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For the ARGs of Valucre: OBELUS, Grand Mainframe, Mr. E, etc

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  2. nas·cent /ˈnāsənt,ˈnasənt/ adjective (especially of a process or organization) just coming into existence and beginning to display signs of future potential.
  3. ... I feel dumb for not checking the About Me lol. But thanks for solving and posting the solution ❤️ ARG squad lives! And I hope we get more content in 2020.
  4. I was trying not to give the 'solution' away in my comment to their status because I wasn't sure if this club was still breathing, lmao. Obelus wanted you/us to refer to their about me section. The redirection to their third tip (i.e. hover over da text, lads) is an accompanying hint to their 'listen closely' bit, which is ultimately that speaker symbol in the definition. (The 🔈 emoji really stood out but that could just be me.) When you 'linger' over it, it says "about me." Therefore, that brings us to their about me section. The first thing you're going to see is this: I'm assuming 2020 is the impending date of their so-called return. But, the 2020 seems out of place. And, why have a big ass box if you're just going to display a year, amirite? So, if you highlight the content(s) in the box, you'll get this: Good ol' binary text. Pop that into a translator because we're all lazy and you'll get this [at first]: Obviously that doesn't make sense so just switch the 2's into 1's and you'll get the message of:
  5. I don't know how to read source code and I don't know how to read instructions. Is there a shortcut?
  6. Soooo. Obelus disappeared for a while after saying in his last post he'd upload the primers "soon", which was sad. Then he posted this around July: https://www.valucre.com/profile/13564-obelus/?status=52831&type=status And there's nothing but silence since. BUT NOW while checking val in class I get notified that he's posted a new status update: https://www.valucre.com/profile/13564-obelus/?status=53177&type=status He's replied to @Die Shize in the status with a link to one of his previous "Tip" statuses, so it seems to be an actual puzzle this time. I'd check the source code but I'm on mobile. ARG fam, assemble!
  7. If no responses are given by the end of August, I'm making all of this null and void.
  8. WHAT CAME BEFORE? 0:01 - Davant and friends run away from home and escape from the asasin’s gild assasins guild assassins guild 0:03 - Davant and friends go for a lovely stroll through the Great Pine Barrens 0:05 - That’s not a star 0:09 - Obelus yeets onto Valucre 0:11 - Obelus says fuck all y’all, turning Davant and friends into the X-Men (i.e. they get cool powers) 0:13 - The mental space parallel to Valucre that Davant and friends can access: Lachalom. The houses are physical representations of what their awakened minds consider home 0:17 - Davant did a bad thing. He hurt some people real bad. 0:33 - ?????????? I’m not sure if this even belongs here. Is this Davant killing people instead of 0:17? 0:25 - Noma or Malark (I can never remember which is which) starts figuring out their powers 0:41 - Noma or Malark (I’m really sorry) plans world domination / it’s a new beginning? They teleported to Genesaris and now things are in motion? Davants and elucidated folk are popping up worldwide? HISTORY LESSONS 1:21 - The X-Me- I mean the Sanctorium examine Elendaron, maybe after it decided to commit spiritual sudoku 1:29 - Obelus is watching? 1:36 - An eclipse of some kind. I’m going to start shitposting because I'm tired and running out of answers 1:44 - Seer or Stargate or Noma or Malark pondering whether pineapple belongs on pizza while casually dangling her legs at a drop of 20000 feet 1:51 - See how empty that skull is? That’s what mine looks like right now 1:58 - Frankenstein is born in the Datsuzoku Empire? 2:12 - The Sanctorium eyeballing Nu Martyr in Renovatio 2:20 - Feeling cute, might delete later 2:27 - Nevermind, that's a drone strike she's ordering 2:34 - Obelus: we're going to space. Me: REAL SHIT? YOU'VE MET THESE TWO ALREADY 2:42 - Noma and Malark OR Seer and Stargate (not sure if they're one and the same) Also I do realize Davant and friends are really Davant and family
  9. I also forgot to post my questions, which tie into Vi's. Here they are:
  10. WHAT CAME BEFORE? 0:01 - Runaways 0:03 - Great Pine Barrens 0:05 - That's not a star 0:09 - * 0:11 - It called itself Obelus 0:13 - The places we consider home 0:17 - A bad thing 0:33 - I see the connections now 0:25 - 0:41 - I dream of them HISTORY LESSONS 1:21 - 1:29 - 1:36 - 1:44 - 1:51 - 1:58 - 2:12 - Nu Martyr 2:20 - 2:27 - 2:34 - YOU'VE MET THESE TWO ALREADY 2:42 - We're all sorry ----- Enter answers below -----
  11. Now that I've gotten an hour of sleep, I want to say sorry that this took so long. In return, I'll give you a hint that will help in the future: Doesn't the table of contents look funny to you?
  12. CHAPTER "CHECKMATE" Sorry about the delay, Reader. Since my brother and our All-Creator is no longer with us, maintaining the balance is completely consuming in every meaning of the word. The council is trying to protect the under my command but [CORRUPTED]. Were you able to see my memories? I don't know how much they will help but it's better if you're not left in the dark. Not like us. By this time, I'm sure you have gotten another page of the compendium. Please read it carefully, Reader. I have a feeling that Evalise's discretion will not last. Remember, you are not alone. Next time we speak, it will be face to face. You have my word.
  13. What I asked @OBELUS about, with the 5 questions I was allowed to ask: What OBELUS answered me, word for word: Also! OBELUS has posted a compendium of all the pages so far plus new ones that seem to complete whatever story is being told through that sort of medium: What came before The first post yielded some hidden white text WHERE ARE THE OBELI? which also links to this site: https://clockbox.it/UnrubbedTorchSprite
  14. I’ve got four questions and I’m still scratching my head about what to ask ?
  15. Wow that’s a lot! From my three questions, I got to know that Davants’ powers react unpredictably and often negatively to reality warping, and because they are too much of a risk, ‘unelucs’ were sent to help instead. The isotope will be used to try and stop Elendaron’s spiritual death in third and final arc of the plot (the first being supernal’s), and Obelus will not be taking part in this third arc. All the NPCs we met are deemed dead by the Seer and Sanctorium.
  16. we are back at it again, folks ? i'm kinda boggled right now as to what questions i'll be asking our dear Obby and i've got 5 chances according to my d6 dice roll, so—anyone wanna help out with what questions to ask? ? figured i'd ask around here for more people to see ?
  17. I have more pages after the end of the What do they know thread (pages 22 to 25) -
  18. "It Would Have Turned Out Differently" Fragment "Goodbyes were never our thing, Xiteus." "Then, we shall say nothing." - "Keep her safe for me?" "With my life." - "Are you sure this is the right thing?" "It's better than just sitting around!" - "I don't know what I would do if-" "We're twins, for Heaven's sake." . . . "Nothing is going to happen. I swear this to you." . . . "End it." "I can't." . . . . "Ioa? Ioa, please wake up." "Goodbye." NOTE: DUE TO EMOTIONAL TRAUMA AND STRESS, THIS FRAGMENT HAS BEEN DAMAGED. Sorry.
  19. "Maybe If I Wasn't a Coward" Fragment He, who I descried with my mother tonight, Was put in quite an amusing fright, For when he arrived, determined and tall, She immediately made him crawl, On hands and knees, he struggled and fought, Forced to watch his kin exquisitely rot. “O Firstborn! A’srla’s very own son,” said she, All the while kicking him like a flea, “Come and be a delicious tragic hero.” When he did not reply, her patience dropped to zero, See, unlike my father, my mother fosters no compassion, Not when death and destruction are all in fashion. Thus, she crushed him just a tiny bit more, Until his bones broke and left him gasping on the floor, Should I admit that I felt a bit bad for him? Not like when my sister tore my cousin limb to limb, Perhaps it was his will that I found attractive An aspect that my mother quickly made inactive. “You need to be stopped,” he rasped, writhing in pain, She screeched a laugh since there was nothing he could gain, “Do you think this is a game?” she inquired, standing erect, “Firstborn, you have hurt my children to reach me, which I respect,” “However, they will be continuously reborn and for each time,” “I become stronger. A few dimes for my prime,” “How many times to do you think they have sacrificed themselves for me?” You should have seen the look he made, Realizing her children wasn’t the key; hope fade, (I kind of wish I could have sat on his face before they took him away, At least then he would have been mine and far from death’s bay.) I didn’t see him after that day or the next, Far too busy having sex, sex and more sex, I warned my mother that we should be wary of his brother, To which she told me not to worry about no other. Yet, here I am, writing to you in this ridiculous form, Contrary to belief, my heart is not a firestorm. Despite her being my wonderful mother, I will never deny that you are still my half brother, Tired of this fighting, tired of all the blood staining my clothes, Let me try to help you in ending these woes. You should head for the land of historic civil wars, Then go where I enjoy having piousness on all fours, From there I suggest going to where you can feel, Joy and sorrow; being emotionless is pretty ideal. I know you may have told yourself, “Maybe if I wasn’t a coward” and all that shit from your boring shelf, Here’s your chance to get your foot out of your ass, Else I will personally see that Evalise will join the mass. Word of advice, They are finished being nice. NOTE: THIS "POEM" WAS SENT TO ADAM FROM [ELEMENT CORRUPTED]. "THE POET" HAS NOT BEEN IN CONTACT EVER SINCE.
  20. Notice how Mr. E's activity died down when both Ataraxy is AFV and Die Shize's presence on the site slowed. *pins more red yarn on the conspiracy board*
  21. Thanks for the clue @Ampersand! ❤️ @Csl's still 'sulking in her AFV box' as she says, but she solved the last two parts of the puzzle! ?
  22. Busy bees, just dropping a little buzz. @Csl @Wade @vielle Hint
  23. Just a note that nothing will proceed until Adam knows you have seen his memories.
  24. "I Should Have Told Her How I Felt" Fragment “Something is amiss.” She discontinued her writing and placed the quill to the side. (If there was one thing I admired about her, it was her perseverance. Indeed, she was brought forth primarily for this task—to write on and on, documenting every occurrence far and wide—but she was more than her created purpose. I felt a bit of regret by causing her to stop; yet, at the same time, I was glad.) “… So, you have felt it too, then.” Her golden eyes settled on me, flickering with fright. (I had never seen her in such a state. Her eyes spoke with such fear that all I wanted to do was say, “Come with me and let us flee. We should not be bound to these circumstances.” I could have said it. I should have said it. I didn’t say it. It would have been a waste of breath, regardless. Her place was here. Besides, her grievous mien had left me awed.) “But, I do not understand. Are they not supposed to be protectors? Guardians?” She looked away and crossed her arms. (I wish she had not glanced away. She had no idea how much solace her eyes—her attention, herself—gave me. I understand now why she did, however. She wanted to try to protect me for, as always, she knew something I did not. Did she not trust me? Wasn’t it supposed to be the other way around?) “Protectors, yes, because this is their home. Yet, they have strayed far beyond the means of right and wrong. They wish to… No, perhaps…” She stood up abruptly. (This was my second opportunity to try and stop her. I did nothing. Instead, all I could think about was how beautiful she looked and even thought about how if anything were to happen to her, I… I would not know what to do. I supposed the determination in her posture gave me a sense of hope that everything would pass and be all right. What an idiotic notion.) “Are you… going to see her?” “Yes.” “Evalise, I…” (There were those golden eyes again. There was my sense of love again.) “Be careful.” She smiled. “Always.” I should have told her how I felt. Perhaps, then, she would have stayed.
  25. I see now. @AD AM @Csl @vielle @Wade Interlude I - Vertical "B" alphabet - "I should have told her how I felt."
  26. "Forgive me" Fragment Female Voice: Mother will be pleased that we've gotten a hold of them. Male Voice #1: Killing the other one proved to be fruitful as well. Now, we have less opposition. Female Voice: You forget about his brother. He is known to be powerful as well. Given the chance, that is. Male Voice #1: It doesn't seem like he has much power to me. If he did, he would have come to rescue them. Female Voice: Not that it would do him any good. He would meet his death as soon as he stepped in our parts. Male Voice #2: Instead, he ran away like the coward he is. I bet he is hiding from us now but he cannot hide forever. [beat] Do you hear me?! We'll find you eventually and give you the same end as your brother! Male Voice #1: Perhaps we can use them as bait. I've heard from the mouth of others that he loves them deeply. Female Voice: Ah, a repeat of Lailah's downfall. Her screams still bring me joy. Their shrieks will sound nice together. Male Voice #2: We mustn't play this game of cat and mouse for too long, however. Mother wants to get this over with by the next Expansion. Male Voice #1: We'll be done with the task before that time. [beat] Let's go. We've wasted enough time on this rat. Carry them, would you? Exit. Adam emerges from the shadows. Adam: Evalise... Forgive me.

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