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    [GS] Rifornire.

    Seeing that the dragon is resistant to his own element and physical attacks, Rifornire warped away from battle and appeared atop his dragon again. The god mused at this sudden turn of events. It knew that its strength is waning with each passing moment but the god chose to die fighting. Under the Rifornire's command, the lava dragon spewed another round of flame but this time its divine fire.A strong stream of lava which was directed at poor Arashi. Meanwhile, Khaki and Sera have settled for a round of beer while cheering at the fight between half-breed and the dying god. As for the lava elemental minions, they simply unleashed both Cialo and Sagittarius to deal with those weaklings.
  3. "Ah, you say such, and yet you beauty is merely imitation. Mine being authentic, natural. Stop feeding for a while and show us your true appearance as a California Raisin." Those of this world wouldn't get why he mused such words and laughed beyond them whilst accepting the letter. However, Lein would catch the reference; Perhaps they could consider it an inside joke. Looking to the face of the envelope first, Xartia's face illumined with surprise. He knew her handwriting anywhere, this letter was from Raveena herself. Wasting no time opening the letter and exposing it's contents within, he read feverishly to ensure that this wasn't some sort of letter of dire import or emergency. The calm was apparent in his face as his charming smirk returned, his eyes still digesting the page though he spoke to the Count once more. "So it appears she's more or less here to assist Artamese, though they're both here to assist us...Say, want to have a bit of fun to pass the time? The journey has just began, though we have quite a ways to go. Let's see how long it takes for the girl to realize you're not Xartia Pendragon." His volume diminished as his smirk became menacing. His hand gestured in the direction she'd headed off in whilst he handed the letter back to Lein. A giggle escaped him just before they'd temporarily part ways. As the Vampire likely obliged the notion, Xartia trusted nothing bad could truly come from such an innocent trifle. In the meantime, Xartia allowed the enchanted wheel to more or less steer on autopilot as he too exited the cabin in search of the black mage. An act that was rather easy to accomplish. Out on the deck, he looked back and saw how far they were beginning to make it from the port, his Cheshire grin refreshing as he continued to approach the Mutant. "So what's new with you, what have I missed. I had heard of your participation in that Reunion tournament, though you were gone for quite a while prior to those rumors." A loaded question, one that the Cambion had no idea he didn't want answered. Even with Akako's return, and the three of them in the company of one another however briefly as the flower festival, he still hadn't learned of Akako's whereabouts of her absence. Obviously the case being the same for Arthur. As intelligent as the Magician was, not even he could've guessed they spent a stretch of that time together. @Voldemort @Etched In Stone @Malintzin @Artificer
  4. Meraxa

    [GS] Cancer

    "...who...?" A voice echoed outwards, answering not only Vito, but the one within him. Speaking revealed the presence of the one that was its source, though it was a well masked sensation. Like a shot from a muzzled firearm, it was discernible, but its origin unclear. "...Ah, perhaps... kin...?" The great pool of water that had settled in the temple began to stir, more than drips from a gutted ceiling could bring about. Ripples pulsed, but in the way they shouldn't have: inward, towards a centre, rather than radiating outward. At their centre, though slowly, and with no semblance of the grandeur that might otherwise have been expected, a figure began to form. One that, initially humanoid in shape, soon stretched backward. The legs that formed beneath the resulting, long mass, were not in imitation of a man, but of his most trusted steed; the figure in all that of a centaur, but one that, even in a projected form, carried itself weakly. Beholding Vito, there was a look of mild shock, then confusion, and then at last, resignation. "...I take it you have... nnngh... come to end me?" The figure spoke, and fought through the apparent pain, taking up a posture that showed even an ounce of strength, arms spread and with fists clenched, stepping lightly across the pool of water from which this figure had formed. "If so... then know that I, Samael, whose subjects called Cancer, will not... ha... Bow so easily to the will of this 'Kommandant'!" ...It took a step to steady itself.
  5. Cerebri felt the relief wash over him, although he did not outwardly show it. He could not wait to quit the place, and the quicker they got out, the better. The memories that washed over him when he first reached merely left more questions, ones that he would like to spend time tracing and answering, but today was not the day to do it. The crashes of the clash he caused between dragon and giant continued to reverberate through the air, but with it fading into the background, so did the danger. Soon enough they would be at open sea. Hopefully the crew of the other airship would be smart enough to lift off on their own. Pumping enough magic into the reserves of the ship to allow it to go wherever it needed for the next day, Cerebri finally took his hands off the wheel. Taking a step forward took all the willpower he had; reaching the nearest wall, he slumped down, sliding off the wall to the ground. His legs could carry him no more, tired beyond what he had imagined. Adrenaline carried him for so long that he barely had time to notice how tired he was in the first place, and now that he was safe for the time being, that fatigue caught up with him. He knew it would be dangerous to fall asleep, especially with so many interesting characters around him and so few he trusted, but his eyelids weighed heavy. Placing a hand on the hilt of his sword, he gentally clutched it and placed faith in his light sleep to alert him when required. Cerebri then drifted off, along with his ship, to destinations unknown.
  6. She posed great question, one that he did not readily know the answer to. Currently he surmised that some of them likely had the experience necessary to deal with a variety of undead. Even if none were present on this ship currently, the Lurid Inquisition and the Imperial Army itself both composed of a myriads of beings, including the likes of her Genesar cousins. Doubt proved inevitable, prevailing to paint the assumption that there had to at least be some among the ranks that even if warned and given sufficient training, they perhaps were ill prepared. Even in the face of experience though, the Vampire populace of Talix Engine was a new face altogether, as was the rumor of their paralyzing weaponry. He grew eager to see how his forces fared in an outright incursion, though this was hardly the time or place to test such a feat. Precision was key here, and of course the Emperor himself still possessed the innate ability to command the likes of the undead, providing their constitution unable to resist. "Some of them I'm sure have, though I doubt all of them have. They've at least heard stories I'm sure. Whatever the case, I'm certain the Kōshitsu has given them the best chance surviving." The Imperial General, Kenshinobu, had yet to fail him in this few years of service. While their military had not been harshly contested by any opposition thus far, he was confident that if/when such happened, they would reflect the fruits of their General's labor. They would reflect his self. As they stepped out and away from the vessel, the Tengu Knights as ordered fanned out, scattering into formation with the soldiers to their flanks and their backside. Flawlessly they transitioned to a march in unison. The fact that he saw no immediate threats bothered him mildly, at least it had until even her could make out the details of what seemed to be a skirmish. A rather fresh one at that. Raising his closed, draconic fist into the air, all came to a halt as he himself considered option of advance. Especially on such an odd terrain as this gears ever turning. "Someone has definitely beaten us to the punch, though I only sense Vampiric essence outside of our own company. Perhaps they've captured a few straggling survivors to take back to their leader. Or maybe there aren't any survivors from the other vessel." His fist ejected two fingers, the index and middle, before opening to expose the rest. With a single wave forward, they continued their march into the engine. His keen eyes scanned the vicinity as they progressed, his ears listened, his nostrils flaring with occasional purpose as he too actively scented the region. Without the Mugen-me, he was more or less back to basic when it came to sensory. Thankfully, he could still feel the shadows within range of his perception. @Dreamer
  7. Rabbit

    [GS] Cancer

    Cancer Characters - Vito Summons - Floki Tags - @Meraxa Music (If you so choose) - Link Background Image - Link Vito, accompanied by his mount, had wandered off from his group. Both were still injured from their prior encounter, their wounds slowly healing. They'd felt the need to take a break from the freed slaves, currently partying and celebrating their newly found freedom. He'd found himself roaming the surrounding area, following a trail of old stone constructs. Their surfaces were mossy, decayed and left to be re-consumed by the forest. Drawing his weapon, he cut and hacked through the vines and overgrowth. Despite clearing a path, the dry earth quickly turned into a bog, with each footstep now splashing in green water. 'I have no memory of such temples being in this area of the land.' 'So, it's not one of the gods?' 'Unsure, many gods never showed themselves to the outer world. Preferring a simple life of solitude or allowing small followings.' 'I pray we've merely discovered an abandoned temple, I'm in no condition to fight another god.' 'Many gods had more than one temple, so tread carefully.' Weapon ready, the raider pressed forward. The further he got in, the less life he could hear. As if the wildlife had evacuated the area or hid from whatever lurked further on, a sense in which he wished he could share. It wasn't long till the constructs had brought him to the front of an abandoned temple, which shared a similar fate. He placed his hand on the building surface, feeling the stone crumble to dust under the light press of his fingertips. The many carvings and inscriptions had faded, far beyond translation. Walking through the broken metal doors, the inside fared no better. The light just barely enough to illuminate the first room along, Vito scanned his surroundings. Having been left to nature, a large pool of water formed in the center, swallowing much of the temples items with it. The metal work and glass either shattered or rusted, giving an echoing crunch under each footstep. Skeletons sat in the pews, vines and moss holding their skeleton in place, forever left in a preying position. The raider took a seat next to one, lighting the blade of his swordstaff in a ball of fire which lit the room up in a flickering light. He sat for a while, feeling a mixture of emotions. "Is this the fate of the forgotten gods?" Unknowingly, Vito had spoken out loud. 'Yes, unfortunately. Power, it is the only reason we were followed. With that gone, many view us as nothing more than beasts for the slaughter.'
  8. Today
  9. The woman named Linda sighed. It seems that whatever minuscule modicum of peace she may have found in this venture, the Xers will always find a way to destroy. The place is crawling with these critters. Maybe she should have brought her crew again to dispose of these overgrown bugs and made sure none of them will ever resurface back into the surface. A bit annoyed, the white-haired woman spat on the cold hard ground. From that small puddle of saliva, the earth itself began to rise and soon it formed into an earthen golem. Barely minding the incoming insects, she lighted a fresh stick of cigar and resumed her smoking. Meanwhile, the golem would place itself between the woman and the Xers. It would scoop some rocks form the ground and began pitching them at the rushing horde, each rock hitting like a sledgehammer.
  10. It has been a rather long while but Tedimius has returned to her birthplace, Hyperion. Her venture with the cartel had been almost pleasant despite the unpleasant events she had to endure. Still, she was fortunate enough to be given a second chance at living and now she's putting that blessing to good use. Now that she has found a new purpose of life here in Hyperion, she will do her utmost to keep it that way. So this brings her to this random store at this random part of the day. Her recent job here in Hyperion do have a lot of downtime between runs and she was happy for that. The nature of her work is too stressful for the common Hyperian but at least she can get by. Still, the enjoying the life of a common folk and indulging in commoner culture can be entertaining, at least for a short period of time. Just as she was about to leave the shop, this plebeian named Eryel tried to catch her attention. Oddly enough, the girl did catch it. Turning back to the speaker, Tedimius addressed the girl's concerns. "Tell more, peasant. What happened to your supplies?"
  11. Sorry my post is short. It turns out it is hard to work with your last post :). But I'm happy for you to elaborate in your next post, rather than rewrite the other.
  12. Torie’s ears swivelled left and right. Was the water getting louder, or Priscilla’s voice getting quieter? “What can you see?” she said, sniffing around the walls, pushing on natural knobs and cracks for signs of a secret passage. Nothing. The salamanders on the other side of the portal were shouting, but she could only just hear them above the roar of the steam. Water poured through the portal, into the land of fire. It was up to her elbows now, which meant it was almost three feet deep. “I can’t see how to get to you,” she said, “But keep talking, loudly. She looked up, at the cavern’s roof, but couldn’t see past the slab of grey-red stone.
  13. Csl

    Argentspire II: Escort

    At first, it seemed like the group would make quick work of the Xer'Orians. Erin fired an arrow, dodged, and fired another. The first Xer'Orian crumpled to the ground, one of its legs limp and useless, another arrow sprouting from its eye. Tafili and Guest shattered the face of another one, and rid yet another of its hand. Three were now injured - the two at the boulder, and one standing behind them. Mathias' field made the creatures' clumsy motions even clumsier, as the remaining two charged forward to join their kin, their claws scrabbled uselessly on the rock, unable to gain purchase. With heavy thuds, the five creatures collapsed on the ground. And from the impact, from the injuries from the party, their exoskeletons shattered For a moment, as the dusty shards of keratin dropped away from the insectoid beasts, they would see glittering clumps of violet-green coiled within. A humming noise filled the air. A swarm of iridescent insects rose from the shattered corpses of the Xer'Orian. Individually, they were tiny, barely a centimeter wide. But together, they billowed out like a thick cloud, swarming towards the explorers. The first ones to reach Erin attached themselves to her skin, beginning to crawl into her ears, nose, and mouth. Where they landed, she would feel pinpricks of pain. Individually- harmless. Together, as more and more of the insects would alight on her skin, she would be picked to the bone. "Fire! We need fire!" Mara's shouts managed to cut through the sound. She pushed the scientists behind her, dropped her pack on the ground, then began frantically pulling out its contents. "Look for cloth. Make torches."
  14. @Waking_Warrior Cadriel looked amused the girl had hidden behind him. He looked less amused that nobody had seemed to appreciate his song - though a few other patrons at the tavern were giggling to themselves. He gave them a modest bow, reached behind his chair, and patted the girl on her shoulder. "Fear not, fair maiden," he said grandly. "No trouble can come to patrons of the Tavern. Though I must ask - whatever did you do to get that stuffy-looking man all worked up?" Meanwhile, Night hadn't budged where he stood near the door. "I heard you the first time." He said gruffly. "In the Tavern, there are no kings, there are no legends. There are patrons, and you are a patron. I ask again -- check your weapons at the counter."
  15. The Assassins Guild. Tedimius found it disappointing that Aphelion cannot recruit such questionable individuals to assist her and her peers in such a perilous venture. Not that she cared. She had faith that Aphelion can handle this on their own. For now she was successful infiltrating the fort. Posing as one of the fort's servants was simple enough for the former cartel agent. Now that she's in position, she only needed to wait for additional instructions. "Check in time people. Sound off." Finally, Mal made contact. She almost forgot that she's not a servant with all this waiting and acting. As soon as she's made sure that there's no one following her and no other person within her vicinity, she responded to Mal. "I'm in position. Ready when you are."
  16. Receiving passive petting from Paris, Okina didn’t lean in nor move in any way. Although it felt nice, she didn’t believe herself to be a full wolf in the sense of being someone’s pet or play thing. Looking down at her claws, she examined how clean and pristine they shone in the moonlight after tearing through the flesh of the boy who mocked and fought them with the belief he would be triumphant. “Yes, whatever it is your cooking Solomon, smells delightful. I can pick out every ingredient you so carefully chose for that stew.” Shrugging her shoulders, Okina stood her full height in her werewolf form. Stretching out her neck, she took the invitation to return to her human state seriously. Not turning back towards the others, she walked out beyond the trees that surrounded their little campsite. Dragging her clawed hand over trunk after trunk till she was far enough from the camp that it made it difficult for a normal person to see her. Satisfied with the distance put between her and the others, she willed her change to human form like she did with her previous change. The bones in her face and hands began to crack, breaking and reforming inside the flesh that was slowly changing. Following the smaller bones in her body, the larger ones began their process which would normally rip a scream out of someone who was new to the transformation. Chunks of the old beast type flesh fell from her body leaving a steam emanating into the air around her. With the timing of this change taking much longer than her initial transformation, Okina would come out much cleaner than before. Many wondered where a seasoned pureblood werewolf’s mind went during this moment, some believe there was a form of meditation that overcame their minds as the messy and sometimes painful change happened. For Okina it depended on the moment in which the change took place, if she was in immediate danger she didn’t have time to put herself in this meditative state. Now in the moment her mind was watching from above, as she focused her mind’s eye on what would lie before her in the future. With the moment’s end, Okina walked back to the campsite shortly after retrieving her clothing. She had left the coin purse where Paris had sat it next to her, returning to pick it up she walked to the horses to pack it away in her saddle bag. Removing her own blanket from her saddle, she moved out from under some trees to allow herself the pleasure of looking that stars a moment before she slept. @King
  17. The land Beneath the Sun Santado Island Ruler: Raveena Jhanavi Bartolome Senaria Contact: Who ya gonna call Lore Quests AMA Flag: A black Swift on a red field Description, prelude Topography The Island of Santado has two distinct faces: there’s the smooth tourist countenance that is typical of Genesarian island hospitality; and there’s Santado proper--a pretty gritty city, second only to Alethea in terms of status and chaos. Most of the island's fame lies outside the urban core in the fancy suburb of Matuga. Stay in the city, however, and you’re faced with an entirely different proposition – a riot of cacophonous debauchery and bustling humanity that offers an unscripted and uncensored slice of Genearsian life, warts and all. With its dilapidated architecture, unkempt parks and vibrant street life, Santado's touristy side has a laid-back feel and considerable charm in parts. It is most renowned for the exotic wild hunting preserve and refuge--an exhilarating chance to encounter Genesaris' most dangerous creatures. The City of Matuga is the centerfold of the city's illicit trades, including but not limited to smuggling, extortion, slavery, and prostitution Cityscape A quintessential tropical paradise – is widely regarded as the most beautiful island in Southern Genesaris. With pure white sand that feels like baby powder; gargantuan coconut palms tower overhead; and clear turquoise waters lap up on the shores. Divers and travelers usually enjoy good visibility and a wide variety of sea life, although there is no reef. Climate Name Bestiary Flora and Fauna Yee Culture Because of its geographic position, Kyros represents a blend of different cultural spheres. It has been a crossroad of influences of the western culture and the east ever since the Renaissance Initiative. Raveena’s regency of Kyros became a significant period of national cultural history, as Kyros saw unprecedented developments in all fields of art and culture. Economy With the Port reopened, the trade commerce supports a majority of the economy of the city second to its tourist appeal. With several new businesses flourishing after the city’s renaissance, Kyros boasts a strong and stable economy. Several types of currency flow from every part of the world that Genesaris trades with, all of which can be converted to the Genesarian coin, though it also accepts the Imperial mint from the Arcane East as well. Landmarks and Monuments Second Level Header Paragraph stuff visit here visit here visit here Government First Level Heading Second-Level Heading: Description City Guard Total: 6,425 High Ranking Officers: 85 Jail Workers: 700 Capital Guards: 360 Special Assignments Officers: 43 Education The countess has sought to rebuild and enforce the educational institutes of the Port City. As such, she oversaw several naval, technical, religious and academic institutes built to showcase the Rising Queen’s importance of a well-rounded education, as well as a nod to the importance of the arcane and the worship of the Emperor God. Transportation Item: With the invention of the steam turret and pump, the city’s means of transportation increased, namely the use of steam to provide energy to facilitate transportation along the coast from the mountains. This technology is rare and new to Genesaris, and has met with some level of prejudice and resistance, though the city intends to overcome this obstacle to become a highlight of engineering ingenuity and technological advancement. Notable Residence Queen Raveena Jhanavi Bartolome Senaria A Terran-born Noble of Imperial ancestry, Raveena has been a long-time ally of the Carmine Empire and is the newest member of the Imperial Family as a Princess of the Empire, eldest daughter of Rafael Bartolome. A rising politician and respected ruler, she is known to rule with a passion tempered by patience and kindness. Firm and fair, she has been well received by the citizens of Port Kyros as their regent, earning respect among her appointed city officials. Resourceful and ambitious, she seeks to usher in prosperity for the Port City, and for Genesaris overall. History Birth of a Consulate: The Kyrosian Consulate is built on behalf of Nymeria to better political relationships and cultural understanding between the land and sea nations. Canon Thread name: Description
  18. The princess, allured by the thousand warm droplets kissing her body and ears seduced by the serenade of rain between rivulets of water, didn't notice Tyveres' departure. Nor is she aware of his temporary absence when she exits the bathroom. Upon the bed, she absently-minding continues to hum a gentle tune, caressing her soft cheeks with the microfibers of the damp towel. Her sapphire hues glide under the length of her ebony lashes. As her melodic voice waves through the air, she does not notice how the cadence of Kimi's purr synchronizes with the tune. White tendrils of the fur waver and dance like a savanna swimming to life in the zephyr, beyond her knowledge. Serenity encumbers her body, burdens melting away like ice in the breath of spring. The damp towel slips from the sudden fragile grasp of her fingers, and she is more content caressing the bend of her neck and collarbone with her nude fingers. The towel upon her body loosens, descends like a fallen curtain to rest on the crest of her breasts, clinging barely to the subtle friction of the droplets. It serves to conceal her modesty as her body lays to its side in the bed. A lone finger still manages to stroke the sensitive tuffs of fur between Kimi's whiskers, and as the kit swoons her touch, a smoothing sensation spreads across her own cheeks like the brush of silk. She cannot describe this plush of pleasure embracing her body, but it is a lullaby to her thoughts. Soon she slumbers in the bed, body curled around the wolf coat, and Kimi nestled in the space between her folded thighs and descending breasts. As Tyveres picks her petite body up, her fingers unconsciously cling to the coat for a brief moment for releasing it. She moans quietly as her mind dances between dreams and reality, fingers touching the wet skin of his exposed chest and lips resting upon the tightened skin. She slips into his positioning of her body like a vulnerable and delicate doll underneath the blankets. Her towel, lightly knotted against her axilla, manages to stay on her body. "I will keep you safe," he whispers. Her eyes flutter open for a half moment, cheeks flushing with soft pedals of crimson. Even in sleep, the woman's heart flutters into a brief race at the gentle tone of his voice. . . . . "Take care, lass," The captain whispers into the raven locks of the princess. She hugs him close, fighting the tears in her eyes. Cecilia did not know the captain long, but he saved her life and made her feel as secure as any daughter in a father's arms. "Remember all that I told, ye." "I will. Thank you for everything." The princess insisted on seeing him off on the docks. She stood there in the crisp morning with her coat, watching as he sailed past the drifting ice. Meanwhile, Tyveres gathered supplies for the journey ahead of them. When he went to get the horses, she traveled with him. To her absolute delight, the "horses" the villages utilized weren't horses at all. They resembled reindeer, covered head to toe with thick silvery fur, and adorning branching ivory horns. They were built as beasts of burden, bulked with muscle easily capable of supporting a person and gear. Cecilia's eyes were brightened with wonder at their mystical grace, dense mist flowing from their nostrils as they nibbled at the piles of golden hay. She approached one of the stalls, leaning over the gate for a closer look. The creature lifted its head from the feed and approached the princess, eyes wide with an innocent obsidian gaze. It exhaled long into her face, brushing back her bangs and making her giggle. She placed her hand upon its great muzzle and ran it long to his forehead. "They're native animals to the mountains," said a young stable girl, watching the princess' interaction from a corner in the stable. She was no older than sixteen, freckled across the nose with fiery red hair. She stood as high as Cecilia's shoulders. "We call them ronekee. This one seems to really like you. His name is Kye. I'm Sara. I work these stables with my gramps." Sara handed Cecilia some oats to feed Rye before addressing Tyveres. "You're the bloke with the money, I reckon. Fancy some bucks to take ye through the mountain? All the travelers that land in this cold do. I have a couple that'll take you through the mountains for ten pieces of gold. We have another village on the other side of the mountain near the Wastelands. Ya'll need to return them there. These ain't cheap to tame, and are the best you can ask for in those mountains. They'll keep ya from getting lost and protect ya too. They won't trek into the Wastelands so dun bother tryna steal them." The princess found Sara's spunk adorable and entertaining. She giggled softly under her hand. "We understand. Thank you for lending your steeds to us." When Tyveres paid for the steeds, Cecilia took Kye out of the stable. She climbed onto its back with ease. The ronekee tossed its scruffy mane and tread back and forth on the spot before settling. Cecilia was reminded of her Sujaali; a sense of sadness spread over her. What happened to her companion after she was captured? Was he still alive and wandering across the wastelands? Perhaps her guard found him and took him home to safety. Maybe he was dead... She looked beyond the enormous horns, and to the mountains. They seemed so endless. The road was white from the evening fall of snow, compact into a canvas of foot and hoof prints. Her coat kept her very warm, but she could see it failing in the dark sunless nights. She leaned into the neck of Rye; he was unbelievably warm. His deep breaths comforted her, calm and unafraid of the journey. She smiled—everything would be okay. "Ya'll ready?" Sara asked as she tied a sack of oats to the hindquarters of Cici and Tyveres' steeds. "This'll feed the bucks for about a week. You get them across the mountains by then."
  19. Priestess


    First name: Shina Nicknames: "Candle Stick" Alignment: Neutral-Good Race: Human Marital Status: Single Sexuality: Maybe Gender: Female Actual Age: 17 Apparent Age: 17 Role: Spellsword Voice: Young Eyes: Black Complexion: Type II Height: 161cm Weight: 47Kg Build: Hourglass Hair: Color: Black Length: Long Texture: Silky Style: Straight Tattoos/markings: Location: Left Eye Mark: 4 Linear Cuts Note: Looks like a tattoo Demeanor: • Socially Awkward • Shy around strangers • Easily made to worry • Outgoing around friends • Clearly tries to be social • Always seemingly uncomfortable Fears: • Fire • Demons • Killing • Being Alone • Large Crowds • Relationships Likes: • Snow • The Dark • Children • Cute Things • Sweet Things • Thunderstorms Dislikes: • Crowds • Swimming • Hot Places • People Staring Shina was born into a family of mages. Not the kinds who study and refine common arcana, but, the kinds who hope to expand magic and push its limits. Following her birth, her mother and father both decided that she was better used as an experiment than be raised as a child, resulting in her unnatural powers and predicament. To call her "human" would be correct only when referring to the fact that her parents and genome are human. However, her soul was fused with a demon at a very young age. Throughout her childhood, Shina was prone to violent outbursts where she'd attack the other students at her magic school. Clawing, biting, or even trying to incinerate her peers wasn't uncommon, and resulted in her being shunned. Halfway through her first school, at the age of seven, Shina's condition worsened when a group of girls had saw fit to attack her out of nowhere. Having panicked and lost concentration on suppressing the demon within, she accidentally let it free, resulting in the death of all five of the girls who attacked her. The school director had drawn the line and signed it that day, expelling her from the school, and making her parents regard her as a failure. In the two years that followed, she was forced to endure harsh experiments to enhance her magic, and harsher punishment whenever she failed to meet her parent's expectations. Having had enough of it, she willingly set her demon loose and let it destroy her home, the laboratory she was confined to, and her parents with it. The demon had long known it's life was reliant on the child, and made sure to it that she wasn't killed in the fire... but she was severely burned. Once the fire team recovered Shina and her burns were treated, she endured a year as an orphan. During that year, she became extremely close to a young boy who she'd never admit to have started liking a little too much. He was the only child who saw past her burn marks and occasionally strange behavior, namely her talking to her reflection, and was able to see that she was good. Towards the end of that year, Shina had gotten much too close to the boy and was letting her guard down around him. The demon waited for the moment when she was least defensive, when she and him were in a warm embrace. Suddenly, the boy burst into flames and began screaming as his body was reduced to ash. The flames spread around her and engulfed the rest of the orphanage. Try as they did, the staff were unable to save most of the children. Including Shina, only six of the thirty children made it out. Terrified of what would happen if she were connected to the fire, Shina disappeared from the scene, thinking that she were the only survivor. While on the run, Shina was recruited into a group of mercenaries who claimed to be able to help her. They outfitted her with a mask that suppresses magic, making it so the demon wouldn't be able to force itself out so easily while she was wearing it. She was given a sword, and some training on how to use it. In the four years that followed, she and the group were always together. They were so different from her original family that she forced herself to perform as best she could, and met their expectations willingly, sometimes even exceeding them. She never rose to be as strong as the group leader, not even close. She made enough money to upgrade her equipment, buying a better set of clothes and a sword that would compliment her powers. This armor would later be upgraded after her more "feminine assets" materialized. During her fourth year with the group, a new member joined and attempted to force himself on her. Lacking the physical power to get him off and being unable to scream for help, her only choice was to kill him. Unfortunately, her demon wasn't feeling cooperative with her mask removed, and ran amok once more, and killed everyone. The destruction of her group left Shina to travel alone, once more, taking up jobs and working with whoever was in need of her services as part of their adventuring groups. The process of her being accepted into a group and them being baptized in fire repeated itself several more times over the course of the next two years, until Shina decided it best that she didn't let herself befriend anyone. In the few months she spent isolating herself from people, her demon tortured her by replaying the memories and screams of those it killed before finally telling her what it wanted... freedom. In the time that followed, Shina had gone out in search of an answer for how to separate her soul from the demon's, but to date, has found no such answer. Strengths • Fast • Agile • Precise • Intelligent • Powerful fire attacks • Powerful fire summons • Immune to natural heat Weaknesses • Weak armor • Weak negotiator • Reliant on speed • Not good at survival • Can be clumsy at times • Afraid of her own power • Weak against water magic • Doesn't like splitting up • Fire Sword - Shina's sword is a 3ft long, single-edged blade that allows her to channel fire through the weapon. This flame is capable of lighting on fire anything it touches, eventually consuming that being. • Mask - Shina's mask suppresses her magic, keeping her from losing control of the fire demon inside her, but also blocks off her more powerful attacks. She's able to conjure large quantities of fire with the mask on, but with it off, she would be able to condense those flames into a single point and fire that speck at a building, and level the entire block with the explosion- and that's just the most basic possibility. • Armor - Shina's armor is made mostly of leather and cloth, with very thin metal plates covering some areas for added protection. Effective against blunt attacks like punches and flexible enough to let her move freely in battle, but highly useless against slashing, stabbing, and blunt weapons. It's greatest defensive attribute is against magic, where it can easily cut the power of a spell by a considerable amount. • Elemental Resistance: Fire - Shina is highly resistant to Fire Magic. She'll still be injured by the spell, but not nearly as much as a normal human. • Enhanced Physical Abilities - Shina can run quickly, change direction almost instantly, and accelerate at extremely fast rates. She can't perform at a high level for extended periods of time, so long battles are things she tends to avoid. • Fire Demon - The more Shina uses her magic, the closer her demon is to getting released temporarily. Using magic without her mask makes it so much worse. • Fire Immunity - Shina is unable to be burned by fire of any kind. She's completely immune to all forms of natural heat. • Fire Magic - Shina is capable of casting very powerful spells when her mask is removed. When wearing the mask, she's restricted to less massive attacks. • Fire Pawn - Shina and The Fire Demon can summon creatures made of fire at will. These creatures may act as conduits for its magic, allowing for very complex spells to be performed with very little time. • Hot Blooded - Shina's body radiates heat. Standing within a few inches of her would let you feel it get much hotter. Rain and weak water and ice spells instantly evaporates before it can touch her. • Intoxication Immunity - Shina's Hot Blood makes her immune to intoxication, poisoning, and illness related to natural causes. Magically induced effects are not burned away by her Hot Blood. • Odorless - Shina's Hot Blood also burns away any scent she might have, including body odor from excessive work. Microorganisms are unable to survive on the surface of her skin due to the heat, making it so she only needs to bathe if she feels like it. She normally bathes, regardless. • Pyromancy - Shina is able to control and create fire at will. Her level of control is significantly greater while not wearing the mask.
  20. "A bit." Holly replied. "Da Villa. I had my people look into then and it seems they are a crime family of sorts here in Casper. It seems they are not big enough to concern me." "I'll let our asset and some of my servants figure out a way inside the place and find the crown." "As for us...." Holly paused to fix her hair. "How about we give the Da Villa's a visit?"
  21. Tired of these broken promises.

  22. She would stir, groaning slightly as she immediately got back onto her feet, snarling as she lifted her heavy body, breathing hard, she made it to her four paws, her tails fanning out to balance herself as she straightened up on the table, and lifted her head up, seeing the smiles and lights return to the eyes of those staring at her. This is exactly what Borron had meant, and it would dawn on Cotton as she watched her teacher rise, that Ami, in one way or another, embodied a Living Hope, a Flame that would never Die. And THAT, was what made Ami famous. Not her reckless actions and behaviours. She took her prideful, powerful stance, her new fur sparkling in the dim light and waited for the room to clear, bowing her head low to Emphidrina as he complimented her on his way out. Once it was just the two of them in there, Ami collapsed on the table again, breathing hard. Ben was the only one that would see her like this and she be okay with it. He climbed up onto the table with her and she curled around him as he lay with his back across her massive ribcage, and she tucked her many tails in around him. And ear twitched as her dusky red eyes closed again. She couldn't find her voice just yet, so she merely lay her head down, and slept for the next solidly for the next eight hours. Ben was right there, she could feel him laying on her side, so there was no need for to be so on guard. When she woke, she stretched without thinking about it and knicked Ben clear off the table and dumped him back into the floor again. She looked down at him, and went to help him back up. "What did you do to me, my prince?" She asked, looking herself over. She was magnificent. And she could feel the power that had lay untapped behind her crests. She was one with it now, as if she and the crests had melded together. That was twice, in as many days, that Ami had undergone a transformation. "D'Thur had his heart set on taking me out of the equation." She continued, looking at Ben. "He had someone else with him that shot me with that blasted dart when they had an opening. whoever it was is likely long gone by now, how long was I asleep for?"
  23. "It finally happened," Shishi's companion spoke. "It's coming." Shishi's cocked her head in confusion. "What's coming?" It seems Shishi's questions fell on deaf ears as the other woman looked lost, her eyes staring blankly into the city skies. That was only for a moment, then it hit Shishi. A foreign sensation washed all over her. It felt so wrong...so disgusting...so inhuman. So familiar. "This is-!" Shishi cried in disbeleif, "No, no. Not this time! Not again!" The elder sister's chilling laughter shook Shishi. Her eyes turned to her sister only to see the woman succumb to hysteria at the absurdity of it all. What frightens Shishi the most is that her sister's hair has turned black now and she expected the other woman's face to change at all, change to a face identical to Shishi's own. It seems that the terrorist known as "The Mistress" has appeared once more. "Sister! Stop-" but her words fell short as the other woman began to speak. "Impressive. To reach this far, I should commend a brat like you. You have reached a stage my mother could not. For that, I must end you. The same way I did to my mother. Abominations like you should not be permitted to exist." Shishi could only stand there in defeat. The most she can do is hope that no one is filming this live or the authorities would be on to her and her family again. That fiasco with her mother was more than enough, she did not need another disaster like that happening "I would assume that's one of those so called gods from Renovatio. Even your choice lacks standards. Of all the possible choices, you chose the lowest in the hierarchy. I would eliminate you this instant but the Dougton- no, the land itself is resisting me, keeping me in check. It amuses me that the loci permits an abomination like you but inhibits me and my companions very existence. Amusing isn't it? The region itself seems to favor the enrele more than the ones trying to save it from these foreigners. But this handicap only makes things even more enjoyable." The older woman- no, the Mistress herself continued talking to herself out loud as she began to move towards Jason.
  24. No worries, just wanted to clarify I wasn't going to post again.
  25. That is within the realm of possibility. The cult isn't too concerned with secrecy, nor do they regulate who can join, so your character would be able to join up quite easily. There is the matter of just how much they know, however. If they were in Arcturon when the bell rang, for instance, or saw any other miracles or oddities manifest, it might be difficult to turn their back in the cult. I will leave up to you to interpret that as you like, though.
  26. Alexa's mask began pumping and filtering oxygen to her as the smoke began to blanket the area, the air heavy with a supernatural quantity of ashen substance and detritus. It became clear to her that something was amiss... The imps had fallen, some of them turning craven and escaping back into the confines of the ship, and as the team trudged deeper into the bowels of the massive daemon cruiser, the more unnatural their path became. It was like walking on the blood stream of a gigantic, infected creature, their presence a virus the body would work savagely to purge off it's twisted insides. It was no surprise they did not see it coming until it was too late. The Inquisitor felt the pull of the knight's aura like an animal would react to pure survival instinct. She had felt it before, like every sense in her body shooting into a maximum alert, ready to fight, flee... or die. She tried to warn them... To tell them of their impending doom at the blood-soaked claws of the Blackened beast. But she was too slow, or the knight too fast, or perhaps both. It would not matter, as his presence would send those unaware of his unholy influence into a reckless rage. They did not stand a chance. She just began to shoot it, yelling a futile retreat to the Guardians, falling unheard on the fevered pitch of battle. Lena began to advance as well, her weapons ready to meet against the daemon. "No!!" The Inquisitor yelled, however, as her mask's lenses sparked in a teal glow and her hand shot into the air, grabbing Lena with her powers and pulling her back from the daemon's reach. "No! Inquisitor! Release me now! I must... I must go! My brothers!" She screamed in response. But it was over in a heartbeat. The broken warriors at the feet of the towering facsimile of a knight, his maw consuming their flesh at the same time he spoke his vicious taunts towards the survivors. Alexa stepped back... Her trembling hands holding her head in exhasperation, her weapons still firmly gripped and shaking along. She felt so much sadness, so much fear, a tidal wave of emotions. The warp was so deafening in there... Every pulse and every crunch the ship made, every crack and gulp the foe's feeding caused, a festering fear she had felt so many times before and never failed to reel it's head back into her mind... But in this cacophony, a sudden realization came... The Inquisitor, in her state, found one emotion she had rarely faced... Rage. Anger... No... It was more... Stronger, intense. FURY. It was not the bloodcurling, senseless anger of battle. It was not the dark, giddy pleasure of the crimson spectacle before her. It was beyond such low, base emotions, the anathema of the ruinous filth the Dark Gods fed from. She raised her head high, the glow in her visor an intense, shimmering azure as she holstered her pistol and leveled her arm towards the monster. With a modulated scream, her hand balled into a fist, the movement of her fingers followed by the rippling crunch of metal, the inner "bones" of the ship swinging towards the beast like jagged spears. Would it fell the beast? Hardly. But she was ready to meet the bloodletter with all her might, a moment of valor shining in the backdrop of despair.
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