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  1. Today
  2. I'm supposed to be posting stuff up about The Rembrandt Project, but I'm hungry!!! =(


    1. Neondragon7


      Make curry it’s fast, easy and delicious. 

  3. finally, first city lore ever finished! ❤️ three days of non-stop feverish research and writing results in:

    i'm gonna go do posts now 😂 hopefully this gives you joy in reading it as i was given while writing it all up 🙏

  4. Yesterday
  5. Despite slackiness/procrastinating, posts shall show themselves this week.

    Working my butt off on Ebony-Yahera,Disasterous Catastrophe; Breaking the Heart of Hope Ch.3 so its why its slower than before and still looking for players 

    But yeah... Sooooon


  6. >o< I started (finally!) the Wheel of Time. Wish me luck (and that I won't fall asleep or be bored in the middle like everyone says I will). Lookin' to nab JordanCon tickets this weekend. Excited to see our new vendor friends again! I also just realized my Valniversary is coming up in two weeks. Four years?! Wat?! 

    1. The Hummingbird

      The Hummingbird

      You will be bored stiff, but I promise you it will be worth it!

    2. Malintzin


      That's what I've been told. I love the style of the writing, though! I must learn! Must emulate!

  7. I will not be posting today. Busy start to a busy week. Rest assured I'll be caught up by the weekend, before I start my ten hour days for my job for the summer.

  8. Last week
  9. 0618f3840b8c7e37d8df3cbe9951f0b9.jpg?wid


    They look very similar...

  10. Quick update: Had a physically intense weekend, tired today, will be back tomorrow!

  11. Since posts in IC areas update to the post feed widget on the front page it's better to include OOC notes as part of the IC post rather than as separate posts in the thread

    Also since the thread is in Genesaris you would want to tag King since he has full mod abilities over that area as its board leader

    1. Jotnotes


      Thanks, mate. I forgot.

  12. Posts might be delayed, I’m not in the best head space right now, and I don’t want my writing to suffer because I’m not feeling my best. I love you all. ❤️

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    2. Witches Brew

      Witches Brew

      Thank you ❤️

    3. Ghorroj


      Feel better soon, Witch.  ^-^

    4. Ink Fox

      Ink Fox

      With ya all the way witchy! Don't push yourself!💕

  13. Pruning a music list while trying to write a post.. not easy. 


  14. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!  😄

  15. Happy Father's Day to the all the dads and dad-figures, past present and soon to be!

  16. The Breaker Season III should be released September 2019

    *White girl scream!*

  17. Sorry I've been so long getting back into the writing mode.  I took my kids to an anime convention (first time I'd ever been) and they had a blast.  Then I was working and getting things ready for classes in the Fall.... busy times.  

    1. Malintzin


      =O Congrats and bursting the con bubble! Glad everyone had fun.

    2. Eternity


      Animecon's are the best! I hope you had a great time, I go to the local one here in Nebraska every year. 

      Welcome back!

  18. I AM ALIVE!

    Posts will be delayed till Monday though. Ms. Avalynn had developed a cough that's making her a tad extra ❤️ And tomorrow we plan on spending some time with Robert for Father's Day.

    Sorry for this delay! I wanted to get things out tonight, but it's not possible with a coughing, sniffling child who (according to her) needs snuggles.

    Stay cool, I will see you guys Monday.

    1. DarkHorse


      Is there a “like button” for mommy solidarity? 

  19. Hope you like what we’ve got here

  20. There is apparently a free borderlands 2 DLC. Posts may be delayed. I'm not sorry. (Well, kinda sorry. Promise I won't make anyone wait very long. ❣️)

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    2. supernal


      What system and what’s it add?

    3. Praetorian


      I have BL2 for PC and PS4. It adds new maps/bosses/loot and expands on the story. @supernal

    4. SteamWarden


      Don't the glorious Ultra HD Texture pack for both BL2 and BL:PS

  21. Soft as the massacre of Suns
    By Evening’s Sabres slain.
    — emily dickson

  22. Taking a small pause to catch my breath,  posts may be slightly delayed-- 

    1. vielle


      no worries; take all the time you need, my friend! ❤

    2. Witches Brew

      Witches Brew

      I love you! Take all the time you need, love!

  23. Looks like it’s been a while since you signed up. Welcome back! 

  24. Hi,can you send me something to check out. ryderetitan14

    1. princeben07


      Okay!! You remembered your password huh sis?


      I got TONS of stuff you can check out, just be patient while I get something together for you.




    2. princeben07




      Click on the link sis and INTRODUCE yourself to the Community. Tell them you're my sister and that I invited you!!!!



    3. ryderetitan14


      Hi there... ryderetitan14

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