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  2. PSA: Valucre has an art club! --> https://www.valucre.com/clubs/25-art-club/

    It's a good place specifically for tthe more visual side of the rp hobby. Feel free to flaunt & flex art, post tutorials, or if you're an artist yourself, post commissions. Coding templates/galleries would also be very neat and I'd highly encourage it, because profile and lore layouts are also art.

    I've moved my art thread and the HTML coding tutorial over there. You can do the same with your existing art showcases by reporting and requesting it to be moved.

  3. Welcome to the site 

  4. Last week
  5. One thing I want to see in a steampunk setting is a steam boat, probably needing to flee or chase down another boat, retract its paddle wheel(s), spin up a set of steam turbines, and engage the clutches on a couple of jet pumps.

  6. Wolves are watching me
    All they want is to cut my breathing
    They're the cause of my first collapse
    This is the aftermath
    Claws are crushing me
    Now I've learned to shut my feelings down
    Don't cry, I won't cry

  7. I have reached the witching hour,

    Somewhere near halfway. 

    The next is full of who knows what,

    For it is another day. 

    -Michael Anslow.

  8. Congrats again on your baby girls!! Take good care of them and your wife!! 😁😁 

    1. Dolor Aeternum

      Dolor Aeternum

      Congrats! Cherish those moments with the fam. Happy for all of you.

    2. Vetanoob


      Thanks everyone! Really appreciate it! 

  9. Sorry I've been M.I.A. everyone.  Massive anxiety attack that's lasted daaaays. I've been to therapy so I'm on the mend,  but my creative mind has decided to be a Judas and go on an unapproved hiatus. I should be back to writing next weekend though.  

    1. princeben07


      Geez.....what has you reacting THAT badly?  Hope you make a full recovery and get that Therapy young one!!!



    2. Akako Akari

      Akako Akari

      This is pretty normal for me. I have bouts of terrible anxiety. Comes from trauma and genetics. I've been pretty good at seeing someone regularly to help manage it, but I have bad days and bad weeks sometimes. 

    3. princeben07


      There is NOTHING normal about THAT dear......I HOPE you're okay....hit me back...



  10. ^o^ It's postin' week! 3/10 are done. Prolly won't finish tonight but I'll be busy the next two weeks and then out of town with Hound, danzilla and 'Nette on Halloween weekend, yeey!

    @carrionjackal Francesco and I are ddddyyyiiinnnnggg to have drinks with you. You should meet us at the big Renn Fest in the area that weekend for boozy shenanigans!

    1. carrionjackal


      I would/could/should. I'll have to see. My SO is doing a birthday thing for her boy that Sunday. Well, which is Halloween weekend? The one before or after? 😂

    2. Malintzin


      I'll be flying into Houston on Halloween and I think we're going that Saturday.

  11. Welcome to Valucre. Hope you like what we have on tap here. Let me know if you have any questions 

  12. Welcome aboard! Let me know if you have any questions

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