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  2. What do you hate to see in a post?

    It's bad enough when all someone does is react, so not even doing that is basically relegating your character to scene-dressing, something only supported by fixation on your appearance. "I dunno how to feel feelings" is, as justifications go, asinine. You don't know how to throw fireballs either but I don't see that stopping anyone. Google that shit if you must. We all know we aren't master engineers and martial artist and Olympic fencers and wizards and gods, ffs. "Muh trauma leaves me unable to connect with people and grasp the scope of their pain" is about as valid an excuse as "I haven't studied fencing". That's the sort of lazy and/or ignorant tactic that wastes good tools. Not reacting can say something. Maybe you set those events in motion so this horrible tragedy is just the expected outcome of some master plan. Maybe it's your way of showing us that your character is a sociopath. Maybe it's a (heavy-handed, admittedly) way to show that something else is weighing heavier on your character's mind and even such a horrible tragedy can't reach him. Maybe he's drowning in self-pity and despair and has the gall to dismiss such a thing as equal or lesser to his own pain. Maybe he's convinced himself he dunt feel stuffs because he's buckled under the shitty hand he's been dealt. Maybe he isn't human. This is artistry, not the artistic sophistry I see clogging up the works.
  3. An Impending Doom

    She hummed, nodding her head as he listened. That meant that no one was particularly ride as she had previously thought. Good, because she didn't deal well with rudeness. Often times that left her feeling apprehensive. She tensed at the sudden angry aura that came from the bartender and was quick to snatch her cap from the counter. Placing it on top of her head, she moved away from the brawl that held an obvious disadvantage towards what she assumed was her new companion now. She gave an exasperated sigh, shaking her head. Though, she wasn't going to lie. This amused her a bit. Once the male--she really needed to get his name--was done getting beaten to a pulp, she approached him once more and rolled her eyes. "I see what you mean. I don't particularly blame them though." Her smile was teasing and she held her hand out to him. "Get up. I'll heal you in exchange for your name." She'd pull him up if he were to take her hand and offer him a smile.
  4. What do you hate to see in a post?

    I speak for myself: there is a big difference between having no emotions and showing no emotions. I deal with a bit of both. I don't connect on the same emotional plane as most other people. Some levels of emotions, I just don't experience. Excitement is one of them. Not on a sociopathic level, mind you, but where the general population experience highs and lows with various emotions, I usually sail in the middle. Furthermore, I may be completely capable of feeling something, but I may barely show it or not show it at all, which can trip people up. One line I typically hear all the time is "Smile more!" It can be frustrating. I'm not unhappy just because I'm not smiling. I'm usually in a pretty good mood. My lips just don't need to prove it. Where this connects in roleplay is that I'm more comfortable writing characters who share this same emotional plane as me. There's nothing wrong with projecting pieces of yourself into your character. Writers do it all the time. "The human heart in conflict with itself" is best written out by writing what you yourself have experienced. Personally, I have no preference with emotion archetypes for my characters. I have one character who is as giddy as can be and another who is equatable to a Roose Bolton complex (debatably sociopathic; that guy may have an entirely different disorder given his apparent total lack of emotions). Variation in personalities is one reason I have so many friggin' characters to begin with. Also helps me plug a character into a setting that would not really be ideal for another character. So one other problem I see with other roleplayers, then, is that they are far too limited with their characters, and character development. I'm not saying everyone should have 100 characters, or that it's wrong to have just one, but it's awkward seeing just that one character in every kind of setting, flying from one continent to the next in a single day, simply because of the threads on offer. To me, that's when the character becomes more of an 'avatar', an otherwise lifeless vessel for the roleplayer to enter the IC world, instead of an actual character to let loose and nudge along, controlled as much as observed by the writer.
  5. What do you hate to see in a post?

    Meh, to both of them, though I do concede that men with no hair can be attractive. The point I was making in my original post is that I don’t like seeing something described that very obviously should get any kind of reaction, be it emotional or otherwise, but it doesn’t. I’ll concede that Johnny is just a really stoic guy. Does he not feel the need to assist? Call the police? Get out of the way and save his own skin? No, Johnny treats seeing twenty murders the same way most of us would treat seeing a dry leaf roll across the street. Personally, I’d like to see some emotion, but at the very least he should have some reasonable response. Cake without frosting is sweet bread... Gimme frosting without cake!
  6. What do you hate to see in a post?

    I love ignorant grammatical errors. I'm indifferent to accidental grammatical errors. I can't stand willful grammatical errors, or the attempt to portray ignorant ones as such, as an aesthetic. Also, on the more important discussion going on here, cake without frosting is bread. Frosting without cake is some 3AM fridge-light-glistening-off-your-guilty-spoon shit. Bread is good and you can add things other than frosting to it, but scraping all the frosting off your cake because the frosting is thinner in some places than others doesn't turn it into something it isn't.
  7. An Impending Doom

    Ichi raised his brow. This was odd, but at the same time his adventure sense was tingling. She knew something he didn't, and that meant a possibility to face a challenge unlike anything he's faced before! But he shouldn't sound too eager, that may lead her to suspect he was wanting in on the quest she was on. And he dose. "Well, pretty much everyone here has been ok towards me, but nobody wants to help me out with a simple request. Nobody. Not a single person in this whole city." He said, gesturing to the heavens for effect. "I tell you, you'd sooner catch a golden snitch than you will someone who'll train you here." He said, now back to his normal state. The Ice guy, currently digging through some cabinets that can only be assumed to hold keys to the rooms, stops moving all of a sudden. Its almost as if it realized something. It turned around and walked over to Ichi with what seemed like an angry walk, extending his icy hand in an expecting motion. Ichi looked at the icy hand, then at the ice guys face. Hand. Face. Hand. Face. Face. Hand. He smiled a quick innocent smile before being pulled over the counter and beat up by the barman. Its a ball of ice vs humanity in the brawl of the century, only ichi is only defending. Not that his defense was at all good. The crowd loved it though. The barman left Ichi lying on the floor, knees to body face down, carrying his sword away with a satisfied strut. "See what I mean?" He said, looking up at her.
  8. Hunting the Shadow Stone (1x1 closed)

    Slatheok watched from the shadows and observed the entire situation. She saw in Icera's body language she felt uncomfortable around the stranger but was good enough to hide it to strangers since they didnt know her like Slatheok did. She saw however he didnt steal her horse what wouldnt work anyway since she refused to let anyone else on her back then herself. She saw Icera moving back to the entrance of the cave but standing with her hoof on her blade to protect it against the stranger. She then noticed that she had left it behind and forgot to take it with her. Shrugging she moved again closer from the shadows towards the entrance still not knowing what to expect. The rain made her vision less sharp but she still saw enough to judge the situation. Stopping before the clearing of the bush she had 2 options. Facing the stranger in lion form or in human form. Deciding she still didnt know what to expect she kept her distance noticing the stranger had set up something up when she was lost in her thoughts. ''Most likely to keep the wildlife at bay whatever it is.'' Deciding the time for stealth was over she roared for Icera to step aside. Knowing this has alerted the stranger by now she made herself ready in the bushes for an eventual confrontation though she decided to let him speak his story.
  9. T1 Spar: Sollie v. Karolina

    A minute or so past as the initial dirt filled wind developed into what could be viewed as a contained sandstorm1. When no attack or arrow found its way out of the sandstorm's area of effect, Karolina couldn't help but get curious. What was her opponent doing? Either she was biding her time to attack, or her wounds had been bad enough that the dirt and earth being whipped around by the powerful wind was her undoing. Another minute past and still nothing. Karolina released her hold on the rapidly increasing wind, allowing the storm to swiftly dissipate. It wasn't long before Karolina spotted Sollie laying on her back, seemingly broken but unwilling to surrender. If Karolina had kept the sandstorm going and used its full power, as had been her original plan, she probably would've killed the naked elf outright. Instead, however, Karolina decided the elf deserved an honorable death. The death of a warrior. Not many fighters could remain so fast in their beliefs even in the face of imminent death. Karolina approached Sollie, one step at a time, and drew the katana hanging from her left hip. "Stand and pick up your sword, warrior elf," Karolina commanded, acknowledging Sollie's warrior soul. "I won't be so cowardly as to take your life through asphyxiation." At ten feet from Sollie, Karolina stopped and waited. Sword at the ready. "Stand up and finish your life like a warrior."
  10. What do you hate to see in a post?

    Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham are gorgeous men. You get out of here with your bigotry! Anyway, I'm not debating the number of people that do or don't feel something. So much as I'm highlighting that it is hard to convey certain things if you seldom to never experience them. Additionally, I think there is a big difference between showing no emotions and having no emotions. We don't need to be privileged to all the internal workings of a character. I can be scared, have a brave face on, and no one would be the wiser. Cake without frosting is also superior. Good discussions.
  11. Hunting the Shadow Stone (1x1 closed)

    "Ouch, not used to fighting against a mage. Guess she used a vine to trip me up. Good move, but I don't give up that easy!" He said, springing up and looking around. She was gone. Had she noticed him? Had she know he was a great warrior and aknowleged that he could use the cave? It was still raining so he couldn't complain. He moved towards the cave and noticed a horse inside. Probably belonged to the warrior he saw earlier. The warriors code said never to steal, so he'd let the horse stay till she returned for it. Sure, he'd been travelling by foot his entire journey, a few times stowawaying to get across boarders, but mostly travelling the pilgrims way. He set himself down under the cover of rain and began to make a fire from the wet sticks he'd gathered. If there was one skill he'd learned in his time being a wanderer, it was how to live in the wild. The fire was started quickly, protected by the cave and some distance form the entrance. "Its a pity though. I would have loved to cross swords with a strong spellsword. I could learn something, huh horse buddy?" He said, talking to his new temporary companion.
  12. What do you hate to see in a post?

    I pinky promise I'm not offended! Just saying that studies and statistics show that being bald is not equivalent to lacking a huge advantage is all! I like the cake with no frosting example
  13. What do you hate to see in a post?

    Fine. 😜 I hereby formally apologize to all the chrome domes I offended. It was not my intention. I think that guy that played Lex on Smallville was really good looking, just to set the record straight. (In all seriousness though, I meant no offense) A better example... Trying to make a delicious sandwich with no condiments. Trying to bake a delicious cake with no frosting. Trying to grow a pretty tree with no leaves. Pick whichever one works for you.
  14. There needs to be a thumbs-up reaction
  15. An Impending Doom

    She was quick to avert her gaze as soon as he had placed his patch back. She didn't mean to offend the other with her reaction, she was merely surprised at the sight. He didn't seem like something out of the ordinary from behind, so the sight really surprised her. Though she was quick to snap out of her thoughts, shooting a small, kind smile at the two males. "I would like to request a room, if it isn't much of a hassle." Her voice was leveled as she spoke to the bartender, taking a seat beside the male she found quite interesting. Turning her attention towards him, humming a bit. "I've heard this place harbors interesting magic and had come to take a look at it myself. Though if what you're saying is true, then I suppose I have my work cut out for me." She reached over for her staff, keeping it near her as if she was making sure no one even came near it. And honestly, that was what she was doing. She was still feeling a bit uneasy about the whole place. She didn't know if it was safe to point it out or not that there was something going on with the place, too unless she could fully trust her fellow human. "So far, are we the only humans in this place?" She lowered her voice, as if it was going to prevent eavesdroppers from catching wind of her words. She doubts it. "Or is there something I'm missing since I haven't seen anyone else of our kind."
  16. What do you hate to see in a post?

    Studies in the past year (probably more but that's all I've read) show that cleanly bald people (the study focused on men actually), vs bald people with scruff, are taken as more intelligent and dominant than people with hairy hair I reject your faulty example and demand, demand I say, a more accurate one to support your position /speaks bald to power
  17. Today
  18. What do you hate to see in a post?

    I’d have to argue that you are probably the exception rather than the rule. I’ve seen stats that claim 80-90% of people will go into a state of panic in an emergency. Even if that is really high, and only half will panic, that leaves the other fifty percent divided up between those that would scream and act at the same time, those that would laugh, those that would simply show surprise... I have to imagine that the number of people that would literally show no reaction whatsoever is very very low, making it an implausible thing at best. I don’t doubt for a second that some people can write a character that shows very little emotion and make him/her interesting, but it’s like trying to make a bald person good looking... Its entirely possible (no offense bald people, I’m sure you’re beautiful) but they’re missing a huge advantage that most people have.
  19. An Impending Doom

    Ichi was finally here, the city of every race place! A land where he could learn the battle styles of nearly every kind of race, and then specialize his Ichi-style swordsmanship into a flawless style that no foe can match. This opportunity was rare, he knew he wouldn't find another place like this in his travels again for a long time. Maybe a lizard guy could teach him the proper way to grow back a limb with magic, or a way to breathe underwater forever? The possibilities were endless! If only he had some capacity for magic though... He slugged back another drink, remembering why he'd come to the bar. He'd failed in finding ANYONE to teach him their magical ways or fighting techniques. Everybody has to be secretive, huh? Apprentices are a thing of the past. He was so hyped for this trip, and now he finds that nobody wants a human apprentice who possess no magical aptitude. Yep. No magical aptitude. None. The tiny bit of magic that enters his system from some outside source instantly disappears somehow. It's not like he is immune to magic, but if becomes his own in any way it disappears. Now he drinks his disappointment away. "Where's the bartender?" Someone asked him. He turned to look at the offender, who took immediate notice of his eye-hole. That was strange, he thought this place was devoid of judgement for physical appearances. Then again, its not every day you see black mist coming from someone's eye hole. Maybe she was from out of town? He quickly put his patch back on over the peeper and called for the bartender. "JOE! Lady here wants you for a minute." he said, a small smile on his face. The joke told itself. The bartender came out with a glass, polishing it calmly and looked over the lady in silence. It was apparent that this guy was not a talker. He was also made of Ice, so it made sense. "So, what brings you to town? People here aren't exactly friendly to us humans you know." Ichi said with a tinge of bitterness, taking another swig. The stuff he was drinking looked like it had whole plants in it.
  20. Come at me...

    Yup, do it. I’m not even scared! I’m a little scared. 😨
  21. Flower Festival - Port Caelum [Interest Check]

    Absolutely no rush. 🖤
  22. The Calling

    A deep silence washed over Akaru for only a moment. He watched her as she spoke and faded into thought and spoke again. He smiled to her and nodded as she spoke. While she spoke and paid no attention to what he was doing, Akaru simply wrapped her and himself, engulfing them both in dark twisted tendrils. They wrapped about the two beings and blotted out any light that could reach them. In a moment, the tentacles that wrapped about them then dispersed and faded away completely. A moment before, they were in the Desert, surrounded by ruins and ageless black sand. Now, they stood atop a mountain, overlooking the sea. He looked to her and smiled. "I am sure the view is much more preferred from here than from that pit where we stood moments ago." Silence again befell him as his eyes scanned out to the horizon, where the Sea met the Sky. Eons had gone by since his kin had been seen or heard of. The legacy had died and all the remaining Darkfires were scattered in the wind. Even though he was now bound to this woman, he made a silent vow to track down and locate each remaining Darkfire, if any remained at all. In that short moment, a darkness formed behind Akaru. It latched on to his shoulders and ribs with sharp talons. Sinking into his form as if becoming a part of him. The darkness began to take shape. Like the back of a dragon, wings emerged and spread wide, shuttering and shaking from it the remaining miasma; like dried powder being blown from a smooth surface. The wings flapped two times, pushing forth winds forged with great power. After that, they wrapped around him and molded themselves to his form to then resemble a long black coat of the sorts. "Why infect when you can conquer?" Before them was the Sea and the horizon. Behind them, up the ridge to the peak where they stood, shadows emerged from the ground to take the shape of fully clad warriors. There must have been tens of thousands as by just one glance, it looked as if the mountain and the plateau below was blanketed in darkness. As they all formed simultaneously, they also all took a knee and bowed before Myrlande.
  23. Flower Festival - Port Caelum [Interest Check]

    I will be posting tonight. Sorry for the delay. I work long hours, have a toddler, and obligations that come before writing.
  24. Hunting the Shadow Stone (1x1 closed)

    Slatheok had closed her eyes for an bit when she heard Icera make some noise. She opened her eyes to see her horse when she saw she was looking into the distance. She motioned for her horse to go inside and stay put. She looked into the distance and saw something lying on the ground. Not knowing what to expect she thought what to do. ''Should I approach whatever it is as I am now or should I take on the form of one of my forms to be safe.'' She said to herself. Knowing not what to expect she closed her eyes and focused her energy till she felt the energy of her lion like form. She jumped into the air, quickly taking on the form of the lion with the spikes on the back and landed on all fours. She felt some pride and looked again at the figure on the ground and approached the figure slowly but surely. She however took towards the bushes before being seen and moved around in the bushes looking for a spot to see it up close while being hidden.
  25. Talia; The Island Cannot Linger Neutrality Any Longer

    Trevor chuckled to his response. Suuure that was the case. No. He was probably a demon, a summoner or something. He didnt care. Ethan seemed decent enough. "I don't care if you tag along. I can take care of this myself. I know you care Ethan. Youre just making excuses on why to come. Maybe for us, maybe you're just trying to convince yourself. Either way, it makes no difference what you do and what you are. You're both welcome to help, but I'd be fine if you didn't. Don't get me wrong, I like the company, but still."
  26. What are you playing?

    Very soon. Very soon, I will possess God of War 4. I will have it, and it will be mine.
  27. We Are All Mad Here

    Lucas smiled. "Okay! In case you die, my name's Lucas!" Lucas grinned. This guy seemed like a decent adult. He wasn't going to reveal who he really was yet though. Even though he was pretty sure he accidentally did that at the tavern... oops. With a big smile, Lucas ran inside the tower. His S.P.I.C.E.R. was out and ready to melt bad guys' faces. He had been bored for several hours now, he was ready for some action. Lucas covered all the corners and checked above. Nothing on the first floor. He covered the staircase and found that it too was clear. He then decided to wait on Oh Ryan before going further.
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