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Welcome to the Rising Empire. Respect your fellow RPers and have fun!

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Going to work on updating things this weekend. Also, yaay, Santado's Banner mockup. Also, had a hard time choosing Dragon Eggs. Much excite!
  3. A huntin we will go, ahuntin we will ggoo
  4. It's time to hunt for some Jackals! 😠
  5. Lore site is reformatted a bit. Added some new additions I will transfer over at some point in the near future.
  6. You do whateva ya want, boo. Have fun with it. No posting order for this.
  7. Okay I'm gonna post again since it doesn't seem like Lancellar might be addressed if that's all right.
  8. that ideas are amazing. Not being sarcastic
  9. Well I was thinking of some possible things to happen but weren't sure what was possible in this area so I'll run them past you first. 1. Sarah goes down the trail and realizes she's been sent to a trap and is ambushed by robbers. 2. Eric and Phillip bring up the chest thinking it's gold but is in fact a chest of pornography (exclusively male, paintings, sculptures and the like) lost from an old ship. 3. Lancellar begins using the people staring at her as her own personal servants.
  10. ;-; Poor Cragmar. Sabine only has one arm but she's imposing enough. I am still debating on if I want my Nymerian's Krakken to just be chilling in the bay minding its own business while people are none the wiser...
  11. Nice. Cragmar worked real hard on that sand castle.
  12. It was great! Sabine might give the muscle head a hard time for bullying. She's a crotchety lady and a war mage that specializes in earth magic.
  13. Bit of a long post for Fun in the Sun, but I figured it would be good to show what everyone is doing.
  14. Noice. I imagine they'd be clashing against a few evil organizations, like the Cult of Power.
  15. I have a group that is the exact opposite of them, the Golden Jackal. I could see Rae investing in their cause and requesting their assistance in repelling the Jackals for such gold and glory.
  16. Well they are a mercenary group whose motto is: For Gold and Glory Essentially they want to be rich and famous as a given, but don't want to be monsters about it. They have rules against killing innocents and the like, but if the gold is right they'll bend those rules a little if someone needs intimidating or someone requires some B and E. At times they'll enter into tournaments because that is what gives them both of the things they want. Right now they're somewhat small at about a dozen or so members, but in time as they're wealth and fame grow their numbers will begin to grow.
  17. Now. Now for the juicy bits. Tell me about your Shields? What do you want for them? Where they is? What they about?
  18. <.> That and I am up to 10 threads in RP. I'm truly insane.
  19. That is honestly just incredible. I applaud your industrial ability.
  20. Somehow I'm not dead yet! I work a government job during the week days, retail on the weekends, and I also co-own a travel business with my mother that I do in the evenings. I just signed an art contract for a long term project to give all my landing pages original artwork. I have a decent head start since three of my pages are done, and there's eleven more to go!
  21. Oh wow I had no idea your workload was so large.
  22. I hope so! I need to hurry up and finish the Godly artifacts, too. @_@ So much to do and so little time. I work all weekend and I have a test on Monday. My professor gave us the entire second chapter's book work assignments so I can better split up my workload between school, work and RP. Even though I'm only taking one class, it's a very heavy workload. Plus I have three jobs. Ugh. I'm insane. I got half the artifacts done! Just got eleven more to do.
  23. It'll be nice to look around and see what's up. Those Hyperion Spheres looked pretty cool.

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