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  2. "... Nani?" Daichi trails off as he's taken to meet the others by this strange woman. Did she really think his surname is Obasan, or is she merely using the honorific 'obasan' back at him? Whatever the case, he decides to wait to see what she introduces him as, just to be sure. What a strange woman! However, her name's definitely an interesting one: Igni. A name reminiscent of fire, he can only wonder if that long flowing hair of hers is red in colour. The scent of the sea growing stronger alerts him to the fact that they're nearing the sea, where the others are preparing to fish. The sound of Emilio's voice, the things he says - everything Daichi can glean about him, really - point to him being the leader or host-figure of this little gathering. Daichi can sense a sort of strength coming from him, one which belies his apparent agedness. He is introduced, confirming his suspicions. With a gentle smile, he corrects Igni. "No, Igni-san, I am Daichi Sato. I was referrin' to ya as obasan." Igni mentions Emilio as the host, which only serves to confirm his thoughts about the old man. "Thank ya for having me, Emilio-sama." He says, bowing towards their host. Kimiko, eh? She's his sword's namesake... and also a blind swordsman! Even before speaking to her, he already feels some common ground between them. "It's nice to meet ya, Kimiko-san. I'm a weaponsmith, so if ya need anythin' like a new blade, we may talk business." Despite her unsteady gait, there's something about her he can't quite place. Maybe it's the fact that to be a blind swordswoman, one must have higher senses than most people would expect. Maybe it's because of his familiarity with how being disabled tends to make people assume helplessness. Whatever the case, he knows it's likely that there's more than meets the eye. If he's right, however, far be it from him to expose it! There's a sort of 'knowing' tone in his voice as he adds: "And perhaps, ya could even be my sensei in the art of wielding the katana?"
  3. "That's fine with me; as I have no love for it either. But if it will give me the power to protect my family, then I will gladly pay it's price!" An arrow flew toward the former Djinn, who deflected it with a casual flick of his wrist. It seemed Augustus was wise enough to realize that this was not a battle that he could win on his own. Not that it mattered; one more combatant would do little to turn the tide in his favor. Extending one hand, he turned it in a clockwise motion, and suddenly the back of the house reconstructed itself. Then, with a snap of his fingers, the group was teleported to the courtyard of the manor. "I'll have to apologize to the gardeners," he mused, "For the mess that is about to be made."
  4. "This smells like the alley behind the Red Door after it got blown up." "What a terrible thing to say!" Shikai protested with mock outrage. Picking up the cup, he downed the contents in one go before setting the mug back down with melodramatic force. A moment passed, and then his face twisted into a grimace; one hand moving to his stomach. "Ugh. Did I say this cured nausea or caused it?" he wondered. "I'm Sierra, by the way - you picked me up in Raven's Landing." Indeed, the transformation was a truly impressive one. Had he not seen her putting on the disguise, there was a very good chance that he wouldn't be able recognize her; at least not by sight. Though now that he thought about it, even Phoebe's scent had been altered. Shikai would never cease to be amazed by the abilities of his comrades; and no one he had ever met could transform themselves as the First did. "Well Sierra, we better get going. You're going to love my friends!" Most would probably assume that the shinobi was being playfully facetious; and that wasn't entirely untrue, but also wasn't the full story. Phoebe would recognize that he was getting into character; learning to think of her as Sierra first, and her actual self second. Once that was done, he would accompany her as they disembarked the boat, putting his hood up as the cool air hit him. The pair walked down the dock; talking about nothing in particular in the way those comfortable in each others presence did. It wasn't long before he set eyes on Cain, as well as a young woman in a white dress that he didn't recognize, whom he nodded a greeting to as he passed. After the Architect had greeted Phoebe, he moved to embrace the General, who happily returned it. "Good to see you again, fearless leader," he greeted Cain, warmth evident in his voice, "I see you've already met my friend Sierra. She's a fun one; met her in Ravens Landing and we hit it off." Shikai listened to Cain explain the reason why they had gathered at this place; and that they would be headed into The Vortex. Knowing how serious this endeavor would be, he nodded solemnly, but still smiled. "We'll get this done... and then we'll take a real vacation!" "Yo." The shinobi turned, face lighting up when he laid eyes on the Dead Mistress, whom he promptly greeted with a hug. "Good to see you again!"
  5. “Daichi Obasan,” Igni said, and smiled gently. “I am Igni. Call me Igni. A mission to make friends sounds like a pleasant task.” “Of course.” Igni strolled over to the others, making a beeline for Kimiko, but she was standing with the injured one and Emilio anyway. “Emilio. Kimiko. This is Daichi Obasan. Daichi, this is our host, Emilio. And this is Kimiko. She is a performer and a... swordstress. Like you, she cannot see.” To the injured one she said. “Forgive me. I have not caught your name yet.”
  6. Torie cocked her head as the pale lady lit her cigarette. “Err…” Then she scoffed, and smiled, though her held her head a little lower like a shamed puppy. “If I’m honest, I’ve got to say I have no idea what you just said, other than you maybe want to shoot me?” She put on a look of mock concern. Well, half-mock. It was hard to tell if the girl was serious. The room was big enough that the pale one’s smoke didn’t really bother her that much, though she did notice when Jae left the room. “What’s your name?” she said to the smoking girl. Just then the doors opened again, and a very offended Jae entered, followed by a human male, all in black. Torie nodded to him politely. “It’s fine. We haven’t started yet. I’m Torie. Druid,” she said for the third time, a little more awkwardly now. She looked him up and down and said with concern, “Are you in mourning?”
  7. Cool 😎 Do you know where to look for roleplays and to get yourself started? Or is that still a bit confusing?
  8. (Oh, so that’s what it does. Well.) I haven’t established any characters to be used here, but I’d say Sakuya Izayoi from Touhou, and Artoria Pendragon from F/GO. And my OCs. Which I realise I haven’t listed yet.
  9. Fair enough! What about characters? Are there any that you’ve grown fond of using regardless of setting?
  10. [Jericho and Severin] Severin extended his own left arm to meet Jericho's hand, gripping it with a firm yet friendly handshake as his counterpart—finally—gave him his name. 'Severin Seto. Though, I expect that someone as resourceful as you appear already knows that much at the very least.' reciprocated Severin, cracking a grin. As Jericho left the table momentarily for an order, Severin returned the bowl of noodles to its prior position in front of him before grabbing his pair of chopsticks from off the table. Though the bowl looked half-full, most of that volume was broth at this point, and Severin managed to finish up the remainder of the actual noodles before Jericho returned. All told, it wasn't truly outstanding fare, but the price, especially the low, low price of zero in this instance, was hard to beat. Preparing to move on to drink the broth as well, his motions were interrupted by the sound of a pair of beer bottles, along with a set of accompanying cork coasters, coming to rest upon his table. As soon as Severin registered that Jericho had ordered two beers for the two of them, he moved the bowl of noodle broth off to the side and reached for the bottle closest to him. 'I prefer to abstain in most situations... but I make exceptions when it's with good company.' Severin said, before taking a few measured sips of beer. As Jericho finished his own go at draining his beer bottle and began to speak, Severin sat back and listened intently, the sensation of cool beer rushing down his throat fading away by the time his counterpart ended his last sentence with an offer. The brown-haired alkahestrist took a little time to consider it: the sparse details Jericho gave caused a bit of lingering doubt, but he understood well the concept of operational security and in fact regarded it as a prudent and professional move on the part of Jericho and his benefactors. Besides, it was he himself who said that insight was worth quite a bit of risk: he reasoned that even if it didn't work out, for a person like himself with few connections, it was better than not giving it a try. 'You make a convincing argument. Count me in.' @supernal
  11. In that case I'll be looking forward to RPing with you
  12. I’ll just say... a lot of it. Don’t want to ruin the surprise, do I?
  13. What sort of roleplay did you do before? 😮
  14. Doing something. I’m accustomed to roleplay, so all that’s left is doing it. The more I do, the more people I meet, the better. And it’s looking quite promising, if I do say so myself. *wink* Edit: Dear god I didn’t expect ANOTHER response.
  15. Welcome to Valucre, Synth. A pleasure meeting you acquaintance. Feel free to ask whatever questions you may have about the site. Me and the myriad of RPers behind me are more than ready to help you out.
  16. Welcome to Val, fam! Looks like you've finally arrived to the cool kids table. I know you said you're just going with the flow, but what plans do you have? Goals? Aspirations for being on Val?
  17. Hey y'all, it's your favourite Dabi again.

    Guess what? I finally drew a visual representation of the character Dauner A. Light. Now it might not be the best drawing you've seen, but it's a good start. I thought it'd be a good idea to have others know what the famous/infamous Dauner A. Light looks like, for RP purposes. So here


    I'm gonna improve on it with time

  18. Greetings, world of Valucre. My name is- not my real name, but until then- SyntHecate. SyntHecate Cyanide. If it helps, you may call me Synth. It’s a pleasure to meet you all. In a search for a new place to explore, I have ventured here in the hopes to discover new timelines and meet new (and often intriguing) beings. It is interesting to see how diversely people can be in the face of an incident. Don’t you agree? Timelines? Oh, maybe I didn’t explain it in this one yet. Well, I would assume you know the Many Worlds theory, but if you didn’t, it simply explains how many futures happen in one point in time, at the same time. Just a little temporal knowledge for you, my dear.~ This is truly my first time on such a platform. I’m curious as to what lies in this new world that this timeline brings. I’m open in my roleplay choices. Fanon or Canon, OC, yourself, I’ll take it. Genre? Anything. I go with the timeline flow. That seems to be all I have to share with you all for today. If there’s anything you’d like to ask me, you can always ask me, even on Discord. So, until then, farewell.~ “If I told you time was a window, would you believe me?” Edit: The art is NOT mine. Second Edit: The first picture link collapsed, so here’s a sturdier Discord one.
  19. "I'll try to make sure you still have two when we're done," Cain was already standing beside the truck, two human foot sized craters a few meters away from where he’d landed. He smirked at her message, conveying a simple thought in response that told her his puppets were entirely expendable. If this altered her plans any, she would know ahead of time that their lives were unimportant to him. As he waited, a flashback occurred to him. “It’s ironic, what these things do to you,” Cain had once said to a man in a black suit across from him. Back then, Cain’s suit was white. “You fight so hard to ascend, to grow into what, this?” He plucked at the admittedly immaculate stitching of his blazer, but the implications were clear. “The closer you get to that great light you’re looking for— the power to tell the world what it does and when— the more pieces of yourself you have to cut all up and set on fire.” “Oh Cain, nobody ever asked you to cut yourself all up like that,” laughed the man in black, leaning on the desk. “This whole world is here for the taking. It may kick and scream, but you’ll never grab on if you’ve given it your hands.” The man in black tapped his temple. “You have to be smart.” Cain had thought himself a coward compared to the man in black. Had he not come so far by now, run so far away from that fear? Had he not tarried long enough on the human plane? Why had he become the shadow, dissolved his soul into a dust of fragments and imparted them on millions of the living, such that his original self was more an external figment held within each of their hearts and minds than what remained of him inside his own body in the depthless Void... The loss of his race at his own cursed hands, the gross usurpation of his first love at the hands of evil princes, her death and becoming his first reanimation; Cain had run away from life, fabricated a vindication that must be earned against it. ‘Great power is always misused,’ he always told himself, even as he became the subject of his motto. No, Cain’s lingering was not over yet. He thought his spread less a loss or dispersal than a growing infection, that now its effectiveness sat near the peak of its course. Why had he become the shadow, dissolved his soul into a dust of fragments and imparted them on millions of the living, such that his original self was more an external figment held within each of their hearts and minds than what remained of him inside his own body in the depthless Void… unless he was going to use it? The Earthbreaker, primary remnant of Cain Rose, would exact his purpose of establishing the Dead as an overseer of all of Valucre. It may not happen all at once, but their will would be law. Fear. Its lightning adrenaline raced through his veins, down his spine. Cain Rose felt Phoebe’s fear as she first turned around and laid eyes on the berserker. Cain didn’t need to hotwire the truck. His Dialectic had already made the vehicle an extension of his will. Now, within it, he raced around this corner and then that while debris shattered the passenger-side window and a feeble frame flew, twisted, listing beautifully through the air before crashing like a basketball against a backboard. It was a brutal impact, he could see through the dusty windshield as his dear First fell. What, what in the hell had done this? His bare eyes absorbed layer upon layer of dust as it filled his vehicle. He breathed sheer dirt, saw through sheer dirt, the culprit. The predator. His prey. The truck’s engine roared with unnatural power as Cain gassed it past its limits, the natural engine combusting as he rounded the final corner and the hood caroming off the alley wall. Sparks flew, paint was gnawed away, and the side mirror shattered to oblivion as the truck blazed along the right wall of the alleyway, its headlamps lighting on the fucking bastard that assailed Phoebe. His foot was already crushing the velour floormat through the floor of the truck beneath its gas pedal, red magic illuminating the pluming engine as he accelerated with all of his and the four-ton vehicle’s might into the creature. Just as it sank its maw of multifaceted jaws into Phoebe’s neck, the truck slammed into the beast’s side at hyperspeed. It was dazed by the greatness of its potential kill, caught totally unawares. An amusingly doggish yowl sent it spiraling down the alleyway and down the block as the truck door opened just to Phoebe’s right and Cain fell upon her. He saw the several puncture marks on her immediately and began triaging the rest of her body. Concern wrinkled his brow, but his lips and eyes didn’t change. “I can help you with the injuries, but..” they both knew what the ‘but’ was about. He knew it was a risk to his own life. If she turned, she could become his next enemy. There was the dual threat of both vampiric and Enrele infection. But he was fairly confident he couldn’t do this alone. Sometimes, risks must be taken for the things you care about. He reached his hand underneath her shirt, placing its calloused warmth against the left side of her ribcage. A black substance secreted from his palm and sapped against her skin before soaking in and beginning to heal the most critical physical damage. Whether she had the faculties to do so or not, no singular Dead should have to do so much when there is viable support so near. If the Dead could escape with their lives and complete the mission, both were always the priority. She was in his arms, then she was in the truck with him. The headlights were off and they backed out of the alleyway at a low speed, engine still smoking, and made their way toward back toward the rendezvous. Cain’s scouts’ locations told him they were just exiting the building trying to escape, still soaked in mana. They had no idea that their berserker hadn’t finished Phoebe off, much less Cain’s whereabouts. The only reason the stabbing of a councilman had caused such an outburst was the fact that Cain’s infestation among the city was common knowledge to this vampire councilman. His whereabouts after their first confrontation were unknown to the Enrele hivemind/coven hybrid. As the four vampires, two Cain’s and two Enrele exited the building, looking this way then that, they saw the truck squealing around the corner and careening toward them. Just at that moment, Cain’s vampires both engaged the singular Enrele guard accompanying the councilman. Screeching to a halt as Cain’s vampires devoured and tore to pieces the one Enrele, Cain held his hands out between him and the Enrele and splayed his fingers. Within each palm was a half spell circle which, when connected by his hands held together, began glowing a sinister mauve. Within one second, a column of earth rose with the councilman in the center and its roof closed around him, condensing until he would be forced to crouch within. Using his held-together hands to guide the vessel into the truck, Cain clenched his fingers to hold the spell and then released his hands, closing the truck and patting the dust off his pants.
  20. I was not expecting A Walk to Remember to be a tragedy. Got into the movie and then totally blind sided me. Fuckkkkkkkkkkkk

  21. "A'ye...your right...my love.."¥She murmured,Relaxing within his embrace,Nuzzling his jawline.Ghosting light kisses against his jaw,while inhaling kaia's intoxicating aroma.Having celestia fully relax against .She knew that acting upon their more basic and carnal desires,may result in a child,which between her teachings by both parent's,And kaia not wanting a child just yet.especially if they produced a child before any form of marriage ceremony.Though even such thoughts,caused a bout of blush.to scorch across porcelain,snow-kissed cheeks.¥"heh~..though...i must say,picturing y'e,wearing a tuxedo....you'd be v'era dashing my kaia."¥Celestia said,with obvious teasing lilt within her vocals.Eyes glimmering mischeviously,as she peered up toward him.¥
  22. Why are you online, OBELUS 👀

  23. Hey, sorry - I remembered this, then forgot, remembered, forgot, and now just remembered again. So here we go. I'm fine with the checkpoint with the following addition- I'd just like it noted that Phoebe was in a significantly weakened state. I just don't want this to be the bar by which she's measured for other combat scenarios 🙂 We can accomplish this pretty easily as such, if you're down: to (changes in bold)
  24. 'Curious indeed...' Severin said as Kiko responded to his inquiry about portal magic. He could not help but wholeheartedly agree with her statement that it was a curious thing to learn more about. That such magic, or technology, existed in Valucre was of great interest to him for personal reasons: he had, quite literally, washed up in this world without knowing how he made it here, and seeing a portal in action raised his hopes that his own way home was by no means out of reach. Even so, rather than dwell on such matters he chose to continue indulging in this rare opportunity for leisure and fun in the company of others: as Kiko disentangled her arm from him and suggested to give fishing a try, he merely filed what he had just saw away in a corner of his mind, for consideration at a later time, and turned his attentions back to the young lady and to the lake they were all at. 'Oh, I don't mind at all: by all means, let's catch some fish! For me, this wouldn't be the first time I caught fish, but I've never tried doing it with one hand, so today it seems we're both going to be fellow novices here.' Severin replied with a grin. 'The music can wait until later, when everyone can gather around for some food.' As Kiko marched away, heading in the general direction of the lake with a seemingly hesitant and uncertain gait, Severin quickly moved to catch up to her. Having belatedly and finally wisened up to the fact that she had slipped her hand away to tuck her arm in his own during the chatter, he opted to allow her to link arms with him this time. He then lead the two of them to Emilio as he was chucking into the lake an item that appeared to be a mesh cylinder weighed down with stones. The pair came within earshot right as their bearded host explained what he was doing, causing Severin to chuckle in relief. 'You've thought of everything, haven't you? Kiko and I are going to try our hands at fishing, and I'm still sweating over the thought that I might not come back with enough of a catch for everyone to enjoy!' Severin quipped to Emilio. As Emilio offered to give the pair a pole with a wide smile on his face, Severin gave a slight apologetic bow before waving his hand to turn down his offer: with just one free hand, the standard reel-and-rod fishing pole would be difficult to operate. Instead, he already had another idea brewing in his mind. 'Kiko, feel free to take any fishing equipment you like, if any: I'm going to try my hand at fishing with a stick.' said Severin.
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