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  2. Ok, so a few of you may have noticed that I’ve been AFV for a couple of months.  I’m sorry I haven’t been posting, especially to those I’m in threads with.  RL changes have made posting difficult.  I still plan to come back, but I’ll just be slowing WAY down in the near future.  Hope to post with you soon.  ❤️

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  4. All I have to say is.. if you don't come back, I'm out. lol

  5. Depression has me suffering from lack of sleep, lack of feeling like I can relax and get comfortable. So to hell with it right now. Got some lo-fi mix on right now, got a lot of stuff I been meaning to post up and can't bring myself to draw right now so I'ma dial in some solo stuff for a bit. Get that Ardesian house stuff set up and try to go at getting post up as much as I can tonight.

  6. Swinging low lately, please be patient with post speed and quality 😟

    1. Twitterpated


      Swing looooow, sweet chario-ot ~

  7. Someone attack Tia. I really wanna use my new Peacekeeper >:)

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    2. Ataraxy


      And Cain will be popping up in Ignatz...hmmm... 

    3. supernal


      That's why we have that zone defense! 

    4. Ataraxy


      When there's trouble you know what to doooo~

      Call Julius!~

      He can shoot a rocket from his shooeeeee~

      Cause he's Julius!~


  8. Yesterday
  9. WHOA!!! There's status updates on this thing?? Fancy!

  10. Congratulations for Middy. He is now the official leader of the Blackspear Cartel and is now the current Lord Blackhead.

    1. supernal


      Oh dude that's neat. What an arc! What happened to the lady?

    2. Zashiii


      She was fawning over Dredge...madly infatuated...it got so bad that Middy had to wrest control of the cartel. 

    3. supernal
  11. I forgot the pain of being stepped on by a horse. Swollen, bruised, going to be hobbling around for a few days.

  12. Psst, your turn to post in Mapping.

  13. Last week
  14. Hey there, will reply to the Bandit thread shortly. Been busy, but shall be able soon. :v

  15. I love the amount of detail you put in your profile. 

    1. MedicalEye


      Thank you! I always end up with quite a few paragraphs of stuff when coming up with characters.

  16. Putting Odelia's job class as political pawn gave me a good little chuckle. Two thumbs up to you 😄 lol

    1. DarkHorse


      Thanks! I’m currently posting the plot that goes with her in the Water Cooler. 

  17. Yo!!! ^_^

    1. Neondragon7


      Oh hi I’m back sorry for the hiatus I'll try to resume normal activity 

    2. princeben07


      My AUNT died, so the posts WILL be more FLUENT and ACTIVE M'Lord. I'm just a bit torn up about it all......


      LOVE YOU XY-XY!!!



  18. If being a villain is just about being a vehicle for the hero to overcome, why bother making a villain at all?

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    2. Grubbistch


      I appreciate the feedback, and will definitely start putting some work in for making my character more insidious in the future.

    3. The Alexandrian

      The Alexandrian

      If you'd like to make this into a rp discussion topic, be my guest.

    4. Fennis Ursai

      Fennis Ursai

      If I may jump in this 'profile thread' as it has become, I've seen a villain 'trope' that worked in a very subtle way.

      At the start it was one of those characters that started up with a usual 'commoner' background but slowly moved into 'I have acquired power and knowledge' and with both they did not choose to become inherently evil. In fact it became a situation where they kept gaining knowledge, began teaching others on how to use magics, and they were even doing well for themselves.

      As time began to progress they became more cynical and cold beginning to hold ideals of knowledge and the pursuit of magic as well as teachings. So after organizations started to come into play to limit the control of his schools (plural) and their ability to teach out of fear of a few rouge casters, he decided he'd had enough and went the 'vigilant' route by simply tearing apart the organizations.

      Anyway, skip ahead a few arcs. The professor is now one of the most hated people because he became an advocate of using destructive powers to inflict his will upon those who would get in his way. Sorta the odd 'misunderstood' troupe and ran with it to a point where the guy didn't know who he was because he just gave into the power after a while. When things escalated it was huge to everyone else. Like there were 'a few' red flags but it was like "Nah this guy's alright" until things were all 'fireballs and backdoor army of casters'. 

  19. Don't worry my love, I am poking and prodding Roen to post. How have you been? 

  20. ❤ (◡‿◡✿) 

  21. Writing about fictional flower shops is healing therapy for the soul. 100% yes 10/10 would recommend 

  22. Oh hey cool! It's been a while since I've seen you around these parts and it's good to see the name pop up, even if you're just seeing what's what and not making a return proper. Either way, I'm tipping my hat your way

    1. Veloci-Rapture


      Have I mentioned how impressed I am at how incredibly hands-on you are around here?

      I'm definitely coming back soonish! 

  23. Character profile complete, at least the first draft.

  24. Skool's here.



  25. Someone help -- a week off has put me into a creative slump. I have lost my inspiration, and I need to find it ._.

    1. Witch
    2. Frostbinder


      Elaborate please, Peter.

      But otherwise, here’s all I’ve got:

      Bosses! Wolves! Obstacles played just like PCs! Gorey deaths! Sacrifice! Injury! Pain! Heartbreak! Heartache! 45 minute shadow clone jutsu!

      Alright, that’s all I’ve got 😄

    3. supernal


      What kind of stuff usually inspires you? I don't want to send paintings to someone that prefers music!

  26. I find it funny that so many people are hating on Netflix's Insatiable. Sure it's kind of weird and a bit awkward, but it's actually a pretty fun watch. The fact that all these liberal news sites are salty that it doesn't put overweight people in the best light is going to make this show popular.

  27. is the aria still around?

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