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Club for the territories of the Veluriyam Empire: Taen, Ursa Madeum, and Port Sun. Feel free to browse the forums and click to join if you're interested in roleplaying in the Empire's territories

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Heads up to everyone: I've updated the Ursa Madeum lore article updated to reflect the changes in the Time Will Tell thread.
  3. also i think ghost ships are a cool pirate aesthetic, donchathink? ;) ;)
  4. I need to finish the threads for her background, and drag ol' Dan down with me. It's a slow work in progress...
  5. we got a few pirates btw. if anyone wants to join in the pirating :))))
  6. Sort of updated the Veluriyam Empire lore article. It's quite bare bones at the moment but I may or may not have been pressured to move it up my priority list it because it's a dropdown on the lore menu now. ; - ; Thanks to @Tyler for making the sigil, which is also now the icon for the Veluriyam club.
  7. General chat thread for Taen Feel free to throw plot ideas around, ask questions, or just chat with fellow Taen roleplayers. Be nice and don't bring IC conflict into OOC.
  8. If we’re doing more than one rep let me know. Otherwise I’ll go agriculture. For now just put Strifehowler until I come up with a first name
  9. For reference I still need representatives from the remaining four noble houses of original Ursa Madeum. @King @supernal @Tyler @Aleksei Also input for a sigil/symbol for UM would be appreciated here (if no one chips in, I'll just collab with Tyler)
  10. He ya'll, I'm gonna be designing a new logo/flag/emblem/seal/sigil/banner/thing for UM. Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions for it?
  11. Milo just gonna be like "I want that castle" "But it's haunted." Milo:
  12. Thanks. Do you want the castle haunted or no?
  13. Mm. I will take it in case you would like it back, you can have it.
  14. I'm gonna be doing a one shot thread where Godric attempts to poison his brothers and sisters as well as himself, in order to try and stop the curse of his family from continuing on to anymore generations. So whoever wants Port Mars it's yours.
  15. Yep, those too! @Infernal yeah yeah yeah 👌 I believe Uldwar's lands are entirely contained within Misral, yes? So yeah, Hildebrand's and Uldwar's lands 😊
  16. Also the Uldwar’s lands / holdings, as they’re recognizing you as their sovereign
  17. Cool cool 👌 as the one going independent, I will be moving forward with the assumption that Hildebrand's lands are fully under their own control, having gained jurisdiction over them through their own efforts. Hildebrand's own kingdom/government is more or less established as a separate political entity, so I'll be waiting on the new UM gov to be finalized before further discussions on this matter 🙏 thanks!
  18. I would assume for ease and sense Corinth, Thraece, and Misral will be under the rule of the new government. And that said, with Andelusia being the capital of UM, it would be under the new government. Whoever went independent, their land and such belongs to them even though that land "technically" belongs to the new government. When things are more set in stone there will probably be some kind of standardization for those independent vs. those pro-new government when it comes to land. That's just speculation, so don't quote me on that! The government hasn't truly been established yet.
  19. Hey yo, to stimulate initial discussion: I'd like to ask under which government will the city of Andelusia be presided over? 😊
  20. That's the order of establishment from the original interest check. Anyway, keep further discussion plot-related, please. We want to avoid having notifications blown up with talk. Move chatter to the main OOC.
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