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  2. Makes sense. Sorry, I have a boat load going on. I thought I could make it work. Maybe next one. 🙂
  3. Lord Varet | Captain Varet | Cutthroat Claire "I'll wait on you inside the bottom of the deep blue sea..." - MISSIO Angel Of Small Death & The Codeine Scene by Hozier Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea by MISSIO White Flag by Bishop Briggs I'd Love to Change the World by Jetta Die Young by Sylvan Esso Never Going Back by The Score Fire in my Bones by Fleurie Glitter & Gold by Barns Courtney Broken Crown by Mumford and Sons Who Are You? by SVRCINA Renegades by X Ambassadors Soldier by Fleurie Bad by [Billie Elish Cover]Michael Jackson My Blood by twenty one pilots Lost Boy by Ruth B
  4. Gotta drop this thread in advance of an arc I'm starting for the gaian academy. Mind wrapping us up in your next post? And maybe after my GA arc is done I can visit Ioreth?!
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  6. By class, Holly is a healer. Her presence makes plants grow. She has a natural affinity with nature and living things. Unfortunately, she prefers using her fire blade thingy which makes her a human torch. Other than that, Holly is very athletic and prioritizes her survival over everything else. Oh and she's very blunt and straightforward if that helps.
  7. Some of the stuff in your last post of “let it all fall” is factually inaccurate and just want to make sure you realize that so it’s an issue of character perspective and not lack of player knowledge 

    1. [AW] Grubs

      [AW] Grubs

      Hmm it does appear to be player knowledge actually lol what have I gotten wrong?

    2. supernal


      Exalta crystals are a Genesaris contrivance. It's fine to say that they're A source of energy for magitech but to say they're one of the main sources for Terrenus is inaccurate 

      You also say that the mainland has trouble keeping airships afloat and that's factually inaccurate. The infrastructure which was affected by the magical fluctuation were the Rail and Warp Gates, and not because of a design flaw (aka a mistake they made that someone else wouldn't) but because of changes to the "magical environment" 

    3. [AW] Grubs

      [AW] Grubs

      Ah then yeah I can just edit out the Exalta thing and leave out the other as an ignorance thing.

  8. "Hmm, that would be a far more practical strategy." Diric noted, "I did not consider such a factor, perhaps because my knowledge on the arcane, admittedly, remains limited." "For good reason, though." Tynes spoke-up, "In Norkotia, we have never needed the use of magitech, nor any other supernatural power, to accomplish what we set out to do. While I certainly wouldn't dissuade you from proceeding as you laid out, I'm afraid that it offers little benefit for us. I would prefer to free Terrenus from the whims of magic, whether it be in wielded or technological form." He turned his head slightly to the side, though kept his eyes locked on Mia. "I'm certain your father was aware of our disposition on this matter, though perhaps he did not relay it to you. Norkotia has never needed to rely on the arcane, and I, for one, do not intend to allow that to change. Hence, there is little we can contribute to your project as proposed." "I suspect Lady Uldwar does not intend to make use of our assistance in the technology itself, rather, I presume she wishes to use it as an example of why House Uldwar is still a worthy ally in Ursa Madeum." Diric countered Tynes, then looked at Mia, "Am I correct?"
  9. @Dreamer Unfortunately, we had to move forward without your character. I'm sorry about that, but this thread does technically need a post once a week from me to meet the requirements for canonization. @Thotification I really would like to learn more about Holly in order to both integrate her better into the story and improve the quality of interactions between our characters. If you could get in touch with me over that, I would appreciate it. It makes my job for storytelling much easier if I know what to work with.
  10. Silas was glad for the tea in front of him if only because it meant that he could do something other than speak when he drank it. The fact that the brew itself was quite pleasant, and reminded him of his childhood. As a boy, his mother would hold tea every day at three O'clock, and he and his father would always attend, no matter what else they were doing. His father had been an extremely busy man, but he placed a high value on family. Even if he couldn't be there for dinner, or to read Silas stories at night, he would always make time for tea. The doctor often wondered how his parents were doing these days. After he had escaped from the Beast King's dungeons he had longed to see them again, but he had kept his distance to keep them safe. Raz-Nogore sympathizers still lurked in the dark corners of Alethea, and more than one of them held a grudge against him. He had no doubt that they would use his parents to get to him if they knew he was alive. So for now he kept his distance, even though it broke his heart. "I've only served House Senaria for a few months now, mostly as Lord Knight's personal physician. His... unique physiology requires a specialized degree of knowledge, given the cloning and modification processes involved in the PROMETHEUS program. Fortunately, much of their work was based off of my own, so I am uniquely qualified to aid him." "As far as aristocracy goes... my family are minor nobility in Tellus Matter, so I do have some experience with it."
  11. A novel request, and one I would gladly grant. But I would need your help, Benjamin, to do so. Ben was reluctant to accept the beings offer; as something about all this still seemed wrong to him. Still, this was the closest he had ever come to learning anything of substance about his lineage. He had sought this all his life. Would he really back down now? He looked at the figure and growled, "Do it." The red glow emanating from the figure grew more intense, and soon spread in pulsating tendrils to surround Ben himself. A moment later he screamed in agony and fell to all fours, fingers scratching gouges in the floor beneath him. His shirt was torn off, and it looked like there was something squirming under the flesh on his back. A single square of flesh tore itself from his body, and blood flowed from his back to form writing. The process repeated itself over and over again until a thick tome tore itself free from his back, and floated to hover before Bodice. Ben lay panting face down on the floor; his body already beginning to heal, but the ritual had taken its toll. Your book, bound in flesh, and written in blood. When you leave this place, it shall go with you, into your realm. Now, I ask again, will you lend your aid?
  12. The dust clears, and the rumbling of debris tapers off into silence. The air shimmers, a dozen distortions cutting through your field of vision. They move too fast for the eye to follow, streaking through the air. Observing them is akin to watching trails of raindrops fall over a foggy glass pane, a window into worlds beyond your perception. The distortions cluster around you. As they slow, their shapes become distinct: each distortion is shaped like a serpent. From the dust emerges a girl. Her face is concealed by several, neon-bright serpents, trailing light as she walks forward. In one hand she holds a juice box, the plastic straw stuck in her mouth. By her side floats an opened bag of chips, held in a coil-like distortion of space. Upon seeing you, she stops. "Oh. I thought you were monsters." She sounds disappointed. She slurps from the straw, eyes flitting to the satchel slung over Alethea's shoulder. "Who're you?" To the SOUTH, the strange shimmering nothingness blankets the horizon. It has drawn closer. To the NORTH, at the end of the road, is the edge of the kaleidoscopic forest. Some distance to the WEST, hidden from sight, the glassy river murmurs.
  13. wynonna sinclaire It’s truly a momentous thing, when her fear is subsequently eclipsed by a tangled ball of amusement and mild irritation. ”Wynonna, you seem nice. But let me let you in on a little secret. You can try to run, you can try to fight, you can beg and plead. But until this is over. Until I’ve accomplished my goal. You belong to me.” Wow, rude. Wynonna just barely manages to keep her expression politely blank, instead of arching an eyebrow in contempt. Who does this woman think she is? She would have thought an employer of her apparent stature would have more courtesy. Nevertheless: there is much to be gained should she play along, and when Miss Blonde asks her whether the men are to live or die, she simply shrugs, fiddles with the glass of whiskey between her fingers. “Quite frankly, madame, I don’t quite care what you do with them, as long as you hold up your end of the deal,” she says, rather sweetly if she does say so herself. Raising her glass in salute, Wynonna meets the robotic woman’s cold stare with a casual smile before Miss Blonde turns away, screams ringing in her wake. —the Golden Circle and the Gilded Cage, darling why did you run away— Clenching her teeth, Wynonna opts to sit around the bar and ignore the proceedings behind her. It’s bad enough that she’s being hunted, and now she’s saddled with a job that is turning out to be more of a burden than a blessing. “Lady of Pain above, what did I do to deserve this,” she complains under her breath, tossing back another gulp of warm whiskey down her throat.
  14. Jack grinned and took the bottle from her as he stood, taking a generous pull from the container as he did so. He stepped closer to her and reached up to press a button on the side of Blonde's mask, which opened with a hiss and allowed him to raise the device just enough to see her lips. Now he leaned in and kissed her with the kind of passion that most would reserve for the privacy of their bedrooms. As he did so, he fished his lighter out of his pocket with one hand and wrapped both his arms around her, taking the rag out of her coat pocket. A minute later the incendiary device was ready, and he lit it. He broke the kiss, and whispered into her ear, "Shall we?" Then he spun her around, and with the same motion threw the flaming bottle behind the bar. The molten contents of the bottle splashed over the assorted bottles of alcohol, turning into a blaze just as the bartender managed to scurry away. Soon the flames were spreading to consume the room, flowing over walls and ceilings with a roar. But as screams erupted around them, the two lovers would simply dance, content in one another's arms.
  15. andraste líadáin "Very close, Andraste. Close enough to where I suppose I will give you the prize. I am indeed your employer, and for many of you, the one who spoke to you in your dreams. And as for who I am beyond that... well, it may have been unfair to expect you to know more. I am Sibyla, daughter of Neque the Shadow King, and, thus, the Shadow Princess of Aligoria." At that revelation, Andraste takes great pains not to allow her face to twitch in any way that might connote disrespect or scandalous surprise. Of all the possible individuals sitting before her as an employer, she would have never thought the princess of the area herself would be here, sitting around a tavern with the rest of the nobodies ‘round these parts. How interesting, this piece of information. Whatever miniscule curl of fear in her gut at the thought of being is quickly squashed under the weight of the promise of wealth should they return successful. “Well then. Hooray?” Andraste smirks, shrugging her shoulders and shifting to place herself in an empty seat. Her gaze wanders about the table, quietly observing each and every person around. This just might turn out to be far more entertaining than expected. “I’ll be awaiting that free cup of Aligorian tea, then, if you don’t mind, Princess,” she murmurs, leaning casually against her chair. “And while we wait, perhaps you may now reveal the details of this mission you’ve called us here together for?”
  16. Varda’s chest warms at the sight of Pluto’s quiet smile, his hand cradled in her palm. No matter that Iyalon has sent him on the premise of providing her an escort; she is dearly appreciative of his presence. That physical anchor is what buoys her, in the end, when even more bodies drift into her vicinity with greetings and conversations at the ready. @Metty "Hello, Lady Varda, how are you doing? It's been a while. Your sister has been keeping me busy. She's great!" Varda grins and inclines her head in greeting to both Stormbreaker and the beeflies she has in tow. She has not had the chance to speak with the woman much around the Hildebrand grounds, perpetually in Aspen’s company as she is, but any friend of her sister’s is a friend of hers as well. “Lady Stormbreaker, it’s lovely to see you here, and with Sir Stormy and Lady Skittles in tow.” Her free hand comes up to wave in the direction of the beeflies before it moves to push a strand of hair away from her eyes. “You know, my sister is happier these days, busying herself to no end for a good cause, and for that, I must thank you all for accompanying her on her endeavors.” @Thotification Soon after, the Lady of House Sheathe moves into their little group, and the Lady Hildebrand greets the other head of house with a bow. "Hello, Lady Varda. A pleasure to meet you. It pleases me greatly that you are alive and well. Stories of your previous injury has greatly worried me." A chuckle forces its way out of her lips, which she quickly quells with an amused smile. “Miss Sheathe, a pleasure to see you as well. My brother has told me all about you, during his last visit to your lands.” Varda tilts her head, regards the woman with a thoughtful expression. “And I thank you for your concern for me; it has turned out quite alright in the end, as you can see,” she gestures to herself and the stark absence of any evidence of injury. @notmuch_23 Her attention is then swiveled away with the announcement of the Singlances, and Varda claps in appreciation at the mention of vassals—she quite adores Hildebrand’s many vassals, and she sees to it that they all receive due appreciation for their accomplishments—and then claps with delight at the mention of Vivian and Nadia’s adoption. “Wonderful, wonderful!” She grins in Thurgood and Aveline’s direction, inclining her head in recognition. “Rather splendid, this,” she mentions to Pluto at her side. Despite her apparent cheer, Varda finds the tide of anxiety rising once more, discomfort at the large crowd around her making itself known should one know where to look. Just as she’s contemplating making a quick escape to the toilet, she sees the illusions—and gapes. @Csl @SweetCyanide "I'm sorry if I'm being presumptuous, but you were looking uncomfortable with all the attention. I can keep the projection up for a while, keep your friends occupied. Would you like to get some food?" A slight shiver trails down her spine at the casual display of power; so like their mother, these two. She can finally see the similarities. “You’re very kind, my lord,” Varda tells Lenore, giving him a grateful smile. “Some food would be lovely.” She takes care not to examine the illusions very clearly, however, lest she gain a headache on top of everything else. When Pluto squeezes her hand, she squeezes him back, and together, they make their way to the dining room. “I’d like some of the, uh, ribs, Pluto,” she whispers to the Golden Crow. @SteamWarden The Varda-illusion has been listening to the conversation between the Lenore-illusion and the stranger she had yet to properly meet, a curious expression across her face. "Pleasure to meet you Lenore. M'names Lithist O'Malley." She waves a little at him, a smile growing on her lips. “Greetings, Sir O’Malley. I am Varda Hildebrand of House Hildebrand.” She nods as the Lenore-illusion asks whether he’d be staying in Ursa Madeum. “You’ll quite like our collection of islands, I must say,” she quips.
  17. Semi-AFV till the end of the month..I'm around but I might not have enough free time to post due to auditors coming to my office 😅 

    Must wash my hands before the auditing team reaches me....😉

    Be back on May...

  18. Aveline sent Thurgood and Nadia up the bank to place the next stake as she put a zero on the stake opposite of where the professional surveyors put other numbers and letters, and then drew a box around it before setting up the tripod and eyeing about where the center should be, and now remembers that she forgot to bring a plumbob. Thurgood and Nadia keep walking along the peak of the river bank. Aveline then takes the theodolite out of its case, making sure not to carry it by the telescope, loosens all the set screws holding the base steady, then screws the head onto the top of the tripod. Then she peers through the little scope by the bottom to see if it's possible to slide the theodolite to center the nail: it's not. So Aveline loosens the leg closest to her and shoves it up a little until it is. Then she retightens the screw, peers through the little scope again, releases the base clamp, and slides the theodolite until the index mark is centered over the nail hole, and tightens the base clamp.
  19. ??? All of a sudden, the screaming stops. The remaining buildings behind the grocery store shiver, then bolt. Their movements are jerky, playing like a low-framerate film, marred with static and visual distortions. In moments, the grocery store is alone on the streetside, every building within fifty feet shuffling away. A whiplike object smashes into the western wall of the grocery store. It crumbles, throwing a cloud of dust in the air.
  20. the store this round literally be like what a ninja
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