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  2. 'On our own? You mean we're not being escorted down there?' Severin said in response to that last salient detail of Odd's statement. The voice of Santiago rose up from behind the group to answer him. 'I'm afraid so. This is where we part ways.' Santiago said. 'The way I see it, from the perspective of management they'd rather minimise casualties among their workers in fetching the deer carcass sample; each one eats into the budget for compensation to the families of the bereaved. That's why you're here.' 'Now, Odd here will take care of the final preparations, but once you go down there it all depends on the three of you.' Santiago said as he took his leave of the group. Odd merely nodded in acknowledgement and turned to Severin and Kaede before gesturing towards some canisters near the elevator. 'These contain the soothing pheromones that feeders use to gain access to the queen's chamber, but keep in mind that even with it, you still only have roughly three minutes before the queen and her soldiers are liable to do something about the intruders. Once you get into that situation, all bets are off.' Odd explained. By the time Odd finished that sentence, the look of worry was painfully clear on Severin's face, and in his mind he was already furiously thinking about how to reach the deer carcass and get out as soon as possible to avoid having to fight off giant ant soldiers. In fact, it took him a while before he realised the fact that Santiago mentioned three people, and as Severin's attention slowly returned from his thoughts and towards his surroundings, he was startled by the four-feet-tall, winged, and tentacled visage of Eth observing him from an uncomfortably close distance. 'Aiyaa!' Severin exclaimed, quickly scuttering a few inches way from Eth.
  3. Just like the title says, better give a couple examples. Thurgood Singoance: he gets shit done. Aveline Singlance: A faaaar better, and female, build of Thurgood Singlance. Challara Arabett: A dim follower, victim of Yh'mi, but she's strong. Soker Kidwt: A work in progress. No, seriously. Vivian Singlance: A sapient fox trying to be Aveline. Nadia Singlance: Thurgood is rubbing off on her.
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  5. Nah like, she can be invisible, if she can maintain a calm heart rate ;) but she can't rn, so.
  6. I read in the last post that she was unable to remain invisible due to excitement over getting a reward, and just approaching people awkwardly close while believing she was invisible. I'll try to work her in anyway, before we go down the elevator shaft.
  7. Indeed there was a crassness the bureaucrats had adapted in their attempts to impress the Peacekeeper with their autonomy; the reality was, in fact, that they frenzied in panic in the absence of Peacekeeper Vidal. Michael could not scorn them, though, because he understood their scattered decisions. Dump them in Tia? Cut them down? These were the final conclusions of honest men who had tried countless methods of curing the utmost infected. Casper could put on a face of strength and courage, but it still needed help recovering from the plague that befell it a year ago. Commager was in many ways the perfect man for the job, for he was the developer and possessor of a decyptor for the magic behind said plague. He'd chosen Li'El's option and therein taken the least of the evils in dealing with the plagued. Michael, by extension of Li'El, had made the most humane decision. Even still, it didn't sit with Commager quite right. "Round them all up in the NorthEast Hospital (build-a-hospital for this RP's purposes)," Commager had concluded on leaving the room with Li'El. "That's where we'll go to study them." Then, to Li'El, "Pure energy, I think. I can't be sure yet though. I am hoping we can either erect a few towers that project the same energy as the holy rains across Casper-- which stopped this all to begin with-- along with whatever else my men and us find in our studies." While they left, the men got to developing the gas that would be administered on the remaining sick. Even as they spoke, Commager walked with such a briskness that his shoulder-length hair was disturbed by the airflow. His posture and gait, however, were such that he appeared to be walking normally. As it turned out, erecting any kind of barrier to protect against such incidents in the future would also require dealing with the aforementioned plagued, so it was to the NorthEast Hospital that the two found themselves headed within a Casper government vehicle. The insides were a mute cream leather with black carpet and ceiling. A square of cushioned seats surrounded the cab. As they sped along the mostly cured and back-to-normal streets, Michael held his palm between him and Li'El, who sat across from him. "'I'm hoping I can find something that will stop this from happening in the future. Maybe some kind of antibody we can make a vaccine out of." A red crystal that had appeared to be an earring at first came to hover above his hand, a purple aura manifesting in its otherwise crimson heart. A black light effect filled the cabin of the vehicle. "I am no foreigner to the magic of Zengi's gauntlets. Those are the cause of all this. Maybe, just maybe, seeing these poor souls with our own eyes will show us something useful." When they got to the hospital they were greeted hastily by the resident Dr. of the hospital. "They told me you were coming! Praise Gaia," he said with what Michael thought might be insincerity. The man led them inside right away though, and to surveillance, many of its screens observing a huge holding room filled with people ambling around sickly.
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    Yo, I got banned on discord omegalul

    Anyways, what happened to the server? Is it just gone or? Anyways, what's your tag?

  9. Shalana Bellfine stood on a path that overlooked Port City. She'd heard many stories about this place, and so far she hadn't been disappointed. The way in had been difficult, where she had to climb down a mountain using rope gear, strength, and patience. Eventually she'd made it, but she hadn't even started the journey to the mythic city yet. She heard there were undead creatures here, and wild animals as well. She hoped she came across one. She didn't want to be killed by one, but she would like to have the blood of one of those zombie like creatures. If she had the blood she could make a potion that would protect her from attack. And she knew better than to drink it. These potions would be worn in a vial around her neck. She knew she wasn't to the city yet, so she wouldn't be seeing any undead here. She was here to find the treasures of the city. She'd heard great things. There were jewels, gold, and books full of black magic spells. She didn't think she'd be seeing too many people, well people who were alive, once she crossed into the city. So, she had decided to wear a simple tight pair of brown slacks, a black tank top, and a small high waist brown jacket. Pockets lined the whole inside and outside of the jacket, and inside the pockets of the jacket were all kinds of goodies. The jacket was spelled so that she could fit things inside it that were way bigger than the jacket. It was also spelled to stay light and non bulky. She had the items hovering somewhere between this dimension and another, but not quite in either. She could reach in and get the things she needed at any time. She loved this jacket, and didn't have another quite like it. She had a bag she carried around that was like it, but she thought it'd be a pain to carry her bag while she was fighting off undead, and she might lose it. She squatted down on the ground, and looked out toward the far off city. It looked old and dead too, with wild vines starting to take it over. It was quite lovely, actually. She sighed as she took another deep breath. She had rested long enough. The bandits had been quiet, coming out of no where. She had no time to reach into one of her pockets, or for the knife she had holstered at her side. She was knocked into the ground by an large ugly fellow, with yellow teeth and a bulging eye. "Hello pretty. Looks like you have nothing to steal. Maybe I can find something in these little pockets?" He was holding her down, and dribble dripped from his mouth to land on her chin. "Eww gross, you big ass. Get off of me before I have to get ugly." She couldn't really move her arms, for his weight was too much even for her strength. There were two more cackling behind this one, and she knew as soon as she got out of this mess they would be her next targets.
  10. 3 things: #1 Chrysma is Agender!!! They use They/Them! I just wanted to make that especially clear. #2 hhhhhh we should probably establish a turn order #3 How many days should we let pass before we skip someone's turn?
  11. Sorry for the delay, I finally finished my post - it took me a while to reread beak's previous posts and get a good enough understanding of Odd and the worker pit. I hope you all don't mind that I went ahead and used Odd to debrief the situation. With that said, please let me know if I got any facts wrong. I noticed that in a previous post, beak mentioned (through Odd) that they can't enter through the worker pit because of the soldier ants. I went ahead and made up a solution for that - again, just let me know if I went too far. @Eth Unidus Your character is invisible, correct? I assumed so, so I didn't mention her in my post, but I had Odd give a rundown of what was happening so your character could listen in. @Pygmalion I believe you're up!
  12. Kaede marveled at the intricacy of the structure. Even standing quite a distance from the lip of the hexagonal worker pit, she could tell that it was deep. She could feel the pulse of the earth stretch under her feet and the bodies of life shift through tunnels in a methodical pattern. But as she and the man - “Odd”, he had said his name was, approached the entrance to the pit, the nymph found that the intricacy of the pit was thoughtfully planned out, not only by the ants, but by someone called Edmund Osar Wilson. She wasn’t too sure about the topics Odd had been rambling on about the whole way over, but she could tell that he was a passionate fellow. He spoke fervently about GASP and ant politics and something called “vakar” that was highly valuable to a lot of people. Kaede liked the way the man talked about Chesterfield and the way he seemed to know every little detail of the quest she had accepted. She hadn’t expected the man to be associated with the quest itself when she asked him for help at the Crook terminal, but to her pleasant surprise, he was deeply rooted in the affairs of the ants and GASP. He was as odd and intricate, like the hive itself. “-and I was telling Amila just earlier, the feeders gather and store the queen's pheromones in canisters and take them to the surface, where they are stored until such a time that GASP, or the Chesterfield board, deems their deployment necessary. It’s a dangerous line of work. Pheromones are an important part of this job, not just for feeding, but for the workers to navigate this hive. You should be wary of this fact because pheromones are how ants communicate with each other. But Wilson-” Odd sighed and scratched his head as if remembering something troubling. He looked nervously at the entrance to the pit, as if waiting for someone to appear and call him out on the information. But before Kaede could inquire more about Wilson a voice spoke out from behind her. Unfamiliar with the name, Kaede turned to see a pair approach. The man who spoke stood a few inches shorter than her and his brown eyes looked soft, matching the caution in his voice - for some reason, everyone she interacted with around the pit looked like they were afraid of something or someone appearing to reprimand them. Kaede raised an eyebrow and adjusted the straps of her backpack. “Badiou?” The name rolled off her tongue in an awkward, unfamiliar way. Like technology, talking was another thing that Kaede was still trying to master. It wasn’t as though she was illiterate - far from it, actually - but speaking words aloud wasn’t the way she was used to communicating. As a tree nymph, communicating was like having your thoughts exposed to the world. A simple thought didn’t rely on grammar or pronunciation to convey it’s the owner’s meaning; the feeling and intent was explicit. It had been many months since Kaede had left her forest, and her speaking skills were natural save for names and vowel filled words. Luckily, the ever so talkative Odd cut in, saving Kaede from her confusion and the stranger’s accusation. “Ah- you must be Severin, if I’m not mistaken? Yes, Miss Badiou had mentioned that there was another who had also shown interest in this quest. Luckily Kaede here has also volunteered to join the quest as well. I hope you both are prepared, this isn’t a job to take lightly. Miss Badiou had elected to stay behind and continue gathering information with me. She is a very… passionate individual and I think it will be best for this mission if I have an extra hand in the office while you two go in and secure the deer carcass.” Odd’s manner had changed from a welcoming host to a level of seriousness that made Kaede stand upright. “While I assume Santiago gave you the rundown of GASP and the job you’ve accepted,” Odd continued with a pointed look at his coworker, “I will reiterate the quest once more: you are to enter the hive and retrieve as much of the deer carcass as you can. We, the feeders, usually inject the frozen meat with alchemical substances to elicit specific pheromones from the queen in order to milk her for her hormones. The window is tight and from entry, the feeders only have around 3 minutes to finish the job and close the elevator doors behind them. Though you won’t be a direct threat to the ants and not carrying faulty attack pheromones, be wary of your surroundings, watch out for soldier ants and pray the catwalks stay intact. If there are no other questions, I’ll take you to the entrance.” Without waiting for a response, Odd started leading the way and with a glance at Severin, Kaede trotted alongside Odd, suddenly nervous. She wasn’t much of a fighter, should things escalate, and all she could do was simple elemental magic. Though she wasn’t the type to rely on someone to protect her during a fight, or at least she had always thought she wouldn’t - Kaede had never been in a fight before - she hoped that he was able to hold his own if giant ants decided to attack them. Judging by the meekness of the man when he first approached her and Odd, Kaede wondered if he had more of a grasp on the technicality of the job than she did, or if they were both flying blind into the hive. Odd stopped in front of the wide entrance of the worker pit. Directly inside, separated from the rest of the pit by what Kaede assumed was the transparent vakar wall he had mentioned earlier in his ramble, was an indiscrete elevator. “This elevator will take you to the first room leading to the queen’s chambers. From there, you are on your own.”
  13. Leo saw the apprehension on Eliza's face as she looked at the guns. He could only imagine that living in the slums, she had had a lot of bad experiences with them. Still, the young student was happy that she picked one up- she would be safer with it than without. Slipping inside, hiding behind several large gun crates, Leo peeked at the center of the facility. In the middle was a large DUP truck. He had only been told about relays before, and was given no description of what to look for. But the former student knew in his heart that that truck contained what he was looking for. Now that he was close to it, he could feel a sort of mild radiation coming from it. But it didn't bother him; it actually felt kind of nice. If he had to describe it, it was as if the truck was emanating the same type of energy that he felt inside him. Leo was drawn to it- but there was a major obstacle in the way. His hopeful expression turned to one of horror as he recognized the device on one of the men's arms. It was the real version of the decoy device he wore on his own arm. The burst of flame the man produced soon after proved his worst fears: the goon had accessed the powers of a conduit. The young man's mind raced, fighting off the panic that threatened to freeze him in place. However, while part of his mind fought off the urge to run, the rest of it formed a battle plan; a skill he had become rather good at in a rather short time. Leo's eyes then noticed something. The crate's they were currently hiding behind were on the man known as Kev's right side, the same one which bore the receiver. "Maybe just maybe...If I can get a surprise hit off on it," Leo thought to himself tensely. "We might stand a chance." The former student quickly turns to Eliza and whispers. "Listen, I've never fought someone with conduit powers before. This could get ugly. When the fighting starts, you can slip away in the chaos. Hide in here or outside. When the noise dies down, you'll know I made it. And...if I don't, do your best to find Mister Black. If he's still engaging, disappear into the city." His voice takes a sterner tone. "Never believe that you're powerless. And... I'm sorry." With that, Leo turned back around. The young man began to open the gates that held back his energy, letting it flow just beneath the surface in order to avoid giving away his position. The relay was also guarded by two armed men, but the top priority would need to be Kev. Muscles tight, Leo readied both hands and legs for an attack. Upon Kev passing in front of him, Leo fires a crouched punch at full strength, surrounded in conduit energy, straight at the device on the man's arm. With his other hand, he would fire a blast of neon at the goon's face. Counting on his blows landing, Leo will attempt to finish up with a strong leg sweep, using the opportunity to stand up himself. The former student was fully unleashed and not holding back.
  14. I went but @squid peanut have at it!
  15. "I remember that excitement." A dim smile lit up a small length of Emilio's face. "I am very excited for you to be excited, of course, but if an eldritch horror or mystical demon or something like that, put me to one side and asked me what I wanted most out of this operation. I would say that I want it to go quietly and with a great measure of success. I like this tea." Emilio motioned to the empty cup in hand, to the teapot nearby, then patted the solid arm of his chair. "I like this chair, this cabin, this ship. I like comfort. I have it more days than I don't but to my misfortunate it is the days of discomfort, the days we will spend in those ruins, that give me the days of comfort. So I must, whether I enjoy it very much or not. But I think I will enjoy it very much this time because I have good company." He lifted the empty teacup to Thomas and to Prose in small cheers and then poured himself another. Their journey would take them all of half a day, so that their morning beginning would have an end in the bosom of a matured evening bordering night. Throughout the hours Emilio shared as well. He shared how his life started in academia, studying magical theory before the current age of Empire, and how a childhood fraught with dangers made of him a professional. "My specialties are with enchantment and abjuration. Many warmages focus on making themselves stronger in the attack which is fine but they are often confused when they meet someone stronger, though it must be. There is always someone stronger. That happens with some frequency. Less frequent are there people more clever. I guard, and I charm, and I daze, and I sleep. And so I have lived to an old age." Finally, in the evening: "Land ho!"
  16. Time seemed to blur as events happened in quick succession. As Sir Elrick held the final line shielding the wounded with the Overseer, he witnessed the blinding light that was Maelstrom's kamakazi effort to destroy the enemy. As his vision cleared and sound slowly returned after the explosion only the sound of moans and the buzzing of wings was heard. It seems it had not occurred to Maelstrom that such a bright light would only attract more of the insect like monsters. With light dancing in front of his eyes, and the smell of burnt flesh filling his nostrils he became irritated, such reckless behavior was not befitting a knight, these were the acts of glory seeking mercenaries... He heard his own sentiments in Commander Addison's voice and echoed her commands "Form up! Shields out! No more die tonight!" He yelled stepping forth and gripping the shoulder of a young initiate that held a blade with shaking hands. "Stand strong and we will not fail!" Raising his voice so that Addison can hear him over the clash of battle he yelled "We've but a few hours till dawn, I've faith your strength will see us through! We await your commands!" With that he turned back to the line, smashing his warmace into the enemy and supporting his fellow knights as he could.
  17. Now that Malia has appeared the thread will move from going into the woods into going back into town. I'm sure there will be some things to see to until then, like burying the dead, and gathering the campsite rubble. But that is where I was seeing the thread move to for the next phase. I'm sure the attack of the timberwolves would have stirred up all sorts of dangers to meet us on our way back though. With that in mind, @Venus Sprite it is your turn to post.
  18. I want to write, but I'm too lazy to write a full story most of the time. I also like writing with other people.
  19. Sometimes the key to a well executed plan lies in a particularly bad idea. Upon his return to Valucre, Leandros Kostikos had found that everything around him for the most part had changed. Empires had changed hands like the particularly cheap hookers he had… Uhm… Met in the streets of Hell’s Gate. His friends had all but disappeared (and thank everything that was holy, so had the people he owed money to. For the most parts.) He had traveled across the lands of Terrenus, visiting the places he had adventured to and finding that for the most part, he could not recognize anything but names. Only one thing stood, remaining the way he had remembered in his heart’s eye. Altissium Bay. With a small smile, he remembered the city he had built with his own sweat, blood, and hard work. In the guise of a traveling magus, he had listened to the whispers about the Stones of Genesaris, and something inside of him compelled him to investigate. Although factual information had been scarce, he did find that there were whispers of artifacts found by other adventurers. It had seemed that although elusive, there were trails of their history strewn throughout Genesaris’ history. It had taken the wizard three months of research, incredibly intricate spellwork, and a particularly unsavory affair with a female dwarf he did not want to think about, but he had narrowed down one of the stones’ location. Antigone. It had been hard departing his beloved Altissium Bay, but the wizard swore to himself that once the affair with the stone was resolved, he would return to reclaim what he built. For some reason, there was something about the stone that called to him… Something important. And so he sailed, working as a hired hand in a merchant ship and maintaining his identity as a wizard incognito. Instead he had divested himself of most of his magical focii save for the crystalline ring in his right pinkie, which served to entirely conceal his magical presence, and the ring on his left pinkie which would allow him access to his magical cache in a pinch. And of course there was his right eye carefully concealed beneath an eyepatch, hardly hindered by being covered and still running the glamour that hid his scars. He had bound his shoulder-length black hair with a simple leather strap, displaying his prominent, sharply angled cheekbones and a nose that had looked as if it had been broken a few times. Instead of his usual vestments of a long, black coat and a silken shirt, the wizard had donned a tight fitting, sleeveless black leather top complete with a hood that displayed heavily muscled, scarred arms and matching black pants adorned an ancient looking pair of blades that rested in either of his hips. To all of those who would see him, he would seem just another common soldier. Which in an island where people were heavily bigoted against wizards, he mused, would come in handy. Months had passed on the ship, and the wizard busied his mind with coming up with a plan as deft hands worked on the decks of the ship and he chatted up the crew, learning what he could about the island he was about to visit. They had forsaken magic for the sake of technology, it seemed, and thrived due to the advanced constructs they had created. At that, the wizard couldn’t help but to smile. Of course one of the most powerful magical artifacts in Genesarian history would be hidden in an island filled with beings who both hated and revered magic. Upon making landfall, Leandros was quick to lose himself into the city, trying to learn the pulse of his surroundings. It seemed that the rumors were correct. Magic was, indeed, heavily restricted and treated as a threat. All of this, and yet… Magic made their magic hatred possible. They yearned so much to restrain wizards, that they had turned to what they feared the most. And if that was not the most mortal thing he had seen in the last few decades or so, it had been close. Decently satisfied with his reconnoitering after a week of traveling from place to place, the wizard decided to scout the surrounding forests. Placing his hand on the ground the wizard willed a trickle of power into the ground beneath him, sending the pulse as far away from the city as possible. Closing his eyes, he could feel… Connected to the earth. With a deep breath, he probed for anything that could help. Anything that could be of interest. Anything… Aha. Not a few leagues back he could feel a gathering of beings. It was not quite the same feel as he had gotten in the city, but something more rudimentary. Quickly dispelling his magic so he would once again be nondescript, the wizard set himself forward in a run towards the gathering of living beings. If memories of the texts he had read about the island served (and let’s face it, they did), he would find clusters of orcs or rebel mages scattered beneath the deep brushes. After a half hour of running, the wizard found himself in a suspiciously serene clearing. Closing his eyes, he felt the presence of living beings encircling him, hidden away by the luscious green foliage. It was there that he had to make a choice. Play the part and be captured, or make sure that there were no witnesses. For a moment, the wizard thought of reaching for his magic and laying a conflagration of ice to his surroundings… But the same deep gut feeling that had told him to seek the Stone had also warned him against drawing attention to himself. Furrowing his brow, the wizard shook his head to himself. “Kostikos, you’ve done stupider things…” He thought darkly to himself. “But sure. Let’s play hostage.” He said under his breath as he removed his left pinkie’s ring and pocketed it into one of his concealed pockets, leaving only the translucent focii. Deliberately, he did what no sane man would do. He played the fly. And flew right into the spider’s web. After that, things happened in a blur. Six hulking figures he recognized as orcs surrounded him, weapons brandished. And so he played the part. Bringing out his blades he felled one, but allowed himself to take a large fist to the side of his head. Lifting his blades and allowing a carefully acted out flash of fear to cross his face, the wizard dropped his weapons. “Peace! Peace! I was just trying to find myself food.” He said, voice quavering as one of the orcs hit him again, causing him to spit blood upon the ground before restraining him. “This’n the right place.” A slurred voice in rough common spoke, taking his blades. “And now you’re ours.” And that’s how it happened. Conveniently, even after searching him for weapons, the orcish creatures overlooked his rings. After a week of jeering and poking at the wizard in his cage, they mostly ignored the wizard. Breaking out and… Eliminating the threat would have been easy. But something inside of him made him wait. So he did. After a week of what could barely be passed off as meals and relatively no action, something changed. It seemed like his “captors” had found more guests. His eyes widened slightly as he felt the release of magic, and a half-crooked grin lit his lips. Minutes later, he saw a large figure carrying… A girl who looked like she had seen miles and miles of bad roads. A girl who was screaming like a banshee with a particularly bad case of phobophagic fleas. Gripping the wood of his cage he surged forward. “Psst. Girl.” He shouted, voice roughened by the general lack of water. “Hey girl. Come to free me?” And people said Leandros wasn’t subtle or good at planning things.
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  21. "I think you're taking me too lightly" Gozen smirked as he readied his right arm. He then swung it forward throwing a punch towards the enemies that ran towards him, and yelling "Fire Fist!". This sent out a huge fist of flames which engulfed one the abominations and would burn it out before it could reach him. After this, he rapidly chained with a kick from his flaming right leg, at an angle to the second abomination's head. The forced put in the kick was strong enough to shatter a good number of consecutive set of bones. He finally ended with downpour of flames upon his opponent crisping it as well. However, these two weren't the only ones after his skin, a he now found himself facing the big boss, in the middle of a poison gas cloud. Before he could get his legs to touch the ground, he was hit hard by the giant demon's sweeping hand, and sent flying into a building through the wall. As he got hit, he ended up inhaling some of the poison gas after his gasp of pain. A few moments later, he stepped out of the building with his hand on his mouth, blocking the blood he was coughing out. "This guy could be more trouble than I had expected" he said wiping away the rest of the blood from his face. A smirk then slowly ran across his face. "This oughta be fun" Gozen was just as vulnerable to poison as a human could be, though his resistance to radiations was a bit upped due to the magical protection in his scales absorbing some of it. But this still didn't make him completely protected from it as prolonged exposure in an intense field could bypass his scales absorption abilities. From the looks of it, it was very unlikely that Gozen would be able to take this thing down, but instead of scaring him, the fact rather made his blood boil more. From his back came out flames which looked like liquid wings, and with these wings, he took the ground into the air. As he stood ready to battle, his arms and legs, including the clothes on them, turned black and flames blazed over them. "Hey ugly! Show me what you got"
  22. @Charlie Winchester when you find yourself with questions after giving the new member guide a look, we’re here to help
  23. Welcome to Valucre Charlie! Hope you enjoy RPing with us.
  24. Welcome to Val Lily. Funny fact, I like stories around romance, though i never involve my characters into any sort of romantic affair. Maybe not so funny. Anyways, I'm an all in fantasy RPer so if you ever need a partner in your fantasy RPs, just gimme a call 😉
  25. I can also do a post every day, though because of my time zone (for example, it is 7am for me right now) it might be difficult to post more than once depending when I see the post. Anyway, I'll be posting in a few hours - and noted, no worries about dragging her to the pit with Odd. I ended my post rather abruptly (won't happen again, sorry about that!), so time skipping or whatever is totally fine!
  26. You excited for R3? I've been waiting for this since high school

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      I didn't know an R3 was coming out!

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      It's also a movie, not seasons. 

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  27. All the possible ideas of what could go wrong with this mission filled Skar with a grim chill... he reveled in that sensation. It was the first thing he'd felt in weeks... he hadn't felt this way since joining the cult. The fantasies of what horrible things these cultists might be doing to people filled him with this same chill... A foreboding, unpleasant feeling. But it was a feeling. Skar managed to keep any feeling from his voice, and instead spoke in his usual voice... which was one of utter disinterest and that had a permanent infliction that hinted to his inner lack of sensation. Why he did this, he didn't know. He thought maybe it was that he didn't want people to know how he felt, which was probably true... But maybe it was just a habit he had kept from his life. "It doesn't matter if I'm ready, it wouldn't change anything anyway" he said with a fatalistic approach, which about summed up how his conversations with the cultists had gone thus far. His supreme lack of care had lead many to believe he didn't really have a place in their group, and after their leader, whom he was now with, had inspected him, she no longer needed to believe it. Skar was pretty sure that anyone with a down-to-earth attitude would see that Skar didn't have a place anywhere, nor was he searching for one. What mattered isn't that he felt at home, it was that he was doing what they wanted. He said to himself that he went along with this because it didn't matter if he did or didn't, but in truth, he knew if he wasn't doing something with his time... he didn't know what he would do. Knowing that you can't trust yourself is terrifying, and Skar had been living with this fear for years. He wanted to add to Chrysma that he was used to skulking and keeping a low profile, but he knew he didn't need to tell her that. He also considered adding he had no plans to have any fun, at all. But, that wasn't even worth the energy it would take to say, in his mind. He didn't care for this woman's feelings, but there was no reason to bring her down. He simply placed his identification into his clothing's pockets, which matched his illusion-clothing enough so it didn't look weird when it more or less vanished. For some reason, his hand was shaking when he put the card away...
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