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  4. Syr, June, and Rob made their way merrily through the wood. The music they made was not loud, but carried with it the weight of countless generations. With each step, thousands of souls lifted to join the travelers in song, eager to share the stories of their kin. An unfamiliar feeling nagged at the back of Syr's mind; some long forgotten instinct trying to claw its way to the fore. With each verse the feeling grew more severe, until Syr could no longer suppress it. Bliss eroded against the torrent of fear, and truth. Dryads served as the voice of the forest, it was the task entrusted to them by the Mother. This forest, however, was much different. The elation they felt when Syr began to sing, when June began to play, was far from normal. Theirs was not the booming joy of mirth and frivolity, but rather the somber sigh of freedom. They were not excited to be given voice for revelry, in fact, they were not excited at all. Souls and voices rose in unison out of dire necessity. Syr's voice stopped suddenly, his eyes dimming slightly. "No" he whispered lightly. With one swift movement, his hood had been replaced over his head, and his eyes returned to a shimmering brown. He turned to his small group, overtaken by his previous, grim demeanor. "We have to find the others," he stated coldly, "we have to leave this wood." The warmth had left him, and the forest was silent once more. Syr couldn't help but grimace at his current state of affairs. This trip had proven eventful far sooner than he expected it would. Judging by the looks on his companion's faces, he would have to do some explaining, but there was no time. Silently, he unwrapped one bandaged arm, revealing the tessellation of tattoos covering his skin. One in particular, a small mouse caught between the coils of an oddly patterned cobra, caught his eye. Gently, he called its name, as if rousing it from a deep sleep. "Mus," he whispered. Whiskers twitched slightly at the sound. "Mus" he repeated, this time slightly louder. There was a seemingly uncharacteristic tenderness in his voice. The small form twitched again, before bursting into life. Mus wriggled beneath the snake, wiggling and pawing his way out from under the predator. Syr gritted his teeth against the pain as the living tattoo tore itself free from his arm. Mus scurried into his palm and stood on his hind legs, looking up expectantly. "Things aren't right here Mus," he said quietly, "we need to find the rest of our group. If you see a Dryad, turn around and come straight back here." The mouse squeaked acknowledgement and leaped from Syr's hand, bounding off into the underbrush. The group continued on their path in the meantime, and before long were rejoined by Syr's small rodent companion. Mus scurried up his friend's leg and came to rest on his shoulder, squeaking lightly into his ear. Syr nodded and turned to the others. "The rest of the group is that way," he motioned slightly off their current course, "it looks like they've stopped for now." The group continued on their way, occasionally stopping to adjust their course. After what seemed like an eternity for Syr, the three made it back to their larger group. An uncomfortable chill ran up his spine as Syr rejoined the party. It was true that everyone was stopped, most of them looking at each other expectantly. Curiosity nagged at him, but Syr didn't dare inquire as to what had happened. Instead, he assumed his place among them and waited for someone else to break the tension.
  5. Replace it with what it is cause I am lazy ! XD
  6. Riding out of the forest, Paul hummed as he fingered a Pokeball in his pocket. Inside was a Galvantula, seemingly alone. The trainer made a note to return him to Aether Paradise for rehabilitation. It was unusual for the normally herbivorous Pokemon to attack others, suggesting some sort of trauma. Paul shrugged. That was up to the brainiacs at HQ. When he was out of the forest, the trainer saw a school courtyard where a Ranger was confronting a pair of muggers. Not my problem, but- Paul gave a start when he saw a group of people wearing all-too-familiar uniforms at the scene. Team Dominum? That settles it. The Team had been a thorn in Aether's side for a while, their biggest problem since Team Skull. Taking a grunt in, and even an Admin would greatly help the Foundation. As the cops pulled in, he realized his chance was getting away. He couldn't interrogate the grunts in jail. Dismounting his Bastiodon, Paul put it back into his Pokeball and looked at the culprits. He didn't need to announce his affiliations, his white uniform was a good enough label. "On behalf of the Aether Foundation, please surrender immediately. I don't care about the money (I'm no policeman) but we are dedicated to the protection of Pokemon. If you do not surrender shortly I will be compelled to use force." Releasing a Scizor, the trainer looked at the Jennies. "If I may, Officer, I request at least one of the Team Dominum members be taken to the Aether Foundation for questioning."
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    Silica over heard a conversation going on behind her and saw the man walking out of the room with a very pricey bracelet and immediately told Zakio whats was happining. Zaiko got up and stopped the man. "Umm... I don't think you're being very kind. *Zaiko say a bit louder so more people can hear him* a glass of water surely isn't the same price as that pace of jewelry. *then continues with a softer voice* so give it back to the woman and I will pay for the water and your kindness. @Code: Augur and @Shaddowcat |Charicters in rp| |Zaiko and Silica|
  8. I may not have made this clear but the teams name is actually Domiinum. I was trying to show that Daniella didn't know they're name. My bad @SabersFire
  9. Okay jennies posted for if you want moves for all the pokemon I can give them but it's standard stuff exspect mostly attacks and growl on them! :)
  10. JENNIES!: The sirens were sounding off as the Jennies raced down the street for the scene of the crime they were called for. They had gotten a report of 2 injured trainers with 2 trainers supposedly causing it. They quickly rounded a coner and came to a stop close to the scene and what they saw was unexpected! Apprently the group Team Domina was here! That wasn't in the call. Though maybe they were new to the scene. 4 jennies step out of the car and summon their pokemon. An Arcanine, Weepingbell, Klefkey, and a Dragonite. They approach the scene and all talk at once in creepy unison. "What is happening her ranger! We got a call and Team Domina was not mentioned!" They look around the scene standing close to the Ranger. They weren't going to make the first move yet. Maybe they could apprehend the perps with oht a fight but their pokemon stood ready to protect them in a flash.
  11. Same. We are old and must sleep.
  12. A ferocious growl from Omega told Daniella all she needed to know about the trainers before her: they were bad news. These two were clearly skilled, and ranger had only her jolteon with her. She had a few Pokémon that she let the Pokémon research club look at, ursaring would have been great to have right now, but they wouldn't do much good to her right now. And then there was the fletchling. She glanced back at the poor creature to see that it was shuddering in its unconsciousness. Probably not a good sign. Another vicious noise escaped Omega's lips, but this time it was a message to the human girl's Umbreon. "I would suggest you back off, bub. I'm barely restraining myself here." "Omega back off. I don't want you starting a battle on your own," Daniella scolded, "Listen, I don't want to fight you. I have a most likely dying fletchling back there, and if you don't back off, it won't be dying anymore." The ranger pair could clearly see the stolen wallet in their adversary's hand, but as much as it pained her to admit, Daniella just didn't see herself winning. And then of course, there was the way her male opponent was eyeing Omega. It made him nervous. What the hell did this trainer want with him. If he thought that a loyal creature like himself would just agree to be his partner, he was surely mistaken. Just the thought of it almost made the Pokémon laugh. Daniella sighed. Could things get worse in this tense situation? And then, as if to show that the situation could and would get worse, a group of thugs walked into fray. They wore black pants and a red shirt. Daniella and Omega had heard a few rumors about them. What did they call themselves again? Team Domina or something? It didn't matter. Omega gave another warning growl at they're sudden appearance. "Alrighty listen up everyone. I'm not trying to say that I'm the boss of you or anything, but I am a certified member of the Ranger Association, which means I protect wild Pokémon from harm, and help out trainers who need it. I have a wild Pokémon who is very harmed, and I'm pretty sure you two," She gestured to the man and woman, "beat the everliving crap out of this poor guy. Yes miss, I saw his wallet in your hand. If you're gonna lie do it properly. Team Dom— doesn't matter. Team D, if you're gonna help them, help them, but I suggest getting out of here pretty soon. But please, can I help the fletchling?" Omega didn't like it when Daniella went on rants like this. It usually meant she was worked up and exasperated. He rubbed up against her side affectionately, though not taking his eyes off the enemy. His acute ears picked up the sirens before the humans but he stayed quiet until they finally came in range. As the the woman moved to walk away, Omega quickly bolted, moving as fast as, wel, lightning. Daniella reached out for him but was quick enough. The jolteon was a bit rash, but he wasn't stupid. He didn't attack or anything, just blocked the exit and snarled ferociously.
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  14. I'm off to bed. I look forward to seeing what is written, once I wake up.
  15. The Umbreon narrowed its gaze, before it growled softly at the ground. It didn’t move for the time being, however, Hex’s brows both rose into the air. “Well, we seem to be quite popular all of a sudden. Let me tell you something, doll. I don’t appreciate you accusing me of something you can’t prove.” Hex signaled to Umbreon, two fingers pointed down towards the ground. Umbreon growled a bit again, preparing itself for battle if need be. Hex’s gaze flickered to the Admin, a slow smile crossing her visage. “I don’t think you can just take what’s mine. That’s a shame. I think I hear the sirens coming, don’t you?” She gently nudged her partner, Hustle, her gaze flickering to the Jolteon. Hex’s mother had been a breeder of Eevee’s, and the girl had grown up around them and their evolutions, but she had yet to get a Jolteon… When opportunities present! What luck~. However, perhaps it was best to ‘run’ into the Jolteon and its trainer in the future. It wouldn’t be so hard to find the Ranger again…she stuck out like a sore thumb, afterall. “Well, you know…it’s date night. So, we should get going.” Hex winked at them all. "It's been a ...pleasure."
  16. Hey @ODSTDRAGON, is your man's team known or no?
  17. Get rekted M8
  18. O shite that emoticon was like made for me
  19. A seems good
  20. Fine I'll call you pretty, pretty! XD or what about A? Is A better, A?
  21. Updated; Overview and Tenets added.
  22. I swear, the fact that you made my shortened name "Cool", saber, makes some things so confusing. Thank god for commas
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  24. They're trying their best, okay! *sobs*
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  26. Time to stop procrastinating on yt and write a post I guess. Saber if you could be the jennies after I post that would be great
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