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  3. Fierach

    James Eredas versus New Challenger

    [Canon Encounter] Finding Fuererkonig was no small feat. However, the Daemonslayer had taken a vested interest in the artifacts and events of Whispernight before, and he had access to resources and connections far beyond most could reckon. The sound of footsteps, the tinkle of metal rolling across the stonework floor. "You could take the power of a dozen of those, and it would not let you win, Pretender" came the familiar voice to interrupt the Rage King's thoughts. James approached at a slow and steady walk, after the minions had left. It was not clear where he entered, but he was dressed appropriately enough. There was none of that custom, master-crafted armor, the Daemonbane set that he bore at the battle of Last Chance, nor any sign of the nodachi, instead he was all clad in black silk and dark leathers, garb for infiltrating, with pouches for specialized trinkets and tools. A longsword lay belted at his hip, and another curved sword lay sheathed across the small of his back. The Daemonslayer suppressed his aura, and with all of these details working together, it allowed him to get this close. over 30 paces away. "A portion of me wants to see you take its power, then humiliate you. But I guess it must be difficult being so weak on your own that you must resort to such false hopes". James had figured him for the type to be using shortcuts to gain power, a coward and a weakling, and here he was, the Rage King proving him right in spades. "How's the arm?" he stopped at roughly 20 paces away and goaded him further.
  4. Bachelor party for my brother, tonight. I’ll be here tomorrow, wait for me.

  5. Deus Ex Aizen

    General chat thread

    I swear to heyzeus I am going to post for you. I have a couple more bumped up for priority sake but IT'S COMIN', I SWURR. I do believe I have a bit of a head cold. Which, the weather has been flip-flopping a lot here so I'm not surprised. I will try to keep a clean bill of health so I'm not out for an egregious amount of time.
  6. I'm gonna be semi-afv for a little bit. Posting will continue but speed will slow. I have some stuff to take care of.

  7. Deus Ex Aizen

    Flying away!

    I'm sorry to see you go, but we'll get together and do some google-doc'ing soon. You know you're always welcome around our neck of the woods. Love ya!
  8. The Hummingbird

    Flying away!

    So, it's time for me to go. For reasons, I am not the board leader of Genesaris anymore and even the new leader was chosen without my input. So clearly, I am not wanted here, therefore I am finally leaving for good. I had some swell times here, thank you for those who provided that. Oh, contact King if you have questions about Genesaris, he's now in charge.
  9. Dolor Aeternum

    Darkness and Havoc [Apocalyptic Event in Ceyana]

    @Veloci-Rapture you are up. Didnt give you much to work with again but I am sure you will do fine. @Zashiii @HollowCipher waiting on you both to hack away at grumpy metal guy. I am aiming to wrap this up in a few rounds but will not sacrifice story or development if you all have ideas 🙂
  10. Appreciate the like 🙂

  11. ourlachesism

    Can You Keep a Secret?

    Raptors, the boy says, and he cannot help but lift an eyebrow at the statement. He continues to listen to the ensuing dialogue, his hands reaching out to nurse the mug of ale set out before him on the counter. His gaze flickers towards the dark-skinned woman, those hands covered with runes, before returning to his drink. The horned woman then takes a step into the conversation, inquiring about these raptor creatures and the idea of shelter, and he observes the crowd of locals shuffling away, the room slowly emptying. Shall we watch and wait? Bored, aren’t we? I find myself spoiling for a fight. Taking a tiny sip from his mug, he subtly eyes the lady with the crossbow as she trails after the others towards the basement, watches the unspoken message fly in the space between the two women. He does not move from where he sits perched against the counter. Let me finish this ale first. It’s been a while. Fine. However, do not let your gratification be the death of us, Stranger.
  12. ChaosLord

    A Night of Mystery and Mayhem

    Alright, added! Well let me know soon, so I can put you on the list! Also, not sure how long I should wait for this, or such, so may start soon. I will make sure to post the link here when I make the thread, just thought I would mention this.
  13. Alexei

    Ghoul Slayer

    Ghoul Slayer Profile Blood Type Height Weight Hair Color Eye Color Age Gender Affiliation Occupation Weaponry & Equipment Personality & Character____________________ Skills & Capabilities______________________
  14. ChaosLord

    The Unnaturally Gifted Children

    Okay, so let me first state this semi confusing statement. 1: This is not a school RP. 2: This RP will feature a school. Basically, in ways it both is and isn't a school RP. What my idea is basically a group of young characters that happen to be or become friends and classmates getting involved in one another, only instead of typical drama one might expect, they end up getting involved in things like Terrorist plots, investigating ghost stories, dealing with pan-dimensional bounty hunters seeking new and unique trophys, dealing with various dangerous and powerful monsters, saving the day, sometimes causing some chaos, getting into fights with seasoned warriors, and practicing and perfecting their supernatural and magical abilities while also sometimes using them in unnatural ways (for example, while exploring a mountain, suddenly using a combination of Earth Magic, Water Magic, and Fire Magic to build a hot springs and then taking a dip, or maybe something more simple and casual, like summoning a monster to ride to school to avoid being late, or such). Basically, it would be a variety of RP down the line, with some comedic and casual moments as well as plot and intense moments. It would probably be on Terranus somewhere, still looking at cities but if anyone has a suggestion that would be awesome. RIght now, considering a place near the ocean, like Casper, but still looking through stuff. We can probably work something out about ages, but this is the character I plan to use right now. Anyways, please let me know if you are interested!
  15. ChaosLord


    Thanks! Cant wait to get some epic stories going! Thanks! That is really good to know!
  16. supernal


    The site has some nifty embed options. When you link from, like, youtube for example it embeds, and it'll do this for other threads on the site Welcome!
  17. supernal

    Big Pond, Little Fish.

    Greetings Odric. I'm glad that of the various pages there are on the topsite list you liked what we had to say and show enough to register. You made a good decision! Easy enough for anyone to say but I think time will tell. If you stick around for a week or two I think you'll discover all of the many things that make Valucre special I agree with you about roleplay fights leading to unnecessary disagreements as people tie their ego into their characters, even the people that say they don't! It's a very powerful subconscious thing that's harder to avoid than most people think. That's why I went out of my way to come up with a few "systems" that let players have fights and focus more on the narrative of the fights rather than the mechanics. It ranges from a simple two or three sided "coin flip", to a "hit point" based system that can get has a few different levels of complexity, and my co-admin made a conflict resolution system based on the d12. If you want links to any of these, let me know and I'll send you a link Welcome aboard and looking forward to seeing more of you around
  18. Grubbistch

    [Crystallo Stella] Council and Noble Family Interest

    Sure I think I could do that.
  19. Well if you would like a member of the noble family to be apart of the council, I would love to have you!
  20. Grubbistch

    [Crystallo Stella] Council and Noble Family Interest

    Not officially yet. Still working on their first thread.
  21. supernal

    Revolution! 「New To the Sight.」

    Welcome to Valucre! Let us know if you have any questions that haven't already been answered by the ever impressive Ataraxy
  22. supernal

    Oh, uhm, hello!

    The site is geared more towards original characters and settings, which is what the Valucre planet is, but if you'd like to do a fandom you can do so in Alternative. There's a pretty long-running Final Fantasy one there right now so you're in good company You can use tags in the water cooler to advertise things like group size and pacing, and just say what kind of roleplay you want to get into. We have lists of quests all over the planet, and "hub' threads, which are like permanent setting threads that you can drop into and out of whenever you want There's also the tavern of legends, which is just for new members Check out our beginner's guide for more: https://www.valucre.com/lore.html/resources/nux/new-member-guide/ And the TOL: https://www.valucre.com/forum/239-tavern-of-legend/ Yeah! They'll be able to find someone to write with here regardless imo
  23. ChaosLord

    David and Goliath (Dougton Class C Quest)

    "Optimizing Physical Boost Glyphs. Anticipating possible outcomes. Beginning calculation of victory strategy". As Advi continued to calculate, Momo was forced to move around and try to find his own weakness in the thing, using his attacks so that Advi could gather data on their effectiveness. After all, the more information presented, the faster Advi could work out a solution. Although, Momo also wanted to see if he could beat it before Advi had a solution. "Lets try this! Single Point Strike Mode!" Suddenly, his gauntlets shifted in form and position, and prioritized a single point on his fist. Because this Lizard thing was fairly big, and didn't seem to rely on speed or agility as much as power, he figured it would be good to use on it. However, the lizard seemed to understand the technique, and used one of its claws to parry the blow. Did he somehow realized it was focused in one spot, and therefore easier to parry? Momo was forced to hop back and get some distance at this revelation, as he returned his gauntlets to normal mode. Indeed, Single Point Strike was vulnerable to parry techniques, but the lizard had not seen it yet but was able to realize it immediately. "Alert. Anomaly Detected. Re-structuring plan process. Please defeat at own discression while gathering data". "What? Oh, cra..." Momo got confused by the statement, but could not question it as he had to dodge another sword swing. Its...faster then before! That swing was faster! Summoning a Glyph into the palm of his hand, Momo braced himself as he analyzed the situation further. Something concerned Advi enough to abandon giving him advice for the time being and prioritize information gathering. That meant that whatever this lizard was, there was something about it that would bring further trouble. "Flamebolts!" Several crossbow bolt sized blames appeared in his hand, and he then threw them at the lizard. The lizard however seemed unconcerned, as it charged towards Momo all the same. In fact, hadn't Advi told Momo before not to bother with fire attacks? However, there was still a Glyph in his hand. The spell was not complete. "Spectral Conversion!" The flames then turned black before they hit the lizard, and seemed to induce some sort of pain. That was because Momo had planted a conversion Glyph in each one, and converted them at the last second so the lizard would not realize and dodge. And yet, while it staggered backwards, it opened its mouth and spit out its tongue. A tongue that stretched out so far, it was able to wrap around and grab Momo, pulling him right towards the lizard. "Sparks!" In response, Momo caused a powerful electrical current to emit from his body and electrocute the creature. It seemed to be affected somewhat, but not enough to throw Momo into the wall of a building. Momo still had his Defense and Physical Boost Glyphs up, but that did not stop him from feeling pain. "Owowowowowow....that hurt...." he stated as he fell out of the broken wall and onto the ground. He managed to get up, but the lizard was already on top of him and swinging the sword down. "Accel Burst!" Using one of his more specialized techniques, Momo accelerated his perception and body and was able to get out of the way in time by going under the legs. Momo then grabbed the tail, and did an over the shoulder throw, only in this case it was really more over the head. The lizard flew and skid across the ground, although Momo was also a bit shocked. Its...light? But the scales should be hardened...and it got faster. Wait, could it be?! As he come to a realization, Momo looked at the prey in front of him. The lizard got up, its claws out and sword ready, and it looked really pissed off. It charged right at Momo, but Momo planted his feet into the ground and prepared. The moment the lizard got in range, the sword came. Momo parried the sword away, but next came the claws. It came in with a powered charge right to his torso...but once they hit the Nanomesh and put pressure on Momo's skin, they broke. This was partially due to the fact his clothes were made of Nanomesh Fabric. In truth, these clothes were also his school uniform, but it was something he liked the look of enough to wear casually. This was intentionally done by Momo's adoptive mother, who also ordered these clothes so he could wear them at school and be well protected. Then the next claw came at him, but this time Momo ducked and punched the lizard right in the stomach. But he didn't stop his momentum there, he also went and kicked upward while jumping up with his other foot, allowing him to kick the bottom of the lizard's jaw. And then finally, while it was in a daze, Momo grabbed the sword right at the same time the lizard dropped it from being dazed by the blow, and swung it around to cut off its head. But he didn't stop there. He then swung that same sword around and cut the head in half, followed by slamming it down and cutting the entire lizard, and specifically its heart, in half. "There...seriously, I didn't expect something to have the same ability as me". Momo possessed the ability to alter his weight, his density, which allowed him to either increase his speed, or increase his power. That was how he was able to notice so quickly, that hte Lizard had done the same thing. The way it was suddenly able to move next to him, and yet while his attacks slowed the power increased. It was constantly manipulating its own weight to suit its need. Even in that last encounter, for the sword it was slow but powerful, so Momo parried it. Then for the claw, it changed to a speed attack, so Momo took it as he had increased his own weight. Then at the very end, the lizard powered up the third attack, so Momo reduced his weight, dodged it, and then altered it again to deliver heavy blows before it switched to speed again and was able to dodge and run away. It was extremely tricky, but Momo was able to do it. It also explained why the trained swordsmen of Dougton had trouble. At least as far as Momo knew, weight manipulation usually was not a common or easy ability. And it was an ability that would let someone change their characteristics. Most with training try to make note of and focus on those characteristics, and with monsters, are less likely to consider trickery, especially with one like this. Therefore, when they would try to focus on one characteristic, they would get the tables turned on them when it changed all of a sudden. Momo knelt down while catching his breath, and looked over at the lizard. He had plenty of energy and stamina to spare, but he was not so reckless as to not understand he should regain it as soon as possible in case there were furhter incidents or troubles later. "Actually wait....isn't it impressive then none of them died to this thing?" "Conclusion: The Dougton Forces are very competant as an armed force. Just, you are better at bringing your good and unique traits out to the fullest, so you are more like a specialist. Addendum: Don't cause trouble for Dougton". "Advi, your speaking again. Well, what was this issue? Its dead now, so its kind of late". "Conclusion: The event is not over yet, moron". "What! Dont call me a moron! And what do you mean?!" "Analysis indicates that creature, while possessing trace essences of summoning energy, was not summoned but hatched. In other words, it was born from the creature that was really summoned. Due to the proximity of the river, it is possible the mother entered the sewers and could be anywhere. Advising that you rest and regain energy until further incidents occur". Hearing those words, Momo managed to stand up again as the guards and police came over. "Is that it? Is it over?" "No, its not". At those words, although he was a child, the guards and police looked at him with shock. "That was the baby. It looks like the mother escaped while all the attention was on that baby. Given the proximity to the river, its possible it entered that...or the sewers...and will try to make a nest". On those words, the man who looked like a leader signaled to the two guards behind him to go and report the situation. And then, right as Momo was about to walk off...he was suddenly lifted off his feet as he was grabbed by the leader and another of his subordinates. "Oh no, I don't think so. We have questions for you as well". "Recommendation: Do not resist". I know that, Advi! And thus, Momo was carried off to the station for questioning, while the guards began to scour the area to search for the creature as a precaution.
  24. You will have to give me more information, as I am not up to date on this. Have they been established in Crystallo Stella?
  25. Grubbistch

    [Crystallo Stella] Council and Noble Family Interest

    Would I be part of this council from the creation of House Mazerunner?
  26. Hello! Recently I've had some of you contacting me through Discord about wanting to start a noble family, more specifically being apart of Crystallo Stella. I've been wanting to put this up for a while, but honestly I've been caught up in a lot of life stuff. I am looking for eager and active people who are wanting to contribute to my beautiful land, and want to play a part in the Nobles and even be apart of the Council that will be advisers to Queen Aurora. I would love more activity and great thinkers to join me on this journey. You may DM me on Discord if you like, which can be found in my profile. Or. Let me know here, and we can discuss more details outside this! Thank you!
  27. Marishi Ten

    Under Boughs Of Blood [FINAL FANTASY XIV]

    “…. Thine foe is defeated by thine own foe, Harbinger.” The lofty voice of Alexander could be heard somewhere above her. The fall had been traumatic for her and was almost immediately knocked unconscious by the water and the rocks. She could vaguely sense two mortals struggling. One of them defending her downed body. It was Serreth. She had been wounded. Mortally. She wouldn’t leave the pool alive. A sudden overflowing sense of loss overcame Marishi. Serreth wasn’t her mother. But, in a way, she was the only mother she had ever known. She had died protecting her. The sorrow she felt for Serreth dying on that tree was only overshadowed by having to tell Rae, her real daughter that her mother died defending a woman that was not her blood. “The Rider Descends”. Alexander whispered and his holy spark faded. Marishi had one eye half open and watched Odin grab the woman by her mane and cleave her in two. Throwing her carcass in the water as it mingled in the blood that flowed past Marishi. He glanced at Serreth, then turned to stare at Marishi. He had seen her as the Harbinger. He slowly walked to his steed and mounted it. Riding slowly to Quarrymill. Odin would raise that hamlet to the ground looking for a woman who died 5,200 years ago. As the sounds of trotting became faint, Marishi scraped her right arm, moving it into a position to sit up, coughing water out of her lungs. She was sore everywhere and her instinct was to lay back down and sleep. Serreth. She needed help. She was dying. Marishi limped to Serreth and yanked the rest of the spear from the opal crystal as she slid to the ground leaving a streak of blood across its serene image. Marishi sat down next to her and let her lean against her. Both pulling ragged breaths and faces the color of ash. It was hard to tell who was going to expire first. “Well, we certainly made a mess of things, didn’t we?” Marishi asked. “Here we were looking to spend a couple of days in the cool forest air, take a break from the hustle and bustle and be annoying tourists. I guess we didn’t account on Rae’s mother being a master Thief and double agent.” Marishi laughed, though it hurt. Serreth smiled. “And here I was expecting some 30 something twit without a thought in her head bumbling around with no sense of honor or vision.” Marishi was quiet. “Looks like we were both wrong about each other than huh? It’s a shame that it comes at a such a price.” Marishi leaned back against the rock and closed her eyes. “Another life perhaps.” She was startled to be slapped by Serreth. “No, you’re not dying here. I’m not dying here. We’re not dying today. Tomorrow? Maybe. But not today.” She tone was mixed with compassion and anger. “Look you woman, you can’t even stand and my own body is broken. You will bleed to death within the hour and I’ll be dead by Sundown. Our struggles are over.” Marishi said. “But Rae’s are not. Odin thinks Rae is Wyieu, whoever that is. Remember? He’s going to take her and he’s going to kill her. Even at 100% she’d be scattered to dust by him. Are you going to let your wife, my daughter be taken by that thing?” Serreth asked angerly. Marishi had forgotten about Odin. “I have not the strength to contain Alexander again. And even then, he would stop at nothing to kill Odin. Including leveling the Hamlet and killing Rae.” Serreth and Marishi sat there a quiet moment. Marishi praying death would hurry along and Serreth trying to formulize a plan to save her daughter. “Stay awake. Jobs not done yet.” Serreth nudged Marishi. “Help me think. There has to be a way.” Marishi shook her head. “None. The entire barracks of Quarrymill is about to be cut down. The village will be razed and burned. They’ll buy a few hours at most. Against an enemy that never needs to sleep, eat, or grows weary. The Scions will answer, especially with Rae’s name on the missive and the seal of Rowena, but they will arrive too late. They will find Odin gone and the buildings full of dead bodies. You yourself are dying from blood loss. I am dying from internal bleeding. What do you expect us to accomplish? It’s not like some God will come … down … to help …” Marishi trailed off then made a frown. “I don’t like this family thing already Serreth. Make things too complicated.” Serreth stared at Marishi with a quizzical look. “I’m going to close my eyes. Don’t interrupt me. I won’t fall asleep and I won’t die.” Marishi said as she slowly closed her eyes and probed the Aether. “Thine body is too frail and weak to accept me unto it as a vessel, Harbinger. Thou would be ash upon the wind. It is a request that is not granted.” Alexander said silently to Marishi. “What about the other next to me?” Marishi said aloud clearly alarming Serreth. “Perhaps. Her body is damaged but is whole as is her mind. Thine meld would only be fleeting as we are bound together. For all time Harbinger. Escape is not an option. The choice is her’s willingly.” His voice faded. “… There may be a way.” Marishi reluctantly said to Marishi. “I have the semi controllable ability to speak with a Primal, for he is fused to me. Similar to Rae and Bahamut, though much more benevolent. My body is too weak for him to inhabit. I suffer too many injuries. He would vaporize me at the attempt. But you, Serreth. There is a chance you could contain him. You would become his judgement. His jury. If only for a short time. It is something of an … unpleasant process to go through and your mind will not be your own, though I am assured that it is temporary. I don’t know if that means the link is severed when the job is done, or you’re killed upon the stress on your body and mind. But the process isn’t forced. It’s something you have to agree to. And no one can agree to that but you. I warn you Serreth. It is not an easy thing to bear. The will of a God and the actions you allow him to perform. They are not mortal. They have no compunction for life. They will burn all away without a care as long as their goals are accomplished. You are pressed for time. I need to hear you accept or decline.” Marishi said. “And what of you?” Serreth replied. “What about me?” Marishi asked back. “What will it do to you when you do not have the spark of the divine within you?” She sounded worried. “I don’t know. It might kill me. It might be the only thing that keeps me alive right now. But let me tell you something, Serreth. Your daughter. Your REAL daughter, she needs you right now. Don’t worry about what will become of some stranger that’s destroyed your life in less than 48 hours.” Marishi stated flatly. There was another moment of silence as they looked at one another. Marishi raised out her hand to Serreth. “Do you accept?”
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