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  2. What do you hate to see in a post?

    While I can see the appeal of avoiding character sheets, since actual people can’t check a character sheet upon meeting someone, they do have some advantages. For instance, if you’re character, who had no character sheet, suddenly reveals that he is god in the flesh, and we are all just pawns in his cosmic game, my only possible response is “Okay. I guess that’s that.” Because how do I know if that was true or not before he said it? IRL a mechanic can’t suddenly reveal that he’s actually a brilliant mathematician, because he typically won’t have the education or expertise to back up the claim. In an RP, you can just say you have the expertise, and you suddenly have it, unless your character has a recorded past. Maybe no one here would do that, but plenty of people would. I don’t usually read any part of a CS except the physical description, but it’s good to have just in case it’s needed.
  3. Well, hi. Again.

  4. Well, hi. Again.

    Carloossssssss! <3
  5. Updates: Canon & General

    Update to Hell's Gate Notable Residents section @Generic Perfection
  6. MOBS tournament lobby

    It occurs to me that all of this is actually happening in Hell's Gate, so Moved all threads to Cities board Tagged all threads with Hell's Gate Locked all threads since the fights and the tournament has been concluded I sent over the final match to Lastlight to see about getting a feature article written up for that and will play out in the lounge the aftermath of the tournament before thinking about the next one
  7. Ruin has come to Ashville

    It was my turn? D: Oops
  8. Updates: Canon & General

    Amalia board replaced by Amalia tag in Wilds of Terrenus First page of threads have all been tagged Amalia and moved
  9. Getting started; anyone like Joust knights?

    Do you guys mind making a new OOC thread for this? I don't want to move this one, because it will move the thread away from the interest check widget and make the water cooler seem less active. We can leave this open for more interest or lock it if you're done, I just want the bulk of the OOC in the "ooc rp" board
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  11. Brevity exercise OOC

    For anyone curious about this, it's been fun
  12. Getting started; anyone like Joust knights?

    Will have a post up today <3
  13. What do you hate to see in a post?

    My final say on the sociopath matter. We're writing characters, not being ourselves IRL. None of us claim to be professional authors, but we should all give our best effort to write fleshed out characters. --------------- I've had someone throw a fit and delete all thier posts in a thread in an attempt to detail it after they weren't allowed to kill off the majority of the population of Inns'th. Yes, that was a specific example. No, I won't ever apologize for calling this one out. RP happens, and the conclusion is never garunteed unless you flip a coin beforehand unless you stop posting and get skipped to death. I don't mind that people have thier characters act in thier own interests, motivation is part of what makes a well rounded character. Sometimes things work out for them and sometimes they don't. As long as one doesn't devolve into the "MUH CHARACTUR IS TOO KEWL TO FAIL!!!!" syndrome and the usual accompanying OOC shitfit there shouldn't be an issue with competition. 100% just going with the flow can lead to just reacting and that results in less people pushing the plot forward.
  14. The Sadira Amar: Tea and Tavern

    Raveena laughed, delighted by them, “No, not a zombie. I’m very mortal. In my past life, I was a living weapon. I died approximately fifteen times while assisting in building Predator’s Keep, but this death had a little more impact. My grandmother was a very powerful sorceress who did not fully realize what she had gotten herself into when she sought to further our family line.” Raveena stood, wringing her fingers apprehensively as she began to pace around the room and explained, “I am the reincarnation of a Sefirot. Like a concept, that represents a part of something divine.” “When I had died, it was to save my then-husband from dying, and I succeeded at the cost of my own life. The God was displeased and—trickster that he was, essentially gave me new life while his brothers weren't looking. He was pleased at my readiness to do what it took, but disappointed by how easily I threw my life away. I lost ten years of my memories as a result of that death, and I will never get them back.” Raveena tilted her head back and looked thoughtful as she slowly paced around the room. She had come along way since her return to Valucre. Determined to stay away, to hole herself up in a stranger’s apartment she could not remember. “In truth, my husband and I became estranged. He was ashamed of allowing something heinous to consume him and lead him down a destructive path. We annulled our marriage and separated amicably. I then had hundreds of refugees who had lost their cultural identity. I hail from an Imperial family, but I wasn’t ready—still not ready—to make that full commitment to my duties as Empress.” She turned to both Zack and Charlie before she strode back to her seat and sat back down, her hands clasped together as she leaned into the table, “I was born from a wager between two gods to restore my people to their former glory. I was blessed with four gifts to see this through. That’s how I believe I can assist you two in what you want to accomplish. I have Hyperion here in Terrenus, Alethea and Port Kyros in the Rising West of Genesaris. And if I have my way, Port Thea in Ursa Medeum.” Raveena leaned forward and rest her lips against her clasped hands thoughtfully before she looked up, “I will have you stay here for as long as it will take me to complete this. As my guests you will have access to whatever resources you need. Tiandi has an excellent facility for training. The Bravot Library contains reading material from across the Multiverse.” Leaning back, now that she was thinking clearer, concisely, she nodded thoughtfully—as if in agreement with herself, “My courtesan is overseas at my Summer Home indefinitely. You may stay at her home here for as long as you’d like, really. If you require work in the meantime, I may have something right up your alley. Essentially, you are now protected under my jurisdiction.” Hyperion was a city about taking those who had very little, and arming them with the tools and the knowledge to make something better for themselves. Men like Zack and Charlie were her particular favorite brand of people. Smart enough to stay alive, resourceful enough to survive and make something of themselves. She had been a lot like them, from what she had been told. She smiled a tiny smile and leaned back into her seat. She thought of Andrew, her estranged husband. His life as a mercenary before she had come along, and how he had become an accomplished mage smith. This very room was once his workshop. His presence was all around, from the strange and magical to the organized chaos. She wondered where he was, now. What he did with his life. Raveena thought of Rowan, a genetically enhanced wetboy who lost his memories, who had assimilated into a life of royalty. Reform. Raveena was good at reform. Adept at seeing the good in people no matter how low they stooped. It was clear these two men had been through quite an ordeal together—and that they were indeed a package. Working for them would be a pleasure, she decided.
  15. What do you hate to see in a post?

    Character sheets. Ew.
  16. What do you hate to see in a post?

    Stealing from another RPer is something else I can’t stand. There are really obvious ways of doing this, like seeing that my character is a demon disguised as a human, then suddenly revealing that your character is also a demon disguised as a human, despite making no mention of this in a CS or any previous post... (That’s a general “you” directed at no one). There are also more subtle ways of doing this. I know I mentioned this in another post, but I once did an RP where my character was an outlaw seductress being tracked by a Sherriff(or bounty hunter, I forget) who was secretly in love with the seductress. They would meet, fight, play cat and mouse, and usually end up in bed. I described all of this, and the person I was RPing with went on to describe almost the exact same situation with her own characters, despite having character sheets that made no mention of any of this. It wasn’t overt, but I could clearly see that she was hijacking my character dynamic, even if no one else could. It completely turned me off to RPing with her, and I dropped out (which I don’t often do).
  17. Come at me...

    [ Salute ] My body is ready!
  18. Come at me...

    Order of appearance for people who said they would T1. Deus, Stumbler, True Lycalo, Hollowcipher, Grizzly. Other people didn't give an affirmative commitment, some indicated strict interest in battle Royale.
  19. Come at me...

    I’ve done exactly that. If anyone wants to know who I am currently fighting, look at the first post.
  20. Come at me...

    Good idea. 👍
  21. Cyber Security

    48 Million Profiles Left Exposed by Data Scraping Firm, Report Says - LocalBlox, a company that scrapes user information from social media and other websites to repackage and sell, left 48 million of its records exposed on a public server. The data on each individual reportedly includes names, addresses, dates of birth, LinkedIn job histories, public Facebook data, Twitter handles and information from real estate listing site Zillow. LocalBlox founder Ashfaq Rahman told ZDNet that the 48 million figure is inflated because the dataset includes records that are intentionally fake for testing purposes. https://www.cyberscoop.com/localblox-upguard-data-scraping-breach/ 'iTunes Wi-Fi Sync' Feature Could Let Attackers Hijack Your iPhone, iPad Remotely - Researchers at Symantec have issued a security warning for iPhone and iPad users about a new attack, which they named "TrustJacking," that could allow someone you trust to remotely take persistent control of, and extract data from your Apple device. The feature allows the computer owner to secretly spy on your iPhone over the Wi-Fi network without requiring any authentication, even when your phone is no longer physically connected to that computer. Ensure that no unwanted computers are being trusted by your iOS device. For this, you can remove the trusted computers list by going to Settings → General → Reset → Reset Location & Privacy. https://thehackernews.com/2018/04/iphone-itunes-wifi-sync.html
  22. Come at me...

    As an idea, you could create a roster and update your first post with it. You can track wins/loses that way, not rule sets used, and stuff like that. That way there is a central point of info for you and everyone else, and you don't have to dig through pages of me rambling at people.
  23. What do you hate to see in a post?

    Randomness and spontaneity are fine if that's what you are going in for like with Bi'le'ah, but if it comes to someone just coming in and trying to make it about them, that's where I see the problem in it. Its fine if the focus shifts naturally, that's not something I am saying is wrong, because sometimes the different perspectives being brought to the table can do that, which is fine. So long as everyone is willing to talk about it, and are okay with that, then its perfectly acceptable to me as a role player. To me its the difference between groups of people coming together to construct a story and can never get the same thing twice, versus groups of people being forced to do the same thing over and over again because one person in the group refuses to allow the story to naturally change and adapt on its own. I really did not mean for that to come out as a run on sentence, it just sort of happened.
  24. Come at me...

    I believe @Deus Ex Aizen was next in line.
  25. What do you hate to see in a post?

    That's a great and valid point but as a counter: in some ways, role play isn't meant to have a single cohesive story. I suppose it super depends on the thread. But each character is an individual and has its own goals. I was in a Pokemon RP that had a rough central plot. My character had it's own objectives unrelated to that plot. However, for reasons that kept escaping me, I kept becoming the focal point and the narrative was steadily shifting to focus on my character. Which is the exact opposite of what I wanted. (This happens more often than I'd like, tbh) But the point is, that is okay. Sometimes there is a more interesting story to be told, and people naturally congregate to that. That is the beauty of role playing, you aren't "fixed" in the narrative.
  26. What do you hate to see in a post?

    This is an interesting attitude/perspective. One I agree with because I think collaboration leads to storylines that are more engaging for more people, and that organization makes it for a better read for an outsider and for yourself in the future coming back to old threads, but I know a number of people who bemoan the lack of random spontaneity also
  27. Ruin has come to Ashville

    @HollowCipher I was under the impression you were going to post next. Just checking in.
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