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For the ARGs of Valucre: OBELUS, Grand Mainframe, Mr. E, etc

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  2. r e p o s t i n g Across 2: fireplains P 4: wickertownprison W 6: edgemaster E 7: theiris Down 1. coldmountain O 3. salerian R Edit: 2-5, 1-6, 4-1, 6-1, 3-5 POWER
  3. Woo, I was right! And that was kinda... disappointingly simple. ... are the four bees before --> bee 4, be four? I'm going to try that too.
  4. My gut is telling me that once we figure out the crossword puzzle, and all the letters match with numbers accordingly, we need to merge the corresponding letter-numbers to form a word. This sounded better in my head.
  5. So, Obby dropped three puzzles last night. Crossword [unsolved] @Wade's given some answers already There's hovertext on the image -- 2-5, 1-6, 4-1, 6-1, 3-5 Emoji [unsolved] It's a bunch of bees with no code or hidden anything QR code [unsolved] Going to try scan it in a while. It's text, and says "limitations". Going to try and input it as a code
  6. (ball - l) + (dance - d) = balance Guess I shouldn't have posted the solution as a reply to OBELUS's status. 😆
  7. Saw the notifs when he first posted, forgot to check the content. Obby being mildly condescending is funny. Seems like @The Alexandrian's already solved the new thing with the new post. There's also a hidden message in that one: Wrong place, right answer.
  8. I know @OBELUS posted more goodies for us to solve, but I'm not sure if anyone here knew that. Granted, I've been busy and under the weather lately to really contribute. But, their lil' "let's start again with something simple" is provoking me to throw my noggin at them.
  9. I'm as lost as you so my only contribution now is,,, who is she?
  10. Alright level with me I was thinking about this with CSL, and I can't help but notice the emphasis of Attention Deficit Disorder I got nothing else except that it is referred as ADD, addition. This would be coherent with M's clue of "think twice", if that is a clue, since twice is basically multiplication of two. There are no other numbers mentioned other than 2309, I'm not so sure where to go from here What are your guys' thoughts?
  11. also chatbox snippets: attention deficit disorder (it's just backwards) think twice -> A1Z26 cipher picture frame emoji, and 2309
  12. For the interest check: +14 shifted caesar cipher two three oh nineimages are worth a thousand wordsattention deficit disordertwo three oh nine The reply, morse decoded: HAAHPUAOLAOVBZHUKZVMDVYKZDLZLLRAVWYVNYLZZDLSVVRMVYDHYKAVAOVZLDOVJYHJRAOLJVKL Then Caesar shifted +7: ATTAIN THE THOUSANDS OF WORDS WE SEEK TO PROGRESS WE LOOK FORWARD TO THOSE WHO CRACK THE CODE
  13. HMM I'm guessing the reply to the first news article is directly about Sovereign, and that from Elendaron they escaped to Genesaris?
  14. "His name was... Sovereign. He was a reality bender, one of our most powerful. Seer sent all of us a message, telling us he dielucidated. Second elucidation were rare, supposed to increase one's power exponentially. Seer told us Sovereign could reverse Elendaron's death, and that we needed to stay put."
  15. So, Elucidation and Cajal Limit was mentioned in that CYOA thread y'all was in. However, nothing came up when I searched 'Dielucidation' on here.
  16. the deerstalker hat has lent me its detective powers. Hat is truly the way. Anyway, inputted all the potential answers I mentioned in my previous post, and turns out pain was right! ; - ; I have Contributed An Answer Turns out the davant declassified puzzle series seems to be exactly that --> "declassifying" the mostly-redacted Davant Primer The "Terminology" bit is unredacted now I feel I've read these terms before - probably in the choose your own adventure thread. Will revisit this weekend probably. Hat squad out.
  17. Dude posted more stuff in the cbox. And this: gonna come back to this after i finish homework
  18. Their introduction post is an alphabetical substitution: if you find this message congratulations. this is a taste of what is to come. we are a seekers of truth do not trust him good luck
  19. Bruteforced caesar cipher. The status update translates to this: Good evening as you seek the truth so do we patience rewards this is a mere taste kv uva aybza opt Edit: the last line, with a +7 caesar shift: do not trust him Ah, these ARGs, always with the do not trust her, do not trust him.
  20. We've got another one, bois @michanikós is a new user on the site and everything they've posted so far are codes. Fun! Puzzles so far: [SOLVED] Reply to my status update [SOLVED] Status update [SOLVED] Introduction - the title is "Greetings" with the Z1Z26 cipher. [SOLVED] Watercooler post
  21. Anyway for the other things... I think "The crippled planes walker by his side. She sits, see by bl(ind) womb mate eyes." is a riddle? A name? I'll review obby lore if I have time later this week, maybe it's someone previously mentioned in either the elendeath thread or the news article stories or the journal entries The poem seems to be a separate puzzle, since it's listed separately in the problem nexus. A four-letter passcode? Googled some lines of the poem and here are possible answers off the top of my head Ache Stab (knife-edge, needle, sharpened stone) Hurt Pain (throbbing pain, blinding pain, dull pain) Hate Sick (from green-gilled, stomach, joints and skull) Ouch (lol idk)
  22. I can't believe this made me feel dumb and extremely touched in less than 30 minutes. Your old friend hears you, @OBELUS. 😔✊
  23. Also I think this does confirm Obby's drawing inspo from UAOS Steganography --> a method from an old friend Also the last post in the UAOS discussion has "all of this null and void." which Obby apparently fondly remembers. Between Obelus and GM playing off each other and Obelus now calling UAOS an old friend... my heart 🥺🥺🥺
  24. Me: tHiS CiPhEr SeEmS FaMiLaIr Also me: Used the same cipher for UAOS and still forgot about it

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