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  2. Soon, high quality fiber woven tents were up in neat orderly boxes of eight, each square surrounding a single cooking bench and campfire pit. The commandos began to mingle with the Aspyn soldiers, exchanging stories about their respective exploits from their military careers. The barnhouse was completed and supplies from the stack were brought inside. Just in time too, for an hour later, it began to rain. The waterproofing of the buildings was finally put to the test, and to the pleasant surprise of everyone, they held up. The soldiers and their supplies were kept dry. When the storm passed, Addison ordered for a metallic mesh fence to be put up around the storehouse, as well as four sentry towers to be erected in each corner to keep watch. A dozen commandos were posted at the storehouse at any given time, with the rest milling around the encampment along with the rest of the Aspyn soldiers, gradually upgrading facilities with newly imported military equipment from Predator's Keep. @Shanty
  3. Lacrimosa --> weeping, tearful --> tears --> Tearrenus --> Terrenus
  4. That's wonderful. Welcome aboard :). Two more spots!
  5. I've never rped with either of you as far as I know, and low stress sound legit. So if you'll let me, I'll join.
  6. Under the moonlit night, all was quiet in Predator's Keep. Most of its citizens had gone to bed, seeking a rest before the early rise of the next day's work. The soft breeze funneled down from above the canopy of the surrounding forests, diving through the gate and drifting throughout the city; rushing along empty streets into houses, offices, restaurants, and finally, a fountain. Addison sat with a pen and a notebook, quietly observing the stars as the playful wind toyed with her hair. Her eyes seemed to lapse in and out between phases of focus and relaxation. Her polished grieves and breastplate reflected the light of the moon, casting curious lights in various directions as she turned her body every now and then. It would be apparent to any onlooker that this woman was one of the military line of work. Strapped to her belt were several cylindrical batons, a hunting knife of no small importance, and an embroidered shortsword sheathe, the blade tucked firmly within. The quiet humming of the Master Knight filled the air. Flowers seemed to rise to attention as she devoted her nightingale song to the tranquil nightlife of the busy city. @Diremast
  7. SA-6566 Mission code: [REDACTED] Mission objective: Counter-intelligence He chuckled to himself, both genuine and an act, amused by the indifference of this lady. Rather odd one too, everything about her contradicts. She's asian, must be from around Alterion or a descendant of one from said place, maybe Ronin would find some joy in speaking with her. Her armor doesn't look like one from Alterion though, more resembling one forged in Genessaris, he's assassinated enough knights to know that much. Speaking of which, it was rather odd, using full steel plate armor in lieu of normal clothing to eat out, especially in somewhere as safe as Lacrimosa's cities, not that safety is in ever abundant supply. Still he shouldn't mention it lest he be a hypocrite; no one in their right mind should use a suit - especially one as bespoke as his to a small takeout restaurant. "Well, I was hoping you'd answer that for me sweetheart," he spoke rather confidently, trying to bait her into spilling more information than what was given from her "invitation". Still, he doesn't want to announce who he is nor tell her of his intentions yet, so he quickly diverted to a cheesy pickup line, hoping to lead her off the trail. "What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?" he asks, grinning his teeth to try and get some sort of reaction from her. @Phoebe
  8. Today
  9. Oh on that note maybe you mean what the word means, so you can explore it’s various connotations in context like fracture? It means weeping, tearful, etc This is what it sounds like!
  10. Fair enough, so it shall be 😄 Thanks
  11. Any you care to ascribe to it, same as Fracture
  12. Yikes, I have quite a bit of lore to change. Why was it changed though? What's the significance of the name, Lacrimosa, if I may ask?
  13. Your characters should refer to it by the name it is. The one the board and / or landing page says
  14. I understand the name Terrenus sound interesting, somewhat foreign but also close to home, almost something we can name a city after or a nation. Then I understood Fracture of course, the state of the continent is fractured, makes sense I guess. But Lacrimosa? Where does this come from? Is there historical significance to be changed? What should our characters refer it too? Terrenus? Fracture? Lacrimosa?
  15. "You will not need to." Noah leaned back into the numerous pillows at the head of the bed, pulling Nocturna into his lap as he got into a more relaxed position. She was warm against him, and he could feel her heart beating far faster than normal. It would seem that she was even more anxious than she let on. He let his hands continue to roam her body, easing the tension out of clenched muscles. Almost conspicuously, his touch never went below the waist, or her chest. Perhaps he didn't want her to think that he was only comforting her in the hopes of sex? The android kissed the spot where her neck met her jawline and then whispered to her, "How can I help you?"
  16. Grant smiled as he felt Delphine’s hand in his. He wasn’t as nervous as she was at the prospect of telling Milorian about their relationship. After the misery he had gone through in the past year, he was determined to hang onto happiness where he found it. The Seeker had been one of the few rays of light during a particularly dark time in his life; and even now that things were looking up, she was still the best thing in his life. If there was one thing that was weighing on him, it was the notion of telling the King about Delphine’s pregnancy. Not because he was afraid of the man’s response. Milorian might express his displeasure, but he was a good man and Grant knew he would come around. No, it was because announcing it made it feel real. Grant was simultainiously elated and terrified at the prospect of becoming a father. His relationship with his own father was complicated. The Prince couldn’t remember his childhood, so the two of them had to essentially forge an entirely new relationship. How was he going to raise a child when he had no idea what it was like to be a child? Looking over at Delphine, he found his answer. The two of them would figure it out as they went, together. They loved each other, and they would raise their child with that love. He leaned down and kissed his lover on the top of her head. “We’ll get through this. Milorian is a good man. He might bristle at the lapse in protocol, but he’ll get over it.” @Aleksei
  17. "Prisoner 003, get the fuck up." He woke up to the sound of his new name being spoken by a guard too new to be properly afraid of him. Since he had been captured and thrown into this place, it was the only name he would respond to. As he stirred from his sleep, his hands instinctively went to his face to make sure the improvised mask was still there. On the first day here, he had somehow managed to disappear for thirty minutes. When they found him again, he was wearing the bandages. Two guards had been badly injured attempting to take it off of him, so the rest had simply decided to let him keep it. None of them wanted to risk their necks to try and take it. Sitting up from the lone bed in the cell, he found the other occupants of the space huddled as far away from as possible. Given how many there were, and how crowded the room was, the closest was still only feet away, and looked terrified. Like always, he never acknowledged them, and simply allowed the restraints to be put on, and was led down the corridor. When he arrived, he found a surprising face waiting for him. "What's up?" 003 sat completely still for a moment, then spoke, "What business does a Peacekeeper have with a lowly serial killer?" @amenities
  18. Susan Ignis Viridis — from pauper to princess ; ► B A S I C S age: 14 race: human class: orphan adoptive child occupation: heiress of house viridis birthplace: izral, alterion ► L O O K S height: 5’4” weight: 132 lbs gender: female hair: ash blonde eyes: soft lavender voice: low and silvery ♪ Promise I will never run Catching fire, let the light become ♪
  19. An entire year. That was how long he had been forced to suspend his crusade against the Circle of Thorns by that infernal FIST agent. In the aftermath, he had barely managed to escape Hells Gate; and even once he had done so he found the whole of Terrenus looking for him. He'd never intended to stay hidden forever, but he had been thrust into the harsh light of day far too soon. The only saving grace was that they still didn't know his face, or his name. But they knew enough. Adding insult to injury was the fact that he had been so close to achieving his goal. The last of the Order was within his grasp! But at the last moment it had been snatched away, leaving him unfulfilled. Even once the heat had died down, he had been unable to resume his crusade. Father Gregory had seemingly vanished from the face of the earth. All attempts to find him had been met with frustration. Left with nothing to do but wait for a lead, he had made the most of his time. He had retreated back to an old safehouse he had used while in the Order; one only he had known about. There he had prepared himself for the day of reckoning; training, building, preparing himself in every way for the day his prey would surface. And it seemed he finally had. A source passed on a classified report that the last survivor of the Order had been brought to Ignatz. Details were scarce, but he finally knew where he was going. By the following morning he was on the road, and would be in the city within three days time.
  20. Breaking off the seal of the envelope, Addison looked on at Athena with anticipation as she slid a document out of the parcel. "Prototype grenade," she remarked, turning the blueprint around for the other woman to see. "Not combat tested, completely experimental and makes use of high concentrations of explosive substances." She pointed at a clip sitting near the top of the device. "This pin comes loose, and the weapon has a fifty percent chance of exploding. Every gear, screw, and frame must be in perfect alignment, or the whole shipment will turn into a massive bomb." She folded her palms together once again, pushing the blueprint towards Athena. "I cannot assure you that the design is safe to manufacture, which is why I knew that few would opt for this undertaking. However, I do intend to offer your organisation and its men 'risk pay' for their efforts. Two hundred and fifty gold coins per grenade, and for every hundred produced, I'll top up an extra five thousand gold coins to cover the risk of your operation. In addition, I will be paying one hundred gold coins for every set of equipment produced, and another hundred gold coins for every twenty thousand units of ammunition." She looked the other woman deeply in the eyes. "What do you say?" @Ataraxy
  21. Of all the seats the man could have chosen, he came right up next to her. She sighed, several unflattering assumptions entering her mind briefly. "Can I help you?" she asked curtly, turning her head slightly to address the man as another spoonful of food was placed into her mouth. At that exact moment, the tea arrived. Dipping her hand into her pocket, Addison took out a small handful of silver coins, counted them in her palm, and offered exact payment. Taking the cup and putting it to her lips, she raised her eyebrows at the man, looking on at him expectantly. @Sanonymous
  22. This seems so damn fishy Like there's SOMETHING bad bound to happen. Gaia turns evil, the cult turns corrupt, something. I just SMELL something fishy. I like it! 😄 Although @amenities if you would be so kind, can you please clarify the mission and the objective of both this "clergy" and the thread as a whole???
  23. "Huh?"Addison quickly closed the various screens that were visible on her table, each one snuffing out like a candle. "I'm sorry, do I know you?" She half laughed, half groaned, pivoting on the spot to face the unexpected interlocutor. Why was she being interrogated at her meal? "It's fine," she waved the woman's gesture aside with a lazy swat of her hand, trying her best to offer the draconian a courteous smile. "Just be more careful next time, alright? Table isn't mine. It belongs to the restaurant." @Metty
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