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  2. Dancing in the moonlight wind, caressed with silver and blue, she spun and sang to a blessed tune. She was a priestess to the goddess of sea and moon, her robes like that of night sky and sea foam waves, dotted with pearls and shimmering gems. It was the full moon, the tide was at it's highest, water lapped at her ankles, splashing up around her knees. Her music was the wind, his voice in the dry grass and shifting sands. The woman danced for the sake of dancing, to feel the elements surround her, dancing with her, sharing their energy and joy with her. 

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  4. Music and reading... That's the good stuff!

  5. Incredibly sick right now, posts will be delayed.

  6. For 10,000 years I have slumbered!

    1. danzilla3


      Hey best buddy! We found some more androids! 

  7. Do I have to do anything special to get into the black tarantula?

    1. amenities


      Opening the doors can be a little tricky because there's no "push" or "pull" sign, but besides that nope

    2. Pasion Pasiva

      Pasion Pasiva

      Any reference pictures or description.

    3. amenities
  8. Are quest items what they drop or what they seek?

    1. Witch


      Things they have that I see as leading them to their first stories.

    2. Witch


      But for some of them, it could just as easily be things they seek.

  9. "WTF KARINA!"

    I know, I know. I say I'm going to come back and then completely drop off the face of the earth and for that I am mucho sorries. 

    Things kind of got a little hectic for me and my attention was drawn to other things. I applied for about 1000 jobs and out of those I got 999 interviews, where one job forgot about the interview and tried to push it two days later, wasting my time completely. The rest went well, I interviewed and dazzled them with my brilliance. One job hired me on the spot and the rest I was waiting for my background check to clear and see what they have to say. All in all, I was stupid busy with job hunting and I started orientation this week and worked my first shift yesterday.

    On top of that amazingness that's all titties, school started for me. I have two classes this round -sob- that request I write about 4 essays each for the next six weeks. I don't know why, I guess it's because the college supplies the Professors pay with students tears and frustration, I dunno. My hard work has paid off there though, my graduation date changed from February to TADA! DECEMBER of this year. Cue panic/excited/exhausted/omg mode. 

    I have a job now, but that won't change my soon-to-be activity here on Valucre. I only work 15 hours a week and they're morning shifts to boot, plus Avalynn has been in daycare for about three weeks now and that has freed up my Monday thru Friday from 630am-5pm. I get my schoolwork done ASAPRocky and have some hefty free time on my hands. THAT SAID, I won't be reappearing until late next week. I am getting acclimated to my upcoming work schedule and working out how it'll jive with my schooling. 

    I miss you nerds tho, so have this heart <3 to hold you over until I get back.

  10. Crow. Carrion Crow Rosebone to be exact. Who was she? No one really important, no, just a common street whore. At least she was pretty, dark long hair, bark eyes and soft kind lips. She was only 17, a year into the profession, and her name was known. Little Bird, they called her, Sweet Little Bird, but who in their right mind would name their child Carrion Crow? Her parents surely didn't, however a shaman did. That dark, moonless night, bones were cast and a prophecy spoken. 


    "This child will for tell the end of the world." 


    Her mother was a whore too, her father was unknown, it didn't matter much, the whore house was well established and had the facilities to raise children. So Crow grew up, groomed to be like her mother, her grandmother and so on. This child didn't have any magics, never dabbled in it, nor did she have any wish too, how could she bring news of the world ending when she was just a commoner? Destiny has its ways, her path lay before her, dark and mysterious.

  11. Lok-Tar Ogar! For the Horde!

  12. Finally, I'm free of finals!

    With that said, I've fallen behind in my threads some, so I'd like to take this opportunity to review what's up!

    First, my many Yh'mi threads.

    - Caught up in the Nightmare Realms (Long Way Down and Acrophobia)

    - I said that I would be posting in Hold Your Vines, that post will be coming very soon with my time now free!

    - A Widow's Request and Sticky Situation... I do believe I'm waiting for posts from @Thotification for both of these, along with @The Rabbit Emperor for the former.

    Other threads:

    - Need to summarize Pagans in the Night and send it in for canonization lmao 😅

    - The Light, Extinguished... @vielle asked to be skipped for this round, and I posted last, so it's @Thotification 's time to go xD

    ... Is that really all of them? Well that was easy! I'll be back in full posting form starting tomorrow.

    So prepare yourselves. 🧐

  13. If you'd like to roleplay hmu 🙂

  14. The new aristocratic House Morlog of Ursa Madeum is recruiting nefarious soldiers to engage in wars of aggression. Interested? See my interest check to learn more!

  15. Busy week, please be patient as I make posts. 

  16. We accept the love we think we deserve.

  17. Will be writing this weekend.  Apologies for the delay.  

  18. Transferring Anime over to another PC finally. Posts will be up today sometime soon I hope, LOL!!! ^_^

  19. It's kinda disheartening when you feel like you're nobody.

    1. Twitterpated


      Not that it means much, but I think you're somebody. 

    2. Vatista


      I share that feel, Hummy.

    3. Die Shize

      Die Shize

      All of you are somebodies in my book.

      I am writing a book about people who help each other out with their needs and priorities. 

      Jack Cheddarfish, nicknamed “Cheese Shark”, needed a new AC unit installed in his mobile home. Only, his friends, Stacy, Stazy and Stacy were not expecting an apartment on wheels (it had been ripped out of the apartment complex with magnets).

      Well, Jack thanked his friends for their help and their support during the cold winter months when they installed his AC unit. He gave them beer and a bit of a bite to eat and told them that, hey, anybody who helps anybody is somebody, but nobody is everybody who doesn’t help anybody.

  20. There’s a sense of guilt and regret when life gets busy and takes you away from threads.  Anyone who’s ever unintentionally flaked out on a thread knows what I mean.  I’m sorry for not being here.  Life is getting super busy, and taking me away.  I miss having the creative freedom that makes me happy.  I plan to make it back here on Val as soon as things settle down a little.  For those that are patient and understanding, thank you.  :kiss:

  21. I really just wrote a four page (personal) essay about why I have little-to-no interest in love and sex.

  22. It's posting week! Gird your loins! >: O

    1. danzilla3


      Girding intensifies 

  23. Hello! I'm 21 years old too!

    1. Chemister_Kaane


      Heya, and nice.  Hope to write with you sometime ^^.

  24. to everyone i'm writing with—forgive me for the sudden, unannounced AFV 😭 things have been. . . really spotty on my end. i'll be back with posts either by tomorrow or the day after 🙏 thank you for your continued patience ❤️

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    2. danzilla3


      We love you Vi!

    3. Malintzin


      Stay cool and be safe!

    4. vielle


      thanks everyone 😊 i'm back (for a while)

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