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  1. Yesterday
  2. You're up, brother.

    1. Alexei


      Replied. That should rustle some of our more liberal reader's jimmies. :smirk:

    2. King


      Time to get this mass murdering on. :smirk:

    3. Alexei


      This gon be good. :bigsmile:

  3. Hi, Fiend! Q: Were you once Warrior of the North on Gaia?

    1. Grapple Fiend

      Grapple Fiend

      No sir, I was the Fiend of the West/Fiend the King/Fiend the Bunny.

  4. Turn based, role-play combat is now, officially, an antiquated notion. I now hang up my writers mittens as a player once entrenched in the art of combat for the last two decades. Rest in peace T1, T2, LTB, etc., etc.


  5. Oh my goodness I love your profile picture!


    1. Moth


      Thank you~, lol I was actually trying to decide if I should keep it or not.

  6. Last week
  7. That Skyrim referencing in character profile tho! 

    PM me sometime, dude! Would love to do an RP with you!

    1. Jacob


      Ever since I laid my eyes on Elder Scrolls magic, I've always been facinated with it. Mostly on the reddit lore stuff. Interesting magic theories they have in there. I have no originality and I have zero shame about it :D

  8. you owe me a reply derp

  9. Are you the same Rin who used to role-play with Catsohori, or do I have the wrong person?

    1. Rin


      Wrong person

  10. Spoiler

    I see you. >.<

  11. Yay, last paper, then I'm free for the next few weeks! YAY!

    Valucre, here I come again! Soon. After the paper, of course.

    1. Rin


      Excellent. Then we can rp together finally

  12. I want everyone to know that I am a mom to a 6 month old, I am in the process of building a house, and I go to school(4 classes) ;while also working full time... 

    so, I decided that I am not going to respond back to you unless, I am fully awake and with in my right mind to do so. I mean going back and looking at some of my post... yeah, I was dead. Half of the words are missing and, the already mediocre grammar is non existent. So if it takes me a bit to respond back just know that I am going to. I just want it to be decent and not a sleepy mess!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. OctoberSkys


      Thank you guys! I just wanted to apologize and inform my partners that I may not post as quickly as I have been. 

    3. princeben07


      You KNOW from DAY one, young lady, that you are my Sky and that I am VERY, VERY proud of you 24/7. We write together and crack jokes about parenthood, so that's all that you have to DO: KEEP your hustle ON!! You will thank yourself when the little one Graduates from High School.

      "Ben, you are probably smiling from wherever you are old man!!"-----Sky, 2037.

    4. supernal


      Congratulations on the little one :)

  13. First, I would like to establish that yes, I realize that I am immature and this is very dumb. Thank you.



    hehehe...  I'm at 69 posts hehehehe 69

    1. Ange V. Nettle

      Ange V. Nettle

      You aren't the only immature one; this made me laugh a little too :biggrin:

    2. AngryCacti


      Sadly, my 69 posts are gone and shall only be remembered in our memory and the brains of all 12yo boys.

  14. Posting Away. Some days slower than ever. But I'm not gonna stop. Even if it's nonsensical rambling. I shall continue until the end. 

    Plus I have big plans. Though not planning it cause then I'll forget I planned it. Just keep an eye out.

    ||Welcome Home|| Coheed and Cambria ❤

  15. I'm a going to be a little slower this week than I originally anticipated, so please bear with me.

    I just started my new job and am still trying to adjust to our new work and family schedules. 


    1. Rin


      No rush here. I have other victims to play with until you get back 

      Bwahahahaahahahahaha <3

    2. Pan De'Monium

      Pan De'Monium

      My dear, for as long as I've known you, you've always done you, life comes first.

    3. supernal


      Congrats on the new job and good luck!

  16. Hi. Just wanted to let you know to please not post purely OOC posts in IC threads. An OOC note in an IC post is fine but would otherwise recommend posting in an OOC thread, a PM to the people you want to contact, or posting on their wall like I am here :)

    1. SpectreBeanz


      Ay sorry dude, but I just needed to inform people of what went down and why I was gone for a year.

    2. supernal
  17. Hey, you're alive! Welcome back! :D I'm still up for Project Chimaera, so the thread we started is still there if you've got time ^_^

  18. Bored. As usual. 

  19. You can hide your own posts now btw!

  20. The way you write Julia is great. I love it <3

  21. Im baaaaaack! I went though a terrible flood in August, relocated, had a baby, and am now a stay at home mom until my little boy Kaos  is 2. Don't have a computer yet so active RPing won't happen yet but until then Ill be lurking around!


  23. I got something in the works, I haven't forgotten about ya.

    1. Sorano


      I didn't think you had! =D

  24. Pretty sure someone's hacked your Skype, unless you're really trying to send me to spam sites about winning free vacations (which is nice of you and all, I just don't take vacations).

    1. Die Shize

      Die Shize

      They did. I changed the pass. Hoped that would have sorted it. Still getting spammed?

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