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  2. Kastoria's Foundation

    Fire in the district. Raveena herself arrived on the scene. “Johari, how contained is this?” “There's progress. I’m of no use, your Majesty—I realized too late I was slowing our Magi down.” Raveena’s brows furrowed and she slapped him in the shoulder, “You’ve done well so far. Coordinate the efforts to evacuate them into Arcadia for now. Volunteers are working tirelessly. Have Vera redesign a more fortified means of containing these Pyreflies.” Of the thirty-three Enforcers under Johari, only four were Magi—and that was not unusual for Johari. His magic naturally negated others—and so his own Enforcers carried the least amount. Those that were Gifted, their brand of magic did very little to aid the cause. Volunteers from other districts—and even Raveena herself worked to help contain and isolate the fire as it began to eat away at all it could set fire to. The raging inferno gave off a heat that was particularly scorching, due to the nature of the pyreflies and what they were capable of when their biology came into play. Many were collapsing from the intensity of the heat, the overuse of their magic, or the sheer physical effort of sand, dirt and water being used. Stones were being mounted as a wall defense, but the fire was spreading too quickly. Medical tents were being erected as the injured who were trampled, burned, or exhausted were seen in sudden droves. Families were evacuated to Arcadia and Messenia while volunteers rotated through to combat the fire. The chaos and panic was so great that Raveena couldn’t concentrate on physically combating the fire, and was coordinating the Efforts between her Captains, who relayed their orders to their Enforcers to assist where they could. All around, the area teemed with black uniforms as medics attended the sick, Magi split their work between assisting the medics, assisting the evacuations and assisting in the fire. The numbers were spreading thin.
  3. PSA in godmodding

    That wasn't the case with me. I started out with a group of eight or so people who had literally never RPed before in their lives (or at least that was the case with most of us) and none of us really knew each-other as people either. So we all learned the hard way not to godmod, powerplay, or one-hit-kill, and to establish a mild powers rule, respect one-another, compromise and so on and so forth. And we were a bunch of immature teens and early-twenty-somethings at the time, so you can imagine the early days of the group were nothing but drama. In the end though, the group survived because of rules and respect for other people and their creations. Just for clarification. ;)
  4. It's not all Roses

    Cordeliane stood as the tree was pulled off her. She gave the workers a smile and wave as Shawn grabbed her and yelled at her. With a soft shrug she began to pull leaves and twigs out of her hair " It was an accident Shawn, I am fine not even a scratch. They were making progress until this happened." She looked around and noticed the foreman frowning as he checked the bottom of the tree. Ignoring thw workers and their apologies she walked over to him. "What is it? Why are you frowning so?" She did not understand as she stood there looking at the tree trunk. Why was he looking so pale and glaring as if something was wrong? The foreman drowned deeply as his men pulled the Lord and Lady from the wreckage. There was something not right about this. He could not figure it out as he looked at the felled tree. It was not until he got to the base of the tree that he realized something was truly a miss. Dear Gods the tree had been deliberately cut. Pale he looked at Cordeliane and Shawn "It was no accident My lord the tree was cut. None of my men would do such a thing" Mina smiled softly as he told her she shouldn't be touching him. She did as she wanted to even the head Gods did not tell her what to do. She let him get himself together holding him softly. Once he was ready she released him with a soft pat. "I will admit I do not know much about my main land cousins. Should I ever meet him I will let you know if he was a human once." As he sat back down knees drawn up. She touched his shoulder softly. "Secrets and lies have a way of outting themselves. You hurt him more by not telling him. He knows you are suffering but not why. He wants to help but is feeling helpless and confused. Trust me hiding your feelings will only hurt both of you my child." A chuckle escaped her as he told her not to stand in front of horses again" Sun Diver would not have run me down. Horses such as he can sense me. I also posses magic. Go talk you will see everything will be better once you are not hiding things from him." Fin glared at Orion "You need, you want. What about what he needs and wants. Stop being a selfish child. If you truly love him then right now Mina is best for him. The young Goddess has been through much in her short life. None of it was easy for her. She will help him get his head straight so if he chooses he can share what is on his mind. Do not pressure him. You are young still Orion and this is your first love you are trying to hard. Back off." Fin hate being serious, Mina always stuck him in these situations. Why he cared for her and let her do this to him he still did not under stand after all this time. He hated acting the grown up when he was nothing but an eternal teenager. "Have faith in him Orion show him he can trust you buy not pushing him. I swear by the young goddess I will make you suffer if you push him before he is ready" Orion listened to Fin and paled a bit. He was not one of his brothers or an adult Orion was used to. He was the immortal King of the Faerie and mentor best friend to the Goddess Mina. So he was taking everything he said to heart and would listen to him as he did not others. As Fin barrated him for being selfish he hung his head in shame. Fin was right he was being selfish and thinking of only his wants and needs. Orion did not have anything to say to Fin, there was no deffending his actions to the older man. Here he had promised Kay space to think and just be himself to have space and now he was pressuring him. Orion shook his head embarassed. As Kay rode up he would find them both sitting a horse silent, Orion looking down a shamed and Fin looking like a scolding father. "As you desire Kay" Fin murmured and checked his steed who wandered off down the road the way Kay had just returned from until they seemed but mear shadows on the road way. Orion opened his mouth then closed it as Fin rode off out of ear shot. There was so much he wanted to say but it was not the time. He looked up at Kay with a half smile and nodded at him "Whenever you are ready Kay"
  5. Arcadia's Foundation

    Time went on, and each district faced hardships—and still they triumphed. The magi, skilled in their way, sculpted the Iron Stronghold. Inspired by Raveena’s will, the stronghold became the epicenter of the city, a glorious spire that stretched into the air and served as the palace grounds and a political haven. Surrounding it, the many structures that would prove to be important to Hyperion’s future. The palace grounds themselves were immaculate as days stretched into weeks, and weeks stretched into months. Chrysocolla inlay was imported from Genesaris, the complex matrices of the stone’s structure known to channel willpower, creativity, confidence and tranquility. Granite floors were polished to perfection, and the high arches allowed natural light to filter in, matched only by the tall windows that stretched towards the ceiling by the throne room. All of her flora flourished within the palace walls, kissed by the sun and tended to lovingly. Raveena, named for the Sun, wished to have as much light fill the palace as possible, and so it was. To be filled with greenery and life, and so it was. The Hall of Sigils, crude in its beginnings was slowly fleshed out. A highlight of Hyperion ingenuity, it served as a comfortable, neutral home for dignitaries, contractors, politicians, royals and nobles to gather and discuss the manners of the Valucrean world in its current state. House Sigils both local and abroad were proudly displayed, so that all would know they and their own were welcome--that they stood on equal ground save for the host Queen who graciously designed such a space to peacefully, civilily discuss and resolve business, matters of war and peace, and to exist as honorable individuals who represented their home land. The Atrium had been one of the very last buildings to be built, made of beautiful glitterglass fashioned into panes. Adorned with twinkling lights and globes of pyreflies, the Atrium was one of the most beautiful buildings Hyperion could produce. In the light it shimmered with iridescence, and in the evening as the sun set, cast shimmering lights along the floors and walls of its interior. Designed to be an elegant and wondrous venue for entertainment, the Atrium was furnished with an interior garden and seating arrangements for dining as well as space for dancing. A dais was installed so that Raveena herself, and any persons hosting the event would have the best seat in the house. Every evening, there was dancing, music and festivities to celebrate the small triumphs of Arcadia being built. It was nearing its completion, and elated hearts rejoiced that their new home was one step closer to being built. Gone were the days of sleeping in cold, sterile cages that were cramped too full. A distant memory were the nightmares of families separated, never to be seen again. New tales were woven, of the lives they once lived, and of the new lives they would pave for the next generation. Raveena would sit by a fire with many others—Terran and Matreyan alike—and watched with content as stories would be shared, of what life had been like before they were enslaved. Of tales across the Terran continent. Some spoke of quests abroad and the wide, curious eyes of children moved the Queen in her heart. She had liberated Alethea for that look. She would have died for those curious, awe-inspired eyes. Those were the eyes of the future, the eyes to protect, and all the other curious little parts attached to curious little children. She swirled a mug of mulled cider in her hands before she raised it—and so too did many others, “Foh zaa’ya!” She gestured to the children. For you. There was a great cheer, “Foh zaa’ya!”
  6. [Axis Mundi] Let Me Go

    Rarely had Corvinus ever been able to keep the promise he always made to his beloved wife. Work never ended early, there was always something that demanded his attention or presence, something that had gone wrong and needed his overbearing hand to fix. It had become a reality for them, an empire needed running and there was no one better to do so than himself. He had always been thankful for Leoa’s patience, as well as her voracious vigor when they did have time alone to enjoy each other's’ company. It was obvious by the sheer amount of children, and many there were; that they did not waste that time by any measure. Somehow Corvinus had managed to finish his responsibilities--and those of others--in record time. It had not been long when his ship was in transit back to the capital of the Kadian Empire, the sword like personal flagship moving swiftly through imperial airspace. Often times, when he travelled by airship; he marveled just how far they had come technologically. The Cold South had been in poor condition with little to no advancement. A condition inflicted when the Great North had worked to destroy them during their invasion. Still, they had struggled onward; surviving. The Southern Genesar was the foundation upon which the Kadian race had been built. Within less than a decade he had built two empires, giving one to his son; and crafted a greater imperium through their united vision. He had also proved to the world--and himself--that humanity did not need to rely on magic. That technology could operate independently from it. All of these could only have been achieved thanks to the woman that was now his wife. Leoa had brought these things into his life, her connections, and even her blade. Above all of that, she had brought to him a warmth and happiness that he had never thought possible. She loved him, whent to great lengths for him, and despite her own beliefs; supported his vision. Leoa had done more than any other in his life, without looking to gain anything from him. The news came swiftly just as they had made landfall. Leoa had been attacked in her gardens. The emperor her little else, a vague mention of Cornelius was all; as he pushed through the crowds of bureaucrats, guards, and various dignitaries. His long legged strides carried him swiftly, his face a pale expression of worry; fear tightly restrained in black eyes. His strides became a run, which soon became a dead sprint down the halls of his palace. None had seen the man ever hurry, not for so-called equals in station, or for those in dire need of his assistance. He was a man of great dignity and an irritating amount of pride. That all had been tossed aside. At last he reached the doors to the Glass Gardens, forcing them open with a loud bang; as he barreled through. He maintained his pace until the sight of his wife, laid low in a pool of her own blood; reached his eyes. First from a sprint to a run. Then run to a walk. Finally he halted before her, falling to his knees as despair finally took root within his chest. There had only be three times the man had ever knelt. Twice as a knight for two separate and unworthy monarchs. Once more for the woman who now lay in her own blood. He lifted her torso in his arms, bringing her head against his chest as he rocked back and forth. His shoulders shaking with grief and a rage that had never before burned inside him.
  7. Common sense and decency is universal... should be... ah well, I'll keep asserting that the anti-munch project is the baseline. But that's written. What are the unwritten, and possibly non-standard rules ya'll follow that make one a decent person in a RP and the peripherals that go along with it. ---------------------------------------- Myself? When I say I'll do something, I'll make a point to do it and in the time frame I've allotted myself. This is the internet, no one can force anyone to do anything. So it's my belief that the only one who can enforce what I state is myself and therefore I should if I want my words to be worth anything.
  8. PSA in godmodding

    And this is completely understandable because that's the tradition of RP -- tradition being the thing that was handed to us and we adopted without questioning even though we can question it and I think we should all the time. I don't disagree with anything that any one here is saying and think it's showing what would be ideal RPing attitudes, all very commendable, but I also think it's a tragic shame because what it ultimately means is that we're all climbing separate staircases here. And sure, we can see each other and we can shout or try to climb at the same pace to feel in touch but there will always be a self-imposed distance between you and any one else, creatively, when you create in parallel instead of in conjunction. I think the act of doing is where the sacredness would be, I don't know that it would be the content because that content can be interchangeable and largely is. The content isn't what we all have in common with exception to the kind/genre of forum.
  9. PSA in godmodding

    Is there a global epidemic of Godmodding that warrants a PSA? This is a partially sincere question since I don't have my eyes on every thread that has ever existed. Just because you have run into a few people that do x does not mean that x is a common problem. And truth be told, just from a glance at the first post, I am willing to bet that this is a problem that could best be addressed in PM. Regardless, if your "friends" can't respect your wishes you should just find new people to role play with, or adjust your mind set. Nothing happens to your character unless you allow it to happen. If someone writes "Grabs your hand, drags you into a shopping mall, and dresses you up as a water buffalo." That's on you to decide if that's what happens to your character or not. Sure you can go with it. Or you can decide to avoid the situation all together and they just wasted 500 words. How someone writes something doesn't change the fact that the only person that controls your character is you. The PSA is completely unnecessary if you can be bothered to remember that.
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  11. Wonderland Resort: T1cs Elemental Team Tournament

    For the time being. I'll see about rebalancing next round.
  12. Wonderland Resort: T1cs Elemental Team Tournament

    If they miss a round of posting whatever attempts were made previous round become hits. Their character is then disregarded after that.
  13. Wonderland Resort: T1cs Elemental Team Tournament

    That is indeed what it's looking like. Better than a 1v2 lol Take it and fly! When someone goes afk, do we have to IC kill them to get the points or are there characters pulled out?
  14. Dan shot through the sky at ludicrous speed. He had heard tell of the Whispernight affecting even more stuff from someone he had helped save back in the snowy wolf village. The one that piqued his interest first was the story about corrupted phoenixes. If someone were to kill one, it would be reborn like it used to be. Better yet, the newborn phoenix would be loyal only to its savior, and be a mount when it grew up. Dan was not about to pass this up. The only cooler mount than a phoenix he could think of was a dragon. And since there was very little chance of him taming a dragon here, he'd take Moltres. This time, while he was indeed wearing his usual attire; a black hoodie with a t-shirt underneath, and shorts, He was wearing his slip-on shoes for the first time in a while. This was due to the obvious need to fly, since a phoenix was obviously going to fly. As he scanned about looking for a firebird, he saw someone petting what he was pretty sure was a phoenix, but making no attempt to save it from its twisted nasty state. While Dan did not at all agree with this, what the dude did was none of his business. What WAS his business was the arrival of a second phoenix. One that looked none too pleased with what the dude guy was doing. It stopped and hovered in the sky about 40 feet from the pair of them. It opened its mouth, and an odd black glow started growing in its partially exposed chest. Dan knew what was happening. Shadow Moltres was going to use Fire Blast. Or, it was about to puke. Either way, Dan doubted the dude guy man would particularly care for being doused in either of those, so he shot full speed at the phoenix. He didn't draw his weapons yet; first thing was to keep Shadow Moltres from covering the dude guy man person in black fire/rotting vomit. If one were listening at the moment, one would hear something in the sky drawing closer at a remarkable pace. "Mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine!" Dan slammed into the phoenix, knocking it WAY off balance. The fire it shot missed the dude guy man person individual by a mile. The firebird shrieked in outrage and decided this small, scrawny looking human with winged shoes was its target now. Now, Dan drew his sword. "Come on then, Fawkes. Lets see whatcha got."
  15. Wonderland Resort: T1cs Elemental Team Tournament

    Soooo..... Now what? Me and Boneking 1 v 1?
  16. How do you lose your self?

    In a cabin, on Biazo Isle, not too far outside of Aspyn, a woman sat, along with a family of farmers. Physically, Mara was there, with Meredith and Wernst, the lot of them working desperately to save the couple's two children. Mentally, the apprentice priestess was somewhere else entirely. The details were different, it was an orphanage not a cabin, and they were outside of Hell's Gate, not Aspyn, but the broad strokes were much the same. The children's family rushing about desperate, casting around for something to do, and the priestess in the middle, healing hands on small foreheads. A much younger Mara watched as Sister Amanda Brendt sat next to Ginny and Jackson. The two children were among the first wave of orphans that had arrived from the surrounding countryside after a rampaging congress of salamanders had torn through the area. Both had fit right in with the other orphans, but a month passed, and the siblings had fallen sick. The pair had kept quiet about it, maybe they didn't want to trouble their new family, or maybe they didn't completely trust them yet, whatever the reasoning, Amanda didn't know about it until the pair were both very ill. Now they lay in the infirmary, Mara and Eric tending to them while Amanda did her work. Mara's actions felt hollow, however, meaningless. She could apply mixtures and salves, wipe sweat and try to keep the fever down, but the result was out of her hands. Really, it was out of Amanda's hands as well. The children were in the grasp of the Mother, and only Gaia could decide what would happen from here. Night fell on the small group, while someone from the village took care of the rest of the children. Hours passed, and none of them slept, until Ginny and Jackson did, for the final time. Mara knew that she would never forget the look on Amanda's face. The priestess covered the two small bodies and had one of the older children run to the village to get some help. They'd need it to dig the graves. Someone groaned, and the memory faded, evaporating into the mists of time. All that was left was a snapshot, of a visage distorted in grief. Mara came back to the here and the now, and felt the two children squirming in her grip. She clenched her hands around their foreheads as they really started to shift and turn, and she called to the couple for assistance. "This is it. I need yah help now. Hold 'em down." Meredith and Wernst looked at her, and the priestess' eyes flashed. "Now! They'ah eithah gonna kick this thin' here, or not et all, and I need muh hands on 'em the whole time." She's slipped into accent, but the pair seemed to understand her anyway. They moved to either side of the bed, holding the children down as the squirming turned to thrashing. Wernst grimaced as his son kicked out, and he turned to Mara. "How long do we need to hold them like this." The priestess was staring at the children, and she didn't look up to answer the man. "Just a couple'a minutes. They'll stop soon. Eithah healthy, exhausted, or dead." Meredith gasped, but her hands didn't relent, and for that Mara was thankful. She knew that her bedside manner could have been better, but she wasn't feeling up to it. She felt, angry, for some reason. Mad at Yates for running off, mad at the couple for letting their children get this sick, mad at the kids themselves for falling ill. Mad at herself for feeling this way. She'd always had a temper, but not like this. Not so wild and directionless. She did her best to shrug off the ugly thoughts, but they were persistent, buzzing gnats that kept biting at her mind. Luckily, her focus wasn't really required in the moment. What happened next was out of her hands. It was up to the Mother now, and the children themselves. The pair were heaving now, but nothing was coming up, their small bodies wracking with pain and muscle contractions. They weren't quite seizing, but it was close, and just when the farmer's were starting to have difficulties holding them down, the pair fell still. The cabin was silent, except for the sounds of Mara panting in exertion. The sound persisted for a moment, then two, and then the boy gasped. A moment later, his sister followed suit. The two were breathing heavily, and unconscious, but their complexions were noticeably better, and already their rashes were fading. "It's done," Mara heaved out. She stood, evidently exhausted, but stumbled over to the door. Wernst followed her while Meredith fussed over the children. He had tears in his eyes himself. "How can we ever repay you sister." For her part, Mara didn't appear to be listening. She was checking a timepiece she'd pulled from some pocket, and making a note of the time. Wernst's expression turned to one of confusion, and he looked put a hand on Mara's shoulder. "Sister, are you alright?" When Mara's head turned to face him, he recoiled. "Yes, fine," she replied. "I need to go after Yates. The children are still weak, keep good care of them." Her words came out from between gritted teeth, and she slipped out of his grasp and went out the door before he could react. Mara set off jogging, ignoring her exhaustion and tracking her erstwhile compatriot via her connection with the weapon she'd given him. Behind her, in the cottage, Wernst shook off his surprise, and ran out of the building. Mara was already out of sight, however, and the farmer had no choice but to go back inside. Once within, his wife questioned him from the bedside, "Dear, what's wrong?" The farmer did his best to suppress a shiver, and looked to her. "I'm not sure, but her eyes. They looked, so angry, and I think I saw, something in them. Flecks of black, or darkness, or, I don't know. Just, something was wrong." Meredith looked confused, but she knew where the couple's priorities should be. "Well no point in worrying about it now, come help me tend to the children, please. They need help, like the sister said." Wernst did as his wife suggested, but as he worked, the memory of Mara's eyes wouldn't leave him. The more he thought on it, the more it seemed there was something there. Something dark, and cloudy, just below the surface. Under his breath, he whispered a prayer to the mother, "Please, Gaia, let those brave souls be safe." It wasn't too much work to find her quarry's route, the thing pursuing Yates left, something. A residue, a stain on the world, that she could feel, and follow. The priestess was having a hard time thinking clearly. She was exhausted, though more mentally than physically, and it felt like there was something buzzing in her mind, keeping her from focusing. She was, irritated, angry even, but she couldn't seem to remember why. She just knew that she had to follow Yates, track him down and do, something. Eventually, she came across her mace, buried in the ground. She picked up the still-slightly-glowing weapon. For some reason it felt warm in her grip, hot even, but she ignored the feeling as she hooked it at her side and kept going. She was coming close, she was sure of it. As she jogged, the pressure in her head grew, as did her anger, but she felt compelled to keep going anyway. She followed the sickening path laid ahead of her, sure of her goal, but unsure of her intentions when she arrived. She was just so... angry. But at what? She couldn't think, couldn't remember. She just felt it burning in her. Rage.
  17. PSA in godmodding

    Well, I would view the former and the latter as being somewhat different things. Having total control with how the world interacts with you is dull and uninteresting, yes. I can see doing it to a certain degree in solo posts/RPs for the sake of background, but once you're in the thick of the proper RPs, it is far more interesting to have a universe that throws curve balls at you. I might be misinterpreting things, but I'm viewing this as being a question of whether or not someone can simply make up backstories or personality traits for another person without the person's permission. Generally I'd say no, in that regard. Though, as someone noted above, the more you know the people you're RPing with, the more you let them get away with. I've done what one might consider godmodding a few times before, though it's always been related to backstory elements where I'm trying to tie one of my characters in with someone else's. But in each case I always check to make sure the other person is good with it. However, I would never presume to attempt to create an actual personality trait for another person's character, or write dialogue for them. Minor "powerplaying" is usually fine when you're transitioning scenes, skipping dull elements of an RP, or are just summarizing something that doesn't need to be played normally. All things considered, I think so long as people are reasonable with things and ultimately respect one-another, things will work out. I'm just someone who believes there is a certain degree of sacredness to a person's property, be it physical, intellectual or otherwise, so in the end I believe a person's permission is the ultimate authority.
  18. PSA in godmodding

    I partly agree and disagree with these points. From my experience with earlier segments from other rp sites, I have had disputes with players that performed in a manner that was unreasonable and down right distasteful when it came to control of other's characters. Showing disrespect when agreement wasn't made. That attitude would discourage anyone from wanting to continue playing. However, there were a number of other players who have demonstrated amazing creativity and actually improved my characters, sharing knowledge on the weaker areas that needed a third party perspective and that's fine if you want to continue enhancing your skills. Besides communication, a balance is needed. If other players have exercised such problems with no logical reason or cause conflict just for the sake of it behind their actions then you have, by all means, the right to politely refuse their request but don't classify all situations as the same. There will be times when you will be surprised of the ideas of others and how a little insight can go a long way.
  19. PSA in godmodding

    How can one be unhealthily possessive of an idea, I ask, in a setting where collaboration ought to take center stage? I daresay that rp would perish if writers, dungeon masters, and the like became insular, committing themselves to a vision that is at odds with the visions of their fellows. I understand that some players are protective of their characters; they have every right to be after they've sunk countless hours into typing up their exploits. However, it is my opinion that compromise and mutual respect, not possessiveness, are the keys to successful roleplaying. To clarify my position, I would like to cite an example that occurred elsewhere. Elsewhere, I found myself attempting to breathe life back into a dying organization. All of the threads were ToL-style with players popping in, tagging a post with a [Location] label, and running a number of different scenes within the same thread. In my efforts to revitalize this organization, I attempted to advertise a plot that would transpire within a preexisting thread on the forum, one of two city threads that existed because the player base was so limited. The following day, I received a pm from the player whose characters recently acquired the government of said city forbidding me from hosting the plot in the city thread because this player did not get along with another player who rped an inactive character that was nominally a member of the organization. I should note that both of these players were largely inactive on the forum, both of them accused the other of godmodding whenever they participated in the same scene (which was incredibly rare because they were so inactive and they actively detested one another), and both of them were dedicated to one uncompromising vision and one uncompromising vision alone. So great was the enmity between them that the player controlling the city thread was very vocal in his unwillingness to permit a plot even tangentially related to the other player (who wasn't involved in the actual plot) in his city. I agree that godmodding can rob players of the freedom to exercise creative control over their characters. That said, I disagree with the statement that all godmodding is abominable as I've given people permission to godmod my characters in the past. The intent of a godmodding player is more informative or objectionable than the act of godmodding itself, and this intent has the power to disrupt the rp experience not only for players in conflict but tangentially related players as well. A second example, if I may be so bold. I don't erp. I do, however, rp characters that can be romantically involved with or seduced by other characters. I must overcome the obstacle of knowing where babies come from because sex is usually a part of a healthy romantic relationship. To do so, I assume that sex happens offscreen and that all parties involved don't do anything untoward. In this assumption, I am godmodding the other character, albeit offscreen. I may also godmod a character to cut the tedium from a scene. For instance, I might write "the party explores the cave but finds nothing of any value." In this, I assume that none of the characters enjoy collecting cobwebs or pebbles as a hobby and that the dwarf in the party doesn't get drunk and push the wizard off of a ledge. I am guilty of godmodding, but I do not do so in a way that disrespects other players or characters. I give other players the chance to interrupt what my character attempts and amend what my character actually accomplishes with those attempts. My character may shoot a fireball at another character and that fireball may miss. Another character may shoot a fireball at my character and that fireball may miss. There are no dice rolls or stats here. There's no real incentive to write competitively (I have no interest in T1 even though I am all for organic story development because I believe T1 emphasizes competitiveness more than organic plot/character development). You can have a fifty page battle scene where every attack misses if you wish, no one is obligated to post for you, etc. This system is founded on mutual respect and collaboration. We're here for good stories, character development, and, well, pretty much anything along those lines. At the same time, we must take care not to abuse the trust we have been afforded. I cannot in good faith force another player's character to shine my character's boots with said character's tongue without the other player's consent. I mustn't pressure the other character into providing me with his/her consent either. I'm not here to "win" nor am I here to hijack something that makes another person happy; I'm here to have fun writing stories with other talented authors, all of whom, in my belief, bring something unique and amazing to the table. The moment your focus shifts to what you want and only what you want, you are alone. You always have the power to dictate what happens to your character and your setting, but when that power conflicts with your ability to facilitate fun for everyone, it is time to reevaluate what you hope to gain from ffrp and your practices as a player. The same can be said of players who are fixated more on storytelling than the experiences of the players you are rping with. If you object to the practices of a player you're roleplaying with, I urge you to chat with them civilly in an OoC thread. That player probably isn't aware of your objections. Don't be condemning and accusatory or super defensive. We're all human beings, and human beings make mistakes from time to time. If it happens more than once, civilly request that whatever practice you object to, within reason, is abstained from whenever it crops up. Don't wait until you're upset with the other player - don't be upset with other players in general if you can help it. I don't know about you, but I'd happily do a favor for a kind and friendly player, especially one I've been rping with for awhile. If, on the other hand, someone wrote "I HATE YOU! PLEASE DIE IN A HOLE!" to me in a pm, I'd be less than inclined to hear the other party out. Just my 2 cents on the matter.
  20. Housecall [Joran City]

    When Lydia reconfirmed her interest in the job, Cecil's expression brightened, but it grew wary when she came to the topic of his pursuers. "Let's just say that I have my fair share of enemies." He gave the woman another appraising look, noting once again her particularly militant way of holding herself. An inkling of an idea formed in his mind, but he stowed it for later. Repairing the ship came first and foremost. "Well, if you're still interested, we'd better get going." He took off again, once more heading away from the mechanic's district and towards the edge of town. The man was silent for a while, but he opened up again when they began approaching the city limits. "You should probably know the details of the job before we get there. My ship is in, a rather urgent condition. Our engine has been running hot for a while, and recent... events, put us firmly into overheating territory, and we were forced to make an emergency landing. My crew is trying to keep it from melting down before we get there, but none of us are experts, and we can't figure out the root of the problem. That's where you come in." They'd reached the outer limits of the city as he finished talking, and he started up into a jog. "Hope you don't mind a bit of running, but every second counts." The older man looked tired, exhausted even, but he kept an impressive pace as they started into the desert sands. "We're just a few miles out, beyond those rocks over there." The captain pointed towards a rather tall rock formation.
  21. Two Realms As One

    Questions are good, I like questions. They mean people are actually reading what I put down ^_^ As for answers, the Fairies of thee Moonwood are different from the Fae found in Lumin, as are the realms from which they hail. IC posting wise, there will be a turn order, but we're waiting a bit to see who's signing on. I'll leave this open until Friday, at which point I will put up the OOC thread and we'll set off with everyone that has expressed interest. Post order will be determined by who posts when in the initial round of posts and we'll just stick with that. Currently I have @Bella_Donna and @Anon signed on, and I know @amenities and @Genkuro expressed interest. If anyone is still interested, or newly so, please let me know here.
  22. Into the Spider's Web, Weland A New Place

    When the girl told him that she was going to change his appearance to help him get away. He knew exactly what she meant by noticeable. Though he pretended not to care, it did sting a little. It's not his fault he was born with a girl's body, and the constant reminder of that hurt him, however he's gotten so used to it, that it only hurt him enough to be able to brush it off. The boy nodded and was about to visualize a normal boy's appearance based on someone he was from a long distance. However just before anything could happen he heard the slaver's voice. His blood boiled just by hearing what the man said, "run away somewhere find that tracking device take it off, and keep running if anyone asks about me tell them I slipped away" he said he gave then girl a light push signaling her to run. He looked at the man, I'd rather go to hell as a murder then go as a hypocrite he thught, slavers made him sick with their twisted ways of treating other and how they turn one's life into hell for a living. He was going to kill this bastard. "You get the fuck away from her" he said with an angry shaking voice.
  23. InFAMOUS RP - The choice is yours

    Yeah don’t sweat it man. But your post reminded me of something. You talked about draining a core rellay- and you’ve mentioned before that we can all do it. However in infamous second son, they claim that only Delsin- who’s true power is being able to absorb energy- is capable of such. But I haven’t played the other games; can anyone do it? Or are we going with it because it makes power evolution easier? I’m just kinda curious.
  24. OOC: Feast or Famine

    Will be posting soon! Got a lot of school work so I'll be trying to fit my post in :)
  25. Tiandi Wushu School of Martial Arts

    Trey spends a long moment laying on his back in awe that he could be tossed away so easily. He'd never encountered anyone with such great strength before. He wasn't quite sure Ren was really who he hoped he'd be at first, but now, he knows without a doubt that he came to the right person. When the moment of awe passes, he picks himself up approaches Ren again. "You're unreal! Nobody's ever done that to me before! How do you do it?"
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  27. PSA in godmodding

    That's fair and I do understand that, but I also feel that the degree by which you choose to participate in an open game like this is automatically a form of sacrificing control on your own behalf. That is, after all, what makes this fun -- the fact that most of the content isn't self-generated and it's creatively stimulating to adjust to content which you didn't expect or wouldn't have come up with yourself. If your intent is complete sovereignty over your character and the way a world interacts with them then you should be writing alone because that's the only way to guarantee that, I think. Also, technically every reply you make will be inviting content that you weren't given permission to include to the extent that you're not saying OOC prior "Okay guys I'm about to start my reply, and this and this and this and this and this (spoiling all the fun of any new and surprising elements) is going to happen but I'll wait for every one's consent before posting." To me, the objective of this as a game is to play in such a way that you'll always be invited to play again, it isn't to win or to lose or to make an impact on canon or to be undefeated in T1 and has nothing to do with any of that because none of it would matter if no one is willing to play with you. So in reference to the kinds of remarks, reactions and sentiments this thread was made to address, I feel those are unsustainable because they'll burn more bridges than they build, but I'd also say the same of any one who's overbearingly protective of their characters to the extent that nothing can happen without their clear and explicit consent. The game-like structure of this is far more exciting and fun than independent writing and it's worth some level of compromise for that to extend to everyone, up to and including control of a character (circumstantially and within reason even if collective ownership is not stated) that you initially created. This is also site policy in the sense that @supernal or any other canon authority can, at will and retroactively, change your character's actions if deemed necessary. This all might stem from my personal RPing policy of "I can handle absolutely anything you're going to throw at me (and find that rather fun) but I'd expect the very same from you," and having absolutely no qualm with things like character death considering we're in a fictional universe and all death/injury is near literally meaningless -- at most, just a plot device -- when you can use something like that to your advantage to explore realms and afterlives or revival incantations or any number of ways to expand a personal narrative arc.
  28. OOC: Feast or Famine

    Just waiting for @Ataraxy to post and then we can progress (take your time)! ☺️
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