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Open so everyone can see the club and its posts but only members can participate. Anyone can request to join. The board is for collaborative use by the various nations, kingdoms and territories that make up the Terrenus continent

  1. What's new in this club
  2. That’s fine ima still use it, it IS nbd
  3. Yeah, well, it is NOT applicable anymore!
  5. I suggest a “canon” section just above the History section of the same thread
  6. I've added a page for Nesthome and Tradetown, so we can update the Lore thingy with it. Where do I have to put the History of Nesthome? Where can I canonize the thread?
  7. Good question! It does not include things like plants which could be turned into drugs or medicine or what have you. The one plant like thing it does have is just an intermediary for more “material” like materials. That said I AM interested in updating / making a new flora index companion piece to the creature codex and this would be a great entry for that
  8. Give it to the rats. R A T S O N D R U G S
  9. Does Terran materials include things like uh abusive substances? I have an idea in my head for a fruit that is a drug in Yh’mi, and sells for ridiculous prices on the black market but is extremely dangerous to harvest... as with all things in Yh’mi.
  10. With the concluding of my first Nesthome Thread, at long last, I can write updates on the Skaven Lore pages which will go up later. There'll probably be a news page to go with the update.

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