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Club for the territories of the Veluriyam Empire: Taen, Ursa Madeum, and Port Sun. Feel free to browse the forums and click to join if you're interested in roleplaying in the Empire's territories

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  2. Could Aveline donate some books to the Library of Andelusia?
  3. Uhhhh, my bad. took it down.
  4. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NZ3PmNN2Y3q-OI4mS8XpmlQquUDUQSJyxNCtOLYjq7Q/edit?usp=sharing Please let me know if this link allows you to see it... @KittyvonCupcake @Grubbistch @vielle @danzilla3
  5. I'd love to continue! I'm catching up, just been busy with thiiiiiiings.
  6. For reference, none of this would be happening now. At the very least it would happen after Csl/ Roz hosts the Noble House meeting thing, which could be in months. I'm not in a super big rush or anything, I just think it would be easier to plan if there was at least someone in the seat of power. It's just weird that Titus is directly in charge of UM. I think what I might do is put in a Regent to stand in for Titus after the fisticuffs with Tazarek, cause at that point he's gonna take a trip to Angel City. But yeah! Thanks for the comments everyone! I'll definitely keep them in mind as stuff progresses and try to fix the system so that it seems more "organic" and less like a forced narrative. I obviously didn't go into this thinking it was perfect, hence the posting it here, but you guys brought up a lot of good points. The three main ones that really stuck with me are 1) what if no one really wants the throne lol, 2) wouldn't houses just wait for the minigames resulting in less activity in between, 3) MOBS is random which means that work done in-between minigames wouldn't be worth much in the actual minigame (relating to point 2) and thus rendering the whole system inorganic and forced. Kthxbye *moves to angel city*
  7. Well... I think Vielle just laid it out pretty well. lol If I may though, you mentioned you concerned about not looking like you're playing favorites @Ataraxy , and I get that. But ya know, I think we're all adults here, so I think we can all handle it if you have Titus pick someone based on who he genuinely thinks is right for the job in-character. All of our characters can just deal with it. You know, if you really need to get a king/queen picked soon, that is.
  8. You presume correctly, sir! 🙏 I was definitely thinking of sitting this one out for a multitude of reasons, but Varda not wanting to vie for the crown is one big slice of that cake 👀 However, it's not about unwillingness; to her, it's not a matter of not wanting to be queen, but rather not having thought about it at all. Perhaps, if shown the benefits of being on the throne to help facilitate projects for the betterment of the people and what-not, she'd be persuaded to possibly try and take up the mantle through benign means. That's why I rather think it's possible for someone to enter the "tournament" should any of the Imperial Rulers want them to, if only for those who have good hearts and can be persuaded that more power could lead to greater good. 😄 On that matter, I have to admit that the internal house plots I had in mind for House Hildebrand have not come into fruition yet to get them ready for this sort of development. I think many noble houses have yet to fully establish themselves in the position where they'd want to vie for the throne, or rather, many preexisting noble house heads and members aren't very inclined towards or have given thought towards placing their head of house on the throne yet. Either they're involved in ongoing internal house/inter-house plots (which really are quite taxing and attention-demanding in themselves already, I gotta say 😂), or they're just not interested, plain and simple. In the case of Dali, Hali wants a republic. It probably really is safe to say that as of the moment, not everyone is ready for/thinking about it. 👀 Another thing I've also come to realize: it could be possible for a power-hungry noble to usher in their head of house to the throne and then subsequently yeeting the head of house so they can take up the position of monarch themselves. Therefore, the move to vie for the throne doesn't necessarily have to be based on the head of house's personal feelings about becoming monarch, but on the noble house member's want for that very position. 🔪 As seen below: ^ This was definitely something I've had in mind since the very start, and it will be happening in the future because what good is Jasper's existence if not for that jk jk 😂 This would be a house member pushing for his head of house to become monarch and then toppling them over to gain their position. This could be one way of bringing noble houses into this sort of vying-for-the-throne thing, and not necessarily just for the "tournament" itself. Ultimately, in my opinion, the "tournament" minigame rather seems too...synthetic? Sterile? Are those the right words? 👀 It doesn't feel like it leans towards organic storytelling, with the slightly-combat-oriented system it rests upon, though I could be wrong. Either way, I'd much prefer something more natural, slow-going but ultimately creating a stable foundation to build more complex plots upon. Now, there are all these amazing plots being built up—the rise of the Oathsworn, the Uldwar internal war for headship, the further establishment of alliances, actual personal meetings between houses that haven't really met yet IC—that could eventually move things forward to the point of people actually wanting to vie for the throne at that point in time. I just think it needs more time on the part of roleplaying things out. 🙏 - end word vomit, omg that took way longer than expected 😅
  9. So, I've been talking about this "City of Angels" that Titus comes from for a few years now I just never bothered writing it all down cause I had a lot of headcanon for it and no one else was rping with it so I figured there wasn't much point. But then Vielle said she was interested a week or so ago, so I decided to write it all down. If you guys are interested on where Titus came from and what kind of fresh hell the city of angels is, here's the link! Note, most of the angels are less super nice christian angels and more like the angels from Supernatural lol
  10. There is one, and only one circumstance in which Thurgood and/or Aveline would vie for the throne: another house somehow challenges or specifically attacks them in some way. A Singlance doesn't back down from either a challenge or a fight.
  11. I think it's a possibility. If Jasper pushes Varda to take the throne and then gets it from her, that would work too.
  12. Anyway, I've been presumptuously speaking on other people's behalf based on my analysis of their characters, but I do want to here what @vielle and @Aleksei have to say themselves. Though I'd also like to hear what you say to this, @Ataraxy
  13. YOU GOT MY REFERENCE!!!!! We're now movie bros!
  14. Will shit guys LMAO if no one wants the throne maybe I'll make own noble house and enjoy the minigame ALL BY MY SELF HOW YOU LIKE DEM APPLES
  15. AKA, what I was suggesting! haha So, as I said, that likely eliminates over half the field. And I don't know if Jasper can legitimately seek the throne if he is not head of household? I figure Varda won't want to be queen though, even if Tynes would throw Norkotia's support behind her. In that circumstance, if Mythal is the only willing (and able) candidate for the throne, then I will definitely have Abigail go for it.
  16. Dali thinks accepting a coronation from Vel would be an acknowledgement of a rule she doesn’t condider legitimate, and also separately that anyone who believes the future lies in the crown is laboring under an illusion. If she just so happened to wake up one day with the country bending the knee that’d have to be a separate consideration
  17. LOL that's very true, very true. Although Hali becoming Queen would better allow her to establish more democratic/ republic legislation and stuff hmmmmm?
  18. I can confirm Dali wouldn’t enter into a “tournament” to be considered monarch
  19. Yeah, I can understand that reasoning. And certainly if that is the IC reasoning, then I will accept that. In which case we might not have that many houses vying then. Notmuch has already said that Singlance should be ineligible, and given his characters attitudes, I suspect he'll be a no-go. I feel like Abigail would only try given specific circumstances, one of which is that all the other people vying for the crown seem totally incompetent or potentially disastrous to her, and/or if Titus refuses to reinstate Karradeen as a major house (though, I presume that would also disqualify her from running, so that might not be a workable reason anyway). I personally think it would be fun (if not a little hilarious, given what she was originally created to be) if she became queen, though. Meanwhile, Uldwar might not be running anyone because they are a house divided, and I was kind of looking forward to the Uldwar proxy war, so I wouldn't want to see them forcibly unified too soon just for the run for the crown. And if Hali refuses the idea of being queen, as she seemed to in her thread with Roz, than I think that means she wouldn't be running either, am I right? @supernal As you just said, Ataraxy, if they don't desire to be king/queen, then Titus wouldn't pick them. So I mean, this could literally be just Hildebrand vs. Mythal! And the funny part is... it doesn't seem like Varda or Milo really care about being queen/king either! 🤣
  20. Why bother vying for it right now at all? Continue building your roots and when you're ready, than vie for it. No rush, this isn't a one and done type situation
  21. I understand what you're saying but I disagree. Like, I get the old saying that power is safest in the hands on those who don't want it, but I've never agreed with that line of thinking. Someone who doesn't want that power won't necessarily make a good leader because there's no drive to succeed besides a potential since of abstract "duty." Not to mention that Titus has always ruled UM with a laissez faire attitude, other than for human rights. He's not going to go knocking on doors trying to persuade someone who doesn't want the throne to take the throne. From his perspective, he's more of a regulator. Who becomes the king or queen is an internal issue that will be decided by whichever house comes up on top/ has the most support from other houses. More specifically, whichever house manages to subdue the others, not get elected by them, because remember, this is a vassal system. So no, Titus wouldn't go beg or try to convince Abigail (for example) to be Queen. Partly because that's not something in his character and not something I personally see as a deciding factor for what makes a good ruler. Now Titus could theoretically back her play, but he would never push her to do it. You're not worthy unless you earn it kind of philosophy. Another reason for that is I want to avoid having "convince the imperials" as a main form of gaining the throne. The conflict for the King's throne should be focused on the relations between houses as opposed to their relationship with Titus, otherwise it detracts from the game of thrones. Essentially, in a summarized format, I won't join a narrative that has someone vying for the throne because "Titus wants me to". I always love a Gladiator reference but I've always found that reasoning to be extremely weak. Someone who wants power and has a good heart is much better than someone who just doesn't want power. Like, make me a manager against my will or if I don't want to and you'll get the worst manager ever. I don't want to be manager and therefore that dislike of my position will be demonstrated in work ethic and attitude.
  22. My thing is also that I planned on there being this huge sort of conflict in House Uldwar of which somebody is vying for the throne. Does participation in this mean I have to sort of put that to the side and just choose one of the kids to rule so they can go for the crown or what?
  23. In this whirlwind of activity, I completely forgot that Thurgood has a score to settle with both Sabrina and Sir Engvar; he can't ruin their careers, but perhaps he can ruin their domestic lives...
  24. Okay, then I want to further expand upon what I said earlier. See, if you are Titus (which you are), and you see someone who is clearly trying very hard to become king/queen, that might set up some red flags that maybe this person is a bit power hungry (Oscar Uldwar anyone?), but if you see someone who is doing good stuff, but not with the clear and obvious intent to win favor, wouldn't the latter person be who you want to put on the throne? It's kind of like what Roz did with the Singlances. They didn't ask to be nobility, she just kind of dropped out of the sky and was like "Hey, I like your guys effort. Here, you're lord and lady now!". Now I'm not saying you literally do that again where you go to someone and be like "You're king now and you can't do nothing about it.", but if the winner is say, Thurgood, or Abigail, or Varda, none of whom are actively trying to become king/queen, maybe Titus still approaches them and tries to convince them to be take the throne, and maybe they do once asked. Now if Notmuch says he doesn't want Thurgood to have any chance of becoming king and that he'd flat-out refuse, then we just don't include him in the competition. But I know in my case, Abigail is devoted to her house, and isn't seeking the throne. But if Titus showed up and maybe tried to persuade her, she would eventually agree. Essentially, it should not be based on if the character wants to be king, it's if they would agree to do so if asked. So long as we have that understanding, we can then narratively construct how that comes to be. Did all that make sense?