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Voting for Valucre makes you cool

This announcement is no longer active


People all over the world are looking for a place to call home to their RP hobby and you can help Valucre be an option for them with a few clicks. At the bottom of this announcement and at the footer of all site themes you'll see two banners where you can vote for Valucre, one for TopRPSites and one for Forum Roleplay

Daily votes are especially important in TRP, as they reset the counter every month. Voting from both your wireless network and from a mobile device on its cell signal are TRP admin approved ways to vote for a website on their list

When you vote on TRP you get directed to a confirmation page and have to click the green button to vote. Sometimes it switches position with the red button. When you vote on FRP from the button on Valucre it votes automatically and then places you on their home page

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