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    • The marshal looked around curiously as he observed the room around him. Although he wasn't sure what to expect, this certainly wasn't it. His eyes scanned the faces around him as he listened to Tenkai and still unnamed mans exchange. From all the eyes he felt on him, he got the sense he was not wanted here, nor was he welcome. However Hawk understood their distrust for this situation. Truth be told he wasn't exactly comfortable either, especially after Atlas, though he held his composure. He'd likely feel the same way if the tables were turned. Despite the uncomfortable situation he found himself in, Hawk's further curiosity about this world began to weigh on him.  In an effort to break the tension between them, Hawk placed a foot forward and extend a friendly hand to the unnamed man whom Tenkai had been speaking with. "Ryder Hawk. You can drop the general part if you prefer. Not like that title means much here anyway. Can't be a general with no army right?" He joked light-heartedly.  @Twitterpated@Tenkai Matsumoto
    • [End Thread] Summary Some unassuming business people arrive in Aelindra City, part of the Rising West region of Genesaris under the Catalyst Corporation flag, which has recently purchased a large lot of land. Nature-magical energy shapes the massive marketplace that will henceforth be known as The Greatertown Shopping Centre. Barry’s Bears and Toys for Girls and Boys: A toy factory that toils day in and day out to produce an enormous stock of children's toys and products from hairbrushes, cradles and onesies to action figures, dolls, bicycles and squirt guns. Gardens Inc.: On the surface Gardens Inc. is a massive gardening emporium full of fountains, fake grass, floaties, custom pools and gardens and pool and garden accessories of all shapes and sizes! Girdy’s Girders: This is a storefront for placing contracts and orders with the massive steel mill that produces steel and steam products. Jidoor Hall: A huge inn and tavern with a beautiful courtyard in the middle. Priscilla's: A massive department store, connected to its manufacturer, for home goods and appliances, clothing, perfumes and colognes. Greater Bank Branch Daniel's Drinks and Smokes Wyte Nght Security Agency Humble Horsehoes: A delivery service that offers postage of any kind to be delivered across the world on safe, but swift horseback. It's store front being established in Aelindra City, Genesaris by It's whimsical but passionate Postmaster Gavel Armitage. The Cosmopolitan Cache: The storefront was beyond elegant-- far more on point in a place like Versilla or Aspyn, which was very up and coming on the style scene, it certainly classed up the place.  Inside, visitors would in time be able to find expensive and unique eccentricities from across the globe- jewels, baubles, one-of-a-kind exotic entries only found in specific places, or specific times, and always difficult to get. Catalyst Pharmaceuticals: A producer and global provider of painkiller, antibiotic, and other medicinal supplements and supplies.
    • Upon receiving the request for help, Hawk personally traveled to New Acheron to assist in the development of automatic weapons. With him he brought Gunnery Sergeant Fenton Glen of the Bloodlust Alliance who's knowledge of firearms rivaled his own. Back home in Fort Solitude the pair had already been researching automatic weapons under Project ACT for some time now, and after receiving word from Howard decided to share their findings with their allies. With them they brought most of their research and prototypes thus far, including the just recently developed 30 round magazine. In Solitude, the biggest issue for them was manufacturing. As they currently lacked the means of mass producing weapons themselves. Certainly in New Acheron that wouldn't be much of a problem by the looks of things.  "I'll be damned." Hawk exclaimed in disbelief at how far the city had progressed since he'd last laid eyes on it. By now, it was nearly unrecognizable. Hawk and Sergeant Glen stood for a moment in shock before stepping down onto the docks with their loaded backpacks and luggage. Neither of them had ever seen such an impressive settlement before.  @Jack Howard  
    • Please stay tuned. MUCH more information is coming.   i'm working on computers and doing my garden as best I can muster up the strength to do as such.   Benny
    • As many more Bloodlust transports poured onto the scene, Hawk's was among them. As they rode in, he was able to pick out Admiral Nelson from the crowd. If it wasn't obvious from the flags, these were Howards men. Though he was sure Nelson would recognize him, these were not Externus Soldiers, nor was this an Externus outpost. This land was Bloodlust territory. Hawk wondered if Nelson knew exactly where they had ended up.  "Admiral Nelson!" Hawk called out as he dismounted the wagon not far from them. His height made him easy to spot among the crowd that had gathered in front of the wreckage as he approached him, thumbs tucked behind the buckle of his gunbelt in his usual manner. Several armed and confused Bloodlust NCO's and officers gathered alongside Hawk as he approached the admiral to figure out what had happened.  @Jack Howard  
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