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  2. Hope everyone enjoyed the turkey holiday! It's been about nine days since the last post. Got a lot of people; can we get an eta from whoever is next?
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  4. Screaming!!! This reminds me of old Elder Scrolls art, especially surrounding the earlier games and deep lore. you may very well hear from me!
  5. "Let him take you out on the town sometime," Shikai quipped, joining in on the teasing of The Architect, "Joran City still hasn't completely recovered from our last party!" Suddenly the shinobi was aware of a presence in his mind; his recent, "therapy," sessions with Phoebe having made him far more aware of who might be trying to get inside his head. The presence was faint, but tinged with an undeniable malevolence that lingered on the periphery of his senses. For now it seemed content to just creepily giggle at nothing in particular, but the shinobi sensed that it wouldn't stay that way for long. By the time he was descending the gangplank, he was already preparing himself for an attack. "This.. demi-god, or whatever it is, is damn powerful, That's why I brought you guys." "He looks like you boss," Shikai observed, "Minus the charm, of course." "Back for more? Oh look, you brought friends." "Do you know what it wants?" "I'd say a fight." Shikai stretched out his hand and from the shadows a blade as black as the darkness that surrounded them appeared in his hand. The Legendary Blade Mykur had been in his possession since the aforementioned mission in Joran City. He was currently in the process of awakening the blades true power, but even dormant the sword was razor sharp; capable of cutting even magic. Twirling it around in his hand, he looked at the shadowy figures standing before him and his comrades. "I've only beaten myself up metaphorically before," he joked, a feral grin splitting his face, "So this will be a new experience!"
  6. Zashiii

    Out On The Town

    "Hey!" Linda pouted. "I'm not that rusty. Um...just nerfed." Then her face flushed in embarassment as she looked away from him. No need to go into details after that. Still she accepted his offer and did not move away when he wrapped his arms around her. "Bu-but if you insist," she stammered as she eyed the targets once again. With Issac by her side, she followed his advise and shot again. After a couple of rounds and a reload, she managed to do two lucky headshots. "That's two more than last. Nice." Then she turned to give Issac a peck on that cheek. "That one's for the good advice."
  7. "Ah, I see." Mal had to fight back a surge of protectiveness towards his old friend caused by Aveline's words. He knew that what she was saying wasn't untrue; John had been a criminal far longer than he been on the straight-and-narrow. The remarks reminded him that no matter how much one may try to change; there will always be people who will remember only the past. Still, he didn't know the whole story between John and the Singlance's. Maybe his old friend had done something to piss off Aveline that Mal didn't know about. "I don't think he has any ulterior motives," he mused, "Whatever you may think of John, he cares about his friends. He just wants me to be happy, and I really think he wants you to be happy too. Guess he must think we might be good for each other."
  8. Indeed, Ren had heard Lapelle's footsteps long before she actually sauntered through the front gate, but that was not the only clue that someone special had decided to pay him a visit. As he sat sipping his tea, the world around him had faded into darkness. What should have been ominous to most was strangely comforting to the Shangdi; the void feeling like the embrace of an old friend. It may also have helped that he knew that the dark would not last long, and he was soon proven right when multiple points of light sprang into being all around him. Dozens turned to hundreds and soon numbered in the thousands; and soon it was as though he had been flung into the night sky. The stars began to move; assembling themselves into the visage of a great dragon that floated in front of the martial artist. "Hello, old friend," he greeted the Dragon Emperor warmly, "It is somewhat rare for you to contact me instead of the other way around. How may I help?" We have met the one who approaches before." More stars swirled into a detailed portrait of Lapelle's face, which Ren regarded thoughtfully. "Ah, yes. I remember," he turned his attention back to the Dragon, "Have you taken an interest in her?" Indeed. Give her my regards. I will be watching closely. All at once Ren was flung back into the real world; where an attractive young woman was now inquiring about the tea he was drinking. Producing another cup and pouring the steaming liquid into it, he offered it to his visitor. "Today seemed like a mint tea type of day," he smiled warmly, "Would you care to join me Ms. Brouchard?"
  9. As the amber liquid burned its way down his throat, Shikai couldn't help but remember the small gasp that had escaped Quinn's mouth when he had greeted her at the door. Remembering what he had been thinking about at the time, he couldn't help but worry that he had made her uncomfortable. He had forgotten that the doctor could pick up on his bodies physical reaction to stimuli that most would miss. Then again, there had been something in her eyes that he couldn't quite identify, but whatever it had been was a far cry from shock or outrage. Now that he thought about it, she seemed happy to see him too! Maybe... Don't get ahead of yourself! Shaking his head to banish the line of thought; he poured two more drinks before walking over to Quinn and handing her one. The vampire took the glass like she was handling a most delicate artifact. The triumphant note she tried to cover up didn't go unnoticed by the shinobi, but he wasn't going to embarrass her by remarking on it. Covering his smile by taking a sip of his drink, his ears perked up when Quinn spoke up. “Thank you.” She lifted it slightly in cheers, before taking a sip, “I’ve - I’ve really been looking forward to tonight.” It was like someone had injected pure dopamine into his brain when he heard those words. She had been looking forward to this too! He wasn't sure where they had stood after the kiss at The Feeding, but now he felt much more confidant. Grinning from ear to ear, he would reply. "I've been looking forward to this too!" Regaining a bit of composure, he beckoned for her to follow him into the kitchen. "So I bet you're wondering about dinner," he began, picking up a small basket as he did so, "And I think you'll like the answer!" Opening the lid of the basket, he revealed several bags of blood; wondering how long it would take Quinn to realize it had come from him. Replacing the lid, he put the box in a bag which he slung over his shoulder. "Now we just have to take a short walk to our dining area," he grinned and offered her his elbow, "May I?"
  10. "Infected?" Delan cocked her head. "I-I guess that would be an apt term. Bu-but I don't know how to remove this infection." She kept her body still under the threat of that dangerous oar. Who knows what it might do the her once Rin gets serious. That and she could feel the seeds even more in her insides. The small seeds blossoming, growing into vines. Unseen tendrils that wrap and encroach around her internal organs. Not that it really mattered since her bosy was just a poor imitation of the original. As long as she has her reserve of magical energy, she could keep on living even if her organs were removed. 'Ho-how do i do that?' Delan had to ask. 'How-how do I awaken?' Delan looked at both strangers. "The voice in my head is telling me to awaken. Help me understand what it means."
  11. Rou had been looking off into the afternoon sun for quite awhile, squinting in a way that put a dry wrinkle in her lower lip as it encroached upon the upper. The afternoon brought with it harsh amber rays, although mildly obscured by thick fir trees, almost brightened through the panes from curtains purposefully drawn back, to let in the light while it lasted. In her time in sabbatical, the sole human An'She had found herself to be quite diurnal, in order to avoid her new husband-- and the duties that came with it. The wards of House Castelle often left her alone, for their aversion to daylight hours and open drapes, though Rou had quite come to prefer it that way. The solace in silence had been both deafening and peaceful, though she'd had one lucky reprieve. "... be wearing?" She only sighed, parting the purse of her lips for but the briefest of moments, still stuck in her gaze of the afternoon's sun. Still high, a few hours yet before descent. "Rou?" Rou shook her head, briefly startled as her attention was gripped away from tepid and blurry daydreams, splotched by the burn of sunlight on the dark back of her eyelids. "Ah," she warbled, nursing a sudden headache with a pinch of her brow between her fingers, "Forgive me, Zen, I'm afraid my mind had wandered off. Come again?" With a few blinks, her vision cleared, looking across the small trestle table at who had become her closest friend of late, the pale, winged High Lord of Genesaris, who'd shared a seat with her upon the Carmine Dominion's An'She council. Even with his dark, iridescent wings close to his back, they still nearly dwarfed the chair he sat in, understandably not built for his kind of grandiosity. Finding it momentarily humorous, Rou chuckled, but offered a second smile by way of apology. She picked at the food that was arranged between them, a spread of fruit, cheese, and dried meats, with a brief selection of small, sweet pastries. He'd been kind enough to bring them, her increasingly often lunch-and-dinner guest, as it had become something of habit between them, of late. Rou had nearly forgotten how nice it had been to share a meal, for how long she'd been accomplice to those who didn't partake. For a High Lord, whom to most seemed wildly unreachable and illustrious, he delighted her with his familiar empathy to play the part of confidante to a friend in need. Ever since she'd been arranged to be married, nearly a month ago, Rou had sought his company and talked for nearly hours on end of her displeasure, though today had seen her oddly quiet. There was no secret as to why. After all, the Feeding was tomorrow. @The Hummingbird
  12. It must be preserved, for historical accuracy. 🙏 Holiday stuff winding down over the course of this week for me, apologies for any delays but I should be able to post right after you do! @Venus Sprite 😄
  13. This is a placeholder for when I deploy posts Monday. I haven't forgotten, I just took a long holiday.
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  15. ❤️ Hope you all are well and thriving. 

  16. X A R A N E U S V Á L K A “My business is my own.” Esdel stated, his voice coming off much stronger than Esdel was feeling. “I surrendered my Faith years ago, and I am so tainted that I would never compare myself to your… pure self.” “I am under no obligation to report to you, Ang’eli.” He added, but then looked at the woman as well. “Either of you.” He added in. “I will be on my way. It appears that two Archangel have plenty to talk about, and I would not want to trouble you with my Middling trifles.” Warbling energy fluctuated with a shimmer akin to the glare of a star around his hand when he stared at the Middling before him. "First of All.. you are lucky I do not Smite you for your foolish choices. Secondly, neither of you will go anywhere.” Between Esdel and the direction of Ardís did he turn his ireful eye while he spoke before returning to the former. “As an Agent of Will by birth and rank, though.. I am able to understand that even you -- a meek little blackbird -- has choice over their life... Even if that life is dishonorable and lacking merit. Tell me: What have you done in your time away, with your Severence from the Sozdavanje..?” The cestus was as a nigh-transparent effigy that rippled like a heatwave did off a car hood. As if cloaked by prismatic aura, his ruling force remained unseen to glancing eyes but the distortion was more than enough to make it known to even the severed among him. His tongue hummed with inklings of the very power he had named. Yes, he was endowed for definite, the browns and tans of his hair and feathers expressing the gravity and the way in which he and the Válka needed not the colors of the sky or the camouflage it provided in their natural territories. For a Válkan, it was better this way; to be seen and known was a pride the units of shock troopers kept to in the face of occasional ridicule or questioning of just how high the House of Povisokos sat. For every entity receiving him, he became more aware of their location. Rather than prickling fear or discomfort, horripilation was out of the urge to destroy or at the very least inquire as to who bore witness to his Will and continued to oppose it. “While he thinks, you have this one chance to preserve civility here. Step forward.” A sharp predatory glance over the shoulder was made with his fist clenched.
  17. Not to dissuade from playing opposition or anything tho just clarifying, that’s why I had tagged you in the second post too
  18. “This” is a separate plot btw, not the heist you’re a part of with Sigil
  19. Didn't know this was gonna be in New Everrun. Might play opposition!
  20. uhh i think this is ok? let me know if i need to adjust anything !!
  21. Currently looking for another writer or two to join in on a heist! End goal is to obtain the complete, detailed plans for the light rail system that connects every part of New Everrun - this including maintenance entrances, run offs, signal systems, power placements, etc. Initial meeting location is in Chesterfield, while the majority of recon and actual job will take place in New Everrun. Contractor: @supernal Current Thieves: @sapphicSphinx @500bees OOC THREAD LOCATION
  22. Greetings, folks!

    I am currently semi-AFV.  I have been semi-AFV since the resurgence of COVID-19 in the USA.  I am attempting to resolve other issues at the moment, and while I have tried to write in my free time, I keep discarding what I generate because it doesn't feel right.  It feels stiff and formal.  Needless to say, that is not quite the style I am going for.

    I anticipate I will be semi-AFV for the next few weeks.  My apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

  23. { The Forsaken Child. } Might take your diamonds, but I'll steal your heart. X NAME Aerona El-Amin ALIAS Aero GENDER Female SPECIES Human / Djinn AGE Twenty-Five ORIGIN Outskirts of Velhatien Desert ROLE Thief and Wanderer SEXUALITY Bi-Sexual CHARACTER ★ _________________________________________________________________________ Aerona is very outgoing, bubbly, and flirtatious, often breaking hearts and causing mischief for her own entertainment. She is very positive, bright, and has a very strong curiosity about everything around her. While she is a tease and a sweetheart, she is also known to be incredibly stubborn and strong-willed, going about life following no one's rules or commands, save for her own. She has a talent for dancing and making convincing conversation, as well as sneaking, hiding in difficult places, and getting out of hairy situations. Enjoys exploring and showing off, causing trouble for fun, setting bad examples, and flaunting her magical capabilities to the kids at the markets. Also likes shopping, fashion, and bright colors. Often spends her free time gambling, playing games, and taking risks and chances. Dislikes authoritative figures and uniformity. If she deems you 'bossy' when you tell her to do something, Aerona will most likely do the complete opposite just to be petty and spiteful. Isn't a big fan of sweets, much prefers salty and savory foods instead. Has a habit of being a pathological liar due to her upbringing and years of wandering and dealing with more unsavory types of people. PATIENCE ✦✧✧✧✧ INTEGRITY ✦✦✧✧✧ CHARISMA ✦✦✦✦✦ COURAGE ✦✦✦✦✧ TEMPER ✦✧✧✧✧ DESIGN ★ ______________________________________________________________________________ SKIN Deep Tan, Soft, Unblemished HAIR Waist-Length, Wavy, Dark Brown EYES Navy Blue HEIGHT Five Foot Eight Inches BUILD Thin, Lean, Hourglass VOICE Undecided Often wears comfortable, flowing clothes with tight accents that bring attention to her figure. Most of her attire is bright and patterned, usually in red or dark blue. Either wears long, chiffon skirts with cropped tops, breezy blouses, or draped fabrics that closely resemble saris. For footwear, depending on location, it will switch between leather sandals, or simple, brown ankle boots. Accessorizes with jewelry and light makeup. Often wears rings, earrings, and bracelets of bronze, gold, and gems - however, majority of her stolen, expensive accents stay hidden away to prevent theft (again). Has multiple piercings in both ears and a septum and nostril piercing. A small beauty mark resides just under the outer corner of her right eye, on her cheekbone. Doesn't wear much in terms of makeup, save for a bit of eyeshadow, eyeliner, and maybe a touch of blush to her lips. SKILLS ★ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ With the magical capabilities of a djinni running through Aerona as a result of her birth circumstances, she had figured out how to harness a fraction of her power by the time she was just a child. However, the full potential of her abilities are still untapped. ☆ AGING Due to being half-djinn, Aerona will age noticeably slower and will have a longer lifespan than the average human by a few decades. She has yet to realize this about herself. ☆ ILLUSIONS Can conjure and control incredibly mild illusions, only having the ability to bend reality a minuscule amount since she isn't truly from djinn bloodline. Currently, the extent of her abilities falls under changing the appearance of cards and dice while playing for money, subtly shifting things in her surroundings, and creating minor, harmless disruptions. * Basically the equivalent of thaumaturgy in DnD. ☆ FIRE MANIPULATION This ability is much more powerful and developed than her conjuration of illusions. Can create, shape, and manipulate the element of fire at will for different practical uses or attacks. Can easily maintain small flames, but if she conjures anything above a large bonfire, it becomes dangerous and incredibly hard to control for her. Usually used for small utility uses or as a means of escaping in an emergency. ATTACK ✦✦✧✧✧ DEFENSE ✦✦✦✧✧ MAGIC ✦✦✦✧✧ AGILITY ✦✦✦✦✧ LUCK ✦✦✦✧✧ TRIVIA ★_______________________________________________________________________________ Currently wanted alive for a bounty in Terrenus. Born in the early summer, on a peaceful afternoon. Keeps a specific jade necklace on her person at all times. In the Konístrian realm, she hails from northern Zaira. Often carries a hidden dagger or two if she can't rely on her other abilities.
  24. What do you want to know about ME? Why are you all RESISTING the Blessing of Lady Rembrandt? She WILL reward you with eternal life and power. No more pverty... No more wars... No more greed... No more Racism... lady Rembrandt will grant you power and blessings. Please allow yourself to be infected with a power that you will NEVER forget. Shall we discuss this? Xeon Apocrypha Jones, Servant of Rembrandt, Carrier of the Rembrandt Hate Disease.
  25. The Rembrandt Project RESUMES...






    I hope you ALL are ready!!

  26. TBA. Murder of people and gatghering of Materials for Cosmic Tower Number 2. Do NOT engage orestes until further research can be completed from ASCAB laboratories. Benny
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