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  2. Working on Posts, but will be away from the phone for the weekend and most of monday as its my usual out and about with my mom. 

    Apologies in advance ❤️

  3. I saw you looking at my profile.

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      ...and? You'd be surprised of how many profiles I view on curio.

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  5. The two women were silent as Aya hugged them in succession. The most they gave the woman was a couple of nods and then some shrugs. The meeting with Vito the captain helped ease the tension within Shishi but there was something else. As the two left the meeting room Shishi would drag her companion into the nearby lady's room. "You were awfully silent back there," the older sister blurted out. Shishi did not answer the question but instead moved to lock the door. Before the older sister could as what's up, Shishi swiftly grabbed the sister's neck, lifting her off her feet and slamming her back to the wall. "I've been noticing it for quite a while now," Shishi breathed into her sister's ear. "Whose body are you wearing now?" The older sister fell silent for a moment, her face not unfazed from the increasing pressure on her throat. Shishi wanted to ask more but she knew it was pointless. With a frustrated sigh, she released the woman from her clutches and unceremoniously dropping her sister's body. Unlocking the door, she left without even looking back. Left alone to her devices, the older sister lit another one of her cigars. At times like this, one needs a really good smoke. it did not take too long, however, as she soon stood up to catch up to Shishi. Despite their earlier argument, the two women can be seen walking side by side, with Shishi carrying a rather large luggage bag while the other woman carried the duffel bag that the mysterious individuals gave them earlier. It seemed that whatever transpired between them a couple of minutes ago were all swept under the rug and they are back to their usual attitude. They arrived at the warehouse and waited for the next instructions.
  6. Boosting this up in case some new folks haven't seen it yet! 😍 Happily taking over from @Csl in handling whatever discussions might sprout from those who might wanna adopt my children. 👀
  7. Holly peered from down at the pirate ship below. There was no need for any spyglasses, her vision is more than enough. This was perhaps something Shane should first learn. One of the basics of is the augmented senses and probably the most important one. Her eyes alone let her see as far as any military-grade scope can see. "It seems that they outnumber us. I'll let you lead the attack," said Holly as she faced the Duchess. Then she barked to her servants. "Prepare for combat! We'll be aiding the Duchess. Shane summon our healer from the engine room. Khaki, Sera and Teddy. Please cover the Duchess' soldiers while they rappel down our ship." As the airship neared the pirate's vessel. A black sludge would slowly drip down her coat and would slither up to her legs coating. "I guess I'll be join the attack soon."
  8. Elson could not help but grin a little wider at Hunter and Alfonso praising his aim. The bottle-shooting competitions he regularly held with Campos had paid off, then. "Have I truly improved that much, Alfonso? I guess Campos has been rubbing off on me in that case. Knew there was a reason we kept him around, heh." With that, Elson turned his gaze outward, searching to see if the winged beast had any buddies out in the gloomy skies above this ruined city. Seeing none, he lowered his caster gun for the moment. He took the binoculars that Hunter had proffered, lowering them after a bit and nodding in agreement with Alfonso as he handed them back to Hunter. "Mmm, definitely looks like the proper place for us to be heading toward. The streets between seem to be mostly clear of those shambling bastards, from what I saw. They've found better prey elsewhere, maybe, or there's something there that's powerful enough to make them stay away. Either way, won't be hard to get there, as long as we keep quiet and don't attract too much attention." Some time later, Alfonso came to a stop, and spoke of how oddly quiet it was. Sizing up the situation himself for a few moments, Elson couldn't help but agree. He began to speak carefully. "So I was right earlier, something here scared the shamblers away. Whatever it may be... I say we show the better part of valor, and take advantage of the alternative routes that the city's fall has opened up. Better that we conserve our strength and ammo for that which may be guarding our prize, instead of wasting it on the unknown threat guarding the quickest route." He, slowly, began to scan the area, looking for anything like a door or a hatch that would indicate a route that wasn't exposed out in the open. Hidden threats could still lurk inside, of course, but they were likely easier to deal with than those that awaited outside. And it wasn't like he could always find a convenient brick with which to bring devastation upon the enemy, like he had earlier.
  9. @The Hummingbird @Pasion Pasiva He was a Guardian of the Order of Force Majeure, a superb combatant, elite amongst warriors and hero of the people. Or so he liked to imagine. Only being a Guardian was true, and though he was one of the vaunted Custodes Militant, the paramilitary support for the Knights of the Force Majeure, his true posting was more akin to that of a rank and file grunt. With hard work, training, and diligence he might actually become a great soldier, maybe even make Captain to his peers one day, but as of yet his future was fluid, his task thankless if necessary, and he could only look forward to the glories that may yet come. At least he looked good in his armor. Women loved a man in armor... and speaking of women... He was one among several Guardians tasked to oversee this fight in the underground arena, to make sure there was no foul play in the match, or from the crowd, and to monitor for perhaps other such unsavory activity. Out of the corner of his eye he spied a woman, who seemed to be being manhandled by some ruffian. His eyes narrowed underneath his helm, and he sent a quick coded message to his colleagues over their communication systems with his intentions. The soldier approached the two. She was a comely looking woman, dressed more plainly then the gentleman accosting her, who seemed to have all the bearing of an arrogant nobleman. The upper class preying upon the lower class? Typical. The soldier frowned under his helmet, a stray thought running wild about slapping the uncouth nobleman with a gauntleted fist and carrying the woman off in the manner that befitted a conquering hero. No. He was a Guardian. He would be professional. "Is everything alright here?" he stated softly, but firmly, coming to attention before the two, planting his halberd before him as he stood at ease. "Is he bothering you, miss?"
  10. Welcome to Valucre! Hope you like what we got here ^_^

  11. Hello everyone, vielle here (again)! 🙏

    So: I'm a prodigal daughter on her way back home. I just wanted to apologize to everyone for ghosting all those months ago—it's as @Csl has said: I've taken a leave of absence because I had to focus on stuff irl and also my mental health. Things haven't been the best in that latter aspect, but methinks I'm doing better nowadays. It's kinda tough, having to learn some things the hard way, but that's life for you! Now, I've kinda gotten better at handling my stressors now. 😂

    Which leads me to that elephant in the room: I'm dropping out of past threads, cutting down on new threads, and focusing more on personal plots this time around. Taking up all those past threads and keeping up with them was in fact doable, truly, but I unfortunately overestimated my capacity to stay interested in all the things. It's not that those plots weren't interesting; don't get me wrong! It's just that there's only so much my writing muse can do for me, and though some once thought it of me, I'm not a machine. 😅 So, as I make my slow return, I'll be more particular about the future plots and threads I'll be engaging in, so I can give them my utmost writing efforts to the best of my ability. It's the least I can do for my writing partners; you all deserve the best I can give. ❤️

    By the way, I have not checked Discord yet and probably will continue not checking Discord for the foreseeable future. I'm sorry if anyone sent me any messages over there; I haven't opened it at all over these past few months! 😂 But please know, whatever you may have sent me, I appreciate that you have thought to interact with me at all, even when I was, y'know, away. 🙈

    Overly sentimental stuff aside: I'm (omw) back! I've missed you all dearly. If you would have me back in your good graces, I'd be happy to write with you all again. Gonna do some spring cleaning on my thread tracker (it's a little dusty in there!) and take over handling that character/lore garage sale @Csl was doing for me (thank you so much, bestie!), and then maybe I'll have a cup of tea and look around what's changed here in my absence some more.

    It's kinda great to be back here. ❤️

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      Welcome back Vielle! I'm always sad whenever I see people leave a community behind, I'm glad you came back 🙂 

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      Welcome back space cowboy 

  12. Heyy, welcome to Valucre!

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      Like... I want to know how I can post my OCs here, but it doesn't explain how to do so and sorry for the wait. For some reason I can't reply to status comments on my phone, but can on tablet.  

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      It's all right!

      Do you mean a character sheet/your character profile?

      We post character profiles OC info in the forum I linked, User Lore.

      You can tap the "Start New Topic" button there. It'll bring you to a new page where you can write your OC info, then you can post it. It will show up as a new thread.

      How does posting OCs usually work in your previous rps? Is the layout of Valucre different from what you're used to? It'd help if I knew where you were coming from.

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      Hm... Okay. Ig I can check again for idk how many times I've already checked.. thanks. Anyways. I need sleep. So night

  13. Sweet Pool is... damn, you guys. Things just got serious. I started up some Digimon Cyber Sleuth for some downtime and Divinity 2 Original Sin for more serious downtime.
  14. I got tired of waiting, we don't have too much further to go, let's get this done. @ticklefarte @Thotification y'all still in on this?
  15. While Stella and Tenebra waited for responses from the newcomers, Umbra felt an odd sense of foreboding. She looked toward Maric, and the dark mercenary nodded as if sharing the same thought. The duo turned and scanned around the Broken Plain- The roaring sounds of thunder echoed throughout the area. The signs of incoming Saevion. Umbra turned toward the source of the noise and saw seven Saevion cresting the rise, led by a notably large and majestic specimen colored black and gold. Maric grabbed the Shadow Guard leader and took off in a sprint, shouting at Will, Shishi, and Linda Linda as he passed. "Run! To the Whitewoods!" The Warpgolem Anywhere, along with Stella and Tenebra, ran and caught up with Umbra and Maric. The three Shadow Guards, however, cloaked and moved from the path of Saevion. They would separate from the main group to track these Saevion, especially the seeming leader, and lead the others to them when they had acquired the Tempest Vine. The group of Aligorians would only halt their sprint when the Saevion were far behind, and they stared into the mist-shrouded trees of the Whitewoods. Tenebra turned to the others as they arrived. "We're primarily dependent on Anywhere for direction and navigation here in the Whitewoods. The Warpgolem is one of the Shadow King's finest, and if all works as it should, it should resist the effects of the Whitewoods' mist and be able to be lead us back to the Broken Plains after we have acquired the Tempest Vine. But if that fails, let us mark the trees as we pass as a backup. Also, before we enter, do your best to ward against the mind-altering effects of the mist. We'll be heading into the woods where they are thickest, so we must be extremely careful in that regard. Any further questions or concern before we depart?"
  16. [float=left]Erika[/float] [float=right]LesChance[/float] [justify] [table][tr][td][/td][tdw=300px] Aracne artes are a fickle thing… [/tdw][td][/td][/tr] [/table] [/justify] [justify] [table] [tr] [tdw='500'] Overture ˑ Name: Erika Melody Marie Antoinette LesChance. Age: 23 Gender: Female Class: Arcanist Spell Spear. Title: The black witch. Height: 5.5ft Weight: 121lbs Hair: Straightened Jet black with a purple streak on either side. Eyes: Violet [/tdw] [tdw='500'] Interlude ˑ Likes: Magic, drinking, small furry animals, Men. Dislikes: Bugs, Monsters in general. Habits: Speaks to people in an instructors shoes in almost all instances. Often flirts without even noticing it. Fears: Bugs. Rejection. Marital Status: Technically married. But doesn’t acknowledge it. Occupation: Traveling sorceress. Attitude: Generally she has a good attitude and demeanor, if a bit high horsed. Other: (none) [/tdw] [tdw='500'] Coda ˑ Lineage: Mother was a spoil of war, commoner with no magical talents. Father was a court sorcerer. Weapons: Halberd imbued with a spirit. Gear: Head: No head wear Torso: A long risqué violet gown. Accessories: Earrings. A ring on her marriage finger. Specialization: Offensive magic, Polearms and strategy. Other: In her own right she’s a skilled strategist. Often, her ideas seem ludicrous, and almost child like to some. Because they are just a game to her. (INCOMPLETE, ADJUSTMENTS BEING MADE)
  17. Though most of his face remained frozen in indifference, one brow rose as Gabriela concluded her words. For whatever she might be now, he saw that she was no longer the small, weak, pathetic creature he only once visited in the cold of night, and tortured in the strange lands far from here. No black tears fell from her honeyed eyes; there was no sadness to be seen. No love for anything, no claim even on sympathy, nothing but what she spoke of – a cold, dark, consuming hate for a world that had betrayed her endlessly. Slowly he removed his arm from her shoulders, his hand coming to rest with its twin on his lap, where his fingers tapped in a rhythmic pattern. The battle waged on the field before him was forgotten, even as one turned to go and the other declined to surrender with any note of grace. People were cheering and cursing and booing all around him, but he gave none of this any notice. All that mattered was this small form of hate sitting at his side, looking into his eyes unflinching, undaunted. Then he inclined his head toward her, in a unexpected sign of what she had never earned before. Respect. “Now you see,” he said, his voice dropped to a venomous whisper, but the fangs dripping with it were not aimed at her. “This world. What is it to you, this place of shame and treachery? What did it ever matter and why? Why did you ever care for it, when it has brought you to this end?” His lips curled in a sneer. “And I will tell you, it gets only worse. Look through yourself beyond this land, and tell me what you see. What? Is it not so easy? Then let me tell you – blood. Blood and betrayal, treason and hypocrisy.” Again his hand shot to her, to seize her chin, forcing her to look at him once more, their eyes matching, one of honey and one of silver-flecked gold. “Hurt, Gabriela? Why are you hurt? Why bother to feel hurt? It does you no good. Hurt is a weakness, which you cannot afford any longer. My dear, you are utterly alone in this world, and I am your only listener. Yes, me, one whom you despise. I am the only who understands your hate for this… realm of atrocity. “You call me a masochist? Why not? This world, Genesaris the heart of it all, sustains me, and I enjoy watching it rot for all it has become. Even this place whose people worship a so-called Saint has wilted in violence and love for bloodshed. Indeed, I am a masochist, and I’m also a sadist, because I enjoy the pain it must endure now, all the killing… for the sake of pain and the sake of killing. For my sake, Gabriela. “I am Ryzerus Ryan Destiny, and the destiny I see, is a vile end that lies in a cold, disdained grave.” His brought his face close to hers. So close. “Show me what you’ve learned, my love. Spit on the grave.”
  18. She came with with a crown of wildflowers in her hair, a dazzling rainbow of colors that stand out against the backdrop created by the startling dark locks of hair that cascaded out of her head. For such a young child, Lucia had remarkably thick hair -- a gift bestowed upon her by her mother’s image, after whom she had been modeled. She came running with a sweet sort of savageness to her, even though her clothing was made of fine cotton stitched together with hand woven lace, trimmed in the finest silk. There was just something wild and curiously enchanting about the child, even though most had caught on to the fact that she was a dangerous, bloodthirsty fiend. “Father?” called the angelic-looking monster -- the tiny terror who haunted the halls of whatever palace or castle her father, Raphael, happened to occupy. “Father! Where are you…” there was laughter in her voice, but also an edge of panic, as if she were on the brink of mad, uncontrollable weeping. It had been so long since she had last been called to his side. Yes, she spent lots and lots of time with him. Nearly every evening was spent in his company, but she had begun to suspect that it was nothing more than a tedious chore to him, a ceremony to keep up appearances -- especially now that her mother was gone again. Gone away with the devil once more, or so Lucia thought away. So it was meaningful and important -- oh so very important -- to have him call for her. It made her small heart swell and beat fast and hard, and it made her small limbs feel like they could not move fast enough, even though she could outrun nearly most elders in the court. Though she was just a copy, a humble vessel made of earth and water, she was remarkably made and with many of the same gifts as her mother, speed being chief among them, with curiosity, beauty, and intellect coming close behind. “Father, I’ve come -- I am here. Where are you?” She would have bound into his office, save she was stopped by the guards posted before the large double doors. Never in her life had she been denied access to his private chambers, and it was near impossible to hide hurt that spread across her face. It was such a look of despair, such heartrending sadness that those loyal knights nearly toppled in the face of such sweet innocence. But they urged her simply to wait for her father, promising his quick arrival. “My father will have you all severely punished for this,” she replied, sniffling pathetically behind the back of a small wrist.
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