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  2. @Roen @Vilhardt @Thotification Back to you guys, and hope things are still going well enough. Will check with @SweetCyanide as to their situation
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  4. (OOC: @SweetCyanide has admitted they may be held back from posting. I will clarify their situation, but for now, skipping to continue) Argi's feet had left the floor, and it all felt so strange. He knew it meant he had to be falling, and indeed, relative to his own position, that was precisely what seemed to be happening to the boat. But he himself was almost... floating? In the air. Or perhaps he was falling too, but not as fast as the vessel, resulting in this functional loss of weight. Then, the boat's descent slowed, allowing the young man to awkwardly catch himself upon the floor, and then close tight the chest around the device that the scholar had given him. He breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that perhaps, the worst was at an end. It was at that moment the crash occurred. Argi personally was flung forward, his momentum dissipating not so quickly or easily as the boat's had. But when he hit the floor, the impact he felt was... not so strong as he would have expected. He had fallen in boats before, as well as upon other things, and he knew that some large part of the pain was the result of what was, effectively, the object hitting back as much as you hit it. That... did not feel as if it had happened here. It was more like the boat had simply stopped, than it had really 'crashed', and while he was sore as a result, Argi felt like there could and should have been worse. Something had happened up there, and after working his way up to his feet on the admittedly not angled floor, he made his way up to the deck. "What...?" He had begun to ask the question, until to be sent into silence by the sight before him. Having missed the collapse of the sphere that had protected them from the worst of it, Argi was there to simply behold the sheer sight of the construction that loomed high above them, their craft having come to perch on some jagged edges just before the presumable entrance. This hold of some sort was crafted from stone, though only loosely cut into the shape required of it so as to reinforce the exterior, and mixed from many visible sources - some of it was limestone, others sandstone, and other pieces simply unrecognisable, unless one was versed in the particular substances of the former Wastelands, far to the north. "Everyone okay?" Argi asked simply as he slid down to the bow of boat, trying to see if everyone else had gotten off as lightly as he had. With that soon to be assessed, and after checking his empty hilt remained secure within his belt, Argi hopped from the boat, and set his foot upon this strange new 'shore', however relatively small it seemed. He tapped the ground with foot a few times, and when it failed to give way, he held up his hand and thumb as to suggest its apparent safety. Whoever else followed him off of the vessel, and whoever was first to open the doors ahead of them - not easily pushed, though some small exertion of strength would be enough to seem them parted - would find themselves entering into a vast hall of many stairs, taking up every wall save for the one that held the door through which they had entered. Some passages even descended below, though not so many as those that spread in the various directions upwards. "Which... way?" Argi asked, hoping someone would some idea as to what direction they were heading in. That said, beyond his own curiosity, he admittedly didn't have so much of a plan. Was there... any way to turn 'off' a flying fortress, really? Though, for those attuned to it, they would most distinctly feel a great source of power from below; they also might pick out the various pricks of life scattered all across the stronghold in the storm. @Roen @Vilhardt @Thotification @SweetCyanide
  5. Grovel moved without hesitation, grabbing a nearby water bottle and splashing it over the man. The stranger murmured for a bit before waking up, his eyes wide with confusion. He looked around for a few second, giving both Grovel and Jenny a dirty look once he realized the situation. He spat on the ground, blood in his saliva. The room was silent for a moment before Jenny kneeled down before the man. "What's you name, stranger?" "Irrelevant." "So is your life, my friend here will agree." "I like skulls, yes. I want yours, resurrect you from the dead and torture you for answers. Some people are made to be tortured, you are one of those people." "You and your broken monkey are chasing the unicorn, my employer already knows of your location and will not hesitate to send others. If you have any common sense, you'll do yourself a favor and hand yourself over to me." Grovel brought his sword down, digging itself in the ground an inch from the mans foot. He flinched and reeled back his legs in a panic, letting out a small squeal. Grovel then grabbed the mans remaining hand, raising his sword for another swing. "Name?" Even with the threat of loosing another hand, the man still didn't budge. He simply sat shaking. Grovel brought his sword down, but was stopped halfway by Jenny. "No more need to keep him around, Grovel. I just don't feel comfortable with him on board, he's obviously been sent by father and that's enough information for me. I think we should just get rid of him. " Jenny walked over to a porthole, opening it up whilst looking back to the stranger. Grovel grabbed him by the neck and dragged him over to the porthole. The stranger struggled, but it was all in vain. Lifting him up, Grovel held the stranger out the porthole by his legs. He flailed around, the blue sea below threatening to swallow him whole. "Goodbye, bad-man." "VICTOR! MY NAME IS VICTOR, YOU FUCKING IMBECILE! YOU FUCKING IDIOTS! I STILL HAVE INFORMATION!" Victor's voice was just barely audible over the heavy winds and battle happening on the top deck. "You were sent by my father, what more do I need to know? Are you with the pirates? How many others? What else?" "I was sent by your father, but I'm the only one. More are coming, I don't know much else. But I'm not with the pirates, I'm alone for now. Please, let me back in." Giving a glance to Jenny who gave Grovel a quick nod, he dragged Victor back inside and closed the porthole. Jenny grabbing a wrench, knocked the Victor out for a second time. "Leave him in the corner, we're best off leaving this to the captain. I'm sure he has better ways to get answers."
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  8. Well, that begged the question as to whether or not plans had been kept tightly confined to those for whom it was immediately relevant, or if the insinuation had been so slight as to go over the younger man's head. Still, the facade of interest did not slip from Amira's face as of yet; aided by a genuine intrigue, even if not exactly in him, as such. "I do not know if one would consider my name to be good or bad..." She mused to herself, swaying within the embrace of Marish man's arms. "But one would normally consider it good manners to offer, and then receive." The smile on her lips was a playful one, to suggest that she did not take the supposed 'offense' too seriously. Indeed, even if the Marish hadn't offered up his name, she would tell him hers. "Amira." She told him, a slight purr at the end. Amira turned now, slipping a hand between her body and his. A physical barrier, and yet to some minds, a sign of closeness. She could not push him away whenever she so wished, but until she did so... he would be free to imagine whatever he liked of the moment. "I hear your family in particular has many trade connections. Where so many names fell, that yours can still be uttered, leads those that remain to rely on you. Recognition is as powerful as any service rendered." She noted to him, and were nothing else to be between them, her hand would leaned back, save for the index finger, stroking wherever a fleeting thought might desire. "That's why everyone is here after all. They know your name - at least one of them. Even if you don't recognise half of them yourself. A pretty face without value behind it means so little, after all." She mused further, her feet finally coming to a dead stop. That finger from the younger man's chest would rise upward, in an attempt to perch itself beneath his chin. "Such a compliment then, I presume, that mine should draw you in, leaving all those others behind in a heartbeat..." Amira pursed her lips, but did nothing else as yet.
  9. "Indeed I am of the house of Marish." Dylan answered. He smiled, proud of his name and heritage. He figured the women had already known this and was simply appealing to his ego. As she began to move towards a more open area Dylan placed a hand on her back to lead, and then when she turned he captured her hand with his other. "My father has done well. He has never been the type to place all of his resources in one place. Ruin in a single night does not sound appealing. Others can be so foolish. We simply fill the gaps they leave behind, it can be quite lucrative. But don't let me bore you." The music picked up its pace so he spun her around, brought her in close, then outward again. She brushed against him and he was glad he had picked someone so attractive. The conversation too was much improved. Then she slipped even closer and whispered in his ear. "My sister Te'a? I very much doubt she is lonely. She isn't very social, but I have never been sure of what goes through her head." The women was a good dancer, but he couldn't tell if it was taught or simply good breeding. "May I enquire as to your good name my lady?" He would ask and then decide if spending more time talking to her was a productive activity. If such was not the case, at least he was entertained between now and the toasts to follow.
  10. (OOC: As Infernal is apparently leaving, I have been given permission to make use of Jennifer as an NPC so as to resolve this story) "I need light." Jennifer attempted to instruct Argi simply, perhaps grasping that his command of the Terran tongue was limited. "Above you!" At the insistence of the woman that still only scarcely qualified as an acquaintance, Argi swiped Peldun's sword arm through the air atop his head, and upon feeling something strike, swung back and forth to an attempt to continue deflecting the sharp feathers. One would presume or hope that there was some kind of limit to the supply, but then, he wasn't entirely sure what he was even fighting to begin with. Jennifer, by contrast, had her suspicions to be sure, as she slunk back behind the relative security of Peldun's sheer size, saying to the young man that had been replaced by it, "We have to kill that... 'angel', before it kills us." "What is angel?!" Argi yelled out, somewhat agitated, as the onslaught of feathers stopped, only to start up again to his side, forcing a sudden shift around to match. "...Hrm." The lich murmured at the realisation that her apparent ally was not only limited in speech, but of understanding. Much of the actual problem solving would have to be handled by her; even while her ability to execute upon it remained limited. Unless... Her turned several times, as she tried to recreate the layout of the scene within her mind. Imagining the location of the walls, the wreckage of the pews, and of course... "Children! Where are you?!" She called out to them, and though they clearly did not intend to answer, one gasped loud enough - likely in the act of silencing themselves - to affirm where she thought they would be. Assuming that they had remained where they were, and it seemed likely so, that gave her a general notion of how the rest was situated. In particular, where those candles should have still stood. Her eyes then darted back to where the feathers were still colliding with this 'Peldun'; the creature, whatever one considered it to be, could clearly in some fashion 'see' them, however much the opposite was not true. Indeed, she recalled, it had been aware of even her presence from the very start; the young man had not been so subtle in his observations, but she was sure she had been well hidden. So many questions... Jennifer sighed, as she came up with but one answer; less to the matter of the angel's sight, and more her own course of action. After a short, unnecessary breath, she dashed out from behind the cover of the unusual automaton, putting the power of her restless body to work. Her head was held half-turned over her shoulder for what seemed inevitable... and proved to be rightly suspected such, as the arrows began to rain down on her directly, and the sound of their collision against Peldun's hide seemed to cease. "Throw - ack - something!" She yelled at her apparent ally, fighting through the sharp pain of those accursed feathers cutting across her form. There was a grunt, the sound of something hefty being tossed through the air at the angel that had simply changed its angle - but not its position - and the subsequent screech of that stuck up form of arguable life as whatever got thrown at it hit its mark, and apparently left a mark. As much as one might have appreciated basking in the catharsis of the moment, that short ordeal, Jennifer considered as she began to feel around for one of the candlesticks, certain she was near its location, suggested something quite important: whether for ignorance of the automaton, or for the fact that it, in its own words, 'knew her craft', it considered her the more important target. Or perhaps, the more pressing threat. She cracked a smile as she extracted a box of matches from her belongings.
  11. 12, January 1679AY Yugat-Ji Yugalla, Talia 10:00a.m Tuesday 31 Days After the Rebirth of the Black Heart Mirror Sun The rain had cleared up as Esben made her way down the cobblestone street. The whispers got to her ears, making them burn. She had heard rumors of her brother's exploits yet she didn't believe the gossip. But now as she walked toward the heart of the city these whispers and rumors didn't make her feel any better. The cloak she wore disguised her missing left arm quite well. And she had gotten used to it not being there all this time. Underneath the cloak she wore a long-sleeve shirt and black plaid skirt. She had dyed her hair to a rainbow color and it covered her golden yellow eyes well. Esben was here for a specific purpose and that was for finding the sword called The Salamander Zweifer. She wanted to aid the heroes in finding weapons to stop the spread of the Black Heart Mirror and her grasp on the citizens. It seemed her brother's influence had swept onto the Talian princess and it wasn't for the good either. She sighed. What on earth has my brother gotten into? How did he get his claws into Seldeth? Esben asked herself as she entered the city marketplace. I wonder if any of the resistance or heroes find the swords and have a plan. I sure as hell don't. Esben said nothing as she eyed a figure walking down the cobblestone street. The figure looked like a demon but could actually be an elf. But it could be a step closer to finding the sword and so she followed the figure. She tried to be as not noticed as possible but it didn't work. The figure turned around and shook the braided platinum hair from his face. If you're going to try and rob me you're doing a terrible job. I have no valuables upon me. The man said as his platinum eyes peered at the elf. Why are you following me anyways? I mean you'll find things you're looking for is in the marketplace. You seem to know a lot about Talia and it's relics or legendary items to stop the mirror from spreading more. Esben replied honestly as she looked down. She didn't like those eyes. I am not going to rob you either, I just figured you knew where the Salamander Zweifer would be-- The man raised an eyebrow at Esben. So she was seeking a lost legendary item of Talia. It was a brave notion but a foolish one. No one had ever returned from looking for the sword and shield. Well, it was not assured it was a sword and shield but it could also be a bow. It had been so long since last seen that no one really knew. You shouldn't go looking for it my dear elf. The man said as Esben sighed in annoyance. No one has ever come back from that expedition. And the few that came back were not the same as when they left. It's a foolish... I don't care. I need to know where it is. Lives are at stake. More will be consumed if I cannot help the heroes find the legendary weapons. Please understand I am in a dire situation and I will do anything. Esben pleaded as the woman nodded. Thank you. You won't be thanking me for long. Especially if you don't come back. The man replied. You can call me Platinum. I am the fifth seed but Garnet doesn't know I plan to overthrow his little organization. You are? Esben Djinn Valentina. The twin to the notorious elf, Esben Eden. She said softly. Platinum hm? Didn't think a seed would be helping me stop the mirror it's supporting heavily. Interesting. Let's just say I like interfering with people's plans to see their reactions. Esben chuckled as the two walked. Platinum wanted to see how things would be shaken up by finding these swords. Sayndar was busy in the wind with planning an upscale war, so it was up to the small fries to try and stop this new threat. Platinum didn't like the organization being heavily supported by the mirror nor did he like Seldeth. It was mostly because it took time away from Garnet. And he hated that. Platinum was an oddball, with emotions never known would seen or happen at any moment. Esben followed as they headed into the city. The two would definitely shake things up.
  12. A sigh would materialize in the cold air 'cause by the Cold Mountains, as a fellow Half Demon was walking by. Wearing his leather black coat with a strap on his left shoulder going down to his abdomen, his bag would slightly bounce up and down as he walked through the area. His leather black cloves tensing and stretching tightly as he clenched his fists for a short while, his black slim but muscular legs wearing his black combat pants with his black booths. He looked back to see that he left a trail, his expression was neutral who would have been so bold as to challenge him anyway? His light grey eyes going to one end of the corner of his eye to the others, where in the hell was he at again? This it was different but apparently this Half Demon felt like adventuring and feel the thrill of the adventure he liked to feel, he briefly chuckle. If he wasn't mistaken this was Genesaris, how could he tell he was there one might wonder. Well there was this urge and longing for power he always craved, his biggest enemy was without a doubt himself for he wanted power for power sake and he let no one stand in his way. "This place again..." He briefly said as he felt the surge, feeling and aura the magic all around the area provided, the cold air didn't bothered him anymore the moment he let himself feel his surroundings, he continued to walk and walk on the path he was on, maybe he'd find a Village or a City, though he didn't exactly know where he was because he couldn't tell even with his detailed map all was left to assumption. "How long was it since I've came here...?" He muttered to himself as he remembered a few memories he had here and slightly smiled, the Half Demon could smile, that was a rare thing ever since his mother died his human side detached itself from him or one would say that he rather did that than his humanity. His light grey eyes closed and smirked before opening back up and continued to walk. "The answer is for far too long." It indeed has been a while since he visited this place of magical power, he could feel like he could absorb this place and devour it whole. But was it really all he craved for? Power of Power sake? What was wrong with a normal life? Loving and being with a human? Was he that afraid of his Human side or was he just afraid of getting hurt. He never allowed himself to love someone again, not easily it was rarely rare for him to do so. Back in Terrenus he is known to be the Reaper, Slayer of Kin and the Half Demon. He couldn't help but smirk again now he realized why his Father decided to live there, the place wasn't so magically enhanced as Genesaris was, he briefly chuckle it was so amusing to him because his Father knew all along. "I wonder what that big lug is doing back home anyway." He muttered to himself as he thought about it. He came a long way to visit this place again and like always fate was smiling at him as he finds himself in Carmine Dominion, he shortly blinks and gets his map out, now it made sense why he wasl feeling a bit cold. "Thinking about it...I might just use a hot bath." He said as he folded his map back and shoved it in his coat. Suddenly his eyes widen and shake for a few seconds, what was this he was feeling? There was a Demon withing this Dominion but how could that be? He thought only Humans lived in this Land, he didn't quite grasp the gender of this Demon but he felt there was one among the people and he grinned. "How interesting." He immediately calms down and walks withing the Dominion, all he cared now was a good bath. "Speak of the Devil." He said with a amused expression as he found the place alright, Sakure Onsen Bathhouse it looked pretty professionals and judging by the amount of souls inside their business was good so he walks inside the district and looks around, no one could tell but his light skin tone was cold, it was night and he walked through the Cold Mountains, he started to mind his surroundings his light grey eyes searching through the building as he walked around and stopped at the reception. "Hello, I'm looking for a warm bath please." He said at the reception, whoever worked there to take the orders would probably realize that he was not from around here and that he might as well very be a new comer as his light grey eyes stared at the person. @Eternity
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  15. The night was like any other night at Sakura Onsen Bathhouse, busy busy busy. Since the linking of her little business to Jigoku’s Red Light district and Oo’Xora of Renovatio, Gwen has been working her ass off. The benefits of being connected to Emperor Koji of the Arcane East brought her much wealth and power, allowing her to boost her employment to more citizens that braved the Cold Mountains of the Carmine Dominion. The night was different just by a hair, Gwen had been battling this awful tingling feeling in her head. Her power to see the unseen has heightened much with an impending full moon that evening, there was something that just didn’t sit right with her about how her body was reacting. Excusing herself for the evening, Gwendolyn made her way up to her apartment that sat just above the pleasure filled business. Given the orders she gave to the house chef, a display of meats and cheeses rested on her dinner table. A place she held in private with only the VIPs she allowed up to her apartment, and the occasional lover. Seating herself in her usual place at the table, a bottle of wine sat ready to be poured at her behest. Lifting the dark bottle up to pour a cool red liquid into the tulip stemmed glass, a sigh of relief made its way past her dark painted lips. Feeling the unnatural tension in her shoulders, she leaned forward to pick up the delicate glass to her lips. Allowing the red liquid to press pass her lips, her mind started to haze. It had hit her so fast, dropping the glass to the wood floor decorated with an oriental style rug. Gwen’s vermilion colored eyes turned white, fogging over much like someone who is born without sight. At first her vision started in the bathhouse, her apartment flashed before her. It was hard to make out but a hazy figure stood at her door, only his eyes could be seen. They were grey, grey eyes that seemed to pierce through the very veil that surrounded her home. The funny thing about visions that included her was, they never gave great detail. It was hard for a seer to see their own future, but they could easily venture into their pasts. The vision took root in her soul, pulled her body into a limp state. Her breathing slowed as the vision continued to conjure up new scenes with the male she could hardly make out. One thing about the vision was it gave an impression of his power, his aspirations. Whoever it was that seemed to have changed her in the vision, gave her a new hope, would be challenging in all aspects. The way the vision version of herself felt was different, as if she held an admiration for the grey eyed hazy figure. And with that the vision came to an end, vermilion eyes fading back over the white that dominated her eyes. Sucking in a deep breath, Gwen grasped the arms of the chair pulling herself to sit up straight. During the vision she had slid down in the chair, and stained the rug with the red liquid meant to relieve the tension that had been building. Staring ahead to the door that lead back into the bathhouse, she wondered when it would come to fruition. Glancing at the tulip glass on the floor, she leaned down to scoop it up. “Every time..” @MichaelTheLightBringer
  16. Probably shouldn't do this since I just started college but fuck it. I have grown quite an attachment to my character Ethan. Everyone on this app that knows me: YA THINK?! And I'm thinking maybe find people for him to talk to. You know let him have friends, maybe a mentor, maybe a lover, maybe a rival, or maybe a villain. Either way, please roleplay with me
  17. I've been looking for someone to add to Ethan's list of people he knows.
  18. If anyone was waiting for me, apologies, I had a big thing irl to deal with.  Will actually be posting in the morning, I swearrrrr

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  19. In hindsight, Enid couldn't say how the last battle ended. One moment she was fending off two wild eyed brigands, and the next she was standing over the last of them with the tip of her sword (sort-of-sword) stuck firmly into his chest. Maybe it was that the heat had got to her. They were in the brush, but the shade had been all but obliterated in the wake of their collected effort against the pirate ambush; the trees their bent, splintered, and broken casualties. That must be it, she concluded, the sun and the heat and the general exhaustion from using so much of her magic was messing a bit with her head. When she turned her head to look about, the battle was seemingly over. What was left was a mess. A bloody one. And as far as the witch could tell they had little to show for it, save their own lives. She pressed her boot to the hatchet man's unmoving chest and heaved her blade free with a firm, if labored gesture. Her hood had fallen back. Her robe, once a creamy white, was crusted with filth and tattered in places. Her arm stung and ached, and once her wand had shrunk back to a manageable size, she tucked it away and rolled up her sleeve to assess the damage. It took a moment for Enid to realize that Abigail was speaking to her. “Somewhat.” she replied, her voice a little softer than usual, “And you?” She looked to the other woman. Abigail was disheveled, but clearly still in one piece. The witch's eyes widened slowly as her concern shifted. “Where is Wolf?” she said, stating it more so than asking. She held her arm tight to her stomach and made to rejoin the caravan in search of her companion. Surely he was alright, they'd only parted for a few (very long) minutes. Still, she wouldn't be at ease until she found him.
  20. When Patricia hops on a speeder bike, Thurgood steps off the skiffs and starts slogging forward, wielding his shotgun, until he engages a squad of Sith shock troopers. Thurgood finds and takes the nearest cover to fire, aiming for joints in their armor, guessing that it's hard enough to even prevent blunt trauma from double-aught buck, before cooking a grenade for two seconds and tossing it towards the squad and popping back behind cover. Fortunately, all his weapons, including the grenade, are analog, so any technology they have to nullify and/or deactivate blasters and/or thermal detonators will have absolutely no effect.
  21. It was irritating, so incredibly, mind-numbingly, annoying that the Cambion felt this persistent need to protect her, a daiyokai. Still, Akako understood it - empathized with the sentiment because she too had felt the same when it came to the psion she'd so easily betrayed and abandoned. She wondered if she was annoyed with him, not because of her ego, but because of his concern for her well-being only showed how unbalanced their relationship was. It wasn't precisely one-sided, but Xartia certainly felt for her more than she felt for him. Guilt perhaps fueled the vexation she felt. The kitsune sighed, her eyes still closed as she leaned back, laying fully in the grass. The sun's rays were warm and pleasant, a balm to soothe her mild emotional discomfort. The curtain of white and gold locks sprawled beneath her, her tails rested on the ground, only the tips occasionally flicking at the air as the demoness rested. Akako was dressed more casually, a pure white hanfu dress with flowing sleeves and her coat of arms stitched into the shoulder in black matching the slender band of black around her waist. Rolling onto her stomach, Akako propped her chin in her hands and opened her eyes to glance at Xartia with a look of exasperation. "I have contingency plans for everything. This will be different from Ursan." Her tails shifted and rolled off to her otherside, closest to Xartia. Then she rolled off of her stomach and put her back to the Cambion before continuing, likely, so he didn't see her expression. "I will handle Red when she decides to face me." It was painful to discuss Red. It was better for all involved if Red stayed far away, but no one needed to know that. Akako didn't give enough time to pause; she continued speaking, without allowing Xartia to interject. "There are more than three enemies, and I am aware of all of them. You speak of the more... obvious ones. As for Khaliq, he is welcome to stay. In fact, I think it would benefit him to take courses at the academy and to intern within my estate. He can learn the fundamentals of the government and how a nation should be managed. Especially in times of war."
  22. I'll leave that up to you; what, if anything, was recorded and to what, if any, extent. I'll leave that to your interpretation too. 😄
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