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    I’ll post tomorrow; weekends are usually ‘me’ time for the domestic pursuits.
  3. Sorry for not getting any replies out this week, I hit one of those moods lol. I'm going to wind down tonight, and focus on the priority threads after work or in the morning. 

    I am taking a leave from A.N.T.S for now, I took on too many at once and I don't think I can keep up, but I will rejoin later on in a different part of the plot, just so it's official that Red is there and participating. I'm so sorry @ourlachesism for leaving as soon as you posted towards me, I definitely need to make it up to you. And thank you @Ataraxy for the patience and helping me out lately. 

    Right now I need to put all my focus on my board, and other related cities. 

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      It's alright 😊 hope you feel better and up to it soon, and take all the time you need to get back. I'm still waiting to write with you soon ❤

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    The End of House Aetherion

    "Your help will be much appreciated, and needed. Traversing the wilds isn't something we are used to." With a snap of his fingers, Lothlorian summoned his staff to him. "In fact the first part of this trip will be the easiest of the journey." With his arcane implement in hand, he and Iselda began to make their way to the head of the caravan. "We cannot simply leave." Iselda explained, watching as his beloved joined together with the other wizards in their company. "If we tried they would turn us around and force us back into our city. That's why Lothlorian and the other wizards are going to be opening a portal that will give us a head start in our journey." All that magical talent and power combined for one spell was sure to make something incredible happen. "If we had the time and the power, we would be able to send everyone all the way to Aelindra city, but its just not possible for us at the moment." Chanting could be heard, and the air was suddenly charged with powerful magical energy. Space and time were ripped apart, the forces of nature defied as a portal was created with enough space for the entire caravan to fit through. It was blue in outline, the inside looking to be a distorted image of a landscape covered in trees and shrubs, a picturesque view of the rugged terrain of the Great North. The wizards looked exhausted, much of their power drained in the conjuring of such a large, complicated spell. Lothlorian however looked to be more or less fine during the process, his spirit filled with more mana than most could ever muster on their lives. His was the talent which launched him to his position, yet it could not stop him from losing everything. "There." Lothlorian said, taking a deep sigh while walking away from the portal. "That will take you to the outside wilderness. It will take around a week to travel to the Rising West. There you will be safe." He said, using the staff for support, he began to walk back towards the capital building, his shoulders sunk into despair. "Go...go and make sure House Aetherion lives on...and tell my story as a warning to those drunk on power."
  5. Rae kept to the shadows. It didn't take her long to realize it was Francmage there. She swallowed hard, keeping an eye on the door. If it opened, she would have to go on the offensive. She couldn't vanish into the shadows much like Jakoh could, so she was still quite visible if some one walked in. Rae listened as Francmage began speaking, steeping Marishi in lies. Bold lies, as well. She knew he was no longer trust-worthy, but the lengths he'd go to lie. The things he would say sickened her. He only wanted to further break Marishi. He wanted her to suffer emotionally as well as she has suffered mentally and physically. She's found her breaking points of each method of suffering. What more could she endure? It wasn't until he mentioned having bedded her that Rae couldn't contain her rage. His last comment of taking her virginity make her snarl, but she covered her mouth, not wanting to blow her cover. She stood there, listening until he finally walked away. Once she could no longer hear his footsteps, she came out of her corner and rushed back to Marishi's side, taking off the shackles once more. It was difficult to work with one hand. Rae scowled as Marishi began talking, cutting her with her words. "Stop it," Rae murmured, fumbling with the keys and dropping them twice before she finally got it into the first shackle and twisted. "Marishi you don't know what you're saying, stop it. No. No! Shut UP!" Rae jerked her head to look at Marishi, a pained look on her face. It was then that she noticed Marishi's injuries. She looked her over, her heart sinking deeper into her gut and her shoulders slumped. She looked like death. She should be dead. Why she hung on, how she clung on to life was a mystery to her. Rae opened her mouth to say more, but she caught the scent on the wind and turned her head, seeing the woman in black, Rae stayed her hand from grabbing her Rapier. Marishi whispered a name, and Rae glanced back to her wife, then to the new woman. It was then that others appeared. As they appeared and spoke, hope rekindled in Rae's heart. She knew them by name even before they introduced themselves. Marishi spoke highly of these three. Gilgamesh, Tenzen, and Kagero. Three heroes of the Crystal War. If they were here, perhaps Jakoh sent them news of Marishi's state? "I thank you," Rae said, bowing in the Eastern fashion as Marishi had taught her. "Your words are kind, and your presence here is even kinder. I cannot find the words to express my thanks to you." Tears formed in her eyes. She wasn't alone in this city trying to care for Marishi. When she first arrived here, she felt like the whole city was their oyster. She thought they had finally found a peaceful world, but now, she felt abandoned by everyone within these walls. No one wanted what was in her best interest, but with these three, they were the only sane people. They were the only reasonable ones that wanted to help. As they addressed Marishi, Rae smiled to her, hopeful, wishing their words would reach her where she couldn't. She could see the light almost return to Marishi's eyes as they spoke sense into her. They gave them both something that they needed most--hope. Rae smiled back to Marishi as she spoke to her, finally speaking to her with kind words. As she slumped down, Rae caught her with her good arm and grumbled. This was difficult to keep Marishi up with just one arm. As they instructed them on where to go, Rae bowed her head again and carefully walked with Marishi down the hallway, making their way to the sewers. Once there, Rae set Marishi to the wall to quickly gather up her things, had Marishi hold what she could, but she slid the Katana under her bad arm where the wrappings didn't tie her arm to her torso. With that, they made their escape through the sewer. It brought them to the forest where they were free from the confines of the city walls. A cold air set in which caused Rae to shiver. The trees were nearly bare, heralding in the winter. Once outside, Rae turned her attentions to treating Marishi. She couldn't make the whole trek in the condition she's in. Thankfully she paid attention to her healing lessons in the Red Mage school and learned of local herbs that could be used to cover wounds. She brought her to a place that she as sure no one would come looking for them and she threw down her coat and laid Marishi upon it. It was then that she could finally see Marishi clearly. Her wounds covered her whole body. Not an inch didn't bear a wound of some sort. Rae clapped her hand over her mouth and assessed Marishi, looking for where she needed to start first. The wound on her shoulder, that was the most important. It looked sickly and was trying to heal over. She'd need to clean it out and cover it over with bandaging, which she didn't have. Her eyes lit up. "Ohh, but we do." She murmured, pulling her shirt off and exposing her torso still covered with fresh, clean bandages. "Thank the Twelve I didn't cut these off already." She said while searching for where the bandages started. She grabbed the Tanto and carefully sliced into the wrappings, having not been able to find where the wrappings started nor ended. Once it unravelled, Rae moved her arm and grimaced. There was a scar on her shoulder where Marishi's blade bit into it. It looked healed, but not as healed as a 3-day-old wound should appear. It still pained her to move it, too, but not if she kept her arm at a certain level. Rae then got to work. With the Tanto, she leaned close to Marishi's shoulder and examined it. "This will hurt, my Moonlight. Please bear with me." She implored, then cut into the wound. A stench arose from it that caused Rae to crinkle her nose in disgust. Brown, bright green and yellow fluid oozed out and Rae grit her teeth and pressed onto it, pushing out the pus and old blood. She then cut around the wound, scraping off the unkempt flesh that grew over the dirtied wounds, all the while cooing softly to Marishi, remaining stoic to her grunts and cries out of pain. This was necessary or Marishi would die. She had to keep telling herself that. Once the wound in her shoulder was scraped and drained, she began to carefully stuff the clean linen wrapping into it. She'd replace it later, but it would absorb the rest of the blood and pus that had formed. Next were Marishi's fingers. Rae stared at them and sighed. She was not comfortable with her ability to set joints back into place, but she had to try. Taking her hand, Rae delicately stroked it with her thumb and looked to Marishi. "This will be over soon. I have to do these one at a time. I'm so sorry, my Luna." With that, she grabbed Marishi's index finger and steadied her breathing and the hand, then pulled it out and bent it, snapping it back into place with a sickening pop! Rae sucked in air and moved on to the next finger, holding her hand straight, pulling the finger out and popping it back to alignment. She repeated it until all fingers on both hands were replaced. Rae's face had paled by then, but not compared to Marishi's. Rae stroked Marishi's face and kissed her forehead. "I'm so sorry to do that to you," she whispered before standing up. She wanted to stay there, to let Marishi rest, but it was dangerous. Though no one would look there immediately, some one would eventually. They needed to get to La Thine. With that, Rae threw her shirt back on and fetched her stained cloak, then bent down, picked up Marishi and looped one of her arms over her shoulders and she slid her arm around Marishi's waist and together they walked, slowly, carefully. Rae guided them through the forest, keeping alert for noises and avoiding the creatures that ventured around. She wasn't in any condition to fight, much less was Marishi. So, they walked. They moved out of the way to avoid monsters that may attack them. They avoided the pathway especially, for occasionally there were armoured soldiers patrolling. She kept to the darkest part of the forest when they walked by. She wouldn't get caught again, not like their first day here. It was well into the night before the forest began to thin. Trees appeared smaller and more scant and snow began to appear on the ground. Before them were mountains painted a quiet, light green from the light cast from the moon and a large valley spread out before them. The snow reflected the same light as the moon, making the air a mysterious light that she had never seen before. It was like the earth radiated the gentle green hue. The snow still fell in La Thine. Green-tinged flecks danced on their way down to nestle in with the snow that piled up below. The snow was much taller here and made it much more difficult for Marishi to walk. Cursing under her breath, Rae guided Marishi to behind her, then she bent down, hooking her hands around the back of Marishi's legs and hoisted her onto her back. She then trudged through the snow. She took a moment to readjust her cloak so it was around Marishi instead of herself, since she was better clothed than her wife was. Before long, she saw torches. Squinting, Rae was able to discern the three flames belonged to their three friends. Rae walked closer to them, and they came to her and helped with Marishi, Gilgamesh taking her carefully into his arms. "She's tired... Weak... She needs food and water... Warmth..." Rae said, breathless. Her arms quivered as did her legs. Tenzen grabbed her before she fell down and helped her stay on her feet. "Just a little farther, Lady Rae," Tenzen spoke encouragingly. They walked a while longer. Whether it was a short while or long while, Rae couldn't tell. Her mind was numb and tired. There had been too much happening for too long. She needed a rest. She needed her wife to be alright. They finally came to a cave cut into the face of the mountain. There, they set up camp quickly. Bedrolls were laid out and Marishi placed on one and Rae on the other. She was exhausted, but other than that, no wounds needed to be tended to. Marishi however, needed to be properly cleaned, sterilized, sutured, and healed. Rae was near her, holding her had as they examined her work. "You've done well, Lady Rae. Her wound still holds infection, but it's rather well-cleaned out." Rae's eyes were closed by then and she only half-smiled, her hand gently giving Marishi's a squeeze. "Drink this, Marishi," Gilgamesh said gruffly, holding a bottle to her lips. "This'll knock ye out so ye don' feel a thing." "I had to reset her fingers," Rae croaked as Kagero brought over some rations and a water skein, allowing Rae to sit up and eat her portion and drink the bottle nearly empty. She checked first that there was more water before she tipped it upside down and gulped down the rest. "Her fingers look fine," Tenzen replied, examining Marishi's hands. "You did well. Do not fret, we will take care of the rest. We brought supplies knowing she would be worse for wear." Rae nodded and turned her head, closing her eyes again, but not sleeping. Her ears stayed focused on Marishi, her hand never left her's. She waited, impatiently almost, until they finished.
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    Forging allies (Private)

    "A bottle of booze! A bottle of booze! A bottle of booze! Drink em up! All the booze! Bottoms up!" Like the wasted drunkard she is, Khakina began her stupid song and despite her inability to reproduce any kind of tone she sung to her heart's content. Taking the bottle back from the good doctor, she would sing monotonously while twirling around, spilling her booze all over the place and even to her already alcohol stained coat and dress. As part of the cartel, one must have their uncontrollable, inextinguishable vice and for her it was the urge to drink. "One bottle! Two bottle! Three bottle! Bottles of booze! Bottoms up! Your drink and butt! We all keep chugging till morning!" She would twirl towards Arashi arms open wide to hug her from behind. If Khaki managed to hold on to Arashi, she would whisper into Arashi's ears, breathe words of seduction, "Little girl, why don't you join us tonight? Four of us. It would be a foursome? I guess?" then she would give a loud 'buuurrrrrrrpppppp', the stench of her breath wafting all over poor Arashi.
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    Allied Nations of Terrenus (A.N.T.)

    My mistake. I got perhaps too excited over her profile. Lol.
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  10. *Le gasp* Calypso has returned!

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    Allied Nations of Terrenus (A.N.T.)

    @Twitterpated A minor nitpick: Roz reduced her size so humans won't be so scared. She's at six feet currently. I mentioned it in her first post but you might have missed it ^_^
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    After the Chance

    "Not at all as I had imagined, though not as difficult as others might have tried to warn me. The eldritch horrors of the Whispernight scourge, the monsters of men in armor boasting blades...It's very similar, and yet completely different. To be honest, I have a greater sense of fear facing the true monsters of the dark, the creatures of chaos, than I do of man feigning monster. I don't like killing, though I am willing to kill for the right reasons. Such as protecting the innocent, and those too weak to defend themselves...Self-defense of course." He paused as he looked out to the horizon, his arms coming to cross over his chest as he answered his Master. "I even considered that these cities are filled with shit. Shit people living shit lives. High in crime rate, and not so much as deserving the title innocent. Though they are not beyond saving, the grey evils of man can be untaught. Redeemed, but the likes of our enemies from today, my enemy, they are beyond saving. They have fallen to the black taint of chaos. I won't hunt them any more or less than I hunt any of the other monsters we're known for exterminating, though rest assured, when I see them again, I will finish the job." He didn't just mean Ochigo, he meant Feurerkonig, Dredge, and the rest of the so called Legion of Doom. They were the opposite of the Order of Force, and Jinsoku would so everything in his power to make sure that they seized to exist; Given their presence. "What happened to Ghost Rider?" He questioned about Feurerkonig. Chasing Ochigo caused Jin to miss the conclusion of James' own fight. The same went for the fight between Dredge and Mike. Though if Dredge had fallen, he would've surely known by now, one way or another.
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    General chat thread

    And flooded with nonsensical rambling enjoy the uncohesive nonsense 😆
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    MOBS tournament lobby v2

    Let's make it as absurd as possible. What's DTM? Tharaleos should be prepared to fight against her limbless opponent. She will bite him to death.
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    Serphus Alumna; The OverGrown Seed

    Madagascar listened to what the fifth seed had to say as they walked. Platinum was here for his own needs and goals nothing more or less. She was the key to the answers he wanted. Yet the elf didn't know how to handle what he said. That Esben and Garnet could be in talks to combine the ore and seeds. And if that happened the consquences could be catastrophic. Platinum walked down the path as he was looking back at the elf from time to time. She seemed to be lacking in walking. "Madagascar are you that worried you cannot fight Esben? You've been standing there for five minutes now in silence. And I'd like to get to our destination soon." Why would you worry about me now when you did not before Platinum? You seem so calm in the wake of what is to come. Madgascar asked as she looked at the fifth seed. Platnum shrugged as he stared at her still. He knew that the elf was afraid as he approached her and hugged her. It made her shocked to see any kind of emotion out of the seed. "You don't need to worry. Even though we have strayed from our friendship, and become enstranged, I won't let them hurt you too much. Let's go and see your elder so you can try to combat Garnet. It will be fun to see." Madagascar was confused as he let go of her now and began walking again. The elf running to catch up as she was still confused by his behavior. What was he up to now?
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    Allied Nations of Terrenus (A.N.T.)

    There, eight paragraphs. Enjoy ~
  17. Twitterpated

    [A.N.T] Main Thread 1: The Arrivals

    "Ambitious as it sounds, and as much as I might like that, I know for certain that there are easily a few here that seem incapable of sharing my burdens, my vision. Though I continue to hope that things like this very meeting might help to persuade them in the future." His path one filled with blood and carnage. Though his intent was sold as pure, his delivery was quite the opposite. His methods were harsh, yet precise. The evidence of such was in how much growth his Dynasty had seen in such little time. No matter what a nation came from before Koji's meddling, they were convincingly happier to have him. The initial response was always the same, frantic, frightening, smothering...Beyond the initial point of contact though, Koji carved a self sustaining economy that was hard at work to gear up for big moves in trade as well as further expansion. Though his Empire boasted a healthy and capable military, all able bodied man, woman, and child has been immersed into some level of combat training. Not only were they prepared to defend themselves, their Empire, and their Emperor; They were ready to mobilize as a force on his behalf. If he wasn't genuine in his cause, then he was surely the greatest con of all time. Regardless, he was a manipulator of the Red String. His Divine Will was an indomitable one. It was inevitable. At the arrival of another woman, not the Empress yet another of Taen Royalty, Koji found himself taking a lasting look at her. Undoubtedly, she was not human. His ability to sense preternatural beings for what they are was a keen gift, though he didn't need it to see what was obvious. The tall, slender woman rivaled his height. Her beauty was timeless, flawless. He certainly wished for a moment that she was one of his. His genuine smirk grew as his narrowed eyes remained on her bowing form, admiring the angles of her curves she afforded him in such a modest, respectful act. Likewise, his hands came together as if to pray. Hinging at the waist, he afforded her a shallow bow that unmistakably failed to meet or exceed the depth of her own. While he was obligated and willing to afford her returned respect, he refused to lower his social status by granting her more respect than what she was giving with her bow. He was still Emperor, just as Titus was, and she was a Queen. "The pleasure is all mine Queen -, “Exᴄᴜsᴇ ᴍᴇ ғᴏʀ ᴀ ᴍᴏᴍᴇɴᴛ.” Begrudginly he nodded in understanding, his jovial expressed defaulting to his emotionless mug once more as his cold smoldering gaze observed her turn and walk away from them. He would be surprised to hear that she didn't have a King, and in the case that she did, he perhaps envied the man just a bit. As she engaged a particular couple of parties that Koji was weary of, he made sure to take note that Chastity of Yh'mi was oin talks with James, Master Knight of the Order of Force. Two people boasting two organizations that catered to the extermination of his kind. Out of all in attendance here today, if there was anyone that he held any level of concern for when it came to his Dynasty and his ambition, it was the likes of them. Especially James. Not that he was worried his plans would fail over all, he simply didn't like the though of set backs and delaying the inevitable. For that too reflected on his public image and approval ratings. There was a saying man had that went something like 'keep your friends close and your enemies closer'. Seeing as to how these were his largest potential new enemies, he would certainly stand to sell himself to them at least a bit today if for nothing more than his own entertainment. Turning his attention back to Emperor Titus, Koji received his question with practiced readiness. As if he had rehearsed answering such a question prior to this moment. Though before he could start in on his strategic answer, his host found himself laughing. He had heard much of Koji's Empire, this was pleasing prior to the laugh. All the while his face remained plain, blank; His reptilian slits for pupils fixed upon Archangel's laughing face, curious as to what he found to be so entertaining a thought. When he dropped the bomb of dealing with women on Koji, he couldn't help but crack another smirk, a snicker surely following its arrival. When Titus' gaze shifted to the Queen's figure, he resumed admiring her from afar while addressing the Emperor. "To be honest, I never desired a Harem. My late Empress was the one that had the idea of having multiple wives beneath me in order to maximize the quantity and quality of my legacy. I suppose the most important thing in dealing with a Harem is to maintain primary focus on the Empress, while giving the concubines beneath her a nearly equal show of attention and affections. Usually the sister wives are too busy competing with one another for their chance at playing Empress to bother with driving me crazy. And yet there are the few that are completely comfortable with their life of servitude, given a position of some import without the crushing wait of shifting responsibility that comes with being the Empress." His late Empress...At the mention of such his face returned to its default once more, his eyes still peering to Rozharon for a moment before returning to Titus once more, and just in time to see the Empress Raveena approaching. She finally managed to pull herself from the Emperor's undoubtedly attractive library. Perhaps Titus wished to have the Queen of Taen for himself, alongside his Empress. While he planned to ask him about such, he refrained for the time being considering Raveena's arrival. "fekiikiri shio dask, it is a pleasure as always." Though he disliked her jab about being her nephew, he let it slide off of his shoulders. Not like they were blood relatives anyway. Still, she was close enough to such a thing that he referencing that abandoned part of his family was simply distasteful. Personal. Still, she was the All-Mother, and for that he had a certain level of mercy for her that seemed to outweigh nearly all others. As Raven took to small talk with Titus, he for once found himself relieved that she had cut into another's banter between Leaders. His scarlet eyes that flirted with an obvious shift into indigo hues looked about the room to note how the crowd had shifted. Based on his option, Koji couldn't pass up this moment to introduce himself to the Devil himself. As he stood by his lonesome, Koji nodded to Raven and Titus with the slightest of bows, "If you two will excuse me, there are a few others I might hope to talk to prior to my departure from here. I look forward to talking more later, Emperor Titus...Auntie." He spoke that last word with a hint of venom and a hiss. Leaving them to enjoy one another's company for the moment, Koji moved so perfectly across the floor with his robes concealing his feet that he seemed to silently float over to the Crimson King. Coming to stand before him. He simply stood there silent for a moment as he gauged the general vibe he got from the Devil. He couldn't be so sure from just this one meeting with him, though he was certain that either Roen was reflecting Koji's own vibe back to himself, or Roen was simply much more like himself than originally anticipated. Finally, he raised his draconic fist and pressed it into the palm of his human, left arm in a salute of respect. While his face remained blank, his cold smoldering gaze held the only signs of his concealed smile. "King Roen of Patia, I'm honestly surprised to see you at attend an event such as this one. I was under the impression that you were the black sheep of Terrenus." @Roen
  18. Vanilla said nothing as she wrapped her form around Virga then. The Inquistor's eyes widening at this as she was unsure what was going on. Vanilla shook her head as she didn't let go of her either. As she knew that in time the deal Garnet made with Esben would go through. You are not Virga Talia as you claim. And your mantle means nothing to me. Of course I don't need you to help me find clues but using your form can help me to my advantage. And sully both names in the process. Vanilla said nothing as the Inquistor shook in fear. She was about to be eaten by the seed and be no more. The seed then went through her and Virga was no more as Vanilla stood there. She shook her head as she knew Ferghas would be upset but Vanilla wanted a bit of fun. And she would have it. The people would think she was the inquistor and the daughter of Talia himself. The atrocies she was about to commit would be grand.
  19. True Lycalo

    MOBS tournament lobby v2

    Ooh. Very nice post. And to think I was worried I might've been "dtm" as these kids say. This is turning into quite the spectacle now. I wonder if I'll even try and squeeze his newly developed Unified Form in there last second, assuming the dice roll is in my favor. Anticipation ensues!
  20. The walk to the druid named Zenith was not an easy or short one. Ferghas had to along the way tie up Glee so he wouldn't attack him. And dragging him wasn't easy either for he was a heavy son of a bitch. Ferghas had climbed up three mountains and even through a dense forest til they reached the house of the druid. Without her help, Glee would become corrupted and infected into the demon ways. Zenith stood outside her hut as she eyed the knight commander dragging a body among him. As Ferghas dropped Glee in front of Zenith, she raised her eyebrow. "Another cursed soul?" Zenith asked. "Yeah, Agatha trying to make something from these lost souls that come to Athentha. Either slaves or warriors to serve her. Think you can help him?" "Possibly. Though not sure if our magic on a foreigner. Let me go and retrieve my items." Zenith entered the hut as Ferghas looked at Glee again. Hopefully the druid could help the two.
  21. Vanilla frowned as Garnet didn't speak. He always was a tough man to break through to. That his plans were harder to break and only one so far even put a dent into them. And that was the slaver Esben Eden. The second seed stood there crossing her arms against her chest. Frustrated that the first seed thought the fifth seed was a problem to the organization. This feud the two had was starting to get ridiculous and Vanilla wanted it to end. You do know that's not how we work Vanilla. The organization is not built as a cult, not the way he wants it. And you know better than me that he's becoming more and more deranged and unstable. You want that around? Garnet, you aren't a saint either. And your vision for the organization isn't good either. Platinum would not be this way if you did not take every chance to degrade him. Whether you like it or not he's a seed. He's one of us and you need to accept it. I know Platinum's losing it but I will not let him fall, I'm going to help him. Even if it leads to his vision. Vanilla stood and shook her head. Garnet's recent views did not sit well with her especially with the deals he was making with Esben. The second seed exited the office and sighed. She decided to go and visit the marketplace, clear her head and get a breath of fresh air. The second seed made her way down the cobblestone streets as she looked at the city. It was a small newly discovered hub of Val-Roux and she wanted to discover it all. Vanilla said nothing as she walked eyeing the townsfolk. They whispered and pointed at the seed as she walked. Women and men gossiped about Vanilla as she passed them. Children ran pass her chanting not nice things at the seed. Little did they know soon they would fall like all the rest. Vanilla would get back at the taunting with such a beautiful revenge. She let them continue on with their taunts and whispers, waving it off as she reached the market square. The guards stopped her from entering as they crossed their swords against each other. Vanilla raised an eyebrow at this, not sure what it was about and before she could answer a guard spoke. "No seeds are to enter the market square and panic the citizens. We need to know your intentions before we let you in." I came to do some shopping. I need to pick up some supplies to make my potions and other items needed to help these people. The guards nodded and opened the way to the square. Vanilla was wondering why this was happening all of a sudden but her answer was suffice enough to let her in. And she was not lying, she was an apothecary after all.
  22. True Lycalo

    MOBS tournament lobby v2

    Ah. Splendid! Just a mild inquiry there. May we proceed with the carnage then.
  23. RachelTheSeeker

    Barbarian Beatdown (Trial of the Runesword)

    Traveling rather quietly herself, Aralisi sized up the task at hand. She wasn't sure if there were any combustibles in the mine, but felt it best to play on the safe side if she needed to utilize her magic. Even if there wasn't anything that would explode or set alight, she also didn't want to smoke herself and the lads out, either. Not long after Ben realized the ambush, Aralisi's ear twitched as she listened in on his soft-spoken instructions. She could sense that odd scent about as well, but didn't think anything of it; with a sensitive nose like hers, an array of strange scents normally didn't bother her. Given the order to fight, she removed her spear from her shoulder, whirling about and sizing up the enemies. One against two? Just how skilled is this employer of mine...? Xahlafael already readying his blade to engage with one enemy, the lioness turned her spear on the other. The strategy wasn't anything new, and holding the weapon in two hands instead of going for the shield across her back, she hoped it'd work. She would antagonize her adversary with jabs at various angles, trying to keep him from getting close or ganging up on her fellow beside her. One false move from the attempted ambush warrior, intended to get around her spear, meant a vicious cut from the blade of her polearm, gashing upward across his chest. A step back followed by a thrust to the guts, and the assailant was all but done for. As she yanked her weapon's business end from the enemy's innards, she took a brief moment to assess Xah's condition. His opponent had already dropped as well, but a painful-looking cut also crossed his thigh. Seeing the adrenaline rush kept the brunette from being inhibited by the laceration, she nodded fiercely to him. "Good work!" she commended. "Come; I'll fall back and make sure they won't get up".
  24. Zashiii

    MOBS tournament lobby v2

    Then Sera just went DBZ there. Next post she'll reach SSJ level.
  25. Zashiii


    (Let's hope that our fighters will still be alive by the time we toss coins) "FUCKING BEAST! GIVE ME MORE!" Sera squealed in delight, her voice hoarse and ragged from exhaustion. Despite the sharpness of her serrated iron dentures, it was unable to fully rip apart the griffin's tender flesh. All it did was make the beast even angrier, much to Sera's dismay. She was actually looking forward to tasting the creature's flesh, to relish in its raw flavor. But this won't stop her. No. The Black Sera of the cartel cannot be stopped. Before she could sink her pointy dentures in once more, her opponent suddenly changes. Drastic changes. Her legs' lock around his waist seemed to tighten as her foe seemed to grow bigger and larger. "YOU FUCKING MONSTER!" she screamed as her legs start to loosen their hold. "GODDAMN PERVERT! ARE MY LEGS THAT GOOD THAT FEELING THEM MADE YOU GROW LARGER?!" She knew there was no point in dialogue as both of them have sunk deep in a rage, thinking of nothing but the ecstasy of battle. Once more bloodlust filled her senses as her legs finally gave way from all the shaking her adversary made sending her plummeting to her death. Her last ditch effort to grapple the monster with her last pair of limbs had failed tragically and only served to break the latter pair, leaving her with four pairs of useless, unconsciously flailing limbs. Battered and broken and with no more options the once proud Sera swallowed her pride and dignity and accepted the only option left for her, the power of the cartel. It has always been with her, with all the members but she was too proud to make use of it. Other than the Black Spear spell, which she made her own, she did not want to make use of a strength that wasn't hers to begin with. But once more she had succumbed to necessity's will. Already she can hear the mocking laughter of the Black Head in her mind as the blasted woman blessed Sera the powers she begrudgingly desired. A strong aroma filled the battlefield as a new alien aura emanated from Sera. It was sickening and nauseating to any observer and even more so to her opponent. It was a stark contrast to heavenly fragrance her body seemed to producing. Still falling, her closed eyes suddenly opened and with it bloomed the alien sorcery within her. "Blackbush style: Boing Boing Barrier!" as she screamed her spell, the air beneath her seemed to solidify into a bouncy square platform for a moment where upon collision it would bounce Sera back, launching her high into the air. Where she would mutter another spell, "Black Annal Style: Bye Bye Gravity!" The spell borrowed from another cartel member Black Annal, would keep her afloat in air defying gravity. There she floated in mid-air, like the demon incarnate. Her iron strands of hair whipped about, her tattered coat billowing with the unseen breeze, four pairs of wasted limbs flailing with every fluctuation of her power. Bathed in stygian violet aura, Sera's face glowered with bloodlust, the manic grin on her face baring her serrated teeth. Blood oozed from almost every inch in her body, the strain of weilding the Black Head's power seemed too much for her. She then faced the hulking beast, her appearance almost as monstrous as her opponent. A bloodcurdling scream came form her throat, a voice that sent shivers to anyone observing. It was her answer to the beast's challenge. If it was a fight he wants, its a fight he will get.
  26. Zashiii

    MOBS tournament lobby v2

    What? No! I'm almost done with my post! This is MOBS! We are meant to go as absurd as we can here as neither fighters would fall until the coin is tossed! 😀
  27. True Lycalo

    MOBS tournament lobby v2

    Hey uh, @Zashiii, if ya want, I can tone down the absurdity of my post down a bit. I guess I did throw some unfair circumstances your way hehe. How bout instead of him going Feral, he avoids the pole but still gets straddled and bit by her? I reckon he'd reciprocate with his own chompers, but if that sounds a bit more feasible, I definitely don't mind that alternative.
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