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    [High Atlas] A Price on Immortality

    SULLIVAN CIAR OHDRAN Hand slid into his blazer's pocket, and from the satin sheathe came a simple yet elegant tin box. Cracking open the lid, Sully plucked the fattest cigar he could find, and stuck it between his teeth. Putting the tin away, he drew his lighter, ran his thumb across the lion embossed in gold, and reminisced. Truth be told, he didn't like smoking. It was relaxing, sure, but he hardly liked how the smoke burned his lungs and throat. Still, this lighter was her first gift to him, and he'd honor that. Flicking open the cover, Ohdran cracked the wheel twice before it finally caught aflame. From there, he lit the cigar, took a deep breath, and let the somewhat sweet, somewhat acrid smoke burn in. Letting out a long, drawn out white stream, he took the tobacco from his teeth, and looked to Julian. "What did you find out?" "Black Hat just finished talk'n with Big Atlas." Taking another inhalation from his cigar, he paused, exhaled, and continued. "And what of it? Did they strike a deal? What was the man's price." "There was no price. Big Atlas ain't sell'n. Ev'ryone he talked to — no deal," Julian said, crossing his arms as if to emphasize the point. "What?" Sullivan replied. "Then why is he here?" "No idea boss. He got's ev'ryone in a twist. Even threw Red Suzanne for a loop. She tried hard to get that ship for herself — and I think y'know what I mean when I say hard." "Red Suzanne you say... well she's earlier than I expected." Sully didn't even recall her being invited to this year's Mercatoribus de Ovili Pecus, especially given the incident that happened last year. Whatever the situation was now, it looked as if matters weren't going to get any better from him. Most people would crack under offers from some of the merchants and marketers in Mezthaluen. Most of them had big coffers to spend on whatever they wanted. If the richest of the rich weren't going to get that ship, then how would he get it? Tapping the ash from his panatella, he made his way out of the alley and proceeded in the direction of the meeting. "Boss, are y'still going? I thought th'only reason you came to Bazaar was t'get that ship. How can y'buy it when he ain't sellin?" "Julian, my son. Everything has a price."
  4. Figure its been long enough. Guess we working for some egg heads!
  5. Phaedara

    The Final Beginning

    The first few days were a series of hazy dreams. Prior to finding Renkor--rather when he found her--Aelyria had already long ridden the edge exhaustion to it limit. To make matters worse, the begrudging swamp failed to be forgiving and she stumbled frequently, the muck resistant to relinquish its prize and sapping the remaining fumes of energy that continued to fuel her. She thought Renkor might force her to walk to her death, but eventually they would stop, rest for a few hours, and then continue onward once again. They shared little conversation aside from the orders he'd give to eat, rest, and walk. She obliged willingly, too tired to argue or question him. There was little room in her broken heart to fight back. Time passed in a flurry of variant shades of amber. Sunlight scarcely penetrated the dense fog well enough to make much of a difference, and at night the toxic fumes had an eerie orange glow about them that screened their silhouettes and highlighted those of the creatures that dashed around them, chittering excitably with warning. But Renkor nearby, Aelyria remained safe. No creature would dare wander too close as if his mere presence were enough to ignite fright within them. Despite the dangers surrounding them and the poison threatening to enter their lungs, Aelyria felt safe. She felt safe for the first time in such a long time, the last having been on a cold winter morning, nestled against the back of a stranger who had just rescued her from the aftermath of a snowstorm. By the week's end, she felt almost returned to her normal self. Her mind less of a garbled mess than before, tried on occasion to spark conversation, but was often met with curt nods or abbreviated answers. She even asked about his drake, wondering why they should walk when, according to Ted, they could fly, but he reasoned that the fog was too noxious for even the ice drake to withstand and could not risk it's life. It seemed to make sense and didn't think much of his lack of further explanation, as her other conversations with Renkor having been just as brief and one-sided. He always seemed to have more important matters on his mind so she let him be. Never did it cross her thoughts that the person before her was anyone other than Renkor. So, Aelyria focused her attention elsewhere, but whichever direction she looked, only plumes of fog met her. She looked her feet and occasionally she might stumble upon a small reptile, skirting around her mud-caked boots to avoid being stepped on, but nothing of considerable interest. At one point she made a game for herself and attempted to match Renkor's long stride, nearly lunging just to keep up and match his footprints with hers. She remarked how the size of them dwarfed her own and paused, her boot settled on the deep print, heel in heel and creating an ant-sized canyon between curvature of imprinted mud and the tip of her toes. "Aelyria?" Her head snapped up to find Renkor turned, brows furrowed concernedly as his eyes gazed at her from above the raised mask. She must have stood there for a while staring at the footprint and felt her cheeks flush with heat. "Sorry," she said sheepishly, refraining herself from looking down again. "I saw a strange looking gecko before it skittered off. I'm good now, we can keep going." Renkor cocked his head questioningly, and she had the most eerie sense he was inspecting her, as if examining for cracks in a discounted piece of pottery. But then he shrugged and moved onward, she trailing after but with the first of glimmer of hesitance she had had all week. Why did she lie? It was an innocent gesture and yet she felt like a kid caught with a pastry well before dinner time. Aelyria tried to shake the feeling and focused her attention on other matters, only to find the subject of them filled with images Caliben and Ted, one man burning and the other bloated on fetid waters. She visibly cringed against the icy tingle that crept up her spine, and knew she needed to escape her thoughts. "Hey, Renkor," she called out to the mists. "Can I ask you something?" He didn't turn but for the briefest moment paused and then nodded his head. "You can." "Why are you even here in Taen? What could possibly be so important here that you had to cross into a whole other dimension to get?" Initially, silence followed her question, only the soft squish of mud and chattering insects greeting her ears as they trudged through the swamp. "Solitude," he said finally. "Solitude? And you couldn't find solitude anywhere else in the world that you had to come here? Of all places?" "Yes. It's not as if I didn't try. There were just...certain things in that world that I needed to be apart from. To escape from. I had hoped that being in an entirely different plane of existence would be enough to clear my mind." Aelyria thought to pry further, but had the sense that such an inquiry would be ill received. So, she diverted her attentions to another question that had been eating away at her. "So, you've been a while, haven't you?" A simple nod was enough to confirm. "Then... was that really you at the mire?" This time, he stopped and turned to her. "The mire?" "Yeah. Ted... Ted and I saw you at the mire. You just seemed to appear out of no where like a ghost, and you looked at me." She paused, swallowing at the memory. "Called out my name." He seemed to searching for an answer, eyes darting to the ground as if buried in the muck was the key to an unsolvable puzzle. Then, he sighed irritably, turning to press onward with renewed urgency. Startled, but not wanting to be left behind, Aelyria chased after him. "I'm sorry, did I say something wrong?" "No," he growled. "Not you." "Then," she scoffed exasperatedly. "Then tell me what. Was that not you at the mire?" He shook his head. "No, it wasn't. It was a Morpher." "Morpher?" She scrounged the depths of her memory for any detail on the name, but found nothing. She cursed herself for not taking more time to research Taen. "What is that?" "A creature. It plays tricks and was likely trying to mislead you. No doubt the working in tandem with the Mork'Outh to isolate you, capture you. Kill you even." "The Mork'Outh? I-I don't understand." Renkor sighed again and stopped, suddenly looking weary as if all the world's burdens sat so heavily on his shoulders. She wondered if he hadn't slept these past few days--she had been caught up in her own tribulations she had forgot to consider him. "The Mork'Outh are a group of tyrannical beasts who believe they own all of Taen. They want nothing to do with outsiders and will do whatever it takes to remain in control over everything." He paused to consider his next words carefully, as if hesitant to burden her with the secrets he carried. But with a nod and beckon to move onward, he continued. "I've been here for the past several months working along side a native race called the Xer-orians. For centuries they've been suppressed by the Mork'Outh, forced to live in hiding within the mountains. The Mork'Outh are ruthless and the Xer-orians have lived in fear for too long. They have been trying to form a resistance, an uprising to fight back." Aelyria gawked as she listened. She almost hadn't expected anything less of him, knowing he had always been so ambitious. "But, not long ago one of the hives was struck. The Mork'Outh attacked with vicious titans of their own making, savagely destroying everything and anything in their path." Aelyria could almost see his jaw tighten with anger. "It was massacre." "That's horrible," she exclaimed, the drum of blood beating in her head with rage. "It is. I've taken it upon myself to supply them with weapons of my own design. The Queen of the hive has been generous and I've been rewarded handsomely for my rendered services." He cocked his head at her and she thought she saw the hint of a smile in his eyes. "Just as I'm sure you will be if wish to help." Her heart skipped. To take on such an endeavor, something so much larger than herself? It seemed impossible. Yet... He wanted her there. "Is that we're going then? To the mountains?" He nodded. "It won't be much longer now."
  6. Awesome. Also still walking to the estate so should be fun to see what happens next.
  7. It's alrighty 😊 But I'd very much like to post next, please! Just fyi to everyone! 😂
  8. Crap. Well I did skim so I could respond. I can fix the time. And sorry didn't know you were going to post. 😣
  9. Rin

    Kid versus Rin

    Rin said nothing as she watched the man run up the tree. Tilting her head, the half breed wasn't sure why the man was doing it but as she leaned against her oar with such curiousity. Then again humes (humans) were interesting indeed. The half breed watched still as she wanted to say something but she enjoyed watching in curiosity more. However, she shook her head as the black yellow curls hit her shoulders. She sighed softly after an hour or two as she spoke to almost no one yet enough anyone could hear her. You alright there? I never saw anyone climb trees before and it puzzles me. Rin then smiled leaning more on her oar as she thought about if she would use her oar to hit the tree. See if it would fall. That made her laugh softly.
  10. @Rin But! Umm, umm, but... I was gonna post first 😂 but it's okay, friend. Just letting you know it's daytime and we're just about to make our way out into the road going around the estate; knights posted near Ravenel Manor won't let just anyone come too close 😊
  11. Rin

    contemporary movement

    Esben made his way to the estate as he said nothing. It had been a long trip and he didn't expect he would be walking the last leg of the trip. He usually was offered a carriage or coach. None came for the elf and after an hour or two decided to walk. Of course he didn't like the walk either way. The elf sighed. Though it seemed something exciting was bound to happen. Not every day you got a letter to help an assassination play out. Of course he wasn't sure it was one. But nonetheless Esben was here for his own reasons. He had gotten restless in his homeland. Though he loved causing chaos and suffering, he needed a moment to himself. ‘Such a day to behold. Though a bit warm nonetheless. Warmer than Athentha but it feels not as cold. Hopefully won't get much hotter. And I can stand it a bit more than other Athenthians, but still.’ Esben thought to himself as he walked. The walk was a nice one, as he thought it was. Much more grass than Athentha that made him a bit homesick. But adventure called to him. Well that and adding another thing to the list of his bounty. It made him laugh that no one had tried to claim it in ages. It was such a silly thing. But it made him laugh nonetheless. Esben continued on wondering if he would meet anyone else that decided to come and ruin the night for the ones inside the estate. Hopefully yet he remained cautious and alert.
  12. Roen

    Historical Music

  13. Kalar Meadia

    Teller's Respite

    Kalar looked at Kamuli and smirked. "Was it just Heatstroke or was dehydration a part of it as well? You used to not always balance your drinking with enough water, if I recall correctly." Kalar laughed off the tease before turning to Brenna. "I have more issues with cold than heat. Avion physiology means I can distribute my body heat more throughout my wings and body, and provide my own shade. Without proper garments, trying that with the cold just gives more surface area to be cold and freeze. The wings are a fair bit warmer than skin, granted - but when it's desperately cold outside, it's best not to let the blood flow to colder area of the body, then rejoin the main host. So those who explore into colder climates will have their wings out for additional padding, but also wear large cloaks over their wings to keep their surface warmer. I honestly rather see it as a comical sight, but it works. I will have need one of one myself if we are to head into truly cold climates." Kalar found a place to sit himself as he looked over the two women fitting together. "That reminds me, I'll have to show you the inseam folding technique used for wing-slots. In short, it's sort of a folded tube sock inside the lining where the wings come out, to help prevent heat escape the body from the slits. Due to the blood-flow around that area, and the general lack of overall insulation and protection, it can be quite a heat vulnerability there. A bit of extra lining in the back is never remiss."
  14. Moi

    00 | A New Path

    For a few moments, there was silence as the two continued to prance around their shadowy creation. Only moments had passed since the creature inside had appeared, growing to fill the space that had been given. Now that it had matured some, it had begun to take the form of a small child. Excited by their progress the Raven let out a strange call in response to the Fox nodding their head signaling the next step of the process. The two stopped suddenly, staring at the orb as if waiting for something to happen to notice it had stopped growing, and stunned by their own curiosity. Again the orb wobbled as the creature inside shifted making itself comfortable. “Only a few more minutes, so be ready.. We both need to act simultaneously or their will be corruption.”
  15. EpicRome23

    Sweep the leg

    The man that General Alexios faced was somewhat odd in appearance. Maybe affected by a disease, maybe only partially human, maybe not human at all. Alexios didn't plan to become familiar enough with this man in order to find out. In fact, he would vastly prefer the man going away or suddenly dropping dead... but it didn't seem the latter was all that likely. And as for the former, well, the man's initial tone made it clear that he intended to see Alexios and his men gone from the outpost. A quick glance to the walls and back told him that he might have a chance if he struck at this man now and then wheeled about. But... the timing didn't feel quite right to the General. Furthering considering, he surmised that by the choice of words, maybe these truly were the old owners come to reclaim their outpost. If that were the case, well, Alexios would almost consider ceding the outpost back to them. But he hadn't spotted anywhere else suitable, and Neque had made clear the consequences of coming back empty-handed... The man spoke again after a pause, and introduced himself. At the mention of the opposing group's reasoning for bringing the armed force, a response to seeing the arms of his own men and the Darkgolem, Alexios could only nod in understanding. "A reasonable reaction. And for what's it worth, that machine, the Darkgolem, gives me the creeps as well." "I'm afraid you'll have to move along." This sentence come soon after Alexios' statement, bringing his previous train of thought to a screeching halt. The General did not desire to bring Aligoria into a war with an unknown faction by his actions, and he could even see the demand as reasonable from his standpoint. Right of ownership would not be Aligoria's if this faction had claim to the outpost or the lands around it. However... his earlier thought came back to mind. If he acquiesced here, he would have to march in a different direction entirely in search of another suitable location, potentially drawing the attention and ire of another faction or sovereign territory. And from his assessment of the force before him, coupled with his knowledge of the Shadow Guard's abilities, the supposed power of the Darkgolem, and the ever-valuable advantage of the well-defended position... he could send them packing, or, failing all else, give them a bloody nose before the wrath of the Shadow King came upon them in full. Though, preferably, the latter scenario would occur. Alexios didn't have a strong desire to die here. His course decided, Alexios left his expression neutral, glancing back over his shoulder at the outpost and moving his free hand slightly in the pattern of the pre-arranged signal. The Shadow Guard atop the walls would open fire as soon as Alexios had turned back toward the outpost. He let the slightest of sad smiles leak through his neutral expression. "Well, J, there is only one thing I can say to that. You'll have to drag our cold, dead bodies out of that outpost, unfortunately." As he finished speaking, Alexios spurred his horse forward, striking at J with his spear in a series of quick thrusts that would likely do little damage against the armored man, but would force him to focus on defending instead of striking at the General as he wheeled about and raced back toward the outpost. As soon as he had turned and picked up speed, the Shadow Guards atop the walls had fired their arm crossbows from their cloaked positions, firing into the men behind J with swiftness and precision. From the direction of the gateway, sliding just past the retreating Alexios, a bolt of dark power hurtled straight toward J. When Alexios was safely back inside the outpost, he and his men would begin to close the gate as quickly as they could manage.
  16. Alexei

    Historical Music

  17. Alexei

    Historical Music

  18. vielle

    Pagans in the Night [S-Class Artifact]

    Grinning widely at Cerik’s amiable words towards his god, Iomhar then listens with poorly-concealed curiosity at the Mistress’ declaration that she follows no god, nor wants to, in any way. “You met a god?” He asks incredulously, hoping to learn more about said incident, when the knight replies, shares his own beliefs on the subject of religion. The tabaxi nods and hums in the pauses between his statements, his mood slowly darkening with sadness at the story Cerik unfolds before them. He then speaks of searching for a new god to follow, smiles brightly at the thought that his next words bring. "Absolutely no vow of celibacy. I really don't think I could manage that, that's like asking me to give up meat or alcohol." Iomhar gasps audibly, and his pack mule answers with a snort. He does not have a vow of celibacy at all, does not even have a vow of commitment, but he rather thinks— Well. He rather thinks he is loyal, in some capacity. Even if the other is not, cannot. He throws the thought away, focuses instead on laughing at Cerik’s conversation with his horse. “‘Tis a most noble pursuit, sir knight! I pray you find the god that grants you fulfillment to be in their servitude. And, of course, with no vow of celibacy.” A few more miles’ worth of travel pass, moments of quiet intersped with idle talk and sudden loud whistles courtesy of Iomhar’s appreciation for the natural surroundings, when they eventually come towards an obstruction blocking the road: a giant tree trunk felled across the dirt path. The tabaxi eyes the wooden bulk ahead, gaze glassy with slight trepidation, paws pulling gently at the reins of his steed in a restless manner. “Should we be concerned, my friends? I do not know if this is the product of nature or something more foul,” he voices out, turning towards the others with a worried shrug.
  19. Alexei

    Historical Music

  20. AngryCacti

    Old Wounds (Artifact)

    Cerin’s muscles tensed, but there wasn’t any time to react, only to brace for the worst. A flurry of motion rent the air, a sound of something hitting the floor, and a loud crack. Then Mercury was yelling for her to move. When this was over, she owed the vampire as much blood as she wanted. Cerin ran. The whine crescendoed just to her right. The light in her peripheral turned red. Instinctually, she threw her leg out and dropped into a slide. It was too late, though, and a sudden, hot impact sent her tumbling across the floor, momentum lost. There was no damage done- the beam had hit the bedroll on her back- but the smell of burning hair filled the air as the scarf around her head and neck, the loose ends of which had been caught in the blast, caught fire. Cerin slammed her back against the ground and clawed at the fabric. She swore, tore it off, and hurled it as far away as she could, the flames scorching her fingertips. There was no telling how far away she was from the end. Hades’ leash was gone from her hand. The dog had continued on and was waiting ahead of her. Cerin used her forearms to pull herself away from the trap, keeping low to the ground. Without access to a body, the most the necromancer could hope to do was get out of the corridor and pray that luck was on her side.
  21. Akiris

    MOBS lobby v3

    @supernal @Grubbistch Don't mind who starts. Supernal want to pick the field?
  22. King

    For the Good of My House

    Andross was rather content to allow his father and brother to have their way with the negotiations thereafter, and settled for peeling the ore samples away from his blade and sheathing it in his boot once again. The false triastine, he tossed across the table with the rest of the elves' dismantled treachery, a haughty flick of the wrist as if he were discarding trash. It felt good to have the high ground, at long last. For too long they’d been at the mercy of these foreign dignitaries, the lowborns of a mysterious society come to distant lands to flaunt their status. Finally, they had the upper hand—and though his expression remained cool, cold as ice, even, Andross could see the barely visible lines of frustration along Vhoori’s face. It killed him to be in this position, looking up—not down—that long, slender nose of his at his business partners. No, they weren’t quite partners anymore. For this treachery, this betrayal, they now stood beneath the humans they’d mocked for so many years. A feat only made possible by the betrayal of his daughter, no less. Oh, how that must have scorched the old elf’s soul. As the witnesses and retinues filed out of the great hall, Andross cast his gaze toward his brother. Alexandros had likely thought to slip out before his younger twin noticed, but he was still by a hand on the shoulder, its counterpart held out in expectancy. He’d not received his father’s praise, not yet – that would come after this farce had been put to rest, and the elves were ousted from their homeland. But his brother, he would pay now. “You have something that belongs to me,” Andross said. Alexandros eyed his brother’s hand disdainfully. “Mm.” “We’ve already seen one noble betray his word. I’d doubt you’d like to be cast in with that lot, no?” “You cheated.” “Cheated?” Andross cocked a brow. “It isn’t cheating that I happen to be in good standing with Lady Vivienne, enough that she was willing to entrust this critical information to me. I do believe you refer to that as networking. Now, give it over.” With no ground left to argue, Alexandros fished into his pocket and retrieved an ivory king chess piece. It was smooth and polished, looking brand new as he pressed it into Andross’s palm. “Kings to you.” Then, he turned and walked away. Kings to me, Andross thought proudly before tucking the piece into his pocket. He was a step from leaving when he heard the smack, loud and sharp as thunder as it cut through the room. Keen eyes swept over the empty face, finding Vivienne cupping her cheek, and Vhoori standing tall above her, palm pink from the impact. Instinct nearly kicked in as the young lord reached out to summon his blade—but years of propriety proved a far stronger influence, and succumbing to it, his battle sense quickly dulled, then vanished altogether. They might kill her when she returns home, Andross thought to himself. She’s betrayed her House, but also brought ruin to their rebellion? If Vhoori doesn’t desire retribution, his allies might. How much had she truly sacrificed for the good of his House? Could he just stand idly by and watch as she was carted off to what promised to be a painful, lonely death? Was it obligation he felt warring inside him, honor, or was it something else? What was she to him—stranger, lover, friend, all of these things? Did he care for her at all? Again, Vhoori raised his hand to her, the only retort that could be mustered, but it didn’t fall. Andross gripped the elf’s wrist tight, keeping it hoisted. “I don’t know much of your lands or customs, Lord Vhoori, but here, we do not strike our women.” The young noble tossed Vhoori’s hand aside with an almost excessive boast of power, a testament that the tall, thin elf would be a poor match for him in a contest of strength. With a step, he placed himself to their sides, and then with another, set himself as a bulwark between the father and daughter. He didn’t bother sparing the red-eyed elf a glance, knowing she was all right. Instead, he kept his gaze focused squarely on her father, meeting his icy glare uninhibited. “My father and brother may have been content to settle the matters as they are, but I am not.” Andross posed both hands behind him, linked at the small of his back. “As the lord commander of my father’s Honorguard, I do not overlook matters of betrayal and treachery so easily.” Vivienne would see the mighty fists that formed, strained with unspent fury. “By the law of my lands, it would be well within my right to challenge you to a duel, Lord Vhoori.” His voice was bitter, vicious and curt. “You’re good at this political game, far better at it than me, I confess, but how long do you think you would last in the square with me?” Gavin Kholin had given the elf more than just a chance to lick his wounds and reassess his dealings. He’d given him his life. “You will make this right,” Andross said coldly. “Starting with your daughter.” A third step and he was beside her, arm around her waist, holding her in a manner both exalting and possessive. “She has proven herself a true ally of my family, and therefore, is invaluable to us. She will remain here, at Skyfall, where I can ensure that you’ve hatched no more nefarious schemes at my family’s expense. She will be well-kept and looked after, an honored guest.” He saw the rage in the man’s face, the hate just seconds from spewing from his thin lips. “Or, we can draw the square and you can fight for these terms.” Andross, though no politician, was confident he’d worked Vhoori into a corner – the only exit, that which he provided. “Make your choice, Lord.”
  23. The Bone King

    Kid versus Rin

    In a forest just outside the Todo Academy, a brown eyed young man with spiky blond hair parted at the middle who wore a blue muscle shirt, black pants and brown work shoes lurked. He held a long sword in his right hand. As he looked around, he could see sunlight playing through the trees, and all around him he could hear the sound of animals playing in the underbrush, as well as bird wings fluttering. Having no clue who he happened to be up against next, he could only stand and wait patiently for him or her to show so he could battle them, for this man, Soichiro "Kid" Nagi, lived for the thrill of battle. Performing several practice strikes with his sword, he started limbering up, doing five one arm push ups per arm. After that, he got up, feeling endorphins rush to his brain. He smiled, putting a pair of fangs on display. His eyes turned red and started to glow in the dark as night fell. He dashed forward, running up the side of a tree.
  24. “Small wonder you’ve never heard of them, I suppose,” Trude said. “Their operations aren’t exactly… aboveboard. They are a research facility that sells production methods, though they are frequently one step ahead of big companies, which makes them suspect.” Trude paced the room while she thought. “Have you seen anything strange in surveillance cameras? Or rather not seen something? Supposedly they have an object that allows them to slip through security undetected. The best way to find out is probably to sneak into their building and see if they have your plans.”
  25. to watch the Miss Universe pageant finals or to write up some posts, is the question at hand 😂

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  26. Ataraxy

    When a Cult Absorbs the Fallen

    It wasn't very long before those who desired power took the mark, and those who didn't were killed off. Under Lilith's orders not a single one of the attacking paladins whom didn't surrender were allowed free. Only a few were even allowed to leave, chained up for further interrogation. The Commander didn't like to lack information and the situation which she'd stepped foot in was quite the fluctuation situation. Not surprisingly neither group originated from Terrenus, she soon learned. The potential to extend her reach into yet another learned, however, was curtailed rather speedily when the Heralds of the Fall told her they came from Elendaron. A land destroyed and no longer a viable foothold of power. Instead, with Moira and Calina by her sides and the rest of the newly marked behind her, Lilith walked to the castle which the Herald's resided in, dubbed Fallen Castle. According the the Fallen, it was an almost exact replica of the castle which they'd resided in Elendaron. A large castle loomed before her and Lilith grinned. Although she was not particularly interested in having a headquarters or place that she could be tracked to, it never hurt to have a hidden castle deep in the land of the Forbidding Hills to stay in, should the need arise. The group walked into the distance toward the castle: Paragons, Heralds of the Fall, and Paladins. All together under The Commander. Above them the sky cackled and growled, black clouds coalescing with each other as lightning lit up the darkness and thunder rocked the land. Even long after they'd entered the castle, the sky around the Forbidding Hills remained dark and ominous, a hint of what was to come in the land known throughout generations as the Necropolis. Summary: In recent times, the country of Elendaron is experiencing a variety of different chaotic events. The land itself is being absorbed into the sky and destroyed by relatively unknown means. The Heralds of the Fall, otherwise known as the Fallen, fled the dying land in an effort to, well, not die. The group, having sensed and noticed the beginning of Elendaron's chaotic downfall, arrived in Terrenus a few months prior. With their hard work and dedication to the cause, the Fallen quickly re-established their castle in the Forbidding Hills. However, only days after finishing its construction the castle's magic enchantments were torn down by a group of Paladins and Holy Knights who charged into the castle with the sole ambition to kill or capture all of the Fallen. Thus ensued many extremely bloody battles taking place around the castle and throughout various parts of the mountain range. Although the majority of higher ranking members have survived the onslaught, a good chunk of the lower members perished. The de facto leader of the Fallen is now Moira 'Gold Flame' Black. As the Paladins and Holy Knights continue their hunt for the Fallen, essentially driving the group to the brink of destruction, another group wanders their way. This group is one full of crescent moon markings and a surrounding aura that drowned any life in its unknown depth of darkness. This group is the Cult of Power. /flashing to thread details Upon colliding with the Heralds of the Fall who were fighting against the Paladins and Holy Knights, Lilith and her Paragons from the Cult of Power demonstrate their strength by forcing the submission of both sides. Despite either side having already been wounded, both the Paladins and the Fallen put up a fight before The Commander, Lilith, released the power of her artifacts and generational relic, forcing them to their knees. Those who agreed to take Lilith's Lunar Mark were given the mark and were allowed to join as Paragons of the cult, most were given the mark by first generation Paragons rather than Lilith herself. Those who refused to take the mark were dispatched (killed) by the Paragons. Some of the Holy Knights and Paladins, however, were allowed to live in order to be further interrogated for information regarding the collapse of Elendaron and the historical feud between the Fallen and the Paladins. As the Paragons dispersed to their various activities, the Fallen led Lilith back to their castle. The castle is deep within the Forbidding Hills and is almost impossible to spot if you don't know what you're looking for and where it is. Lilith, seeing the castle, decided it would remain hidden. The effects of the battle and the deaths have stirred up the area's loci and weather, producing extraordinarily dark clouds and a powerful thunderstorm in the sky above the Hills. Minor Summary: The Cult of Power collides with an ongoing fight between the Heralds of the Fall and a group of Holy Knights & Paladins. After a bloody battle and a show of strength by the cult, the two fighting parties are forced into submission. Those who join Lilith's cult are allowed to live and those who don't are killed. Lilith and the Cult of Power take over the Fallen and their castle. A thunderstorm rages above the Forbidding Hills in response to the magic and flared auras of the battle. Notable Consequences: The sky above the Forbidding Hills is in a perpetual thunderstorm With a necromancer in a position of power within an area of the Forbidding Hills, darker-type creatures will be once again attracted to the Necropolis The Fallen, a powerful if albeit evil group, is absorbed in the Cult of Power Opportunities: Figure out why the sky above the Forbidding Hills is in a perpetual thunderstorm Discover why the scent of blood is plastered across the Forbidding Hills Join the Heralds of the Fall and help Lilith in her quest for ultimate power
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