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To discuss all things story structure, worldbuilding and lore, to get feedback and opinions, etc

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  2. Hello! Not sure what to say here. I'm new to worldbuilding and am looking for help/advice if anyone can help?
  3. Alternate plague doctor designs. Main post here by filibusterfrog on tumblr. This one has sketches of their tools and equipment
  4. Filibusterfrog on Tumblr has a bunch of graphic worldbuilding resources (link here!) They're free for non-commercial use as long as you credit the creator. Neat examples include: DnD race hybrid designs "Packs" for different character types And LIVING ISLANDS
  5. Procgen mansion now with floor plan editor!: https://www.patreon.com/posts/34131516
  6. As if our chatter builds worlds ... which I guess it kinda does welcome @ourlachesism!

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