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  2. It certainly is traditionally but at this point it’s been a week, and we’re only two days from the weekend which is a no-post zone for yourself. So maybe you can go up by / before Friday?
  3. Grant grinned as he felt the warmth of Delphine's spell flowing through him, "Eventful is good, the uninvited guests are the problem." Activating the MERLIN implant in his body, the prince's body was surrounded by a faint light, and radiated a gentle heat. The pirate vessel was within jumping range, but he would have to be careful. If he pushed off the deck of his ship with too much force he might shatter the deck, or even punch a hole through it. Luckily he had become quite well acquainted with his strength over the years. Gauging the distance between the two ships, he nodded to himself before glancing back to his lover. "Cover me." With that, he jumped into the air; pushing the boat down into the water somewhat. Sailing through the air, he drew his revolver and fired six shots before he landed on the deck of the pirate vessel; scoring three fatal shots, two injuries, and one miss. Nobodies perfect. Plucking a speed loader from his belt, he dodged the attack of a large dark-skinned man with a club as he popped the ammo into his gun and put a bullet into the head of the pirate behind him. The first pirate turned back in time to catch a bullet of his own between the eyes. This process repeated itself four more times, Grant dodging an attack before putting down the attacker with a single bullet. Once his gun had run dry, he used the durable revolver to block and deflect attacks before lashing out with powerful blows of his own. Arrows whistled through the air to strike down enemies encroaching on him, Delphine watching over him like an avenging angel. Eventually one of the pirates got lucky, and knocked the firearm out of his hands with an upward strike before reversing direction for a downward stroke. Grant caught the blade between his hands and then stepped to the side as he levered the man into a throw that sent him flying into the mast with a sickening crunch of bones. Suddenly there was a deep basso bellow from below deck, and the remaining pirates stopped their attack and backed away to form a loose circle around the prince. A number of rough looking men emerged from the lower decks; and large, thudding footsteps shook the ship as something ascended the stairs. The source of those steps turned out to be a gigantic reptilian man, body so thick with muscle it seemed his skin would split. He was carrying a battle axe the size of a small child, and he was stalking toward Grant with menace in his eyes. Grant, prepared himself for battle, but was distracted by the sound of something huge breaching the surface of the water. Turning to look back at his ship, he saw some kind of submersible coming up right beside the craft. Multiple hatches popped open and pirates began swarming out, aiming to board the vessel. "Delphine..."
  4. Bruce looks to him. "Oh, I don't trust him, but that doesn't mean we can't have a civil conversation and solve things out.." @EtherealWings
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  6. I got to play around in the National Archives this week. Felt like a kid in a candy store, too much to see not enough time to see it!
  7. I'm gonna wait for Elven, hopefully that is okay!
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    Teach me the magnification trick you did at Misral. You have to mimic the way the lens bends light. Pallas and Lenore paced opposite ends of the balcony, keeping a silent commentary on the events as they watched the nobles arrive. Aveline, with her questionable stack of paper. Next was Varda, polite in speech and conduct, as always. Two of her siblings joining the twins on the balcony. Lenore eyed Jasper Hildebrand. Pallas frowned as he caught the plan weaving together in his brother’s mind. Do you think Mom will let- -me stay? Neither offered an answer. Both continued their quiet observation of the arrivals. Abigail Karradeen, weapons at the ready. Godric Uldwar, somehow old and withered, his gentle words a contrast from the strife that seemed to hound his house. His oldness: that’s new. Rumors, rumors. What do the people whisper? Hasn’t he married a Dali? Ilyana joined them at the balcony. Where’s Mia, I wonder? Hiding away, guilty? Milorian Mythal and the Grand Kommandant, the latter accompanied by a guard. A pity about the hair. Sight too? And his wife’s family. Whatever guilt they’d felt at Misral had been cast aside as easily as an old toy, for the here and the now was the assembly, far more interesting. Not our concern anymore. Milorian pulled Godric’s seat aside. Lenore’s finger’s twitched. A figure woven from light and idea materialized below, bowed at the two nobles, and took the seat, silently and swiftly carrying it outside the room. Several Dalis joined the spectators. No Halisera. Disappointment and relief mixed with curiosity. The twins eyed Ampelos. Isn’t that the museum man? The only headless house here, aren’t they? Grant Knight. That look. Something’s afoot with them and Hildebrand; but then again, it’s them. Alexandros and Andross Kholin. Keep to themselves. Tankred did too, after a while. Oathsworn. Two more spectators trailed in, both familiar to the brothers. We never were able to have a chat with Sunscar, weren’t we? Visit Crowley? See if Guzon gets along with it or Marrow. Out loud, below a whisper: “Guzon, do you want a friend?” It won’t be necessary, Master Pallas, replied the sword. Ah. The twins turned their attention to Tynes. Man’s in the oil business now, isn’t he? A ripple of mutual disappointment crossed their minds. It’ll be quite the lightshow if they toe the loci’s limits. Pallas returned to his pacing, discreetly watching as Tynes entered a conversation with Renovatio’s Grand Kommandant. Lenore stood quietly for a moment, then walked towards the Hildebrands. Lenore. Not now. Pallas’ thoughts were edged with irritation. Lenore greeted the siblings with a short bow. “Lord and Lady Hildebrand. It’s a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance” He beamed a brief smile towards Merel before turning to Jasper. Pleasantries first, or should I get to the point? The soft music from below stopped. Brother. She’s starting. Lenore ignored Pallas. “I have something of a business proposal for your house I’d like to discuss with you, if you’re available.” @vielle
  9. His eyes closed as his hands started to shake in nervousness and fear. The young man looked towards the bartender before speaking "Separate and Dissolve. And old military saying. Its kinda like divide and conquer but a deadly military procedure and one that could end up dissolving all government operations and turning Valucre into a dictatorship with one president" His eyes opened showing a fury unknown to be held a mortal "If this procedure has been granted then we are all of in danger"
  10. "That sounds great. It looks like you have this handled." Grant was more than happy with the way things had turned out; an for the first time in months, he felt like the future was bright. He had been unsure about returning to Ursa Madeum, not sure he deserved his position there after Hyperion. Raveena had convinced him otherwise, but he had largely been going through the motions until the proposal for the Roads had crossed his desk. The trade route would lead UM into a new golden age, and Senaria would be a part of it. He would be forever grateful to House Mythal for giving him the opportunity. Even in his most optimistic dreams however, could he have imagined meeting a woman like Delphine. She had awoken a passion that had lain dormant in him after his last lover had disappeared. It felt like she could understand his pain, his burdens, and was happy to share them, as he would hers. He had fallen deeply in love with her today, and he knew the feeling would not fade. The prince took her hands in his and said, "I have to return home now but... I would like to see you again. Perhaps we could exchange letters until our next meeting?"
  11. Lenore thought for a moment, keeping the audio block intact around them. You could send them after the Dead? I wouldn't mind having a personal arsenal provider. Lenore sent back the mental equivalent of a glare. He could hear his brother laughing silently. "In all honesty," he told Thurgood, "I don't know what my mother has planned after the assembly in Ursa Madeum. I know she intends on continuing to strengthen Veluriyam, and that she'll be returning to Taen, but aside from that I can't say for certain." There were gaps in their mother's mind. Where once he and Pallas had been free to access the vast trove of her memories, sharing information lightning-fast, she was beginning to shutter certain areas. "I can say that she's adverse to armed conflict. I'd advise against doing anything that puts us at odds with other nations." We have to admit, a navy would be useful. Didn't Titus have plans to conquer that- -sunken city? We know Mom works differently from him. Lenore waved over a server to refill his cup, catching sight of the Hildebrands. He turned back to Thurgood. "You are more than welcome to remain in the Mil Dot Lunaris for the time being," he said. "At the rate Lunaris is expanding, any assistance you can give in terms of construction would be greatly appreciated. There's a military outpost being constructed up west to help keep the creatures from the dark mountain contained. I've no doubt they'd find firearms useful."
  12. "Whelp, once the navy's been built, I really think it needs a force of marines," Thurgood says, "I know the Empire already has an army, and I know it's effective, but I see a smaller marine corps filling a different role: amphibious operations, surgical strikes, and the dirty work that while necessary, is dishonerable, but yeah, I felt like I was rubbing Ursa Madeum the wrong way. Not that I cared but... ...can you tell us where we're being reassigned?" "Would they need any glassblowers there?" Nadia asks through the RF converter. @Csl
  13. "Eh, no offense, but after all this how can you trust this guy?" Zane walked over, now that things were calmer.
  14. Hi @haberdane! Still keen on joining us? Do let us know soon! It's okay if you feel like you're not up for it. But if you still want to try we will do our best to accommodate and support you. 😄
  15. My guy, callsign is 'Robin' though he rarely uses it.
  16. What was left of Vena Zvenda did not understand Mythandriel’s questions. There was nothing she could say to the teardrops welling in her daughter’s grey eyes. She was no longer her mother—-only a remnant of that woman kept in quarantine and called forth to serve a singular purpose. She was an afterimage burned into the wind. Her willowy form flickered before it was transmitted to Mythandriel’s side. The circle, the sigil. She pressed these together and then held her palms apart, each movement slow and scrupulous. One finger traced the circle upon her palm, then pointed to the ground. The sigil, the circle. Vena was dressed as Mythandriel would have remembered, her clothing practical and unadorned, spare for the plain silver rings stacked upon her fingers and the curved dagger at her slender waist. She used to say that it had been crafted from a fallen star. When she was alive, an unearthly glow emitted from the blade when it was immersed in pure darkness. In her death, it gleamed with a hazy glow despite the afternoon sunlight. Her hand with the sigil fell upon the hilt, and she waited. @Witches Brew Ioreth thanked him with a wordless dip of her head for the cloak and wrapped herself in his cloak, grateful for the barrier between herself and the elements that her clothing did not quite provide in its current state. The pelt was suffused with warmth from hanging in the sunlight. With half-drowsy eyes, she took note of how Viscerex stood when he inquired about the horse, that dash of earnestness that crept out from his habitual stoicism. “The horse is under Dale Thimmick’s care at his stables, which...” She bit her bottom lip and sighed at the prospect of talking with Dale after today’s tangle of events. “His home is where you, ah, hit Constans.” Perhaps it was the gentle lull of the river’s murmuring or the songbirds in the trees, but the concerns she had over the inevitable tension between Dale and Viscerex and of Constans’s current state settled to a quiet worry that she could push aside for a later time. Mythandriel, no doubt fretting over being left alone with unfamiliar faces, the orc that fell into her hands...they, too, were matters to be dealt with when she walked back to Coth. Ioreth nestled deeper into Viscerex’s cloak. “Your horse needs a name. Dale only refers to him as ‘that devil.’ He is rather wild, but he should become acclimated to you with time. Viscerex, without you, Mythandriel would have been killed. Arranging to find a horse for you is nothing in comparison.” She let her words drop away. She sensed he would have known the depths that swirled behind their meanings, that he could see the weight she carried with her daily, that to have lost Mythandriel after her unexpected return would have crippled something already fractured. The truth was often too large to fit into any structure of spoken language. It could be read in her carefully neutral face, in her hands that gripped cloak too tight, in the quick smile she offered to serve as a distraction. “Do you live out here? I often wondered where it was in Coth that you stayed.” @Vansin
  17. Okay guys! The OOC thread is up! This will be the main thread for discussions on how the story will move forward and for questions and answers. 🙂 For those who have not submitted their character sheets please do so here in this thread so that I can update the table at the OOC thread. 😄 Posting order will be finalized when everyone that has shown their interest has either posted their intro or withdrawn their interest. ✌️ The first post included this OOC thread link as well.
  18. Kessler’s invitation elicited a smile from Rozharon. “I’ll visit when the opportunity presents itself.” she said. Norkotia continues to strengthen their presence on Ursa Madeum. The Empress’ attention flickered to Koji - to whom she directed a nod of acknowledgement - then to Raveena, still conversing with her son. He’s not the only one finding a foothold in the islands. She returned her gaze to Tynes. Greetings and pleasantries exchanged, the Norkotians were quick to move the conversation to more practical matters. Efficient. To say she appreciated this wasn’t accurate, but Rozharon did hold something of a preference towards efficiency. The minister was more than willing to share the information on the attack. Rozharon listened, quietly filing away every detail for future reference. Beside her, Pallas drank in every word, eyes gleaming. For the first time, he spoke. “The Dead,” he said thoughtfully. He tilted his head. “That they were capable of destroying Tia suggests the group sent after you wasn’t anywhere close to their full strength. It’s not unlikely those were… errand boys, perhaps? Sent with the goal to frighten, to maim and not kill.” His brow furrowed. Rozharon could see his mind racing, feel him rifling through the information she’d gleaned from the event. Pallas glanced at his mother. She gave the briefest of nods. He smiled, the expression eerily similar to the one his mother had worn moments before. His amber gaze returned to the Norkotians “This is valuable information. Thank you, Prime Minister. Grand Executor.” Rozharon nodded. “Indeed. I’ll bring up this concern when the Alliance convenes next.” She glanced behind her. "Now, if you’ll excuse me, I believe I need to speak to Emperor Koji.” Another smile, a brief bow, and she made her exit. “Emperor Koji.” She greeted him with a touch more familiarity. “It’s good to see you here.” @Tyler @Twitterpated Pallas watched his mother leave. He folded his arms, considering the three foreigners for a long moment. Diplomacy was more of his brother’s forte, but he could manage well enough. He sighed, glancing away. “It’s true, what you said. Terrenus is getting increasingly unstable. Taen’s receiving a heavier influx of refugees as of late, though it’s unique nature keeps it relatively protected from whatever chaos plagues the mainland. Ursa Madeum suffers mostly from... internal strife." His gaze drifted from Kessler, to Redbridge, to Tynes. "You're at the mainland, though. How's Norkotia doing? I hear there’s a new sect of Gaianism gaining popularity up north, but they’re supposedly peaceful." "I just at least wanted him to live long enough to see the navy we'll build the Empire, a proper blue water navy that would have allowed him to reach out and touch any point on Valucre's oceans. At least you, Pallas, and you mom will..." “Mm. It’s all good. Ursa Madeum wouldn’t have been the best location for your level of technology anyway.” Lenore sipped his coffee, produced a handkerchief, then wiped the froth off his lip. “There’s a team of researchers who’re still studying the nature of Taen’s genius loci - I don’t know if Mom’s told you, but that’s the ‘spirit’ of the location that tends to determine the laws of reality to some extent. Without going into technical terms, Taen’s ‘adopted’ Ursa Madeum, and its protecting the nature of the Ursa Madeum loci-” he winced, “-which is… not very conducive to modern technology.” He looked down as the two radar foxes arrived. “Hello Vivian, Nadia.” “But yes, like my brother’s told you,” Lenore continued, sighing, “There are better places for you two to be than Ursa Madeum.” He paused, then projected an audio illusion around them that rendered their next words inaudible to eavesdroppers. "The way things are going in Terrenus, there's a need to strengthen the empire's military. We'd appreciate your help for that." @notmuch_23
  19. Characters Agent Davis Kwan (Icepick) Agent Daniela Martinez (Patch) Agent Merrick Kruger (Fiver) Agent Amy Harrison (Jackdaw) George "Grayson" Buckley (Robin) Agent #6 @haberdane Rogue agent @sorainvoked Posting Order: Here are the ground rules for this story: Pace shall be 1 post per maximum of 3 days for each character If you do not post approximately 3 days after your turn, you will be skipped However, if you need extra time to post please do let us know in this thread so we can accommodate you. We are nice people! NPC deaths are allowed (unless otherwise stated) Romance is optional. Everyone is free to pursue it with anyone. (but keep it PG-16 please!) No actions that will cause instant death (unless otherwise discussed and agreed) Enjoy yourselves and let your creative juices flow! If you guys have any questions, anything you'd like to discuss, or have any ideas or suggestions you want to throw out, you are welcome to do so!
  20. Bruce looked perplexed. "The Destiny Leauge never experimented on humans let alone experiment on sentient beings, those are false accusations," he stated. "But if it is help you seek you may have it." @Meepinater
  21. Not all things need an explanation. Gods, that was all too familiar a phrase. It was always one of the biggest feuds in his marriage. He could never see why his wife wasn’t the least bit curious about her powers and Cerin could never see why it mattered. Not that it mattered now. He could almost feel her berating him from wherever she was, afterlife or not. Ainsworth wasn’t sure why he ended up thinking of Cerin. It was just a shopping trip- granted one that had veered sharply off course- but mundane nonetheless. Perhaps it had been old smugglers instincts setting off warning bells. Perhaps it was the eyes in the shop. Their stares filled with blood and popped in his mind. But that was hardly new. Ainsworth wondered briefly if there had been something in the tea. In any case, though he would have liked to redo the encounter on better terms, it was time to leave. Ainsworth stopped, coinage in hand, halfway through the motion and mirrored Enid’s tilted pose. “Something wrong?” He asked. If Enid didn’t immediately answer, he sets the money on the table and takes a step back. It wouldn’t take long to collect the rest of his purchase. Daylight only last so long and the mage wanted to get a room at an inn before too much longer.
  22. "You heroes were experimenting... making something... and it went wrong. Very, very wrong. The lab exploded. The heroes fled, and didn't return. My parents died that night. And this happened to me." Blackjack raised his arms slightly. "Look what I've become. I don't know who am am or what I'm supposed to do."
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    It looked right on my phone. Ah well, fixed now.
  24. Myth protested as Zan tore his shirt, saying she was fine over and over again, but he would not listen. He tore his shirt right in half, like it was nothing, and wrapped it around her torn torso, and shoulder. He was right, adrenaline was keeping her pain away at the moment, and she would be in some amount of pain later. However, she was putting on a brave face now. Zanzarog carefully placed her on his shoulder, while grabbing the buck she had killed earlier with his free hand. She didn't protest now, she was getting tired, and her blood was soaking his shirt. Her mind raced as she struggled to keep her eyes open. Why was the bear there? What had happened? She didn't think it was rabid, did the bear have cubs near by? These thoughts raced around as she bounced lightly with each step her took. As they walked, Dorian could be heard bleeting loudly, her head raised towards the sky. She knew her mother was injured, she knew it. She didn't have to see, it was just something she felt deep within her being. The elk looked at the tree line desperately, wanting to see the figures emerge from the darkness, back into town. When they finally did emerge, Myth was whimpering in pain, clinging to Zan tightly. Dorian rushed to the two of them, huffing and shaking her head. She immediately wanted to sniff at Mythandriel, try to get an sense of her injuries, but Zan had her so high up, she settled with licking her mother's foot. Despite the pain she felt, Myth smiled upon feeling Dorian's touch.
  25. Her Aunt stood, and Haruhi couldn't believe the air around this woman. She was so elegant, nothing seemed to phase her. Even her hair and her clothing seemed to stay in it's proper place, she was the picture of aging elegance. She was someone Haruhi aspired to be, now and as she grew. Haruhi stood, not with the exact grace her Aunt has, but just close enough. She clasped her hands in front of her, one hand overlapping the other. "Thank you, Asora-sama, I promise I will not disappoint you." Her aunt departed, leaving her all alone again in her room. Her mind raced, and yet she herself stood still. She stared straight ahead, unsure of how she was going to pull this off. Sure she's flirted before, sending glances, small smiles, but she's never seduced anyone. All those samurai in training, all those serving boys, they were just games she was playing, she'd never bedded any of them. As nighttime approached, she sat on the thin futon on her floor, now clothed in a thin white robe. Her gut was churning. She wouldn't lie if anyone asked if she was nervous, of course she was. She was expected to perform from one of the members of the main family, and if she failed... she had no idea what they would do. She lifted up the quilt on her bed, and slid under it, laying comfortably under it. She could do this, she had to do this, for the betterment of her family. ----------------------------------------- The next day, her Aunt arrived to pick her up. Just yesterday she had mentioned a seamstress. There was one seamstress that came to Haruhi's mind, and she was quite talented. She climbed into the rickshaw, pulled by one of the many servants the Yanihara employed. This would take the two highborn ladies to the other side of the rather large estate. The ride to the Shirokawa household was silent, not a word shared between the two ladies. Upon their arrival, she followed Asora closely, smiling softly as the servants bowed low as they approached. She stood tall, silent as her aunt called for the Lady Tsuyu, the seamstress she had suspected her Aunt would've picked. She's heard that her work is amazing, just wonderful.
  26. "What did we cause?" Bruce asked, snapping at him again. "Tell us what did we caused and that we weren't even there to stop it." @Meepinater
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