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  2. Leo stopped and looked around. A voice was speaking to him out of nowhere. The cogs in Leo's head started accelerating rapidly. They were getting a dangerous criminal If Spaggiari spoke truly, it was the Gaian Clergymen. And there was only one reason they'd be here. Taking Dan. However, if they were STILL here, that would mean Dan hadn't flown off or escaped when he VERY easily could have. Which meant.... Leo tried to contain himself. Dan must be playing the lot of them. Baiting them into capturing him to give him a free trip to Terrenus so that he could get the difficult to obtain ingredients. Leo then got a bit upset, as he knew WHY Dan was doing this way too. It was so that Dan wouldn't have to bring him to any dangerous places. Despite him telling Dan repeatedly that he isn't a fragile butterfly. But, just as quickly, it died down. He knew Dan meant well, and is afraid of something happening to him. He could hardly blame him for that. Leo began weighing his options. He could push on anyway and force them to capture him too. Not only is that a tremendous turn on for him, he'd be able to be with Dan. But... Dan would be immeasurably upset with him if he did that. It would also require more work on his part to get them BOTH out of prison. And if they tried to torture him for information, Dan would go ballistic and slaughter them all, then probably feel really guilty about it after a few days. On top of that, if they found the hideout... Well, even if it WAS impossible, Dan and his paranoia would want it locked down. No, Leo knew what he had to do. "A voice? From nowhere?..... Dad? That you? Come home! We miss you!" Wait no.... That wasn't what he was supposed to do.... "Oh.... well... Any idea when It'll be wrapped up? I need to go to the Apothecary. ...Ah whatever. I'll just come back later." Leo pivoted his feet, and dug his toes into the indents on the hoverboard. "Execute 180. Awesome level." The hoverboard hopped into the air, and spun Leo around no less than three times, before he landed facing the opposite direction. "Later, weird stupid soundin' voice in my head!" Leo took off back in the direction he came from, doing several cool tricks along the way. He would act like a teen boy going about his skating routine for a bit, before heading back home. He had something VERY important to do. It was a strange thing. It seemed that the Head Pedophile just... vaporized the earth on him, and used it to encase Dan while he was air. That was odd, he could have sworn... Don't worry about it kid. More timelines were made recently than in Zelda. ....What? Don't worry about it. Just get out of the marble. If Dan had tangible eyes, they would have rolled. Fine, he'd get out of it. All at once, the air inside the hollow earth rematerialized into a teenage boy. The small marble could not handle the sudden increase in mass, and shattered with half a second of resistance. Dan looked at the lot of them with immense disdain. They had tried to contain him in a small marble. Further, he sensed Leo not far off, along with the presence of a pedophile. And on top of all that, the unique Fiddler Diddler saw fit to encase him in a light cage. Just like with.... And that, was the thing that drove him over the edge. "Alright. Fine. No more games. No more tag. Whaddaya say we have some real fun-" Dan closed his eyes, and when he opened them, his irises had turned a crimson red. Dan's expression changed from barely contained anger and a Trickster's debonair expression, to.... something else. Faux Affably Evil would be a term for it. Though, if one looked and listened VERY closely, one would still hear the madness tucked inside him. "- Herr Diözese." Inside his mind, Dan was a bit confused. Genipperteinga hadn't donned a german accent before... Not since the first time he appeared to Dan. What could have triggered this version? He looked around. "Mm. Magic Mike und ze fair Fräulein are here as vell. How very convenient. Now I can slaughter ze lot of you all at once." He floated to the edge of the light cell, and tapped it with his knuckle. "Let me guess. You sink zat ZISS vould be enough to contain me? Ach, mein sveet, Summer childt-" He narrowed his look directly at Michael, and though his expression nor body language didn't change, Mikey would probably be able to feel the overwhelming malice emanating from... whoever this was now, as it was obviously not Dan. He opened his hand, and a blue wisp trail emanated from it, gathering in a point to His right. After about a second, something appeared. He had used conjuration magic to summon.... It occurred to both of them that Dan had yet to name these things. Oh well. A job for a later day. "-Nein." The conjured construct opened its maw, and fired a blue beam of highly concentrated mana, impacting the wall. It took but a moment, and that wall shattered. He dispelled the creation, and floated out, but did so taking steps, simulating walking on air. "I know zat Hollow said no killink in ziz sread, but to Hell vis Hollow's rules! Ze lot of you deserve to be killdt by me." His pupils dilated slightly. "Yes, Genipperteinga vill make you all into GLORIOUS art." He looked at Imogen next, addressing him specifically. "Und you. You haff been VERY naughty. Ve hadt MANY more cards ve couldt have played, but ve seem to have nearly run out of time. Zat, und the fact zat if ve continued, it vould just be you und Hollow auto-countering each ozzer vis constantly lengsening titles for it, until zere vere more alternate timelines zan in Doktor Who. Und by ze vay, I understand you are lookink for ze one who mutilated your man in ze Abbey und turned into a fine bit of bratvurst meat, ja?" He spread his arms wide, a gesture for 'Look at me!'. "Vell! Here I am! Und if I had sings MY vay, I vould have emptiedt your entire abbey! Unfortunately, Herr Palmer regainedt control before I couldt exterminate your Geistliche. But, zat doesn't mean I cannot start again, ja? You vere kindt enough to bring me many Geistliche to play vis, after all." As He spoke, all people present would feel the wind picking up to dangerous levels. The makings of a tempest. Roofs began to fall apart, weaker buildings began to move dangerously, and people who had any sense were running for cover. This, most likely, did not include the Pedo Lord, the Cougar Queen, and the Fiddler Diddlers. "Shall ve begin?"
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  4. Student is actually preferred, Rabbit is preoccupied going to Coth!
  5. Absolutely works. I actually just remembered you intended to use your Rabbit so if you want to that's still totally fair game, no pressure to use the student or anything
  6. That's okay. 👍 I think your post was great! There's definitely gonna be some funny/interesting moments and clashes between Aaric and Torie. 😛
  7. Despite not being in this thread, I've been following it closely. Great posting ya'll!
  8. Of course, Jun noticed the brawler staring at her while she attempted to discreetly eat. Lowering her eyes again, she set her chopsticks down suddenly not interested in eating anymore. Her brows were furrowed as she willed herself not to cry. It was embarrassing, being stared at as if there was something wrong with her. Akako-sama always told her to be proud of her lineage, but being watched like that was horribly uncomfortable. His name was Bishop she learned, but he was certainly no holy man. Jun knew men of the cloth and he couldn't possibly be one. Without lifting her gaze, Jun heard as another arrived, a woman from the sound of it. That was comforting; however, the falcon was concerned that she would also stare if she were to see beneath the cloth covering the vast majority of her face. With her hands in her lap, Jun worried the fabric of her kimono. Within her line of vision, the yokai noticed the other man from earlier offering her more calamari. Glancing up, Jun blinked rapidly at him and cocked her head to the side. Tobias. The corners of her eyes wrinkled as she nodded in thanks before squaring off her shoulders and lifting her chopsticks again. She tapped twice, lining up the sticks in her grip before plucking one of the offered pieces off her plate. As she chewed, Jun glanced at the woman that joined their party. She was very pretty. Jun glanced at her feathers that cascaded down her shoulders and nearly pouted. Hair would be nice. She could imagine brushing it and braiding it. Even Aiyoku had such pretty hair, though it was kept short which Jun always complained about.
  9. Well give me a character and I will. ibecause of course the more dangerous you are depends on who comes after you
  10. I would, I'd probably use my Academy Student instead of Rabbit if that works with you!
  11. Another short one from me today, sorry. It just seemed the logical place to go. I hope I made up for it by making two short posts in quick succession!
  12. Torie smiled with teeth, whiskers ears and eyes, placing a giant paw on the little lady’s shoulder as she went all glassy-eyed. “If you need help, I’m happy to help. I’ve never really been part of a group like this before. And I’m pretty good at talking my way out of violence. Or growling.” She put on a mock-aggressive expression, but only for a moment. Then she turned wary eyes on Aaric. “And anyway, it seems you’ll need someone to be the… moral compass of the group anyway. So long as we don’t take on any assassination missions, or missions which require us to harm others… let me rephrase – missions which require us to do more harm than good – then I’ll be happy to partake.” Torie sat back, and only then noticed the vacant look on Priscilla’s little face had persisted the whole time she had spoken. Torie waved her giant paw before the lady. “Hello? Anyone home? Err… did you hear any of that?” She looked to the other two as if to say, is this normal for people around here?
  13.  graduation is coming in 2 weeks 🙂

    Also prom but this no date this year 😕

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      Date or not, if you want to go, go.

  14. Nikki's brute strength was not yet overwhelming, but the muscles on her arms seemed to have gotten thicker over the course of their fight, and it seemed like she was getting even stronger with each second. That manic look in her eyes was at the height of its intensity, and if Arashi allowed it, Nikki would claw out her throat. "I'm... gonna... kill... you..." Nikki seemed to have completely lost it. Forcing Arashi against the wall, she began trying to wrap her hands around Arashi's neck to choke her out.
  15. [Coth: Dale Thimmick’s property] God would have to forgive Dale Thimmick for not kneeling in supplication, as his right hip would have put up a mighty protest and his knees would have cried out in pain. Yet he prayed, as any Cothite would have prayed in the face of the verdant flame. He paused long enough to try to catch Mythandriel’s arm before she rushed to the fence. "Miss, wait!" he exclaimed. "It’s God’s work, you can't just run in th--" She did not listen, and so he prayed for her. He prayed for the orcish man, as well. Though the green fire was a familiar sight to him, he had witnessed both the conflagration that consumed the old Gaian church and the raid on Coth. Fire could burn should it choose, and, in his eyes, it had chosen Ioreth, not her cousin or her amnesiac friend. Despite Mythandriel’s belief that the warhorse was inherently evil, he did nothing to harm Ioreth while they were trapped together in a circle of verdant flame. A supernatural dispassion supplanted his natural instincts—he did not rear up in a panic or bolt at the sight of the fire. His velvet soft muzzle gave Ioreth’s boot a nudge. She did not move. Careful to avoid crushing her limbs beneath the weight of his hooves, he walked closer to take in the scent of her hair. The orc entering their walled off sphere of isolation was inspected with an aloof detachment; his ears flicked and he shook his head, wholly unimpressed with the general excitement these two legged creatures demonstrated. As Ioreth was carried away, the fire faded to dull green embers. Her skin, normally cool to the touch, burned with a fever like wildfire, though she did not behave as though she were ill. Her breath was slow and shallow, barely perceptible by subtle rise and fall of her chest. “She’s as limp as a ragdoll,” muttered Thimmick after he came to the half-orc’s side. Worry clouded his eyes and etched lines in his brow. It was not the horsemaster’s duty to interpret signs, but apprehension twisted in his gut and he feared the meaning of the elven lady’s fragility. “She’ll be fine,” he said, loud enough for both Mythandriel and Zanzarog to hear. “She’s soon to wake, best get her inside and comfortable. Come on, love.” With a gentle hand reached out for Myth, he helped her over the fence and gave another pat on her shoulder. “There’s no need for tears. Do you want a hot drink? Your cousin told me you call tea ‘dirty leaf water’ and I’m inclined to agree.” Though he did not feel like smiling, he gave her a warm grin accompanied by a quiet laugh. “Have you ever had hot chocolate?” Thimmick and his two unmarried daughters lived a modest home of stone, one of the few that remained untouched during the raid, spare for Ioreth’s acquisition of the two finest horses he ever foaled. Upon entrance, it became clear that he had little interest in decoration. One of his daughters hung several examples of her clumsy needlework upon the walls, but the rest of his home was an unassuming place that still managed to be effused with a warm comfort. Only one small painting was on display, that of a woman with a stern face and soft spirals of black hair. Her name was engraved in frame: Gloria. A girl of fourteen with a similar head of dark curls popped her head out from around the doorway of the room she shared with her sister. Unlike her mother’s timeless expression of austerity, shock seized control of her features. “What happened? I thought I saw…” She let out a gasp at the sight of Lady Ioreth in the arms of a giant with tusks. “Who is he?” “Sabine, step aside. Let him in.” He cut off her protests with a single glare. “You can lay her down in there, Greyboy. How is her breathing?” While Sabine reluctantly emerged from her room, revealing a small area stuffed with a plush bed and covered with strewn fabrics and half-finished crochet work, Thimmick busied himself with lighting the wood burning stove in the kitchen area of his main room. The cellar had been attached to the house. After a quick trek downstairs, he returned with a glass bottle of fresh milk and a large bar of chocolate which he passed off to Sabine. “She gave this to us,” he said to Mythandriel with a nod towards his daughters’ room. “Bit of an apology, I think. I need someone to fetch the priest, and fast. I would it do myself, but I can’t get in a saddle like I used to. Do you know where his church is, Miss?” Ioreth wove through shadows and stumbled through ash. She felt as though she was near the center, as it was here, in this heart of activity where formless bodies scrambled at the accelerated speed of an incoherent dream that demanded her presence. She saw him, on horseback, his orcish blood impossible to miss despite the blur of his features and she reached out to grasp the reins, to alert him of his presence and of the dead she passed, but the earth opened with widened jaws and she was swallowed whole. Submerged in a sea of fire, Ioreth sank like a stone. It was Coth that spread beneath her, it was Coth that caught her fall. She landed on the top of the hill besides the ruined church. Lambent stars cast flickering shadows as the eyes that dwelled within their celestial bodies open and shut. A nameless sense of dread swept over her; the village below rested in a halcyon slumber, yet the air was too sluggish to breathe with its grave stillness. It was as if the world ceased to spin on its axis. She begged her legs to carry her weight as she struggled to her feet. The moment she stood, it began to rain. Birds with broken wings plummeted from the sky. They tumbled, helpless, songs snatched from their beaks. Gone was their lullaby. All dead, they crooned. Flashes of imagery seared her heart, that of sightless green eyes staring up at the sky. Their hands pulled at the hem of her dress, their fingers were tangled in her hair, and smoke filled her lungs. Where were you? a little voice asked. The stars were alight under their cover of storm clouds and Ioreth ran through grass like blades for the sanctuary of the church. It was not fire she found there. Ioreth awoke facedown in a spring of silver that was faintly illuminated like molten moonlight. She coughed and strained to rise against the weight on her back. It fell with a splash in the shallow water. An arm—it had to be an arm. The fingers of her left hand grazed against skin. Swaying and unsteady, she stood and began to tremble. Constans was at her right, the slightest wrinkle of his brow disrupting his expression of beatific serenity. One hand lay upon his heart, pale against his black clothing. Crimson stained his palm. Mythandriel was at her feet, curled up on her side like a sleeping fawn. Ashes did not suffocate her, water did not drown her, yet still Ioreth choked. And at her left… It had been Viscerex’s arm flung over her back. He, too, had fallen facedown. His loose black hair floated in the water, as dark as the pure night that surrounded the spring. Gone. All dead. Where had she been? “You always did subject yourself to heartbreak, unaeon oidhche.” It was the voice of adumbration, low and soft and hoarse, spoken from a thin blackened lips that peeled back into a cold grin as she whirled with her dagger in her hand. “And you let them tame you.” Long fingers, slender like her own, pushed the blade away from his chest. Marl Rhavon tilted his head down and examined his daughter with his remaining eye. His white hair, pulled back in a topknot, reflected the light of the pool and cast the sharp angles of his face in shadow. “Those are not your eyes, Ioreth. Why do you hide yourself?” With a whisper of raven’s feathers, he appeared above Mythandriel. Tall and gaunt, he knelt and pushed back strands of wet hair from her unmarked face. “And there she is,” he whispered. “No,” Ioreth snarled. She found her voice in the growl of a wolf, in thunder and heartbeats and blood. “Let her be.” “Let her live. You forget your strength.” He stood behind her once more, looming over her shoulder. “You stray from your Path. Now you see the price. Everything has its cost, does it not?” Ioreth did not realize that bitter tears singed a trail down her cheek until her father looked down at Viscerex. Dagger still in hand, she turned to watch him. Whatever he was searching for, an arched eyebrow and the suggestion of a frown indicated that he could not find it. “This one has no face.” Something in the distance caught his attention. When he glanced back at Ioreth, it was with restrained understanding. “Soon,” he said, “I will wake. Will you?” “How? I see no way out.” He smiled. Though the water only covered Ioreth and Marl’s ankles, the bodies that surrounded them began to sink. His cloak floated behind him as he stepped closer. Gently, he placed a hand beneath her chin to angle her head up so that her eyes met his own, and snapped her neck. Nearly two hours after falling unconscious in Dale Thimmick’s field, Ioreth awoke under his roof with a gasp. She clutched at her throat and shut her eyes tightly against the blinding brightness of the room. Although the curtains were drawn against the lazy glow of the afternoon sun, the sunshine was unbearable. A pained groan escaped from her lips. The hair gathered around her forehead was damp with sweat and it was too hot, too bright, too loud with the sounds of people stirring in the house. Dizzy, she sat up and burrowed her face in her hands, fighting against the urge to vomit on the floorboards. @Better Than Gore @Witches Brew @Vansin
  16. It had been a while since Merida had returned to the vineyard. It had been a week or so after her kidnapping, and she needed some time away from the Estate. She felt awful for neglecting her manger duties for so long, but nobody had pressed her about it. She hasn't seen Ampelos for some time either, she doubted he didn't even know what had happened, but that seemed far fetched, every Dali knew what happened. She felt the stares, even if she couldn't see them, she knew they were staring. She didn't tell anyone where she was going, which might have been a stupid idea, but the blind teenager needed some space. Space away from Greta, and space away from her mother. When her feet sunk into the sand on the island, she finally felt free. Stress lifted from her shoulders, and she didn't feel as heavy. A woman approached her to help her walk up the beach, looping an arm around her as she leaned into her cane, the breeze rolling through, disrupting the sand on the ground, and the short red curls on her head. "It's very nice to have you back, Lady Merida. I am so, so sorry to hear about what happened to you during-" Merida gave the woman a sharp look, and she quickly shut up. Merida sighed, and turned her head away. "I know you're sorry, and I very much appreciate that you were worried. But, I would prefer not to talk about what happened. I'm sure I have s-some work to catch up on?" She asked. "Of course my Lady, I'm sorry." The woman said, slightly ashamed she had brought it up. Merida let it slide, and they continued the walk in silence. As she entered her office, she pushed the door open, her left leg hurting horribly from walking so far. She used her cane as a guide, and once she located her chair, she collasped into it, finally grateful to get some pressure off of it. She hiked up her skirts a bit, and rubbed her thumbs deep into the bone, careful to avoid bandages and cuts. She let her skirts fall back, and she leaned back into her chair. "Alice, could you bring me some tea?" She asked, and she pulled herself towards her desk as she ran her fingers along the papers on her desk, feeling the raised ink on the paper where pens had pressed hard. She didn't need braille to read, but she couldn't trace letters if the pen wasn't pressed down into the paper hard enough. Sure enough, word of her return spread around the vineyard, with Alice at the head of it all. "Lady Merida is back, she's in the office. I for one, don't think it's time for her return. Why didn't she just appoint someone to act as manager until she recovered? According to her mother, she should still be in a wheelchair, but she's so stubborn, it's not like her." Alice said to a woman as they walked past the fields, tea cups in hand. "She's going to push herself too hard."
  17. I don't really HAVE a type of favorite magic system, being an Anime Head in all. F.M.A's Magic System of Give and Take was pretty dope to me. I follow my OWN Magic System; The Circle Of Wandering. ONce I compile my notes from the Flood from 2009, I'll post up the ENTIRE Magic System for DAICHONS, as many have kept asking about the KIND of Magic that the species can perform that is much different from the D & D Magicks and the Current Magical practices from say the Lore of Valucre itself. It's based on a "Piggyback" System, and is very, very, VERY complex. I haven't even INTRODUCED the Magic System for the Tulpas yet, let alone the Non-Linear Sand inside of the Hourglass of Conformance for the Blood Farmers. Benny
  18. "No?" Arashi said as she was kicked in the chest, rolling over and hitting the floor, landing on her side. The draconian was running out of energy fast after all, this might be one of the times she has to attack before she runs out. Struggling to get up, she was suddenly struck in the jaw, her helmet shattering. She went to go and grab Nikki's hand, trying to stop her from doing anymore damage.
  19. "I see no reason to refuse." Rabbit would have no idea how happy those words made her. She was elated that Rabbit wanted to visit Coth with her, and it didn't matter to her how she felt, or how strong she was, it was her mission from God. He sent her here, she knew it. Before he knew it she was up on her feet, her toes digging into the dirt. "Well, if you're ready to go, I am! But if you need a moment to prepare your things, I don't mind waiting." Eleanor said, releasing his hands. She clasped them together, and flipped her dark charcoal hair out of her eyes. This was all very exciting, just this morning she woke alongside her sister, swarmed by acolytes, and now she was deep in the forest, about to lead a bipedal rabbit back home. She never imagined something like this would happen today. Depending on his answer, she readied herself to go. She fished the hanky out of her sleeve, and dabbed the cloth at the corners of her mouth, before putting it back in it's place. She turned to face Rabbit, and she closed her cloak tighter around her. "Are you ready to go?" She asked him, and when he replied, they started on their way out of the forest. He asked her about Father Constans, and her face lit up. She adored Father Constans. The teenager simply adored him. "Father Constans is the Leader of Coth, but he isn't a ruler. He's one of God's prophets. I don't know much about how he came to Coth, but he can hear God speak, and he can speak directly to Him! He has a large pet snake, who is a real sweetheart. Bring him a rat and he'll lay on your lap for hours and flick his tongue across your fingers as he naps." She blushed as she thought of the Priest, and shook the thought away as he asked her yet another question. One about Elves. "Elves? Oh no, it's not officially an Elven village, but there are more of us there. My twin sister Isabelle is one, then there's Lady Ioreth. She's Father Constan's scribe. A real lady, more of a lady than those nobles elsewhere. She's a bit strange, but she's very kind. Sometimes she comes to the Temple and reads to the children. Then there's her cousin, Mythandriel. Aparentlly she's lived in the woods her whole life as a child, her parents were murdered, poor thing. Then she stumbles across Coth by chance and is reunited with her family. She's largely into plants and animals, and she has this large white elk with massive antlers! I don't know if you've ever seen one of those Elven Elks but she is masive!" Eleanor talked on and on about the elven residents of Coth, mentioning Draug, Ioreth's brother, and Tirkas, the strange elf who slept under trees a lot. "There are many elves in Coth, but most of the citizens are human. All very welcoming, I promise you!" Eleanor reassured him, and she stopped for a brief moment to catch her breath. "Do you have any other questions?" (OCC: Sorry this took so long! Work has been keeping me busy.)
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