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  3. About 2/3 of the way up I would say, though as with everything on the island the mountain doesn't quite obey normal rules about its peak. And yeah I imagined it was still pretty vertical.
  4. @Sigil Warden How far up do you suppose our group has climbed? And are we still in a vertical ascent at the end of your post?
  5. I know it’s easy to miss status updates and such so posting this per thread— I’m still here and this roleplay is still alive for me, but my finger is injured (typing sucks) and other offline matters have impacted my free time this week. I’m hoping to get back into the swing over this weekend, which may extend to Monday when my stitches come out and I have the day off. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  6. I know it’s easy to miss status updates and such so posting this per thread— I’m still here and this roleplay is still alive for me, but my finger is injured (typing sucks) and other offline matters have impacted my free time this week. I’m hoping to get back into the swing over this weekend, which may extend to Monday when my stitches come out and I have the day off. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  7. I know it’s easy to miss status updates and such so posting this per thread— I’m still here and this roleplay is still alive for me, but my finger is injured (typing sucks) and other offline matters have impacted my free time this week. I’m hoping to get back into the swing over this weekend, which may extend to Monday when my stitches come out and I have the day off. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  8. I welcome others to carry us along if you guys are comfortable with it. You could take us to an airport if there’s something that needed to be done sequentially, otherwise directly to the airship while it’s airborne. Would yet prefer not to skip straight to the city, just to emphasize. I know there are branching schools of thought for roleplay in a writing medium (I’m fine with filling in the in between for character/lore/world-building but others are more comfortable keeping things tight) but part of this journey is the journey itself! As for my situation, I lacerated my finger and not going as well as expected. Typing is a struggle so I can’t quite focus IC and this week’s been filled with after-work errands. Not burnt out, not lost interest, haven’t moved on to bigger and better things, just unforeseen occurrences!
  9. The Mountain "Don't worry about collecting those, they disappear after I am done with them." Unity chuckled, and shooed away the offered pitons, letting them dissolve back into ambient sunlight in Arthur's grasp. "I'm glad you're here to back up my decision-making though, I was starting to doubt it was worth the effort..." The thief pulled herself to her feet, and squinted up past the glare towards the peak as best she could. A wreathe of dense cloud clung to it in a ring, unmoved by the winds at this height, and with few other landmarks to go on, reaching this band was her next immediate objective. Easier said than done, for certain. By this point the entire southeastern face had become a steep, wrinkled crag, between which fallen boulders lay wedged precariously, and the air grew ever thinner. Bioengineered lungs compensated with almost comical inhalations, maintaining Unity's oxygen levels with rib-creaking breaths. She hoped the other two would be able to keep pace without becoming light-headed, and paused several times to make sure they were all taking the same route up. Her natural and supernatural agility was no longer cutting it on these extended rises, and she too had fashioned a rope seat harness from her own cordage to keep her ascent steady. Thusly belabored, the day seemed to careen by in a flash, and the sun was already well past its apex as the shroud of vapor hugging the mountain enveloped them. Unlike the temperate clime directly underneath, the band was abruptly cold, like a freezer box, stinging at the flesh with every slight movement, and yet warm enough to keep the body painfully aware of it. In the space of a few yards, a thin crust of frost crystallized on the shapely rogue's long eyelashes, which crinkled as she tried to blink away the bite of the swirling sleet. Her hair too, stiffened at its frosty tips into actual peaks of hoarfrost, and small icicles spun threads from the edges of her belts. "Uh... I don't know about this..."
  10. There was quite a bit of back and forth amongst the party. Usher wasn’t in the thick of it, but he’d been paying attention and the situation with the locals was odd. He’d expected that since the ruler of Patia was an Outsider in every sense of the word, the people of this land would have long since adjusted to the greater society composed of many races yet unified in the definition of decency. This was not what Usher observed. These people had been intentionally kept ignorant. But back to the matter at hand. Given what he’d observed so far...... ”Based on what the woodsmen reported and didn’t report, my guess is that they’re primarily holed up in the abandoned mine.” ”I’d discount them living in the deeper woods as it wasn’t relayed that the local woodsmen discovered much in the way of traffic to and fro. I doubt we’re the only thing that can send them running and this scene here makes more sense if it’s not an attempt at misdirection, but an example being made over a refusal to take a suicide assignment in leading us away.” Those were the simple pieces of the puzzle. While doubling back toward the village certainly didn’t sound dangerous as an isolated statement....... ”Severick, of the six that showed at the village there are three isolated targets remaining. The one doubling back to the village is the priority target we can’t ignore. It needs to die before it can reach them. Taking out the one heading for the mines would be helpful. We already know that destination through Ernest, so taking them by surprise would let us hold the entrance against them fleeing and scattering. Confirming the death of the sixth would be nice, if something of a risk. Well, you know your pack. That’s how things are.” Usher was aware that there was no chain of command and attempts by one party to forcibly become the glorious leader would only lead to infighting and everything grinding to a halt. So he just outlined his thoughts to the group. He believed that Severick had pack members that were best suited to running at least two of the three down. And if after all that no one else felt like running down the one likely en route to the village? The one that had been likely threatened via example to cause havoc and delay the group’s arrival until their fellows were properly rallied? Usher would break from the group and deal with that issue here and now. If they just gave up on the village now and let it fail to fend for itself, then what was the point of all this?
  11. Whenever shall that timeskip occur and can we, or shall we, the players be the done to skip ahead?
  12. Here's a concept I wanna throw in; non combatant cheerleader on the villain's side. Throws a bit of pep into the compettion.
  13. At the moment, I'm too lazy provide any racial restrictions, but I'm sure everyone here understands that being a species that basically solves all conflict due to being all powerful would be boring to write with. So you're not limited to only being human, you can be nonhuman as well.
  14. If you're using Arthur and he's using Artanthos, I'll definitely bring Tenkai along. As for why he's there I'm sure I'll figure something out based on that tie in.
  15. @Noko Air Pirates. They have their ship tethered to the old wizard’s tower. @Tenkai Matsumoto Basically, just tell us who you’re using. Both you and anyone else who is interested in joining us, so I can put you on the list in the OP. But yeah, I’m using Arthur and I’m almost positive Cog is using Artanthos. In a bit, I’ll add character names next to the corresponding usernames.
  16. Oh sorry I didn't see you posted before answering your question. idk what your post was before editing but it's totally fine to treat Buni as a better-known individual, especially as your character seems to know a thing or two about nightlife. Buni is an exotic dancer popular with the crowd that has a fetish for borgs.
  17. I thought the fantasy community found human species a rare thing
  18. I'm just playing one of my oldest, most legendary characters. A sentient, walking berry, Elderberry Tom. Well second oldest. The oldest was his brother Elderberry Jim, who was snatched away by a hungry bird ten seconds after he left his home.
  19. Beauty in blood. This is what Lilium sees. The crunch of bones a very flat sound beneath suited layers as the one she’d malfunctioned takes to beating on his own comrades. All the while she listens to the ruckus behind her, never really moving from the spot she’d stopped in save to allow the raised hand to drop limply at her side. Face a mask of emptiness until what has begun comes to a stop. Bodies writhing on the floor in pain. “Enough,” tired nuances as though becoming bored were so easily done. It’s Jacob passing by, the flick of his chin, that grabs her attention. Drawing low lidded eyes up and away from the blood on the floor. Numbly following him from the club into the back streets filled by dim light. For some reason she finds herself transfixed on the burn of blood at her thumb tip. Having healed since, the liquid copper already ash smudging her pale skin. When did things get this way… "Think we should give him a chance to talk," he asked, "Or can you just make him spill his guts?" As if caught doing something untoward, she immediately looks up. Allowing her fingers to rub against the hem of her gown to clean it all away. Or perhaps it was to dip into the bag still hanging from her shoulder. Those delicately pale digits having procured something relatively sharp to hold up. “I can make anyone’s guts spill out.” Metallic silver the object of her admiration, the thin and slender blade being a scalpel. Known in her profession to cut through many types of skin. Despite what may appear to be a coordinated act, the depth of darkness in her eyes-to the man-convey the truth of her intent. She needn’t hold it in a threatening manner, having it out enough when added to the expression shadowing her features. “Please...don’t!” Almost disheartened she shrugs it off while he whines, “I’ll tell you anything. Just don’t let her touch me!” Is this how it will always be? If only they would understand that this isn’t… Forced is the darkness she renders, holding to that expression to ensure he will do exactly as he says. “Tell us about Nightkiss and where I can purchase some. If you can’t…” It creeps along her face so intentionally, that special smile, “...you’re useless to me.”
  20. CelvSoc One of the most totalitarian ideologies ever. "War is peace! Slavery is freedom! Imperalism is love! Ignorance is strength!" Celvsoc is an abbreviation for Celvestian Socialism and it is a political ideology. Its origins traced back to the civil war in Celvestia's region that happened a thousand years ago, it was a time where large sectors of the galactic system were swirling into chaos. However, when it was first created is a mystery and nobody knows of it's origins except for the author. The one who created the ideology was called, Synderglos Frankgold and nobody has any idea who this man was in the first place. It is as if he never existed before. This political ideology advocates for a hyper-totalitarian hyper-theocratic state that seeks absolute control over mental, physical, moral aspects of people's lives. It also advocates for the highest form of submission of all senses of the individual, the sense of smell, taste, touch and hearing + vision. It also seeks to abolish history entirely and every single bit of evidence to find out what's actually behind the scenes, by rewriting history to the point that all of people's successes and every single thing in the past belonged only to CelvSoc. It also uses propaganda to advance the agenda of absolute submission. It seeks for world dominance and extreme imperialism by waging a constant war against nations and take over the entire world. CelvSoc philosopers say it is managed by one "God" and that's the pyramid itself. What is the pyramid? It's the embodiment of totalitarianism itself and can be regarded as the "Leader" but there's more to it. The propaganda is played through your mind, every , single, time. (The ideology rejects Marxist ideals and even socialism itself, despite it being called "Socialism" people understand that the term "National Socialism" also exists which is a term for Nazism. Remember! This is not actual Socialism at all, norr even workers own the means of production! This has been borrowed from "IngSoc" as well because I thought it would be interesting. ) Here are some more philosophy and thoughts that the ideology presents, it is a hivemind ideology so it's extreamly totalitarian. Classes The lowest class The lowest class are locked inside of factories, working for their rest of their lives for the state. The life for a lower class person is the same, but political prisoners are put into the highest amount of torture and pain, of course there's a crap ton of torture that goes on forever for everyone. You either work, or you are instantly gone. When someone is gone, everyone around them in 2 meters radius or everyone related to that incident has to either sacrifice a limb to the god by eating it or kill / spill blood of themselves as tribiute for their sins. The limb could be from anybody, so people usually kill eachother and devour them whole as a tribiute. Cannibalism is super-common around in the lowest class. All memories will be wiped of that person and the people who died are forgotten forever, by the thought police which is "The Pyramid" itself. The thought police is a shape shifting entity, just like the pyramid you see. It makes you see what you want to see, absolute fear and horror. You could say this is a hivemind ideology(Hypecollectivism if you wish as well) because the pyramid controlls everything, everything you see and hear. Every single aspect of your moral philosophy to the very damn core. You have no free will whatsoever and you forever shall remain a slave to the dark evil god, that is a mythical being that controls everyone. They will only live with fear and nothing else and if you commit any thought crimes then..It wont be pretty. It is obviously an ideology to enslave humanity, and all kinds of people. To become a part of the collective you must drink the blood of the pyramid or you will be killed. All they think about is "CelvSoc" and it's so brutal that if you even do a single minsicule thing then you might be burried in cement alive. Even your conciousness goes on after death. When you die then you will be dead for the ammount of time you have commited your sins, you will be reborn in a sack of liquid and will be already a part of the worker class, but your injuries carry on until (you are so injured) you're just obliterated from existance, slowly by slowly. Workers don't control anything, they are the slaves. In order to continue their totalitarian rule, they all are forced to reproduce to create even more slaves to satisfy the god. This, is like hell but you slowly die inside of large camps, with no chance of escape. There are subclasses in the lowest class and they are divided into three segments: The Outcase, Factory workers and Warriors. The factory workers are nothing unusual, this is what's described above too so that I do not have to repeat myself over and over. They work in the factory endlessly and that's why it says: "Worker camps." but what do they produce? They of course slaughter all sorts of living creatures and even themselves, from humans to every single thing. Reports of human experimentation also were found, but were not verified. They only seek to industrilise everything and what they seek to harvest is only blood. The waste from these factories is a hunk of meat and bones, even some blood as well which stained the once blue and beautiful rivers into a deep dark red. The Outcaste, well what do they do exactly? They literally eat every single damn thing out there, even trying to drink up the rivers until they are empty, yes they are filled with blood. Their motive to: Consume everything, Leave nothing left and Cleanse these lands and they are subject to a lot of disease due to unhealthy consumption. It's so dangerous that they even eat the sand and everything around them, even themselves. They are the outcastes of the worker class and are kept outside in the wild to eat, infinently until there is not a single grain of land left. What are they? Some kind of insane beings? yes... What do warriors do? That's a very good question! They fight like hell. That's what they do and their primary motive is to please the dark god with all sorts of violence and advance the cause of CelvSoc. It's the price to pay when you are a part of such totalitarian state. They get nothing in return, only kill themselves around them and get to exist. Some even team up to destroy and wreck communities into nothing, because what do they want? They want CelvSoc. That's it for the lower class, what about the "Pyramid itself"? The Pyramid. The pyramid is surrounded by a crap ton of walls of iron and the pyramid is as tall and big as olympus mons, which is about 21229 meters above sea level. That is gigantic! It is not known what's inside of the pyramid, but there's a giant eye on top that does watch everything. It watches everyone yes. It is the primary source of totalitarianism all in once, it represents all the fear in the universe. The slaves built this pyramid before, but in CelvSoc philosophy it is regarded as the god templete, where the state actually is. However, every single month workers must run to the pyramid to the center of the worldmap, to worship the dark god. It makes people's lives worse when they find out that they have to run for such long distances. There is sure a lot of death on the way. But they unfortunently have to treverse the wasteland which is unbelivably dangerous and hard to treverse. When they arrive at the pyramid, they will see gates open in front of them that leads them to the worshipping hall. It is huge, and it's so unthinkable that it could fit so many people but it can. Remember... it does see everything, feel everything and know everything. Is it worse then nazism? What else are their motives? Absoloutly! There is definently some race supremecy! The end goal of these people is make sure that "inferior" races are crippled and destroyed. Which is every single damn race they find. By rendering all races useless by removing their different charactaristics in a brutal way(By literally cutting things out / surgery while they are still wake) and removing magic entierly by stripping their abilities or torturing them to the very brink if possible, this is done so be absolute cleansing of these people. Races are seperated based out of strength in the hierarchy and their racial abilities so yes they do believe in a form of racial supremecy. They throw people in chambers that are locked inside of intense heat and are basically done so through volcanos or even gas chambers if advanced enough, basically killing them systematically and brutally so that they can use the remains to create their super evil abominations. Their goal is to create a gigantic army that can swoop the entire universe, and beyond. Which will then bring about the cataclysm that cast everything into a permament darkness. Ideas: They were borrowed from the IngSoc ideology! Thanks a lot for inspiring me. Source where I found it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ingsoc PM me if you want to critique or suggest me anything to make it better.
  21. The scene is basically a random village in Lagrimosa. @Voldemort was just looking for brief descriptions of who we're bringing and why they're in the random village. Also, are they air pirates or sea pirates?
  22. "The Raptors will guide us."

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