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  2. Oh? In that case, I would like to switch Vlad's Buff skill to Heal. One thing though - this type of Heal could by applied on machinery only (i.e. P.U.D or Tim the Turret). As a bonus, there might be a "+1 sanity" bonus defined by die roll. Just my thoughts about it.
  3. Oh! I noted that you wanted your characters in separate threads! That was a preference I asked during the first pair of realms though. If you would like them together, I can move Vlad.
  4. Where's the party? Where's the CONFETTI?!
  5. Port Kyros is a large, growing port city that had gone from a small fishing town to a grand tourist attraction and one of the main open-sea trading ports of the Rising West and Genesaris in general. It was a beautiful city, with the ocean waves rolling upon the shores of the sandy-white beaches. The thin strip of land spread across and became wider at it’s southern area, and the whole area was backed against the Wicker Mountains, dark and looming against the brightness of the beaches. The city was bright and colorful, buildings and docks spread along the thin strip, and limestone streets glimmered in the light of the sun. It spread out over vineyards and trees of pine, cypress, and olive. Shanna croons as they cross over a large orchard. The warmth that radiated from the coast was pleasing, and could be felt before they even descended upon the airship port. IT was a small thing, but Shanna was able to move their smaller airship into a tight spot between two larger, and settled the ship down with a pleased noise. She enjoyed the more Mediterranean atmosphere that came with Port Kyros and the surrounding areas, and she hoped to visit one of the museums while they were there, at least. The village of Kainos was her destination, but it could wait a day, despite her excitement at the prospect of gaining The Hand. The humidity surrounds them quickly, and Shanna draws in a deep breath, the air thick and choking briefly before she manages to acclimate rather quickly. As she drops open the door, a few black swifts scatter into the sky, chirping loudly in startlement as they escape. Shanna smiles as the sun settles on her visage and draws in a deep breath before she stretches her arms to the sky in homage before turning to Jaw Finder. “This is exciting! We can see all the things while we are here!” She chirps, turning back towards the limestone streets as she steps down. The roads are thick with people on foot, though a few are atop of mounts. They vary, some on thestrals, some on wyverns, even. Shanna peers at the Wyverns curiously, contemplating if she could use Wyvern breath to create the fabled Ashplumbs known to yet another city. They were sweet with a touch of smoke. Shanna quite loved Ashplumb syrup and pancakes…but the fabled trees required dragons breath to properly maintain the soil that gave them their delicious flavor. This thought is quickly deterred as her attention is drawn back to the wonderfully diverse culture that Port Kyros is known for. The ranging buildings, from baroque to the more modern, and Shanna reaches out to grasp Jaw Finders larger, claws and all, before gently leading the reptilian through the wide, but winding streets that leave her staring as they make their way. The wonderful smell of food stalls, tinged with the scent of fresh fish draw her attention and Shanna giggles softly at the smoked fish on sticks and various eels strung out on display as she wrinkles her nose. “Do you like fish, Jaw Finder?” Shanna finally turns towards the large reptilian and offers a beaming smile. “I hope so, I get the feeling we’re gonna be eating a lot of it here!” Shanna resumes 'dragging' Jaw Finder forward as she meanders down the streets curiously. Winding through people and mounts alike, she gasps at the sight of a cable car, and makes a pleased noise. "Oh! I hadn't realized they had cable cars! I love cable cars, they're so much fun!" Despite her excitement, Shanna does not move to get in one of the cable cars, and instead moves to follow the streets until she can find a directory. "I don't have a map, so we should see if we can find one!" "Silly girl, always running in unprepared." "Anyway, this place is run by Raveena Bartolome. She's of the Royal family, and I hear it's her that has caused all the recent developments in art and culture in Port Kyros! Mmm, we should find a temple to the Emporer God, Rafael, too! I need to offer my prayers again, it's been a while."
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  7. I don't remember the order anymore lmao We'll reset it after this round
  8. As Shanna sits in the large, oversized chair, she is surprised to find her meager form dwarfed by Jaw Finders as they curl around her form. She croons at the suggestion of safety and offers a bright smile to the reptilian. “Aw, thank you, Jaw Finder.” And with that, Shanna spends most of the night in depths of the pages, before finally retiring as the dawn crept along the horizon. It isn’t long into the morning before Shanna wakes, finding herself famished. She offers a soft noise as she stretches, carefully moving Jaw Finders tail so that she could rise. Flitting about the room, she picks up a few random objects and jams them inside of the pack she carries everywhere. Once this is done, Shanna hums as she gently pokes at Jaw Finder, assuming that they are not already awake. Even if they are, she pokes them anyway. “Let’s go get food. The airship should be ready to head to Port Kyros now.” Leading the way, Shanna heads back to the kitchens to acquire a bowl of porridge. It was warm and thick, full of honey and bits of bacon. She slurps it down as though it’s the last meal that will fill her stomach before waiting patiently for Jaw Finder, who has likely already engulfed theirs in the larger maw. Once finished with their meal, Shanna leads the way to the airship docked outside. A light dusting of snow had covered the ground and swirled about their feet as they boarded. Once Jaw Finder had made themselves comfortable, Shanna turned on the controls to lift them from the ground and turned the airship in the direction of Port Kyros. Humming a pleased tune, she pranced back to see the various bits of trade items that they had aboard. The fancy materials that she had prior gathered were still aboard, and she hoped that the old man who housed the Ars Nocturis would find them a pleasant trade, provided he did not know the power of the book he had.
  9. I think all that should be marginally fleshed out in the thread. It’s still being written so hang tight until it drops lol
  10. Perfect! Is there anything I should know for the rp coming ahead and about the LoD? Their weapons, their equipment, what intels they brings, etc"? 😄 Also, I know that they'll kill the crime lords and their extended families, but what of the "civillians" (other criminals in the town this case) in the town?
  11. Yeah that sounds great! That’s all good thank over here.
  12. I didn't think/know that the operation was a covert one, and I completely forgot wicker town was a town full of criminals (Even though I just read the page above 30 minutes ago 😅) Although I think I do have a way that I still can be a thorn on LoD's side, without full on engagement. My character, Alexander Rookstone, is a brilliant detective. He could be sent alone to Genessaris, going from one place to another and just happen to pass by Wicker Town. Would you be interested if he stumbled upon the town, curious of it's reputation of "the town of criminals" then get full on "stuck in the middle of a firefight" kinda shindig as he's caught in the middle of the takeover? No radio contact, no backup, fighting alone to escape the town while trying to gain as much intel as he can of the LoD. Maybe even be able to meet/face Dredge face to face! I had this idea before but I thought maybe you would've been interested in a complete army v army kinda thing, should've opened with this before 😄 What do you think? I'm super interested in this concept and I'd definitely would love to rp with you.
  13. Ah sorry. I didn't get a notification for it. Not sure why @EpicRome23 is up I guess
  14. I would say you’re jumping the gun a little as far as Dredge and LoD goes. So far Legion has committed one act of destruction and all the raiders involved basically got their heads exploded and the only person found to be there was a black robed figure called “the pyromancer” with a voice modulator and a different magical aura than Dredge. So far LoD has just been chilling at their encampment for all the governments of Genesaris know. This operation is a complete black op that is only known between Dredge and his elite kill teams and top lieutenants like @Djinn&Juice and involve murder in a town that’s known to be filled with murder and crime so more murder and crime is no surprise to anyone. So while I understand you are eager to jump in and do some fighting, I have to respectfully decline any battle that will take place between the two groups on the grounds that it really doesn’t make a lot of sense that the VCF would just know something. Dredge has taken great care to make sure his tracks are covered and his operations are covert and it would also clash with the themes of the thread taking it from a dialogue and character driven experience and turn into a clash between factions. If you’d like to drop your character in for an unrelated reason and find yourself on the trail of sniffing out Dredge and Legion then I’m all for that. I’m shooting for a slow burn mystery mixed with an action thriller to really give this new arc for LoD some worth. I don’t want to go down the same blood and battle like the previous one until later in the arc. I hope you understand. 🙂
  15. Thank you @supernal for introducing me to Dredge a few days ago, now we can get into business >:) With something as big as taking over an entire settlement, this surely won't fly under the VCF radars. I think once the bloodshed starts and reports of mass murder starts pouring in, the Legion of Doom is in big trouble; Genessaris is the continent where there are some of the largest concentrations of VCF personnel is within, and they won't let this pass. Since Genessaris is massive and the VCF is streched thin, most likely than not only 1 task force will be sent with local reinforcements (Perhaps could be a way for one of the legion of doom to infiltrate this task force) that are mildly inferior to those in the battle-hardened ranks of the LOD. This will be the first time the two organizations interact with open hostilities, but I do sure hope that it won't be the last 😉 What do you say, @Dredge?
  16. Also Legion of Doom is a active bad guy faction here on Val. If you’re at all interested in joining please let me know and we can commit acts of evil together as a family.
  17. @supernal the dark deed you have requested is complete master
  18. Please banner Wicker Town Blues cause it’s super cool and fun and stuff. Probably.
  19. Lol no! I mean yes. But I was actually trying to remember if that’s something I did recently. Banner it is tho! Make a post in the thread (cause it bumps it) and I’ll sort that out
  20. Yes I did. Thank you for correcting me so publicly and brutally. 😂😋
  21. We normally don’t pin water cooler threads, at least I can’t remember the last time I did. Do you mean have a banner announcement for it?
  22. @supernal Can you please pin this if you get the chance? I’d appreciate it 😃
  23. Thread canonized: where the wild thyme blows
  24. SUMMARY: Jasper Hildebrand meets with the Lady Sheathe to arrange for the purchase of land that would serve as an expansive venture on behalf of House Penderyn. Villa Meliae, the ancestral estate of the Penderyns, is initially rebuilt and is on its way to full restoration under the guiding hand of the Chamelis family. @Csl
  25. Weeks of stress and toil finally reward them, when the doors to the Villa Meliae finally open to receive its noble lords and ladies into its newly-refurbished halls. The Lady Hildebrand grins without apology for the entire duration of the brief ceremony, conducted only to install the Chamelis family as head of the Penderyn family and thus the new masters of Villa Meliae. “With new authority comes new ways,” she declares, as regal as Varda can be without seeming too much like she’s trying too hard. Either way, it appears as if Jasper’s the only one observing, with the whole lot hanging on to her every word with passionate focus. If there is anything that she is good for, this is one of those worryingly few. “May you lead us and the Gilded Garden to a brighter future.” Lady Abilene Chamelis curtsies low before her, greying head bowing to youthful exuberance, and therein lies something startling: the old bows to the new, nowadays. It is only par for the course that change begins with the coming of a new generation, and in this case, they stand as the morning dawn to whatever new age they are about to usher in. Jasper is reminded once more of the father he has slain, and so he laughs, because oh yes—the old bows to the new, indeed.
  26. Will be posting for the Ulway thread Monday. I dont foresee that one taking much longer since it is just a 'get foot in door' kind ofmove. Heron will likely remain in Amalia for a long time to learn more. @HollowCipher think you are up in Sinking Island
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