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    • Well, this was excellent timing. Thurgood and Aveline had just gotten back from Andelusia with a bunch of shots of paperwork and key profiles from the City Guard post to sift through and reproduce, and John set up some interviews with potential new key members, and as a part of this unnamed crime organization, he feels he needs to be a part of the process as well. So, with the drone of a diesel engine he announces his presence at the Hydra's Head Tavern. Thurgood steps out of the cab wearing his normal gray jeans, boots, and his black Mil Dot polo. Nigel directs him to John's office where he sits and waits for now, taking a long dring of a plastic watter bottle with "METHANOL" in large letters on it with a skull-and-crossbones symbol to warn those without a tolerance and biological resistance to this simple alcohol to not drink it. If John does bring up his ideas for names, Thurgood definitely has a view on the matter: without a name, this organization DOES NOT EXIST.
    • "I said turn back," Rae screeched, tugging on Fenrir's mane. He ignored her, however. He knew there was no way he'd be able to reach Marishi and get out of the blast. He could sense Alexander's grip on time was slipping too quickly. "GO BACK! MARISHI IS STILL THERE!" Rae screamed again, desperately trying to get Fenrir to obey, but still he did not. If he wasn't going to take her down, she'd go herself. At least she wouldn't have to live without Marishi that way. As she went to throw herself off his back, Fenrir bent his forelegs, pinning his elbows back and trapping Rae's legs around him. Another screech from her ranging his ears, but he ignored the slapping of her hands and punching of her fists on his shoulders. They were weak, anyways. "Both of you need not be martyrs." Fenrir told her flatly, but Rae struggled on, trying to free herself from Fenrir's hold. Sobs escaped her lips as she watch the dome around the battlefield drop and the explosions set in. She heard the scream of soldiers become drowned in the roar of the explosions. She struggled to hear Marishi, but could not. As Fenrir spoke, Rae howled in agony, feeling every bit of her being break. "What was the point?!" She cried, throwing herself onto Fenrir's back, burying herself in his mane as hot, burning tears streaked down her purple-veined face. With the cast completed, Bahamut vanished into the sky and the spare aether he held was returned to Rae. "Why come back in time?! Why come here and be stuck on this planet?! I just wanted to save Marishi! I only want her alive! Altana, please! Rhalgr, Nophica, Althyk, Nald, Thal, Azeyma, Byregot, Oshcon, Llymlaen, Thaliak, Nymeia, Menphina, Halone... anyone! Please! Don't forsake us! Don't abandon me!" "The gods and goddesses will not bent to heel to one who will not choose," Fenrir advised as he landed, his yellow eye looking back to gaze at her. "Altana listens and watches. Believe in her, for she has not abandoned you." Rae dropped from Fenrir's back and landed heavily in the snow. By then, her body was reverting back to normal. Her canines shrank, the veins of purple smoothed onto her skin, the colour returning to it. Her blood-red hair returned to the same copper-hue it was before and her eyes reverted to green, but the golden circle around her pupils remained. She looked fatigued, but she got to her feet when Kagero, Tenzen, and Gilgamesh turned to her and welcomed her, despite her being the sole reason Marishi was dead. She wrapped her arms around Kagero, clutching her and sobbing into her shoulder while Tenzen and Gilgamesh hugged her as well, offering support. No moment was spared them before Rae's eyes snapped open. The fireball that drew nearer caught her attention and she moved away from the group. Quizzical gazes were given to her before she staggered forward, tripping in the piles of snow and falling to her hands and knees just as the flame descended, landing before them to reveal Marishi's slumbering body. Rae moved quicker, strength renewed upon seeing the perfectly preserved body of her wife. Tendrils of steam radiated from her body, making it impossible for Rae to judge based off sight alone if she was still breathing. Rae was at her side in an instant and she fell to her knees, then leaned down, pressing her left ear to Marishi's chest. The steady, soothing beat of her heart could be heard clearly as well as her relaxed breathing. Tears flowed again, this time of relief as she closed her eyes and exhaled, her whole body visibly dropping all the weight she bore. Any fear, any stress, any worry was gone as she listened to the rhythmic beat of her wife's heart. "She lives." She sobbed happily. Behind her, Kagero and Tenzen smiled, gathering each other up in an embrace as tears flowed. Gilgamesh smiled broadly while tears formed in his eyes as well. Rae sat back on her feet and gazed up to the sky, smiling as tears dripped from her cheeks and onto her lap. "Altana, thank you." She whispered. Her eyes gazed down to the destruction below. Many lives were needlessly lost that day all because of one man's lust, one man's greed. Many paths could have been taken to avoid this, but life would not freely give them second chances. This life, this path in the crossroads of time was most preferred. Marishi alive, with her, their friends alive and safe. There was nothing she would change. Life would not spring forth in the crater that was created by Bahamut. Just as on Hydaelyn, it would remain barren and destroyed for many years to come, if not for eternity. Part of Rae was remorseful for the damage dealt, but she knew it was necessary. "Come, we should get to someplace warm." Gilgamesh said, walking over and bending down to pick up Marishi, carefully cradling her in his arms. He took utmost care to avoid waking her. She earned a rest. Tenzen moved to help Rae up but Fenrir stepped in between. Tenzen backed away, allowing the avatar to have his peace. Rae looked up to him, seeing the look in his eye.  "The contract is not void on Vana'diel." He pointed out to her. Rae stood, climbing onto his back, stabilizing herself before he walked forward, following the path the others took down the side of the mountain. Rae thought upon his words a moment, then huffed. "Maybe so, but you'll find killing me would be most difficult," she countered quietly, not wanting the others to listen to her conversation. "I've finally reached the timeline I want. I would live here on Vana'diel in peace with my wife. We will live long lives. Long, and happy lives. If you think to take that from me, I will fight you with every ounce I have. If I die, it will be because I've expended every bit of energy and tried to kill you first." His lips curled into a wolfish smile and a low rumble vibrated in his chest. "That is what I like to hear. Perhaps one day I shall call upon the end of our contract, but today will not be that day. Nor any time soon. A happy ending, yes. Some summoners deserve those." He mused. Before they could make it down the mountain, their backup arrived. Arciela's airship landed on the small part of the mountain that was not completely destroyed. All on board gawked at the sight of the massive crater formed into the land. Where once grand mountains stood only a hole in the ground. As the group drew nearer, the red mage spotted Fenrir and gasped. "F-Fenrir! You did this?!" She exclaimed, waving to the totally levelled mountains. "Nay," Gilgamesh answered, climbing on board with Marishi in his arms still. "That fiery-haired woman on his back did." He then laughed and walked into the cabin, finding a bed for Marishi to be laid down upon. Arciela gasped and watched as Rae dropped off Fenrir's back, then fell to her knees. Tenzen quickly helped her up to her feet, lending his support to her as she walked on board the ship. Rae looked up to her and locked eyes, then smiled cheerfully. "Arciela, it's wonderful to see you again! I've missed you so much." Rae said, which earned her a bewildered expression from the young woman. "I-I don't believe we've met." She answered, holding her hand out to Rae. Weakly, Rae took her hand and shook it, laughing breathily. Fatigue was setting in hard at that point. "We have. In another time. You're quite a formidable Red Mage. One I'd ever appreciate to have at my side." Tenzen then brought Rae into the cabin where Marishi was resting and attempted to take her to another bed, but she shrugged herself out of his hold and moved over to the bed Marishi was at, kneeling down and draping her body over the feathered mattress and grabbing Marishi's hand. She dropped her head down and instantly fell asleep. As Tenzen attempted to get her to sit in a chair, it was obvious she was too deep asleep to bother trying. Instead, he took a blanket and draped it over her, then they left them alone to sleep. Once they landed on Ulbaka, they disembarked and were taken to the grand city of Adoulin, they were taken to an infirmary where their wounds and weariness would be tended to. It was a week before they could visit Rae after she regained consciousness. The drain of exerting so much aether and having practically starved herself for weeks on end the month prior all added up and nearly wasted away her body, but she woke up, her body stabilized, her strength mostly returned, and her soul at ease. A gentle tapping came on the sheet that covered Rae's bed area and she was greeted by four familiar faces--Tenzen, Kagero, Gilgamesh, and Arciela. They brought her gifts of fruit, something warm to eat, flowers, and good company. As they pulled up a seat, Arciela was the first to ask what happened during the battle. It was then that Rae passed on the success of their mission, the death of Marishi, and her determination to travel through time to keep her alive. All who listened were in shock and awe. Arciela seemed skeptical, but Gilgamesh, Tenzen, and Kagero knew them quite well and would not put it passed them if this were to happen. "If I did not feel the fearsome strength of Bahamut and these three did not see it for themselves, I fear I would have counted you a liar, Rae." Arciela explained, laughing a little, which caused Rae to smile as well. "Your wife suffered grievous injuries, but she will be fine after the healers finish with her. She will be joining us soon I have been told. You will stay here until you are rested and able to return to your home planet." The smile vanished slowly from Rae's lips. Home. Hydaelyn. She could never return to that place. What Alexander said echoed in her mind and she closed her eyes, sighing. "I'm afraid I won't be able to return to Hydaelyn. My life will be spent here on Vana'diel. A consequence of my action in meddling with time," Rae explained, everyone's eyes raising in shock. That was her soul purpose for the past several months! How could she so quickly abandon her mission? "With Pandemonium and Ultimecia dead, there's no reason to go back to Hydaelyn. I've no responsibilities there. Perhaps I could return with the help of Cait Sith, but it is better here. Despite all that happened, despite the pain and trials, Vana'diel is a better place--a happier place for me to live. If you all wouldn't mind, I would like to stay here." Rae turned to them and smiled. Tenzen and Kagero nodded, smiling to Rae happily while Gilgamesh stroked his chin. "Well, if ye promise not to keep levelin' mountains, I suppose we can keep ye." He teased, causing Rae to giggle. "I can make no such promise, Gilgamesh. You know how I feel about mountains." She teased back, the group laughing again. Tension was gone, urgency vanished, peace settled in as the group joked, waiting for Marishi to recover enough to come out to speak with them. Rae thought of how to break the news to Marishi. She wondered if she'd feel the same about staying here as she did. Once upon she might have, but would she now?
    • The belch that so carefully made itself known to those around her sparked a cheer from the other patrons of the tavern, a soft pink flush appeared and disappeared quickly. Taking the napkin to her lips for a moment, she would let out a soft chuckle to the surprising glee that came from the others around her. The tavern wasn’t as uptight and tense as she imagined it would be, but everyone was so willing to take in the stranger that sat and dined with Dominic. “I think I’ve impressed myself too.” Laughing once more, Eira stood from her seat at the table to eagerly follow her new found friend wherever he chose to lead her. The change around them as she too waved away to the new found friends of the tavern was disorienting, as she felt the magic that came from Dominic as he lead her through a change in the time and place. Silence fell around them besides the sound of her heartbeat in her ears, racing it pumped adrenaline through her veins. Resisting the urge to reach out and grab his forearm as he lead her through this plane altering travel, she found herself feeling as if she was being watched. Taking in a deep breath to calm her nerves, she heard the words of her guide about where they were going. Finding the traveling coming to an end, stepping forth from the darkness she felt light headed. Bending over to rest her hands against her legs above the knee, she dangled her head. Locks of her white blonde hair fell forward into her face, her blue eyes would catch the few braids that were hiding among her locks. Taking in a few breaths gaining her composure, she would flip her hair back with a smile on her face. Eira wasn’t at all looking at her new guide and friend, her eyes were wide with the beautiful foliage around her. The creatures that floated about with joyous expressions were captivating, just as the air she now breathed was fresher than anything she had ever experienced. It was like tasting water and earth the moment the lands came into existence, untouched and pure. Spinning around to take in all of the plant life, she had a pure smile of bliss over her face. Stopping to look at Dominic, she would grin. “This place is truly beautiful… “ Walking towards the water fountain, she would sit and touch the cool crystal waters.   @Chappu
    • In the hearts of the masses, the means justified the end. There were societal rules to be followed, no matter the consequences, ethically admitting what actions one had taken to reach a certain goal. This was a surefire way to remain on the path of righteousness, possessing a distinct sense of honor, and respecting not only the individuals around oneself but also the whole of society. Rubens had his doubts about the masses, about righteousness.  In the eyes of the masses, a person who publicly acts for the good of humanity while highlighting their subjectively 'good' actions surely stands apart from those who seek to hinder their fellow men through criminal acts, shady business deals, and enrichment at the cost of the lesser social classes.  However, the selfsame person could be a criminal behind closed doors, basking only in the light of righteousness to create and construct a specific reputation in the gaze of those trapped in a hole of their own making.  Simply put, righteous was he who merely appeared as such. Disgusting did not even begin to describe how Rubens found this situation. One could even call him naïve for this point of view; however, it took men with a unique mindset and an unbiased view of the world to change the 'Fate' of an universe, regardless of its size. It was an impossibility to be fully objective in such a vast subject, and yet one could get fairly close, provided all the relevant variables were analyzed. All these thoughts and more coursed throughout Rubens' mind once the individual responsible for this gathering stepped into the lounge and took the center of the stage, with quick yet calculated words escaping his lips. It was clear Quinton was gauging the interest and character of the lady in black, the man with the journal, and the Chess-loving philantropist as much as the three of them sized their host up. It was not before long that Quinton's secretary, Odette, reached his location, holding up that ominous black case. There was a slight moment of ponderance as Rubens stared upon the surface of the skull ring.  "You know the game, and you know the rules." The words echoed in Rubens' mind, sapphire eyes fixated upon the golden ring for what appeared to be an eternity to him. Time, as it were, looked as though frozen in the confines of his brain as he analyzed the current situation. Chess is rarely a game of ideal moves. Almost always, a player faces a series of difficult consequences whichever move he makes. In life, as in chess, forethought was often the defining trait between winning and losing. What he saw right here, in this room, were not four pawns but four players, each with their own assortment of pieces to play with. There was a plan in motion, a strategy, even if this was merely the birth of what was to come. And even if the opening of such a plan turned out badly, there was always hope for the middle game; in the unlikely scenario that the middle game also turned out badly, it all came down to the end game - the moment of truth, so to speak.  It was only after considering all the possible scenarios to come that Rubens reached forth to pluck the ring free from the red velvet confines of the black box, a mere three seconds after witnessing the artifact, only to don the adornment upon his right hand's ring finger. Impassive as always, cold and calculating even when his visage radiated friendly warmth, Rubens chose to remain silent for the time being in order to gain more insight about Quinton's plans, given Abbot had just inquired upon them. Regardless of what required to be done, and there would be plenty to do, there was no turning back from this point onward. Rubens was prepared for anything the days to come would bring. For, you see, in the souls of the elite... ... The end justifies the means.
    • He turned yet again to the right. Aidan actually had managed to agree with him about something, that when it came to the maze, it was best to stay on the outer wall, because it would have to eventually lead to the castle. Once the group were inside the middle of the maze, they could get into real trouble. So in the meantime they entered what had to be their 5th hour in the maze, and they kept turning to the right as they passed fancier and more elaborate burial sites. Max and Dustin were getting visibly frustrated, even though AIdan had said it might talk all day to reach the castle entrance. Personally, he was thanking his stars that they had made it five hours inside the maze so far without incident.   Max was the big one, who had seemed to be the more impulsive of the two. Max had to stand a full six inches above him, and was roughly as broad as gorilla. Dustin looked like he threw hay bales for fun, but at least he was quite and a reasonable height. As it were, Max was the one who was getting audibly annoyed with the lack of progress in the maze, and therefore was clearly the one who was most annoying.   "All I am saying, is that I am going to be mad if we get done this entire thing and there is no treasure." Max told the group, leaving Aidan visibly annoyed.   Dustin tried to step in, "Max just leave it dude",   Max stopped and looked at Dustin long enough to point his finger in his face, "No! Damn it, we came all this way, we had better come back with something better than just a pile of tombstone fragments. And quite frankly I am starting to wonder if that is going to be the case right now.   Aidan looked like he was trying to control his temper, as he told the two of them, "You think your the only sell swords we could have hired? We are paying you too be here right now! By all means, do me a favor, quit. Find your own way out of the maze and don't get paid." He saw Max turn walk toward one of the mausoleums with a gazed, far off look in his eye. "Hey, where are you going?"   He had tried to ignore the exchange between the three others in his company, but even from 30 feet away he had seen what Max was walking toward - it was a ruby easily the size of his head. It was in a 7 foot high white granite mausoleum with glass doors and some sort of dark ancient writing on the front of it. It looked like it had to be 20 feet long on the inside which was pitch black aside from a massive red stone resting on a pedestal.   He dropped everything he had, grasped his shield, and grabbed hold of his battle axe. He raised his voice urgently and yelled forward "Max! Stop! We agreed, no looting graves!"   Max turned around as he raised his sword, "Consider it taking up your friends offer, I quit. I am taking this, and going home. Consider it my share of all the treasure you find the rest of the time here" Ira winced in fear as he watched Max slam blade against the door handles, cutting them off. Quickly, he was inside the structure, standing behind the pedestal. He lifted the ruby up off of its home, and lifted it over his head like a prize, with an expression of pure joy. Max hadn't heard noises the noises starting to creep out of the mausoleum, but he had and looked at Aidan, "Swords and shields." Aidan had already read his mind, and Dustin didn't take long to figure it out. He watched as Max finally turned around to face what was inside the granite tomb with him. He never saw the blow, all he heard was a brief shout and gurgling seconds later as the blood started to trickle out of mausoleum. Max collapsed on himself in a heap, as out stepped 6 bodies dressed in rags, horribly decomposed from centuries of burial. They all carried foot-long swords, and walked out moaning as they slowly came toward the three remaining men. Aidan and Dustin had come close to him and they watched the insects crawl over the bodies that suddenly wanted to kill them.   "Wonderful." He said raising his shield up so it protected everything from his chin to the top of his thighs. "Pallbearers."