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Welcome to the Rising Empire. Respect your fellow RPers and have fun!

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  2. I will definitely touch base with CSL about a nice little thread layout for you folks like we discussed. Get yourselves canonically established in Valucre and work them interest checks for some recruitin'. Get some good plots going.
  3. So here's my immediate goals: - Recruit more students - Test Kotori and Trey for their promotion to Baxian - Explore expansion opportunities - Become more involved in storylines
  4. My body is ready! And so is my Hellhound!
  5. Oh, I’m just trying to fill in the gaps for the werewolf lore and Arty seemed like a logical first step, if you’re willing.
  6. ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ Alethea Quests ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇ ▇ ▇ ____Title ↓▇ Questy-things. Things that will go here. All the things will go here and it will be wonderful. and then there will be more things to come, and all the treasures in the warudo to obtain. And then, and then, and, and --awh shucks, I ran out of things to say. Potential Reward: Lore Impact | Loot | ▇ ▇ ____Title ↓▇ Questy-things. Things that will go here. All the things will go here and it will be wonderful. and then there will be more things to come, and all the treasures in the warudo to obtain. And then, and then, and, and --awh shucks, I ran out of things to say. Potential Reward: Lore Impact | Loot | ▇ ▇ ____Title ↓▇ Questy-things. Things that will go here. All the things will go here and it will be wonderful. and then there will be more things to come, and all the treasures in the warudo to obtain. And then, and then, and, and --awh shucks, I ran out of things to say. Potential Reward: Lore Impact | Loot |
  7. @Dmitry Also, tell me more about what you want Arty to explore when they meet up.
  8. @Twitterpated @Laughingmad @danzilla3 Tell me more about what kind of future you want for TW. Expand? More storyline purpose? All of the above? Gimme all the juicy deets.
  9. I am definitely interested in seeing some exploration activity going on. Support this endeavor 100%
  10. Silly Regent doing Regent things. >o< I will see if I can flesh this out more on that end and be in touch with said regent.
  11. I think it could definitely be a great way of putting in the death of Mograg as well. Essentially it could work like in an initial gathering of the faction leaders the Humans begin lobbing accusations and things start to get heated, and are only cooled down because Mograg is there. Then the Shadow Regent decides it's time for the old bull to go, and so after he's taken out, that's when the powder keg really goes off as the last voice of reason is gone from Alethea, and Groxnar is convinced it was one of the humans of the Coalition that did it.
  12. It's entirely possible. The ONE tiny thread that holds everything together is mysteriously taken and so their it snaps the last shreds of good faith in one another. Maybe it was the Shadow Regent trying to pull strings and make moves to see who will come out on top? Maybe an outsider? It'd make better sense if it were the Shadow Regent to have one of their puppets do it and/or take the blame/fall for it. Then they'd sit and observe the chaos and see who weeds who out for their sake.
  13. What if we do something where the Coalitions artifact, the Mantle of Humanity, is stolen, and that causes them to just lose their heads and start making accusations and threats?
  14. @Eternity @Infernal So, as mah fluffy boi's story has taken a turn in this direction, I find myself in the position to potentially discover a new passage between the Ikarian Caverns and the greater area of Crystallo Stella. This would likely be a smaller, very dangerous passage, possibly with some ruins and the like. I should also note that this won't be a grand, organized effort, but a couple of misfits stumbling into the area by accident (one of them falling in). As the regents of Alethea and Crystallo, I'm told that I would do well to discuss this with both of you, given the potential impact. So, what do you think?
  15. I am back...ish. It's been a really rough, fucked up week for lack of better words. No one was physically hurt, but those of us involved in the armed robbery agree we're not doing so well mentally or emotionally. So please, please-please-please bear with me moving forward. Please be kind, please be patient, and please don't take anything hard if I snap or get frustrated. I have been told I'll be overbearingly emotional for seemingly no reason. I may experience triggers, I might just disappear for a little time. It's just going to happen and to just let it happen. Just...please be understanding. Please. I had a very twitchy man with a gun pressed to my head. I had four screaming children and a newborn scared out of their minds with their mother and my coworker and one other lady. I was tied up and dragged into our bathroom with eight other people while screaming and begged for my life. I'm not okay. I will be starting therapy soon and--it's not my favorite thing in the world, but even I know my limits. I will be working on writing up some posts between tonight and tomorrow, and should be able to get them up by Sunday. It helps distract me. Tonight was my first night back and it still shook me badly to even have to step foot near that bathroom and I'll probably put in an official resignation. The worst part is that when our manager practically begged the DM for security cameras in our store, we were denied because the company didn't have the budget for them. They didn't have the budget. Our safety and livelihood just aren't in the budget! =D I wrote a scathing letter to the CEO. Damned if I do and damned if I don't, I guess? I don't know. I'm tired. I'm really, really tired. I took off for half the week and thankfully the new job is mega understanding and even offering everything under the sun to help where they can. Wednesday was hard--people thought I was out for health reasons. At first I didn't want to go through it again. I even snapped at someone and told them I didn't have to explain my trauma to them. People felt obligated to know, I guess? Nosiness. The suspect(s) are still at large but they do have the guy who got us' face and they're looking for him and other suspects. They think it may have been 3-5 people but no arrests yet. Biggest and bestest thanks to Francesco, Tyler and Dan for talking me through some of the worst of it and checking in on me. Even laying it all out like this has me crying but it's going to be okay. It may take a hell of a time, but it'll eventually be okay. In the meantime, I'm moving forward with posts and projects alike. RPing here is my source of normalcy and I talk about Valucre to others beyond it fondly and often. This is home for me! I like it here and I want to stay and enjoy as much of my time here as I can. But I will apologize in advance if I am short-tempered or worse. Just try and be patient with me while I work through it. Love you guys! ❤️
  16. ALL ZE PLANZ. xO I think I have the basic set up alright. Just to give folks an idea of what it is, before I get into the meat of what we're all wanting to accomplish. And then plans. Plaaannnnsss.
  17. I will look forward for who's joining us. *spreads the sheets of paper* I must make plans
  18. I did a thing. @Infernal This is all your fault! xD Since I am super into being as organized and efficient as I can be, given the heavy load of loreing (that's a word now) I'm about to take on, I took a page from Infernal and did a thing to help me streamline the process and stay on task with my editing process next week. One week for Heavy Edits, one week for Lore, and one week to work on Quests, etc. I'm beyond excited about this. To keep myself sane (and because of my potential school schedule) I'm splitting this up into weeks. My schedule for August (2nd week onward): Week 1: Posts owed Week 2: Lore (M, W, F) Week 3: Posts owed Week 4: Lore (M,W,F) I replicated this process for every board except for two (Crystallo Stello and Kasnivale) to help me sort through err'thang and/or keep track of what others are doing there. Anyone who becomes a regent will have access to it as part of a team so that they can add and edit accordingly in their respective boards if they so choose~ >o< I am too excited about utilizing this. It will effectively take the place of my spreadsheets. Anyway, that's all. Thought it'd be a cool thing to show off and a nifty tool to utilize. If anyone has questions, wants to know more or needs help--just PM me!
  19. I am foh sho working on an interest check for dis right meow.
  20. Money make the warudo go 'rrouunnnndddd. xO
  21. Just remember Lady Blaze will be able to be hired anytime by anyone as long as she gets paid. She will do anything for money. … Anything yo.
  22. Yyaassss, that would be fabu. I know I knew I wasn't going to get crap-all done this week. Tomorrow is my last day of work before I head out of town but I think next week I will def throw some stuff together and get us a story cookin'! >o<
  23. Well the wealth problems Jade can easily be scored through Lady Blaze due to her already insane wealth she has acquired. If she would be willing to have a pirate help in here getting her ship back she will be way more than eager to help. No one takes a captain's ship and gets away with it. But if Jade and Lady Blaze become good enough friends/allies than Lady Blaze might let her crash at her house when she gets it built. Y'know as a way to say I'm here to help and I got your back.
  24. It depends entirely on her clients, honestly! I think her only no-go is slaves because that's the quickest way to get caught and become one. But she may or may not have had a hand in sneaking some out in the past. She'll neither confirm nor deny! Her silly, single-minded goal is to earn enough money to get her airship back. A cache of weapons stolen from Antigone were conveniently "lost" and that will probably be her in--is getting the right sort of boxing supplies to mask what they are and making sure they can't be found before sneaking them into Alethea. ^o^ And I am down to collab. If you have questions--particularly for the Hyperion Empire, don't be 'afraid to ask questions here! This is my first time bringing Jade into the picture on Val, and Gaia swallowed her profile up so it'll get me a chance to flesh out something new and fun.

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