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  2. https://prettygoodrpg.com/roleplay/threads/to-slay-a-dragon.308/ @L E V I A T H A N @Fallen Joy @Dabi Thats a link to the rp on the other site sorry for the delay! Been busy! I'll also link it to each of your accounts on the other site as well! Unfortunately I couldn't find your account on the other site though joy
  3. I have been holding off on formally acknowledging the ‘ending’ of Valucre for as long as possible. I don’t know if tonight is the last night I have to say anything on the matter, or if in fact there may be more time. The point is -- I should probably say what’s on my mind before I lose the chance. Mostly, I just want to express my gratitude. Writing, more specifically this particular style of writing, is so special to me that I can never really put it into words but I know that the majority of people who have spent their time pursuing stories on this site know exactly what I am talking about. We’re not really writers in the conventional sense (although some of us absolutely are), and we’re not just avid readers (although most of us absolutely are) -- we are our own type of people, very distinct, wholly unique, and so incredibly fortunate to have found a place to gather. I know many of us had places we gathered before Valucre (and I for one remember how devastating it was to lose those places and how good it felt to find Val), and I know there options now as we turn away from what is familiar and safe -- so I know it's not the end. I am sorry if this is coming off as overly sentimental. But I just wanted a chance to say how lovely Valucre has been -- how charming and enchanting. I want to just say how important this place has been to me. It was a sounding board when I felt very alone, and it's been my quiet retrospective corner of the internet for many years in a way that social media could never be. I want to say how happy I am to have met so many people that I would have otherwise never had a chance to meet, both online as well as in person. And just a huge, general thank you -- thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your writing, your stories, your settings, your characters, your plots, your ideas. Thank you for putting yourself out there and sharing your imagination with us and inviting us to be a part of it, and thank you for letting us cooperate with you. I am so honored I got the chance to write with so many of you. I really hope that I get to continue to do so in the future
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  5. I remember sitting in the car with my brother. He handed me one of those massive CD-booklets with the zippers that looks like a bible. He told me to look for a CD that had DMX on it. I remember feeling so cool being in the car with him -- just me and my big brother. 

    Earl Simmons was an extrordinarily talented man, but this music was also a link to a time and a place, back when me and my brother were the closest. Today I feel Mr. Simmons loss and I also feel the loss of my relationship with my brother. 


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      ❤️ That was very heartfelt and I, too, will miss the X.

  6. Even if you stagger, you ain't gots to fill Well, even if you fall down, you get back up Whatever you think it is, it ain't that rough ’Cause there's gonna be a time when enough is enough You get up ’cause you're fed up, straight up, call the Devil’s bluff
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