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  2. Love is a two faced coin, is it not? And one face is surely betrayal. You know it's true that no one will admit that love is never equal? And in its inequality lies its fragility, or the one who is loved less will one day find that love tastes like ashes.

  3. *5 minutes later* "Ugh..." Keto mutters. Against her expectations, she is having quite a difficult time with the queen. Despite the giant body queen moves very quickly around the beams and rafters and can jump almost as fast as her kids. Who could have expected something of that size to be so fast? Queen climbs up the rafter and then leaps towards Keto who has to avoid so she would not get crushed. With little ones Keto could have waited and then crushed them, but do that with a spider that probably weights over 100 kilos. Even Shield Stance is not guaranteed to help Keto since she can still get pushed down. Keto draws her kitchen knife and runs towards the queen and strikes to destroy the head. However, queen quickly leaps aside and then leaps towards Keto slamming her with the massive body. Keto flies into a beam under that force and breaks the beam. "Ugh... Who's gonna pay for that...?" Keto asks rhetorically. Bet owners will make her pay despite the fact that she is risking her life jumping up there and killing cat-to-horse-sized spiders. Other spiders quickly run up the rafters and three of them jump on Keto who is barely making sure she does not fall off. They sink their teeth into her left biceps, back and left thigh. Keto squeals in pain and jumps up and purposely falls down on the beam with her back squashing one spider. She quickly stabs the remaining two spiders and stands up. By the time she realizes what is going on queen spider is already preparing to make another leap. Keto looks left and right, but there is no good spot to jump to without being exposed to more attacks. Queen leaps towards her and Keto jumps on another beam and then just continues jumping from one to another until she finds herself in the middle of the construction. Jumping is a bit more difficult now with that annoying pain in her body from spiders' bites. And worst of all, she notices a few more spiders incoming from the sides. "Oh, Jesus Christ on a bike..."
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  5. There was no point dressing modestly for a place like the Rusted Corsair, unless one was willing to dress like a beggar but to make oneself look so vulnerable was asking for trouble. So Petronella dressed as immodestly as her usually modest brain would allow. And it worked. Oh, of course her outfit drew all sorts of whistles and cat calls, but to have everyone staring at you meant that they were the ones more likely to be robbed. Personally, Petronella thought her body left much to be desired. Her incredibly large bosom was something she usually hid under scarves and laces and caused her large amounts of discomfort, even pain. But everyone else seemed to appreciate them just fine when she revealed only half of them. With as much grace as she could muster Petra swayed her way up to the bar, where a large man with bulging muscles in his arms offered her free drinks for the night, for nothing more than being the most beautiful woman in the Rusty Corsair. She was sure she wasn't, unless one had only one criteria (or two), but she took the drink anyway and scanned the crowd, finding a woman at one table who had shown nary an interest in the whole affair. Petra sat herself down opposite the raven haired lady, spying with her spirit eye the men behind her, if only to enjoy the look of disappoint on their faces that she had not chosen to sit with one of them. "Hello," she said, smiling genuinely this time with a broad mouth and generous lips. "My name's Petra. Please forgive rhe outfit. I dont always dress like this. You don't know me but I've heard rumours you're after something I too seek. And you might actually have the means to get it. Is it true? Do you know how to find the Cintamani Stone?"
  6. It takes a minute or two, but Keto reaches her destination. It is the right place- temperature is much higher here and disgusting smell fills Keto's nostrils. Beams become sticky to walk on- this must have been oozing out of those monsters' queen. "Eww..." Keto mutters. She makes a few steps forward into the darkness and loud sound of scratching catches her attention. Slowly, from the darkness, giant insect legs emerge and, soon, the rest of the body. And guess what hot supermodel it is. A giant freaking spider. Big surprise, yes, but wait, there is MORE. This spider is not as big as a cat- it's gargantuan, like a giant dog or a smaller horse. It's the queen. If that lovely lady bites you she can tear off your entire arm. And her webs must be stronger than of her 'cute' little kids. "You're a big one, aren't ya? Oh, you're gonna pop so nice." Keto says in a dark tone and smiles. She then takes her little bottle and takes one good sip. She puts it back in the pocket. "Alright... LET'S DANCE!!" Keto yells and leaps forward at the spider queen to smash her head into bits.
  7. Spider queen should not be too far now. Little by little, Keto has been climbing, jumping from one beam to another. This quest mainly consists of jumping and climbing rather than fighting the spiders. Quite a workout, but Keto is not complaining. She is more-or-less used to such activity thanks to all the treasure-hunting she has been doing over the past 6 years. All this jumping around and dealing with creepy crawlies is a regular Monday for her. And also, the more advantage enemy has the more satisfying is the victory. If a bunch of ugly spiders got the best of Keto she would throw herself off the bridge. A few spiders make their way up, but Keto takes her time with them. She gets them one by one; some being squashed, some being stabbed with the kitchen knife. Ultimately, she racks up the score of 12-13 spiders and paints the beams with their insides. "Aww, damn... the owners are gonna force me to clean this up, too." She complains. Sounds of crawling stop completely. So that leaves Keto with one more mission- kill the mother of pests.
  8. While Keto is handling one spider other one seizes the opportunity to attack. It jumps at Keto aiming to bite her face. Keto reacts quick enough and blocks the spider with her left arm, but spider still remains attached. It starts crawling around Keto's arm to quickly find a spot it can bite into. Keto reaches for a small sheathe on her back with her right hand and pulls out a sharp-looking kitchen knife. Spider produces long strings of silky web and binds Keto's left arm completely. Bind is too strong to resist and Keto's left arm becomes unusable. Spider continues to make webs binding her elbow and coming close to the shoulder and face. "Not today!!" Keto yells angrily and rams the kitchen knife right into spider's head making it fall off. She then throws spider on the ground squashing it with her foot. Other spiders have been knocked down a minute ago and they do not seem to be coming back. Perhaps they're still climbing up or perhaps they gave up? No point in staying here to find out. The sooner the queen is killed the better. Keto cuts webs off with the knife, sheathes it and jumps up grabbing onto a beam. She then climbs up further to look for the spider queen.
  9. Very helpful<. <. Do other people's souls count if your character can steal them? And I meant in character. Like, if my character wants to go down to the market and buy a meat pie. What does she pay with?
  10. The beginning is up and ready guys :)
  11. Cintamani stone Artemis stepped onto The Rusted Corsair, the sorceress rarely visiting such places such as this. However this is where she stood. Instead of lingering in the entrance the female walked to the bar, ordering something mildly alcoholic. Taking a seat in a dingy corner she pulled away the black hood from her head, allowing her raven dark hair to fall over her shoulders. Her gloved hands wrapped themselves around her tankard. What a sorceress was doing in a tavern she could not quite say herself, having been wandering aimlessly for a while. She remembered little of her time before coming here, and it was a time she didn't want to remember as such. For now she only focused on how or when she could track down a relic. The Cintamani Stone. Artemis had heard of this stone through various sources and the offer of what it gave was too much to resist. The female did not wish for gold, nor to be more powerful, for a lovely estate, she hoped and desired to restore fertility. After discovering her magical qualities she quickly discovered she could not bear children, the same went for every sorceress she came across. A few years after honing her skills she met a man, they had loved, quarrelled but could never move their relationship forward, with no family to begin. The man was later killed in a battle and Artemis had quickly moved from location to location. So by her travels she found a means in which to restore her fertility, however, after realising the journey she would have yet to make she realised she would need more than her magical qualities, she needed someone who was confident in keeping monsters at bay, some simple ruffians perhaps. And whatever such the place to find such people she needed for her journey to come, the Port of Veelos.
  12. Kasai and I haven't been able to work out a time slot. What would you like us to do in this case?
  13. 𝕋̲𝕙𝕖 ℍ̲𝕒π•₯π•₯𝕖𝕣 π•­Μ…π–†Μ…π–˜Μ…π–ŽΜ…π–ˆΜ…π–˜Μ… Alias: The Hatter Alignment: Neutral Good Race: Human Marital Status: Single; not looking Gender: Male Age: 30 (appearance) Role: Warlock π•»Μ²π–Μ²π–žΜ²π–˜Μ²π–ŽΜ²π–ˆΜ²π–†Μ²π–‘Μ² Voice: low, slightly gruff. Eyes: brown normally; red when using contract magic; other colours according to spells Height: β‰ˆ175cm (5'7) Weight: Build: Hair: black, around shoulder length, usually dishevelled Tattoos/markings: curling, exquisitely detailed markings on right arm; aggressive, slashing markings on left arm; detailed 'collar' around neck; looping symbol right below the throat π•ΈΜ²π–ŠΜ²π–“Μ²π–™Μ²π–†Μ²π–‘Μ² Demeanor: Blunt, practical. Not very energetic. Hopes: Fears: Likes: meat, creatures Dislikes: sweets, babies π•³Μ…π–ŽΜ…π–˜Μ…π–™Μ…π–”Μ…π–—Μ…π–žΜ… π•΄Μ…π–“Μ…π–›Μ…π–ŠΜ…π–“Μ…π–™Μ…π–”Μ…π–—Μ…π–žΜ… -Hat: weathered and patched, it's a typical "witch hat" with a pointed end. Curiously enough, an almost childish blue ribbon is tied around it, standing out against the worn hat itself. The Hatter is rarely - if ever - seen without it. π•―Μ²π–ŠΜ²π–’Μ²π–”Μ²π–“Μ²π–˜Μ² The Hatter gains power through contracts with demon-like beings/demons, sacrificing something of his own in return for their power. Having given each demon a 'name', the Hatter is able to make use of their abilities and powers by either calling their names or - when more power is necessary - chanting their invocations. [STRENGTHS] [WEAKNESSES] [SKILLS]
  14. You sell pieces of your soul to the board leaders for goodies. It's a global soul trading market. 😈😈😈
  15. Hello all! Where can I read up about the currencies used by Valucreans? Is it the generic gold/silver/copper coin system or does each country have its own? I tried searching for currency or money but couldn't find any threads about it.
  16. Welcome! I've only been here for a week or two but so far I haven't ran into any problems. Just nice people, and the occasional nice people who disappear without a trace:). Hope you feel at home quickly!
  17. I'm up way past my bed time- night guys!
  18. Wincing at the sudden transition from the dimly-lit tavern to the bright outdoors, the Hatter turns to Aalara as she joins him. He gestures towards the well-worn path before them, movements limited due to the dwarf currently slung over his shoulder. "The bear has been reported to appear a few miles off the left of the main road, so I think we might as well follow the road until we're almost there. No use trudging through forest slowly if we can take a shortcut. Aalara, since I'm assuming you've gained some experience tracking animals during your travels, be ready to start looking for signs when we enter the forest. The dwarf's strength will also be handy when he wakes up. Any objections?" He blinked, wondering if there was anything he had missed. His hat was almost quivering on top of his head, the demons within thirsting for a fight. "Calm down, you guys. I'd rather not use you, since we need the bear's pelt." the Hatter mutters, flicking the hat lightly. The ribbon twitches petulantly, but the hat stops shifting about. @Valkyrie19 @Mr. Who
  19. The idea is being worked on and is in progress, there won't be a group thread until the plot is more developed.
  20. Nara let out a whimper when Azure told her to chase after Greed. She didn't want to leave Azure behind, but at the same time Greed was getting away at alarming rates. Finally, Nara turned and planted a firm kiss on Azure's cheek "I'll be back, don't die on me! I still need you!" Nara said. She would then turn and break into a sprint down the path. Jumping over most of the obstacles in her way, Nara was able to quickly catch up with Greed before he got too far away from her. He talked about how bad he wanted her, but then he tried to get away from them. What exactly was this man trying to do? If Greed continued to walk down the path, he would find several thorny like vines in the way. They almost created a wall completely made of vines. Nara was only a few feet away now, ready to attack. "What are doing? Why are you running? Scared of a girl like me?" Nara asked, getting ready to send out a large stream of water. Now that Greed was possessing electrical abilities, water was definitely going to a disadvantage towards him. Nara wasn't focused on killing him or knocking him unconscious, she was focused on stalling just enough for Azure to catch up with her.
  21. Indeed, you are! Or are you? Maybe you're just near, not here?
  22. open

    Aalara laughs watching Gunder slung over Hatter's shoulder. "Ready when you are." She said, more enthusiastically than was needed. Her voice cracked with nervousness and she blushed. Picking up her bag and ensuring Pax was with her, she follwed Hatter out of the tavern, door slamming behind them. @Ravencrow @Mr. Who
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    Glancing at the still slumbering dwarf, the Hatter sighs. "It can't be helped." Reaching over, he lifts the dwarf into a fireman carry on his shoulder, grunting at the unexpected weight of the small being. "It's not ideal, but we do need to get a move on if we're going to finish this quest in a reasonable time frame. Since you're awake Aalara, we can get going." Pausing just long enough to make sure Aalara is ready to follow him, the Hatter strides purposefully out of the tavern door, holding it open for Aalara to pass through behind him. @Valkyrie19 @Mr. Who ((i'd say one more post and then we'll change threads?))
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    Aalara stirred at the sound of Hatter's voice and she sat up, rubbing her eyes and stretching her eyes above her head. "Is that the information?" She asked, glancing at the poster on the table. Pax jumped over the the water glass and started cleaning he feathers. "Make sure you're handsome for the bear!" Aalara giggled. She felt the familiar feeling of excitement and a little fear well up in her stomach as she stared at the request. Hopefully everything goes well she thought, tapping her pen on the table. @Ravencrow @Mr. Who
  25. posted sorry about the wait
  26. as the group made their way across the city lin'kasra couldn't help but take in the sights, and smells of the city, it had been a long time since he had been inside city walls, the long nights traveling to small towns and inns had grown on him. seeing shiel descend the ladder lin'kasra felt a twinge of excitement growing, "ay, if i die down here have a drink for me syr will you?' taking it upon himself to go next, his sword in one hand and his painted kite shield at the ready. as he lowered himself down he felt just how steep this passage was, going very slowly to not loose his balance. as his feet touched the ground he spotted shiel, giving a small whistle and said " i hope no one is afraid of cramped spaces" giving a chuckle and shouting up, "next person ready? all clear down here" keeping his long sword ready in case of an ambush.
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