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  2. After dinner, Layla brought up a small river she had found where they could take their baths. Dauner was about to rush to it when Ariana stopped him. An argument ensued after which it was decided that the ladies would bath first while Dauner watched the camp and he would then take his bath when they were done. He was disappointed with the decision, but why along with it. As such their first day came to an end and the second welcomed then with glistening rays of sunlight. By the time the girls woke up, Dauner had already left the camp and was working out in the first nearby. After a few thousand pushups, situps and squats, he returned to camp to have breakfast and set it on day 2 of their trip.
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    <Fuck you. We need a fall guy. I got no choice. I'm hitting Henderson then Neon Trails. Got a crew of assholes and a fucking reporter with me. Get ahead of this.> "Fucking asshole," growled Skender as the link was cut off. If Tak had been doing his job, then this shit wouldn't be happening in the first place! Now they were gonna have to sacrifice Henderson at the very least; but a sinking feeling in his gut told him the cost would probably keep rising. The supplier wasn't answering his calls at the moment; which meant that he had to decide how to move forward. When this shit went wrong, he would be the one saddled with the blame. Taking a deep breath, he sat down behind his desk and took a drag of his third cigarette of the hour as he gathered his thoughts. Fucking John Wilder! Okay. Focus. Anyone with a brain could dope out that Tak was heading for Neon Trails. Knowing where the assholes were going to be meant that he could plan ahead accordingly. The best idea he had was to send some heavy badasses to take care of the problem. It wasn't a permanent solution, but it might buy him some time to get in touch with the supplier and work out a solid plan of action. Skender opened up a comm link and to the proprietor of Neon Trails, a bitch named Daisy, and told her to keep the gang there, and to get a message to Tak about what was coming. Once that was done, he called up the emergency number the Supplier had given him in case he needed a higher tier of muscle. Almost immediately, a calm voice came over the link, "Yes?" "Neon Trails. Two guys, sending you photos. Third guy is off limits." "Understood." The link went dead, and Skender leaned back in his chair. With any luck, this would all be over soon. @Twitterpated @Noko @Peach @Malintzin
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    Noor was surprised to be able to touch the flower, its soft petals brushing her fingertips. She leaned in closer and inhaled the pleasant scent of the flower. "Magitech...as in magic with technology?" She wondered aloud, "'Luminal illusion entertainment system'...Interesting." She stood up and patted her dress back in place. She nodded, "Yes it would be nice to shake your hand Mister Prognosticator." At that moment, there was a loud growl and Zoozoo jumped in front of them, the mouse between her teeth. Noor looked down and blinked in approval, "Good job, Zoozoo." She leaned down and took the mouse from the cat before it dies. Then turned around and freed it for Zoozoo to run after it again. She faced the Prognosticator and nodded again, "Yes please do inquire them, and if they are busy I can spar with one of yours."
  6. "you might want to tone down, Mr. Cochrane wasn't it? Everyone (of the frost fleet) could hear every one of your word, you don't want us to do what I'll think we'll do, right?" The teasing, playful but somehow eerie words came from a lady in a red kimono with her long black silk-like hair swaying due to the gentle coastal winds, her blazing red eyes stares directly at Cochrane, trying to play with his mind "Tairyuu don't mess with their heads please, we're their guests not the other way around, besides we owe them an apology so keep it to yourself for now, alright" The lady was right behind the young boy that is Otto Ferdinand himself, it is quite a rare sight that an 18 year old could lead a small flotilla by himself, his black uniform looks similar with the Howardian officers at first glance but with the iron cross hanging on his pocket and a brown eagle insignia pinned on his hat it is quite obvious that this little guy is not from the same navy as they were. His gaze innocent, faces the lady behind him and then the officers as he is now standing at the docks "If it is true that your leader wants a word with us, then I would say we could say otherwise, we'll be happy to talk to him" His tone is as sincere as his smile as it is what he shows to them, but wether this was a trick or the truth, only he and fate should know @Jack Howard
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    Prognosticator regarded Noor's amazement with pride. "IT IS MAGITECH, COMBINED FROM VARIOUS LOCATIONS AROUND VALUCRE. THE SIMULATION IN PARTICULAR WAS ADAPTED FROM THE TERRAN EMPIRE'S LUMINAL ILLUSION ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM." Noor would be able to feel the flowers, even smelling them if she ever ventured to. After a pause, Prognosticator added "I NORMALLY MAKE MY FORMS OUT OF LIGHT, SO YES, YOU WOULD BE ABLE TO WALK THROUGH ME. I MOSTLY FUNCTION AS AN ASSISTANT FOR NEWCOMERS, BUT IF YOU DESIRE SO I COULD MAKE MY FORM TANGIBLE TO SHAKE YOUR HAND." The masked figure drifted over to the edge of the simulated meadow. "THERE ARE TWO OTHER INDIVIDUALS IN THE LOUNGE AT THE MOMENT. WOULD YOU LIKE ME TO INQUIRE FOR YOU IF THEY WISH TO SPAR?" "I SEE, THE TAVERN CAN OFTEN BE CHAOTIC." Prognosticator produced an electronic noise that sounded suspiciously like a chuckle. They perked up at the question. "NOT EXACTLY. WHERE YOU ARE IN NOW IS THE TAVERN OF LEGEND." The hologram extended a hand, and a small, three-dimensional model of the tavern building appeared. Beside it, a planet swelled, growing in size to dwarf it. "THE TAVERN OF LEGEND IS A PLACE THAT EXISTS BETWEEN VALUCRE AND ALL OTHER WORLDS. IT SERVES AS A HALLWAY THROUGH WHICH TRAVELERS PASS." Several paths, all stretching infinitely from various places, converged at one end of the tavern hologram. At its other end, a single path led to the planet of Valucre. "VALUCRE IS A WORLD. A PLANET. A REALM. IT IS COMPOSED OF THREE CONTINENTS, EACH OF WHICH HAVE SEVERAL NATIONS." Prognosticator peered down at the boy. "IF THIS IS OVERWHELMING, I CAN SLOW DOWN," they said kindly.
  8. Good news, power has come back. Posting can now commence and I can bother you all once more ❤️

  9. Michael and Tori worked well together and their hypothesis combined had a great deal of merit. Marigold doing a great deal of research on this creature, unlike Dredge, it was as though he were the enemy of humanity itself. Depictions of his visage going as far back as recorded history. He was a level of cunning that seeped through the pnuematics of marigold's form, into his humanity. He didn't understand how they could remain so calm. He still had nightmares of what had transpired in Ceyena, and now they were about to face something almost designed to suffer the world itself! A moment of pause taking place as they passed the guards, his eyes giving them a more pervasive investigation, as he attempted a touch that warranted no reaction. "Gray skin...and blackened veins; A chemical likely introduced through their respiratory system..." He relayed back to mike as they carried on. "My theoretical gut is telling me that there is indeed a third party...some sort of chemist" The dome catching him off guard as it felt as though it were twice the size on the inside. The rings fascinating in their own right, cataloging some design ideas for later use. The reception desk now ahead of them. A pair of women working on clerical work. Marigold running through the many excuses and lies he had come up with over the years. Marigold nodding his head toward security cameras that focused on their arrival. "I suggest you take the lead, given your station, and say we're here to tour facility?" He offered quickly. He had used that in the past and given Michael's astounding charisma. It was a viable strategy. His eyes keeping tracking of the cameras as he followed Michael's lead. The two receptionist adorned in sleek business casual with black pinstripes and pink buttons; Blonde hair woven into tight buns. The twins matching as they always did for work. Both of their smiles never quite reaching their faces as they approached. Michael feeling a gravitas in the air the closer he got to the receptionist' desk. Their detection picking up strong trails of the demon's loathsome aura everywhere within Server Z; clinging to these two girls as they greeted him timidly, but only one managing to keep eye contact. Her fingers pensive and shaky on the holographic keyboard as her sister beamed at Michael. "It is an honor to see you Mr. Commager!" She said gingerly, her eyes flicking over toward Marigold before returning to The Bastion's "What can we help you with today sir? Our services are limited due to server maintenance, but we will do the best we can to assist you!" Marigold pinging Tori silently as his eyes flicked over toward the sister who was typing in a redundant manner that didn't match any clerk he had seen before. She kept pressing upon the H key for almost fifteen seconds before switching to the letter E.
  10. The monk. Of all people, the goody gumdrop himself. To be fair, she actually didn't know if he was actually a monk, he just looked the part every time she had seen him. And the only thing she really knew about him was that he was rather terrifying with a sword... katana? Yes, katana. Nothing more than that, he had never been in any sort of regard that required her to gain that much insight into him outside of 'Bribery will not probably work'. But at least in this case, in this environment, even if he was here for her head, there was no way he'd get that far brandishing a katana amidst the casino's own security. And unless there was some drastic flaw in her thoughts, she had no fear of a more subtle weapon, like a stiletto between the ribs. Not to mention, blackjack was hardly a game she had to cheat at, since it was all counting cards. "I'll buy our foreign-looking friend in," she said, taking the seat beside him and placing down a few chips in front of him. She set a few down in front of herself as well, smiling at the dealer. She wanted to play anyway, so might as see what he was up to and maybe win some scratch while she was it. And if he was gonna play the uncultured traveler, she would play the generous, but oblivious savior. "The House'll get my money one way or another, right?" Gloria smiled at the man, giving him a warm smile that practically oozed superiority. She was going to milk the part for all it's, acting like she was teaching this poor man how to play. "So when he gives you two cards, you add them up to get as close to 21 as possible. But don't go over, otherwise you're immediately out. Gotta think smart. It's you versus the dealer, the rest of us are just decoration, got it?" She finished with a small wink of her bright blue eyes. Knowing the city they both came from, she had little doubt he didn't actually know what Blackjack was. She just wanted to see how far into the act he wanted to go. @Tenkai Matsumoto
  11. I'm coming around to option #3 as well. I don't want to unilaterally decide to wrap up the quest in a hurry, but this is also my first roleplay whatsoever in Valucre so I greatly appreciate the GM notes to help push the thread forward. #3 sounds like it gives us participants the power to decide how to continue the quest to its conclusion while also giving us the most information to work with regarding the ant quest. @Hojicha regarding the 'Dragon's Pulse': that really is my own lore around Severin and his alkahestry. The description in my profile about could probably use a great deal more detail, but regarding the difference between transmuted and untampered material, it is my own personal inclination for the transmutation process in alkahestry to not impart any 'extra' magical properties beyond what was already inherent in the material that went into the object—this is my attempt at giving alkahestry some framework and limitations that make it more than 'generic supernatural magic'. I think it's perfectly valid to detect energy in the transmuted staff though; the caveat from my end is that I prefer for roleplay purposes to have whatever transmutation energy's in the staff not amount to any extraordinary magical powers.
  12. ¥Silently,Celestia had slid both arms around one,Of his biceps.Breathing in somewhat heavily.¥"...f-fine....just...nerve wracking is all Dauner..."¥Celestia murmured,keeping within close proximity of him,her snow-kissed skin was ashen nearly.nails sinking lightly into his skin,while giving dauber a gentle smile.¥"..i-i shall be ok ....I promise .."
  13. Gently taking hold of her hand, Dauner slowly made way toward the flames. One step after another as the burning sensation began to ride, only to immediately fall. What was actually happening, was that the sensations her nerves were picking up we bring transferred to Dauner's nerves. This was no problem to him however given the kind of training he received. Instead, Celestia would have a warm comforting sensation spread out through her body as they walked through the fire and back. "How was it?" Dauner asked once they were seated.
  14. "w-Well.....i..I think..y'e would be a...wolf.Smart,tactful,agile,and quick.....-"¥Celestia paused,going through the door,Lightly brushing one hand against his wide chest frame,a flush of color deepening against porcelain cheeks.¥"....no-No to mention roquishly beautiful...kaia."¥Celestia tried complimenting him,in the only way.She knew how.While also agreeing with him.¥"A'ye a bed....oof~ ..I'd sleep upon a stack of feathers,if I had to...heh~ though a warm,comfy bed and relaxing soak will do us both quite some good.thank goodness I brought me'h sleep wear..."¥She quoted,Gently looping one arm through his.As they approached the desk.¥"though if yer father was referred t'a be a lion...by y'er mother ...I can see why....such looks must come from them both huh?"
  15. CAIN "I know you so well I've already mastered you," said Cain, his voice an icy threat, lined with malice as he snapped Beryx's blade hand. Pain twisted the vampire's face, drawing chasms in chasms amidst his wrinkled, gnarled face. It there, so clear, and then unsettlingly gone - as if the pain were a figment or the monster a lie. His full black eyes remained fixed on Cain, unblinking. If the once-man was cowed, it didn't bleed through. If his blood ran colder, if his spine yellowed, it was all cloaked and hidden by the grotesque grin which slowly spread across his face like a wound ripped through his cheeks. Hooked teeth filled the black gash, slick with spit and blood that coagulated and dripped, eventually running down Beryx's chin. "You already lost," he sneered, sending droplets to spatter across Cain's chin and chest. The vampire's head turned toward their trapped hands, for a moment focused on the mingling monstrosity of Cain's black blood with his own broken crimson. For all Cain's power- for all the bodies, the souls, the minds that whirl around the Architect's concern, he could almost feel something else with him, now-- something beyond. Maybe it was anxiety driven - a ghost, a phantasm, just a trick of adrenaline and rage, but maybe it wasn't. It was a virus, after all. In the background, Phoebe's pained scream rang out - tearing through the air and lifting a gritty, growling, laugh from the vampire. If Cain looked, he would see her - see the aftermath as the creatures were ripped free, taking cloth and who knows what else along with them. The Architect would feel the psionic disruption- the raw and ragged severing of the connection between himself and Phoebe. It was just for a moment, but for that moment she was utterly lost to him - no feel, no thoughts, not even the sense of her presence. Instead she was missing, nothing more than a hole in his consciousness, before the tunnel snapped back into place and she was again a familiar coolness in his mind. "..got your friend. Let's make it a party," the monster sneered, shifting from static to action in the space between breaths. He yanked his hand back, using torque and mad strength to hopefully free it - and with the push, the pull, as he drove his other blade up and in toward Cain's chest.
  16. “An inn for the night is then.” Kaia smiled, the thought of rest was quite alluring to him, in the manner a goblin or Kobold would eye a bar of gold, or an orc to a bloodied axe. “Rest will certainly be our ambrosia, I feel like I could sleep on a bed of nails if I needed to. Being first to the shops is quite the perk as well.” He happily intertwined his own fingers with Celestia’s. “Ay, I get it from my father. My mother used to refer to him as a lion. What does that make me?” He said this quite gently, an added incredibly stark contrast between the subject they were talking about and his current demeanor. He heard Celestia’s offer and politely shook his head. ”There’ll be no need for that. I can handle it.” As they approached the inn he made a small clicking noise from his mouth, echolocating the door, opening it for Celestia. He was trying to do something small for Celestia, going into the inn after she had entered.
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    [ WIP ] Map by @Meraxa. "The lands quake in the rumble of unseen breath. Every hill and mountain vibrating above the thrum of a sleeping giant." - Bartholomew Crag, Crelien Keep Scrollmaster, final member of a dying order. “Shadows, they creep longingly beneath the height of mountains and ice. Hands of old reaching forth into the future, ever steady in their deadly embrace. Beware the darkness that lingers here, beware his eternal reach.” - Etlania Cotovre, Acolyte of the First Order Regiment, Tythia. Abutting the uncharted northern pole of Valucre is the land of Faejarhe known as Kharatumni; an unforgiving land of ice and snow where the sharp bite of the wind is enough to pierce and chill the soul. even when one finds themselves lacking. In its prime, it was considered both the gateway to the realm of Terrestria as well as to the Edge of the World. - to feel the mood - | GEOGRAPHY & TOPOGRAPHY & CLIMATE | This northernmost land is upended by jagged glacial formations, frozen steel-stone crevices and canyons, and great mountainous peaks all covered in varying layers of ice and snow. Combined, it makes for an incredibly treacherous adventure for any who dare travel along this long forgotten and uncharted landscape. Battered by heavy winds, blizzards, and sleet storms; visualizing what lies ahead of one's feet may be difficult. Although the southern fringes may be more hospitable to life with its warmer, wetter temperatures and climate, the further north one travels the more painfully cold, dry, and thin the air becomes. With this chilling change comes an ethereal shift in the blindingly white snowy structure, as winds reshape the landscape during the brightest touch of sunlit days and the darkest pitch black of nights. Where one drift lay before, now rests a frozen sheet of ice covering a lake or hidden inlet. Making any journey an easily perilous one. | LANDMARKS & MONUMENTS | Lamare | Crelien Keep, Bahnrioa [img found here] Lamare, a lost city once revered for its chilling beauty, was architecture carved from the bones of mountains and dedicated to the citizens below the black-taloned keep overlooking it. Looming higher in the landscape was the black stone keep of Crelien Fangrim, the ancient emperor of Kharatumi. Citizens of both Lamare and Crelien Keep were born and bred for the tumultuous changes and harsh reality presented by the lands. They endured, survived, and trained in the turbulent climate to prove their worthiness. Purposely succumbing in order to become harder and stronger from it. If only to prove themselves worthy enough to be the city and guards of the empires stronghold. Lost Empire of Fangrim A tale of profound darkness rests over this land, a truth whispered by its icy winds. As with many areas of Faejarhe, a great empire once presided over this devastated landscape. In what little remains of the ancestral text it is believed that this land too was punished, following the catastrophe of Pijesak Peninsula. Forever scarred by this abominable curse, their high praise hollowly echoes from abandonment by the deities they once so highly regarded. Crelien Keep Originally a noble fortress for the throne of the empire that was structured under predication of war, Lamare was eventually fractured into small commonwealths dictated by hunters and warriors of prestige. Although beneath the same flag, each household insignia was dedicated to a formal fighting or hunting style by its individual Head. Despite its strength as a small nation sector it fell prey to the wilds of the hollow curse of its ancestor. Their trust in their own ability to combat the merging and d/evolving planes brought forth catastrophic payment for their naivety. In no short time Crelien Keep faltered under the weight of the ice and snow, becoming nothing more than a tomb filled with rusted weapons and deathly silence. A frozen shell of its former ego. Blending well with the landscape background the keeps once obsidian stone pointed towers, as twisted and crooked as its builders now are, jut up from the ice like sinister claws. See: Bahnrioa. Illuminara | Temple of Terrestria A planar temple dedicated to the deity Proteus Rauz the one ruler of Terrestria. Solely controlled and run by the Taurean peoples without any outside interference. Pacifica Prayers of light and love, memories of those who've been lost. Heroes, the selfless, lovers, mothers, fathers, the devout, and souls of similar light. This temple is a place to honor the passing of those of the righteous, and the domain of “Monajj, mover of the light souls'' and an abstract being tied to the force of death. She, like her brother, is the guardian and mover of light souls into their final place of resting and safeguards them during their passage and is the gatekeeper of the Pacifica realm. Khaotica Indiscriminate chaos and eternal punishment for those who chose a path apart from goodness. Their chains of which can be heard in the form of tumultuous thunder. Murderers, thieves, tyrants, rapists, pedophiles, and black souls of similar nature having died, will find their rituals here. This temple also houses Xian, Mover of Dark Souls, an appointed entity and abstract of the force of death itself tasked with taking these ill souls to their final resting place, and to assure none are redirected or used for personal gain or objective. The Undying Outpost | Ciaofi's Northern Eyes Coming soon... The First & Last Abode | On the southernmost fringes of Karatumni is the first known village since the fall of the Fangrim Empire, which conveniently also makes it the last stop before truly entering the northern wilderness. And for those returning from the north, should they survive its deathly trials, it is the first and last entrance back into the south. Torloun Peaks | Fangrim Crest Also known as Fangrim Crest is a mountain range of curiosity and wonder. Those brave enough to seek its tips were said to have witnessed an ascension beyond that of any heaven ever before reached. Favored once by the Emperor Delorveck Fangrim himself and claimed as his private temple in which to pay homage to the deities. They are the highest points in all of Faejarhe, where above the clouds rest a hidden ribbon of colorful glittering lights. Donclad | Caverns of the Blacksmiths Deep in the fiery pits of the mountains lie mazes upon mazes of hand carved and hollowed caverns. Dark places where voices echo on for eternity. To find the inhabitants is to meet with uncertain ends. There are numerous cities beneath and in the grounds of rock and glacier, some glittering in the night as the fires of their ??? burn beyond sheets of ice. Tythia | Lost City of Magic The magical city of Tythia, once renowned for its manipulation of magic and its direct connection with the Fae, is now a blink in the imagination of Faejarhe's newer generations of children. It was said in ancient times that Emperor Fangrim both loved and despised these beings for their beauty and power, even having attempted to gain it for himself through the genocide of the Alcolytes. For his trespassing greed, in order to preserve their way of life they closed their borders to to all in Faejarhe. Protective of their lands and people, and also their secrets. Today their are but a dream, though music catches in the icy winds. Somber sounds of loss, love, and regret. | Unique PEOPLES of KHARATUMNI | Like the rest of Faejarhe, Kharatumni was and is a melting pot of various races that live in both harmony and dispute. Despite the fall of the Fangrim Empire there are still people living within this devastatingly deadly land, ever enduring of the climate and its changes. Races include but are not limited to: Elves, Dwarves, Bahnrioa, Humans, Oaligans, Orcs, Taureans. Alcolytes | Fae & Elves of Tythia Believers and worshipers of the deities whose whispers, to this day, can be heard melodically dancing in concert with the frostbitten breeze of the north. Bahnrioa | Monsters of Crelien Keep Fallen warriors and citizens of Lamare and its Crelien Keep, driven to cannibalism and forever changed into flesh-hungry, blood-thirsty monsters. Taluk | Crelien Keep, Bahnrioa Varying tribes of dwarves presumed to live in caverns throughout the innards of the mountains. Oaligans | Messengers of the North Beyond the normal plumage of their cousins are the Oaligans, a multifaceted in nature and purposefully bred society of owls. In ancient times, these creatures we magicked and bred over generations of failures until a perfectly amicable and sentient being was hatched from a vast array of clutches. Once perfected by demand of the Empire's lineage, they were inducted into service. Through a series of towers and networks these honorary messengers delivered both news and alarm throughout the lands of Kharatumni, their impeccable ability to navigate the treacherous winds and ever-changing landscape making them invaluable assets to its inhabitants. However, with the fall of an empire is the loss of a network. Leaving these creatures to their own devices to breed and colonize as they see fit. Going unchecked and as forgotten as their ancestral creators. Henceforth, they have become more civilized and have created architectural nests hidden throughout Kharatumni where they continue their lives unbeknownst to most of the newer generations of land-walkers. For travelers encountering these beings, they are either the best aly around for making it through as unscathed as is possible or the worst companions one can entrust their life to. Depending on the colony, there are the Kindred, the Unkempt, and the Droker. Helpful, harmful, or tricksy. Taureans| Illuminara Temple A race of celestial creation. Taureans are the direct descendants of The Deity, Proteus Rauz, created through intentional hybridization. Seeing as the only remaining descendants of pure blood are of relation (Mother and son), Rauz had decided to increase his peoples numbers by selecting races with ideal genetic traits, some of which were not even of this world. This resulted in the “Tauren”. A citizen of the deity city of Taurus, of Celestial bloodline with the soul purpose of serving the will of their creator and the purpose of civilization as a whole. The Taurean presence in Kharatumni serves the purpose of safeguarding Taurean interest in the lands, namely The Temple, which is an Alter in which natives can pay tribute or prayer to the Rauz, The Resident Absolute authority. Taureans in Kharatumni are in low numbers and are forbidden to fraternize with other races present in the lands and realms. Their roles consist strictly of Temple staff, and scouts and warriors assigned to their safe keeping, as well as specialty personnel tasked with the maintenance of grounds and the Guardian of the Lands. Focused, disciplined, immensely talented with astounding physical and mental gifts, the Taureans could serve a substantial purpose in the lands if allowed but unfortunately, such is not meant to be. | Unique FLORA & FAUNA of KHARATUMNI | Coming soon... | Myths & Tales & Legends | Ancestors | In its infancy, Faejarhe was a wild unruly land filled with untouched creatures. It is believed when the first empires came into formation those that chose the north came into contact with great winged beasts of unbelievable sentience. And together they formed what was once known as the Fangrim Empire. What truth comes from this has been whisked away with time. The fall of this once great empire leaving its history forever lost in the cradle of this snowy landscape. Vague traces existing merely through tales expelled by the mouths of mothers warning their children to be wary as they lay to sleep. Ancients | WIP | H I S T O R Y | | Condensed Canon of Kharatumni | | these events are from oldest to most recent. | Coming soon... Work in progress... This lore was written and edited/updated by -Lilium-, Meraxa, THE_BULL, Lacernella Rubra, Priestess, & Metty. Formatting & Tabling variations used are credited to Csl & vielle.
  18. ¥Understandably,she hesitated.fire....wasn't a good memory for her,only useful enough for camping or cooking.Slowly,celestia extended a left-hand into his own.swallowing a lump of nerves,she gave a very slow nod.hands trembling,Having a sickly visage.Purple-turqoiuse irises swept upwards,to meet his gaze.¥".....I trust y'a Dau'ner......fully,Ti's just....flames are.....not very fond memories for me'h."¥Arising from her seated position on trembling legs,celestia refused to back down.having faced more atrocities,demons of ill-intent and black market gatherers.She wouldn't allow flames to make her cower,though having.Dauner definitely aided celestia's resolve.¥"i-i am ready.."
  19. Canon Post! (Swear, I'm working on a proper followup, this is just to give something that can be worked off outside of this thread) The Official Summary of His Majesty's Imperial Government: It is surmised that a primary cause for the declaration of independence by the City of Dougton - response pending review - was the self-appointed crusade hereby dubbed the 'Wyrm's Bane', which upon investigation - compiling material evidence and eyewitness testimony - appears to have intended to remove the woeful influence of the enrele hivemind Aleth from the continent. This group proceeded to enter the city of Dougton by way of road and air travel, in which it is claimed they encountered the rogue 'deity' Meryam, before smuggling themselves inside the newly declared city-state's border. Once there, it would seem they were quickly discovered by subjects of the hivemind's manipulation, which appears to have included no less than the legendary Jason of the Lions himself. After a battle in which the hero of ages past was freed from the hivemind, the afflicted citizenry rose in open revolt against the city, their fellow man, and basic decency itself. In the ensuing chaos, it seems that the group, via myriad paths, made for the granary, in which the physical hivemind - possessing the corpse of the 'deity' Cancer, alternatively known as 'Old Man Ptolemy' - had evidently embedded itself. Its apparent plan was to exercise its host entity's particular material traits to channel its unconscious psychic mass into an active, loci-esque phenomena, allowing it to alter the physical laws of the realm around it to its favour. Had this plan succeeded, it might have held theological and existential implications best not considered. But, it seems, the plan did not succeed. To our awareness, the Aleth entity has, if not subsided, potentially been eliminated; this is subject to further investigation and verification. What follows is but one tale the locals now tell, of what happened that day... Minor Summary: The Wyrm's Bane - Argi, Aya, Dauner, Gozen, Emile, Shishi, the Mistress, Elizabeth, Caeceila - set off from Casper to take their fight to the hivemind Aleth, and in so doing, trigger the malevolent entity's endgame. Yet somehow, it seems, disaster was averted. [C] The city of Dougton, though nominally independent, has a questionable legitimacy behind it, and will be struggling to rebuild in the aftermath of the incident. [C] As a result of whatever happened in Dougton, the Aleth hivemind's grip on the populace at large has broken. While this has eliminated the threat posed by one of the largest enrele hiveminds, the manner in which it was done has left millions of people effectively comatose, until trained psychics - of which there are simply not enough for a timely resolution - can ease out their consciousnesses. [C] The men and women of the Wyrm's Bane are, whether in celebration of their apparent success, or damnation of their reckless actions and dismissive of any supposed success, increasingly known to the people of the continent. Theatrical performances opening near you soon! [C] Jason of the Lions has a face, OMG. [O] The future of Dougton is up for grabs. Help it step out from the yoke of Odin's dominion, or ease it back into the fold? Rebuild it to what it once was, or invigorate it with new purpose? The path is there, but must be seized! [O] Millions of people have been 'saved' from Aleth's grasp, but the sheer backlog of those needing to be recovered means people might be desperate for 'private' services, if the contents of a given mind are of exceeding concern. [O] One has to wonder how the other hiveminds might act in light of this... an investigation of the wider threat might be in order. [O] If you were one of those to have gained notoriety from this event... one has to also wonder what trouble - or luck - you might walk into on being recognised.
  20. As Celestia's lips whispered into Dauner's ears, Dauner's attention shifted into the trees. He has just seen something he was going to get before he returned to camp, but his attention quickly shifted back when Celestia accepted to bath with him. He grin widely at her, almost as if leering perversely. "Then let's hurry back to camp" he said impatiently. As always would arrive at the camp, she'd notice that Dauner was not behind her. Shortly after the dome was put up, Dauner returned to camp with a pile of wood over one shoulder and a dead boar over the other. "I got us dinner" he said happily dropping his load by the fire which Ariana had already started and increasing the amount of wood in it till it was literally blazing. By the time the flames were in full force, Layla had finished cutting the boat into smaller pieces and they roasted it over the fire. The fire was so hot that not only did they have to sit about 2 meters away from it, but they also had to roast their meat from a distance so it wouldn't get burned. The heat 1 meter from the flame was excruciatingly hot for any normal person to even go near it. The first slice 2 slices Dauner roasted were given to Ariana and Celestia. Since Layla was already eating some she had roasted, Dauner didn't bother rising one for her. "Wanna see something cool?" Dauner asked Celestia. Before he would get an answer, he got up and walked towards the flame, walking straight towards the flame and through it. From the other side, he walked through the flame again and to his seat by Celestia. If Celestia scanned him, she'd realise that, there were no injuries or burns on him. Not even his clothes had been harmed by the flames. "Cool right? Gimme your hand" he said extending his with a smile that said 'you can trust me'. He intended on taking Celestia through the flame was well, which under normal circumstances would burn her senseless, but these were not normal circumstances.
  21. Yes it does! Thank you! I understand so much better! I suppose #3 would be my personal preference, but then again, I’m flexible if the other two want to complete the quest and be done with it. I haven’t explored many other places of Valucre yet, so if we end it here I’ll be able to focus on exploring more (not really good at multitasking rps).
  22. Can I still flesh out the surrounding topography?
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    Lagrimosa AMA 2.0

    You can’t nab the entire green section but you can drop a pin in that location which you can claim as your own. I’d suggest drafting a landing page for your area and then manage a canon list / canonized threads for it. As canon activity for your area grows it naturally develops the area you’re managing
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    Lagrimosa AMA 2.0

    No named spells but you can check the common character reference for some of Herbie’s previous work I don’t make the TTRPG distinction between arcane magic, divine magic, and psionics. Anything supernatural in nature is affected by things which dampen or increase “magic” The dead peaks is not currently a dead zone
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  26. @amenities this might be a fun thought for you/ Michael How does prayer and Gaia as a force/faith/power source work in the dead peaks ? would Yshmael or Michael or any Gaian be able to call upon her while there or use any of the hierarchy abilities?
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