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  2. Welcome to Valucre!
  3. Oooooh existential crises. My favorite. No one will yell at you for mistakes here, dumb or otherwise. We defend our members <3 Welcome to Valucre! What genre of roleplay do you prefer, Violet?
  4. Hello everybody! I guess as an opener, you can call me Violet. I'm currently an ER medic and my hobbies include doodling, self loathing and the occasional existential crisis. I love flowers, outer space and blood/guts. I used to RP about 7 years ago. So, rusty is definitely a good adjective to describe me. My good friend Grimmholt made me join after failed attempts to make friends on Tumblr. He promised you guys were nicer and wouldn't yell at me for the dumb mistakes I will most likely make. I'm trying to make at least one more friend in my life. Since Grimmholt is my only friend right now I worry he is quickly getting tired of me. Can't wait to see you all around!
  5. "I have done some traveling, that is true." He looked past her shoulder, and into the abyss of memories. Recalling all the places he had toured over his life, always on the move from one place to another. Never knowing a place to call home, just a spot to rest his tired body. "But, to be from another continent entirely. That distance dwarfs my own personal record, so I am quite impressed. Tell me, is the ocean really as grand as they say? For all my years on the road, I have not seen this 'ocean', and I am starting to disbelieve such a thing exist." He laughed at his own joke, if he could even call it that. But as his laugh subsided he started to answer Aelyria's question. "No, I actually don't have a specific place that I'd rather be than here. In fact, I'd rather be anywhere with a comfy bed and hot food ready to be eaten. So, I quess this is something of the opposite of what I would rather be doing with my time." He cleared his throat right after his sentence. "But, the company is nice. Better then traveling alone. There were times I forced myself to talk to anything, to maintain sanity." He patted the side of the mare, and looked over her shoulder once more, to see their progress. He began to notice the thickness of thickets and trees that were coming together, and informed Aelyria. "It seems we will be walking so-". His voice cut off when he noticed a a pair of sapphires peering over a the white horizon. He could not make out what it was exactly, but if he had to guess.. Caliben focused more, waiting for a sign of movement, or even a hint of form or shape to give him a better picture of what it was.. Dammit, just move.. He began to pull in some energy from his body, trying to get as much information as possible before it was too late.. Then, he blinked.. It was gone..
  6. It may take me a day to soak in all the info there, so ill give you a response in the morning tomorrow.
  7. Maybe check out my re-vamped blog? It has some of my writing pieces on it, which I will add more, characters, and more! It would really help if you guys took some time out of your day to look at it, it would make me very happy :) I am also doing something where I showcase other people's art and writing, so you can message me about that if you want :3

  8. Hm. Ill read up on it!
  9. If you're looking for a place to roleplay in, check out Taen Empire! There's a board event going on right now making the city super vulnerable.
  10. if you want, I can use my character Haze. She's in my sig.
  11. Just waiting on @Grapple Fiend now. I'll implement a three day wait period to the minute, unless notified otherwise (sometimes things come up at that time, ie I may have work at that time)
  12. Genre: Fantasy, Location: TerrenusIdea: Birds of a feather stick together--until they have something to gain if the other one is dead (or just, you know, pushed out of the way). Looking to start getting into writing a new character that, as my title suggests, is a thief looking to score some treasure. This is a working character for me, if anyone is willing to play, I can post a character sheet and we can talk ideas of such. Thanks :D
  13. Today
  14. There is no Honor in Death. "As I travel through these lands, I find myself vexed. Not because of the situations at hand, more so due to the people I encounter. Sarandriel.. One day this world will perish, and when they happens all shall Kneel before you.." - Dominic Ku'Zar 'The hell is that...' Dominic thought to himself as the navigation bracelet turned from blue to red. As he rose a small diagram of the ship opened before the males eyes. The white flying thing he saw before was not a figment of his imagination as he so suspected. No.. This was an intruder and he was all the more willing to engage intruders that boarded his ship. Upon the knights entering the main floor the ship did not shift down in the slightest. The old meat bag would need more force then his weight and energy to make this beauty drop even a millimeter. As he entered the main floor the knight had just finished kicking in the door to speak. Tapping the bracelet the Squire turned off the ships auto response to eject the intruder. "Hush... You trespass under assumptions that would best serve a dead man.." Dominic did not listen to a word the being said as he heled legion into the air. The souls that were embedded within the body of the astral blade screamed out. Abhorrent were the sounds of their voices as it drown out all other comments including the medic of the ship. Another level of irritation peaked within Dominic. Of all people on the ship to be attending to the people on board, it would behoove the medic to protect its main owners property. After all, Dominic would not be the one to receive the earful of the Alterion owners rage. "I will give you the chance to get off of the ship immediately and tell your Kindle King the Queen is being taken someplace better for her well being.. My employer wishes for her presence and the ladies seemed most willing to go.." Taking a step forward his clothing began to ripple and shift, the gems within his left arm shimmered as his eyes observed the old man with an immense lack of regard. When he spoke only his voice could be heard at that point and time. The cries grew that much louder before stopping all at once. Respect was not even a factor of the equation when Dominic looked into a person.. Yet with a small chime upon his wrist his attention averted from the group of people and to the bracelet. "Tsk... Go sit down with your ladies.. They are not leaving this ship. It was their desire to go therefore, we are leaving.." Reaching out with his right hand he poked at the bracelet till a few pixel screens formed around him. Poking at each one he swiftly set the ship to work and moving out of the city. At first the motion was not noticed but when Dominic flicked the bar on the left most screen the ship itself jerked roughly. To those who had never been on an airship their balance would be heavily tested. "Medicus.. Take the Queen to the mess hall will the rest and this... This being of a Knight here and feed them.. Let them talk it over.. We have work to be done, that starts with you fixing the broken door due to a ill-mannered guest.." His words were sharp and to the point. Keeping Legion with his left hand, the giant cleaver still rippled and frothed with life. To those who looked at it long enough, the faces seemed to be alive and well. Eyes blinked and jaws opened and closed ever so slightly, but more than enough to send a chill down ones spine from the shock. "Cortana.. Respond... Set course for open air and a secure line back home.." "Roger that Captain Dominic. Setting course for 0-9-0 Alterion. Connection with Employer.. The call shall be wired to the bracelet. Shall I ring up the costs of the door sir?" "No Cortana.. We will have the main caretaker do that work.. As it is.. They seem to have found a fancy for the guests. Activate neutral zone within ship quarters as well.." "Activating Neutral Zone within Ship Quarters. Aye Captain." As the Neutral zone went up, the people within the confines of the ship would be rather different. For those who used magic to a decent extent, they would feel powerless in that aspect. The same went for any mechanical device within the confines, making energy suits and personal armaments useless to the struggle. They were pure 100% mortal and on standards of ability, it would take wit to win. For there were no advantages to be had in the neutral zone field. The ship was not just an ordinary transport, Dominic was sure of that. He had things planned so far in advance that it kind of startled him. Placing Legion upon his back, the lads gaze went back to the departing group of people. "Welp.. If they wish to fight, they now fight on human standards and terms.." Dominic said to himself.
  15. Took the husband out for a movie; Get Out. It was really good, well acted. It was suspenseful and really creepy. All through the movie I was like "What the hell is going on?" in that good, never saw it coming way. It's not a slasher or straight horror movie, so don't go seeing it if you're expecting that kind of thing. It was a pleasant surprise overall; 8/10
  16. Garantahs CLASS TRIPLE S DANGER DO NOT APPROACH Standing on their feet, Garantahs are known to reach an average heigh of 30 feet. The weakest Garas can lift over ten times their own weight. Peaceful when left alone, these animals keep to the jungle quadrant and their giant trees. But once angered, Garas will go on a rampage. And once one Gara sees red and rampages, the others into the group will follow. A Gara stamped is said to be one of Valucre's most natural unstoppable forces.
  17. Lilith rotated her blade with a flick of her wrist and the blade arced swiftly downward. The blood staining Death Bringer slipped off the metallic surface to cover the ground beneath her feet. Hopefully that wasn't the first blood spilt on this land. That would put her in an... unfortunate situation given her abilities. The witch snorted and kicked the headless corpse, jerking the mass of meat back into action. Even without putting a soul in the body, Lilith could still control the body. Though this way it becomes less of a servant and more of a mindless puppet, but the strain on Lilith was increased. If Ryan were faithful, unlike his corpse brother, then Lunaris was only a mile or so north. Lilith sheathed her sword and started northwest in an attempt to avoid the city. There was no need to risk someone sensing her among them. She doubted there was anyone in that back water city who had enough power to sense a necromancer of her stature, but with Ryan in Lunaris there was no need to even risk it. It would gather information for her while she got a lay of the land. Soon to be her land. Leaves crunched under her feet as she exited the entrance area and stepped into the forest. Wow. She couldn't even see the top of the trees. Or the sun anymore for that matter. A frown threatened to replace the awe on her face. No sun meant no moon. No moon meant less power. That could pose an issue. Some of the trees who have to go. Taking a deep breath, Lilith caught the scent of death. It took a moment to sort the dead between weak and strong. For a second there were no powerful scents and Lilith was beginning to get disappointed. But then she smelled something powerful. Something strong. Something foreign. But most importantly, very, very, dead.
  18. Welcome to valucre! We have metaphorical free food. Hit me up if you have a cool idea for a RP.
  19. Welcome to Valucre.
  20. Gradric left the conference room shortly after the others had, shaking his head as he knew that his journey seemed like it was going to be much longer than first anticipated. With his self confidence having taken a beating, the would be king males his way to the personal lift, somewhat aware of a presence that was near him. Looking over his shoulder he saw not a single dwarf in the hall, which was strange since he was almost certain there were others making their way through to some other room on this floor. Shaking off the feeling as nothing but paranoia, Gradric entered the elevator, directing the crystal console to lower him to the bottom floor. Perhaps his friend Dalim would help him to understand how he might better earn his place as king. He had already been so helpful to him, that he might have another idea as to how he would assert his rightful claim as king. Then again, if he wasn't able to back up his claim with anything solid, then his aspirations would be dashed as soon as they were made. Things certainly couldn't make him feel anymore down than he already was, the dwarf thought to himself as the door opened. Unfortunately for him today proved to be especially devoted to proving just how wrong he was in all things. Once the door had opened, Gradric was face to face with a rather fearsome looking warrior, one who had murder written all over his face. This was a literal statement, as the other dwarf had tattoos all over his face in dwarven symbols, detailing his crimes for all to see. What troubled Gradric wasn't just the markings on his face, but the armor and weapons that he sported. No one would allow a known convict into the capital building equipped with chain mail and an ax unless there was an ulterior motive behind it. "End of the line, yer Majesty." In an attempt to knock him out on the first punch, he threw a right hook at Gradric's head, which he narrowly avoided by pulling his head back. This was to be an attempt at his life then, so the young dwarf would respond in kind, charging forth to tackle the assassin into the part of the building they were at, as it was clear they were not at the bottom floor of the capital building. After bringing him to the ground, Gradric struck his attacker in the face with his fist, then was pushed off after receiving an elbow to the jaw. Both combatants picked themselves up quickly, brandishing their weapons as they looked at each other in the lobby of one of the office floors if the capital building. Gradric knew he would have to face opposition, but never thought his enemies would try to have him killed so quickly. "Well, are you gonna fight me or what?" Gradric taunted, ready to defend himself at all costs for his dreams.
  21. Looks like you already found your way over to the water cooler. Neat :) Welcome to Valucre. I'm happy to hear that the site has made a good first impression and hope that it keeps on impressing. I'd also recommend checking out the tavern of legend and seeing if that's something that appeals to you
  22. By now, the once overwhelming stench of the sewer system had been relegated to backburner consideration. He was engrossed in his thoughts, wading through possibilities thick like fetid water while at the same time marking their path in his mind. This skill was taught to him by the Artifacture Cartographers. A skill which they treated holy, for it had come at the cost of too many lives in the maze of their endless tower. When Michael laid his hand on Donovan's shoulder, he no doubt felt his friend tense to steel from his touch. But Donovan managed himself, was still sharp enough to have second thoughts about naked impulses. A welcome distraction came by way of the Professor's remarks. Donovan didn't bother hiding his surprise when she revealed they'd be without a guide. "Prof, that's the kind of thing you try and tell a guy up front so he knows what he's buying into, yanno?" Despite his complaint, Donovan made no move to leave. The professor rooted him further to the spot when she handed him the map. "Oh. Well yeah that makes things easier." He took careful note of the professor's bag as well. Information like that was likely to come in handy in the very near future. After committing the map's outline to memory at the speed of sight, he brought it up to the nearest ghost light to study it in closer detail. Then she vanished, her bag snapping shut with her departure. "What a pickle. At least she left the lights behind. Pretty considerate all things considered." Before too much time elapse, Donovan realized there were more pressing matters with which to concern himself. The suppressive field was getting stronger. He could feel it tingling against his skin, tamping down a wide array of skills he'd won through a challenging life. Donovan looked up, saw the Grotesquerie, and immediately ran in the opposite direction. To someone unfamiliar with his battle-tested courage, or to those that might have forgotten, Donovan seemed was now working through the dance of the coward. However, when he was several dozens of meters from the horror in question, he stopped dead cold and turned around again. His plan was a simple one. First define the scope of the field, then attempt to determine its amplitude. He coaxed his blade from its sheathe, holding it so that the pommel aimed up. After rummaging around in his pack for a few seconds, he pulled free a cyan blue cylinder and slammed it against the pommel. It inserted without issue, and moments after, electricity arced up and down the length of his blade. Donovan held his sword out with one arm and looked down its keen edge as if he was using a rifle scope. He fired a lightning bolt at the Grotesquerie to find the answer to a single question – would the field suppress mundane electricity if it came from a magical source?
  23. "It's about to 'downpour'. Magister Cochol taught agents what rain was. In the Bible, the days before the Holy Flood had demons and other threats in the sky, and mankind's only defense was to go underground. I am...very surprised at things such as airships, but it has put the clergy at rest that Gorgon really did kill them all." Whatever she was talking about, it was best to ask later. Cecile places her gun on the table, and then her elbows, and her head into her hands, looking across at the sand mage before her. "Sand, huh? That's your power? Mine is called 'Across the Night'. Whenever I break a clock, time stops. I used it to check how your breath smells--smells fine--but not much else." She was lying to him, but the less everyone knew about her power, the better. "How I feel about the weather isn't that important, I guess." She was a bit cute without her glasses, but she did have a mask of her own blood on her eyes. Cecile still had a cut from her glasses on her gloved hand. Did she care? Did this unbelievable woman even know she was cut? The gun is quite close to Somar. As Somar acknowledges it...her eyes drift to it. Her mouth's corners go up in a cheeky smirk, then she grins, with blindingly white teeth of hers. What did she use? There was not a bit of tartar or lack of care anywhere. "The gun. You have these on the Surface too. That makes me think of 'fate'. Was the gun fated to be invented by mankind, somehow, somewhere? Was the gun an idea that was always there in the human mind? 'Destroy my target at a distance. How do I do that? What can destroy my target? What gets things across the distance?' These are all questions that were asked before the slingshot, the bow and arrow, and the gun. Of course, all of these were invented very far from each other. But the same questions had to be asked, didn't they?" "Which makes me wonder if it was inevitable to invent the 'date'. Everyone has a date of some sort. Like how there's different types of guns and bows. Even different arrows and bullets. We're having a much different kind of date than others, huh?" "But that's not what you're thinking about when you look at the gun, are you? You look at it and think if I'm going to use it. You think if you will use it. You look at it and fear me. That makes me excited. But I can't read you that well..." There was a fatal pause. The intensity of the situation feels like the chair is coming off the ground, like all the other furniture in the room. Where is the rest of the resturant, the world?! Somar feels like the cosmos are churning violently, being flushed down into the barrel of this gun. "Because I don't have my glasses on!" The world returns. And its return feels like it's blasting Somar's flesh apart, and his bones are being carried off by the explosion. She squints, placing her hands in her lap, expecting Somar to get her joke. She wasn't expecting he laugh against his will, more expecting she can see if he understands the joke she was making. Such a smile she makes. All that talk about fear, and she makes a dumb joke. "No, wait. Don't think about that. Think about your homeland. What does 'home' mean to you?" What kind of church sends a nun that goes on dates, anyway?
  24. "Thank you. You smell pretty good yourself." A pair of women, middle class, giggled as they passed the pair, though Avvercus barely noticed them. Kaia pressed closer, and he could feel how soft she was through their clothing. He was relieved to know she believed him, and smiled at her barrage of questions with a small chuckle. He couldn't quite place it, but this situation felt...intimate? Like they might be seen as more than a simple pair of acquaintances making their way towards the market. The giggling women suddenly made sense, and he couldn't help but blush. When she asked about his charm, he swallowed nervously. This...was flirting, wasn't it? He'd encountered it before a few times, but due to circumstance it never led anywhere. The Swordsmen felt a bit of courage well up, some manly instinct urging him on to take the hint and run with it. Avvercus grabbed a lock of his hair and grinned. "Yeah, it's natural. Cool, right? If my memories are right, I used to be blond till something happened to me." he answered. Truth be told, he loved the way his hair looked now. It was fairly unique. They began to pass more and more people, though the road was less than crowded. Likely an indication they were nearing the market. "The world I come from is called Vulaer. It is...terrifying. My full name is Avvercus Voxinium, I'm 19 years old and..." Avvercus trailed off, realizing this was likely an important response if he was going to pursue her. "You're the first I thought was worth charming" he replied with a wink and a grin he simply couldn't hold in. His heart beat soared and he felt an adrenaline rush. This, just from saying a few words? How exciting! "How about you? Does Kaia have a full name? How old are you? Married? Do you have any hobbies besides weaving?" He asked, mimicking Kaia by counting on his fingers so he had an excuse to pull her in close. Her aroma felt intoxicating, and he found his eyes drawn to her lips over and over again. He didn't quite feel himself, truth be told. His entire focus was on her, the sheen of her lips, the touch her her hips on his, the curve of her chest, and the curls in her hair, and the beauty of her eyes. He didn't quite understand, but Kaia drew him to her naturally; He was enthralled.
  25. The drive from Amalia to Weland had taken a little longer than two days. There had been some freak storms that caused them to pull over for a night longer in Casper and they drove the rest of the way on the third day. Kalmuli was exhausted between pumping out mana and the length of the trip that her glasses barely hid the bags under her eyes. That and the tension between them was getting a little much. All night in the same room, Kalmuli was practically biting a pillow and clinging to the mattress at the inn. No fun was making Kalmuli a little crazy. The pull up to Kalmuli's respite over the falls was a pleasant site to see. A modest-sized palace of sorts towered over the falls with balconies everywhere though the most prominent one hung the most over the falls, the light from the sun and mist from the falls catching the rainbow of Kalmuli's herbalist garden. She directed the bike around to the side of the respite, the roadway dropping down at an angle to an underground garage that was lit by a type of bioluminescent fungi. Down below, Kalmuli stopped the bike and the outpouring of mana stopped. Kalmuli got off, stretching with a groan. "Oooof...I haven't done a long drive like that in years. My butt is so cramped."She griped, reaching a hand around to rub her butt. Kalmuli would step to the back of the bike, opening her carrying case to remove her wicker pack though halfway through, dropped it on the garage floor. "Heck with it. Rocky!"She called. Silence. Then there was something moving in the dark just out of sight, a stone golem moving slowly over to where they stood. On it's face was a crudely drawn smile carved into the stone. Kalmuli would point to the pack. "Rocky, carry this up to the herbal garden and unpack it. Put the new samples in the replanting pots. I'll find a place to plant them later."She said to it, addressing the golem like a servant. There was no answer, just the sound of grinding as it moved and picked up the pack with both hands, walking slowly toward the winding stairs that would lead up to the respite itself. Kalmuli would look to Trinity to explain. "I don't like keeping human servants around...they ask too many questions. There are stone golems on every floor that take care of the place when I'm gone. I do enjoy my privacy and a clean home. We'll head upstairs. I'll give you the grand tour."
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