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  2. supernal

    General chat thread

    Hopefully it doesn’t creep up the sinus. I narrowly avoided an ear infection when that virus was swimming it’s way up the east coast
  3. Steel weapon or.... What was in those wagons anyway? And waaaaaaiiiiit. Non-related fight? Should yhmi be in the terrenus board if it's loot can't be applied in terrenus? This is a crime against chopping up monsters for body part loot.
  4. Jotnotes

    Water Cooler Thirst

    To be honest, it spares me the trouble of having to set up a buncha dates. That's a win for me(?)
  5. Sentient

    General chat thread

    Thanks @Rin. I'll recover eventually. How're you?
  6. Jotnotes

    The Brittle King's Tragedy OOC

    Savvy archaeologists might recall that this creature was noted earlier, somewhere.
  7. Today
  8. Tyler

    Water Cooler Thirst

    Yeah man, I think you're right. Love is dead. 🏹💘☠️ Died before I ever had the chance to kill it. 😭
  9. supernal

    Curiouser and Curiouser

    I'm hoping for plenty of fun too. If you have any questions feel free to send me a PM and, otherwise, the new member guide and 15 minutes of reading time should give you a solid foundation Welcome to Valucre!
  10. Rin

    General chat thread

    Hope you feel better soon
  11. I'll post after you both if needed.
  12. Akiris

    Dice Rolling Thread

    Roll for Ed's # of actions
  13. Since I rolled a 4, all i can do is just here down there and watch. I can't do anything else. lol Sorry everyone!
  14. Die Shize

    Theaterical roleplay in Coth

    I would echo jaistlyn’s sentiment on “new to the troupe”. I had read up on some of the IC history but time management prevents a full deep dive, so a safe way is indeed what I did—my character is completely new to the outfit and this is expressed in my OP.
  15. Kalmuli

    Weaver's Training Grounds: New Construction

    Kalmuli chuckled and took her position again after pulling him up. She saw him look over to Priscilla, smiling a little and moving back from her position to relax, looking to her prodigy student. "You know...when Priscilla first came with me, she was much like you. She didn't have much strength to speak of to fight but she had one thing going for her..."She said, grinning. "She's stubborn as hell." Kalmuli looked back. "You're not so much a rarity, Luis...I wouldn't describe it as special....but you're the same as everyone else. You're still going to have to work hard to catch up."She took her position again. "And jelly-legs or not, giving up now will just give the others more fodder to pick on you. Square up, kid."
  16. Be a shame if said wyvern went to bite down and suddenly noticed that it was toothless.😉 Expert thief life.😎 *roll thug life music*
  17. Sure, I can go again, I've caught up with my posts. I'll have something up tonight or tomorrow.
  18. Neondragon7

    Spurs for the Burro

    Craxus knew it was too good to be true. He would not be catching a ride after all. One of the many disadvantages of being of his size was that most public transportation was taboo. He had half a mind to just eat the little creature, as penance for his rudeness. How dare he? The house of Farenhides were of divine blood. It was how they created matter out of mana. Real matter the type that wasn’t destroyed by any form of magic Negation and he was asked to walk.... Still he couldn’t do that, that wouldn’t exactly be playing nice. He walked along the road not with a rather bored look on his face. There really wasn’t much to do all alone. The sun beamed down on him and he his armor was as hot as it looked. He was baking alive in it. He then created a silver band with an onyx gemstone onto his left hand’s ring finger. It was enchanted to store his armor and larger weapons. The gemstone covered his body and shadows and within 3 seconds his armor and sword were now in the ring which had shrunk to fit over his finger and not his armor. In its place were clothes. A black robe like toga without sleeves, it went over his right shoulder with a gold ring and covered the entire right side of his body. From there it went diagonally from the right shoulder, both front and back to the left side of his waste and at that point interesected, leaving a decent proportion of the left side of the upper proportion of his body exposed. There at the waste the design stoped and merged into dark red, knee length, elastic shorts. He had no boots or shoes to pair with it leaving his bare feet exposed. This revealed much of his body to his white furred stomach and his muscular forearms. He really didn’t see the need for clothes. Unlike humans his species had fur to keep warm, and had no parts visible that needed hiding, but if he didn’t ware them it caused problems with the humans. While this might have scathed off the heat it did very little to ease his boredom. Still as he followed along he saw someone at the back of the caravan that made him hungry. A rather inexperienced young lad who was had fallen behind, not used to the weight of his gear. His stomach growled and he licked his chops as he drooled inconspicuously. He snuck up behind the man in a non menacing maner and drooled onto his head. For a monster like him it wouldn’t be hard all he needed was just ten seconds. Still the better part of his mind stoped him from doing that or at least for now, but he’d keep this one in mind Incase he felt like he wanted a snack later. He looked at micheal with a slightly guilty look on his face that begged that he didn’t haft to continue off trail. He didn’t exactly want to continue along all alone on uneven ground for hours upon end.
  19. eggsinabasket

    A Mysterious Tryout (Ursa Madeum and A.N.T.s wanted)

    Thanks for the reminder I have part of a post written but don't have any real idea of what this is for or where we should be going or if amenities is joining or what. So maybe @jaistlyn can go next so I can see what reporting back looks like and I can go after her or at the end of the turn. I am also okay being skipped too I don't want to hold anything or anyone up more thna I have already
  20. Would be a shame if... thieving hands were bitten off by an angery wyvern, hmm? 👀👀👀
  21. jaistlyn

    Theaterical roleplay in Coth

    If it helps, all the related IC threads are linked in my character's profile! Don't feel pressured to read them all though, you can always have a character who is new to the troupe, thus not knowing its history.
  22. Sorano

    GIF association

  23. Annabelle Higgins

    Theaterical roleplay in Coth

    Well I was thinking I could be a costume and set designer, it sounds like something that might be a challenge for me. I wanted to take my time and read over the plot, then try and fanaggle a way in. You guys have had this rp in the works for a mighty long time, huh? Hats off to yall!
  24. Eternity

    Act, and Witches will act.

    Encouraging waves flowed over her from the words of her coven sister, watching as she flowed with the water to land on her feet in the one spot cleared by her waters. Bracing herself on the frame of the window, she would glace back towards the room that laid with the bodies of innocent people drawn into this dark battle. Bracing herself to allow her to step up onto ledge, she fell with the water that flowed through the window towards the patch of earth that had been purified. Landing with the slight bend of her knees, she watched as Tana followed suit. Overhearing Tana speak to the Matriarch in Orc, Namiko watched as the waves that came through the window turned to a trickle of water as she cut her magi off from the manipulation of the water. Turning in time to watch the Matriarch get swept up into Tana’s arms and told to follow, Namiko followed as closely as she could. Keeping light on her feet to move as quietly as possible, they ran through the town that was completely tainted by the dark miasma. Her amber hues watched as they passed the twisted bodies of the souls who had no chance against the miasma, it was as though they weren’t even aware of them running past. A deep rage filled her core as she watched those who were infected get past by them, as they approached the clinic where they had been only hours before the fence was nearly destroyed. Namiko could feel the beacon of her magic in the fountain that laid in the garden behind the clinic, it’s light pulled at her very being. While Kana and Tana shared a quip among themselves and the Matriarch assessed the situation, Namiko was already moving towards the fountain that called to her soul. She already knew what she had to do with the magic she and imbued the fountain with, the very purification of the fountain seemed to grow brighter the closer she got to it. Noticing the old man and his grandchildren have survived pushed more courage into her heart. Having given into the whim of the light, Namiko seemed to have lost herself within her soul as she was leaning into the very light of the fountain when she was addressed by her coven sister. Turning from her place at the fountains side, she could feel the waters extending under the ground like roots in a tree. “I must push the waters through the ground like blood in our veins, I can guide them towards the north to chase out the dark miasma.” Giving her sister’s hands a tight squeeze, she would linger in the warmth of them while feeling the rough skin of her hands used for the work they had done. “This would mean we will have to travel towards the cabin that is the source of the miasma, in time the purified waters will touch other sources and purify them adding to the strength. I will have to pull strength from the coven of course..” Deep inside she knew this would be a very taxing process for her, which could end up with her sleeping for days.
  25. Hey @eggsinabasket, were you gonna post?
  26. Sentient

    General chat thread

    Eh, struggling with a sore throat. But my job doesn't really need my throat, so I'm at work.
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