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  2. Thabks for the offer but my character isn't that heroic.
  3. Name: Tedimius Caederii Nickname: Teddy Title: The Black Teddy Visual Age: Late twenties Birth Place: Hyperion Race: Human? Alignment: Neutral Gender: Female Class: Aphelion Agent PHYSIOLOGY Hair: Between black and brown Eyes: Dark Green Height: 6 ft Weight: 80 lbs Voice: Low, stern Build: Slender Condition: clothing • Mostly black or grey clothing with emphasis on looking prim and proper skills • Access to the Blackspear cartel skills and armory. Personality: Serious, strict, ruthless, puts emphasis a lot of emphasis on social status Brief History: Born from a poor family in Hyperion decades ago, she was taken away from poverty by old man Suzy who introduced her to the Blackspear oganization. She joined the cartel until the day the last Blackhead, "The Mistress;" dissolved the organization. With no purpose left for her, she returns to Hyperion and was thus scouted by Aphelion. Oh and she used to be a member of the Legion of Doom and the Cult of Lilith.
  4. Not yet...still working on her...
  5. Yeah I'd rather keep it closed, but Metty is welcome to join the Shields of Valor and we can try and do a separate thing perhaps?
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  7. Anybody seen this? It’s an AI that collects and displays “visually stimulating content” https://archillect.com/
  8. This particular plot is not open. If zig wants to explicitly opt for that I’m okay with it but my intention for it isn’t a free for all. Per Alex tho metty can stage her own break in ... or join the shields of valor!
  9. @Metty You might have to ask @supernal if this particular plot is open, but you're generally welcome to try to steal stuff from locations I manage if you wish. Your character(s) could also try to talk to Caeceila and do things for her in exchange for rewards.
  10. SCHATTENJÄGER SEASON 1 | EPISODE 1: LOTAN My name is Camelia Sorina, and I hunt eldritch horrors. Over and over, she rehearsed her intro, varying her pitch and tempo as if questing for the perfect take. She was bored, dreadfully bored, insufferably bored, waiting for someone to fling the doors wide open and admit her to this ramshackle domicile, this miserable pile of sodden tinder ensconced in a city descending helplessly, perhaps even peacefully, into realms of madness and despair. She checked out of her hotel - a well-maintained property overlooking the Moss Forest - at nine sharp, having taken a hearty full English breakfast at eight and intending to take a light lunch at eleven thirty at Yam's Bistro and Patisserie on the corner of 12th and Main. She leisurely browsed the collection curated by Arcturon's Public Library, toured a local museum, and captured candid footage of Arcturon and its freakish residents. When all the springs of the great deep burst forth and the floodgates of heaven are opened, these cursed souls would be swept away in the undertow. At two o'clock in the afternoon, Cammy and her camera crew set about randomly interviewing passersby. In no time at all, they learned that people were more willing to humor them when they met beneath awnings and other objects that provided some measure of shelter from a mass hallucination - an imaginary storm. From the perspective of an outsider, it was absurd how these people carried on. They carried umbrellas. They dressed in rain jackets, ponchos, and waterproof boots. They bustled through the streets, tiptoeing around the invisible puddles that impeded them and generally fussing about their clothing, their hair, and whatever items they were carrying. Their collective behavior was so absurd, in fact, that Cammy conceived of a plan to rouse them from their nightmare. At four o'clock, Camelia purchased three goldfish, or three of Taen's goldfish equivalent, from a local pet store. She then paid five random passersby to lead her to "puddles" capable of sustaining goldfish. In each trial, a member of her crew transferred a goldfish to a "puddle," observed the movements of the goldfish, and timed how long each goldfish survived. It was a morbid experiment to be sure, but it was as objective as can be. At the conclusion of the experiment, the goldfish would either be alive or dead. After an hour, her crew collected the corpses of the goldfish, packaged them in clear plastic bags with a fresh supply of water, and drove to the rendezvous point - the dingy home of one M'yr Boldbarrow. They waited there in their truck, filming whatever they could in the hours of twilight. They left briefly to procure supper and again to procure dessert. The night was a tad too cold for ice cream sundaes and root beer floats, some might contend, but the weather did nothing to deter Cammy or her crew from voraciously consuming their sugary treats. When, under the cover of night, the door at last swung open, Cammy and her crew, three petite catgirls handling recording equipment, marched on Boldbarrow's sanctum. Cammy took point, her wondrous pink eyes sparkling with equal parts curiosity and excitement. Tonight, Cammy and her crew wore tan jumpsuits branded with the word "Schattenjäger," the title of their new, Cabalvision-exclusive series! Camelia's soft, silvery hair is bundled in a braided ponytail. Her expressive catlike ears point at the ceiling and her well-groomed tail, adorned with at least a dozen bows, juts out behind her as the short, cute catgirl struts inside. It goes without saying that her crew will stop filming upon request, although this will earn Cammy's ire and a petulant frown. Cammy deduces that she is not quite out of her element in this crowd, and her logic is confirmed when she spots Maiden Blackbush accompanying assorted mercenaries, none of whom embody her image of a team player, into the unkempt house! Cammy rushes to meet up with her, doubling her pace before she lays her eyes on the slimy bouncer positioned just beyond the threshold and screeches to a halt. Wow! What happened to you? Like, seriously, are you up for an interview! No? The strong, silent type, eh? You're just gonna - you're just gonna stand there, aren't you? I could make you famous, you know! You could have your picture in the intro sequence of the first season of an award-winning series! Still not interested? Fine. This was your one chance at stardom, kiddo, but you blew it! Proceeding past the slugman, Cammy once more sets her sights on greeting Maiden Blackbush only to lose focus and divert her attention to Myr's dresser and his makeshift blade. Curiosity gets the better of her as she examines the old blood stains speckling Myr's dresser. A scuffle occurred here, perhaps? No, not a scuffle. The untreated floor would be speckled with similar stains. An indicator of self-inflicted wounds? The razor blades tacked to a wooden ruler might attest to that. A driftwood mask to hide behind and a telltale unease around outsiders? Yes, this Myr is a piece of work, isn't he? And though she jumps and inhales sharply as a window pane cracks behind her, Cammy hears far more than most. Myr asked someone to move away from the window before it cracked. A mercenary, alert and poised to react to danger, would not have to be instructed to move away from a threat that is easily perceived. Is this Myr trapped in an unending cycle of events or is this something else entirely? Is he the source of the Arcturon's madness or one more victim adrift in the tide? In due time, she would know the truth of the matter. She continued to make a circuit of the room as mercenaries introduced themselves and did their best to intimidate each other. It wasn't all that surprising to her that they would play such childish games: some felt a need to assert their dominance over others while others promoted their services by building up their street cred. Cammy had no such desire. Her days of fighting tooth and nail for scraps in godsforsaken alleys in Tia were done. She could afford to be kind and cooperative, for the power at her disposal was terrifying in nature and potency. Quietly, Cammy assessed each entity in the chamber. A mage. Standoffish and easy on the eyes. A buff guy with a tail. Seems like an alright fellow for a pirate. A gunslinger. Ouch. Does he have something against healers or is he just that hard up for cash? A friend. Well... Not really a friend, but at least someone who is less likely to stab her in the back... Maybe... Myr. Already talked about him. And- and... Did that one introduce itself? No? Alright, that's... Not good. These people aren't going to work well together, are they? Nevermind that. She's probably expected to introduce herself now. Cammy walks up to Myr and extends her right arm. She's clearly under the impression that he will shake her hand. She smiles warmly at him. Good evening! I'm Cammy! I'm one of Caeceila Glasmann's partners, and I'm here today because I heard not all is well in Arcturon. I've been keeping an eye out for information on what's wrong with this place since some disturbing rumors surfaced concerning the Low Tide Festival. I've taken a few odd jobs around here - I even helped a guy track down a lost goat this one time - and I'm happy one finally panned out! This isn't my first rodeo, so I might be able to help you make sense of all this, maybe. I'm guessing my reference materials differ drastically from yours so there's a good chance one of us will be able to translate whatever you guys and gals unearth faster than the other. That's my team; they're all lovely ladies that know their stuff. Cammy pauses for a second. She glances and shudders at Slake and her droogs before continuing. Looks like you have more than enough muscle, so I guess I can provide you with a short-range communications system and try to figure out where these books you're interested in are stored. I can also drive things now, so I can be your getaway driver just like in the movies! Also, and this is just my advice, it might be to your advantage if no one kills anyone during this break in of yours. Crazy idea, I know, but it's your reputation on the line.
  11. Twitter has both arms up. I'm assuming this means he needs neither of them. Tzak enters next round with no arms then!
  12. Zigzag

    General chat thread

    If anyone else is interested in joining or hiring the Shields of Valor just lemme know!
  13. I'll add to the above that any time magic is used in Terrenus / Fracture, you are in effect interacting with a loci per the local laws of magic. They are "setting elements", per desolate, and can't be controlled However this is meant to apply to regional loci as indicated in the symposium. There are much smaller loci, say at the level of a noodle shop or a shrine or a bathroom stall etc etc, that can maybe be interacted with in another fashion but I would leave that up to whoever is coming up with that minor loci. The regional loci are decidedly above MP by design
  14. Why would you not steal blueprints for high tech stuff? Money? to make it?
  15. hey @Zashiii do you have a character sheet for Tedimius?
  16. Rabbit

    [GS] Cancer

    Vito found it strange, not only because he was talking to a still living god halfway through a puddle of water that was on the run from hunters, but also the god referring to an aspect as if it were a god itself. It was clear as day that Cancer was in no shape or form to fight, neither was Vito or his crew. Both had been battling, whether it be for glory or survival. 'Looks like I got off easy.' "Based on your condition it would appear you taught them too well, but that could also been seen as a good thing. Even without the gods, they could still live on and defend their land. Tho I do have my concerns about the future morality of the land, especially if this is the base of it." The gods self control seemed to be the greatest out of the lot, with most entering a rage beyond reason. The battles could be heard echoing across the land as Aeris stomped on foes, the waters raging around the island as Aquarius summoned storms, the skies crackling with thunder as Aestus clashed her swords and forests freezing over as Pisces traveled Renovatio looking for prey. Cancer grunted and flinched in pain as he spoke, making the raider worry for his safety. 'Hold strong, brother of war. We're not dead, merely pushed back. Our time will rise once more, as it should.' "More hunters come, many of which have both greater power and numbers than me. I killed Leo's physical form, but I let his soul live on." Vito held out a carved uru sphere, holding Leo's very essence, in front him for Cancer to see. "The next lot may not be so merciful, you'd be smart to leave the land. This is no longer your home, it's a hunting ground." Vito stood, trying the fight the numbness in his body. "You may join me and my crew, we hold no affiliation with the rulers of the land. Rather, we oppose them and their laws. You'll be welcomed, especially among outlaws such as ourselves." 'Come, Cancer. What more do we have to lose? Let these new lands be our grounds for a new kingdom, many will welcome our teachings.'
  17. Gaul's mind raced as to what this sudden fog entailed. It had appeared without warning or precedent and seemed to silence the crowd's voices just as it had obscured Gaul's vision. The old dragonborn feared that this was an attempt on his life, but if it was, he would be dead by now. Instead, he felt a strangeness about him in the white void. It felt like the effects of some drug or affliction mixed with the sense of a sudden fall. Gaul reflexively coughed a cloud of ash that was indistinguishable from the fog around him. Ash formed as best it could blindly in an attempt to break the unknown spell, like long arms and talons stretching from the Ash Bringer's mind. These arms reached out to feel the thread of magic binding the scene together, but felt nothing in the world around him. "What nonsense is this. I find myself onset by a fog that obscures all senses and not a shred of magic can be felt on it. This must either be the work of the divine or my sudden expiration, and I refuse to believe that I dropped dead in such a sudden and ridiculous way. Whatever the cause of this or who may be peering at me now, I speak these words with absolute certainty. I am Tetra-Sutra-Gaul, The Ash Keeper, proclaimer of the age of Dragons. I shall not be bested by foe or fog until I have seen the world in the scaled hands that deserve it!" The ragged old man held himself up with pride. He pushed his mind to unburden itself of how the fog afflicted it, and walked forward blindly into the fog. Walking through the fog, Gaul felt his sense of time dulled just as all the others, he could not say if he had walked ten steps or ten thousand steps. This didn't give him any intent on stopping, as even hesitation would be beneath how he felt. Eventually, the numbing white seemed to give way, like blood flow returning to an arm leg or tail. Suddenly, it all pulled back and the Ash Keeper found himself at the edge of a twisted overgrown Forrest, terrain behind him a complex web of roots. There was no path in sight and no way this could have been near the cave where he had come from, or the featureless place he had walked to get here. Whatever the fog was, it had moved Gaul alone to somewhere completely different. The landscape that the forest opened up to reinforced this as well. Vibrant country side with humble farms and modest hills. several wooden buildings could be seen scattered among the fields, connected by simple dirt roads and leading to a town or village that could be hardly made out in the distance by its walls and buildings. Gaul assumed there was also a river, it felt like it would complete the look of idyllic countryside. Regardless of how lovely one might find a place such as this, Gaul felt nothing but cynicism at this sight. A lifetime of seeing whose blood watered the flowers of man had left Gaul's eyes greyer than the ash could do alone. One had to wonder how many of his brothers and sisters were buried in this place's history; It was eye opening for Gaul when he realized that it is never zero. It would take a thousand years of fire to see such a debt repaid. Regardless, there was little reason to spend the day angerly staring at a farm. The old dragonborn made his way towards the fields and village, taking his time to make sure to keep his footing and balance on the way down. It was strangely warm and humid in this place, hardly the depressing winter that he was kindling the flames of revolution in. In fact, winter had just begun, yet here it looked like the middle of spring. He couldn't possibly have been lost in that fog for months, it would have been even more impossible than the event already seemed to be. Amidst Gaul's existential worrying however, he noticed an old human planting seeds in the field alone, and by hand no less. Normally, Gaul had little interest to talk to random scaleless folk, but lately things had been anything but normal on their own. "Human, why do you place your seeds in the ground without the aid of tool, beast, or other?" The old man looked at Gaul with surprise, but mostly just from his sudden appearance. "oh, a new arrival I see, welcome to the Valley of Blesselbrook. I plant my crop like this because I do not have tool or beast or 'other' to help me, it's important I get the planting done today or tomorrow before the springtime festival. Say, would you like to help an old man plant his crop?" The lack of disdain the old man seemed to hold for Gaul caught him by surprise in turn. It didn't stop him from having no interest to join in on the old man's insanity however. "No, I have done more than my fair share of manual labor and have no desire to do more, not that a second old man would do you any better. But, the way you spoke, are people like me expected to come here? What do you know of the fog that brought me here? I don't wish to stay from where I was before any longer than I must." "Any help is better than none, but I'm not gonna force ya. The fog is how people come to Blesselbrook and go from it to, it will take you back eventually, so don't worry about what you needed to do because there's no way to make things go faster. Why don't you enjoy your stay? The spring festival is only in two days, and if I remember correctly, it should have been winter where you're from." Gaul was hardly satisfied with that answer, but it didn't seem like he had much say in the matter at this point, at least it seemed that the people of this land wouldn't actively persecute him. "very well human, I leave you to die on your dirt." The old dragonborn made his way to a nearby dirt road that seemed to head to the village. 'Blesselbrook' he thought 'This is a strange place, and one I have heard nothing of till now, it's honestly best if I keep my guard up.' "have fun at the festival" the old man called out to Gaul, who made no attempt to respond or react as he continued to make his way towards the town. The rhythmic clacking of his cane, the only sound he made as he walked.
  18. "Then it's settled." Phillip said. "We storm Unterholm and try to find someone who is either involved or knows something about these kidnappers. We move out now, so prepare yourselves." Everyone nodded in agreement, Sarah flashing a smile that showed off her fangs. It was known within the group that Sarah Bouchard was in fact a half vampire, borne from a human mother, hypnotized by her vampire father. She was ready to strike down anyone that got in her way, then ask questions later. "Let's hope this doesn't bite us in the ass, commander." Eric said quietly, packing up his things as the Shields headed towards the seedier part of Blairville.
  19. If this was open, I would be tempted to steal whatever your after and take it for myself lol
  20. With their pets safely stored away, the Mistress used Baeoi to revive one of the dead alpha wolves in exchange for its undying loyalty to the cartel thus becoming one of their personal summonable minions. The other one was devoured by Khakina herself letting the wolf's body become part of her own. The last one would the one they skinned to make a special coat. There are many more alpha wolves in Cobran but time is of the essence. With the portal active, the Mistress and her ladies boarded the ship and soon they are on their merry way to Kuratel.
  21. @Zigzag Krishera heeded her comrades, leaning on stone, running a finger in a strand of hair lazily. All the others surrounded a flat surface, studying a map. When Sarah made her statement, Krishera snorted. ”Let us use our swords to spill the blood of the bastards,” Krishera stated. She suddenly left the wall and grasped the hilt of one of her swords. There was a whistle of steel leaving the sheath and Krishera slammed her sword between the members of the group and landed it on the map. Her eyes were brightened by the thought of bloodshed as the sound of the sword humming faded.
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    BestLieutenant @HalmarEric Come join the Shields of Valor! Where there is gold and glory aplenty! #joinSoV --------------------- HalfVampHalfBitch @SarahBouchard Join the what? --------------------- BestLieutenant @HalmorEric Sarah? You know you are actually part of the Shields of Valor, right? #joinSoV --------------------- HalfVampHalfBitch @SarahBouchard No I don't think I've ever heard of them. #whatevenisSoV? --------------------- BestLieutenant @HalmorEric Sarah I swear to Gaia if this is one of your pranks I will call a meeting with @PhillipKromar --------------------- HalfVampHalfBitch @SarahBouchard Tattle tale #snitch --------------------- Partyfowl37 @PhillipKomar What the hell are you two doing? Replying to @HalmorEric --------------------- BestLieutenant @HalmorEric Please tell Sarah to stop interfering with my efforts to recruit people into the Shields of Valor. Replying to @PhillipKomar --------------------- Partyfowl37 @PhillipKomar the what? --------------------- HalfVampHalfBitch @SarahBouchard LOL!
  24. As Mason drove the SPG back, he talked with Amber and Mason a little more about his homeworld, or rather, the kind of weapons used. Like the M7 Priest. Discussing how it worked, what it was used for, and the massive difference in technology levels compared to what was in their world. Until... "Hold up..." "What is it Mason?" "Looks like trouble up ahead, take a look." Amber and Eve both stood up and looked out in front as Mason brought the Priest to a stop. "It's Madon... and Wymp... and Orsola..." "Yeah but they rushed..." He quickly hopped out of the driver's seat as he saw the specter rise up. "We got hostiles! Load the cannon!" Amber and Eve fumbled with what to do, with Mason helping them along the way. Once the cannon was loaded, he began adjusting the aim... and once he had laid it on target, he pulled the trigger. The cannon recoiled, releasing a shell that careened through the air, and landed right at the feet of the specter, detonating the high explosive round. The misty apparition had vanished. Mason stood straight, a little in shock. "To be honest... I had no idea that would work... supposedly HE is super effective against... whatever that was."
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