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    • As Grant Knight guides Thurgood through the security for the consulate building, the latter not even really thinking about his surroundings, but rather about what they're here for: the purple mineral. Right now, Thurgood has a drilling crew and rig ready to drill a proper oil exploration well, but is waiting to know what substances that purple mineral does not react to so he can supply an appropriate drilling mud, and the roughnecks can drill while he's building Sebastian Heiliger a highway in Taen. Perhaps by the end of the project, once basic refinement starts, he can top the entire highway with asphalt paving instead of flat flagstones. But, as the two nobles enter whatever room the breifing is taking place, a lot of things hinge on what Issac Graham has to report.
    • Kalar paused, and looked at the three of him. He saw the young elf take his arm and the others expressed concern. 

      He let out a long sigh and allowed himself to find a nearby seat to sit at. "No... you ladies were told to stay put. I don't wish to get you in trouble by defying orders. Although, had one of you said yes... I really would have done it, you know."

      He looked down to Plume and gave a slight smirk. "It wouldn't have been that bad really... I would have given it.... 60/40 odds in my favor of not getting cooked?  Those are good odds, yes? Would have solved the attunement problem right quick though. And fried or not I'm not going dying by a bolt of lightning anytime soon, and I could use a few hard hits..."

      Kalar would eye Gizelle and nod. "But you are wise. I very much doubt your Baroness would permit me to self harm, even if it is merely chance. I suppose it should be stated, if she has not already alluded to it privately. "

      The avion closed his eyes. He would keep them closed as he spoke, quietly. His tone was different this time. Closer to the tone Brenna had heard of him back in the room she had first seen him arrive. It was almost drowned out by another rumble of thunder. "I am not well. Kalmuli may not understand the depths of that yet, and I would prefer to shelter her from it fully if at all possible. Merely to maintain some dignity and self control.  I shall not admit this to her plainly but I am not of sound mind or judgement. She expects this to be of guilt and trauma, seeking to her for punishment - and in one part she is right. But it is not so simple that a few nights of pleasure and comfort would resolve it. I do not pressure for her affections or a reciprocation of my own feelings, for more than simple respect of her own."

      A hand in the dark clenched a fist until it was tight in his hands, he could feel the bite of his nails into his flesh and restrained himself short of doing something as trite as drawing blood. "A part of me wishes me harm, regardless of the source; and that is no state to be pursuing a coupling. And I mean this when I say I feel guilt for troubling you all with my own burdens. I will do my best to be useful to you all. But I am sorry. I simply know not of anywhere else to be. It unsettles me more that I still a debt to pay her for all the harm I have done, than what the whispers want of me."
    • Kalmuli and Hiegel searched the lower floors for sources of light while the remaining Valkyries kept Kalar company. Plume would rise with Kalar when he seemed to feel a little bit better. She would smile, taking Kalmuli's fur wrap off of his shoulders as he seemed to recover quickly. Though his suggestion seemed to surprise them the most. "Kalar, I would not. At least, not until the Baroness is back."Gizelle warned.  "It's not safe...what if you get really hurt?"Plume added in. "As much as that interests the hell out of me...it is unwise. Why don't if we can help find some more lights?"Brenna suggested, taking his arm. "I think you've got the advantage over us in being able to see."
    • Among the dreams of many children of the ground, there is one that finds its way into the thoughts of many and intrigues them to no end.  And that would be, the dream of being able to fly in the sky, to navigate the air and transcend the limitations of being stuck on the ground.  Whether it be the freedom, the ability to bypass traffic, or simply because it would let them be able to not be late or get lost to anything, this is a dream shared by many and all. However, for those who can fly, they might contest that last one. At the moment, Ayan Yurian, a young Alura Boy who had set out to see the world and become an adventurer, was lost beyond all reason.  He had found the city of Umbra, sure, but it was starting to get late, and he had absolutely no idea where the tavern was.  He had a map, but it made no sense to him.  Of course, it didn't help he was looking at the map upside down. Either way, it was not like he could just fly forever non-stop.  He spotted what appeared to be a large park or something like that, and glided down until he was at a low enough altitude.  After that, he retracted his wings and bent his legs as he kicked off his boots, letting them land right next to him as he landed in a sitting position on the ground. He then let his wings stretch out once more as he stretched out his arms, enjoying the mobility he felt wearing a sleeveless jacket and shirt along with his shorts. "I suppose if I cant find the place, I could always sleep here.  Could probably find a river to bathe in too....but I was kind of looking forward to enjoying a tavern, and a real bath.  Or at least a real shower...I wonder what they are like?" Ayan had only lived with his family, his clan, and so his curios mind started to wonder if they had different customs then what he was used to or not. Despite his curiosity, he had yet to consider asking for directions yet, which could indicate a bit of airheadedness.... @The Hummingbird
    • Kalar heard the rumble of a second roll as he watched Kalmuli leave. He took in a deep breath and sighed, bringing himself up to stand, dusting off his sweater and cloak. Kalar was just fine in low light, he did, however, look outside to see just how severe the storm was.

      And then a thought occurred. There was always ... that way. The crooked cogs of his mind shifted and turned and in the ways he had been broken it made absolute sense. There was no risk to others, no need for long lectures, fighting down protectionism, no having to deal with his own personal quirks. This would be the expedited route. Still, somewhere in the back of his mind was a lingering semblance of sense, and without really letting the thought process completely, Kalar spoke out loud as he stared out the window.

      "Well... this is a terrible idea."

      Still, if it came down to this solution or idle chat with a bunch of unfamiliar women he had put off at least three times already, this route seemed somehow less intimidating. 

      Kalar turned about and looked at the remaining Valkeries with a sheepish grin on his face. "Soo... would anyone here like to see me catch a bolt of lightning?"