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Club for the territories of the Veluriyam Empire: Taen, Ursa Madeum, and Port Sun. Feel free to browse the forums and click to join if you're interested in roleplaying in the Empire's territories

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  2. Yup! I have a future plot where people discover all the dead civilizations buried under Taen :D I do have an example of a civilization that manages to live peacefully with Taen: the Mork'Outh. They're semi-nomadic, exclusively use biotech (such as shaping tree trunks into homes and modified flowers as translation devices), and use wildlight magic to repair any damage caused to the biomes of Taen. That being said, this is pretty accurate:
  3. Well, either way, I know House Singlance will do what they can to either minimize the environmental impact of their development, or in the case of strip mining, return the land to nature in as good of a state, if not better, than it was when they started (with a different topography, of course).
  4. 🤔 Maybe magical mining? Go earthbender on those minerals?
  5. Sure but reference where I said "depends how the mining is done". I put those words there for a reason! I used jackhammers as an example. You used mercury extraction as an example. You're setting up your own example to then push back down. All that does is tell me not to use the mercury method you suggested Essentially I'm giving an example, not making your case for you. If you can successfully argue an advanced / modern mining technique that is also eco-friendly, then the argument, which hinges on the eco-friendly bit, is moot, isn't it? All you have to do is just do that
  6. I believe that lower-tech mining techniques acually do more harm to the environment than higher-tech methods. Remember that mercury was used to extract gold and silver for centuries. Then it was literally boiled off. Smelterville, Idaho used to be a massive dead zone. There are ways now to extract metals while minimizing environmental impact.
  7. I’m curious too and to see if I’m on the right track I want to suggest an answer knowing I’m not an authority and my response may get blown away I think it’d come down to how the mining is done Fleet of humans with pick axes? Maybe jack hammers and stuff but not diesel cranes? Probably Fracking or other advanced techniques which wreck the environment either directly or through byproduct? Probably not But the end result of the above achieved through less tech means, say through Summoning or Enchanting some Landsharks, probably maybe yes?
  8. @Csl Would normal mining quarries get affected by Taen's Loci, or like would it depend on whether they've been there since before the Veluriyam Empire's arrival or after that? 😃
  9. TBH I thought that was always the case and you were planning on it from the beginning
  10. I think House Singlance will be fighting the Taen Loci no matter how little they try to impact the environment with their industry. Then it will become a challenge and they will keep fighting.
  11. Even if this were the case we can clearly conclude “not past this threshold”, which is specifically where you’re trying to move the needle There is also at the very least a *how* and not just a *what* to consider in terms of civilization. Norkotia brand civilization is much less ecofriendly (by player design) than Hildebrand’s solarpunk-chic
  12. Fuck,.. how am I supposed to make Valucre's biggest aluminum producer then? But really, isn't the very idea of civilisation environmentally unfriendly? Does that also mean that the Taen Loci will destroy any hydroelectric or irrigation dams?
  13. Ursa Madeum and the seas that are considered part of Ursa Madeum as both an IC and OOC location. As long as any environment-unfriendly activities are happening in Ursa Madeum (the islands and the forum), the Taen Loci will react.
  14. So how far off the shore of Corinth do(es) the Taen Loci reach?
  15. i, for one, would eagerly watch a thread of someone trying to build an oil rig near yh'mi
  16. What is more scary? Your oil rig gets overrun with chhitten that might kill your crew if you don't shoot them first. Your oil rig literally rusts away and collapses into the sea within weeks because the very air around is trying to tear it apart. I think I'll take the enemy I can fight vs the enemy I can't. XD
  17. Bad idea. Well, unless you want a horror flick, in which case it’s a good idea. 😃
  18. Well, Yh'mi is clearly a far more civilized and reasonable loci. So I definitely recommend that Singlance do his mining there. 😉 🤣
  19. Yup. I checked the Terrenus map and UM is around 1300km from Yh'mi so I doubt any mining's going to happen far east enough that the Yh'mi loci starts bermuda triangling the miners. So Yh'mi's less of a concern, but Taen loci's still there and likely to take notice. If anyone wants to mine in the sea near Yh'mi though, jaistlyn's probably the one to ask.
  20. That would assume it's still within the Taen loci and not the Yh'mi loci though, right?
  21. OOC, I'm against it, but @Ataraxy still has the final word. IC, it's a terrible idea to approach Yh'mi from any direction in general. Deep sea/ocean mining of the land-expansion scale would also probably be the type of thing that will get the Taen loci mad at you. No airspace claiming. I mean, the assumption is that you own the air above the land you own, isn't it? Fly an unknown aircraft above the castle of andelusia and you're getting a polite visit from the empress.
  22. 🤣🤣🤣 Would be fun to start seeing naval border conflicts soon..with all these expansions... Who knows if someone might get shot down if they fly above another noble's land....
  23. I don't know, that's why I'm asking. How the fuck would you claim airspace other than claiming space on land or sea with the sky from the surface to the ionosphere?
  24. Oh...we can actually expand to the sea? If so can I claim a portion of the skies as well? Would be nice to have a Holly airspace....
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