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Club for the territories within the Eridianus Region: Taen, Ursa Madeum, Tethys, and New Everrun. Feel free to browse the forums and click to join if you're interested in roleplaying in the Eridianus board.

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  2. It was originally planned as a port that would help transport relief/resources from Ursa Madeum to the White Hand in Yh'mi. This was well before Ursa Madeum was functioning as a self-contained setting; at the moment Dycaslarin has no connection with Ursa Madeum. It has a portal that connects it to Taen and will have an airship port built on it at some point. It could have trade with Casper or with international ports outside Lagrimosa some point but those are ideas I just came up with now and will have to check with the respective board leaders if that's okay. As for mining -- I've already told you you can't mine in Ursa Madeum. If you want to mine ~near~ Yh'mi but technically in the ocean outside Yh'mi, I suggest you ask in the Yh'mi AMA
  3. Eventually, when Thurgood gets the money and finds an abundant enough source of electricity, Dycaslarin Harbor would be a great place to base cutter-suction dredges for mining the bauxite on the floor of the strait between Corinth and Yh'mi, unless there are plans that will make that impossible or impractical...
  4. An announcement for Ursa Madeum: Everyone is still welcome to continue the war and gillick kids plots, I (and Wade) will just no longer be as actively involved.
  5. Sooo my character Riha Carthrage has been drifting for a bit, if anyone has use for her me know. Here is her character sheet,
  6. As a proper conclusion to this obsolete thread, in case anybody reads this that wasn't playing in Ursa Madeum when Veluriyam was involved, as Veluriyam left, House Singlance dissolved.
  7. VEILCREST FELL The northern region of Corinth is full of mountains wreathed in cold fog, and the craggy ridges of the Veilcrest Fell are the highest peaks of them all. The mountain range stretches across the northwest side of the island, from the plains bordering Gold Harbor to the fishing villages of the northeastern coastline. Some of the mountains stand over 7,000 feet tall, and all but the smallest are wreathed in cold fog for most of the wet season. Even as time marches on, from the Decamron era to the present age, most of Veilcrest Fell remains untamed wilderness, teeming with wild beasts and strange flora. NOTABLE LOCATIONS HIMITSUNO HEIGHTS Nestled in the arms of the mountains to the north of Cal Eteris, the ancestral seat of power for the Hinode Clan touches the skies. Fog clouds set in every dawn, wreathing the sun in a glorious display of nature’s beauty. The Hinode Clan make use of giant guanacos adapted to high altitudes as their main form of transportation within their city. The only means of entering this stronghold is through the Kiken’na Pass. These twisting, steep roads of jagged rock and high waterfalls serve as natural defenses for the Hinode Clan. Only those born and bred in the mountains can navigate these treacherous paths with great ease; many hapless travellers have fallen victim to it, though it is said tragedy only befalls those who do not have the blessing of the Hinode Clan. LANTERDALE A glimmering bastion of light in the gloom of Veilcrest Fell’s tallest peaks, the town of Lanterdale serves as an important trading post where caravans from the inland plains and the fishing towns of the northeast coast could meet and exchange goods. It takes its name from the local tradition of hanging lanterns from every house and structure to provide light to all in the dimness of the highlands. Bargaining is the highest art form in Lanterdale, its population rife with traders and merchants aplenty, and the city’s most profitable local resources include guanaco pelts, precious stones, and mining ores. MOUNT KHAWÉ The mountains hide isolated valleys, and somewhere among the peaks, nestled against the mountainside of Mount Khawé, is rumored to be a kingdom of powerful and reclusive giants who long ago grew disgusted with developing humanity and closed all routes into their mountainous home. The discovery of cliffs and sheer slopes cut with empty, looted tombs and decorated with runes in jagged, unreadable script suggests that some manner of a kingdom once stretched across Veilcrest Fell and might still exist in some fashion. Regardless, both the possibilities of a lost giant nation and buried treasures still draw explorers to scour the mountains for any evidence of their existence. THE GULLY Hidden away by the Fey in a cave network discovered by the now-fallen Queendom of Svanhild, the Gully is the entryway leading to the Fenwyld and Ilvor. The walls of the cave are lined with smoothened limestone, and the floor is a sea of sand, slightly wet with strange saltwater. The alliance forged between the Queendom and Ilvor has led to the construction of a new road connecting the Gully to Cal Eteris in the flatlands below. NOTABLE FAUNA GORKO These reptilian-toothed, carnivorous birds possess no wings and are thus rendered flightless; nevertheless, they make due by hunting through the underbrush in small packs. Incredibly quick and possessing dull plumage that easily blends in with the dense undergrowth, they avoid bigger animals or large groups of humans but are quick to prey on lone or injured travelers, whom they attack, overwhelm, and then drag off into the brush to feast upon. ITZIARREN These massive, four-legged herbivores are thought to have evolved as a strange mixed-breed of the hippopotamus, the deer, and the zebra. They can grow up to 15 feet long and generally weigh between 3,000 and 4,000 pounds, though some have been known to reach weights of up to 10,000 pounds. Despite their girth, itziarrens are agile and can run fast, able even to climb sheer mountain sides in order to find new areas to graze, However, they usually spend the bulk of their time lazing about in rivers and creeks, using the water to support their weight and regulate heat for their titanic bodies. They are a primary source of meat for those dwelling in the highlands, and many a tribe has been fed well with only a single itziarren carcass. QUESTS METALS TO MEND Sir Ishmal Pellegner, a mining merchant, is looking to hire mercenaries to avenge him against a rival who stands poised to lay ruin to the remainder of his family’s fortune. As it turns out, the rival is not only a charismatic salesman, but a half-Fey who intends to steal all of the hidden treasures buried under Pellegner’s ancestral estate. ♦ Requirement: 1+ pages (16+ posts), 1+ players ♦ Reward: A chest full of precious stones. Negotiable. PM Csl for details. GLAMOURED UP The trade houses of Lanterdale have been hearing conflicting reports about a wave of various foreign merchants trying to sell questionable goods within town, ranging from jewelry said to be from Queen Decamron’s belongings, to the skull of a bastard child of the Tyrant King. When questioned later about these items, the merchants have no memory of trying to sell them to anyone and the actual items are merely fakes made to look realistic with magic. Trademaster Willow Maissinet calls upon willing individuals to investigate the matter. ♦ Requirement: 2+ pages (31+ posts), 2+ players ♦ Reward: A favor from the trade houses of Lanterdale OR a predetermined magical trinket. Negotiable. PM Csl for details. CANON ♦ Art by Andreas Rocha & Terryl Whitlatch
  8. CAIGH AYRD Contact: Csl & @danzilla3 In the aftermath of Mt. Egon’s eruption and the death of the volcanic elemental residing within, the face of Misral has forever been changed. In the region of Caigh Ayrd along the northeast side of the island a short distance away from Aurum’s Promise, a perpetual dark cloud has made a home for itself in the heavens, casting the earth in dim light. The ashfall has colored the air in shades of red, orange, and gold, and the magic imbalance left by the absence of the elemental has caused the land to fashion its own champions: wildlife fused with the destructive power of magma, and twisted monsters slinking out of the depths of the lava flows. NOTABLE LOCATIONS OAKENSHIELD TOWN Once a thriving lumber town before the eruption of Mt. Egon, Oakenshield Town has gradually evolved into a fortress of stone and timber, a haven for adventurers and blacksmiths looking for work and coin. There is always a need for able-bodied folk, as warriors are called up to protect the town’s borders—and the city of Aurum’s Promise—from the rampaging destruction of the Magmin. It is said the smiths that reside here have no equal in the island of Misral, crafting weapons of exceptional quality for use of the monster-slaying populace. NOL SHALIR As one draws closer to Mt. Egon and the ravaged land closer to the volcano, one encounters a wilderness of towering rock formations and soot-colored plantlife. This is the battleground of man against the creatures of fire and magma, and despite the beauty of its natural landscape, Nol Shalir is no man’s land. Outlaws and mercenaries are the only willing wanderers of this area, and even then, they spend little time here, as the mingling of blood and ash in the wind makes the air unbearable for long-term exposure. NOL OREN Past the wilderness of Nol Shalir, one finds the expansive lava swamp of Nol Oren. Bubbling pools of magma and tar give birth to the Magmin here, fashioning monstrous creatures bent only on destruction: justice wrought for the murder of Mt. Egon’s elemental. Vision is limited in this swampland, as great clouds of toxic fumes and ash billow out of the magma pools into the atmosphere, blocking out the sun. NOTABLE FAUNA MAGMIN The once-teeming ecosystem of Misral has been widely affected, in the light of the volcanic eruption. The unstable arcana in the vacuum of the elemental has given rise to the twisted amalgamations of animals and stone, creatures with flesh seemingly made out of magma and volcanic rock. Bears, deer, and wild wolves are but a few of the forms these monsters can take, and they frequently run amok into Nol Shalir and then to the towns beyond, destroying everything standing in their path. QUESTS A STRONG DEFENSE The warriors of the Caigh Ayrd rise and fall everyday in response to the surging numbers of Magmin threatening the peace and order of the lands beyond the region. Take part in the stalwart defense and you may just earn favor with the people of the realm. ♦ Requirement: 1+ pages (16+ posts), 1+ players ♦ Reward: 300 gold pieces and reputation amongst the Caigh Ayrd Defense. Negotiable. PM Csl for details. THE CRIMSON CURRENT The lake beside Oakenshield Town has begun spontaneously welling up with blood, and the whole town is panicked by the eerie threat to their water supply and what the water’s transmutation might signify. Governor Tremayne looks to find anyone who can explain the strange phenomena and restore the lake to its normal state. ♦ Requirement: 2+ pages (31+ posts), 2+ players ♦ Reward: A favor from Governor Tremayne and a potion of blood transmutation. Negotiable. PM Csl for details. TWISTED TURNS Rumor has it that a local sorcerer is experimenting on captured Magmin, hoping to discover the ability to control them for their own nefarious exploits. Ally with them or stop them—either way, the status quo of Caigh Ayrd is at stake. ♦ Requirement: 2+ pages (31+ posts), 3+ players ♦ Reward: Entirely negotiable—you make the story! PM Csl for details. CANON ♦ Art by Andreas Rocha & Dieter Miller
  9. THE GLAIVESPINES No one quite knows how the jagged, spiked landscape of the Glaivespines came to be. Some speculate it to have once been the battleground of old nature gods, and still others believe it to be the remnant of magical terraforming in the Decamron era. Nevertheless, this untamed landscape of ruins and forests provide bountiful breeding grounds for livestock and wild fauna, as well as adventure for those who seek it. Rolling hills of green and yellow grass sprawl across the western side of the Glaivespines, facing the sea. With grasses ranging in height from mere inches to lashing blades over 4 feet tall, and uneven stone rises jutting out of the landscape, the hill country poses a daunting barrier to travel and settlement, accounting for much of the region’s continued wildness. Amid the hills and grass loom mysterious ruins of ancient stone and debris suggestive of waymarkers, ancient barrows, or even long-crumbled walls or foundations from eras long past. On the eastern side of the Glaivespines, there are open plains and thick forests. Aside from the rumbling herds of domesticated livestock, plenty of wild animals inhabit the eastern area, with wolves, foxes, hares, and wild horses and goats being the primary groups of fauna. Frequently, griffins wandering from the Veilcrest Fell hunt over the region, seeking easy prey from above, while bears, boars, owlbears, and other savage creatures from the eastern forests regularly venture out into the plainlands. The wild horses of the region are reputed for their briskness and vitality, and it is said the meat produced from the livestock bred in the area tastes like none other. NOTABLE LOCATIONS ANDLAIS Flanked by bountiful fields fit for grazing, the peaceful town of Andlais produces the largest portion of livestock in the northern region of Corinth. It is a neutral area when it comes to the influence of the nobility, but House Cardona in particular regularly trades with the locals, supplying farmers with feeds in exchange for the best meat products. The hunters and trappers of Andlais also produce a small amount of fur and deer leather. Another large export of the town is timber, which comes from the abundance of the fast-growing forests along the western edge of the town nearer to the River Symarron. SUMMERSONG LAKE The lake is reputed to bring both exceptional and terrible luck. There are strange and seemingly natural lights that regularly flicker across its surface, eerie flames of green and blue that flash into life, cut wavering paths over the water, and then vanish. By day, the pale lights prove difficult to see, though occasionally a flash of color blooms with special brilliance and streaks across the water like a falling star. Witnessing such “dayshowers” is said to bring good luck. At night, however, the lights become far easier to see, illuminating the water with a spectral glow. It is said that those who look upon these ghostly streaks of color risk being hypnotized by the spirits of the lake to enter the water and drown amidst the flames. A small island also floats near the center of the unusually deep lake, covered in stands of hemlock, dense shrubs, and tall reeds. A strange breed of egrets live here, possessing beautiful rainbow plumage that shimmers in the sunlight. These summersong egrets are rarely captured, however, as they are disquietingly still and silent, rarely blink, and are said to scream like women when slain. TARONA The ruins of the great keep of Tarona is a relic from the Decamron era, situated at the top of a steep, craggy hill. The road leading up to the ruins is treacherous and lined with thorns and sharp rocks, and hidden tunnels snake through the underground, its stone walls unnervingly smooth. Legend tells of an elven commander who ordered the construction of the tunnels to sneak into the keep and lay siege to Tarona in the days of old. It is said many treasures still line the more obscure pathways into the ruins. DUL'CALION Looming over the western side of the Glaivespines, the Dul’Calion or the Willing Wastes jut up violently from the rolling grasses as if thrust skyward by some ancient upheaval. These jagged spikes of earth stand wall-like against the western reaches facing the sea, all cliffs and streaked escarpments, some over 300 feet high. Gnarled willows and brownish swards climb many of the rocky slopes, ascending nearly to the stony summits. Such growth hides numerous pits, shallow valleys, ravines, and tarns, making the act of climbing these stones a treacherous affair. Crags and openings into caverns below also dot the uneven curves of rock, revealing vast cave systems hidden below. Those explorers who return from such depths bring tales of the lairs of great spiders, massive blind snakes, and poisonous gems. Perhaps most unnerving, however, are the reports of massive sculptures and ancient, flaking cave art brooding in the dark, the works of forgotten and impossibly-sized artists of the past. NOTABLE FAUNA CERDA Whereas the common boar is ill-tempered and generally unfriendly, the towering Cerda is legitimately hateful and violent. Bony, skull-like features grow on its head: a testament to its vicious nature. Although omnivorous like its smaller kin, the Cerda prefers to feed on flesh, and its razor-sharp claws and keen eyesight make it particularly well suited as a predator. While it is primarily a scavenger, it isn’t averse to attacking smaller creatures it encounters while searching for easier meals, or those who stumble unwittingly into its territory. GREAT BITTERN Among the most majestic of birds in Corinth, these predatory birds pluck fish from streams and lakes, drop down on rodents and small mammals in open meadows, and have even been known to pull young wild goats from the assumed safety of their cliffs. These creatures, like all birds of prey, have powerful clawed talons and sharp, hooked beaks perfect for tearing flesh. Their enhanced eyesight allows them to spot prey from great distances, and they typically hunt in wide circling patterns high above the ground. Great Bitterns possess human-like intellect and view themselves as guardians and protectors of their territories high up in the rocky crags of Dul’Calion. QUESTS SWIFTLY, SWIFTLY Two prized horses are let loose from their pens into the wilderness of the Glaivespines, headed towards Dul’Calion, The wealthy owner, Galtin Malbrooke, has gotten wind of their escape, and is looking for anyone who can retrieve the creatures and whoever has stolen them, dead or alive. ♦ Requirement: 1+ pages (16+ posts), 1+ players ♦ Reward: A favor from Galtin Malbrooke OR an Andlais stallion. Negotiable. PM Csl for details. RED IN TOOTH AND CLAW Several packs of dire wolves have found their way from Dul’Calion and now prowl the paths leading up to Tarona. They stalk the farms and vineyards north of Andlais in search of prey on moonless nights, and their howls terrify the town’s farmers and the citizens. Governor Galicia is looking for any adventurers who can defeat this threat to peace and order. ♦ Requirement: 2+ pages (31+ posts), 2+ players ♦ Reward: A favor from Governor Galicia and a large supply of wolf pelts. Negotiable. PM Csl for details. THE DROWNING Children have been disappearing into the depths of the Summersong Lake, but nothing resurfaces from the waters and their bodies are nowhere to be found. Millie Arrowwood, the daughter of a local tanner, is desperate for help to find where her beloved friends have gone to. ♦ Requirement: 2+ pages (31+ posts), 3+ players ♦ Reward: A water charm spell per player and access to the next quest: Where They Sink. Negotiable. PM Csl for details. CANON ♦ Art by Andreas Rocha & Callum MacDougall
  10. THE RIVER SYMARRON The largest inland body of water in Ursa Madeum, the River Symarron flows from the highlands of Veilcrest Fell down into the plains of Corinth, snaking across the island in diverging tributaries and ultimately meeting with the sea in the two southern deltas. The late House Hildebrand made use of this perpetual source of life in maintaining its farmlands, gaining them the title of Riverfölken or Lords of the Symarron. Travelers and merchants travel up and down the river daily, allowing trade and commerce to flourish in the towns located along the river network, as well as between the cities of Cal Eteris and Andelusia. However, due to the steady traffic of goods moving to and fro, bandits and river pirates ply all parts of the Symarron. To combat this, the two realms have agreed to work together by means of watchmen and safe passage of boats in order to secure the trade routes. NOTABLE LOCATIONS CANTERSTONE The town of Canterstone is known for its exports of ore and metalwork, where the large smithies’ fires never seem to dampen and continuously produce anything from military ironmongery to common necessities like pots and cutlery. It welcomes all travelers with enthusiasm and hospitality, especially if said travelers bring news, goods, or medicine. The warmest welcome, however, goes to mercenaries and adventurers, who are usually employed to guard individual trader boats from river bandits. Canterstone Wharf serves as the final destination for Cal Eteris’ annual Windship Regatta, which starts off in its sister harbor Chimewater. BEAUCONT Beaucont’s prized orchards and vineyards has made it a popular locale for traders and aristocrats. Many of the forests surrounding the town have been transformed into grand orchards producing apples, oranges, plums, and pears. The various ciders and ales that come forth from the local merchant houses are almost as popular as the wines, and the dried fruit produced here is a staple aboard most ships travelling through the Symarron. GILLTOWN There is talk of a once prosperous town established on the land where Gilltown now stands, but any trace of it had all but vanished. The area, smelling strongly of stale water and rotting shellfish, is populated exclusively by river pirates and bandits, with visitors primarily composed of mercenaries down on their luck. Most buildings are shoddy wooden hovels or tiny, old baked-clay huts—but it is possible to buy rare materials and artifacts from the sullen, suspicious residents for the right price. If one wishes to disappear, Gilltown is the best place to escape to. THE TWINWOOD This thick forest along the eastern bank of the Symarron is reputed to be most peculiar. Also called the Whispergreen, nearly all who come within sight of the misty woodland of tall beech, white oak, hemlock, and yellow pine speak of strange lights and whispers that rise and fall through the foliage. While moaning winds and hanging lichen account for a portion of the tales that have been birthed in this place, stories of unexplained disappearances, ghostly figures, and thistle-covered paths that open and vanish with a glance grant the forest its sinister reputation. Rumors spread by bedraggled adventurers also speak of much stranger things hidden by the forest, such as massive greatsnails, the ancient Trees That Grieve, the swamp of the Tick Hag, and the ivy-buried Castle of Dreamblight. NOTABLE FAUNA ADDANC A solitary predator that builds dams to create small lakes wherein it hunts its prey, the addanc possesses the form of a crocodile and the fur of a beaver. Like the natural beaver’s lodge, an addanc’s lair can only be accessed from below the water’s surface. It uses the possessions and remains of its victims—man or animal—for decoration, and the stench of decay permeates the entire lair. WATER LEAPER Locally known along the Symarron as the Dywr, this creature is described as a giant frog with bat's wings instead of forelegs, no hind legs, and a long, lizard-like tail with a stinger at the end. It jumps across the water using its wings, hence its name. The Water Leapers are commonly blamed for problems ranging from snapping fishing lines to eating livestock or even fishermen. QUESTS RIVER RAIDERS River pirates are attacking trade boats along the Symarron River between Cal Eteris and Canterstone. A mysterious patron is looking to hire able-bodied adventurers to find the pirates’ hideouts and destroy their operation. ♦ Requirement: 1+ pages (16+ posts), 1+ players ♦ Reward: A steel weapon of your choice. Negotiable. PM Csl for details. LOST IN THE NIGHT In recent times, any peddler who sets up shop at a particular spot in Beaucont’s marketplace disappears overnight. Travelers are beginning to avoid the town due to rumors that foreigners are being kidnapped or murdered, and Governor Tully is offering a reward to anyone who can stop the disappearances. ♦ Requirement: 2+ pages (31+ posts), 2+ players ♦ Reward: A favor from Governor Tully OR a year’s supply of the choicest Beaucont wines. Negotiable. PM Csl for details. THE MYSTERIOUS PLUME Orange smoke rises intermittently from the depths of the Twinwood, serving as a beacon for adventurers. Some few of them have returned to tell of an ancient ruin hidden within the forest’s depths, but many who tell the tale shudder and refuse to say any more on the subject. Most who venture out never see the light of day again. Venture deep into the Twinwood and investigate. ♦ Requirement: 2+ pages (31+ posts), 3+ players ♦ Reward: A magical trinket per player and access to the hidden dungeon Castle Dreamblight. Negotiable. PM Csl for details. CANON ♦ Art by Andreas Rocha & Callum MacDougall
  11. [ original lore created by @vielle, edited by Csl ] Natural Sacred Place by Christian Dimitrov THE CITY OF ILVOR under sunless sky and stars; Hidden away from the rest of Ursa Madeum as the last stronghold of the Deep Magic, Ilvor is a glittering world untouched by the vestiges of human civilization. Home to the Llŷr, a race descended from the Leviathans, the City of Eternal Twilight continues to hold itself out of reach of mortals looking to venture into its borders—save for a few visitors, in honor of a tenuous pact made with the Queendom of Svanhild. With Svanhild's fall, Ilvor has shut its doors to Ursa Madeum once again. THE SISTER COURTS What little is known of the governing power over Ilvor speaks of the existence of the Sister Courts, one belonging to the Shallowfolk or Náein, and the other to the Chasmic or Nâma. The Shallowfolk dwell in the towering trees spiralling up into the night sky, high and dry places where they store relics collected from the mortal realm. On the other hand, the Chasmic preside over the deep waters, residing in cavernous trenches and tangled kelp forests. THE WICKET The gates of the city are impenetrable, perpetually shut to all who would dare traverse the in-between into the otherworldly realm. Thus, any trade between Ursa Madeum and Ilvor is conducted in the Wicket, a small gate turned trade outpost to stimulate relations between mortal and fey. Powerful items of magic can be acquired here, exchanged for interesting mortal trinkets that would appease the curiosity of the Shallowfolk—or further the devious machinations of the Chasmic. THE WILD HUNT Every year when the moon is highest in the sky and the tides are strongest, the Llŷr are called back to their realm, drawn to the city by a mysterious responsibility harking from their true nature as Fey. They return bringing weaponry of all kinds, acquired from all corners of the islands. What this hunt is—and what, exactly, are the fey hunting for—remains unknown. HISTORY CANON
  12. [ original lore created by @vielle, edited by Csl ] Grand Square_street by Wadim Kashin THE CITY OF CAL ETERIS golden fortune awaits; With the establishment of a new independent realm in Ursa Madeum, the Queendom of Svanhild required a new capital city in which to situate its seat of power. It is with this notion that the city of Cal Eteris is formed, housing the royal court and its retainers within its walls. Standing as the shining center of learning and research in the region, this is where the Queen rules over her subjects from the towering heights of a newly-renovated Ravenel Castle. Cal Eteris houses the bulk of the Queendom’s population, with approximately 950 thousand people living within the city’s borders as well as in the surrounding farmlands. Or so, it used to be. As of the Queendom's fall, Cal Eteris is now governed by representatives from the Kingdom of Ursa Madeum. At the surface, much of the city remains the same, though the grief of the royal family's assassination hangs heavy in the air. GEOGRAPHY TYPOGRAPHY Cal Eteris is established from the foundations of what had once been House Hildebrand’s ancestral estate, located northwest of Andelusia along the banks of the Symarron River on the island of Corinth. It is nestled in the arms of Veilcrest Fell, the mountain ranges casting protective shadows over the northern district of the city. Well-worn roads connect it to Andelusia and the surrounding towns in the area; the city also stands as one end of the Mountain Pass over the highlands, thus connected to the city of Ilvor through this rocky highway. Medieval city by Jung yeoll Kim CITYSCAPE Cal Eteris is a city formed through gradual expansion, construction efforts spawning from the Hildebrand estate outwards to connect various villages into one immense urban cityscape. Due to this manner of establishment, there is great diversification in terms of architecture amongst the various wards of the city, boasting the mark of a melting pot of varying beliefs and cultures. Nevertheless, unifying elements such as the Queedom’s sigil and banners of deep green and gold permeate the streets of Cal Eteris. SCENERY ► City Proper — Citizens strolling through manicured parks and spacious alleys lined with market stalls bursting with wares. Charterhall students gathering at street-corner cafes and libraries to discuss the latest developments in technology, inter-realm politics, Trade House rivalries, and other esoteric matters. ► Outskirts — An endless stream of travellers along the main highway, moving to and from the city onwards into the horizon. Forests rife with magic and mystery, concealing ruins from the eras of Queen Decamron and the Tyrant King ► Farmlands — Farmers trudging to and fro carrying heavy-laden cargo wagons transporting food into the city. Vigilant hired deputies surveying the fields from their wood-and-straw watchtowers. Evenly-spaced rows of vegetables and fruits flanked by orchards of hardwoods and softwoods for timber. CLIMATE Situated beside a river at the foot of a mountain range, Cal Eteris experiences relatively mild weather. Summer monsoons are frequent, bringing much needed rain in the midst of normally boiling hot days and sticky-humid nights. With the unpredictable pattern of rain-dry-rain especially in the middle parts of the year, many farmers have opted to invest in greenhouses and arcane devices in order to facilitate a stable environment for their crops. FLORA & FAUNA As a city focused primarily on agriculture, Cal Eteris prides itself on the multitudinous array of natural resources available to its citizens. Aside from the usual flora and fauna one can find in Ursa Madeum, the city and the surrounding region boasts the following: ► Titanberries (pictured above) — Oversized berry trees that come in all shades and flavors found amongst regular-sized berries, titanberries grow naturally along the shores of the Symarron River, taking advantage of their close proximity to water in order to reach heights of almost fifteen feet tall. Almond berry mousse, a popular local dessert, employs one titanberry per serving. ► Fumellara — Also known as indigo dreams, they are small, purple wildflowers that sprout and bloom around the foot of Veilcrest Fell. In late summer and early autumn, the flowers turn to seeds, which are small, black, and shiny. These seeds can be ground and consumed as a paste or within an oil, usually employed as a potent ingredient of sleeping draughts and medical anesthetics ► Jackalopes — Tiny jackrabbits with antelope horns. Jackalopes populate the forests around the farmlands, sometimes venturing out of their habitats to steal crops from unsuspecting farmers. Some arcane meddling during the Decamron era have resulted in a particular strain of jackalopes that have developed bird wings, thus allowing them the ability to fly. CULTURE talevyrr art by Raen (@rirennel) Present circumstances have all led to the instilling of haste upon the minds of the general populace. Many have put their fate in the saying that fortune favors the bold. It is commonplace to hear stories of new innovations and discoveries on the streets almost everyday; due to this prime nesting ground for ideas and possibilities, one would find it all too difficult to keep their finger on the pulse of the city and its happenings. ECONOMY With the support of its vast surrounding farmlands, Cal Eteris’ primary source of economic growth is agronomy, followed by tourism and agriculture technology. The late Queen Varda's desire to establish the city as a place of learning and transformation has led to the pursuit of advancements in the fields of science, technology, and education, subsequently boosting not only the overall wealth of the populace but also their way of living. EDUCATION In the spirit of inaugurating the birth of a new realm, the Queen had once sent out a call for renowned scholars and free-thinkers to strengthen the city’s academia. There are two main schools of learning in Cal Eteris: the sprawling institution of Charterhall and the arcane school of the Ivory Spire. Students enroll in Charterhall to learn a trade and gain membership and status amongst the guilds of the city; grants and funding towards research and development have sparked bitter rivalries between the various Trade Houses within the academy. GOVERNMENT With the fall of Svanhild, the city is now under the management of Charie Bennet, the current City Governor assigned by the Kingdom of Ursa Madeum. The old city council remains, installed to help directly oversee local matters and provide justice in court if necessary. MILITARY 13,000 city watchmen — headed by Commander Kana Hironori 500 wardens from House Kinclaith — composed of members from the sheepfolk, harefolk, firbolg, and gnome clans 500 warriors from the Hinode Clan 1,500 local militia 250 Symarron river guards 20 armored river windships NOTABLE RESIDENTS ► House Hildebrand — Once a Great Noble House of the previous government, House Hildebrand is now the royal family of the Queendom of Svanhild. Its head of household, the Lady Varda Hildebrand, now sits as the monarch of the independent realm. ► Ser Obadiah Credde — Famed river shipwright, he designed the first of the vessels now used in the Windship Regatta. Nowadays, he lives in his humble shack near Chimewater, only resurfacing from whatever fugue he dives into for the rest of the year to take part in the annual regatta ► Daisy Featherbee — A harefolk fletcher who uses magic-infused feathers to adorn her finely-crafted arrows, which are said to never miss their marks. Her work is of such quality that various fae visitors from the Fenwyld make a point to purchase arrows from her before they join the Wild Hunt. Daisy loves to talk about her adventures spent traveling far and wide to personally obtain her materials, and she never misses a chance to share the story of how she had been given the opportunity to meet the Sister Regents of Ilvor in person. ► Meier — A strange nonhuman merchant that hides its true appearance beneath a pale mask of bone and many layers of silken robes. It fences occult and arcane stolen goods, no questions asked, if one were able to find it and pay a hefty amount of coin, or perhaps do its bidding in matters concerning the city’s underworld. NOTABLE LOCATIONS art by Wadim Kashin WITHIN CAL ETERIS ► Ravenel Castle — Once known as Ravenel Manor, this towering blackstone fortress was the ancestral home of House Hildebrand. With the ascension of the Lady Hildebrand as Queen of Svanhild, the estate has been expanded to become a suitable home for the royal family and their retinue. As of the events of Svanhild Falls, Ravenel Castle has been damaged by the power of two oathblades. ► The Spring Palace (pictured above right) — The legislative and judicial seat of power of the Queendom of Svanhild. It stands as the ceremonial hall of the Queen’s royal court, where the monarch calls upon the council of her subjects in various matters involving her rule over the realm. Foreign emissaries inducted into the ranks of the Queen’s Court are also provided residence here. ► Silkflair Lane (pictured above left) — This wide and well-paved avenue hosts a community of eccentric artists, textile weavers, exotic cuisiniers, and bohemian clothiers all looking to ply their trade and make a good fortune out of their wares. Colorful fabrics billow in the wind from every balcony, and the plethora of vibrant hues make the community a designated hotspot for tourists exploring the city. ► Chimewater — A small harbor built along the banks of the Symarron River, Chimewater’s docks are lined with tiny windchimes forged by the hands of the city’s youth: a tradition that calls upon the local belief of a river god that would bring forth good fortune should the tinkling of the bells be heard in the wind. Chimewater is the starting point for Cal Eteris’ annual Windship Regatta, with its sister harbor Canterstone Wharf located further down the Symarron serving as the final destination for the competition. harbor town by J.C. Park OUTSIDE CAL ETERIS ► Timekeeper's Arch (pictured above) — Built upon the ruins of two old bell towers from the Decamron era, this stone archway boasts an ornate turret clock made out of gold and blackstone. The timepiece is powered by an iron pendulum rumored to contain the exhumed remains of the Tyrant King, ashes stolen from the battle that had killed him (according to many con-artists looking to hoodwink hapless tourists of their coin). ► Acadia — Acadia is the late House Hildebrand’s summer home, located further down the Symarron just beyond the borders of Cal Eteris. Secluded, tranquil, and rarely visited by outsiders, it is used by the Hildebrands to enjoy the beauty of the river and the natural scenery all around them. A giant greywood tree, tended to by generations of Hildebrands, is the centerpiece of this quiet abode ► The Greywood — Greywood trees were created specifically by the first Hildebrand crop scientists—extremely hardy trees with red or orange leaves and the titular grey bark. These trees produce greywood, a tougher type of wood that can resist fire and enhance the magical properties of objects created with it. The first Hildebrand planted the Greywood to the southeast of Acadia, surrounded by sharp jagged hills. Rumors of abductions and unearthly shadows moving within the foliage have led to the popular belief that the Greywood is haunted or cursed, and so there are only a very few to ever make their way inside the forest. Even fewer manage to return: a flicker in their eyes, faint but razor-edged. ► Daggerway — Named after Evanora Evendagger—the infamous halfling thief who claimed to have stolen the jeweled necklace of Queen Analea Decamron and have ridden on a pony through the mountains alone to avoid capture, Daggerway is a blackstone fort established at the foot of Veilcrest Fell, standing as the watchtower overseeing travellers on the main highway passing through Cal Eteris and leading up to the harsh highlands. HISTORY CANON 598 WTA September 1 - The city of Cal Eteris is established as the seat of power of the new Queendom, which has taken upon the name of Svanhild. | Cal Eteris is established. January 20 - The Shields of Valor go on a search for a lost object, unaware of what they are about to find inside the strange and dark forest. 599 WTA July 8 - The royal family of the Queendom of Svanhild is slaughtered by a pair of assassins from the Carmine Pact. With their rulers gone, the Kingdom of Ursa Madeum assumes control of Cal Eteris.
  13. [ original lore written by @vielle, edited by Csl ] Symbiotic Fantasy City by Christian Dimitrov THE CITY OF VANORA on silver waves; Vanora had once been a humble fishing village built on the ruins of an ancient city that had thrived on the shores of Thraece since before the Queendom came into being. With the growing demand for expansion in the aquaculture industry, House Hildebrand has seen fit to aid the village to build its way up into a thriving hub for commerce and enterprise. Vanora has a population of roughly 40,000 which continues to grow as the city gains more citizens from Corinth: artisans attracted by the potential this coastal paradise offers not only in the economic sphere but in agricultural, adventuring, and scholarly pursuits as well. GEOGRAPHY TYPOGRAPHY Vanora is situated along the eastern coast of the island of Thraece, at the tip of a small cape locals call the Ivory Heights. Flanked by towering rock formations and weathered stone cliffs, the city’s natural defenses make it a safe haven in the midst of pirate threats. Various roads connect Vanora to its neighboring coastal villages, with busy highways leading further north to Ylia City. If one were to explore the wildlands surrounding Vanora, one would find places ripe for further exploration, which may be of great interest to adventurers and treasure hunters looking for new exotic locales to conquer. As the city is built on the remains of a long-gone society, one need not look any further than the soaring towers of Cimmerian Keep high above Vanora’s cityscape as it casts tall shadows upon the land whenever the sun passes behind the crest. Safe Haven by Andreas Rocha CITYSCAPE Vanora is a city built over three periods: before the rise of the Queendom, the aftermath of the Tyrant King’s death, and the arrival of House Hildebrand. Therefore, its current urban landscape is composed of mismatched structures and crumbling pieces of architecture built one on top of the other, such as a ruined bridge now used as the structure for an open-air marketplace, or ancient stone pillars and foundations being used to construct an entirely new establishment. The old and the new mesh together in a symphony of sights that would normally appear discordant, but are ultimately harmonious thanks to the efforts of House Hildebrand and a leading team of urban planners. SCENERY ► Ports — Sailors and dockers hustling about and singing raunchy sea shanties. Workmen preparing ships to sail out into open waters or to unload them of their cargo. Carts rolling over wooden platforms to reach the fish hawkers intending to buy stocks and sell them to stall owners in the marketplace. Dock bells ringing and answered by horns from the boats dotting the seas further out. ► City Proper — Orchid knights and city guards patrolling the streets in groups of three, gleaming lances held high. Horse-drawn coaches rumbling over stone brick streets. Children playing Fisherman's Luck and Liar's Dice in narrow alleyways. Groups of people cooking and eating together over communal cooking pits. ► Outskirts — Travelers entering and leaving the city like a flowing river that never ceases. Farmlands stretching out across the plains in fields of wheat, corn, tomatoes. Seemingly endless woods with ancient ruins and moss-covered statues off the beaten path. CLIMATE Due to its coastal location, Vanora enjoys a more equable climate with moderate temperatures all year round. This allows the city to boast a serene atmosphere for any travellers looking for holiday destinations. The spring brings with it a heavy amount of rain; nonetheless, children tie colorful banners along the streets to bring splashes of color to an otherwise somber landscape. Summer is hot and humid, causing locals to seek out the cool waters of the ocean in large droves. FLORA & FAUNA The city enjoys a most varied array of aquatic flora and fauna for both consumption and admiration. Aside from the plentiful marine life one would normally find in the oceans of Ursa Madeum, the waters near Vanora boast the following extraordinary creatures: Ocean Creatures- coral reef, open ocean, deep sea by Seb Avila 1 ► Teal Shelled Chelonian — Popularly known as Tealshells, these large legless turtles swim off the coast of Thraece in small groups of five or six. They are peaceful grazers of seaweed along the ocean floor. Due to their vast numbers, the people of Vanora hunt them for their meat: a primary ingredient found in local delicacies such as spiced rainbow stew and artichoke dipping sauces. 2 ► Giant Sea Gourd — These creatures appear to be a strange mix of flora and fauna in one entity, causing frustrated debates amongst marine researchers. The coral reefs are the Giant Sea Gourd’s natural habitat. The tubes sticking out of its carapace periodically spew out spores that enhance plant growth; fishermen collect these spores to make cheap fertilizer for use on land flora. 3 ► Angler Shrimp — Found in colder and deeper waters, the massive Angler Shrimp is known to be carnivorous, using its luminous esca to lure in schools of fish into its gaping maw hidden behind its whiskers (antennae). Only the most daring of fishermen would attempt to hunt down these creatures, as they've been known to pull nets and anchor lines down into the depths, consequently drowning smaller vessels and damaging large ships. However, with great risk comes great reward: angler shrimp meat is a rare commodity the wealthy would pay a great number of shillings for, and the creature's esca can be used to form unique light fixtures that come to life all on their own when it gets dark. monster design 01 by drazebot ► Brumak by @Wade (1) (2) — Aggressive and fiercely territorial, the Brumak are a varied species of crustaceans who live in a symbiotic relationship with each other. Their shape and size slightly differs from individual to individual, though they tend to be large and bulky with an almost golden carapace. Rocky shorelines are their preferred habitat, in addition to small islets and damp caverns, and they often bide their time beneath the sands, waiting for prey to ambush as they pass by. CULTURE The city has ultimately become a melting pot of races, cultures, and religions. Humans mix with the smaller racial subgroups of elves, harefolk, sheepfolk, gnomes, and firbolgs. Ul'dah Citizens Art - Final Fantasy XIV Vanora has grown from sleepy fishing village to bustling city with unprecedented speed. Despite their rising numbers and wealth, the people of Vanora continue to uphold the values of a tight-knit society, working together to boost each other up to greater heights. An entrepreneurial mindset is common amongst locals, which ultimately leads to innovation and creativity in the economic and cultural spheres. The City of Silver Waves can also be called the City of Possibilities—provided one knows where to position himself in a quick-growing community of idealists. ECONOMY Aquaculture remains as the primary source of economic growth and exports for Vanora, with agronomy and textile production tying for second. With the excess of raw food materials in the city, many budding entrepreneurs have taken it upon themselves to create innovative products and services, such as making the logistics of food deliveries more efficient or constructing aquariums for the wealthy. As these businesses flourish, so does the city itself; the cycle of growth continues on, boosting overall wealth and therefore the standards of living within Vanora. EDUCATION The Candlesea Academy has been recently established as an esteemed institution for academia in the city, with specialized courses for those seeking to study aquaculture, cartography, coastal engineering, naval architecture, and sail training. GOVERNMENT The city was once under the governance of the Queendom of Svanhild, with a trusted council of five elders (see below: the Vanorian Council) installed by the noble house to help directly oversee local matters and provide justice in court if necessary. After the fall of the Queendom, the Vanorian Council now directly governs the city. MILITARY 2,000 city watchmen — headed by Ser Alfred Belanger 500 wardens from House Kinclaith — composed of members from the sheepfolk, harefolk, firbolg, and gnome clans 100 warriors from the Taira Clan 300 Naho Raiders — headed by Captain Elliot Kessler (@Wade) 500 local militia 15 caravels with fully functioning crew 5 galleys with fully functioning crew 50 Eagleships — Through an agreement with Ylia City and House Mythal, Vanora is protected with a sizable fleet of Eagleships patrolling its waters night and day. NOTABLE RESIDENTS ► Vanorian Council — Composed of five trusted elders, the Vanorian Council are considered as the city regents. They draft and approve legislation, ordinances, and public works for the betterment of the community. Baroness Lorraine Maignes (aristocratic landowner) Shak’al Wehu (tribal chieftain) Dr. Ebeneezer Alichade (head of marine research) Captain Deimos Darringer (esteemed sailor) Lady Esmeralda Gloryday (House Kinclaith representative) ► Branon “Skinner” Montalart — Acting Harbormaster of Candleport. He once lost an arm to a leviathan attack a few years past; with his remaining arm, however, he wields a blade like no other. He is fond of visiting organized fighting pits near the docks and dueling hapless challengers looking to win a bet, often mocking his foes for their inability to defeat a cripple whenever he wins. ► One-Eyed Tris — An infamous former pirate now turned tattoo artist who only inks those that have looked upon the great leviathans of Ursa Madeum's waters and lived to tell the tale. A tattoo from Tris not only serves as a mark of competency and prominence, but can be imbued with luck charms and other magicks that would aid sailors, should one be persuaded to pay her the extra shilling. ► Émile Dyker — A frivolous purveyor of personal luxuries such as soaps, hair oils, perfume, and fine silks who also dabbles in a little fortune telling. Some say that his drowned lover Mauricius is now a ghost that whispers secrets in his ear. NOTABLE LOCATIONS WITHIN VANORA ► Isidore Park — Once a crumbling castle from the days of the Tyrant King, House Hildebrand has since repurposed the structure into an expansive estate reminiscent of Acadia's style of architecture. Aside from its recreational gardens that are open for public use, Isidore Park also serves as Vanora's seat of power, where the Vanorian Council come together to discuss local matters. Jasper Hildebrand had given the estate its moniker in honor of his wife Kalika's maiden name. ► Candleport — Vanora’s harbor usually appears to almost glow in the sunlight due to the pale limestone and whitewood used in its construction. With enough space to accommodate ships of all sizes, it also has a bell tower that doubles as a lighthouse, warehouses for shipped goods in and out of the harbor, and a dry dock for ship repairs. Candleport is named as such due to the local tradition of families setting up candles by the shores to guide their sailing loved ones home to land. ► The Hungry Cod — A newly established tavern commissioned by House Kinclaith, the Hungry Cod offers one interesting attraction: the whole floor is lowered and covered in a pool of water about a foot deep, with tiny colourful fish swimming around and nibbling the dead skin off your feet. An engraved sign on the door says, "No shoes!" The proprietor—an elderly gnome named Rosie Lorridan—takes great pains to remind newcomers that there's nothing like a free foot massage whilst they enjoy a good drink. ► Temple of Windsong — A monastery built within the ruined remains of a large ship long since grounded near Vanora’s ports. It is guarded by a Thracian tribe that worships the sea and the wind. In order to even step foot inside, one must have at least spent 15 years of their life at sea. A large whalebone altar has been set up in the center of the temple, where the tribe prays to their sea god for good weather and safe sea travel on behalf of the more superstitious of Vanora’s sailors. ► Angler's Rest by @Wade — An impressive limestone fort built into the cliffside of Vanora’s outskirts, separated by a drawbridge presiding over a fairly steep drop. It is currently occupied by the Naho Raiders, a local company of elite soldiers-for-hire, known for their hot-blooded tenacity and golden Brumak-shell armour. Their leader, Elliot Kessler, is a level-headed man of affable character, and can be found sleeping in his office when he’s not buried under a mountain of paperwork. expedition by Anton Chernoskutov OUTSIDE VANORA ► The Mermaid's Tear by @SweetCyanide — A unique travelling shop run by the Glendower siblings. Jewelries crafted with rare seashells and dangerous sea animals are sold here. A turtle leviathan popular among the locals accompanies the merchants everywhere. They only appear in Vanora twice a week, so get them while they're hot! ► Cimmerian Keep — With its darkened walls and hollow halls, the ruins of this ancient stronghold have yet to be fully mapped. A ragtag group of adventurers calling themselves the Brave Heralds have set up camp by the gates to serve as their base of operations for exploration runs within the keep. They have a propensity for lighting giant bonfires that can be seen from miles away, inadvertently becoming a makeshift lighthouse at night. ► Nereid's Gates (pictured above) — A rock formation that rises to the heavens a few miles north of Vanora, between the city and its distant neighbor Ylia City. Magical occurrences abound within the vicinity of this natural structure; it is said that the sea nymphs have blessed it as their chosen altar, and that whoever makes their way to the top of the sheer rock face would be granted an unspeakable wish. Many seek to determine whether this legend is true or not, undeterred by the location's turbulent waters and sharp sea stacks. Many have tried, and many have lost their lives to the danger that surrounds Nereid's Gates. The few that do manage to make their way up disappear altogether—whereto, exactly, no one knows for sure. ► The Inkwell — Five miles off the southeastern shore of Vanora and amidst what seems like an endless reef of bright coral lies a dark hole in the ocean floor. It measures 500 feet across, is near-perfectly round and lies just 30 feet below the waves. While what investigation into The Inkwell has all but revealed it to be nothing more than an ominous pit, it has done nothing to quell the rumors of it being a hiding place for countless treasures of the pirates of old, or perhaps the lair of an ancient leviathan. ► Niyogyugan — A small atoll inhabited by a village of sentient coconut people called the Niyog. They worship a giant baobab tree growing in the middle of their island’s lagoon that gives life to their people. They have basic tools such as spears and dugout canoes, and would much prefer to be left alone due to prior experience with people hunting them for consumption. Kakamora sketch from Moana (2016) by Josh H. HISTORY CANON 598 WTA June 20 - Jasper Hildebrand and Merel Hildebrand oversee the birth of a new city along the shoreline south of Port Thea, as per their agreement with the Senarian presence on the island. The City of Vanora is established on the coasts of Thraece. | Vanora is established. July 10 - Halisera Dali enlists the services of the Naho Raiders to clear Dali property near Vanora of hostile fauna. 599 WTA July 8 - after the fall of the Svanhild Queendom and House Hildebrand, Vanora is now self-governing.
  14. Another minor update: @Wade's still AFV (and I'm sure he's already notified those he's writing with), thus all war arc threads involving him are on hole. But while he's been the one spearheading the war arc, everyone else is still free and encouraged to start their own threads/events and run them through Csl (me) ^_^ (I am also semi-AFV but I'll be around to answer queries and/or approve plot ideas.)
  15. Hello, I'm the newest resident to this role-play club and am looking forward to getting some game time! My name is Adam and I'm going to be introducing my character Manuchar Basra into the game! He'll be entering at the individual level. Bringing his black-smithing skills, his wares, a bit of enchanting to weapons, armor and jewelry and some good old fashioned in character drama. He'll be a stranger coming in through the fracture and Personally I am looking for him to do some quests, some adventuring, buying or building a home and maybe settling his poly-amorous self down and having some kids. (Please note that this character's primary goal is not combat but will enter into it if need be, and will take Manticore form if pushed sufficiently to do so, and given the prejudice against magical creatures and things that are different, that could be bad. He does use his true form to get around when it comes to long distances. So someone might occasionally see some large creature flying above). I also have interest in taking part in one of the quests that you guys have! These old stones.
  16. Hello, I'm the newest resident to this role-play club and am looking forward to getting some game time! My name is Adam and I'm going to be introducing my character Manuchar Basra into the game, https://www.valucre.com/topic/45091-manni-the-manticore/ he'll be entering at the individual level. Bringing his black-smithing skills, his wares, a bit of enchanting to weapons, armor and jewelry and some good old fashioned in character drama. He'll be a stranger coming in through the fracture and Personally I am looking for him to do some quests, some adventuring, buying or building a home and maybe settling his poly-amorous self down and having some kids. (Please note that this character's primary goal is not combat but will enter into it if need be, and will take Manticore form if pushed sufficiently to do so, and given the prejudice against magical creatures and things that are different, that could be bad. He does use his true form to get around when it comes to long distances. So someone might occasionally see some large creature flying above).
  17. @Phaedara Don't worry about it, I'm definitely still down to plan something out! I'll PM you later and see what we come up with!
  18. Oh shit, I've totally been MIA the past two weeks and didn't check my notifications until now. 😧 @Milke I'm totally down for something if you are up to it still! I'm a little everywhere right now, but send me a PM if you so feel the inclination! I'd love to work with Elisar!
  19. I love that idea, will definitely talk it over with @Phaedara if they'd be so willing.
  20. That's perfectly fine, go ahead! Since he's from the Deadwoods you might be interested in plotting with House Austell ( @Phaedara )
  21. Hello! I wanted to ask in an OOC thread because I wasn't sure, is it alright if I just start up a solo thread to introduce Elisar? I'm still pretty new to Valucre so I'm super awkward and cautious, just wanna be certain about everything!
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  25. That's excellent! @Rabbit I was actually thinking of having Ardmore make his way to the fenwyld as well, seeing as that's his best chance to learn about Deep Magic and the possible origins of his power. If you're willing to have Ardmore drop in on your thread I'd be more than happy to have him show up. He's currently abroad, so a traveling caravan would be a fitting option for him to lay low with.
  26. All are welcome into my thread if they so choice (Link), but just know that the path is set for the fenwyld. Eldridge is in a moving carny caravan, so you can jump in at any point you desire.

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