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  1. Today
  2. No wifi so no posts. At least I have toast

    1. TheElementHunter


      *toasting intensifies*

    2. squid peanut

      squid peanut

      a toast to toast, and later to posts, in a world post toast

  3. What do i have to do to make this guy my pet?




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    2. Dauner Light

      Dauner Light

      oh. too bad. which one's alive so i can check if he's my type?

    3. Metty


      I dont think any are alive...

    4. Rabbit


      Vito killed him and stole his soul, it's up for trade but comes at a high price.

      Killed him in this gs post - Link

  4. Yesterday
  5. Welcome back. : )

    1. vielle


      Thank you! I've missed writing with you, my friend. 😍🙏

    2. King


      I've missed writing with you, too! I saw you're cleaning your plate off (mostly getting rid of your old plots). If you ever want to write something, you know where to find me.

    3. vielle


      You shall find a missive at your doorstep soon. 💖

  6. HEY -- I loved the post! Do you have any particular desire for where you want it to go? Or do you just want us to shove off now out of the thread somewhere else. xD

  7. This is excellent!

    1. vielle


      Methinks so too! I am back, All-Father Senpai. ❤️ What's this I hear about some continent named Fracture? 👀😂

    2. supernal


      What you hear is a string of emoji translated into phonetics! 

    3. vielle



  8. Hey guys! 

    Not going anywhere, but I do have a bit of an update. I'm settling in to a new freelance job, so if I'm slow to reply, that's why. I'll get in the swing of things soon though! And I'll still be posting, just not necessarily four a night like I used to. 

    I ain't going nowhere. Love you guys!

  9. Working on Posts, but will be away from the phone for the weekend and most of monday as its my usual out and about with my mom. 

    Apologies in advance ❤️

    1. princeben07


      Rinny!!! Hey, give me a holler when you get back to posting up. Just bug me like you always CAN!!!! I don't mind.





  10. I saw you looking at my profile.

    1. Trexasle


      ...and? You'd be surprised of how many profiles I view on curio.

    2. Metty
  11. Welcome to Valucre! Hope you like what we got here ^_^

  12. Hello everyone, vielle here (again)! 🙏

    So: I'm a prodigal daughter on her way back home. I just wanted to apologize to everyone for ghosting all those months ago—it's as @Csl has said: I've taken a leave of absence because I had to focus on stuff irl and also my mental health. Things haven't been the best in that latter aspect, but methinks I'm doing better nowadays. It's kinda tough, having to learn some things the hard way, but that's life for you! Now, I've kinda gotten better at handling my stressors now. 😂

    Which leads me to that elephant in the room: I'm dropping out of past threads, cutting down on new threads, and focusing more on personal plots this time around. Taking up all those past threads and keeping up with them was in fact doable, truly, but I unfortunately overestimated my capacity to stay interested in all the things. It's not that those plots weren't interesting; don't get me wrong! It's just that there's only so much my writing muse can do for me, and though some once thought it of me, I'm not a machine. 😅 So, as I make my slow return, I'll be more particular about the future plots and threads I'll be engaging in, so I can give them my utmost writing efforts to the best of my ability. It's the least I can do for my writing partners; you all deserve the best I can give. ❤️

    By the way, I have not checked Discord yet and probably will continue not checking Discord for the foreseeable future. I'm sorry if anyone sent me any messages over there; I haven't opened it at all over these past few months! 😂 But please know, whatever you may have sent me, I appreciate that you have thought to interact with me at all, even when I was, y'know, away. 🙈

    Overly sentimental stuff aside: I'm (omw) back! I've missed you all dearly. If you would have me back in your good graces, I'd be happy to write with you all again. Gonna do some spring cleaning on my thread tracker (it's a little dusty in there!) and take over handling that character/lore garage sale @Csl was doing for me (thank you so much, bestie!), and then maybe I'll have a cup of tea and look around what's changed here in my absence some more.

    It's kinda great to be back here. ❤️

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    2. vielle


      @Twitterpated Thank you, friend! ❤️

      @jaistlyn Thank you! 🙏 I'll be sure to do that, definitely. 😍

    3. Samø


      welcome home, wayward soul

    4. vielle


      @Samø Thank you very much! 😍

  13. Heyy, welcome to Valucre!

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    2. Csl


      It's all right!

      Do you mean a character sheet/your character profile?

      We post character profiles OC info in the forum I linked, User Lore.

      You can tap the "Start New Topic" button there. It'll bring you to a new page where you can write your OC info, then you can post it. It will show up as a new thread.

      How does posting OCs usually work in your previous rps? Is the layout of Valucre different from what you're used to? It'd help if I knew where you were coming from.

    3. SilentDestroyer


      Hm... Okay. Ig I can check again for idk how many times I've already checked.. thanks. Anyways. I need sleep. So night

    4. supernal


      Try a different browser too, in case the one you’re using isn’t displaying all of the necessary elements of the interface. The fact that you can reply here on your tablet but not your phone may point to something in that general direction 

  14. Last week
  15. Welcome 😆 enjoy your stay here

  16. I'm studying for finals right now, you guys.  I'll still be watching to see if it's my turn to post.  Just trying to make decent grades.  🤞

  17. "Choosers will be beggars if the begging's not their choosing." 

    -Garth Nix.

  18. I sow discord at you 

    1. The Fire Heart

      The Fire Heart

      And I have accepted the grand request

    2. Metty


      Did you mean yote discord, Carlos?

  19. Welcome to the site 

    1. TheElementHunter


      Yes, welcome!!!

  20. Hey guys, life is starting to pick up IRL with uni work and general stuff. I'll still be active, but I will be slowing down for the time being. So feel free to skip me if needed. 


  21. Yo, sorry for bailing on you, but is ok if we continue that rp?

    1. Dolor Aeternum

      Dolor Aeternum

      Sure. When you are ready feel free to reply to that thread to get things moving.

    2. Metty


      Alright. I'll try and think of something.

      Last I checked, I was going to get Arashi to absorb that magic field right? 

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