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  2. Love is a two faced coin, is it not? And one face is surely betrayal. You know it's true that no one will admit that love is never equal? And in its inequality lies its fragility, or the one who is loved less will one day find that love tastes like ashes.

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  4. Final midterm on Monday! Posting habits will return Tuesday <3

    1. danzilla3


      Godspeed you glorious academic bastard!

  5. Yesterday
  6. Yo. PM meh your discord. I wanna talk to u about Raven. 

  7. Welcome to Valucre!

  8. Have you thought of teaming up with Galen for quests? They're on a lot too.

    1. Puranetto Ueivuzu

      Puranetto Ueivuzu




      yeah maybe depends on what quests

    2. Deviant


      Galen Wolf. Maybe you two could work something out together. Just a suggestion.

    3. Puranetto Ueivuzu

      Puranetto Ueivuzu

      that sounds sweet

  9. Thank you for the like as well.  :smile:

    1. Ovate


      No problem, it's definitely an interesting character. Trying something a little different with this soon-to-be second character, myself (will be "Aodh").

      My girlfriend and I are planning a near-future "growing up at magick school" kind of rp with another fresh member and great friend on here (just waiting for her school testing to finish up).

      After that rp resolves itself, the characters ought to repeatedly "time-skip" their way to around Lorial's (apparent) age at graduation, so maybe they could do something with her in the future? BTW, the "growing up" rp is taking place in Lorial's hometown, Tia (because steampunk, right?) by total happenstance.

    2. Mickey Flash

      Mickey Flash

      Honestly, I forgot I had Tia as her hometown.  I think later I wrote that she grew up in the forests of Elendaron.  :bigsmile: Way to stay true to my character, huh?  I don't know as much about her as you do, at this point.  ;)

    3. Ovate


      Well, to be fair, she DOES have "WIP" in big bold letters on her page. Lol. Although, from gritty Tia to the forests of a separate continent, that's quite a switch! Maybe to push her origins closer to her nymph ancestry than her vampiric one, perhaps?

      Still, an interesting character. I imagine her being a lot of fun to both rp and watch, especially since she seems to have a dozen different kinds of frustration with vampires. I'm imagining her in a vampire night club, and I'm not sure if she would start dancing or slaying everybody, lol. Might need to read her past rp's sometime, despite her "dark" status I see a lot of potential for humor.

  10. To be fair, I can only claim dibs on the Signature! >~<

    The Avatar was a nice find on the interwebs that I nabbed... The sig I put together on my own.

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    2. Fae


      ~Giggle Snorts~

      I'm an old soul is all. Nothing more and nothing less >~<

    3. Galen Wolfe

      Galen Wolfe

      I love finding the odd ones ;) means I'm always in interesting company

    4. Galen Wolfe

      Galen Wolfe

      How are things in your neck of the woods? How early or late is it? can I ask some obscure questions to see if I can guess how far away you live? And if you told me already, don't worry, I can't remember anything beyond dinner last night.

  11. Hello! My name is ZomChim or JJ for short. I honestly am new to this site and I have no clue what to do so, were gonna figure this out together (maybe xD) anyways this is it and if I make anything in the future be sure to check it out, even if it is crappy... K bye! xD

  12. Hey, I'm gonna try to get on that world building thing at some point. Other stuff keeps me distracted.

    My apologies. 

    - Metty

    1. Jesus Negro

      Jesus Negro

      It's quite alright. There is no rush or a deadline so take your time.

  13. Last week
  14. Thanks for the like!  :smile:

    1. GravidMystic


      Of course! She was my FAVE of all your characters! A nymph/vampire is something I NEVER seen before and I rp anthro insectile/arachnid characters (people tell me thats unusual)!

      Will NEED to show her to my (rl) boyfiend (Ovate)! Hes Irish AND all into undead characters so he will really like her too! :bigsmile:

    2. Ovate


      I thought I'd seen every possible iteration of a vampiric "hybrid", but Lorial is fascinating. I admit I never imagined fusing the "nymphomania" of a nymph with the backlash of vampiric bloodlust. As with most great characters, it figures it's her flaw that is the most brilliant aspect.

      Great character. Hope you haven't been "worn out" on her, already. *thumbs up!*

    3. Mickey Flash

      Mickey Flash

      She's the charrie I use most often.  :smile:

  15. Shout out to ALL OF VALUCRE. I need to learn a lot. Therefore, I need someone that can teach me the ins and outs personally.

    Anyone interested?

  16. You lookin better already my sick little baby! :kiss:

    Now eat your chicken noodle soup!

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    2. Ovate


      Thanks for taking time off to take care of me. :)

      Hopefully I can get back to writing, now. Be sure to let me know when you have your character up.

    3. GravidMystic


      Momma will always take care of you baby! :kiss::hurt:

      I LOVE takin care of you! also nice to see you get your vigor back. :wink:

      Oh my goosh! Promise to get it written up by tonight! You better do YOURS too!

      Ablah lookin forward to meetin Aodh! :kiss::sweat:

    4. GravidMystic


      Hey baby just follow me so you get notification!

      Dont worry bout the traffic after my intro posted! :kiss:

  17. Dammit, after watching Villian Number One, I don't feel I can take anything you write seriously anymore.

    I can't read anything you write without hearing it in Robbie Rottens voice! That evil laugh though! XD 

    1. Robbie Rotten

      Robbie Rotten

      yes....... perfect

      you understand me completely

  18. Normality is a paved road. It's comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow. -Vincent Van Goh

  19. ~Pokes with a long stick~

    You still alive?

    Haven't heard from you in a bit, sir!

    Groan once for no, flail for yes!


  20. I uh... May have completely space Ambiancips and the "Hunt for XIII" thread. Like, phwoosh levels of space. Maybe some pew-pew for good measure. I'm poking Richter right after this but I'll be working on a response just as soon as that is complete.


    On another tangent:

    Did you get my PM about the stuff and things?

    As usual, you're fantastic and I appreciate you!


  21. Of course you liked my shit. 

    I am the greatest.

    1. Alexei
    2. Deviant


      *flips shiny hair and channels theoren*



    I'm so sorry for my disappearance. Life took me by the ankles and shook everything out of my pockets. I've been soooooooo busy, and I apologize for vanishing. But good news! I'm back, and here to stay!



      Yay we missed you also



    2. essos_exoss


      Hahaha! :laugh: Good to see you again!



      You can't get rid of me even if you tell me you don't want me put me in a sack tie the end and drop me in a river attached to an anchor

  23. From silence and shadows  the demon doth come seeking only the voice of reasonable insanity to strike unto his soul a fire to consume the world for at her word he does become the destroyer of man.

  24. I like your hat!

    1. ShadowBurn


      Why Thank You! *Tips hat* I am honoured to have some amenities on this profile ;p

  25. Hello everyone! My name is, as can be seen, Inej, and I just wanted to say that I'm excited to be here. I love to roleplay and I cant wait to get started!

  26. So ill leave you this heart made of copper and gold. 

  27. I am a bit lost. I am unsure where else to indulge. @Jesus Negro When you are back in a more stable place i look forward to continuing with more lore on Tellus Mater. 

    @Grizzly @Garion @paradigm @Alexei

    If you guys need someone to write with please let me know!! I haven't been in touch with you guys lately and I would like to get some work done with you. Please tell me when.

    @Ataraxy Good luck on your mid terms bromigo! Cheering for you mate, as I myself and indulging in Psychology at this late hour!

    Anywho!! Be safe everyone stay up and remember 1 year = 365 new opportunities Seize the Day!

    1. Grizzly


      Im always ready for some new threads~

    2. Chappu


      Yesss!! Let us banter!! @Grizzly

  28. Been such a long time since I've been on Valucre. About to start residency soon. Once I'm settled as an intern, I'll probably start roleplaying again. 

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