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  2. The wife has been getting ahead on summer semester school work in anticipation for our newborn coming on the 30th. I should be clear to play catch up tonight. So if I owe you a post you should see one today. 

  3. I too will be playing catch up today. Wife's been busy on the computer doing dinner semester work after the little one goes to bed.
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  5. Why not have a little vacation? Dry weather and excellent sands Little could be said for Mina's reasoning for being here with her Lord Koji. While the Empress Kimi and majority of the harem remained at the upcoming palace. Mina had gone purely for the sight seeing and enjoyment of warm weather, having grown up in the lands of Oo'Xora desert weather was something different. The sky was high and blue with little to no clouds in sight, this brought her a lot of comfort in knowing there was no chances of rain. The wind flowed around her roughly as she flew over head, as one might say she liked to keep her eyes on the sky. Pitless as they were her orbs glinted in the sunlight, her fingers curled into the back of her summoned hawk. The large bird gazed at the lands at a far greater distance than those in the party including herself. A comforting smile pulled across her thick lips as the Hawk banked to the left and down in several clock wise circles. Once the beast was low enough Mina swiftly dismounted onto the sands below. Her body dropped like a feather to the sands below landing several paces behind Koji and his mount. Mina's landing remained muted as he body remained hunched down against the ground. Standing up slowly she bowed low to Koji keeping her face impassive. Looking up fully she stared as his back for before speaking in a clear yet calm voice. "Fekiikiri sia kapral.." Smiling lightly she took several steps forward to stand off to the mans left side. Her clear optics took in the scene before her as her nose registered the smell at hand. This place held history that was important for the Emperor, something about a past bloodline no doubt. These details she did not fully know just yet but she would be sure to get those facts set in stone. Yet her one solid clue was his ability to speak Draconic and she appreciated the training she undertook to gain such knowledge. "Nomenoi lands re zi d'nag kapral koji, sjek coi ui kepatmasto ornla wux ricin telling ve dout gliiwr ekik dril ihk drekim tenpiswo? ui coi creolnali de wer boja ihk wer whais usv?" Raising a brow lightly Mina cast a glance at the man while the Hawk eyed the horses around, the beast had grown hungry and yet it would not eat the mounts at hand. Turning slowly Mina gave the beast a small gesture before it flew off into the distance to hunt some game for itself. Mina gave a small giggle watching the beast soar high in the sky, it was beautiful in her eyes and she admired the creature all the more. Even envied the beast for its ability to be so free and sky high.
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    With Candie starring at her, Lia felt really uncomfortable. But since she was almost devoid of common sense, she completely ignored her feelings and stared back, analyzing her as well. She curtly waved in Sunny's direction. She introduced herself once, there was no need to do it again. Ryeha was watching her friend, looking a bit sheepish. "Cordelia is... well...not normal. She is a skilled bounty hunter, but she's a bit of an amateur at being a person.." "And Ryeha has that mysterious act going on, but it's not edgy. It's plain mysterious and shady. Not creepy either. I don't know how she does that, but she does. You probably get what I mean." Lia told nobody, still staring Candie down intently.
  7. Both are; It just depends whether or not you're looking for a deadly and experience psycho or a deadly and experienced level headed mercenary
  8. I don’t have an agenda All I do is pretend to be ok So my friends can’t see my heart in the blender Lately, I’ve been killing all my time Reading through your messages My favourite way to die Take my head and kick it in Break some bread for all my sins Say a word, do it soon It’s too quiet in this room
  9. Unmindful of the effect her gruesome costume had upon others in the crowd, Shinguri continued her enthusiastic meandering. Whether at Paris' side or in his wake, never did she stray by more than a few feet. Even without the ring to compel her, she minded her behavior, immediately returning to his side whenever he gave even the slightest indication no matter how fascinating she found the human interactions. So to did she submit to his possessive foundlings, trembling with something akin to terrified bliss. The little water Nymph had learned quite quickly that the Lord Master could be kind beyond measure when he was well pleased with his little pet. However, any transgression was punished with a severity that instilled in her the deep seated desire to always please him, no matter what he might do or demand. Ring in hand or not. The merest wave of a gloved hand brought Shinguri to a halt as the luridly painted and masked Lion Prince once again knelt before his intended prey. Even the discomfort of the silver clip could not dull the alluringly soft tingling that danced along the sensitive triple points of Shinguri's ear. Ever so slightly, she tilted her head slightly away, chin to dropping a bit so that the silver clipped appendage was more open to the Lord Master's touch. Beneath the antelope mask and supple paint, her angelic face took on a dreamy expression as she gazed up at him. “I remember.” Shinguri assured him that she did indeed remember the city with it's magnificent spires and spans. Large eyes shifted from his face to cast a glance Northward then back again. “Umbra...” The word rolled like thunder in her ears, even from her own mouth. It sounded warm and red like the hearth fire in Paris' bedchamber in the wee hours of the night. The little water Nymph understood most of what he was telling her, but there were a couple of concepts that seemed to escape her grasp. He'd hoped to see someone very important here, but did not expect to due to something called Tethering. The term brought to mind the very signet that was her control and her unpleasant essence-link to it. Yet the Lord Master seemed quite taken with the idea, calling it an 'enchanting tale of love'... Whatever that was. Shinguri smiled in response to Paris' almost wistful musing, her eyes dropping closed as his caress went from casual to intimate. In truth, she knew nothing of tales as she had never heard any that she could recall, nor was she familiar with notion of love. Only affection, desire, need, want, sadness and fear made immediate sense to the elemental little creature. Other, more complicated concepts had yet to be learned. On their way once more, the little water spirit suddenly caught site of the large fountain in the very center of the courtyard. However it was not the fountain itself that drew her attention. Water, sparkling in the sun rose up from it's highest point only to splash and tumble down several tiers to pool in a round trough of smooth white stone. Much to her delight, a casual seeming touch upon her shoulder bade her follow her Lord Master in that very direction. Barely able to contain her joy, she started to spring ahead, however she caught herself at the last minuet. It was not her place to walk in front; her place was beside, or behind unless placed so by his hand. Dropping back she continued, her winding path taking on an almost choreographed dance like quality. To her momentary disappointment, Prince Paris stopped and seated himself upon an already occupied bench in front of the fountain. Having never encountered a blind person, Shinguri did not know him as such nor was it her concern. All that mattered was that the Master wished to converse with him. She moved to Paris' lap as was the norm, but he waved her away, releasing her to wander a bit, much to her delight. Not far of course. Twenty-five paces. No more. Not that he had to worry, for the little water Nymph would not go far. Plump bow-like lip curled into a pleased smile as she nodded understanding and scampered away. Circling around the back of the fountain, she stopped at the edge of the trough, to stare, entranced at the seemingly free flowing water. Looking every inch the yearling antelope standing at a watering hole. Bending slightly, she dipped a loving hand into the cool water. It clung to her fingers and sang to her a sad song of captivity. It was not free flowing. Beautiful as it was sparkling in the sunlight, it was continuously contained and forced upward though the stone by mechanical means. The only joy was the joy of shooting high into the sky and the brief freedom of tumbling unhindered over stone. How she wanted to offer comfort; to sport and dance with her elemental kin in it's confines if for only a moment. Suddenly an alarming thought entered her mind. 'The Lord Master would not be happy at all if she spoiled her costume. With a visible flinch, she withdrew her hand, a shiver running down her spine at thoughts of the Master's displeasure. The water left clinging to her hand gratefully sank through the enchanted paint and absorbed into her being. It was the only form of comfort she could give, for she was not free flowing either. Heaving a sad little sigh, Shinguri turned away and trickled her way through the crowd around the fountain, careful to keep her master in site until such time as he should call her back.
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    "My name? Uh--" Candie's attention averted to the rowsy scene of the tavern, which seemed to be two dwarfs in.. quarrel? Friendship? She furrowed her brows in distraught and was clearly confused, scratching her head at the sight. "..Weird."
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    "Oi! That's the sphirit! sonny!" Slamming his hand on the table, Dougan laughed full hearted at the comment. "And Shpeaking of shpirits! we're sorely lacking some here!" Motioning to whoever it was that manned the place, Dougan slammed the table one more time to accentuate the need for more revelry this night. "So fhar the night haasss beeen Ghret! You see me and mine have just made it into port here, and now it's time to celebrate the end of a long trip!" The door opened for the tavern again and what looked to be a miniature version of the dwarf walked in, smaller, dirtier, and certainly much simpler looking as well. The eyes of this dwarf looked slightly lost, but also hungrily eyed the scraps that were left about in the place. Hurriedly racing up to the bigger dwarf, he walked up to his chair and kicked it. "Wha?!, Who let you out!" A quick and incoherent response escaped the little dwarfs mouth, almost gibberish. "Bah, you bhastards don't sound right when I'm shober, s'pecially na gonna understhand you now!" Giving a disgruntled look at the drunken taller Dwarf, the shorter ones face fumed with anger and it grabbed at his right leg, and pulled hard on it until, with a tell tale pop, the leg came off. "HEY YOU LITTLE BASTARD!" The smaller dwarfs response was to whack him with his own leg and then run off with it. "OI swear they're gonna be the death of me!" At some point in the exchange fresh spirits had appeared at the table, a full bottle with two glasses. "So, as you can see I'll be stuck at this table for a wee bit till that hurt feelings idiot gets back with mah leg," pouring a drink for the bearded man in front of him Dougan smiled, "Seems we're both new to these parts. What's brought you to this neck of the woods?"
  12. At the top of a tall tower in the centre of the city, the Organizer watched the lobby from the numerous hidden cameras located throughout the building. Suddenly, his wristband lit up. "Message for the Organizer! Message for the Organizer!" The man irritably tapped his wrist and a projection was emitted from the band. Several windows were opened each containing a headshot and information about the participants. The Organizer read these and smiled. A dire wolf, a metal man... these would be rather interesting games indeed. Behind him, a door opened and a messenger walked through holding a report. "Sir, the Monitors have detected tremors from Section Eight!" He gritted his teeth. Of course, once the tournament was about to start there was a disturbance. Never mind that, this competition must go on time. "Send some handlers to investigate.". "Um, yes sir. Also, when will we begin the Cup?" "Soon, soon. We'll lead the current participants to their quarters and wait for stragglers. Then, the Cup shall begin! In in the lobby, the clerks simultaneously looked at the notification on their monitors. One of them stepped out from behind and counter and walked towards the sitting people. Surveying the guests she said "All participants, please follow me." and turned to walk through the doors (which were now opened). Through here the floor turned to hard granite, and yet another door was in front. Rather than walk through these doors, the clerk crisply turned and walked through a hallway on the side. When she reached the end, she said "Here are your quarters. There are eight rooms so take your pick. If you wish to keep your animal with you, the rooms are quite copious and we can supply padding, food and the like." The rooms were designed with creatures in mind, twenty by fifteen metres wide and long with nearly half of the room bare rock. On this side, there was a small pond fed by an underground stream so animals wouldn't have to go outside to drink, and all sorts of food and prey could be delivered straight to the rooms. On the other side, there was a queen bed facing a large television built into the opposite wall. Shelves lining the walls had various snacks and appliances, and a marble counter by the corner was equipped with a stove, sink and mini fridge. A telephone sat by the bed and had room service on speed dial. Overall, not the average quarters of gladiators.
  13. I'm keeping an eye on this in case I can possibly join later.
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    Arn grips his drink tightly taking a drink his tankard, gulps and belches loudly slamming his drink to the table. He looks deeply into the dwarfs wandering drunk eyes and begins to laugh. " hahahaha" arn begins to smile, "you know for a small dwarf you sure do have a big and brave mouth on you." He says throwing a friendly punch to the dwarfs shoulder possibly throwing the drawf from his chair.
  15. I'm sure my character could help heal.
  16. Nope. Official "expressed" cut off was the 19th. As far as I remember, you made it just in the nick of time! EDIT: Initially I had intended the 15th to be the last Official day for sign up on that front. However, I had RL stuff that took priority and I didn't get to specify that things had closed... With that in mind, the follow up on the 19th was what should have happened the 15th and is why the cut-off for vendors is there. This also helps explain the reasoning of approximately two and a half vs only two weeks. Overcommunication Devin
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    "Every dog ish our friend!" The step leading to the doorway of the tavern was completely missed as Dougan Redhammer fell into the tavern, an empty flask freshly drained as he threw it down and demanded that another be given just before his face had a very abrupt meeting with the floor. Laughing as he struggled to stand up, and only managing to figure out how to do so when he realized that he didn't have to worry about his other two legs, just the ones he was standing on, Dougan stood up to his full 4'6 inches and smiled at everyone who was currently in the pub. "Mine frie--" the loud burp that interrupted any chance of speech coming out of his mouth echoed, and he almost lost his balance again before straightening out and latching onto the nearest table he could find. "Oi! who mahde tha room shpin!" Not caring for an answer he looked around for his flask in his clothes before figuring that it was lost to the wilds, all the while the empty canister lay on the floor, all but forgotten by this point. The fellow with the nervy jitters and axe caught his eye though, and the dwarf gave one hard tug on his beard to steady himself before walking over. "Ya remind me of mah uncle, cept he's a wee bit shorter than you and happens to be shuffering from a chronic case of dead, so tell me: where'd you steal his face from?"
  18. Rainza had met Avvercus under fairly normal, calm circumstances. The kind in which she would never willingly interact with another person in a positive manner. Still, the man had managed to get on her good side, earn her trust, and quickly prove he was a good thing in her life. Here and now, however, he had annoyed the blue haired devil. Her gaze didn’t miss the swooshing hem of a blue cocktail dress swiftly making way for the same door the Aldrak’s beloved teacher and friend had just gone through only moments ago. Without so much as a whistle or peep to the man she was acting as a guard for, Rainza got up and made for the diner. He was on his own for this little mission. Hopefully, he’d learn and not speak out of turn towards her in the future. Her steps stopped abruptly when she came abreast of what seemed to be a young girl getting ready to tuck into a bowl of mac and cheese. Immediately, Rainza took the seat across from the stranger, boring her gaze into the child’s eyes, searching for something. She’d sensed something fundamentally off about this person, all of her aldrak instincts told her what sat across from her currently was easily the most dangerous thing to her existence she’d ever encountered. Survival urges stabbed and yanked and pleaded for her to flee, yet the girl ignored them. Curiosity set in, and she leaned forward, setting her elbows on the table. “What...are you?” --- Meanwhile, a certain swordmage quickly found himself in the very situation he’d gone great lengths to avoid, all thanks to a pinch of irony and ire. The sound of a slamming door, hastened footsteps, and the wet crunch of a body hitting the ground stopped his abscondence from casino floor to mysterious underground. The pitter patter of bloody heels drew a long, heavy sigh from the man before he turned around. He didn’t bother trying to contact Rainza, he already knew she wouldn’t respond. Jade eyes swept from behind dancing silver bangs while his lithe form turned on slippered feet. A violent death, the unnecessary end to a tale never to be told to its proper conclusion, yet this ripper of pages was free of crimson ink or paper cuts. A cute face betrayed sinister intent moreso than the cadaver at her feet; the expression told of smug self-assurance, and not an ounce of sympathy or remorse for the ruined work she’d just tread over. This one didn’t even notice the tombs destroyed in the wake of her own writing, she had only eyes for completion of her next chapter, and he was very possibly just a stray sentence barring her path to that goal. Avvercus put a hand on one hip and flashed an amused smile. “You know, that’s going to make it hard to convince whoever finds me that I just got lost on the way to the restroom. I take it that’s not why you’re here, is it?” he opened up, partially in jest. What ridiculous webs life weaved. Surely, it was perfectly fine to laugh along with them from time to time?
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    The girl, who went by the name Azayla, nodded her head at the one who had given her something she took as a welcome. I may come to regret traveling to this place...only time will tell. She thought to herself, rubbing her hands together in some sort of meager effort to warm them up. She breathed hot air onto her numb fingers, her teeth chattering somewhat as she brushed some hair out of her eyes. Her tanned skin stood out in the yellow light, showing that she came from a place filled with sun and warmth, far away from this grey, cold place. Once she gained the attention of the man near the bar, she merely shook her head at the offer of a drink. "Dulls the senses. Not a wise idea when you're in an unknown place."
  20. Ack- did I miss the chance? If so I can just edit myself as an Expo visitor
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    Just like that another patron finds there way into the tavern she simple nods at the second new comer. She was a little surprised to see 2 new people so quickly.
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    .Arn looks around carefully noticing everyone sitting down, carefully he picked up his weapon; gripping his axe cautiously trying to figure out friend from foe. He looks to 52 and nods grievously at the greeting.
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    The female hunched her shoulders against the cold, burrowing her head into the scarf wound tightly around her neck until half her face was hidden. "I have no idea why it always has to be so bitterly cold around here." She mumbled to herself, her bright blue-green eyes contrasting starkly with the grey, dull surroundings she faced. Her numb hands pulled her cloak closer around her, wisps of her wasit-length, curly blonde hair floating around her in the chilly air. She re-adjusted the way her dagger hung in the sheath that was buckled loosely around her hip, the female turning a corner on the desolate cobblestone streets she was travelling on. "I can't bear this much longer, I need some place warmer to rest for a moment before my fingers turn blue." She searched, seeing the subtle yellow glow of light streaming through the windows of what appeared to be a tavern. "That will do for now....." She whispered under her breath, steadily making her way to the entrance. Her cold hands hurt when they had to pull the icy steel of the door handle open, but soon she was met with the promise of warmth when the great wooden door slowly opened outward and allowed her entrance. She heard merry laughter, the female's lace up boots with a small heel echoing on the wooden floors as she made her way over to a booth and sat down as the smell of food and tobacco smoke filled her nostrils.
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    Arn looks around carefully noticing everyone sitting down gripping his axe cautiosly trying to figure out friend from foe.
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    52 raises an eyebrow at the man stumbling into the tavern. He appeared shocked at the place and decides to address him. "Welcome traveler. Hope you find the place to be satisfying!"
  26. @Robbie Rotten Lizzie reeled backwards in panic as Catherine began to fall backwards. However, she remembered vaguely what she was supposed to do. She felt a powerful force grip onto her thighs, keeping her locked in place. This wasn't what she had planned for, but she could improvise. If Catherine were to hold on to her legs, she would have to lift her arms up perpendicular to her body, leaving a nice hinge for Lizzie to grip on to. Sliding her legs away from Catherine's neck, Lizzie would kick into Catherine's Armpits, restraining the warrior's arms. At once, she would feel a pair of powerful hands gripping around her feet. She would sigh in relief. Edric hadn't left her in the lurch. She would begin to strangle Catherine with her knees, in an attempt to cut off the flow of oxygen to her lungs. She knew that like in the previous battle, Edric would have wasted a few seconds, getting back on his feet and recovering from the inertia. She had to buy him as much time as she could. With her legs now secured less tightly around Catherine's head, Lizzie didn't make the mistake of using her arms to distract Catherine as well. She wrapped her palms around Catherine's neck, both to secure herself to the large woman, and to jam her throat.
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