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In a world where the weak are forever at the mercy of the strong, the Cult of Power seeks to overturn this seemingly normative structure. Even a weakling by birth can become a mighty pantheon of power. All you need is the Commander's mark. PM to join!

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  2. Tech Achievements, Inventions, and Miscellaneous Projects (more details to come) Atmospheric Energy Engine - Completed Resources, Renewable Energy, and Precious Metals Satellite Surveillance Network - Ongoing Glasium Madrite (Null Metal) - Completed Anti-magic Fully refined and partly refined available Resources, Renewable Energy, and Precious Metals DNA Splicing/ Super Soldier - Completed Combining species to create chimera type creatures and extraordinarily strong mortals Nightmare of Casper Terror of Casper Behavioral Modification - Completed A drug which controls aggression, in positive and negative directions Praefinitio, a chemical flowing within all sentient creatures that determines which path, good or evil, they are most likely destined to follow Project Yin/Yang High powered and extremely dense grenade - Completed The Things We Do
  3. I'm moving a lot of my lore for organizations to this club as they're all affiliated or part of the Cult in some way. If anyone here wants to make cult related organizations, whether it's a bar or a whole enterprise, just let me know and post it in the lore section so we can all see and talk about it 😄
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  6. Welcome Paragon, to the the Cult of Power's chat thread. Here we will discuss, chat, and sometimes just joke around. My goal is for members of the cult, both players and characters, to be a close knit community of roleplayers joining together to become the best of the best. For veteran Paragons: I'm setting this up so we can focus on the more integral parts and keep it on Valucre. Obviously I'm still available on the discord channel, but with our growing number of members and the fact that not everyone has a discord or wants to join channels, I figured opening up a Val Club for us would be the logical next step. For all our new Paragons: Welcome to the Cult of Power (CoP) you guys! We're here to gather power and kick people in the balls when they stand in our way! You can be a good guy, a bad guy, or anything in-between. The only requirement is a strong desire for power. While you're catching up on cult stuff or getting to know the other members, lemme direct you to two sources that have a bunch of information on the Cult of Power. First, the actual Cult of Power org sheet is located in User Lore (linked HERE). That thread has all the information needed to know what exactly the cult is, how we operate, what Lilith's Lunar Mark is, what it does, and everything that we either have or are doing is also linked/ summarized in the thread's last post. You aren't required to read it or anything, but it's a good way to catch up. I suggest at least skimming lol Second, Lilith's character sheet (linked HERE). Again, not a requirement to read, but it's probably a good idea to know at least a little about the character your Paragon (cult character) will be serving! *As a disclaimer, remember that the fact Lilith is the CoP's Commander is not public knowledge. Unless Lilith or another Paragon tells you, it should be assumed that your character does not know. It's not really a secret, but that's just how it's turned out lol Alrighty then! We current have quite a few Cult threads mulling about everyone, so feel free to make OOC threads in the club and stuff. You can always do it in the OOC board as well, but figured I may as well open it up to anyone who wants to do it here. Would certainly make it easier to keep track of all the stuff. If you want to join our discord server, my discord name is on my profile ?
  7. "To live a life without sin..." "...is the truest sin of all." "Thus a man who has never sinned..." "...is a man who has always sinned." Table of Contents I. Overview II. Territories and Network Influence III. Drug & Alcohol List IV. Thread Activity
  8. Welcome to Aurelium Incorporated Where the dreams of tomorrow become the achievements of today. OVERVIEW Aurelium Incorporated The name "Aurelium Incorporated" is based off of the Latin name Aurelia, which means Golden or Made of Golden thoughts. The intent was to present the scientific nature of this Floating Complex as a place for the “Golden minds” of Terrenus to converge. Aurelium can be and is casually referred to as AI or the Floating Complex. AI is focused on advancing technology and understanding how all of life connects and works. While there is more to the Corporation, it is mainly a giant laboratory for experiments and inventions. Hierarchy The Founder, CEO and current President of Aurelium Incorporated is Doctor Athena Romanov Vice President: Scientists: Scientists are granted the authority to present their own ideas to either Dr. Romanov or the Vice-president rather than having to work on predetermined projects. With express permission from Dr. Romanov, the scientist can be granted authority to indulge in projects which are in the grey zone. Testers: Testers are generally ex-soldiers who are experienced in hand to hand combat, magic, or both. They are granted permission by AI to test new weapons, tools or even, in certain areas, to give them abilities otherwise impossible to achieve. Families: The partners and children of Aurelium Inc. workers. General Location: Casper, Fracture -> Taen, Fracture -> Genesaris Population: There are exactly 15,203 people living on the Floating Complex, with exactly 10,000 of those being employees of Aurelium Incorporated. Offices: There are 10,122 offices in Aurelium Incorporated. Floors There are a total of 250 floors on Aurelium. The floors on this Flying Complex work backwards. So the highest floor is Level 1 and the lowest would be Level 250. Levels 1-3 are for normal office workers, guards, and interrogation rooms for people entering the Flying Complex. Levels 4-50 are for the people that continue on the BSTO legacy of trading and deal with product management and distribution. Levels 51-100 are housing for the people living in the Floating Complex, Aurelium Inc. Levels 101-199 are for laboratories, meeting rooms, and anything room created for Projects. Levels 200-250 are not levels, but a large area of space known as the Engine Space. This is where the engineers work to to keep the Floating Complex flying. Affiliations Allies: Aurelium receives grants from the Terrenus government for specific and approved research projects. Enemies: N/A Neutral Parties:N/A Establishment The one and only agenda or reason that Aurelium was established is to further the technology across Valucre and to discover the limits of existence. Historical Before Aurelium existed, in its place was the Bitter Sea Trading Organization. When the BSTO went out of business, Dr. Athena Romanov quickly swooped in and bought the entire organization. The creation of Aurelium Incorporated was in order to bring all of the greatest minds of the world together to create the technology of tomorrow. Aurelium Incorporated began researching DNA streams as well as genetic structures in order to manipulate those strands into creating a super-soldier. That, however, was a set of experiments being conducted without the approval of the Terrenus government. In fact, not only did they not have the governments approval, but the government was strictly against Project: Super-soldier. Dr. Romanov keeps these projects running by arguing the subjects are all volunteers. That and she downplays the extent of pain and near-death that the volunteers are subjected to. Currently, Aurelium is investigating alternative power sources and methods of creating artificial intelligence which have the ability to connect to other types of technologies in various manners. In-Depth View Appearance For anyone not invited, you'd never see the island at all unless you had the ability to ride above the clouds. On the ground, where the BSTO use to reside is a small building. The outside of the small building is no larger than a modern day corner store. Inside there are four chairs-always four chairs- and a counter that cuts the room in half. On this counter are two computers which are handled by 2 attendants who work for Aurelium Incorporated (AI for short). Behind this counter is a black door that supposedly leads to a back room. However, this door is actually the entrance to an "elevator" that only works when AI is stationed above it, even if miles above. Once the bottom elevator links with AI's entrance, the elevator can rise. It would look sort of like how aliens "beam" people up into their ships, but it would be "beaming" up black box (the elevator). Upon arriving at the end of the “beam” one would be faced with the top of the floating complex; something that appears to be an oasis. The island is, in reality, a flying ship that has been disguised to look like an island as the proprietor loves her privacy., AI isn't stationary. As it's a type of ship, it flies around Valucre and is always on the move. The bottom of Aurelium Inc. looks like the land had been ripped from the ground. It's a upside down pyramid of dirt and roots. The top looks like an oasis of 1 sq mile, with a pond in the center that creates a small river which circles around the island. Next to the pond is a small cabin. The rest of the island is covered with a fog of trees. Once inside of the cabin, it will look like a normal, one person sustaining cabin. However, there is a broom closet near the window in the left side when opening the door into the cabin. If you grab the doorknob, you'd hear three beeps as it scans your fingerprints. If you've been admitted, then you get entry. The bottom of the closet rises to present a stair case. The Floating Complex is protected by an anti-WMD barrier that protects it from outside threats such as missiles. magic or electronic, or anything unwanted that tries to enter. It's obviously not an all powerful barrier, but it's high military grade. Internal Affairs The inside of the complex is split into 264 floors. Each floor is 10 feet high. So because the total depth of the office space of the complex is 1/2 a mile, that's 2640 feet. If each floor is 10 feet, that leaves with 264 floors. However, because it's not a cube, but a triangle shape, the lower the floor, the smaller it is. The bottom 500 feet (so 50 floors basically) are centralized on keeping the ship flying- the engineers and ship gears if you will. The next 50 are housing for all the employees and their families to live in. The first 50 floors, are the officer workers. These are the people that continue on the BSTO legacy of trading and product distribution. Every floor in the middle of the island however, carry very different causes. These floors, in essence, create a giant laboratory for experimentation and discovery. They research everything from government authorized experiments on diseases, weaponry and technology, to behind the curtain experiments on humans. Floors 130-135 are recreational floors that have everything from shopping malls to tennis courts two swimming pools and bowling alleys. Alcohol is allowed on certain occasions, but not encouraged. Not many people have either the time to drink or the wanting to. There is even a school for the children of the employees, although Athena encourages her workers to not have children as living on a floating complex for the majority of their lives is not something considered to be the “proper” way to raise a child. The CEO of Aurelium Inc is a very interesting woman. She treats her employees well, but because she is of a scientific mind, she has no qualms about pushing the envelop of what is considered "moral" or "ethically" correct. She was born to a well off family, and when BSTO seemed to be failing, she quickly swooped in and bought the entire organization. Once it was all bought, she went through the remaining employees to vet them. Those who she liked, she kept. Those she did not, she sent on their way with a severance package. It took only a few months for BSTO to be completely erased from the map. All that was left is a small corner store that operates similar to how BSTO had been intended to. People can come in to sell aquatic animals (fish, squid, shrimp, etc) for money or for other goods. The small operation is still titled the "Bitter Sea Trade Organization" and is always fair, never overpricing its goods. Some things it even sells under-priced if presented with a good enough reason. However, the BSTO is just a front for the CEO's "floating complex" which gathers goods from all around the main cities of Terrenus- with federal permission of course- before returning to Casper to finish the trade with the coastal people.

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