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  2. Well, seven wasn't so bad, she supposed. That was a, what, 15 percent increase from the previous fight? That is, if all 7 rushed them at once, at least. The runesmith wasted no time in regrouping as the party recouped from their losses. She plucked bolts from the fallen foes around her, taking care to keep them intact as she did so. She was mostly successful; most of her bolts were intact, save for two, which had shattered upon entry, striking hard bone hard enough to snap the bolts. Her hands were bloodied and filthy by virtue of digging around for her bolts anyway, so once she recovered her knife she had no issue cutting into the salamanders, looking for the bolt tips. She put them all in a little cloth pouch, that she snuck into her pocket. She checked her knife while she was at it, and cleaned it against the sleeve of her jacket. The blade was still shiny and unscarred. Thankfully she hadn't damaged it by throwing it at the salamander. Once geared up, she assessed the group again. The kobolds were alive, Shank included. At Torie's insistence he'd rubbed his hands against her side before pressing the excess fluid to his own injuries, causing them to heal up quickly. So not only did he look like a hero in the eyes of his fellow kobolds, but he got to shrug off the wounds almost completely, and do it all again. Priscilla wished, a bit wistfully, that she'd had a potion or two like that when the airship she'd been on crashed. However, those potions only would have helped if her friends bodies had ever been found. To memory, she couldn't recall if any of them had been. While the rest continued to re-up and rearm, Priscilla took note of the multitude of spears they suddenly had available. She picked one up, and looked it over. The shaft was intact, and the weight seemed fine. She handed it over immediately to the kobolds, then another, and another. Soon enough, almost every kobold--save for Shank--could strike from a greater distance now, keeping them out of harm's way. While she was close by, she noticed that, despite the kobolds being given another potion, they hadn't used it yet. Shank's face was still scarred, the ugly red wound still contrasting against his scales. He caught her staring and turned to face her entirely, reptilian eyes boring into her own. She threw the gaze right back at him, unafraid, before both of them broke the stare and looked into the cave. Priscilla unslung her crossbow, looking from Aaric to Torie, then deeper into the cave. She couldn't see terribly well, at first. However, the shapes of the salamanders became more defined before too long, and she lined up a shot. "I'm ready." She huffed, training her aim on the left-most Salamander first. "I'll do what I can to take pot shots at them before you break the line. I might get lucky." She focused on her first target, eyeing the rest already. She had enough ammo to hurl at them for a while, but missing here would be costly. These bolts would surely shatter if they missed and struck the stony interior of the cave. Nearby, the kobolds had mounted up, and were prepared for everything. With spears at hand, they didn't cower behind Shank nearly as much, fanning out a bit. Their weapons quivered, ever at the ready.
  3. I will be waiting until early Tuesday for posts on either side. If I see nothing I will progress the story. I thank everyone for being patient all around.
  4. I attempted Inktober (very inconsistently) while exclusively drawing subjects from Valucre. Mostly my characters or characters/lore I'm familiar with. If you guys have any suggestions/requests for the following days (or any days I haven't drawn for), feel free to suggest! No promises, but I really need ideas and don't want to exclusively draw my own characters/lore. Here's the prompt list My progress so far! Day 2: Mindless My take on an Enrele. Day 4: Freeze A C'zirqonian artifact-hunter in full armor. One hand's holding an antarcticite dagger that can freeze all it touches, another is a diaschismic portal generator. From this thread. Day 5: Build A Flesh-Shaper from Ilumad creating a new face. Specifically, the hands belong to Elias. Day 8: Frail Pluto Hildebrand, seneschal of House Hildebrand. A boy of porcelain skin, prone to shattering. Gold runs in his veins. Character by @SweetCyanide Day 12: Dragon It's not a dragon but it's the seven-headed hydra from Taen's first big event thread. Day 16: Wild One of my characters, Cassandra Sieversal.
  5. Noises could be heard from the front entrance; boots, men, the clicking of weapons and the like!! twelve men dressed in Military-type gear were quickly filling the long hallways, causing reason for great concern. Large trucks and even two Helicopters could be heard outside of the rather large Mansion. Ami would see these men marching into the long Hallway, now armed to the teeth with automatic Rifles and the like. Four soldiers pointed their weapons directly at Ami, not even speaking; he was just signaling for her to stand up and place her hands up and NOT move. Dr. Fowler's ears twitched suddenly; who in the hell were these people barging into her Safe Haven? Avus pointed to Ben, then pointed to ITS ears:? Something was stirring outside in the Hallway. Ephidrina would put his son back onto the Tapestry; now asking something almost inaudible. The doors would open suddenly, allowing for the Soldiers to all begin rushing in to take their positions, guns pointed at Ben and his friends/family. Ben, however, could sense what bullets were in those Assault Rifles though; Black Lakes!! This was ASCAB Laboratories!!! "Freeze!!! Noone move!! hands in the AIR!!!! Let's GO people!!!" "Let's NOT make this gory Benaires; we are here for the Abraxis Project!! Please turn her over immediately and we can withdraw without any violence!! You KNOW what kind of bullets are in these weapons Benaires; Do NOT make this bloody!!!" "Is that what this is about? You all trying to snatch up this young lady?" asked Argon, as she did not understand what was going on in the first place. A man in a lab coat and a briefcase was then to enter, along with several more Researchers, all armed with clip boards and various tools. They began writing things down, taking pictures and walking over to where Ben and the others were being held by gun point. Ephidrina protested, "I will NOT have this out rage disturbing our meeting!!!!" "We know who you ARE former Majesty, along with Lady Avixis, Avus, Rebecca and The Abraxis Project; however, I do not know the name of the young man in the Gray hooded Cloak. Check him for Identification!!!" Said this man in the lab coat. Ben sighed; he knew that NHR02 was very powerful and a small injection could ruin his entire blood stream, making it almost impossible to ever recover. The Soldiers of two then check on Gray's person to find some identification, now handing it back to the man. Ben would see Ami walk in WITH the rest of the entourage, but he DID signal for her to NOT do anything that would upset this confrontation. He sent a mental signal to her directly: "Ace, let them have their fun; don't thrash anyone; we have to play this cool, understand?" "Graymite Anthine Jones IV, Conduit to Abraxis. You work for The Company, splendid. My name is Dr. Rhivard Phelps everyone; I was sent here by Dr. Ray Blotch to retrieve The Abraxis Project. I really would like your full cooperation. That way I won't have to resort to violence in this magnificent Mansion. Oooh, look at all of the Holy Tomes and Data Material. Looks like someone has been gathering information on the DAICHONS very WELL Benaires. Oh, my goodness...is that Dr. Fowler? Of Saint Claire's Medical Center and Trauma Division? Who would've though that an African-American female could have so much access to various Medical Technology and Resources. Ptera Invectium, Second only to Benaires then I take? We miss you back at the Asylum dear, but I see that you have been cured. How nice for you...." Dr. Fowler sighed as she retorted back to him, "Always a pleasure to help out Dr. We can't give you Abraxis; we are trying to treat her if you have not noticed already. Could you have your men stand down with the weapons please? You are being quite aggressive about all of this." "You can't have her!!! I have worked waaayy too hard to get her to function on the levels of NORMAL again. We have much work and training to do to get her mind right. You can't do...this....." Said Graymite in resistance, only for one Soldier to fire a shot right into Graymite's right leg, making him wince in anguish. Ben shouted out, "GRAYMITE!!! shit........why did you shoot him? Hold on Gray...." Ben then ran over to his pupil to check on his injury. "Whoa......looks like we will have to bring HIM in to get some treatment. As a matter of fact, why don't you ALLL follow me back to the Office and I will further explain. Form a line and do not try anything. Help Graymite up and get him into the Med-vac, along with his Abraxis friend." Dr. Phelps demanded. Avus could not do anything; ITS powers were an output to definitely desecrate the Mansion on a whim of a thought. Ben used his healing abilities to stop the bleeding of Gray's injury without fail. Abraxis did not run; she started crying and then pissed on herself yet again. Dr. fowler ran over to help clean up the piddle, along with Rebecca, Lady Avixis and Orlouge Red. They knew that she was terrified of going back there, but she could not use her powers either, as Ben had strictly forbode her from doing such a thing until her training was completed. Another ruckus was occurring in the hallways yet AGAIN; the hallways lights suddenly went out, making the visibility poor for everyone. Guards and Soldiers were screaming in pain, as blood splashed a bit in various instances. One could hear the bones of a few men being snapped like twigs!! Dr. Phelps signaled for more men to go out into the hallway, but they shook their heads in refusal!! The doors remained open, as a force reached out to snatch ONE of the Soldiers from the very room they were all in. He screamed and tried to reach out for help, but this unseen force pulled him into the hallway, now abusing him to the point of a deadening silence. Ben was quite puzzled as to what was going on; he wasn't expecting for THAT to happen, seriously. Dr. Phelps looked clueless as well, peering around for some kind of an explanation. Ephidrina turned to his son, signaling for someone to go out into the Hallways to examine the situation. Ben shrugged his shoulders and jogged out into the dark hallway. He could hear men moaning in pain and misery, along with the smell of RAIN WATER!!! "Well, I'll be......................Hallway luminosity to 47 percent with half power output please!!!" Ben then said out loud. The hallways lights then brightened up, but not TOO bright to hurt the eyes. Soldiers were either unconscious, limping back towards the main entrance to tend to other team mates, or standing in the hallways, petrified in fear at this female that was standing there, talons bloody and dripping. She stood seven feet and four inches tall, with long black hair that looked wet from just getting out of the shower. Her face was barely visible from all of the long hair being in the way though. Ben walked over to this behemoth of an individual, pulling out some towels from the nearby cart, only to hand some TO her to clean her bloodied talons. "I am HERE My Master to serve and obey only YOU mighty one!!! What are your orders Sire?" said the large female, who was now kneeling before Ben. Ben laughed loudly, now patting her on the head, shaking it. "It's okay Old One, you serve me very well, now stand up while I introduce you to everyone. Follow me dear." Dr. Phelps had never been so mystified before this recent took place. The Soldiers were baffled at this female that walked into the room, now trying to shield her very eyes from the brightness of the lights in the room. 'I want everyone to meet Princess Serenity Slagma Tulpa, or you can call her The Old One. She's a Cross-dimensional being from Darkness of human imagination. There are about 245, 000 of these creatures that I command from various parts of the world. I'm guessing that she followed my scent all of the way here. Serenity, say hello dear...." Serenity growled a bit at the bright lights in the room, only to reach into her purse and pull out some shades to cover her sensitive eyes. "I am pleased to make everyone's Acquaintance. I hope to get along with everyone. Please take care of me." "Well, this was unexpected. Who in the HELL are YOU?" asked Dr. Phelps. "Ami my dear!! Glad you could join us on this fun-filled conundrum!! Son, you command these creatures? How in the Geostratum of Antiquity did you meet someone so sophisticated? She's absolutely beautiful!!! I am Benaires' father and former king of the....." "I know who you ARE your Majesty. Former King Ephidrina of the mighty DAICHON Race. I am Ben's ultimate sword of destruction, as are the rest of my PEOPLE. We are here for his every wish, command and concern. I followed his scent here, assuming that ASCAB was going to try to cause some kind of a disturbance, and my whims were absolutely on dead point. Master, I shall escort all of these intruders back to their vehicles and take their weapons away from them. If anyone else tries to interfere, I shall bludgeon them to death." "No need to kill anyone Serenity; just defend the Mansion and prevent anyone from trying to get in here for now, understood? As for YOU Dr. Phelps, we DO need information on Thrax, and you ARE going to give us that information....." "Sir, our men are beaten up pretty badly and two them are unconscious. I don't think we need to piss this thing OFF; just TELL Benaires what he wants to know sir; it's not worth my men dying...." Spake out the Captain of the Soliders.
  6. Pallas welcomed the distraction of reality breaking down. From the top of a glass skyscraper, Pallas cocked an ear at the sound of waves crashing. He took a breath and tasted salt. He turned to his correspondent - once one of the benefactors of Khartes' privately-funded projects - and found him to be a porpoise. This was a surprising, albeit pleasant change. The man was a rare combination of idiocy, arrogance, and wealth, culminating in a creature who thought he could bully (or bribe) the prince of Taen into allowing him a commercial advantage in a new communications system. Pallas looked at the man, who was no longer a man, for one long moment. He stood from his seat. "While I've enjoyed our talk," - he lied, having long wished for an excuse to escape the man's blathering - "Something more important than the -" he suppressed a sigh "- advertising opportunities of this project has come up." The porpoise chattered. Pallas directed a sagely nod towards it. "Of course. You may forward any further inquiries to Caer Loerem." As practical as it would be to simply drop his body into the Wetlands and absorb his assets into the government... it was wrong. It wouldn't be noble, or righteous, or humane, and those were things Pallas liked to concern himself with being, these days. Empathy was easy. Ethics was another matter, especially when the practice of them concerned individuals who, for lack of a better term, were leeches. Pallas put a hand against the glass door and found it a beaded curtain, cords strung with conch and abalone. Pretty. He brushed it aside. A step forward, and the tower had turned into a lighthouse- the walls melting away into mist and sea spray, stone steps spiraling down the exterior, carved smooth by the knife of the wind. Something was different. Not wrong- no, the nature of Taen itself meant that wrong held no meaning here. Something was different, and as Pallas strode down the stairs, he pushed aside the kingdom's other concerns, focusing on the task at hand. Leaning over the rail, Pallas squinted at the festivities below. He blinked hard. Currents and tides. The disturbance washed over the city, submerging it, distorting the glittering buildings as the waves bent light. A movement by a tavern caught his attention; the the surf rippled in the wake of a figure. Golden eyes watched as the figure boarded a galleon, departing from the harbor. Ebb and flow. It wasn't changing the city, not exactly. While worldrift tore at the fabric of being, this festival was a vision. A ship's shadow, fleeting, over the sunlit shallows. Something from the land, something that was of the land, not against it- another one of the hundred oddities that dipped its fingers into Taen, casting ripples into the stillness. That flicker of understanding was a comfort. Pallas took a deep breath, savoring the taste of the ocean. There was something pleasantly familiar about all this. Perhaps he'd spent too much time indoors, that the sight of a sea-that-was-not-meant-to-be was exciting. Perhaps he felt more at home here, in the space where the veil thinned and the abyss yawned in his periphery. The prince spread his wings and dove down towards the lighthouse. Minutes later, he entered the tavern that the figure had left. Faced with a slug-faced bartender and the masked man, Pallas decided to address the masked figure first. He opened his mouth, then felt a memory click into place. He'd heard of this before. A group of ditch-diggers. Flood warnings. A monstrous spine in the Wetlands. The Coiled Serpent. He swept his gaze over the man. Cult member or not, the fellow seemed to be in a sorry state. Folding his wings, Pallas slid into the seat next to the stranger. He tilted his head. "You alright, man?"
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  8. -Lilium-

    Alterion AMA

    Is there something specific in Izral you are wanting to join or start up? The largest constraints you may face in wielding your character, to the best of my knowledge, would be things that need permission from board leaders (i.e. area destruction, city building, large scale NPC death). In regard to character death, if for some reason (while in Alterion) your character dies (either by your choice or an agreed upon fight to the death) Xaengri-La is always an option. Overall, communication is key, if you relay to me what it is you want to do I am more than willing to help you out in anyway that I am able.
  9. Why have you quoted me so much within the last two pages? ๐Ÿคจ I was informed that hooking a mind, specifically an eldritch mind, up to an Enrele hivemind is probably inadvisable in the Terrenus AMA, and I was attempting to communicate the idea that Enrele are formidable and, more importantly, trying to link your hivemind to their hivemind might end with your hivemind falling under Enrele control. I wasn't arguing that the Enrele are invincible. I don't expect anti-psion tech to be a reliable weapon in a campaign against the Enrele. Like I've already stated, I think it's prohibitive resource-wise. Also, I think trying to hit a big area with it would cause the Genius Loci to react in an unforeseen and likely very, very negative way. That said, it works on psychics, even things that are just kind of psychic like Caeceila and Dredge, if I recall. If the Hivemind Daloth counter pulses, that's fine. It'll take them at least a turn to do so, and in that time, PCs might have an advantage against it. I'm not proposing a long-term solution to the Enrele.
  10. A buncha people sure are looking forward to their promotions. We're lucky we don't have those ordeals, right Dauner? Dauner: Sure. err, you think that Yuuj thing tastes good? It's Yuuja. And no, I don't. it'll probably give you indigestion. Dauner: ... hmph. you're gonna taste it eitherway aren't you? Dauner: Hey, Gozen. We got a Yuuga to roast. It's Yuuja. arg, i'm just wasting my breathe
  11. I have no qualms with the above option that Hollow has provided though Luz will not like that Joker let him go. She will still be too weak to pursue.
  12. no. the Yuuja was actually a good idea. a little warm up before the main event never hurt anyone :D
  13. Abigail had been waiting impatiently as the airship hovered over the camp, waiting for Holly to get the signal. At last it came, and Holly indicated that they were ready to attack. The duchess immediately raised a hand to signal her sharpshooters, who were positioned on the railings around the perimeter of the airship deck. "Pick your targets and fire at will!" she barked. As Holly's ship cannons began their heavily bombardment, the sharpshooters began picking off bugbears that dared to step out of the canopy cover and into the open ground below. The camp was soon in an uproar, which also prompted the torturer to abandon the young human he was whipping, so that he could grab a proper weapon and join the defense. Not that the defense was proving effective int he least. The bugbear bows were sturdy and could shoot a ways, but they were firing blindly at a dark mass hovering above their camp, barely even within their range. Meanwhile, the Karradeen and Sheathe forces had a bonfire illuminated camp to fire down into, giving them double the advantage. With most of the bugbears either trying to shoot at the distant airship, both the prisoner and their store tents had been left abandoned. However, if Khaki were to search the tends, she'd find them near-empty, with much of what remained being damaged or scattered. It was as though this bugbear coalition had already used up all the loot they stole from Port Mars... or perhaps someone else had already stolen it from them?
  14. Whaaaat? That'll be no fun. Dauner likes killing monsters and letting it escape won't be on his agenda. I could try and reason with him but i doubt he'll listen to me.
  15. sure! also I forgot it has its bestiary. I'll link it in either the main lore article or the bestiary article =D
  16. My ship is famous! Also, I'm currently working on VoES. It'll have it's own material list, would that also be added to the Taen material list?
  17. Sorry for the holdup Supes, but posted
  18. Amira's response to her cousin's response was a quiet one, almost nothing, in fact. But the occasional tilt of her head, and the flick of her eyes, suggested study. Yet study seemed to be all she did, not rising in response, not even upon her own lip. Her lip did not even part in answer to his accusations of vulgarity, presumption, and simply uncouth behaviour. All she did was lift her fingers to the side of her head, and rest her temple upon them, looking slightly upward at the ceiling. A 'really now?' perhaps. "Not much, really, which has its own tale to tell, I would say." She spoke in answer to the question as to what she found in her time among the Marish, signalling with her free hand to the footman to ask for the same drink. "Chief among their concerns is that they already be seen as restored to stature. That can continue on, business as usual, where so many others are still struggling to recover. In this, they are to be commended..." She let her words linger in a way that suggested a lack of completion, until the footman had departed to gather their sustenance. "They're almost as good at illusions as I am." Amira concluded with something approximating a smile. "After all, surely a family that could arrange such an elaborate debut for their daughter but days ago must in the best of financial states. And it is most certainly a good estate they have found for themselves, though if there are secrets here, I believe they belong to the prior owners, not its current denizens." Amira shifted in her seat, one leg over the other. The hand that had held up her head now rested upon the arm of her seat, as she leaned in slightly. "I would certainly say the women of this family are the greater prize, so, congratulations dear cousin." She told Ampelos, before reclining once again. She relaxed as she quipped, "If there's any shame in that this is not being a matrilineal affair, it will be the library here. There are so many good books from the continent here, fiction or otherwise. I was happily occupied by them, and our hosts were happy to have me occupied. I even have once here..." She said, reaching across onto the table to hold up a work with the title of... A Holiday in Ignatz A sequel to the best seller, clearly.
  19. Made a Taen Materials List. Included Lazurum and your airship as an example!
  20. Csl

    Taen Materials List

    Natural Lazurum - term widely-used to refer to mineral naturally imbued with worldrift arcana. Lazurum has a dark blue color and often resists the laws of physics, though the wide variation in its effects prevents it from being used reliably. While knowledge of its nature and application remains limited, an airship from Hydra's Haven has successfully prototyped an antigravity system using Lazurum. Manufactured Cottawood - a wildlight-engineered tree variant widely used for building construction. Cottawood structures are visually identical to brownstone and can be sculpted without branches or leaves. Widely used in buildings in Lunaris and can easily integrate plumbing and illumination. Lucental glass - glass doped with a transparent, chemosynthetic fungi that filters out swamp miasma and absorbs solar energy. The glass is produced from the Wetlandsโ€™ lakebed silt and prominently used in Arcturon's architecture.
  21. I hope I get a promotion as well ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ if I don't I'm gonna bug James till Shishi gets one. The bloody order didn't even recognize the enrele as a plausible threat ๐Ÿ˜Ž
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