exhale but jerked her head up when she heard the hiss past his lips. She furrowed her brow. "Sword? Geez, Makiel..."She said, shifting over and letting her legs settle on either side of him so he had a bit of support. She ran her fingers through his hair, grooming and taking care of him while he sat soaking. "And of course...not having that luxury to prance around in the nude can be frustrating. I'm used to being able to do whatever I wanted but for most of a year now I'm stuck in corsets and heels..."She said, bringing her hands to his shoulders, scooping a bit of water first so she could rub his shoulders. She pushed the pads of her fingers along his neck and running it along the vertebrae. "And not the ones I use usually..." Her hands slid along his shoulders. "Of course, if you stay longer that may change. Even tonight."She said with a soft laugh.  Plume turned her back to look out the guest room window. She could see the sight of the cliffs here and that kept her preoccupied for a time until his pants were on.  She turned back around when she heard him giggling. "Oh...Oh not like that! Oh no!"Plume said, shaking her head and blushing. "Oh no just seeing to any requests that you have such as taking care of the laundry, food and the like. I'm a handmaid." Plume tried to calm herself down but her face wouldn't stop from turning red. "I...well...hmm, I don't have much. My instructions today were to watch over you and take care of you. Though I had an errand or two that I was supposed to run before I was told."She said, reaching into her apron and pulling out a small list. "Let's see...The Queen needed some things in town. Parchment paper, ink, a few books she ordered and a...hmm...something she ordered from a carpenter."
    • She brushed Damien's snide comment aside as she would with a fly that pestered her. Cariella had noticed the souls swirling within him which surprised her, such a young creature had a lot of power but it was unfocused and in turn, dangerous. This child posed no threat to her but she did want to find out more about him. That could wait though, until after the dust settled from the upcoming battle.  Cariella turned from Damien to look at Master Leinhart and she let out a small chuckle. "Indeed, but what kind of assassin would I be if I didn't inquire into my employer." Truth be told, Cariella didn't care so much about where his army came from as she did making sure that any undead abominations within the legion made it back to the Spirit Realm. Part of her job as a Reaper meant that she needed to keep an eye on any souls that may have escaped and made it back to the realm of the living.  She liked the idea of working with Choisel House but her loyalties would always remain with the Keeper. Even though she was dead, the Keeper granted her back her soul when she entered into his employment, but he could rip it out of her if she disobeyed his wishes. Crossing the Keeper meant she would spend eternity swimming in the well of souls, aimlessly swimming around and around with no end in sight. Or, more likely, she would end up in the cold, dark prison where the souls of the worst criminals were tortured for their crimes. The screams of those souls echo through the Spirit Realm and provided an odd comfort. Cariella made a note to discuss Leinhart's offer when she made it back to the Spirit Realm.  Cariella pulled out her small pocket watch and glanced at it, unlike a normal watch, this one showed how much longer she had in her corporeal form. She had about 2 days. As she was musing she watched the Skeletal Reapers cut through the forest, they were quite useful even if their scythe work wasn't as graceful as a real Reaper.  No sooner had they cut through the trees then Cariella felt the ground rumble as if some large creature was awaking in its den. Then she heard the roaring voice echo through over the land.  "Well it sounds as though we are approaching our destination. Do you have a plan for taking this creature down? Or would you prefer taking it alive?"   
    • Makiel chuckled, he was nearly finished with the bit of his work. "Keep making sounds like that the staff is going to believe this is more then a bath..sssss" He hissed taking a breath in as there was a pain shooting into his muscles. "Rrrr..must have over did..something...might have been the sword trying to crush my arm..." Once Makiel finished her legs, he pulled back sitting back against the tub.  "You're just upset you can't go without...err...clothing.." Makiel sat back, his body still looked a bit drained, even with the bit of mana he received. The huge void that Salvine had of magic was hard to recreate. It would take days to adjust.  His body needed a soak and some rest..for now he would relax and accept the soak. Lenix dryed off the rest of the way. He handed off the towel to the lady with him. He began undressing, on the spot. he handed off his pants before turning his back to the woman. "Caring for me? Hehehe.." There was a joke there he dared not tell. He undressed fully, slipping down bare then swapping into the breeches. "So What does that entail usually?" It was a curiosity to see what she went through on a basis. "Anything else..hmmm....I can't think of anything." Lenix slipped into the shirt before turning about to face the lady that was with him. "Soo..is there anything I can help you with while I'm waiting? Anything you need while you have the time?" There wasn't much he did with idle time, anything was better then sitting around.