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    • Slide she did, deftly adjusting for the sudden drop into the deep dark below.  The walls remained wide enough until the sliding came to a halt at the bottom and the ductwork constricted.  Another tunnel for Unity to shimmy through as before. It bent to the left, leading further away from where Unity first entered, and it carried on straight for some time.  Several minutes would pass, even at maximum crawl, before Unity would catch a glimmer of light again.  At the end of this duct was another grate cover. Unity would find that when she reached the cover it was already halfway pried loose, hanging on by a few bent metal clips and nothing more.  It opened into a large chamber that was very dimly lit by a few pulsing lights that washed across the walls in waves.  She would see the scorch marks on the walls and floor from the impacts of projectile weapons, a mix of ballistics and directed energy one might surmise. Bodies seemed to litter the edges of the chamber to the left and right, piled near the entrances. All was quiet, save that ever present thump of energy from deep below. @Sigil Warden
    • The centaurs had better be ready for more of Sheryl's brokenness because she rolled a natural 20 was a Knight of the Order of Force Majeure., a warrior with far more ability and skill then that of the average adventurer who dared venture into Yh'mi. With a slightly psychotic smirk under her cowl, she flew down at the centaurs, blurring through their barrage of arrows with an experienced ease, and slapped each of them on the neck as she passed. The next moment would see them all but decapitated as another blur flowed past, a nearly invisible blade of air following her hands. It was effective against bare skin and soft materials, the honed magic carving bloody, fatal gouges into the centaurs. One of them would die outright, and the other took only while longer, choking to death on its own blood as arrows from one of her allies added to its woes. As quick as the gust of wind she was, the aeromancer turned and exerted her will over the battlefield with one hand, sweeping the same crushing influence she had shown earlier to bear on newer targets, crushing them with the focused atmosphere again. "Not good enough!" she snapped.  
    • A few of the elementals assailing the duo closed in, attempting to get within effective range of the Daemonslayer’s spear. One of them attempted to grapple with him and render his weapon immobile while the others flanked him with blades of flame in their hands, but he was a masterful combatant ready for anything. Letting go of his weapon, James smashed the elemental with his fists as surely as he would have if he’d been wielding a mace, picking his spear right back up as it dropped to scythe it around and ward off one of the elementals. Reversing the strike, he slammed the other end of it into the head of another, dissipating flame, stunning it long enough for him to simply just pounce on it and drive the blunt end in with brute force. The last elemental closed in from behind, only to halt and shatter into a thousand embers as a shimmering sword tip burst from its chest, revealing Selene behind it, having dispatched her group. “Saved you again!” she crowed, eyes twinkling with battle fervor. “I knew you were going to do that” he returned readily with a chuckle. James was confident and skilled enough that even when she thought she figured something out beyond a shadow of a doubt he could make her have second thoughts, and doubt her very eyes. The knightess puffed out her cheeks, looking cross. This man… he was so infuriating, and yet she couldn’t help but be drawn to him. It was an old song and dance between now With the last of the flame elementals cut down, James advanced toward Baal, his weapon pointed down and out to his side and anticipating Baal's next move. Selene hung back this time, drawing upon her plentiful water magicks to cover his advance. He was the sword and she was the shield.
    • “Unm…Sorta, but a familiar is more…magicy…” Shanna didn’t know how to explain it, so she simply flailed a hand in the general direction of both creatures before shrugging. As Jaw Finder puts a rather large, scaled hand on her head, she blinks beneath the weight and offers a chipper smile. “Nothing has eaten me so far! I think I’m pretty good at not getting eaten!” She states, as though all was right with the world long as she was not missing limbs. Brutus snorted at this and shook his pearly head before his attention was rapt on the roast that was set on the fire in the kitchen. His jowls salivated and he practically panted as he tried to keep himself from falling upon it in ravenous hunger. He held back just barely as Shanna and Jaw Finder were given their portions, before he took his own, nomming happily on a tasty piece of bone ripe with meat. Shanna coos happily as she watches Jaw Finder sit, amused by the simple thought of it, not to mention how it might look. She briefly wonders about the sturdiness of the chair – but realizes she has nothing to consider when it holds beneath them. As they consume the meal brought to them, Shanna pauses to contemplate Jaw Finders’ words and questions. She is quiet for a few moments longer, before setting down her fork gently. “I do not know.” She admits quietly. “This is my home, but I was not born here. Our God Emperor Rafael gave me use of this place, it’s the only home I’ve ever known. I grew up in an Orphanage – that’s a place where unwanted human children go.” Shanna explains patiently, before chewing upon her lower lip for a moment. “Mm, I am soft!” She laughs, however, it is tinted with an emptiness. “I don’t think I’m so different from anyone else, but I can use magic! I’ll show you!” Bringing up a hand, Shanna twists a small bit of energy into her hand before snapping her fingers and it becoming a fireball. Now that Brutus was by her side, the chances of her magic going awry were lessened. A small fireball wasn’t going to hurt anything, but the fearful look on the staff’s faces spoke volumes otherwise. Hannah ducked behind a table, looking ready to flip it and use it as a shield should the need arise. The flame wobbled in Shanna’s hand, but remained there. For now. “See! I can do all sorts of things! Though sometimes it goes wrong…those times aren’t very good.” Dropping her hand, the flame extinguishes in a puff of smoke and there is visible relief that echoes across the room. “Does Hannah and the others lack the flavor too? Maybe it’s what we eat!” She gasped. “Not that I’m opposed to being less tasty, I suppose.”
    • "i'm quite sure, miss," envy rattled out, polite smile plastered to his mouth like a persistent coat of two thousand year old paint. why the fuck would i not be sure? it would be a waste of time any other way. "and please, don't admire the coat rack; he's good for nothing but." he didn't even have to look over his shoulder to check if the man was smirking at him, damned audible smugness. he would have words, oh yes, he would. "sol, luna," he continued on, nodding in each sister's direction as the names rolled off his tongue. it wasn't customary to learn the names of the mediums, lest they run into trouble further on--sentiment and what-not, not that envy was particularly fond about such things--but hey, they did offer first. "i'm diarmaid. parents thought they were being funny about it, but i suppose you ladies would understand." what a load of hypocritical bullshit! pryde wasn't going to let him live this down. "call me dia. i don't prefer it, but it's what everyone calls me." envy wasted no time. as he spoke, he took out a sketchpad and a silver pen, settling down on an empty chair close by without any prompting. his thumb flicked the pen's point out, and its ornate ridges shone in the early morning sunlight. "shall we, miss? feel free to do whatever you'd like in the meantime. just--little movements, please."
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