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  1. Today
  2. Leaving Valucre 

  3. I saw your hunting party and thought you might like to take a look at the Kadian Ecclessiarchy.

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    2. Alexei


      No problem.

      Yeah, I focused more on it's structure the metaphysical can fall into place more easily that way. Got to have a proper priest class after all.

    3. Peace Is a Lie

      Peace Is a Lie

      It definitely has a lot of interesting parts to it. I am hoping to make the Hunting Party more elaborate when I get a bit more time, I just wanted to get what I had on there in case I forget or lost my work.

    4. Alexei


      I wish you luck.

  4. Writing, writing, writing, writing, writing...

  5. LOL You read my mind. I was going to have him sarcastically tell her it was a literal realm in his pocket and she had to find it.

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    2. Deviant


      Mine are! I'll show you my like, if you show me yours. Ok, back in an hour or so - I'll do my best not to completely pass out Lol

    3. Shayda


      OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I was clicking the heart button instead...... O.o

    4. Deviant


      Lol I'm actually out of likes.

  6. Kadia is going to space.

  7. Yesterday
  8. Feelin good pain free. Time to write and chill.

  9. Welcome aboard!

  10. Insert Deep Quote here.

    1. Grizzly


      This is the first time in a long time that I have this interested in something so much as to read the entirety of the article. I have read about things like this before but never in this amount of detail.

      By what chance did you send this to me? I am curious as to why. (Although it is obviously something I am very interested in.)

    2. Alexei


      It sort of reminds me of your city in Kadoa so I thought you'd like to see it.

    3. Alexei


      I also figured it would give you a good idea of how to spread the Corvinite Faith through your city and still retain it's culture based on its technology etc.

  11. Last week
  12. RIP Chester From Linkin Park. DAMN SHAME!!!


    You were adored by THIS fan and loved by many brother. RIP!! ^_^



  13. :(( So sad for Chester. RIP

    1. princeben07


      Yo Polar Bear....I heard the news...damned shame. I'm going to have a Linkin Park Listening get-together in his honor next week.


      Are you still going to RP with me or not Polar bear?



      Miss ya!! ^_^

    2. polardragon


      I'm no bear -______- I'm drogon 🐉 @princeben07

  14. ROFL The post in Villains! His response was awesome.

  15. When you really are not sure of what a incubus really does... so now you have to google search all kinda stuff so that you can make your story more credible..... Jolly me!

    1. cloakedHacker
    2. OctoberSkys


      Haha I am quite fascinated actually!

    3. princeben07


      You could've asked ME you know. --'



  16. Putting studies off, looking to relax with buds.

  17. Well, we have decided on all the arrangements and what will be happening.

  18. Aaaw, I love your new profile pic! What a great smile!

  19. I like the new profile picture

    1. Chappu


      Thanks bromigo! Long time no see mate! Did I post to our max and marik thread yet?

  20. HI MICKEY! Just wanted to say hi and pester you about the Tavern of Legend for everyone thing! Was that going to go back around again? ^-^

    1. Mickey Flash

      Mickey Flash


      Yeah.  I gotta stomach bug over the weekend and forgot all about it.  Sorry!  Since it's the middle of the week I'll wait until this weekend to start a new round. I'll try to get the list together again before then.  

    2. SabersFire


      Oh no! Getting sick is no fun! Hope your feeling better! :) It's no big deal though was just checking! :)

  21. When you think you had like 4 places to post and you go look and it's like 2! XD

  22. Lalalalalalala


  23. Hey there, big fan of RPing. Hope to have some fun!

    1. supernal


      Hi there. Welcome to our slice of the internet. Hope you have fun here too. There's plenty to do and lots of people to write with. If you find yourself with any questions, let me know!

  24. Yes, the new character I made is practically a re-creation of the original Welfrick Jagdhund who I have reworked into someone less edgy and hopefully more realistic (with more realistic character motives).

    1. Autholius


      Also he has not been proofread yet! I just put the rough sketch in just recently -- but I'm very tired and would like to sleep.

      If anyone would be willing to give their critique on him, it would be much appreciated!

      Here is his link: 


    2. Autholius


      Also my writing skills are very rusty -- just a warning

  25. You okay dude? Haven`t heard from you in a while. 

    1. jack-attack



      I'm fine! I just have a lot of content to go over with all these units this session. GET YO PHONE GOIN BRO.

    2. ZionVI


      Hahaha good! ya got me worryin bro. 

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