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  3. Pretty sure I going so far right that I'm becoming a Monarchist.
  4. Events were rushing past Janessa like whitewater, and she struggled to keep her focus on her work. Several corked vials lay scattered around her. Sulfur-rich black powder from the guts of a signal flare was reacting with muriatic acid, ready to be mixed with her makeshift choleric base; a similar concoction, heavier on brimstone but sans acid, had already been tucked onto her belt. More flare powder was reacting with a more diluted acid, distilling out impurities and (hopefully) leaving the zinc and manganese behind. Just as she was getting ready to carefully add a pinch of rat poison into a solution of nickel (scraped from the rust-resistant plating of an iron tent stake), filtered water, and antimony (in the form of black-colored eye makeup), the airship gave a mighty lurch. Her corked vials rolled away, and the small woman's face took on a look of panic as she gripped the rat poison tightly in her left hand and snatched up one of the rolling vials, already starting to bubble from the agitation, with her right, pressing her thumb down hard on the cork to keep it from popping off prematurely. "Dog damnit!" she swore. These conditions were about as far from ideal as she could imagine. Trying to craft alchemical concoctions out of only what she had been able to pick up from a camping store, in a swaying airship, while a queen screamed, a fae cooed comfortingly, an elf made condescending remarks about Janessa's near-term life plans, and now a big, brutish grandpa stomping around and splitting his time between cuddling Gabriela and asking useless, irrelevant questions. It was entirely forgivable that she didn't notice the more subtle things, like how her enchanted bracelet dimmed and became cold as the field of neutrality settled over the vessel. The bubbling in the vial in her right hand subsided, and she gingerly let her thumb off the cork before setting it down and resuming her careful, if rough, measuring of the rat poison into its own mixture. With that delicate task completed (and the vial corked), Janessa looked up at Reinhard. Her brows were lowered in an expression of equal parts suspicion and annoyance. She had registered, on some level, the queen's plea that this man's throat not be slit... currently, that suggestion was being taken under advisement. "You can call me Kit," Janessa said, reverting intentionally to her mercenary handle out of caution. "Preferably in the context of 'How should I proceed, Kit?' or 'Kit, what would you like me to do?'. There's only room in this ragtag parade for one bossy bitch and I already have dibs, so you need to stow it." She stood up to her full, unimposing height and stretched out a kink that had developed in her back. Janessa threw a glance at her reactions; most were ready, but a couple needed a minute more. She began gathering up the prepared ones and affixing them to her belt. "Since you asked so nicely," she continued, "Yes, Gabriela wanted to flee. No, I don't know why. Above my pay grade. She puts down the agenda, I just make it happen. This particular version of 'fleeing' wasn't the original plan, it was kind of shoved onto us by Tall, Dark, and Creepy up there. Obviously, our lady trusts him more than your boss, though, which tells me pretty much all I need to know about Roen. Since I'm pretty sure Captain Asshole is fantasizing about clubbing us to death in our sleep and turning us into undead coal-shovellers for his engine room." She flicked her wrists, testing her quickdraw sheaths; both throwing daggers popped smoothly into her hands for a moment before she drew them back in, nodding with approval. "So it's equally accurate to say we're running away as it is to say we've been kidnapped. Call it 'coercive hitchhiking'."
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  9. Fourth post updated: listed all the writers who've reached out to me and or are working on a kingdom template. If you decide to back out or changed your mind about joining in on this fun, just reply here so that I may update the fourth post and strike your name from the records.
  10. You rolled once and got a 3, which is a hit for .5 Then you rolled again and got a 5 which is a hit for 1. Added together and divided by 2, that's .75 to each party. That said and in working this out, although I think the math is simple I question why have it at all and want to keep the system lean. I'll allow multiple targets and one attack per target with individual rolls. Going in order of the post that means Joanne takes a .5 damage and Ersatz takes 1 damage Edit: I'll also only allow multiple attacks for the first 5 rounds (we're in the 2nd now as I've posted twice), since that'll give me a chance to test the system when people are forced to choose more carefully who they want their target to be.
  11. @Ayumi EpicRome23 sorainvoked Reinholdt jaistlyn
  12. It was carnage at the bottom of the wall, but their defense was short-lived. The rocky spikes and withered vines that protruded from the ground to ensnare the attackers were slowing. "I.. can't hold them back any longer!" The dead ground outside of Inns'th was far from malleable and refused to hold life; the earthbender expended energy faster than he thought he would. The agile Chhitten climbed atop of the carcasses of their own kin, dug their spindly legs into the crevices of the wall and scaled it. Young Volentia, standing atop the wall, thrust her sword through the carapace of one, and crushed another under her sturdy boots. More were swarming towards them, and the earthbender was overcome by the insectile creatures. She pried them off him, the creatures' legs clinging stubbornly onto his clothes, but it was already too late. His screaming and thrashing indicated that he had already been bitten, and the neurotoxins spread through his system. Whatever hallucination was going through his mind now, it was painful to watch. Volentia briefly looked down at Fidelitas standing at the bottom. He nodded to her. She pushed the man off the wall at the other paladin's waiting arms. It wasn't a soft fall in any way, but it was no time to be gentle. The first wave of Chhitten were thwarted, but it left even fewer defenders on the walls. Volentia had been keeping her attention on the small creatures, keeping her eyes away from the main bulk of the army, away from the figure in white armour. Now she lifted her eyes, and their gazes met. She inhaled sharply. Remissio looked so similar, yet different. She wasn't sure what she had expected. That his features would become monstrous? That he would have horns growing our of his head? But he looked the same. So… human. But his eyes.. Those brown eyes that looked at her like she was nothing more than an objective to be fulfilled. She had looked up to him so much, a paladin who was always in control and knew what to do. Although he was strict, his eyes had always held a warm glow. She stared into them now, the cold, hard orbs, and hardened her own. Remissio wouldn't hurt them. Remissio was dead. This was an enemy who had possessed his body. Breaking his gaze, the rogue paladin inclined his head towards the wall. The large creatures finally began their move, proceeding towards the left side of the gates. Volentia gritted her teeth. As a former defender himself, Remissio knew exactly where the wall's weakest point was. ---------- Gormaric broke through the rear lines of the army with no trouble, getting up close and personal to the bloated and ugly creatures of Yh'mi. The rank, putrid smell of the creatures assaulted his senses, and he was soon noticed. A Gutterfiend ahead uses its massive body to block the black knight's path of motion, and spews thick, acidic liquid in his direction.
  13. ... But to that second circle of sad hell, Where 'mid the gust, the whirlwind, and the flaw Of rain and hail-stones, lovers need not tell Their sorrows. Pale were the sweet lips I saw, Pale were the lips I kiss'd, and fair the form I floated with, about that melancholy storm. Basics Birth Name: Shiina Legal Name: Shiina Alias: None Alignment: Lawful Neutral <> Lawful Evil Personality: Shiina, once a formidable succubus of the second circle is now a slave to the will of her master. She was summoned, bound, and stripped of her personality nearly three decades ago and is now sustained by the lust of men and women. Her past is veiled by the charms placed upon her and her personality crushed to dust but still influenced by her natural gifts. If her true personality surfaced she would be called sadistic, sticking to the letter of the law in all things but seeking to hurt people. Appearance True Age: 150 Apparent Age: 20 (Variable) Height: 5'8" (Variable) Weight: 112 lbs (Variable) Skin Color: Ivory (Variable) Eye Color: Violet (Variable) Hair Color: Red,Black (Variable) Hair Style: Flowing, Long, Horns (Variable) Build: Curvy, Tone, Athletic (Variable) Disabilities: None (Variable) Dominant Hand: Right Scar: None (Variable) Tattoos/Markings: None (Variable) Biographical Information Hobbies: Serving, poaching men, dancing, seducing others, torturing others Professions Learned: Servant, Espionage, Stripping, Torture Family: Sister(s) Current Location: Unknown Companion: None Abilities and Skills Inner Demon: Shiina’s power derives from an internal demonic essence called the "Lust" which acts like a battery. If she refrains from feeding for too long, the "Lust" drives her into a frenzy where she must 'feed' (almost always killing their victims), and can drive her permanently insane. When needed, they tap this store of energy to augment their strength, speed, resilience, and healing ability far beyond normal; while doing this, she radiate waves of cold (possibly an illusory reaction of normal humans to their energy sink), her skin pales further, and her eyes turn an unnaturally gold. True Shape-shifting: As a hunter, Shiina is able to alter her appearance. This is a true alternation. She can gain or lose mass up to fifty present of the total, altering her proportions and height. She can change the color of her skin, eyes, or hair at will as well as the length of her hair and its style. She can spontaneously but not instantly change her biology to mimic a different race. She has complete control of her body and can alter it in any way she so chooses. Some changes may cause her physical pain of discomfort. This ability, however, is directly tied to the amount of energy she has and the longer she has to maintain a particular form the more her Lust will bother her. She has become adept and maintaining a number of visages and personas. These alternate forms utilize very little energy. Even so she can sustain most other forms for hours. In her true form she has both wings and horns. Succubic Charm: Shiina is adept at knowing the lustful desires of those mortals in her presence. This is especially true for those she touches. She is naturally charming and compelling. The succubus can add layers of compulsion and charm to her voice, filling the victim's head until they agree to do what she asks. To other incubu and succubi, this appears as a light gold aura surrounding Shiina.
  14. Well in that case I would have rolled two 3s, dividing them by 2 would equal to 1.5 on both rolls
  15. Yeah that's why either way I would make it a roll for target instead of per object. Thirty fireballs at one person is one roll Also no need to reroll the first just do a second roll. So that would be a .5 and a -1 to average as a .-5 against Allous
  16. Actually with Allous rolling so bad I had to edit as a double critical failure so the rock didn't even get thrown at Joanna lol Instead Allous accidentally gouges out his own hand lol
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    //OOC: Yeah, I'll be better about it in the future. Everything just was a little hectic last week.// It seemed that Lyk had lost some of his anxiousness from before and Lynn liked it better that way. Having anxious people around her made her feel uneasy too. He was quite talkative too, commenting on Belle's quirks and the coincidence of having them all here together, at the Tavern of Legend. And that's exactly what it is, Lynn thought. A coincidence. Belle was right to praise the tavern and it's alcohol, the place was very nice and the alcohol sure was good. Lynn hadn't enjoyed herself this much in a long time. Talk about faith and such had never been a good subject for Lynn, since all the mystical stuff in her life had been more of the unfortunate nature. But it would be nice though, having faith do something good for her for once. So she gave them a fond smile and mumbled, "Maybe a bit of both." Trying to cease the smile that had formed on her face, Lynn was, again, caught by surprise with Belle's curiosity. She still wasn't willing to share a lot, but it seemed that her companions were decent enough, so it seemed quite harmless. "I've been traveling for the last couple of years. Didn't really plan on ending up here, but, as she knows, my horse got spooked by thugs and so I had to walk to the nearest place I could stay the night at. Walking all the way here with a bad ankle was certainly not my brightest moment." She clinched at the memory, the ghost of that pain still in her ankle, and ran a hand through her hair. Her hand came back very dirty. That reminding her of her grimy appearance, she asked the bartender for a towel and started to wipe some of the dirt off from her hands and hair. Whilst doing that she turned to Lyk and waited for his story. @lillyblues @SophisticatedBlurb
  19. Welcome to valucre, where most of us hardly ever bite! I hope you enjoy your time here!
  20. “Did you bring the book,” asked little Joshua, his sister besides him rose up onto the balls of her feet to look over Gabriela’s knee and onto her lap. They were both looking at her expectantly, the older boy -- perhaps six or seven, and his sister, a rambunctious three year old. “I don’t know, that all depends,” she replied, looking from the bright and joyful faces up to the woman who stood not far from them, a proud guardian full of love for the children -- their mother. Gabriela smiled at the woman. She looked tired, but happy, a servant of the castle and an employee of the devil’s. “Have you two been good to your mama? Not giving her too much of a hard time?” The woman nodded and smiled again before turning away and heading back into the study. She was busy dusting, and her children had come along because there was no one to care for them that day -- or the day they first met the queen. She had been sitting on the balcony, just beyond one of the many large study rooms of the citadel. This one she liked the best because it was so big, and it faced the sun from sunrise to sunset. By the time she got here, she could still catch a bit of the fading colors of purple, pink, and neon orange across the sky, as well as the stone being warm from having baked all day long. There were also bright lights that illuminated the outside space when the night finally settled in, which was important for the task at hand. Gabriela turned from the childen and pulled from her bag a large picture album. “What have you brought for me today?” she asked the children as she opened the leather-bound album, to the newest empty page. Both children got to work digging through their pockets. Little Sarah was the first to produce her offering. In her small, white fist she held a bunch of, nearly wilted, white flowers. They were small and star shaped, but they smelled heavenly even now. “Star Jasmine,” she said to the child as she took the offered flowers and carefully peeled back the clear film from the page of the album. “Where in the world did you find fresh Jasmine?” “A lady’s room,” the little girl said proudly, “mama was working in her rooms. I took it a little.” A lady -- Gabriela blinked, and felt a stab of dread in her heart that she did not dare reveal upon her face. Instead, she set the album flat on her lap, so that the children could watch, and she pressed the small white flowers onto it. Next she pulled the clear screen over and pushed down, crushing the flowers under. Next she produced a small piece of paper and a pen, she handed them to Sarah who quickly jotted her name down. When she was done, Gabriela added the name of the flower and the date and added this too under the clear screen. “My turn,” said Joshua, holding out a thick pink stem with a burst of vivid pink flowers attached. He had been more careful with his finding, and so Gabriela was equally careful when she took the stem and plucked three flowers to put into the album. “Do you know what they are?” asked the little boy, watching curiously as his flowers were also crushed under the clear white film of a new page. “Mhm,” she answered. She had produced a new piece of paper and wrote down the name. This paper, she handed to the boy and smiled, “can you read that?” “An-ge-l wing beg-o-ni-a...begonia...Angel wing begonia…” he looked up at the golden eyed woman for approval, and beamed happily to his little sister when the queen nodded her head and gave his curly brown hair a comb through. “That’s right. You found me some begonias.” The book was closed and between her two hands, pressed shut as tightly as she could manage. When she opened the book again, the flowers they had brought lay flat and thin as paper. The marveled at how prettily the flowers had been pressed and asked her again about how they would be preserved. She explained, patiently, about how no oxygen would touch them under the film and so their color, shape, and smell would be safe for years and years to come. From there, they went on to look at some of the older flowers and leaves they had found and added to the album. There was a chill, but they were all bundled up and warm. And when it got too cold, Gabriela stood and ushered them back into the study, where their mother was finishing up.
  21. You write the way you are comfortable with writing ^-^
  22. Mal was somewhat surprised when the guide spoke; as he had barley registered the man until now. But now that he looked closer, he noticed the man held himself a lot like soldier of some kind. He pushed it to the back of his head, and got into the car. Once in, he indicated that he wanted to be taken to the Hotaka Blossom.
  23. Looking at my scheduele again, I'm afraid I've got too much work to be able to do this. Apologies!
  24. Waiting on @Grapple Fiend and @Eagle-77 once he gets his character he will be introduced in here Edit: Also, since they haven't been mentioned yet aside from my post, I'm ret-conning the colors of my outfit to black and white, like shown below. I think it helps accent the scars a little better, plus looks adorbs.
  25. Yes, I have returned! We can get back to our shenanigans! (I promise I won't leave this time :p)
  26. Tellsu Mater specializes in steampunk and science fiction. Terrenus specializes in science fiction and fatnasy. Genesaris specializes in high fantasy with pockets of science fiction and steampunk.
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