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  2. What does your character use?

    It's to be expected in fantasy RP that most characters will have some kind of supernatural power or incredible skill. There's nothing wrong with playing ordinary humans (I've done it and had fun with it), but if you're going to make a character in a fantasy realm, why not make them as awesome as possible? Your question seems to be about the in-character justifications for what how powers and such work, though, and those tend to be quite diverse- because when something's effectively impossible in real life, you can explain it pretty much any way you want. For instance, I have a character who controls ice, except she's not a wizard or an ice elementalist, she's a psionic, and she just happens to use her psychic powers to only control ice because I decided that would be cool. If I'd wanted, I could have had her control ice through spells, or superpowers, or some high-tech gadget, or (if I wanted to make her shit unnecessarily complicated) a genetic mutation that causes her cells to generate unusual electromagnetic fields that just so happen to only affect water molecules below a certain temperature. It's all just woo-woo, in the end. So why not just say it's all 'magic?' Three reasons I can think of. 1) It's cooler to say you have the weirdest powers. Yeah, everyone has characters who can do magic, but only my character is a planewarping psyclotronic sorcerwizard channeling his powers through an adamantium fork! People tend to want their characters to feel unique in some way, and their powers can be a means of distinguishing them a little. 2) If you're into fighting other characters, explanations can be useful in deciding whose power beats whose. If a character has an anti-magic field but their enemy has specified that all their powers are based on technology, then that field (in theory) isn't going to do shit. 3) Finally, you can actually use the background for a character's powers to help build them as a person. Maybe your character can use dark magic because of a curse that's slowly turning her evil, and she hates using them because every time she does she loses a little bit of her humanity. Or maybe your character has been an amazingly talented dynakinetic since birth, and has become a smug narcissist because of it. Weaving the background for your character's abilities into their identity as a character can make playing them more interesting, since it gives abilities a meaning beyond just being a tool to solve a problem. Anyways, you asked to know what people use and I love showing off, so here's a few examples from my own roster: - Toma Schrei uses sound magic as a subtle yet powerful weapon in her mercenary work, applying it liberally for stealth and distraction while she sneaks around murdering people. For her, however, that's more of a side-benefit: the real reason she's honed that power is because she can use it to make music. - Whirligig uses a stupidly overcomplicated system of sixty unique supernatural weapons divided into twelve subcategories that she can only access one at a time in a set order and reliant on six types of charges which correspond to a different a different ability every post. In short, she's ridiculously inefficient at killing even though that's mostly what she does. Her creator designed her as a work of art, rather than the murder-robot she eventually became. - Feris Cirae is a fairy princess. Her powers aren't based on magic or kinesis or anything, she pretty much just alters reality because fuck you she's a fairy princess. - Sharps has abilities based on biology, because his personality is gross and creepy and I wanted his powers to reflect that. He's slimy because of his spitefulness and immorality, while also being slimy because he literally excretes slime from his pores to use as a weapon in battle. It just fits, thematically. - Larque is a scholar dead-set on unraveling the mysteries of time, and has technology-based predictive powers because of that. He's obsessed with his goal, and is gradually becoming more machine and less human as he progresses towards it. He also has a magic bow, even though I never originally meant for him to use magic. Someone just gave him this cool bow in a thread and I went 'why not' and had him keep it, and now he's somehow ended up as an arcane archer.
  3. Today
  4. [Lorean] Wandering Lone Wolf

    Paris smiled as he listened to the sharp sounds of her jacket buckles unclasping, the soft whisper of the fabric scrunching and folding in exposure, and the rhythmic clapping of her flesh in her palms. They were bigger than they appeared, her breasts, if the sound was any indication. He tilted his head to the side, still gazing up at the sky, examining the hint of darker colors reaching up from the horizon and the sheet of clouds fleeing its touch. It seemed the she wolf was a woman of currency, the crown prince thought. While he did not doubt that she had her limits, that she obliged his order without question, without hesitation, was an encouraging sign. If she could maintain this level of obedience throughout their time together, well, she would make quite a lovely addition to his menagerie. As time stretched on, the winds grew colder and their passes more frequent. With her breasts exposed as they were, no doubt keenly aware of the air’s icy caress, Paris liked to imagine her nipples—perhaps a bright, stark pink to compliment her pale skin—were stiff to the touch, sticking out from the spaces between her fingers as she bounced and fondled the two orbs, plump and shapely. And yet he did not so much as deign to glance back at her, even after ten minutes passed. “That’s enough,” he said curtly. “Pull up your shirt now.” When the last of her buckles clicked back in place, Paris turned to face her. “Yes, I suppose this does complete our agreement. Though, there are a few more… nuances I’d like to touch on, for the sake of clarity.” The crown prince stalked over to her, each step slow, measured. When he stood before her, closer even than before, he dipped his chin, brushing those full lips over the center of her brow. There was a long pause as he nuzzled his nose into her bangs, ran it down the side of her face as he took in a slow, hearty inhale of her scent. “Mm, I do not share, she wolf. Call me childish, call me selfish, but If you are in my service,” he whispered into her ear, “then you are in my service alone. Should you take any contracts outside of my employment, our time together will come to an immediate end.” Resuming his full height, Paris lifted a hand between them and pinched the collar of her jacket between two fingers. He tugged on the fabric, righting it. “It goes without saying that when you are in my service, you represent me—and I am the crown, she wolf. There will be times when I bring you along to public events, formal and informal alike. I expect you to conduct yourself politely, as you have this very day. I suspect such is in your nature, regardless. I still feel it was necessary to speak on the matter, though.” Satisfied with the placement of her attire, Paris took to exploring his newest acquisition more thoroughly. Gloved hands roamed the swells and concaves of her body, squeezing, pulling, kneading her curves and tracing her edges with careful fingers. He favored her breasts for a long moment, almost apologetically, as if to offer them the warmth and comfort of the leather covering his hands. Then he pinched at her toned stomach, pushed her and rolled her hips, testing the woman’s pliability and found it agreeable. He brushed both his hands over her naked thighs, then reached one between them and squeezed her mound, firm and possessively. “From this moment forward, you will refer to me as your Lord Master,” he continued. The hand between her thighs came alive, rubbing eagerly. “Now, you didn’t answer me. How deep does the wolf in your blood run? Are your cute little ears and heightened senses the extent of it? Or does a beast lurk just beneath that skin-deep beauty of yours?”
  5. talk 2 carlos 2.0

    Damn you....What happens in Discord, stays on Discord!
  6. Sand, Iron, and Honey

    Kal’to’s forge-fired fingers reached for the door to his room, just before it was suddenly thrown open with energy. Chrysilla’s excited voice and expression immediately filled his eyes and ears, and a soft smile covered his face with ease. The man was so caught off guard by this unexpected appearance he failed to note an obvious red flag. That being the fact she knew he’d been thinking about her. “I’m going back to the piloting deck, if you’d like to join me.” His hand reached up to ruffle her raven locks before the man turned to climb the ladder to the pilot deck, noting she seemed to be radiating heat for some reason. She wasn’t sick, he hoped, but doubted it with how spirited she seemed. Breaking into the cool night air, Kal’to let loose a long breath. He was ready to leave this desert behind already. Perhaps this time there would be no interruption, like dying women or aggressive monsters. Broken was the calm quiet as his footsteps drummed out a low, dull thump against the wooden deck on his approach to the controls. The Smith activated his vessel, feeling the magic engines thrum to life as the entire ship hummed with tiny vibrations for the first minute before everything stabilized. The balancing anchors that held the ship upright as it rested in the sand retracted and the entire mass lifted off the ground, defying gravity via magical means. More adventures surely waited with the sun. Kal’to and his new companion had till dawn to catch up to the horizon and claim them. What else could possibly await them beyond this endless sea of sand?
  7. Mmmmkay, a little late. But done. If I haven't gone to sleep yet it's still Sunday right?
  8. The Solaris Inquisition

    Akiris didn't give any visible signs of surprise as he turned to address Kelcius. But to assume he wasn't would have been incorrect. Due to his choice in headgear, the momentary facial expression would go unseen. And ultimately the man would seem calm despite the surprise greeting. Now to be absolutely fair, Akiris wasn't the smoothest man alive. But with a tinted face shield between himself and Kelcius, Akiris could do a literal impression of a blank wall. Materials really had come a long way. In his youth, you actually had to have a solid gambling face. So without any apparent worry, Akiris took the outstretched hand to shake. And that was the point where if Kelcius had any magical senses, they would have warned him immediately that something was wrong with Akiris' inherent magic. Even with the man himself as a buffer, he could feel a powerful draining force leeching what it could from the white cloaked man whose hand had clasped with his. Anti-magic? It was something that was a useful tool, but always used carefully lest ones own magics be corroded by the anathema of them. Akiris had employed no such safety measures. Rather, he had apparently sacrificed any possible magical talent he may have had to acclimate himself to the effects. A normal man might not be able to bleed out the undead, but this man would simply cut the very animating magic out of their metaphysical veins. He was here for.... "Akiris, pleased to meet you." And with that, the handshake was over, releasing the man from whatever realization he might have gained. Akiris had learned Kelcius' name and that he has a respectable grip strength. Ah, that and the smile didn't quite make it up to his eyes. "Due to the nature of my work I have often gone without such. One does not repent at the point of a sword, only plead the allowance to slink away to perform further acts of depravity." Akiris wasn't much of a preacher or even that much of a holy man. But the one calling he felt in his bones was one that was very, very, necessary. The hunt of those that would prey upon his fellow man. Yes, such beings did lurk even in the civilization that was the cities themselves. Sometimes they even wore human skin. Sometimes they also weren't twistlings or the like, but that descended too far into philosophy for Akiris' tastes. But generally, fuck anything with three feet of cold steel that made a game of killing people. "It is by examination of ourselves that we may be held beyond reproach. Taint itself respects neither birth nor title and as such the vigilance of our brethren must indeed be endless. Only the one who's eyes are upon us is above reproach and as men we endeavor act with honor so that we may be viewed with pride." There were very few things that could actually pierce Akiris' rune scheme. One of which was actual and direct deific power, but to be entirely fair nothing mortal could stop that. But in such a state of 'magical' deprivation, any intrusion would be far more easily noticed. A lesser man might have shied away from such a presence. Not Akiris. If one could not be trusted to keep their word then one was little better than a wild animal. Laws? Decency? Such were merely pieces of paper and hopeful wishes without the strength of character to uphold them. "I will naturally defend my fellow man from the threats that he cannot face himself. And seeing as this is one the two of you cannot face alone I will lend my support. Safeguard has chased many of its less savory mages from the walls they once called home. They will not take kindly to being hunted." "And then the rest of the mages, haunted by the notion of Safeguard spreading will turn on you as well. This venture will end poorly. Any following show of great force will simply allow the folk of Zine to negotiate a stronger hold over the keep. This mere camp is not them in totality. It would be foolish to assume such. And such any that would come to enact vengeance in your names would be met not only by the Keep, but by Zine and any mages you managed to antagonize as a whole. That would be all of them, just to be clear." This should have been obvious, but leave it to a smirker to be so oblivious. Out here there was no terranus military to come to your rescue. The man was acting as if he had a safety net. Akiris doubted that was the case. "So I do hope that the goals of the Sons of Solaris are aligned with defending their fellow man. As such, I will do what I must."
  9. Wisegem School of Magical Arts

    Ash shakes his head. "These are in fact memories my friend. Ones that you have forgotten. A-at least that's what I think, based off of my research."
  10. talk 2 carlos 2.0

  11. Wisegem School of Magical Arts

    "Not really...It's the first time I saw her.", Elliot said.
  12. Wisegem School of Magical Arts

    "This... Rachel... do you remember anything about her?"
  13. The Red Tower.

    Jaro sat motionless as he touched her and didn't move until she spoke again. "Hmm? Oh." At the moment he didn't have the energy to brushed her off, blunt honesty was just easier. "I will live. It was an exhausting first day wasn't it? Give me a moment to regather my strength." It was not until after the serving maid had dropped off the food he heaved himself up the staff, stomach growling. "I have never cast spells like that before and it left me quite drained." Once he got the gloves he would hobble over to get changed behind the screen "Go ahead and get started." A pause. "That coupled with the injury and the sudden healing with a hungry body contributed to my momentary weakness." He shoved on his gloves in an almost angry manner before moving towards the table. "A bit like putting a junky, through withdrawal, then starving him then forcing his body to heal with nothing I imagine." Jaro inhaled the scent of the breakfast before letting out a deep sigh. "And truth be told mornings are not my favorite. Nothing like waking up in the morning with the mind of a man in his prime stuck in an old man's body never to see his family again." Picking up a fork he looked at it a moment before spearing some pancake and shoving it in his mouth and chewing determinedly before swallowing and sighing. "Bah! Remind me never to talk before breakfast. Did you say coffee??" Eyebrows peaking up like grand peaks before he poured himself some and sipped it carefully. He chowed down a good half of his plate and had a cup of coffee before turning to another conversation. "Turning to more academic conversation. What is your honest opinion about vampires?" There he was priming the pump to explain everything. Fidgeting a bit with his silverware as he hate and attempting poorly to maintain a facade of scholarly indifference as his usual stoic mask slipped. He had offered a way out for Jezehr, but if he wanted more people to draw on it would have to be more then the sick and the dying. Despite his grand schemes he wished for the approval of his new friend in all things. Even if his source of magic turned out to be a sore spot he was not about to lie to her about it.
  14. Ventures in the Past

    "You know, I really ought to take you in. A night in a jail cell might just do the trick to straighten your crooked little ass right out─" At the words, bitten lips writhed back from waxen incisors, in the sort of snarl one would expect to see on the grizzled snout of an old rabid stray dog──not the rosebud-shaped mouth of a young woman. But then again, when it came to this young woman in particular, such an opinion would depend on who you were to ask. Many locals would agree that Marjorie o' Seanáin had a lot in common with rabid stray dogs, as far as attitude was concerned. A hard tug, to no avail; her arm is stuck fast in the enforcer's sweaty, too tight grip. Irritation begins to boil red-hot at the whole situation, prompting the snarling lips to slant edgewise in a fiercely defiant sneer. "You really ought to stop thinking about my ass, Davin. I don't turn eighteen for another six months---what would your colleagues think? And besides, I have a boyfriend." Davin's eyes narrow into beady slits and he lets out a low scoff, clearly disbelieving. "Like hell you do." Of course she was going to have to sell this. Tossing her head, Marjorie angles jewel-like grey eyes up at her stepfather's friend in an affronted expression. "I do, actually." "Who?" he challenges. "Oh, you wouldn't know him," she deflects neatly, scanning the nearby crowd for a would-be boyfriend. No, no, no .. ah, yes, her mind singsongs as a pair of broad shoulders and tousled black hair come into view. The bewildered, utterly lost look on his face practically begged Marjorie to give him purpose. Oh, perfect. Please don't "Look, it's been great chatting with you and all, Davin, but my boyfriend and I are going to be late for school .." This time, she twists out of Davin's grip with relative ease due to its surprise-induced slack and leaves him standing on the other side of the street, as she makes a beeline for her new beau. Unfortunately, the charade couldn't just end here. Not if she wanted to really sell it and get the perverted asshole off her back for good. She reaches the dark-haired boy's side quickly, theatrical eagerness propelling her step. It's with equal vigor that she lifts a hand to cup his cheek and, bouncing onto her toes, presses an open mouth to his own in the sort of kiss that has prudish mothers nearby clearing their throats and old farmers whistling appreciatively. The hand on his cheek slides around his jawline, pushing slender fingers into the sweat-slicked mane curling at his throat.
  15. Wisegem School of Magical Arts

    Elliot told him everything he remembered.
  16. Magdalena.

    --General information-- Given name: Magdalena. Used name: Magdalena Victoria Amorielle Casperina Matterius. Age: Twenty years old. Birthplace: Kadia. Occupation: Painter. --Physical characteristics-- Height: Five-foot-five. Eye color: Green. Hair color: Black. Body type: Average. --Attire-- Head: Scarf covering whole hair. Body: Form-fitting robe, with one shoulder left bare. Feet: Sandals. --Basic history-- A nobody, born full of talent and ambition.
  17. InFAMOUS RP - The choice is yours

    Yes I am
  18. prologue :: tease

    The night was brisk with low clouds and fog forming off of the chilled winds that came in from the south. Two hours after the sun had set, the house still had no movement upon it, but the boy had set his plans to work long before this moment came. A gut feeling had told him that the two would be watching the house to see if he would lead them to where his father may be and in the curiosity, he watched and waited. And in that two hours after the light, he saw silver glints on the hillside and a shrill guttural whine of a rabbit take a final cry before dying. Shadows played along the side of a tree which had perfect visual access to the house. He had nodded. He knew what to do. Slinking into the cellar, he took nothing with him but his black over-tunic, which was used more for cold winter nights than now, but the color would hide his presence better in the shadows. Through the rear of the cellar was a narrow tunnel that lead to the east where a wellspring had been found several winters back, by he and his father. For the sake of the general store, they'd created an underground tunnel to this point in order to make trips far more simple than the bounding hills, but this path had been easily more than a half mile from the house and no one but he and his father knew of it's existence. Out the other side, he was inside of a small storage shed they had set up for the colder temperature items, which were encased within the cave's thick limestone walls and remained an ambient, low temperature all year round. It was here that he would notify his father, because it was here he knew his father would return first. He always did when out on the hunt. To clean and hang the food and have access to clean water while doing so was necessity. From inside the coat, the boy pulled a pen and paper and began to write—or so he tried. Tears burned in his eyes once more as he processed today and what may come tomorrow and with a heavy heart and hand, he wrote: Father, Men who called you The General came today. They said they were from your old work. I tried to tell them you were away on the hunt. They did not believe me. I believe they will hurt me tomorrow. Do not worry, father. I will never tell them where you are. I will never give you up. You have taught me well. The value of family and loyalty. Honor. Duty. Sacrifice. I believe now, this is what you have trained me for. I believe now, more than ever, in what your lessons have meant. I believe I may die tomorrow, father. If I do die, know that I honored mom's memory. Don't come back to the house. They're watching it. If I do die, I love you... Clarity is Peace. — Your Bya
  19. Pictures of Us

    I got some pictures:
  20. prologue :: tease

    Five Years Ago— :: twelve hours before his death The night was brisk with low clouds and fog forming off of the chilled winds that came in from the south. Two hours after the sun had set, the house still had no movement upon it and the spider yawned and picked at his teeth with a slender bone of something small which gave its life as a snack. "I gotta hand it to the runt, he's a tough one. I think he's telling the truth." "Of course he is," the titan mumbled groggily from the base of the tree the spider lounged in, overlooking the house. "You never knew his father, but the man was ... honorable. Even for our line of work, the rarest breed." "Honorable? Oh, I was gunna say ... in our line of work, that doesn't exist anymore. A rare breed, eh? How so?" "Aye. He was the strongest of us all and as timid as a church mouse, but a dragon on the battlefield. When there was something to fight for, we fought. But when the war ended, we had nothing left to really keep us motivated. Some for coin, but he hadn't ever been about the coin or the blood, but the nobility of combat. And a powerhouse, he was. Such a soul, not even the boss could contain it." "Bullshit..." "No, I'm serious. They called him many things: the Silver General, the Silver Dragon, the Silver Slayer, the Argent Noble... all of them an aspect of his greatness." His sighed wistfully. "Ha. You sound like you're in love." "In a way... I was so enamored by his power, so infected by its glory. You wouldn't understand. Have you see the boss take a life? It's heartless, ruthless, vengeful." "Aye... it's terrifying." "Being taken by the General would have been the exact opposite, I imagine. Every strike. Every bolt of power. He controlled it with such precision and affection, that all of his kills were in love... if that makes any sense. He used to kneel to the battleground after a fight, place his hands to the grass, and bow in some sort of ritualistic prayer. He said he communed with the angry souls and helped them to pass into the next life." "..." The spider was silent. The spider was in curious thought. "So that's why the boss wants him?" "..." It was the Bruiser's turn to think silently. Upon his first mentor and then upon the question before clearing his throat, "I believe it's because of these times and the plans of expansion into Izral and other regions. There's a lot to be had, and a force like the General's could be something fierce. I also think that it's because he's the only person to resign from the boss and he let it happen without recourse or word." "Hm... pride isn't the boss' strong suit."
  21. The Khovfe Pub

    “An undead of parlor tricks and a magic toymaker. How fun.” Aurora said with a smirk, poking fun at the two, playfully enough that they shouldn’t take it too seriously, her hand pushing the glass of ale away from her slightly. “I prefer not to drink. At least not unless it's something finer.” She did prefer fine wines, at least until she had had a glass or two, she was rather susceptible to intoxication, being a lightweight to the extreme, and quite the party animal when drunk. She’d rather not show something such as that, especially not to people she’s just met. “Well, if you’d care to know, I came here for a few reasons. First, I thought that this tropical island would be a nice change from the dark lands of Alterion. Obviously I couldn’t go to some place known for having a lot of people what with Anzo, so we decided on this.” She began, “Then there is the matter of power, I need to practice if I want to take back what is rightfully mine, though currently I-” She stopped, tapping her fingers nervously together, “I’m not really… able to summon from scratch. I require subjects to resurrect. I thought a forest filled with creatures might be a decent place to gather some of those requirements.” She said clearing her throat before finishing, “Those are my reasons for coming here… at least those I’m willing to share.” She said, saying the last part quietly, mostly to herself. “This master room… it sounds intriguing, and while I’m not a dusty researcher, if I don’t at least peek at it, the curiosity might eat me alive. I’ve seen people go mad from that back home.” She said standing up, Anzo following suite, but Aurora stopping him. “I don’t think you’ll fit in that hallway Annie, at least, not like that.” She said, popping his head off and taking it in her arms. “There. Now…” She said turning back towards the two. “Are we off?”
  22. prologue :: tease

    "Did he say what sort of message?" The spider questioned curiously, having stood and was peering through one of the window slats to the livestock out in the pasture before the house with a sort of nonchalant, yet idea-stirring gaze. "Concise and intentional, were the chosen words. Where is your mother, boy?" The large man's voice boomed in question as he approached where the child sat. "S..." He cleared his throat and wiped a grey sleeve across his eyes and then his nose, smearing dirt stains and tears in a windblown fashion. "She passed away. Last winter took her by fever. You can't hurt her..." He hissed. "Man, you are a strong willed little shit, aren't you." The titan barked. "And how did dear old dad take that hit? Hm? He seems to have left you here alone for several weeks now... I cant imagine he cared much for her." It was a curious thing to goat the boy's reaction, but the spider's smile drew wry to the darkness of the larger man's words. O, how he'd tainted the beast in their years of traveling together. How he used to be so much nicer about these rendezvous... "Shut your pigwhore mouth of my mother!" The boy snarled, little fists balled into white-hot mitts of anger. "He loved her more than anyone has ever loved an oak like you! He was devastated! And he leaves me to hunt for the store because I'm ten now, and I can stay alone by myself! Now get out of my house!" His molten temper had the young man standing now, staring up with his neck craned back and head staring up at the giant, who almost seemed startled for a moment. He looked down at the boy and a belly laugh exploded from the great maw upon his brick-laid face and he doubled over, still towering over the boy. "By the gods, you're a savage one. If we weren't going to kill you, I'd beg the master to make you my pet." The titan chimed. It is here the history books tell of the demise a lineage. It is here the story ends and no one is heard from again. It is here the mystery of the General becomes legend. And it is here the rumors of the General's son and shadowy visitors begin... The spark. Whether it was the talk of his father, the spit upon his mother's grave, or the mention of the boy's death—none would know. Not even he, himself would know the final chapter of his own first life, but as it happened the memories were erased and the remains left behind were shrouded questions, a mysterious aura, and a crater—the size of one of the village's home plots. With the titan doubled over laughing, his large cheeks had squeezed his eyes closed. The spider's own mockery could be heard behind the youth, and in that instant, neither were focused on the pinprick of light that was upon the boy's forehead. A vibrant light that shone like the sun and no sooner had the titan's eyes opened, he was blinded instantly by it's radiant power. With his voice caught in mid-stride between a laugh and a yelp, the home was immediately filled with a cerulean ethereal glow—the boy's miasma was like a thick gelatin that had the men moving in such a fashion that time itself hiccuped, stuttering their motions by the seconds and jerking them back to an origin point to repeat the same movement over the course of the last two or three seconds. "You are safe, father." His very whisper was the spark source for the accelerant which filled the now consumed the house and saturated the land and with a rebounding sound that concussed into itself, canceling out any sort of noise that may have exploded, the three figures literally imploded to an epicenter and the house with it. Time pulled inward swiftly, blurring matter and streaking the house inward at such a rate that reality itself tore and in an immediate necessity to repair its own flesh, rebounded and the house exploded. Dust filled the air as the land was simply no-more. Pieces of the house flipped through the air, blood smears from where livestock had once stood now stained the grass, and as the mote settled once more the remains of anything standing were null. A dusted, rock-littered crater.
  23. Hell's Gate [civil war]

    Since desolate got skipped last round it's @The Thunder Tyrant's turn
  24. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Aldorto leaned down and wrapped his arms around the elf. "I'll be around if you need me, just make a high pitched whistle and I'll hear it." Aldorto encompassed her in some fur, "Just rather not have an opportunity to do something to harm my good graces." The wolf swung her about a little before letting her go and tucking her back in. He took a moment to grab his robe he wore and toss it on before going back towards the door, "If you need anything, even just some attention don't hesitate to call me." Aldorto opened the door, "Good night Kalmuli." The wolf slipped out the door and went to grab ingredients from the bottom store room, his rob soon carried more ingredients then he planned and he jolted up the stairs to find a table to work on before going to grab more ingredients from upstairs storage compartments. Aldorto found a place to grab some glass bottles and some glass beakers to start mixing into the beakers before mixing into the glass bottles. His wrist was opened up to allow his blood to be used as a catalyst for some potions. After an hour of mixing Aldorto had a stock of unfinished potions. He tied a bandage on his wrist to staunch the bleeding for a while. He took a breather from the potions to let them steep while he went to drink some water.
  25. InFAMOUS RP - The choice is yours

    I saw the word InFAMOUS and clicked without hesitation. I WANT IN. Although, I would make a character that is only seen here. And just from reading a bit, I'm curious. In the actual game, one's clothes would change depending on their karma. Is this still a thing?
  26. The Pendulum: Potions and Pleasantries

    Trevor sighed. "I see." He didn't care about the fortune telling, for he had a strong belief that fortune telling was a rather useless skill. He has seen his future at times three days apart from each other and went to see his future four times. Each time was different. Not only did this increase his belief that the skill had little use, but it only confirmed what he already knew. As someone who could travel between dimensions, alternate realities included, he knew that there was always an endless possibility of how things could turn out. It was this reason that he always had to call bullshit on anyone who spoke of "destiny." People that did this also seemed to really piss him off. He looked over to his robe. "Is this, Kalmuli your mentor?"
  27. InFAMOUS RP - The choice is yours

    Stats?XD But it's cool though. You still want in?
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