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Club for the territories of the Veluriyam Empire: Taen, Ursa Madeum, and Port Sun. Feel free to browse the forums and click to join if you're interested in roleplaying in the Empire's territories

  1. What's new in this club
  2. It's going to have a different one since Taen wasn't originally part of Terrenus and just sort of attached itself to the continent.
  3. We have a materials list for Terrenus, would Taen have a different one or would it just be the same?
  4. Now I'm not sure if Aveline would be a good sheriff; she doesn't trust cops, often has broken laws, and knows nothing about enforcing the law. I think Lunaris deserves a better sheriff.
  5. Pirate's Cove is up fam I'll be here if ya'll have any questions
  6. I would put the emphasis on cop/soldier than the other way around. Law enforcement that have the capability to become soldiers rather than the other way around.
  7. There are times that parts of cities have become indistinguishable from actual war zones though, and this way, if needed, the cops can effectively assist the established military in defending Lunaris. Then there's events like the North Hollywood bank robbery and subsequent firefight that really needed the cops to have military weapons and training. Also, if everybody knows that every cop has extensive military training and equipment, would people think more before trying to shoot it out or try to run from them?
  8. popped in to edit the artifact list and this notif pinged right before i left, so here i am ^ I second what dan said the empire does have a trained military for external threats and something around 1 in 3 Taen citizens are combat-capable. though a distinction between each city's constabulary and the actual city guard. from the main taen lore article -- the position of sheriff would be more concerned with crime within lunaris and, say, arson and bank robberies and illegal drugs! also give warning/keep dan in the loop for things like "a massed outrage of citizens as the pigs brazenly broke into homes and businesses, destroyed crop and pasture land, ravaged fruit trees, devoured gardens, and even forced the Banyan Market to make an emergency closure for the first time since it opened." like i remember planning one invasion but it was one involving brain jellyfish, not wild pigs one, but it's all cool
  9. I wrote thst last night, and I had time to process it: it wouldn't be thst extreme, but Aveline believes law enforcement should know how to fight a war, because they could find themselves in armed combat at any moment. For the law enforcement part, she'll likely consult others thst actually know what the fuck they're doing, but yeah: train to be a soldier first, then how to enforce the law.
  10. I wouldn't be against Aveline being the sheriff, in principle. The Singlances have the resources to train and equip a police force after all, and are well liked and respected enough in Lunaris to be accepted in that role. But Lunaris is not a police state. Extrajudicial killings will not be tolerated. We need law enforcement, not an occupation. Now if you want to have a storyline of a bunch of mercs and soldiers learning to become proper police, that would be one thing. And... there's a good chance you would get to declare martial law in the near future.
  11. I want Aveline to be the new sheriff of Lunaris, and turn the law enforcement into her vision for law enforcement for the city they would have built in Ursa Madeum: absolute militirization. Aveline's deputies would be soldiers first, warfighters second, and maybe get around to that "policing" thing if the suspects manage to survive, because she's been a mercenary soldier and sniper, but never a cop. May not seem like a good choice, but who else will step up to the task?
  12. I wouldn't know. Math has never been my friend...
  13. One of those questions is going to have to wait until/if someone gets their hands on a host and can perform an autopsy As for Carina we only ever discussed it being a body snatcher, it doesn't have to be Adime if you're concerned about losing an organ (if that's even what he does!) or it can be like her appendix or just one kidney or something Also same! Hmmmm. Sounds to me like you need a bookie. Is there an over/under point spread?
  14. I bet Adime slithers out of the corpse of her current host at the end of the robbery thread. Thoughts @supernal
  15. On the topic of enrele-- @supernal which one of these is Adime? I briefly skimmed your thread in Taen and Adime goes for the mouth/throat snatch method. Does he replace organs too? Is Carina losing a lung or a spleen or something in the future? Also-- =)))))))) I, for one, would love to see some eldritch sea-creature alien showdowns
  16. Some Updates I've written the draft for an article outlining some RP guidelines for Ursa Madeum. You can read the unedited file here. The important bits include: In relation to the above, Senaria, which is an extension of the Hyperion Empire (owned by @Malintzin) will be moving out of Ursa Madeum. Port Moon, which was constructed by the Nehalen government (owned by @Aleksei) will also no longer be located in Ursa Madeum. Also we've got a new Port Mars article, courtesy of Wade:
  17. Don't start nothing, won't be nothing. If the tentacle hentai Cult doesn't start shit, they can have fun with their aquatic animal fetish in peace. The Enrele have already fucked up, and their days are numbered. (Specifically the number of days until Jill goes on winter break)
  18. rude. no littering in the endless grey sea vaster than the skies above, smh.
  19. Kindly recover the obsidian arrow, else allow it to part the seas and split the skies, that the realm may drink of the Serpent's great prophecy.
  20. ahhhh that's where I left that thing
  21. It's sort of trapped in an endless grey sea, vaster than the skies above, and pinned beneath the great obsidian arrow flung by some careless alien god. It'll get back to you on that.

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