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Club for the territories within the Eridianus Region: Taen, Ursa Madeum, Tethys, and Everrun. Feel free to browse the forums and click to join if you're interested in roleplaying in the Eridianus board.

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  2. Anyway, here's Dave I'm very pleased with the fact that the UM kingdom's currently headed by two dudes whose names can be shortened to Carl and Dave.
  3. I'm making a character who'll serve as one of the main IC contacts for the Kingdom of Ursa Madeum / Corinthian Alliance since King Milorian's been kidnapped by pirates -- this post explains it. Will be posting his sheet in the next few days. @Samø plays another guy part of the Corinthian war council, Lupercarl. Tagging @Noonday Demon and @Witches Brew since both of you expressed interest in participating in the war effort -- feel free to hit me up if you guys are interested in a thread or two with the official rep of the Kingdom. Noonday in particular, given what we've discussed in PM ^_^
  4. Thread Tracker wip at the moment, might change this The Past i mean, what are the chances? 598 WTA [May 27] One of Many
  5. It's been long enough, so hey, we're officially starting the Gillick kids plot! You may begin posting threads with your gillick kid characters. Things to remember: Unless stated otherwise, each thread will take place at the date it was started - for example, a thread started on May 26 will be taking place May 26 IC, even if it finishes and gets canonized weeks later. Remember to submit your posts for canonization. Keep in touch with the rest of the gillick plot players through this OOC - use this thread to ask questions, let others know of open threads, organize meetups, etc. You can also use the discord channel but it's easier to keep track of convos here. It's not required, but I also strongly recommend linking gillick-plot related threads here so everyone's in the loop. Two recent events to note: 1. Ursa Madeum's at war Interest Check link here. House Arcos, one of the supporters of King Damien that were dismantled after he was killed, has come back. They have two oathblades with them and used one to control an undead kraken to take back control of their hometown. They're at war with kingdom right now, and I strongly encourage tying your gillick kids plots to this board arc. There's a War OOC in the main discussion forum of this club you can use to join the convo. 2. The king has been captured So yeah, the king's gone, which is publicly known. Would be a good time for those with throne-stealing intent to start making moves 👀 So yep, plot's officially started. Go forth! Make the islands bleed.
  6. It took me a bit longer than I expected (nearly everything does), but I finally finished Ktoto's backstory (decided not to change his name, for reasons in the backstory). It needs a bit of cleanup for flow and typos I'm sure, but its a good start, and is complete albeit a bit unpolished. If anyone would be particularly interested in roleplaying with him, let me know. At this point, he is basically just some guy. No particularly useful abilities or special powers. He's not trained in combat, but is desperate and somewhat suicidal. I'm thinking a few different potential scenarios: He could just join the war as a regular soldier, but he might require some training (although he doesn't care if he's untrained). He would also be particularly interested in finding out who was responsible for the eruption of Mount Egon, as that might be an excuse for him to pass the blame for some of his shame. Someone who might want to help him find what he is good at, and if he has any powers (he probably does, but I have no particular plans at this junction).
  7. If you have any questions shoot me a DM and I'll get 'em answered for ya.
  8. @Tyler House Karradeen? Badabing-badaboom? 😂
  9. Alrighty, cool! 💖 I'll point you over to @Wade and @Samø now; they're the regents of main UM and the organizers of the war arc. Just let us know if you've got any questions/need any help! 😊
  10. Thanks, @vielle. It really looks like Ursa Madeum will be a good fit for what has been percolating around the back of my brain for the last week or so. I don’t think I’m quite ready to join any active quests quite yet. I’ll probably need another week or so to iron out the copious wrinkles in Ktoto’s backstory (one, being his name 😂) and how I want him to interact with others (just slightly important for role play), and where I want him to go. That being said, I don’t want to wait too long because the war sounds like it has some good opportunities for him.
  11. A place to discuss anything related to the war in Ursa Madeum. General info will be contained and updated accordingly in this post. ORIGINAL INTEREST CHECK Map: PARTICIPANTS Corinthian Alliance Walter Crowley (General) House Kholin Naho Raiders Lupercarl (War Council Adviser) Carmine Pact House Arcos TIMELINE February 598 WTA Adrya Arcos reunites with her half-brother, Lanius of Thraece, in addition to the remains of the Red Legion in Drasir. They kill a Kraken using their Oathblades, allowing Adrya to enthrall it through Marrow's power. The Red Legion reclaims Noviria in a bloody siege, reinstating House Arcos as the official authority of the city. King Milorian Mythal declares war on House Arcos. March 598 WTA The Red Legion begins expanding its territory across the western side of Thraece. The Corinthian Alliance and Carmine Pact are formed. Oathblade Aether is discovered by the Carmine Pact. Conversely, Oracle falls into possession of the Corinthian Alliance. April 598 WTA Hostilities erupt in Misral as the Carmine Pact establishes its forces along the western side of the island. Lines are drawn and war camps are formed. The Carmine Pact overtakes a third of Thraece and nearly half of Misral. May 598 WTA Hostilities have reached a bloody stalemate on Misral, while the Carmine Pact continues to expand to the east of Thraece.
  12. @Keozon Welcome to Eridianus and Ursa Madeum! This is a club for Eridianus discussions and lore indexes, and this thread is specifically for OOC discussions for UM. You can explore a bit around here; we're happy to have you and Ktoto with us! 💖 If you're looking for a ready quest, check my post above for Die Shize's river raiders adventure. 😊
  13. Fresh off the mental oven of the formidable @Die Shize; get it while it's hot! 😍
  14. (Late reply but-) glad to have you here! Very neat interest check too.
  15. In retrospect I should have quoted you as well. My apologies! Thank you for the mention.
  16. Another spicy-looking adventure from another elven friend! Maybe some adventurers out there can see to joining Eolan's grand quest? 👀
  17. Would anyone want to join in on a little bit of wedding party spirit? 💖
  18. We've a new open thread in UM! Some of y'all might be interested in such a venture 💖
  19. Popping in to say hello. Thank you for the invite, @Csl I know that island nations are going to be focused on naval shenanigans, but I thought I'd err on the terrestrial side of things and set my meagre ambitions in that direction. I'm in discussion right now with Wade on a potential primary thrust to kick off this civil war arc, but if that falls through I am available for other things potentially. I am looking forward to writing with everyone!
  20. @Meraxa @Jiv'undus gentle bump Tentative start date of plot is May 15, though there's already a thread between two Gillick kids (taking place in the past, so I'm not logging it as part of present-daycanon) Again, you're free to post solo character threads and/or threads taking place in the past if you want to flesh out your characters a bit ^_^
  21. Welcome to the club @fedya! You can find the general chat thread for Ursa Madeum below. I'm glad the board caught your interest and looking forward to your participation in the war arc 👀 Feel free to also raise any questions/concerns in that thread.
  22. sir that answer is not in the choices, please specify : ^ )

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