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  2. "My only objection is: how do we know the bandits won't backstab us as soon as we drive off Byrn?" "Amber's right. We could turn the tide for the bandits... but come on, bandits. They don't exactly play fair to begin with." Mason paused. "I'll position our cannon at the rear, facing both Byrn and the bandits. That way if things turn south I can start sending shells towards the bandits with minor adjustments of fire. Just... be aware of the shell fire. They're called High Explosive shells for a reason, and indirect fire takes some time between firing and impact." Mason rode with Amber and Eve, Amber keeping lookout, and Eve manning the machine gun for now. "I'm so jealous of Madon... he's going to be tangling with the Ebon Knight... if only there weren't so many people around..."
  3. "You may be on to something here, Tolok." Madon stepped forward, looking around at the group. "Mason, your ambush plan is a good one. However, it would require precise execution, allowing the bandits to return to their hideout but blocking the entrance before the Byrn troops, most likely in close pursuit, get in themselves. And with the Ebon Knight about, whatever fortifications they have won't hold up long. A lot of potential for everything to go wrong..." He looked over towards the skirmish with a frown. "Somehow, both forces are equally matched. We need to act before the balance of power swings, in any case. And with Tolok's plan, we'll be the ones causing the power to swing in the bandits' direction. As much as I loathe the thought of fighting alongside bandits, we share a common enemy in the Byrn troops. It should be enough to get a truce with them, and we can work out the finer details after we've driven the Byrn troops away." He looked around for a moment. "So, unless there's any objections, amendments, or further ideas... Let's get to it. Tolok, Wymp, you're with me. Tolok, as you said, use the wall of fire to separate us from the Byrn troops and give me a chance to speak to the bandit leader. Wymp, you might need to use Arbalest in order to intimidate the bandits. Try not to kill them, we need them for the time being." He looked back toward the others. "The rest of you? Make your way and get in position to strike at the flank and rear of the Byrn troops. Tolok will send a fireball into the air once the bandits' attack begins, that's your signal to strike. It should be enough. And leave the Ebon Knight to me, he may prove too strong of a foe for the rest of you. Not to demean your skills, of course."
  4. What was it she truly desired Was she even aware of such herself? He denied himself the ability to ask her at this moment in time as he instead continued to observe. Ultimately he didn't care what that answer was. He'd made his mind up by now on where he stood, and he'd continue to stand firmly until he couldn't any longer. Though of course he still had some amount of responsibility keeping him from committing the whole of his attention on his heart. His youngest, and hopefully final born child. When the fawn entered to serve her master, Xartia found himself entranced for a moment by her unique beauty. Most of the yokai in her company, much like herself, often appeared in such uncanny attractive ways that he pondered over why anyone would ever see fit to brand her kind as monsters. Anybody was a monster when they had to be, or when they chose to be for that matter. As Akako's words speech completed, his emerald gaze settled back onto her. "Trust, I'd never doubt you. I simply prefer to be aware of things along the way. Just in case." He waited to see if he'd be offered anything to drink before taking it upon himself to procure a glass even out of thin air if he had to. "In the meantime, I should warn that The Khaliq grows homesick. It seems he also has a growing sense of responsibility for his people. I'm still not quite sure what to make of it all. All I know is that other than myself, it appears there is no Scarlet Council, which is likely why I haven't heard about any sort of punishment for your coup. No Queen, no Council, no leadership. It's a wonder that the Keep has remained untouched by it's neighbors and enemies, then again, they do have the Order or Force in the backyard. None the less, I fear an excursion back to the Keep is on the horizon. Perhaps if you speak to him, he'd more easily speak his mind on the subject." Being born of his circumstances, it was easy for the young, gifted Psion to be told he had no real ties to the Court by birthright. Though it seemed that the Bastard Prince didn't seem to grasp the concept fully. That or he simply didn't care. Either way, his return to PK could go one of many ways; And his choices of what to do once he returned could go many ways more. Xartia could only hope that it wouldn't adversely effect any immediately involved parties. As the only last standing vessel of the Scarlet Region's Court, it was on his shoulders to keep everyone safe while negotiating the best potential future of the region. All responsibilities he was ready to just wash his hands of, and yet Akako had to inform him that his son had needed him in the first place. @Akako Akari
  5. @Zigzag Krishera sheathed her sword as the group dispersed. She was a newer edition to the Shields and found them interesting characters. Phillip seemed a decent man to be a leader. The others seemed to regard him with respect as well. Krishera wondered how well she’d be able to trust her new comrades. For she had a very interesting gift/ability. On her back were tattooed wings. The ability of the tattoos were they could emerge from her back as full fledged wings. She hid the tattoos well under her tunics and swords.
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  7. Between being stood up last round and being unable to get that sweet ass bike started, it was same to say that Bishop was in a pretty sour mood. He almost didn't care whom he fought this round so long as they showed up for their ass whooping. With the tournament's current restrictions, Bishop widely remained unaffected by large. When he arrived on the scene, once again topless, his left taped fist was already equipped with one of his wretched spiked cestus. In his right hand he carried his morning star. As per last round, he was just as willing to forgo weapons altogether and commit to using nothing more than them hands. His cleat boots audibly clicked against the concrete with each stepped, mildly echoing as he paced the aisle between the pews. He stopped before the alter, and beyond it a grandiose statue. Placing a lho stick twixt his lips, the Russian Meta struck a zippo and held it's flame up to the opposing end. With a reassuring drag, he inhaled deeply, exhaling in a mild sigh as his blue hazel eyes settled upon the statue. @Die Shize
  8. FYI I deleted those mistake posts in that kidnap thread 

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  10. Lay your blouse across the chair Let fall the flowers From your hair And kiss me With that country mouth So plain Outside the rain is tapping On the leaves To me it sounds like They're applauding us The quiet love We've made Will I always feel this way So empty So estranged?
  11. Whether or not she'd heard or registered that the dragon hybrid was speaking to her, Mikazuki made no outward indication of being disturbed. That is, until her ears twitched at the sound of a blade being drawn. Even with this loud and confined environment, her keen senses picked up on the familiar sound as one adept in the ways of the blade herself. Only an intermediate study, yet talented and a ahead of the curve as far a skill and technique was concerned for her age and rank. That was why she wore the black robe with red trim, that was why she had been recruited into the Akatsukizukuyo personally. Regardless of the outcome of the strike, by the time it'd finished, she was standing, facing them head on as her left hand grasped the top portion of her own sheath, to her left hip. Out of a pair, it was the one respective to her Katana, the longer of the two. She'd never seen the likes of such before, but whatever that blade was, it was one that wrought power. Dominance. This was enough for her to remain still and silent as the exchange concluded one way or another.
  12. @Csl Nilan squeaked in surprise when Cadriel pulled her to her feet. The Advisor’s cold gaze landed on her. She closed her emerald eyes and sucked in a breath. There will be no fighting in the Tavern." Night said,matter-of-fact. Nilan watched in complete awe as Night unleashed a shadow that encircled the sword and somehow transported it. "Now. Either you stop quivering like a leaf and tell me what you can about your situation with these knights, and a king I've never heard of - gods, is there even a king here? The Tavern is in the middle of nowhere - or, I'll shuffle you off to some paradise of your choosing." He paused, cocking his head. "Or, a third option would be Night beating the living daylights of those knights if they refuse to cooperate and start waving around those swords." He grinned. "That'll be fun to see, for sure." A sudden guttural sound issued from Nilan’s throat. Nilan straightened up, revealing her full self after cowering from hiding. She made the sound again, a deep laugh. She cocked an eyebrow at Cadriel. ”I choose option three,” Nilan said in a low voice. The Advisor was still standing in the threshold glaring at Night. The Knights stood their ground, unwatered by the show of witchcraft. The Advisor gave an audible growl and rolled his scroll to place it in his satchel. ”That commoner is, by order of king, sentenced to death. If you do so to engage with her escape, you will have the same fate.”
  13. It had been after a visit to multiple stores that the misunderstood and beautiful woman cloaked in the nearby Dauner's robe chanced upon Eywyn. It was common knowledge that he flaunted himself around these parts, so in hindsight one would realize it was only ever a matter of time. The beautiful woman's eyes gleamed as Dauner caught her spinning form. Instead of settling there, letting any pretty moment happen, she kept rotating out of his grasp and landed on one knee and one high heel. Dauner's jacket, large on her slim body, flapped to the side. Fine, if you will not help then I will do it myself. Her wicked mind, her wicked eyes, honed in on the pesky Eywyn— the pesky Eywyn who stood between her and what she wanted: his near infamous suit 'the Glauzer.' Eywyn Donnel was son of one of the highest nobles in Shrine City with an affinity for battle suits. The Glauzer had been on national broadcasts multiple times in the last couple years, and someone had taken notice. The beautiful woman was here to collect from Eywyn Donnel. Dauner and Gozen absconded after remarking on the lady's clumsiness, undoubtedly in search of more meat. It was probably better they didn't see what was about to happen. Daggers in her iris honed upon the defenseless Eywyn as a space in time around them seemed to omit all else besides them. Eywyn's body shuddered at her glare, fearing for his life, knowing he needed the Glauzer now; and not just for show. He needed the Glauzer, or he was going to die. Two things happened at the exact same time. Eywyn the show-pony quickdrew the signaling device for his Glauzer and the beautiful lady launched toward him. From such a stance, with such a frame, in such shoes, she lanced forward with unnatural and unbelievable speed. But the Glauzer was faster. From the very ground upon which Eywyn stood, a cacophony of exotic metals and thick, coiling, golden cables erupted. The unnatural, beautiful woman's right fist rocketed through the jagged, rising spires and pummeled into Eywyn's face just before the suit could envelope him. She blew the coward right out of his suit's reaching arms. As he flew, the suit wretched to a stop, frozen in its processes as his scrambled brain fought back from the edge of concussion. Meanwhile the rising suit chopped brutally into the beautiful woman's arm, straight into the bone but not through it. Yelping in terror at her own actions, falling back, the beautiful lady found herself on her ass looking up at the giant, unmanned Glauser. Skidded to a halt about ten feet behind it was its pilot. She exhaled a breath of relief, cradling her badly injured arm in her lap. That was when the Glauzer's golden eyes illuminated and its monstrous arms came reaching for her.
  14. 🤔 I usually use it as an overarching plot which carries through multiple threads. However since most of my pcs have good stock knowledge, they would most likely practice the new stuff during their free time.
  15. Passion is lacking in the simplicity of the words initially spoken. Heavy with a somberness not experienced by this traveler in ages. This causes them to rise from the edge of ashes and take a look at what is being expressed and exposed to them. Perhaps it is with great sadness this being deigns to perforate the night with such words… And here they thought they would be the ones questioningly observing Isabel, when it turns out more are quickly formed due to the responses required of them. Maybe the original statement had been unabashedly rude, or even a little informally commanding. A different course is now taken in order to acquiesce to the request of fervently created assumptions. “Well, I’ll be… You’re quite the interesting one aren’t you now?” Some things cannot be helped. Dirtied slender fingers busy themselves with placing the small glowstone into the confines of their shroud and removing the shady hood from atop the head. “Outsider yes, militant no, possibly possessing offhand unnatural potential…” What is revealed may glow with youth but is lined with aged experience; hidden by differing and varying expressions. Though distance lies within the dialects chosen, understanding is achieved. “We are not lost, and in fact...follow death. The air here is thick with its scent.” Isabel’s ending words bring a smile and a slight clockwork shake of the head, “No demands, just...curiosity. I am a scholar of Undeath. Please allow me to apologize and appropriately introduce ourselves...I am Saira and my furry friend here is Gauge.” Cordially a simple bow is dictated by the woman, and ensues a drop of the head by the oversized black dog. When righted Saira continues, “How did you meet with such sorry times, if I may ask?” Manners set aside to engage in the format of education. Every opportunity presented is one worth learning. @saga juliet
  16. Earthian Time; 4am. Location: "Outer-Ring Apartments. 6421 S. Parnell Ave. Chicago, IL." Number of Units: 24 Rent: $1549 Per Month, Utilities Included for free. (Satellite, Internet, Electrical & Gas) Type: Loft Bedrooms: 4 Bedroom, 2 Bath A/C: Yes; Ammonia Chill through Galvanized Piping under floors and behind Walls. Duel Heat Pump Exchange System. The Alarm went off at four A.M!!! Why? Why? What gods were cursing her intelligence, making her stir awake from her slumber with such delay that it seemed like everything was moving in slow motion!!???!!!??? Fractured thoughts were beginning to pulse into her very being; her headaches were getting THAT worse. Shards of vipid attempts to force herself into slumber once again were pale-like; it was calling against cracks then would disappear with each failed attempt. She had to get up or risk being late for School. Her fraile-looking, yet slender frame contorted almost; finding her feet planting themselves onto the wooden floor of her bedroom. Her vision pierced through the entire Loft, but she was just trying to get out of her large bed. Her best friend was soon due to come right by, so that they could get their training started. Her mother was already gone to work, as if slavery had been re-introduced in the work world. "Blessed be the name of mines dear Mother. Your genetic shift is taking a toll on your own daughter and father is passed out on the couch again. Let me check his strings. He is SOOOO much of a lush!!! Come on young lady, get your ass UP!! Time to shine!!! Well, hello if you are reading this. It's Monday, January 20th of 2036, and I will be narrating how all of this transpired. Well, allow for me to introduce myself; My name is Destiny Jennifer Crowley, age of 19....And yes, I'm still in High School, due to my starting off late at an early age. My father drinks too much and I usually help him out around the house, for which Mother is paying handsomely to keep us all IN. My little sister, Res, spends most of her time cooking, cleaning and the like, since Mother works six days a week, and we hardly ever see her. I myself, have a very odd ability that I have not even told many about. I can see what are called "M-strings" around people. That allows for me to be able to predict things that they are going to do even before they DO them. It's not some kind of telekinetic ability or Premonition; no. I can SEE their movements and what they are going to DO seconds before they actually DO it, and it is crazy. I can't really explain how it works; I just know that people around me have energies, motions, actions; you know, things like THAT. I am able to pierce their reality and see their motion of actions even before they do it. So, if a person was walking across the street and their delay time was in fear because of a Bus coming directly AT them, then I could see the result before it happens or while it was in the process of happening BEFORE they themselves truly get a gist of what's about to happen..I know that it sounds like a bunch of nonsense, but just stay WITH me here. I am what some people call a Mind Ripper, or as what my Grandmother has told me over and over again, something called a Time Eater. Now before you go off and think that this is a bunch of horse shit, please take your time to review what I have to say. I'm not financialy independent, but I am FAR from destitute money-wise. I've taught myself countless times how to capitalize on various opportunities, based on these M-strings that I can see around all kinds of people and even with a certain set of events that take place way before people know about them. I can place a small wager to a group of certain people for a minute kind of fee, and then wait to get paid. I am never wrong, with thousands in my account almost every single week. However, I have taken it upon myself to save my money and spend it wisely; mother doe not know where the checks are coming from and father thinks that because I am so intelligent, that I've invested in some Stock or something along those lines. Today was going to be interesting as Police went from building to building asking questions about something that happened to a group of teens that attended my school. Four people were found in a ditch; their flesh looking as if it had been melted away from their bones. I can't believe they actually lived!! They were ages eleven through sixteen. Strange......I don't want to classify some nut-job as a Pedophile, but do not know what to think right now. I'll leave it to chance I guess.....well, time to get my life started today...stick around; MY days are just full of surprises!!"
  17. Obtenebra is sentient ooze so I guess that should count. Agony is also non-humanoid and made out of pure energy so I guess he counts too.
  18. Arthur was determined and was proving to be quite the formidable opponent. No matter what he did, Arthur had an answer. Ryker needed to play some offense, which seemed almost impossible due to his opponent's relentless assault. Perhaps it was time to put something into play that would turn the tide and save him from being knocked unconscious so early in their encounter. Ryker's jaw clenched as an overwhelming pain introduced itself, thankfully it wasn't from his opponent's kick, but instead what laid just beneath Ryker's surface. An ear piercing sound emitted from his body as skittering became noticeable once more, it continuously grew louder until Ryker's true potential was evident. Arthur's leg aimed to once again connect with the side of his head and would once more be blocked by Ryker's closest arm, but this time it was reinforced, by what appeared to be bone. It exploded from his arm and intricately weaved itself around the entirety of his arm until it was fully encased. Arthur's shin would be on the receiving end this time around as bone connected with bone. Hopefully this caught Arthur off guard and would allow Ryker to advance. As Arthur's leg connected, Ryker would immediately burst forward aiming to collide with the Mage and topple him over. Allowing the force of his opponent's kick to adjust his posture enough to lead with the right side of his body. Ryker would likely end up falling with his opponent as they collided, from there his ground game could be implemented and he just might end up surviving for a little while longer. Of course, that was Ryker betting on the fact that Arthur's grappling was inferior to his own. @Voldemort
  19. Every step taken is weighted and brimming with rageful eagerness. Opportunities seem to come with the bypass of corridor junctions and locked doorways. But they are empty and possess little to nothing for her to take her aggression out on. Selene forces it down time and again, straining against it to remain the calm necessary to endure their current course of action. Outwardly an expression of cool hard lines decorates an otherwise frustrated being. Elicited with a curt sigh when a call for halt reaches the them in the rear. Pings of gunfire reverberate through the corridor as James and the front line expose their position to the enemy. Who had undoubtedly been waiting for them to appear, and prepared to guard the bridge with their wretched lives. Armor clad warriors and a tight corridor allow her no access to the front line. Any possible vantage point remains closed to her for the time being. There may be little for her to assist with in the front, but a warning from just behind garners her utmost attention. In just enough time to see miniature beings unhesitatingly lunging at. Their wrath is welcomed, one by the heel of a boot. Right leg extending to knock one backwards off its feet while the blade in her hand cut through the air toward the closest. The second finding the Kadian well versed in blade wielding as it tastes the cold steel of her when it drives straight into its nasty little mouth. Already down, the first catches the sharpened edge of her axe to his skull. Two dead imp bodies squish under the weight of her frame as she moves to meet Eshara’s back. While the Greatsword fires his weapon, she parries the claws trying to break past him. Their small frames easily squeezing through the cracks left when adjusting his body to fend them off. This is where Selene settles, cutting away anything that attempts to get past the large man in order to cover their men from the rear as intended. @Fierach
  20. "Hm... What if the Byrn forces and the bandits come in to join the fight at the castle? Bandits will have a clear advantage if we just decide to siege them, Byrn will enter the gates, as well." He glanced around, rubbing his chin. "What if we could make a truce with the bandits, so we can get those Byrn off them? The enemy of my enemy is my friend, after all. But now... This would be very, very difficult to pull off. " He pulled out his sword and made a rectangle in the sand, crossing it in the middle. "If we want to make him talk to us, we might as well have our moment and help him with those bastards. I can make a large wall of fire and they would be forced to destroy it to get through, so I can give you enough time for diplomacy. If he offers to give us the shard thing we want, that would be great news, but unlikely." He slammed his shield into the rectangle, as if the plan could go south if anything goes wrong. "Two to one sounds better than a free for all, honestly, even though we have... That." He pointed with his palm open at the tank. "I may not be the best at ideas, but I don't want to end up risking because Byrn already would have the possibility to take the shard from them and we would just wait at the bandits' base."
  21. I was wondering this myself cause apparently I don't exactly develop my main character in such a way that allows her to like develop more techniques etc, learn new skills that would useful or allow her abilities to be used more practically. How do you guys do this in rp so naturally without it taking over the plot? Is there a certain way to develop this I'm not aware of?
  22. Hey, my lovelies! I am so glad the gang is back together!
  23. Tyler

    Favorite dragon?

    I feel like I probably have too limited of an exposure to dragons in media, so I guess I gotta default to a more generic choice... but I mean, still a good one.
  24. Sweet! Thank you for the edit! I like that plan! I think it'll be much easier for the Shields to get what they need after they case the joint and gather useful info on it.
  25. @Peach it’s your turn on the IC thread 🙂
  26. AngryCacti

    Favorite dragon?

    When I was a wee cactus, I absolutely fell in love with the Eragon books and their dragons.
  27. As Argi hauled off, Elizabeth pulled something from her garments, an arcane eye. She lifted her blindfold, socketing the orb securely. It synchronized with her conscious will, animating, assuming normality in appearance. This wasn't meant as a means to see, moreso, a way to convert arcane information between her mind and body. In a sense, she was preparing to defend herself, tethering her body directly to her spirit; although she had hoped that she could've avoided such. Her annoying assistant hadn't gotten her attention, but instead the Cardinal's. His old brain wracked over the information Emile had obtained, not able to discern anything from it. He was a fantastic mercenary, but didn't know anything about structured design, any topography or the like. Still, his dull mind took in what it could, and he shared a bit of his snack with the air as he spit out the info. "You might want to see this. Something about the granaries and the Enrele." Elizabeth raised a brow, taking the documents and browsing them for a moment. No, they didn't make sense to her either; at least not at first. Nothing added up, Argi had disclosed that Aleth was somewhere underground. Other evidence suggested that it resided near the granary. Below the granary then, seemed logical in thought. Perhaps in the sewer, but that seemed a bit beyond the people of Dougton, to structure intelligent design and maximize their crop growth with sewage. Yet, they did yield plentiful crops so. Who or what, where, when, why, and how; all without an answer. The questions remained up in the air for a moment, before the answer came crashing into epiphany. It was a strange instinct, a feeling, which she was familiar with. Not the same as the other before it. Perhaps this one would be more perceptive of that which Meryam was not, or perhaps neither cared at all. Those feint, creeping threads of energy, this time crawling from the scientist herself. More vibrant and discernable as she focused, tethering to her body, trailing from Casper. The coils turned inward, drawing slowly toward the hilltop, in a process which would take some time to give definition. The Ventrix Mind had suspected foul play of sorts, from the beginning. She had expected to walk into a trap at some point, no doubt. What she couldn't account for was time and happenstance, neither which seemed on her side now. She was certain, however, that Dougton was much more than it had seemed. It was a place of power which housed a mundane people, and Patton realized why Aleth would be underground. In the sewers, the ground, it mattered not, there was still the consistent theme between. Water. The question of 'Why would Aleth be in Dougton?' drew her speculation once. The Enrele in Casper wanted water too, so they took to the ocean. Then why not Aleth? Power, of sorts. A dreadful thought which brought drawls of doubt about her allies. They were all strong, different, but disorganized. Aleth was like her, smart, collected, but a step ahead of herself. Here among the ley lines, she wondered for a moment, why they had even come at all. Was it all too late?
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