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  1. Today
  2. I haven't forgotten you, I will be working on my post sometime this week.

  3. :kiss:

    1. Garion


      Now accept my friend request on Discord


    2. -Lilium-


      I did, I did! 


  4. Yesterday
  5. just in case you don't see my pm, please check pm

  6. Ooh how I love being depressed, makes me break my promise with being active here. So much fun yay

  7. I see you posting... 👀👀

    1. ~Harlow.


      :O The jig is up! I'm back :) How are ya?!

    2. King


      I'm good! Glad to see you've returned to the fold.

    3. ~Harlow.


      It's good to be back! Been too long.

  8. Sick children are the worst. Grateful that I'm not covered in vomit though. #silverlinings

  9. Last week
  10. Is that Er . . . tai?

  11. Hello, there! Who were you on Gaia?

  12. Blank sheet templates available for copy and pasting to anyone who wants them. Modify these as you wish.



    Epithet: Clean

    Moniker: Vynellin

    Title: None yet

    Visual Age: 21

    Ethnicity: Casperian? Caspernite? Im gonna say Casperian.

    Race: Part dragon mostly human.

    Alignment: Netrual good / Chaotic good.

    Gender: Male

    Class: Battlemage


    Hair: Red hair

    Eyes: Purple eyes

    Height: 6 ft

    Weight: 158 

    Voice: Bit deep but not scary deep.

    Build: Phyicaly stronger.

    Condition: Umm....nothing atm? I cant be sure so if you dont mean sick or that kinda thing let me know.


    the person in picture belongs to me the art is from a friend on tumblr named Abstractopinon if theres a problem with me using the picture i will remove it and just describe ittumblr_odayxhxpro1tkfz3io1_1280.png


    He also has what is scale armor and has holes for the wings/tail

    A tuxedo with the same thing as the armor

    Nothing really else to note atm. (Ill post if hes wearing anything but casual)


    Extra strenght.

    Hand to hand combat/sword combat.

    claws (not sure if this should matter tho)

    Sending fire into his currently used weapon (including  claws once again) 

    A slight resistance of fire.

    Able to use wings for either charging or jumping a little higher but due to his blood nature he cant use them to fully fly.


    A silver sword.

    His clothing described (he will need to where he rests to get them tho)

    A amulet (on his neck) that was given to him by his mother passed down in the family.


    I dunno the normal starting credits so if a mod can dm me pls tell me.

    1. supernal


      Try posting this character as a new thread in the profile database where you saw the template instead of as a status update: https://www.valucre.com/forum/9-profile-database/

    2. Vynellin


      OH I’ll do that when I get home sorry

    3. supernal


      No problem at all. It's fine to post here it's just easier as a thread to manage and link to and stuff like that 

  13. Worked a twelve hour shift, taking the night off from posting. Updated schedule for the week. 025e2dfdda.png

  14. Exams still going on, so far so good!

    Black Panther is inspiring me to make some slightly more drastic tweaks to Ash'eh, as I'm writing what I know. Might even just name it Ase, which is where I got Ash'eh from.

    Being the Japanophile that I am, I can't bring myself to remove the Japanese influences, though...

  15. Have we done a heist rp in the past? Did you leave for awhile? 

    1. ~Harlow.


      Not a heist but I think we started an RP a long time ago! Let’s do a redo! :) 

    2. B2BBear


      I got a pretty low powered character if that’s cool with you. I just came back myself after being gone for awhile, so it’s really nice seeing you again too. I’m used to posting only about once or twice a week. Let me know what rp to join tho and I’ll get involved.

      heres my character 

  16. Welcome aboard!

    1. Phantaminum
    2. supernal


      Any time. If you have any questions, feel free to tap me on the virtual shoulder

  17. Sorry for my delays in current roleplays! I've had something come up in my personal life that has been dragging me down mentally and physically. But I'll get to them very soon, I promise! Sorry again.

  18. To those who have not replied to the threads we have had together (A few acceptions to be had; You know who you are.) I will be attempting to move forward in the story of the threads in order to spark interest. If it doesnt work and the thread has truly died well... Can't say I didn't try right?



    Also for those wishing to start anything new. Im always here. I check Valucre constantly. Just haven't started anything new myself due to a massive amount of changes in my life the past 6 months. It seems however that it's all beginning to settle in and calm down a bit. 


    I missed you guys/gals.


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    2. Rin


      We need to continue it. Though can rewrite or start it over if you like. I feel its a bit not so good at parts lol

    3. KittyvonCupcake


      Oh hi there!

    4. Grizzly


      I'd certainly enjoy continuing it Rin. I like the solid but unhealthy relationship our two characters have~



      Also hey Kitty! Do we have any threads together that i may have forgotten or would you like to start one? c:

  19. UPDATE

    I will not be around too often. So... I am only playing in a few threads at a time. If I am ignoring you, it is likely because the thread isn't high up my priority list. Sorry about it.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Praetorian
    3. Chappu
    4. Akako Akari

      Akako Akari

      Jonny wants me to get active as Kimi again.  Problem is,  if I'm going to write as Kimi it'll be slow moving.  

  20. I just wanted to give you some drive-by kudos. I know that by nature of design, a hobby isn't the most important thing in someone's life and will crumble to dust when pitted against things like work, school, love life, and so on, but you're one of a very few members in recent memory that's managed to maintain a "high octance" presence and hasn't vanished in a puff of smoke. So for that - kudos! It's been great watching you work your way all over the site

    1. Tyler


      Thanks, I appreciate it. You've definitely helped me feel welcome and at home here and I'm grateful for that.

      On the note of pitting RPing against things though... I probably actually prioritize RPs too much, since I literally have no social life and rather intentionally avoid getting one so it won't interfere with RPing. Why get a social life if you can just RP it? Way easier and cheaper! lol

    2. supernal


      ;-; a kindred spirit 

  21. Thanks for the like!

    1. Aleksei


      Of course! You've shown some awesome improvement and I like Arashi's interactions with Koji so much >D

  22. Welcome to Valucre! If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message

  23. I have many posts to catch up on, sorry!

    1. princeben07


      Havent joined the WINTER thing just YET......


      I'm STILL down to do something....gotta pick up ONE more SELF of Benaires and I will BE there....


      Sup Cody G??????

      CODY G!!

      ITS the CODY "MUTHAFUCKING"  G!!!!





  24. Sorry for the really late reply I was on a haikus for the couple of months.

    1. Ubersane


      It's okay, I kinda did the same > u <

    2. Hurttoto


      I guess we're equal then....


      You still interested in the thread?

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