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  2. Hurttoto

    Harsh Treatment.

    The building suddenly crumbled all around heras the dragon was behining its assault, quickly though she jumpped through a window and just ran until the pieces of the building stopped falling ether on top of her or next to her side. "A LITTLE WARNING WOULD HAVE BEEN GREAT" she yelled but they most likely couldnt hear ("Welp I guess they didnt need an engineer? ") she though as it just collapsed completely "Such a shame we could have converted that factory but I guess demolition works as well" as she stood up and began to look around to see the who event as a whole.
  3. Mr. Optional

    The Azatar Assembly

    Might I join? My character Nicky has been itching to come out
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  5. danzilla3

    Visiting Hours

    Issac felt himself heat up under his mask at the thought of Middy staying in his office, enticing ideas going through his head. The way she sprawled out on the couch in front of him wasn't doing much to help matters. Suddenly he remembered that the last time they had met, they had spent a good bit of time with their hands on the others behind. He had to wonder if this was such a good idea. Not that he minded his old friend crashing with him, but the idea of being tempted by something he couldn't have didn't seem very appealing to him. Still, he was a good friend, so there was only one thing he could say. "Of course, I'd be happy to have you- I mean let you stay here! As long as you don't mind the relative lack of privacy."
  6. danzilla3

    Highway to Hell

    The scout looked up at Zack, "We found Salamander tracks a few miles out! Guvners taking the rest of the scouts to raid the nest, but he told us to come let everyone know back here. 'Scuse me, but I gotta go let Thurgood know." The tracks had led about five miles to the east, to the remains of one of the giant trees that made up the jungle. Upon closer inspection it was clear that the base of the trunk had been hollowed out, and now covered up the entrance to a tunnel. Bones and other detritus left over from an untold amount of animals that had been dragged back to the lair littered the entrance. More than one human skull was present among the piles of bones, most likely the remains of unfortunate travelers or explorers. This was the entire reason that they were building this road; to keep things like this from happening. Sebastian gestured for the scouts to hold and turned to address them, "Alright, here's what we're gonna do. I'm going to go into the nest, kill as many as I can. I want all of you to stand ready out here, and kill any that manage to get past me. Understood?" Once the scouts nodded their affirmations, the Governor drew his sword and descended into the tunnel. The enclosed space was surprisingly dry, but broiling hot nonetheless, though the ground was soaked with some combination of blood and waste. When he had approached the tunnel, the smell had been almost overpowering, but now that he was in the nest, it was almost a physical presence. It was taking quite a bit of self-control to avoid throwing up, but such thoughts were put to the back of his mind when he heard rustling up ahead. He stood his ground for a few moments, listening for more movement when the first Salamander lunged at him. Steel flashed in the closed space, and the creatures head was struck from its shoulders; jaws still snapping as it hit the ground. Once the first one was down, a veritable wave descended upon him, a wall of flesh, claws, and teeth that threatened to consume him. Planting his feet, Sebastian's blade blurred as he whipped it through scything arcs faster than the eye could see. Any Salamander that got within striking distance was quickly sliced to pieces, and soon the horde moving seemed to be trying to move past him while the more feral ones continued their futile assault. The swordsman stood fast, having faith that the scouts behind him would be able to hold back the creatures that escaped him.
  7. Thotification

    Visiting Hours

    The Mistress giggled. "Oh you know how much I love to make a show of everything." Yes she did make a show lf it. Taking on the Legion in a one versus all showdown thwn getting her ass handed to her within second. Not only did she fail to defeat one soldier of the Legion, she also failed to protect the denizens of that coastal village. What a tragedy! She had a good hearty laugh about that. It was quite entertaining for her to watch her former allies desecrate her body. She even found it kinky. Still she had used the opportunity to her advantage. She could have died at a later date but that wouldn't justify her leaving the Legion. No, she felt that was the perfect moment. In fact she found it symbolic. Afterall, her true strength does not lie in her abilities but in the sharpness of her tongue. She followed Isaac straight to his office, her mischievous smile never waning. Oh she was still enjoying her 'dead' status. And she won't get tired of it for at least a few more weeks. The office was quite lavish even to her standards and it was even more extravagant now that the woman has graced it with her esteemed presence. She mumled thanks to Isaac who offered her the couch and like the proud woman she is, she immediately laid on it, her body being a perfect fit for the couch's measurements. "Oh how wonderful! Actually, I was looking for a place to stay. I think this couch is good enough for a bed."
  8. danzilla3

    Harsh Treatment.

    Grant nodded, "I'll have my men bring over the documents with the information you seek. I also asked them to prepare a primer on the basic functions of a water treatment plant, just in case you need them. Oh, and there is another scientist I'd like you to meet to discuss the algal bloom. Don't worry, this one is a bit less eccentric than Mr. Graham." As he walked with Thurgood through the facility he suddenly felt as though he was being watched, though strangely it did not provoke any kind of paranoia. It was a familiar sensation, one that he knew he had felt before, but not for some time now. He turned to try and find the source of the feeling, but saw nothing when he did so. For just a moment, he thought he could feel a chill in the air, and suddenly he felt a pang of sadness in his chest. "Reyna..." After a few moments had passed, he shook his head, and continued following Thurgood.
  9. danzilla3

    To Arm, Or Not To Arm

    Grant looked over the documents, "As someone who is intimately familiar with such weaponry, I can say that these weapons seem exceptionally well designed. The expertise of your engineers is obvious just from viewing their designs." Indeed, these weapons seemed to take heavy inspiration from currently available firearms, and incorporate them into their own work. Don't fix what isn't broken as the old saying went, and the Prince was impressed that the creators had felt no need to reinvent the wheel when it came to making their weapons. He now felt better about the deal they were making for the weapons. Of course, he would have bought them anyway, just to facilitate good relations; but knowing they were quality products made it much easier. "I would be happy to purchase all three models, Mr. Ambassador."
  10. danzilla3

    Of Farewells and Dying Thots

    Patricia hadn't been happy when John decided to attend the Mistresses funeral, especially once he had let her in on the secret he had been keeping, but in the end she had relented. He'd had to assure her repeatedly that he and the supposedly deceased were nothing more than friends, and that their sexual relationship was long over. His lover had still seemed concerned, until he let her in on what he intended to do at the gathering. At that point, she had laughed harder then he had ever seen her laugh before, and gave her enthusiastic permission. Of course, the Mistress knew too, so he was clear on all fronts to have a little fun. When he came into view of the woman digging the hole for the coffin, or whatever would hold the remains to be lowered into, he grinned. He would wait for others to arrive before indulging in his little prank. Smiling, he hoped that the Mistress was watching from somewhere, because he was going to put on one hell of a show!
  11. We can go with present timeline. I'll start a thread in a few hours and tag you. My boy needs to swing by the Mildot anyway, upgrade his arsenal.
  12. notmuch_23

    Have a Joyous Reverie!

    Aveline is not a melée fighter
  13. notmuch_23

    House Singlance Manor

    Like most of Corinth though, this little slice of it is also heavily wooded. The coring teams had to cut down lots of trees to place the drilling rig, which got taken to the closest sawyers to get dried, cut, then used for something. there's no doubt Thurgood wants to ramp up Ursa Madeum's timber industry as well, and he'll need that wood cut to very precise dimensions to make the forms for this poured-concrete house/bunker The fact is that House Uldwar will attack them at some point, and their place needs to be a bunker to withstand that attack. As Thurgood goes to mark out where he wants his place, an idea suddenly hits him: "Why don't I build our manor mostly into the rock? It'll have much more protection underground, a constantly lower temperature, and i won't need nearly as much concrete. That still requires the cement kiln arriving though with all the parts for the small wind farm I'll need to build to power it, which requires the port..." The other ports on Corinth either can't handle the physical size of these loads, can't berth the ships making the deliveries, can't handle the extra traffic, or can't stand House Singlance using them. Taking the loads through the portal requires lots of trucks to traverse very rough mountain roads to the blue hills portal, then across the jungle quadrant of Taen, which admittedly is much easier with the better roads Thurgood planned and constructed, but the portal to Ursa Madeum is right smack dab in the exact center of Andelusia. Yes, Thurgood did construct the road out of the portal as straight as he possibly could, but he couldn't make those streets as wide as he would have liked, and they're constantly jammed with traffic. Getting an F-350 through there is a feat already, but a convoy of semis is practically impossible; semis carrying 120-foot-long blades and giant steel tower sections is a straight-up fever dream! At least the geologic core studies necessitated a detailed topographical survey. This will be expensive, but necessary, and will get loads of use once the aluminum mill is up and running.
  14. notmuch_23

    Wait, House Singlance is doing something? [still open]

    Holy shit, I got a(nother) response! Yes, please. Depending on which day this character arrives, Aveline may be gone to the Reverie ball. Thurgood will be there though.
  15. House Singlance is recruiting huh? Interesting. I might have to have an old friend stop by the Mildot and say hello, probably work something out.
  16. spacegy4

    She's back. Back again

    The action of the boat rocking was more than enough to eliminate any possibility of keeping the weapon on target. Soon enough the results of that scenario would cease to matter as the teenager was thrown clear of the soon to be wreck. Violently crashing against the side of the side of the craft would be the last thing the teenager felt before her consciousness quickly faded into darkness. ! The teenager was jolted awake to find herself damp from head to toe laying on her back. Through the discomfort and pain of the trial that brought her there was a strange sense of relief that she'd made it off the boat alive. As if on cue the apparent curse had returned, and the girl once again found herself alone in an unfamiliar place. Though battered and bruised it was fortunate that the arrival hadn't broken anything. To make a point of reference she would first walk perpendicular to the beach before strolling along it. She would tread carefully to conserve her stamina. She'd need it to once again return to whatever semblance of a home existed for her in civilization. After a minute of so of walking her eyes were drawn to something on the beach that stood out from the distant reaching dirt and sand. It was Rai! Upon noticing the young woman was in some manner of turmoil May would approach from her front in an effort to be noticed while checking the area surrounding Rai for any danger. Her green and blue eyes scanned up and down her ally for any sign of injury. "Hold still. I know some first aid." She'd considered first questioning Rai find more regarding this predicament, but such action would probably end up fruitless with the individual answering in such a poor state.
  17. Wade

    Can't Afford a Therapist

    Reed had stopped polishing the counter entirely. He was staring into the shallow depths of his own cup, face pensive. “It’s funny,” he began, stowing away the linen cloth. “Thinking you can stop the Oathblades from falling into the wrong hands." Something softened in the way he stood. He smiled with what could have been amusement or pity. Maybe both. “See, I used to think I was the good guy. Not perfect, but good.” Reed poured himself another cup. He didn’t reach for it right away. “I mean, of all the people Orenmir could have chosen, it picked me. Me. Do you have any idea who I was before I became the First?” He let the question hang in the air, though quite not long enough for the knight to answer. “I used to steal shoes because I was too poor to afford any. I lived in the sewers come wintertime. I even got around to begging on street corners and believe me, I got really good at it.” His fingers rotated the cup this way and that, seemingly unsure of themselves. “And when I got old enough, strong enough, that I didn’t have to be scared of the constables and the gangs anymore, I became this shitty, callous gladiator with nothing to his name, save some paycheck he earned by putting the next guy in the ground.” Another pregnant silence filled the shop. Reed kept eyeballing his drink. “So you can imagine it was hard not to feel special when everyone told me I was going to be a hero. Got it in my head that I was chosen for a reason. That, despite my many failings, this all-powerful sword saw something in me.” The words left a bitter taste in his mouth. It was enough for him to try to finally wash it away. “Apparently,” he said mid-sip. “That something doesn’t have anything to do with how good a person you are. Or protecting the kingdom, for that matter. It took me years running Damien’s petty massacres before I stopped telling myself I was doing the right thing.” His throat suddenly felt too tight, like there wasn’t enough air in the room. “But that didn’t mean I stopped. I kept going. People called me a monster - not a hero - and I kept going.” Reed tilted the cup skyward, then set it aside by the sink. “As for the other Oathsworn?” he continued, busying himself with the dishes now. “I thought them better than I was. Most of them, anyway. Even if they were killers, just like me.” The shrug he gave amounted to little more than a quiet slump of his shoulders. “Turns out, I’m a terrible judge of character. Of those I thought I could trust, only three sided with me at the Break.” Reed didn’t have to say who. The knight was in possession of Himei, after all. “That meant the rest were content with having a tyrant for a king. Or maybe they were just cowards, or never truly saw me as their leader. Either way, my friends betrayed me to save Damien.” He didn’t try to hide the hurt from his words. Nothing in the world would scab over that wound. “And in exchange, I killed them,” he whispered. “I didn’t have to. But I did.” Underneath the dishwater, his hands balled into fists. “After all that, why would I ever come back?” he asked, almost to himself. “The Oathsworn failed. I failed. Why would things be any different this time? What makes your lady think she can control the Oathblades?" What makes you think hers are the right hands to do so?
  18. Artificer

    [High Atlas] A Price on Immortality

    SULLIVAN CIAR OHDRAN Upon reaching the bottommost level, Sullivan’s eyes and nose were overwhelmed by a wide assortment of colors and smells. To his left, there were grocers with stalls packed to the brim with exotic fruits and leafy greens, fresh as they were rare. To his right was butcher’s row, where there were charcutiers, cheesemongers, and fishwifes aplenty — meat, dairy, and daily catches all proudly displayed. Blacksmiths, jewelers, masons and tinkerers — all of Mezthaluen’s finest craftsmen were here, the bottommost floor of the Emporium: The Bazaar. Navigating through the mazelike market, Ohdran took count of the prices and the products in the periphery of his vision, noting who was competition, and who was not. “Boss!” came a faint, distant voice. Sullivan looked slightly behind him, thinking that he heard someone he knew. Still, among the crowd, there were no familiar faces. It must have been his imagination. “Boss!” came the same voice again, this time louder. Peering through the gaps between the mobs of shoppers, Ohdran caught a tuft of blonde peek out briefly above the canopy of hair, hats, and hoods, before it quickly disappeared back under. “Boss!” came the voice, a third and final time, close as it was clear. From the masses, a short, young man with crooked teeth and a crooked smile sprung out from between a married couple. “Julian,” Sullivan said smoothly. “You don’t have to yell so loudly — a tap on the shoulder would have sufficed.” “Sorry boss,” the young man panted, out of breath and sweating like a maniac. “I had,” — gasp —, “something important” — gasp —, “I needed….” “Now now, I know we have much to discuss, but I think we’re drawing a small crowd around us,” Sullivan said, noting the growing group of people that were looking at the two. “Let’s go someplace a little more… private.” With that, he grabbed the young man by the shoulder, and proceeded to the back-alleys. In his mind, Sullivan knew that if Julian was here, then the black market trading conference had begun earlier than anticipated. If that was true… then deliberations regarding High Atlas were up in the air.
  19. HotPizza

    What do you know? [closed]

    With great caution, the trio reach the door into the restricted lab. Teamwork! Alise mentally goes over the contents kept in her backpack and belt pouches - a potion of stoneskin, 2 potions of healing... weren't there more? This place has been a headache, both metaphorically and literally. She creeps up to the card reader, an eye on the odd figures behind the glass, and swips her own clearance card. As soon as the card reader beeps, Alise would quickly duck through the open door and hide from the walker. If the door doesn't open, she'll hide behind the cover she used to get to the door.
  20. HotPizza

    What do you know ooc

    Does that mean I post next, or DON'T post next, or...? Edit: Just realised no one has actually swiped the card reader. Posted to do that.
  21. Sleepy Seal

    Child of the Forest

    “Yes. She travelled for days without sleep in order to reach Hyperion this soon,” he replied. Realising that the girl was just frightened, he allowed his look to subside. ”Please come with me. I will get you some proper clothing and answer any questions you have.”
  22. sorainvoked

    Claiming the Furthest Point

    "So, the ebon knight has healing powers too, that's a surprise," Aryssin thought to herself, notching an arrow into her bow. Sprinting towrads the caravans, the svelte lady jumped onto the wagon, providing herself some cover from the snapping fangs of the chhitten. The ebon knight had also made some cover for himself, so he was not much of a worry. However, there were others in the fight who were not as well protected as he was, and if left unchecked, the venom emitted by the chhitten would cause untold havoc on the defenders of the caravan. Focusing her lightning magic into one of her armguards and healing magic into another, Aryssin recited the verses, pouring as much magic she could into her enchanted items before aiming one at the handsome man and the other at herself. Immediately a bolt of lightning tore through the sky and hitting them both, casting a lightning bubble of light around the man. This bubble was a technique taught to her by her masters in Lefel, and even the biggest giants in the vicinity of her homeland were not able to break through the barrier. With that done, the magic in the gauntlets subsided, and the healer got her bow and arrows ready. Spotting a chhitten about to take a bite out of someone, Aryssin let an arrow fly, hitting the creature right in its gaping jaw. The creature was dead even before it hit the ground.
  23. Natalya was in heaven. All these furry beasts surrounding her. Yes wolves are the best things a young girl can have. Especially an esteemed young lady like Natalya. Such strong powerful creatures. Their furs are so soft and cuddly. She can;t get enough of that fluffy texture. Then there's the tough yet flexible pelt. The rippling muscles under those made Natalya giggle. The best part was that there's not only one, but four of these magnificent creatures. And all of them are under Natalya's control. Oh the things she can do with such wolves. She could sit on them all die, she can ride them to anywhere in anyway she wants. Oh the joys of having such a wonderful mount. Oh how the little girl enjoyed her new playthings. Her round eyes seemed to sparkle as she 'oooohhed' and 'aaaahhhed' while her nubile hands explored the wolves' hard and taut body. Such magnificent specimen. Truly there is nothing that can compare to how fabulous these creatures are The young lady's cheeks seemed to swell, her face flushing as the wolves snuggled against her .Four furry male wolves rubbing themselves against Little Natalya. Oh what joyous occasion, But all goods things must come to an end as Little San's whimpering face brought Natalya out of her fantasy and back to reality. She wondered what the child's problem was until she realized Little Sans was tightly holding her bladder area. Yes, Natalya's daydream was interrupted because Little Sans cannot piss by herself. Natalya screamed internally but her face gave a concerned look at Little San. Grabbing the little girl's shoulders she led Little Sans to a nearby boulder while shouting at the others, "You go first! We'll catch up later."
  24. vielle

    The Brittle King's Tragedy

    It is almost second nature to her now: the way she moves, the way she and Anatase dance together in a flurry of knives and pale lights, the way her wardrum heart beats wild and restless against her sternum. The unease, the not-knowing, too, is second nature even after years in the profession. It is not easy to be rid of, and perhaps it will never really leave. Once it carves itself into the marrow, fear is deep-rooted, whether one likes it or not. Anatase’s lodepoints do their duty, disarming the Reaver of its weapon, and her exalta bolts drive it to fall over, unable to stand and fight. She takes a brief moment to mentally celebrate before the other two Reavers start making their way forward. “Uh oh, we angered them,” she deadpans, readying her gauntlets for another round when— "Found anything of note over there?" Her partner makes conversation with the woman his gaze had appreciated just moments before, in the first room, as if they were not currently in the midst of a battle with leaping, rabid mummies that can very well kill them if they aren’t careful. Which is—just fairly typical of him, really, why is she even surprised. Celestine rolls her eyes, leaves Anatase behind as she strides forward, makes herself the shield at the head of the group. She raises her gauntlets, fires energy bursts again aimed at the nearest Reaver vaulting its way towards them with incensed speed, hoping the blasts connect and somehow slow the monster down before it reaches her. Despite the adrenaline racing through her veins, Celestine experiences a brief flash of doubt, before her mind clears over until all that is left is single-minded focus. She is ready for this. She has trained for this. If it is a brawl they want, it is a brawl they will get.
  25. Meanwhile.... 'The Mistress doing pee-pee?" Little Sans mused. The sudden disapperance of the Mistress had greatly disturbed Sansalon's limited thought processes that putting an effort into discerning her boss' whereabouts would cause Sansalon's brain to explode. Figuratively at least. "Her pee pee is long." Little Sans was disturbed that the Mistress still hasn't returned. It had been an hour or so and sill no Middy. Little Sans knew that when women pee pee, it takes a long time but not this long. Or perhaps there's a long line of women and Middy was at the end portion of it. Yes, it was more plausible that Middy was just patiently waiting for her turn to pee pee than having Middy fight a giant monster just so she can do her pee pee. Thinking about all this pee pee troubled Little Sans' bladder. It seems she was not immune to the call of nature as it didn't take a while for her to start squirming in her seat. Even Natalya, who was baside her, was startled. Natalya's concerned look only made Sansalon's face turn red in embarassment. "Natalya. Little Sans need to pee pee. Help me. Fast." Shs soat out while her hands held onto her her crotch area. She was already standing, her legs squirming and buckling in dire need of doing her businees.
  26. zackrobbman

    The Crescent Hammer // Fight Club

    Zack had expected things to go much worse than they were. He expected Arsinia to come at the man and start waving around her weird, fire hand, but thankfully this didn't happen. Although she was mad about being called a dwarf, she didn't do anything too extreme. In fact, she seemed to be exact opposite, not even having a good verbal comeback. Had he not been preoccupied trying to free himself of his magical bonds, he might have laughed a little. Zacks eyes widened when she threw the molten, metal ball at the robber, watching in horror as a few globs of heated metal were quickly approaching his face. Just as he began to think about whether or not he'd heal a new face, the magicians hold on him weakened and he dropped to the floor. Surprised, he looked up and saw Arsinia assaulting the robber much like an angry little girl would, mindlessly kicking at his shins. She does try to throw a punch, but the wind up is too wide and the robber easily evades it by moving his head back a little. "Little WRETCH!" says the robber as he raised his hands into the air and began to wiggle his fingers. His hands started to glow as he prepared to cast another spell, but he never got the chance. A wet crunch is heard when something hard slams into his side, sending the robber to the wall and splintering it on impact. He immediately begins to see stars as he slumps to the floor, nearly forgetting where and who he is as his vision threatened to go dark. When his vision starts to come back, he just barely makes out Zack's form standing in front of him. He raises his hands to cast a spell, his vision clearing up just enough for him to see the absolutely livid expression on Zack's face. There was something off about Zack's eyes, filling the robber with an other-worldly fear. At that moment, he felt cut off from the world and at the mercy of another. Before he could even wriggle his fingers, Zack grabbed onto his wrists and pulled up up rapidly. The robbers wrists were immediately crushed and broken as Zack yanked him to his feet, causing a loud guttural scream to erupt from his mouth. He tried to pull away, but Zack merely reached higher up and grabbed him by the elbows. Zack squeezed them until him felt the bones within snap and pop like fleshy twigs. He then quickly yanked up and backwards, snapping the mans arms in half as they bent back in full ninety degree angles at the elbow. The robbers screams intensified as he felt this, looking down at his arms with disbelief and horror. He'd never use his hands to do magic again, and that was exactly what Zack wanted. Zack was holding him up into the air by his broken appendages, his beady eyes locked onto the the man's face as screamed continuously. He could feel blood seeping through the fabric where he held the man's arms, figuring the skin had broken at the joints from the strain. He then pulled the robber into a head-butt, easily breaking his jaw and caving in his front teeth. The mans screaming stopped when he did so. "HOCUS POCUS!!" yelled Zack before releasing his arms and head-butting the robber one last time. The robber flew backwards into the wall hard as blood and dozens of fractured teeth trailed from his mouth, one of said teeth being lodged in Zack's forehead. The robber slumped to the ground in an unconscious heap, his arms bent at impossible angles practically severed at the joints. Zack reached up and yanked the tooth out of his forehead as he approached the robbers body, flicking it to the ground as he surveyed the robbers face. His mouth had been effectively caved in, all but a few molars missing from his bloody gums. Zack squinted at him and waited to see if he'd get back up, prepared if the robber used some sort of magical spell to wake himself and cure his new deformities. That had happened to him a lot in the past. But the robber didn't get back up. "You know this guy!?" Zack said, rapidly turning to look at Arsinia, his eyes still beady and alert. "He have any friends?!"
  27. vielle

    What truth is gleaned in the mud?

    Iyalon had been more or less smiling, his face amiable and open since the start of the dinner, but then the rather ill-advised jest had sucked all the levity from the room in one blow. The tension settles over the table, and he can feel his shoulders tightening as Lord Uldwar looks on with a grave expression, spouts words in a tone that brooks no argument. "The world is a hostile place, sir knight, as you and I both know intimately. Weakness can mean death, and death is in many cases, a permanent condition." Despite the current atmosphere of discomfiture, Iyalon can only find himself agreeing. Only the ruthless are allowed to survive, and to be weak is to attract destruction and elimination. He can understand that, understand where those words are coming from, if nothing else: he thinks along the same lines every day. At the ring of the bell, Lord Uldwar excuses himself, leaves deafening silence in his wake. Iyalon keeps his gaze trained on his own plate, quietly scooping up spoonfuls of fish into his mouth as he waits for the others to speak. Not unsurprisingly, Lady Uldwar herself breaks the air, justifies her husband’s mood with the weight of the duties he bears. He is about to open his mouth to speak platitudes and acquiesce to her suggestion to end dinner early when a piercing cry rings through the room. "That's not fair! Why can't I have my dessert? I wasn't the one who insulted father. If anything I should have his dessert and he be sent to bed early." Guilt settles oddly in his gut, but Iyalon cannot help himself: it rather feels as if he’s intruded on something private, witnessing the subsequent dialogue between the matriarch of the house and the young Uldwar son. When Eric races out of the hall, bringing the Dogs of War with him, the Hildebrand knight carefully puts down his utensils and focuses his attention on the woman burying her face in her palms. "Why must these dinners always turn into disasters?" Compassion blooms unexpectedly in his chest at that. Despite the circumstances, Iyalon rather thinks Lady Uldwar bears as much burden of keeping their house in line as her husband does. It does not sit well with him to leave her thinking that they all feel ill will towards her. “If—if it is of any comfort, my Lady, I quite enjoyed myself,” he begins hesitantly, giving her a tiny smile. “Your hospitality has made me feel very welcome in your estate. It is not only in battle that the Uldwar house excels, but in cordiality as well.” It is really only due to the Lady and their knights’ efforts to extend courtesy, Iyalon muses, not without a sense of reluctance. He pauses for a moment, thinking deeply, before continuing. “I would offer my company to walk with the Lady Uldwar to wherever she needs to go before I retire. It is what I do often with my Lady Hildebrand in our own halls.” The thought of Varda places a soft grin on his face, and Iyalon bows deeply after he comes to stand to his feet. He is unsure of his own offer, unsure of her own acceptance, but the deed has been done. "If not with me, then perhaps going with another of your knights would comfort you, my Lady. It would be lonely to walk alone." If the Lady refuses his offer, then he will thank her once again before going to his chambers for the night.
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