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Club for the territories of the Veluriyam Empire: Taen, Ursa Madeum, and Port Sun. Feel free to browse the forums and click to join if you're interested in roleplaying in the Empire's territories

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  2. I'm around, but still not actively posting. Still have one more exam on 22 but after that I'll get to moderation stuff (updating canon, closing event threads, etc.) Please continue to PM me for thread canonization. Still waiting on @Ataraxy for an event that he needs to start before I can roll out any other changes. Feel free to pm me here or on discord for concerns or approval of any huge plots you have planned.
  3. I think he'll keep it safe, stick to the isolated areas, and just do his thing as he builds up his power, evading anyone trying to pursue him and to begin recruitment.
  4. I'm wondering if it will be anywhere close to House Singlance territory (since they chose virgin coastal forest). Knowing Oscar, it may be...
  5. Somewhere in Corinth, idk where, but he will have an unstoppable need to bleed himself, which will in turn spawn more Haunting Trees.
  6. I have a new plan for Oscar. He isn't going to be Lord of Port Mars, but instead he is going to be doing some spoopy stuff in the forest
  7. No, neither Thurgood nor Aveline will pull uranium out of their asses. I really like to have logical explanations for things. When I wrote the rock composition of the cores, I considered that as a volcanic archipelago, it wuld consist of igneous rock sandwiched between sedementary rock that forms in shallow water, and deep water. Thus at the islans' edges I believe that a limestone-basalt-granite-radiolarite would be quite logical, with some of that limestone metamorphosizing into marble and all of the radiolarite under metamorphosizing into schist.
  8. Tree Oscar was fun. Now I wanna do Naked and Afraid Oscar, running around stealing women's clothes off of unattended clotheslines
  9. That's also very fair enough and a legitimate point. Just to me one completely independent of "where are you gonna get that?" because it's like, same place anyone else gets everything else; the freaking ether Like coming from a guy who became a tree and back you know? Now to say something like, you couldn't source that in U.M. because it doesn't mesh with the setting and tech limitations that ataraxy and csl have underscored a few times, like that's not weird at all!
  10. Fair enough. It's just such a crazy thing to hear after all this sword and sorcery talk.
  11. Pretty much everything anyone has done on this site is make shit up Why the fudge would it be any vanilla different strawberry?
  12. Touche. Too bad I'll have already out performed their little reactor by harnessing the sheer power of Mt. Ergon. Try and top that! Haha ha ha ha, ha hahaha, ha!
  13. That also assumes you'll even have enough people to build any of that stuff! It's kind of like Noah building the ark, shall we say. Probably will take Thurgood 100+ years to build it all when it's just him and Aveline. XD
  14. At least! Thurgood still needs to design the uranium fission reactor!
  15. Not to mention about 4 years of build time. lol
  16. I second the pirate plots inbound; lore is being written for it! And, uh, threads are soon to be written; just gotta put up Hildebrand's new branch houses first 😊
  17. Ok then, glad that's been cleared out. I'm sorry if I've been a bit insistent on my end (since the pirate operation was agreed upon IC and between ty and me) but pls don't be hesitant to go "Csl, I'd rather not do the thing" whenever you'd rather not do a thing I'm pushing for. Pirate plots are inbound anyway so there's plenty of opportunity for Karradeen's fleet and Singlance's guns to shine! I'm returning to being AFV now. Don't burn down all the islands while I'm gone. Huehue.
  18. both and yeah @Tyler, we can do that. I didn't want to do that until Thurgood at least built House Singlance a modern destroyer, and that at the very least requires the bauxite mine, vulcanium mine, hydroelectric dam, aluminum mill, port, and shipyard.
  19. @notmuch_23 I don't particularly want to do this pirate operation myself, for the record. I dunno if you were looking forward to it or not, but would you mind if we just scrapped the idea? Csl told me in Discord that we can just handwave an off-screen excuse like one of Roz's son's cancelling it for whatever reason.
  20. Uh. Which one of those two things were you saying yes to? 😅
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