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  2. No problem buddy! The roleplay is about to proceed into the phase where the GM and his assistance will run essentially mini 1x1s within the larger battle. That way, everyone will be able to roleplay at their ideal pace 🙂
  3. Migraine has been making writing difficult. I'll have something up in a few hours. Sorry to make anyone wait.
  4. Wingbeats from afar, swiftly approaching. Both of them fell silent. Madon rose suddenly, as if preparing to fight, but was stopped by a gentle tug from Olivia. Her expression was...expectant. A shadow burst across the moon and onto the balcony, trampling the frame of the shattered window. The pegasus hardly hit the ground before the rider vaulted over its head and hit the ground in a hard run. The Princess of Grey looked to be in a foul mood. She hardly came to a stop before plowing over the both of them, and only after a signal from Olivia. “An assassin,” she thundered, leaving the remainder unsaid. She had been worried. “And then who is this man?” Olivia massaged her temples. “Oh, this is the Exarch,” Severa said after squinting at him a little while. “I’d not recognized you outside the armor.” “I have been keeping watch,” Madon stated. “No further harm would come to her.” “Of course, Exarch. I’m familiar with your...protective tendency.” Severa stepped closer to the bed, hooked a chair with her foot, and sat herself right across from the man. “Olivia has mentioned you often enough.” Madon looked at Olivia. “Has she spoken much of me?” “She’s spoken enough,” Severa said briefly. What the hell was that supposed to mean, is what Madon might’ve been thinking – but if he had, he kept it quiet. Wisdom of the tongue was one of a king’s finest attributes. Olivia cleared her throat. They shut up. “The assassin has been thoroughly dealt with. Nothing else to discuss on that front, for now. We’ve simply been discussing military matters. You may be interested; there’s nothing new that’s been said, but now.” Olivia nodded at him. “Madon, do please continue.” The two Princesses traded a look as he finished his speech. The content exchanged unknowable, but Severa’s face, sharp as it had been, now hardened into something more like a mask. Olivia swept her legs off the side of her bed and Severa stood up so abruptly the chair clattered onto the ground behind her. The two women spread away from the center of the room, going in a spiral, muttering under their breath. The orb of light that Olivia had sent out originally returned to her, then bloomed into an enormous ball of light. A similar construct, one of lightning, materialized in Severa’s hand. Both spheres flew forth, implanted into the walls. The window reassembled itself in its pane, then a curtain of darkness drew itself over the outside. The doors slammed shut, sealed with a popping sound. The flames winked out in the braziers and were not replaced. The only light emitted was from personal lamps that illuminated their faces like faeries perched atop their shoulders. Severa came to a stop first. “Anything?” “Not that I can tell. How now?” “Same on my end.” Olivia sighed, walked unsteadily back towards the bed. Madon rose, helped her along the last steps. “Thank you,” she breathed. “I sorely hope you aren’t a deceiver, Exarch,” Severa said after the three resumed their prior positions. “Severa!” Out of line. Olivia laid a hand atop the other Princess’s. “What profit is there in lying about such a matter?” “I don’t know the profit, only the possibility.” The Princess of Grey looked directly at the man. “You’re making a very extraordinary claim, Exarch. Believe us to be cold, but do not believe that we should have wished for war, not when Isore has been such a staunch ally since time immemorial. Believe me this: I watched those communiques signed with my own eyes, and hers. They were sent. Isore was warned. And you will tell me that you did not receive them?”
  5. Meanwhile, the 3 tanks and the missile system were in position. They were shocked to find enemy armour, but no matter, their APFSDS and ATGM rounds would make quick work of whatever rusty protection they had. The tanks would skewer the lightly armored AFVs and resist their rockets with their powerful hemispherical turrets, while the planes and the launch pad, with their strong missiles, some with 250kg warheads, would punch hole after hole in all opposition. That was their initial plan, and if it worked, they would be home soon, safe and sound.
  6. Inside the mystic mountain, James kept walking along the path, the only path there was. His communication to the outside was cut off by dozens of meters of rock, crystal, and other strange substances. The granite road under him turned into tiles of sandstone, turned into marbled slates, turned into patterns of limestone, and led into a tunnel where the stars themselves were reflected in the walls, and at the end of it was a bright light, a guiding star unlike Polaris, Sirius, or any other that James knew from his knowledge of astronomy. He knew to follow it, and that was enough. Now and then he checked the walls that the floor faded to, and he found nothing but solid space reflecting the constellations and galaxies, a pure formless rock that could not be touched, and if he checked his footing it seemed as though he did not move nomatter how far he ran. The only way was forward, to the light.
  7. “Zaa’ze, zaaze…” She crooned softly to her son, so fussy and small. A proud roar for such a small man. A future sovereign in the making. Excusing herself for a moment, Raveena didn’t stray far from her guests and family. It was a moment of privacy. Though she certainly had no reserves about popping a tit out to feed her son, some people were sensitive to the matter. The sense of dread never left her. Raveena was very aware of the sand beneath her toes. Of the warm breeze as the day got hotter. Of the sound of laughter and cresting waves. Her fingers gently, with some measure of reverence of the small god-like creature in her arms who she loved so, so much. Still the feeling was there. A sense of anticipation. Something was coming—something that would threaten their very existence. There was something there—on the precipice of her mind. The edge of her dreams. Something she couldn’t readily recall. She wondered if Andrew was trying to warn her. So she sang softly to her suckling babe. Words of power and love. Words and sorrow and joy. Though Grant was less than pleased about Welfrick’s return, Raveena was overjoyed. She had, in the end, helped the hunter free himself—in a way—of his affliction. Now the affliction rests with her as she possessed the last Shadowbeast pack in existence, and they had all developed a humanity the likes of which she had never seen before—and it was specifically for her. Or perhaps—Raveena felt ashamed to think otherwise—they had always been humane, and it only took the right person to see and understand it. While it should have given her comfort that Welfrick (or Primus as she had come to call the eldest) and his brothers would protect her, she felt fear in her heart they would die for her, and she’d be lonely again. In those moments of privacy with her son, knowing what was to come—what would be made of her family's future? Had she done enough? Had she tried hard enough? Could she have done better? Would she live to see them thrive? These dark thoughts had come to her time and time again over the past few weeks. The infirmary believed she suffered the Illness mothers had when they gave birth. If OXY were a mental illness, she would agree. These moments with her newborn, she would cherish—forcibly, if nothing else. Raveena smiled, though it didn't reach her eyes. Today as supposed to be a happy day, but she felt isolated and alone despite being surrounded. More and more they gravitated to her. In her mind's eye, their corpses littered around her. A ring of death. Raveena returned to the group, neatly dressed with a sleeping Everett in her arms. “You should take a trip out to my island in the north, Stonehaven. A lot of the Empire's technological achievements come to life there.” She addressed the siblings exuberantly, though her gaze was watching Arashi and her likeness. She frowned, watching the two sister-creatures squabble. It was a day for sibling rivalry, it seemed. “Arashi!” Raveena called, like a concerned mother would, “Come sit with us again.” Leave me alone. Leave me alone, all of you. She wanted to say. Instead she welcomed the Dragoness back; they would speak later about what happened. Her eyes followed Stormbreaker as she left the scene before coming to sit in her seat. It was cold there, unnaturally so. Her orange cream soda was perfectly chilled in its bottle. She was beginning to get used to it. An Ordinary Beginning to the Extraordinary Journey of a Young Black Man A window into the life of a transracial adoptee in honor of Black History Month (and if you don't like it, suck it!) “How do you fare in the sun, Master Giliam?” Sabine asked as the three plopped into a seat at the bar. They were joined by a few others, all engaged in their own conversations. The shade was a reprieve. The bartender took their drink orders—water for all three of them. “Better than my brothers, I think.” Giliam was the darkest of the three. He was even, perhaps a touch darker than Johari was. He looked over his shoulder to where his family was. Mom was under shade. Grant, and Everett, too. Lencio had it a little better than Ventys, who also retreated to join the grownups under the shade to spare his fair skin from turning red. “Hey Aunty?” There was a moment of hesitation in the boy’s voice. He seemed torn about something. The question was there, on the tip of his tongue, “Does mom feel sorry for me?” He looked back at the adults with a somber face. “Is that why she adopted me?” Johari visibly shook, he was so taken aback. The Captain struggled for the right words—but it was Sabine who reached across the bar and ruffled his hair. Giliam was special, being that he was part of a transracial adoption. Raveena was fair skinned, black hair and golden-eyed. Giliam was dark-skinned, dark haired and dark-eyed. He had been viciously bullied, even before the adoption. Perhaps Raveena thought she was protecting him—surely the Queen knew better. Raveena was a mother; The All Mother; it was in her nature to love and nurture and care. Perhaps at first she thought she was doing Giliam a favor. Raveena herself was considered a minority, so Sabine couldn't rule out that the newly minted mother didn't know what she was getting herself into. Still, the contrast of their skin gave Raveena a certain advantage not afforded to them. Johari had been born in a comfortable life as a merchant's son, but often spoke of the struggles his mother and father faced growing up. “The color of your skin matters. It will always matter. You are different, like it or not.” Sabine spoke calmly, but firmly. She would not tell him the color of his skin didn’t matter; it was futile for him to be color-blind—surely the Queen knew this. Giliam wrinkled his nose, dissatisfied with this response. He writhed uncomfortably in his seat and sighed. It certainly wasn’t what he expected but it wasn’t what he wanted, either. The prince watched the idle ice clink and chatter in the water. His chin rested in the palm of hand, “I’m not a bad person…I study, a lot-a lot, too. I mean, sometimes the elder Masters are a little boring…I keep my brothers out of trouble, even. Why do I get picked on so much?” Giliam was the old soul of his brothers, most of the time. Quiet, kind, and responsible; he possessed a shy countenance and sharp intellect. That anyone would want to wish ill on the boy was beyond them. Jealousy, envy and ignorance had a way with the heart of a person. Now it was Johari’s turn to gather his wits and contribute, “You are a certain race, and people are going to have expectations of that—good and bad, Master Giliam. Your mother has been doing her best to prepare you for these moments in life.” A chubby finger poked the boy’s chest, “We’ve been teaching her, too. Lady Sabine comes from one of the Velhatien desert tribes, where you are also descended from, I wager. It’s good to know where you come from, Master Giliam. Racism is not your fault—it’s nothing you've caused. It breeds young and grows as children grow. You will face this fight your whole life. It will viciously chew you up and spit you out if you let it—if you're not prepared for it. You are the hero here. Not me, nor Lady Sabine, nor even your mother, but you. A well trained warrior is always prepared. Preparation is the key to winning, and knowing what you're dealing with.” They talked for some time about slavery—how universal it was. How it affected more than him. The more they spoke about it—breaking it down for the boy’s young mind into bite sized pieces of information, something digestible and easier to understand—the more engrossed he became. Giliam wanted to know more; About the struggles his ancestors faced with slavery, how others—perhaps not like him in the color of his skin—but others like him who faced this fight. He had a better idea of why his mother fought to end slavery in other cultures. Why she went to war for the civil rights of so many. “I think…I think I want to be an official someday.” Giliam thought out loud, sipping the cold water slowly so it wouldn't give him brain freeze It parched his throat and made him feel bolder about his words. Sabine and Johari had been apart in his life because his mother wanted people he could relate to and learn from. She didn’t want him isolated from his ethnicity. She didn't adopt him because she felt sorry for him. She was arming him for something bigger because she loved him. “Your mother loves you for you. We all love you, for you.” Sabine regarded Giliam, gripping his chin and tilting his head up. “We live in a world full of injustices and oppression. We will not shelter you from the storm. We will teach you to proactive and to make it on your own. We will teach you so that you can guide and teach others to liberate themselves. Don’t be disheartened by those who judge you by the color of the skin. Judge them for the content of their character, always. Your skin may be black as night, but what matters deep down is what’s in here.” Giliam looked down at where her finger pressed, just over his heart. He looked up at her, his dark brows knit as he nodded. He felt a little better. A little lighter, maybe? Impassioned, even! “Thanks Aunty, Uncle Johari! I’m gonna go visit with mom for a bit.” They said their good byes as Giliam—less than gracefully—kicked up sand, drink splashing all over the place, to join Raveena, Grant, Everett, Ventys, Thurgood and Aveline. "A city official," Sabine mused. "I hope I live long enough to see that." Hyperion prided itself on being diverse. Sabine herself was wildly recognized as being the first Hyperion knight that was both black and a woman. Her homosexuality was no secret, either. Nothing about the journey was smooth. There had been no one to help her navigate such treacherous waters. Johari, being the son of a merchant, could relate in his own way. Giliam would have an interesting future head of him, they decided. "Now,” Sabine said as her attention returned to Johari, all manner of patience love and sweetness leaving her as they returned to business, “About that incident earlier…”
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  9. Welcome to Valucre!

    A fellow SCP fan, I see. I like the necklace 👀

    1. Doctor Bright

      Doctor Bright

      Why thank you, cool to see I'm not the only SCP fan here. And thanks for the welcome! This place is definitely interesting.


    2. Csl


      Yup there's a few SCP people I know of. There's even an in-character organization inspired by the Foundation! The user who made it is currently on break from Valucre, but it's still definitely worth checking out.

      Feel free to ask my anything if you need help getting started btw, I'm Outreach Staff ^_^

      The New Member Guide (linked at the top of the site) is also a must-read, and has everything you need to know about the site.

    3. Doctor Bright

      Doctor Bright

      Great! I'll take a look at it, thanks.


  10. Mel looked back over her shoulder at the pirates as they made landfall and grabbed for Thurgood's hand. "Thinky-time's up, handsome, we'll ponder this one over an ale when we're done. C'mon, let's get this party started." She glanced at Natalya. "You too, kiddo; if you wanna come, the ferry's boarding." The mysterious woman would, if Thurgood didn't move fast enough himself, attempt to pull on his arm to get him to skulk with her down to the shoreline, but if he was adamant on keeping his position, she wouldn't wait on him. Mel used the trenches and the defensive barricades to sneak around to one side of the harbor, her feet unnaturally quiet on the sand. She seemed to have a sixth sense about the perceptions of the pirates; somehow managing to duck behind or under something just before anyone's gaze swept over her position. Anyone making an effort to follow her lead would find themselves well-served by her instincts, although they might perhaps wonder at her aptitude. Mel had the demeanor of someone with a lot of experience at creeping around. Once at the shoreline, she hunkered down behind a large piece of driftwood, motioning for anyone following her to hunker with her--albeit without looking to see if she actually had a posse or not. "Ok, folks," she said, still not bothering to verify if there were any folks around to hear her, "This is the sketchy part. The transformation is going to be a bit obvious, so I'm going to wait for the first shots to be fired, to give us the best chance of not being seen. As soon as I'm in the water, jump on my back and hold on tight." @notmuch_23 @Zashiii
  11. Imperator Bellum Defense: Turn: 2 --- Bridge. (Tower Section) (1 HP + 1 from Shields) Events: Enemies in the bridge would be wiped out! No enemies approached. All clear. Sensors. (Forward Section) (1 HP + 1 from Shields) Events: No enemies approached. All clear. Engines. (Aft Section) (1 HP, Shields Gone!) Events: Enemies are in the Engine Room! Gunnery Deck. (Mid Section) (1 HP + 1 from Shields) Events: A moderate amount of enemies approached the gunnery deck. Shields Generators. (External, outside the ship) (1 HP + 1 from Shields) Events: A moderate amount of enemies approached the external shield generators. Enemies are still present, and location is contested. --- The crystal monsters descended upon the ship in sizable numbers. Each of them was roughly the height and size of an adult man, and though they moved slowly at first, as they closed in, they moved faster. Each was capable of cutting through men or metal with equal ease with their mineral-embedded arms. Large amounts of them were blasted from the air by the guns of the ship. The main gun itself could only target clumps of the crystalline monsters, and it was the smaller turrets along the side of the vessels that reaped the highest tally. -On the bridge, Captain Clavis warned Rex and her soldiers that he would be opening the tempered translucent windows. Better to have the monsters come in and fight them openly then to risk permanent damage to something they needed to protect them when actually flying. Once they were ready, the crystalline leapt inside, seeking to eviscerate any human in their path with their sharp metal blades. -There were no monsters approaching the sensors, and thus Reinhardt would have nothing to do. Perhaps he still needed to wake up fully. -The engine room was evacuated of critical personnel and engineers as the crystal monsters began coming in, tearing their way through the hull. Guardians in close combat gear, shields, swords and shotguns came in and arranged themselves as shield-walls. They would fight fiercely, but otherwise the crystalline monsters outnumbered them and would take possession of the engine room soon. -Outside the airship, two squads of Custodes were already engaged in battle as the Knight-initiate joined them. The majority of the creatures were annihilated by the overhead cover provided by the ship's guns, and their morale was much heartened by Shishi's arrival, fighting even harder. None would get past them and settle on the airship's hull to tear at the armor plating and shield generators within.
  12. @supernal Heelo Carlos, do ya know if Dali Designs does mass produced simplistic military garb? :3 I’m looking along the lines of:
  13. It's not a communist joke until everyone gets it.

  14. Whisper Happy Birthday~ :bigsmile:

  15. Nyehehehe... Everyone wants a piece of the fungeon! Or be friends with the biggest Predator in the Keep. Kalmuli: Claimer of All.
  16. "I suppose we do my friend, I suppose we do..." At an early age Proteus pissed alot of people off on his exploits and journey's to and fro. He was an inquisitive child, constantly active with an over abundance of energy and the drive to discover things. While less inquisitive as the years stacked, his approach to new places, things and people became ever so MORE heavy handed and yet coincidentally equally as RANDOM as it had been as a child. In these times people would be less lucky, for as a Child, Proteus was subject to the whims of the environment, a victim even. Frightened, unsure, and lost only seeking to survive and make it back to the waiting bosom of his mother. Coming of age into being a man, his arrival heralded the immediate destruction of that domain----the Victim turned Engine of destruction, dead set of Killing anything before it attempted to Kill him as it also tried.... ---and Look how far he has come from THAT. Revisiting this place, devoid of apprehensions or past grudges. Focused. Driven and with no intent other then to complete the task set on. He'd not harm a blade of grass here if he absolutely didn't need to and so long as the land didn't bother him...he would not bother the land. Besides, he was enjoying the promenade with his company far to much to care for destruction and confrontation, listening intently and responding "Not just knowledge. God of Writing, Speaking, inventions, time and the Moon. Some say he is the progenitor of Egyptian mysticism, and he also judges the dead. Ran into the guy as a kid and got trapped in a maze he created for 5 years behind a fucking riddle so Im not a fan, I say if you get a chance steal whatever the hell you want, can't be no worse then what im going there to do..." They'd stop at the edge, and Proteus would look down and toward the river that ran into a cave. But before he moved he did catch Shanna's bag and paused, visibly concerned. "Well shit, you've got your bag with you?....." He looked down river, at the bag and then down the river again. It's not that he feared what was up ahead, not at all. What he feared was running into some form of obstacle within these caves and Shanna goes into that damnable bag! Where she was more likely to pull out a BIGGER problem then whatever they faced. "You THINK or you KNOW you have somethin---you know what....fuck it. Hold tight..." He'd step off. Sending his hulking form over the edge and down to the waiting lands alone, and as one could assume several tons of Celestial gathers speed quickly---which was dispatched, with the power of flight before there could have been a massive impact from his landing. The mass of sentient cloak around him would snap out as if catching wind to stop his descent and spread wide behind the now slow floating and descending Titan who's feet finds ground. "We're going into this cave. It runs 1 mile straight through before opening out on the other side and it's about 10' of water so...stay on my shoulders, and conjure us up some light so you won't go all scared of the dark on me and freak out.." Proteus would begin forward, entering the river and proceeding to walk dead straight into the Cave it flowed through...
  17. Reading now! Will get back to you~
  18. Pirates: The pirates swaggered up the beach, seemingly unopposed in their landfall, unaware of the danger they were in. They were a motley looking bunch, but they acted professionally enough, making sure they were properly beached and settled. The Crimson Wake did not tolerate delays in the gathering of the tithe, and the pirates learned long ago that the earlier they collected their ill-gotten spoils, the earlier they were allowed to enjoy it. They split into two groups, one to first make their way inland, a party of almost 40 in their own small groups, with the remainder still offloading and handling the landing of heavier gear. They almost all possessed firearms. Some crude, but all servicable enough. Some of the crew were mutants of a kind, strange tendrils and growths sprouting from limbs, faces, and other ungainly places. Many carried crude melee weaponry, more to terrify then use, although damage from any one of the jagged things would still be horrific. Two of the largest landing craft each unloaded a small AFV, light armor for all intents and purposes, but more then enough for lightning raids and plundering. Seeing the woman on the shore, one of the landing party leaders came up to the hooded Addison, all swagger. "Do you speak for Marrow woman? We have come to collect our tribute" he sneered. He would poke her with the barrel of his rifle if she did not move. The man's expression could not clearly be seen underneath the bloodied skull-faced mask he wore, but he clearly looked down on her. In his other hand was a sabre. He wasn't expecting a fight, but the young pirate was ready for one.
  19. Yeah, everything is fine. Just needed to know where you were aiming the kick.
  20. Lets see if I can find- Ah-ha! LikelyMissFortune has been AFV for awhile, but supernal runs the parent organization.
  21. Nothing was ever simple when Shanna became involved. Take the smallest task and have it born to any other, and it would be just that – Shanna, however, managed to make even the most mundane into an art of chaos. When they come upon the forest, she looks around in awe. For a moment, she considers a recent excursion and contemplates the likeness between this place and the jungle before she finds herself grinning like a madman. “We forgot to pack a lunch!” She exclaims as Proteus’ head falls to level with her own and she stares at him reproachfully for a moment before her tongue slithers between lips and extends towards him. “I’m not scared.” Is all he’s offered for his posturing. Shanna has met gods before, why should this one be any different? And why is she not surprised that Bull is most unwelcome? She takes in the moment and lets out a deep sigh. “You can’t just stop makin’ people mad, huh? Guess we got that in common.” Afterall, Shanna has rarely met anyone who does not end up aiming their ire at her. “This is a nifty forest. I like it.” The dense foilage made her feel safe and secure, as though she could slip into the underbrush and disappear forever. “Also, if this guy is the God of Knowledge, then maybe I can sneak some stuff out of his hands…I like knowledge.” She murmurs to herself. Stealing from a God should not have been her foremost thought, but Shanna is greedy when it comes to matters of the mind, and finds the temptation far too great for her to not at least entertain. After gaining the Ars Nocturis, Shanna finds herself near desperate for more works. Her smaller legs work double time to keep up with Proteus, nearly running to keep up with his longer strides. Shanna bounces a bit with each step before grinning as she adjusts the sack upon her back. “Well, it’s a good thing I brought my trusty bag! I think I have something in here, just in case!” All manner of things, really. It was more of a question of what wasn’t contained within the mysterious innards. Shanna hums softly as she gives up on trying to keep up with him, and instead reclaims her perched spot upon his shoulder.
  22. Caeceila is attempting to execute a Wonderboy-Thompson-style sidekick, likely to Arthur's abdomen. Is Caeceila's defense sufficient to block Arthur's zwerchau?
  23. As the title states: I’m looking for people who have characters owning tailor companies ideally in Genesaris, though elsewhere may suffice. The companies should be capable of mass producing uniforms, helmets, footwear, etc. If your company specialises in only one of these areas, that is fine as well! I wouldn’t mind diversifying my sources ;> In addition, I’m also looking for an arms maker who can mass produce some basic firearms. Reply to thread to indicate interest, as well as what you’d like to provide! I intend to canonize business between our two entities, and you can expect continual demand for additional uniforms, weapons, and equipment.
  24. Starting Location: Xaengri-La ------------->Well Realm It had been countless millennia since Proteus first stumbled upon his place. Roaming the castle, entering his fathers domain without permission. He remembered how heavy the doors were and how cold they were against his touch and first entering the void of space in a room. He didn't understand it then, why his father went about protecting the entrance to this place this way. It was apparent that he drastically underestimated his sons capacity for endurance and survival, for despite being 7 years old he was well within his capacity for surviving the void of space and entering the domain he would affectionately call "Well Realm". A Sub-Dimensional domain with ethereal ties serving as a pathway to The God of Knowledge,----a being not so easily reached or readily accessible and preferred it that way. They'd cross the great divide and find themselves placed in unguided fashion. He recalls that his father would often utilize a tool or instrument of his design to more specifically hit points within the Well Realm, Proteus lacked the instrument. He had however became powerful enough and versed enough with his own abilities of Quintessential Encryption that he could hit certain points with "enough" accuracy. In this case the Forest. No different from most forests in any other place at least at first glance albeit the tree's here were absolutely MASSIVE, some with trunks over 200' wide and standing well over a 1/4 mile tall. Shanna may not notice it but the way Bull stared at this place, in an almost annoyed and frustrated matter. The memories he had of this place simply were NOT pleasant, part of him wanted to level it all where it stood. "Before we go I need you to take me absolutely serious for one moment."... Proteus' head would swing and he'd come to FULLY look at Shanna with eyes that display an emotion that he has NEVER shown anyone or anything save for his own mother. A foreign gesture between, to occur far and few between the moments that they will ultimately spend with one another. "We are going to see The God of Knowledge, he doesn't know we are going and for the most part does not take kindly to anyone dropping in on him unseen or unannounced. He won't be to happy to see me of all people and will not like what im coming for. We have to be careful as well here to, there is a being here we'd best not allow to sneak up on us either, that's if he's still alive.....pretty sure i killed him, but gods....have a gnack for not staying dead." After all Proteus couldn't sense him at the moment. Considering that he never could back then, the assumption that he definitely should be able to do It NOW, and senses nothing gives him some degree of comfort while at the same time spurning some concern. That said, Proteus would have began moving on his heading. There was so many ways to go about traveling to their destination but past experience has taught him, particularly with Shanna in tow,---it's best to keep things simple.
  25. It’s like a caress – subtle and sweet, and gone too soon. Lips curve into a delighted smile at the beckoning. Thrilled at the prospect of work, Sybil conjures her weapons of choice. With these in tow, she begins her trek. It is a few hours at most, weaving between buildings and forage alike, footsteps soft as petals on the snow before she arrives. Though Sybil knows that Rune knows she is coming, and is likely prepared, softly she approaches before fingertips reach out to caress whatever part of him is closest. “I’m pleased that you remembered to call on me.” She croons, fingers curling in the fabric of his clothing to draw herself, or him, closer. Her other hand raises to gently boop him ‘pon the nose, a wild, gleeful look sparkling in her gaze. “What’s the work?” Releasing her hold, Sybil twirls to take in the room in which they likely stand. Her sharp gaze takes in all around them.
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