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    • Alken got close enough to see Samuel stand. A relieved bark of laughter escaped her. There was no response from the psychic, but she didn’t need one. They were still fighting. This wasn’t over yet. “Keep it up, kid!” She yelled over the storm.  Above them, the serpent’s fire spilled red across the low covering of clouds. The lightning that was contained within the storm illuminated the slow, concealed movement of a massive body coiling amidst the chaos Alken looked to the eye, to herself, then back to the eye that was far out of punching distance. She frowned. She briefly debated lobbing a rock at the monster, but decided against it. There was little she could do from the ground to effect the serpent. Alken set her feet in the mud and turned her body back to normal flesh and bone. “Knock the bastard out of the sky, Samuel,” she said. She looked up at the eye one more time and began to move towards the edge of the clearing. If she couldn’t hit it, she might as well give it a second target to shoot at.  
    • I blinked, listening to the story about the dragons, "Thats a new one. Gooper. Neat," I smiled, not wanting to think about just how horrifying a sight that must of been, instead wanting to keep things chipper.  When you turned, I kneeled under the bar. Closing my eyes, I felt through the grounds for the troubadour, finding him outside out back, and crossed over. Opening my eyes again, I picked up my guitar, and head back inside, stepping on my cigarette before I went in. With a string of wild flamenco, I entered through the back door, making sure my Topper was properly fixed. My voice danced along a scale, starting my aria off with a whimsical chorus before I took my seat across the bar, pretty obvious that the new guest would put together that I looked and sounded exactly like the barkeep. "Once up a time so silly, There was a town beneath a hilly Filled with magic and a crazy mage They sought through art to turn the page. BLAURG! THE TOWN WAS BLAURG! NOW IT HAS ANOTHER NAME AND IT ISNT NEARLY AS SO STRANGE As it use to beeeeeeeeeee. Oh can't you seeeeeee. Now the magic fleeeeeeees. Was this as it was supposed to beeeeee? Then one day came a giant Zepplin Burned the town down and sent its souls to heaven Or was it hell? And the city fell Was this as it was supposed to beeeeee? Oh can't you seee? So the Mage did fleeeeee In to his weeeeeeeeeell. BLAIR! OH IT ISNT FAIR  YOU HAD ANOTHER NAME THAT WAS SO VERY STRANGE! Now some things have since happened Can a war be civil with the guards attacking Maybe one day there'll be an eruption Maybe we're already on the eve of destruction. SAINT! WHYD YOU ALLOW THIS TAINT? YOUR SILENCE IS SO VERY STRAAAAAAANGE But really who know? I don't and it shows! And I might sound a jerkle! But times a flat circle? AND THE WHEEL SHE IS TURNING AROUND AGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN!" Finishing off with a blistering series of chords before pulling out a wormwood ale from behind the bar and using my guitar neck to pop the cap before downing it hungrily.  
    • The second round was over and it proved to be nearly as uneventful as the first. During his time in Predator’s Keep, the mage had made a point to stay in his rooms, figuring that the man who had busted their queen’s nose wasn’t exactly welcome even if she happened to be missing in action. Arthur shook off his agitated trepidation, however, and made his way down to the feast on the evening after his second fight. Bathed and smelling of cologne, the mutant was seated near a corner of the feast hall with two of his companions. Arthur was dressed in a grey three piece suit, the subtle lines of a monochrome plaid pattern were spread across every inch of the fabric. Underneath his suit, he wore a white dress shirt and a dark blue tie with hundreds on tiny white dots stitched on. The outfit was rounded out by a black belt and same-colored dress shoes, while his black robes rested atop his shoulders in an intimidating blackened shroud. The mantle of black fur around Arthur’s neck and shoulders like the mane of a wolf’s winter coat.  “I heard that the host of the tournament said that we would be tested,” Arthur relayed to his friends with mirth clear upon his voice between bites of his impressively extensive meal. A large wooden board functioned as a platter, nearly every inch of it covered with some morsel. The center of the platter was dominated by a Chateaubriand steak atop a hot plank and dressed in bèarnaise sauce. The steak was cut into three smaller filets, their centers pink, warm, and practically bursting with juices. The periphery of the board consisted of three boiled crawfish, a wedge of provincial cheese, a roll of dark bread, multiple roasted cobs of corn, and a portion of potatoes that were cut into quarters and roasted with chopped parsley on top. “But I think this may be my first real test,” the mage joked, gulping down ale from his flagon eagerly. @Gil @Spooky Mittens
    • This was becoming more and more bothersome as time went on for Luz. She could sense the friction between their personalities and it didn’t help that Arashi was child-like in her view of the world, infused with a furious passion to get her way. She had heard the argument presented by the draconic girl before and seemed unfazed by it. There was no reason to get offended when one knew they would not waiver in their conviction, especially from a person who knew nothing about her people. Luz had already begun spacing herself away from Arashi as the tirade commenced, aware of what the girl was capable of when her anger consumed her. That anger inundated the poor girl and caused her to yell out threats without any care of the consequences and then there it was… “…Now die already!...” That was all that Luz needed to hear before her defenses sprang into action. There was a controlled confidence present along the director’s face as the wild, anger-fueled punch forced itself through the air and then collided with a thin barrier that emanated from Luz’s body. The barrier was rather weak but it was enough to take the blow of a weakened dragon girl though the impact itself caused Luz to have to jump back and into a tray nearby. Several tools fell along the floor and the loud sounds of metallic clanking against the floor would be heard. “You are losing control now…just because you hate me and don’t even know me. Do you want to just kill everyone you do not agree with?!” Luz tried to react calmly but near the end her voice became just a tad louder and her expression turned even more rigid. If Arashi intended to just ignore her words, she’d be ready but it was clear that she was trying to defuse the situation for the good of her Light who had made a promise to that doctor Marigold…no matter how fruitless she thought that might be.
    • Once again, more instinctively than consciously, Shane committed an involuntary action, which was to hug Holly tight as they made their landing. It wasn't until they stopped moving, and Shane realized they were on the ship deck, that she finally released the other woman. "S-sorry!" she jumped up, "I thought... thought... why the heck are we down here now? I don't have a weapon and you can't walk! How are we supposed to fight!?" Just then, a pirate went flailing to the deck right next to them, dropping a cutlass right in front of Shane, who sighed at the convenient occurrence. As she reached down to pluck it from the deck, she also noticed the substance coating Holly's legs, which she hadn't seen during the fall down. "Let me guess... I spoke too soon?"
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