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  1. Past hour
  2. Hey! Just curious what happened to you? I hope all is alright with you! Just want to check in and say it's your post in our rp. 

  3. Thanks for the follow; but may I ask why?

  4. Today
  5. What to do, what to do..hmm...


     this song got me effed up

  7. Hey do you have discord? Lmfao

    1. Mag


      I do. Almost Best Girl#9371

  8. So, update. I've managed to secure a storage unit to put as much of my crap in as possible. I've got my tablet up to date and so long as I can hit a wifi signal I should be good. Working to make sure my phone can be a hotspot, and then it'd just be a matter of making sure I have decent signal. THEN it's just going to come down to finding a place to live that accepts dogs...



      Good luck happy hunting

    2. Golden Hyacinth

      Golden Hyacinth

      Good luck to you too!



      Good luck happy h

  9. ;; i n h a l e s -

    ;; my pfp tho--

    ;; why did i draw this---

  10. Sorry my posts are a bit delayed. I'll be getting to them the moment I get home. Got side tracked with pick up chess and now my brother dragged me to the gym at 830pm lol

    1. Chappu


      No flex zome!!! Get that mp up

  11. Work at 6:00 am till 2:00 pm then 11:00 pm till 6:30 am, so my replies will come overnight.


    1. Galen Wolfe

      Galen Wolfe

      so, we're talking UPS here?

  12. I'm around. 

  13. Yesterday
  14. Thank you for the Like. Was there anything, in particular, you enjoyed about the post?

    1. Voldemort


      Aside from being well-written, I like the dynamic between the two characters, and you do a good job describing that dynamic in your post. And I always appreciate a good lore dump, e.g. when Paris mentions Umbra/the Tethering.

    2. King


      Thank you for the thorough response. I don't get a chance to do it often (lore dumping) in a manner or place where it's fitting, but when I do, I try my best to make sure it isn't clunky or expositional. I'm glad to have caught your attention.

    3. Voldemort


      I don't think you'd have many issues making it clunky or expositional. You fit lore into posts quite well.

      But you're welcome.

  15. Your character's abilities are the basis of my old "Spellbreaker" back in the day. Great minds and what have you; I never did port him over but it's good to see the heathens still being put in their place.

    1. Alexei


      Nice. If you ever port him over there is a place in Kadia. Someone has to. People get too uppity about magic, i like to rub faces in it.

  16. Saw some news about awful nonsense in the Phillipines... You're okay, yeah?

    1. Csl


      Yeah, I'm good :) Martial law's in effect but I hope everything gets resolved quickly. Thanks for the concern <3

  17. The wife has been getting ahead on summer semester school work in anticipation for our newborn coming on the 30th. I should be clear to play catch up tonight. So if I owe you a post you should see one today. 

  18. Hey Maverick, I know you've been REAL busy IRL, but be sure to let Gravid and I know if that WH 40K is still something you would be interested in setting up.

    1. Maverick


      Yes of course hehe, glad to hear you guys are still interested in that! 

  19. Rin-Rin! How're you feeling these days? Better, I hope... :3

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Rin


      Yeah, Total sucks. Hope you feel better

    3. Eagle-77


      Don't worry about me, Rin. :)

    4. Rin


      Not the boss of me 😜

  20. Last week
  21. Hello. Im New to this Site.

  22. Excited to have you tag along in our roleplay!!

  23. I am really liking your characters keep up the good work with them!  :)

  24. Gonna try to post tomorrow night, but more than likely it won't happen. Gotta finish a paper

    I'm hoping Thursday night is when I'll get some time if I finish the law project early. I plan to catch up on all threads this weekend. 

    HOWEVER, I'm going to have my hands full with finals/ midterms, so I apologize if I don't respond to your PM or thread right away. I've got like a week and a half left of the quarter, and then school's out. After that my posting pace should pick up to my usual super summer speed <3

    1. danzilla3


      I was just seconds away from posting a snarky comment on the Taen OOC thread when I saw this, lol.

    2. Metty


      Oh neat! I didn't know this. Good lucj in your exams, buddy.

  25. so one of my characters is looking for a book now

    perhaps morrinNANDER might be of assistance???  maybe we can start a thread???  lmk your thoughts on this matter por favor

  26. D: You... Hate pie?! 


    1. FlamingTraveler


      Cake forever! <3

      Pie is cakes mortal enemy! XD

    2. ezkiel777


      ;_; why can't we all live in harmony? we're all the same on the inside... filled with fruits and other sugary fillings!

    3. FlamingTraveler


      I can let pies live in peace. As long as cakes are forever realized as the superior dessert!

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