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  2. Ok, I just talked to @THE_BULL and he wants one more shot at finishing the dead thread. I’ve discussed with him the length of time it’s taking to finish this, and let him know that since it’s a short thread it needs only a week tops to complete. If it’s still not completed after that we’re moving on to the next TZS member. I think a time limit should be given for future threads. If a short thread a week, but more time for longer threads. Any thoughts?
  3. It's all good. I'm just glad to hear from someone. @THE_BULL Are you still able to get to that DEAD THREAD, or do you need some help with it? If your hands are full of threads, or life, feel free to let us know.
  4. Am still here!! Waiting to get my own workload of threads lessened before I can take up any dead threads to finish ? I apologize for being inactive ?
  5. I'm just curious if the DEAD THREAD ZONE idea has gone dead? I'm still up for it, but if I'm the only one I don't think this will survive. Any suggestions on a better way to see if anyone can take on a thread? I know you have to read the thread, but remember there is only one post that has to be made to finish the thread. If it seems too hard to handle, let me know. There'll be no hard feelings, but I don't want this idea to die just because I wasn't checking in to see if everyone was still on board.
  6. Thanks! @THE_BULL This is the nomination he sent.... Thread Link: OOC threads (if there are any): Moved this up because it has links for characters as well as the overall structure I wanted for the thread Current summary (1-2 paragraphs will do, include whether it is quest or canon): It is canon. Most of the thread to date was about our characters getting together, discussing and aligning on motivations and desired end results, and arrived in Casper to pursue item 1. We were mobbed by NPCs who planted a listening device on Ampelos I didn't get to this point but the company they were meeting with is shrewd, would scan them for listening devices, find it and neutralize it, but I wanted to use that moment to highlight a little corporate espionage  Desired ending** (1, 2, or 3): option 2 please! 
  7. Link me to the thread here and I will handle it.
  8. ? Sorry for the delay! I've considered it, but what with all of the other threads I'm involved in, and that I'm coming up on the last couple of weeks for classes this terms/finals... Imma have to say "come back to me if the rest of the squad happens to be unable/unavailable." More of a soft 'no' than a hard 'no', I suppose?
  9. Ok, next on the list was @EpicRome23. Will you be able to take on the thread nominated by supernal?
  10. vielle is AFV until sometime next week I believe.
  11. @vielle supernal has nominated a thread for our Thread Zone Squad. I have completed the first thread ending (per jaistlyn’s request) and the second person on our squad list is you. Will you be available to do this thread, or should we move on down the line to the next TZS member?
  12. I have started the DEAD THREAD ZONE. Links:
  13. Im currently looking for Dead threads myself but im open to having a work load dropped in my lap.
  14. I know I have a thread to add.... possibly up to 50, but we have to go one at a time.
  15. We can put it here for now, and if we’re not getting responses maybe we can try moving it out!
  16. I’m submitting this as the experimental first test! I’ve long wanted to end this thread but we just started halfway through a new section so I’m not sure how to end it. Thread is from 2015, OP has long since left, and our storyteller unfortunately passed away.. details are in his signature.. very sad. Players are all long inactive except for sorainvoked, and he doesn’t mind the thread ended. Thread Link: Current summary (1-2 paragraphs will do, include whether it is quest or canon): Eight strangers, eight mages of the eight schools of magic are in Blairville, their lives now intertwined by fate. They all receive a vision from an unknown person from one of the mages’ towers, pleading for help. From their separate locations, they converge on the tower (and the thread ends here). The original plan was to get into the tower, save the person and form a covenant of mages, with each of them having a tattoo that marks them as part of the group. Characters (links): I’ll link mine, but the rest are too old to find..  OOC threads (if there are any): Too old to find. Related threads (threads before and after this one that relate to its plotline): No related threads. Desired ending** (1, 2, or 3): 2! Help me end it please! ? (sorry for the messy formatting, I’m on mobile)
  17. Well, someone had already volunteered their threads for our trial run. I have finished the ending on one, and submitted it for their approval. If they approve, I'll ask if we can mention them, and use their thread as an example. That way we have some idea of a way it can be done. I am thinking everyone will have their own way of doing 1 -3 endings. But it's always good to have some kind of example. This will be a work in progress, and I expect there will be great ideas and a few failures as well. We will learn from the failures, just the same. I think we can make a thread for thread requests on the board, at least until we have worked out as many of the kinks as we can. When this isn't feeling so new I'll feel more confident in adding everyone from the public to comment. But in order to possibly keep random comments to a minimum for our start, I believe open might be the best bet for us at the moment. If it seems I might be wrong on that idea, please let me know. I love having feedback.
  18. Also, should the nomination thread be outside of the club? I think people need to join the club to post in it, even if it’s an open club... I could be wrong though.
  19. ? I feel like this is easier to discuss if we have a few threads to start with, because we don’t know the extent of help that people want. But with the exception of actually closing a thread, I generally agree with using available NPCs, introducing new ones, or introducing a new environment, or a time skip, or having enemies appear etc, things that characters have to respond to together.
  20. Hello everybody! I'm excited to get this started. I wanted to open up with a chat we can use for all sorts of ideas. There are the ideas people might have for the purpose of the DEAD THREAD ZONE, and how we can improve it. There are the ideas for the different threads we are working on, where we can give each other help and advice on a particularly tough ending to find. I also have a few ideas to throw out there, and how they might be implemented. I'd like to get some opinions before I try to put them out there, just to see if it might be the right thing for this group. So please feel free to use this thread for all of our discussions on ideas and solutions. For starters, I was thinking of @THE_BULL's suggestion of using NPCs for threads. Couldn't we just offer to use NPCs in the thread with a twist to the story somehow, or some type of action, and then ghost out of the thread to allow the original RPers to run with it? Any opinions?
  21. Thread Nominations Got an unfinished thread for the Thread Zone Squad? Post below with the submission template*! This will help us better understand where the thread currently is and how we can help you finish it. *The submission template is still a WIP; please do let us know how we can improve it! **The desired ending is based on the three paths the TZS can take:
  22. THREAD ZONE SQUAD 1. @Mickey Flash 2. @vielle 3. @EpicRome23 4. @jaistlyn 5. @THE_BULL 6. @Grubbistch 7. @Rin 8. @TheWilySpookster With this new endeavor, the idea is in need of members for the Thread Zone Squad. If you have quite a bit of writing experience, have posted many threads with endings, and have been on Val for more than six months, you are more than welcome to apply for the position. Also if anyone has more ideas on how this project can be improved, we'd be more than happy to make adjustments or changes for improvement. *** This project is a work in progress. There are a limited number of members in the TZS right now. More will help determine how fast we can get to threads.
  23. THE DEAD THREAD ZONE I'm sure that most of you, if not all have been involved in a thread that had no ending. Either your writing partners were unable to continue for one reason or another, or you were unable to continue. Where do these threads go when they die? Do they just sit there, unloved and unattended? Now there is a place for these threads, a place where they can get the love and care that they deserve. There are many ways that these threads can find a satisfactory ending for all parties involved. All of these ways will be with the assistance of the Thread Zone Squad (TZS). The reason DEAD is not involved in their name is because they give new life to the thread long since gone. THREE PATHS The TZS can give your writing group, or you and your writing partner, new ideas which can continue the thread to the ending. The TZS can create the ending for you, finishing the thread with your approval of their ideas, of course. The TZS can create a surprise ending, one you would have no clue would happen. This gives the squad the rights to make an uncharacteristically funny post for the ending that has nothing to do with prolonging your story. Of course this ending can be optional for keeping as an ending post, with the ideas given all in fun for crazy posts that are designed to make heads shake or spontaneous chuckling. (Only the creator of the thread is required for permission of #3, due to the option of it not being the actual ending. If it is decided by everyone in the group to make it the actual ending, then it will be added to the thread.) These endings will have their own section with links to the thread they belong to. RULES Only one thread can be nominated by a roleplayer at a time. I know some of us have fifty threads or more that need to see endings, but you will have to take your turn as we go through with as much total concentration on each thread as we can. If you give the option for the third type of ending, with a squad member making the ending of their choice, there is no call for hurt feelings over the thread going a different way than you wanted it. If inappropriate arguing or angry words are given because of a post, then you are choosing not to have another thread completed by the Thread Zone Squad. Remember, the third option is all in good fun. Please, no angry criticisms of the squad's ideas or posts. They are doing this for free in their own spare time, so they deserve a little respect while trying to help you end your threads. (We reserve the right to make changes to the rules, as needed.) by: @Mickey Flash

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