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    • Arthur’s eyes rolled slightly at his opponent’s words. The Master Knight was a cocky son of a bitch indeed. The mage would see the man humbled in this friendly sparring match, making words a useless distraction as the mutant prepared to fight. Saying nothing, Arthur maintained his bouncing lead leg stance, moving towards James until the knight began to move laterally. With the knight circling to his left, the black mage came to an abrupt halt, and stayed in place as his feet moved subtly to the right so that the other man couldn’t flank him. He kept his sharp eyes on his opponent, reserving his explosive movement and power for a counter.  When James turned and lunged towards him, Arthur burst into swift and decisive action. His bouncing lead leg returned to the ground, shifting his weight there as the mage’s left leg took a diagonal stride forward and to the left. Immediately, Arthur’s right leg slid behind his left leg in a clockwise rotation, completing his own circling motion to the left (James’ right) as the master knight attempted to get as close as possible. The mutant’s quick footwork accomplished two things simultaneously. It allowed Arthur to circle off to the left like a matador, positioning the mage somewhere between James’ 1 and 2 o’ clock while the Master Knight advanced on  Arthur’s original position. Meanwhile, it also allowed the mage to transition from a southpaw to orthodox stance, bringing his left hand very close to the opening on the right side of his opponent’s face. As Arthur slid his right leg behind his left, the mutant skillfully twisted his hips, turning his lower body from left to right as Arthur fired off a check hook at his advancing opponent. With his left arm up in a protective position, the master knight covered his face well. However, from Arthur’s new vantage, James was open to strikes that traveled over his right shoulder, especially with his hand held so low. If Arthur’s aim proved true, his enclosed fist would tense near impact as he attempted to drive his fist into James’ right cheekbone in an explosive first salvo. @Fierach
    • " What the hell- You should've told me you idiot! " Houghton pushed himself up off the ground as he booked it to the nearest cover, a simple tree with a few shards of the grenade stuck within it.  He slid behind the tree, he took the grenade from his cloak which hadn't blown surprisingly and grasped it in his metallic hand.  He repeated Phil's process but faster, throwing the pin and pulling the lever almost immediately.  He hesitated for a second, something floated in his mind yet not wasn't the time for it.  So he threw the grenade in the same general direction, curling his arm as he threw it far.
    • As trade and the exchange of goods and services became commonplace, commercial centres were required for people to congregate to show off their wares. The first unofficial market was founded several blocks inland from the coast. Roofed structures were supported by bamboo or wooden pillars, forming several stalls which lined the streets. Some were connected directly to houses which served doubly as housing for the store owners as well as storage. Goods in high demand quickly took over the busy market streets, which began to sell mostly food items, electrical appliances and clothing. It was hard to imagine that this place was once a barren grassland. For the first time in a long while, the atmosphere of Herograd seemed to be making a return.
    • The cave entrance was just barely large enough for the badger to fit in. Upon noticing the webs, he immediately opted to leave his warhammer outside. "What?!" he cried incredulously at Toad's request. "How?!" Scrambling forward, Lisandro flashed a palm with five deceptively sharp claws sticking out through the fingertips of his gauntlets. With a fierce slash, he dug his claws into the side of the webs which restrained Toad. It was unlikely that he would get the web off, but it would at the very least disconnect him from the wall, preventing further entanglement. "What now?" @Mickey Flash
    • Tharun took the little pot of curry gratefully, winding the noodles around a little wooden fork as they hustled through the town towards the docks. He took a moment to try and recall what, if anything he'd been taught about Bi'le'ah. It wasn't often something from outside the Arcology mattered much to the lower reaches of Absalom, but he was sure he'd been taught something about it. Something about magic going wild there? Ah! Yes, that was it! "It was the site of a battle, right? One that ended with the city being lost to chaotic magic. I remember hearing about the evacuation and recovery efforts a while ago." He paused to take another bite of his curry. "So that's where we're going? Just the two of us or are we meeting more along the way?
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