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  2. He look at the fairy waitress, weirdly. "Uhh..." The little pink butterfly flapped it's wings once before flying and landing on his right shoulder. "Come on, Lyka." "You do realize I know nothing about human interaction?!" He whispered to the butterfly on his shoulder. "To a faerie, nonetheless!" The butterfly just flapped it's wings. Lyka looked at the faerie once more. "Uuhh... Sorry I rather stand here, I... I am completely fine o-over here..." He let out a nervous chuckle while scratching lightly his forearms. I shouldn't be nervous! He thought to himself. Feeling the nervousness of it's owner, the pink butterfly tried to 'nuzzle' his cheek. "Hey, it's okay, calm down..." This is the only time he wish his butterfly could speak to others besides him.
  3. Ah...promotions. Decant was never one to enjoy being lauded for his deeds and accomplishments but he did understand the necessity of such an event. It did not make matters better when the only person who showed was his old friend Shethid Fakir. The man was rumored to have been working under Commager although Decant rarely believed such gossips. Still, he was thankful that someone did remember him although he would have been concerned and greatly disconcerted if one of the ladies from the cartel did visit him in this place. The implications of such an event alone could be devastating for his military career. He should take more precautions especially with his rather questionable past. Now that Sethid was gone, Decant was all alone. As he was about to leave, he spotted Emile in one of the empty sections of the bar. He never did talk with the guy much on their last run but social interaction were sometimes necessary for a person's reputation. This prompted Decant to approach the man and start a conversation. "Ah! Emile, mind if I take a seat?" @danzilla3
  4. Well, they're a little bigger than red foxes ( with a longer head to hold a bigger brain), have six limbs (the front two end in hands a lot like ours), have neural fractal antennas that extend in whiplike growths past their eartips, and yeah, I'm sure quite a few people would consider them cute.
  5. Csl

    The Tavern

    @JoriusGeizer_69 A faerie waitress zipped over to the newcomer, shimmering wings a-blur behind her shoulders. "Welcome to the Tavern of Legend!" she said, her voice melodic. "Would you like to take a seat?" She gestured to one of the many tables around the area. "It may be more comfortable for you to write there. I can get you food and drink too, if you'd want any." From a pocket in her apron she produced a spiral notepad. Flipping through its pages, she poised a pen above it, looking up at the stranger expectantly. @500bees @Phase @Aliara Mizuki Blackrose Vaddok beamed as the skittish creature took up his offer. Once again, he made no comment of her earlier ungraceful landing, simply sliding the drink over the counter towards her. He gestured to one of the waitstaff - a leopard-folk boy - who disappeared into the kitchen. At the question, the bartender nodded sagely. "Ah. Yes, yes. The Tavern accepts all kinds of payment." Just then, the leopard-folk boy exited the kitchen then, carrying two plates heaped high with pancakes. "Here, sir." Vaddok looked pleased. "Thank you, Tova." From beneath the counter, he produced two bottles of syrup. Tova placed both plates before Vivia, then left, but not before giving her a suspicious look and a not terribly-discreet sniff. His attention, however, was dragged back to the shifter with her sudden, violent motion. Tova stared, feline eyes wide as the glowing necklace went flying -- then was picked up by another woman, who promptly put it on. "Dang," said Tova, and decided to stick around for a while longer. @Alicce Vaddok, as composed as always, simply turned to his new patron - a drenched girl who seemed to have a cold. "Oh dear," Vaddok said, brow wrinkling in concern. "Tova, please get a mop and a towel -- this young madam is dripping all over the floor." As the waiter went off to procure said mop, he placed a wooden mug on the counter. "I'll make you a Flameleaf chai latte, it'll warm you up." Into the mug he poured warm milk and tea from a kettle. After thorough mixing, he produced a mortar and pestle, then began grinding a handful of dried, spiny leaves with red tips. This powder, he sprinkled once again into the mug, which began to steam. Topping off the concoction with a dash of cinnamon, he handed the drink to the girl. Tova was halfway through mopping the floor by then, and had placed a towel around her shoulders minutes prior. @Aliara Mizuki Blackrose To the necklace-wearer, Vaddok raised an eyebrow. "Fairy berry? I am not sure what you mean, madam. We have silver berries from the Moonwood, half-grown in the realm of the Faerie King. We have sunpearls from the elves of Brehill. We have strawcherries and greenberries and wingberries that shine like dewdrops. What sort of drink would you like?"
  6. Alright! Thank you very much, I apologize for the hassle. Hello~ Radar Foxes? Consider me piqued... are they cute? 😅
  7. Hiiiiiiiiii Don't worry, you're in good hands with Csl. I may think about being a Tavern helper too, maybe help establish radar foxes on Valucre (it's a species I cam up with).
  8. No need ^_^ Though I'd recommend you check out page 13, it gives some backstory on the current chaos going on. The thread I linked to you says this:
  9. I--- I'm sorry, should I read the whole 14 pages of discussion or shall i just... come into the tavern? 😅
  10. I'm one of the users who write for the staff characters of the Tavern of Legend staff. I help write as a "narrator" for the location, basically. We also have a list of Tavern Helpers, who are established members of Valucre you can reach out for if you want to start a quest thread or two in the Tavern forum ^_^
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  12. Welcome to Valucre! The site doesn't have a minimum/maximum word count so you can write whatever length you're comfortable with. Most people do tend to go for multi-paragraph here but there are quite a few short-form posters here as well. I strongly recommend reading the New Member Guide, but if you have additional questions don't hesitate to ask ^_^ If you'd like to get a feel of how RP works on the site, feel free to hop into the Tavern of Legend! It's something of a sandbox forum where you can interact with other new users and some mentors (like me!)
  13. Csl

    Hello there!

    Welcome to Valucre, glad you're excited to experience the lore! The volume of Val's lore can get overwhelming at first, but if you have any questions about where to find places with certain themes/genres, feel free to ask. What kind of genres do you usually like writing?
  14. Big changes are coming.


  15. Hello. I'm terribly new to... these kinds of roleplay, forum kinds especially. More used to the generic chat messages reply with a 2K character limit, along with post by post roleplay. I can't quite emphasize by "post by post rp" as I'm not sure what else to call it. However, it certainly was not formatted as a forum I'm Aureate, feel free to call me Aurii. I don't want to have any generalizations of how my writing may be just for simply how long I've been doing it, so i hope to know you better in the case we might cross roads. I have a passion for writing ever since I knew how to read. That should, hopefully, narrow things down for you. With a taste for bitter love stories, and the rinse-and-repeat cliche plots, I can only say that I have roleplayed once by Medieval themes (however, let's not discuss further as I still am disgruntled by my lack of research, then.) and... more Pirate and conquest sort of roleplay. A little hint of fantasy thrown in. I hope you get an idea of how I am usually. I hope to find a comfortable stay here in Valucre. Pardon me as I send you my greetings. 👋
  16. Post is in! I believe it is @Rabbit's turn to post! You'll noticed I've suggested the door has been barricade--either you or @Hydrangeas can decide how that came to be, otherwise, we can assume the door just got locked by mistake.
  17. "Maat!" Quill barked at him after June shrieked in fright, causing him to wince in sudden sympathy. He was sorry, but there wasn't time to explain. What he'd seen come at Iohmar, at Lumina, if they hadn't arrived to help he assumed that the tabaxi would have been far worse off. These things were dangerous, and as tense as he was, he knew it was necessary. If he did anything but keep them out, he'd be apologizing around a heavy mitt, or a blade. Assuming they got to him first, that is. "June, Tyler, help Quill shove some of these shelves against that window!" He pointed while he pulled a closer shelf towards the wall he was reinforcing, and Quill despite her own growing fear dropped their argument to help the girls move the shelf. Oh god, she thought as something occurred to her. I can already hear them. She shoved the shelf against the wall as the first of them hit the window. The glass visibly bulged on its seams, and for several terrifying heartbeats it looked like they might to shove the window in before they broke through it. Yet, less reassuringly, the next one striking the window caused the glass to immediately spiderweb in all directions. The sound of the splintering glass was lost in the noise of the shelves scraping across the floor--the shelves moving to the window, and those being shoved back as monsters bashed against the locked door. Maat probably redeemed his attitude then by refusing to step away from the shelves, pushing them as close to the window as possible. "Please tell me that's all of them against the window already," He groaned, straining to push the shelf in place. Around him, knocks against the windows, the door, the shelves already prove difficult to slow. He groaned again as he shouldered the shelf backwards again. Behind Maat, glass shattered and rained down on the shelves and piled supplies, but Maat held fast, about as fast as he could, and he was quickly joined by Quill after the other shelf was in place. "No, I came in through the garage." He clumsily grabbed a can of whale meat, and tossed it over the barricade, only for it to hit the window and bounce back inside. "Damn it. No, I locked the door behind me...didn't I?" "Maat?" Quill pressed him, and he shook his head quickly. "Nope, didn't lock the door. Fuck, is that how it got into the garage with Iohmar? Geez...I could have gotten him killed!" More arrived at the window, and with the glass shattered, the alien smell of rotting meat and whatever else they were made of attempted to invade their senses, as Maat and Quill continued to hold to the shelves, while June and Tyler tried to move a few more. Maat glanced around, looking for aught else to move, and spied a vending machine, its cheerful red soda ad looking suspiciously like blood in the blinding overhead lights. Once the shelf was in place he ran over and began trying to tip it over, and once Quill saw what he was doing, she helped him. The bashing, thrashing beings outside shoved and crashed against the windows, the shattering glass blowing inwards in a thousand pieces. The paper ads in the windows blew inward with the wailing wind, and the pouring rain followed it in, hammering down on the tile floor and washing across the barricade. With one last heave, Maat and Quill pulled down the vending machine with a thunderous report as it slammed down in front of the barricade, and immediately the abominations outside seemed to have a little bit of a harder time slamming through the shelves. But that didn't stop them from trying to put their limbs through, or going over, or going though, regardless. Standing next to Maat, Quill did her best to ignore the stinging in her leg, and scanned the ground for whatever was available to fight back with. Beyond a few cans of meat and soda, which she hurled at the invaders, she found nothing, while Maat tried to catch his breath. "Is that going to hold them?" She asked him, to which he shook his head, not in the negative, but hopefully in the uncertain. "We can't stay here, though." He said. We need to get that ferry here so we can leave now." He turned to the two girls still with them and spoke up. "June, Taylor, grab whatever you need before we bail, but travel light. We have to get somewhere safe." "The garage is safe?" Scoffed Quill, and Maat shot her a stare. "I don't know, is here safe?" He pointed to the barricade, and the seething, gasping horrors as they continued to hurl themselves upon the barricade. He grasped the closest thing that looked like a weapon, the blade that had been jabbed into the unfortunate victim's neck. Quill offhandedly tried to remember if that was the same blade, or a new one. Had someone grabbed it already? But once they were ready to go, they shoved through the back door. Maat went first, and Quill shortly afterward. Quill screamed. In the time it'd taken her to pass through the door after Maat, something had passed between her and him. It was easily taller than either of them, and seemed to be coated in some slick, oily substance, pale bloated flesh and bits of garbage and filth, life preservers clung to its body, fish hooks in its body, its spine exposed, and secured in place with a heavy chain and an anchor. Its back was to Quill, as it attempted to grab Maat, who struggled to escape its grip. Thinking as quickly as she could, the felinid grabbed at the chain connected to its back and pulled, and with an unexpected crack it stumbled as its legs failed, and the odd, infested meat that composed of its decomposing composition struggled to keep it upright, with gave Maat time to back away, both him and Quill already slick with rain water again. Neither had time to talk about it, after another crack of lightning revealed just how infested the yard was. How the fuck had Lumina made it past the four that were already in the yard, and how were they meant to get past them to the door to the Garage, with another just about to climb over the chain link fence? Quill put herself between them and the two girls as they exited the building and tried to usher them to a safer segment of the yard, closer to the breaker room, while Maat glanced around for something to help them. The half-elf looked around the yard, and spotted the table, just about the only remotely useful thing in the yard. He sprinted to it, and quickly lifted it on its side before pushing it over, knocking over the monster as it fell over the fence, and hopefully slowing any others following it over. He then attempted to get the attention of the others by making noise. "Hey! Hey! Over here! Over here, you...whatever you are!" He shouted at them, but neither of the two crashing against the Garage door listened. Maat recalled how they attempted to barricade the window inside the shop, and hoped then that Lumina and Iohmar had remembered to do so with the garage and the door besides it. But not this door. Please. Regardless, they didn't move from the door, and Maat guessed that he was running out of time to act. Quill, June and Taylor inched around, moving past the breaker room slowly. Quill watched the two abominations by the door, fixated as the rain threatened to beat her into submission. Lightning lit up the sky around them, and Quill waited for the thunder to accompany it, but instead the sound that came first was the breaker room door slamming door as another abomination crashed through the door. A heavy metal pole jammed through its head, only a few inches through the skull. The overpowering odor of fish, of flesh and oil and rancid fat wafted through the door after them, and both monsters by the door reacted to the smell first. It was the only chance Maat could get. With a shout, he sprinted forward and attempted to shove them way. He collided with the first fleshy, oily beast and attempted to stab it at it, push at its rancid hide, but to no avail. Touching it certainly got attention however, and both of them attempted to turn to grapple him. Maat was fortunate enough to duck away, and the three of them put some distance between the door and they. He kept the knife at the ready, ready to slash at them whenever he may. Behind them, thunder finally rolled across the sky, a tidal wave of deafening noise, like the sound a whale must make when it strikes the air after leaping free of the sea. The sound of a great, massive thing crashing down upon the world, by any stretch of the imagination, causing Quill to flinch. From behind the two monsters, she could see Maat, and once Maat saw them, he shouted something that was lost in the rain. Probably "Go!" She ushered both girls to the door, and tried it. Blocked. No. Nonononononono She began slamming her hand against it, beating her knuckles raw and bloody against the unforgiving steel and chipped paint. "Let us in!" She shrieked, begging to be heard over the rain. Thump thump thump thump. The door threatened to sag inwards as she struck it repeatedly, before wailing again. "Let us in!"
  18. Baby seal club. We gotz tha beatz
  19. "hmmm.... What's that? Affirmative.... Do not engage... We're a neutral party, spread the word to the others" He smiled a little knowing they are not the only guest coming over. Took him a while to note the submarine captain and he could only say "poor man, must have been a bad day" to himself "What is with the captain? Did he lost his men or something?" He asked Cochrane if the commander suffered a loss, wether it be mental or physical. "You know.... If you want to you can call us another disaster since we're here uninvited, but from the looks of it, you lots are not the kind to be too hostile to guests...." At this point the two are only waiting for them to reach their destination, as Tairyuu... She's having her own problem shielding herself from the gaze of the surrounding soldiers
  20. Kaia nodded his head curtly, “Don’t be preposterous my words compared to yours are like coal compared to diamonds.” He listened to her speak again, curiosity as to what she was going to ask of him overtook him briefly before deciding it was best not to poke and prod her mind like a lab animal. Of course he couldn’t see her smile. But, her steps showed it. It was an interesting thing how we can be effected by our emotions in ways that we wouldn’t first think about. It was more of a matter of necessity to Kaia, not only for navigation but social interaction, for he had no way to see facial expressions. He assumed that others smiled in the manner he did, but of course there was no way to know for certain. Regardless he got up and followed behind his new found lover to wherever it was she was taking him to.
  21. Shelly was still rather skeptical about the plan, even after Gozen explained it so elaborately. She wasn't feeling comfortable with the idea of putting someone in danger to achieve their goal, but she couldn't think of a better plan. "...Fine!" she finally said reluctantly. "But as soon as the captives are secure, give us a signal ok?" she added. Clair then went on into the cave playing her role quite well. The guys inside were quite shaken when they saw an unknown face enter their hideout. The he first thing they did was pull her in while 2 others went out to see if she had company. "Who are you and how did you get here" one of them asked Clair.
  22. "hehe~....well...f-follow me then...and...kiai?"¥She gently would say his name,while lightly teasing his bottom lip.¥"Thank y'a....for such tender....honey sweet compliments....umn would you...c-care....nevermind.."¥she murmured,cheeks aflame while goosebumps rose overtop her snow-kissed skin.from his fingers lightly stroking her jawline.which caused,ears to flicker.while she grabbed a clothed towel,heading towards the opened,warm bath.giving a timid grin toward him.¥
  23. The floor rushed by Phoebe. The light from the meeting room faded, plunging the First into darkness as she followed James down. In her dark heart, she hoped him alive - alive left her so many more possibilities than dead, but dead was technically a success. It's just .. it wasn't often she had a chance to explore someone like a PRIME, to take what they knew, what they learned, what made them them. Aided by the Dead's arcana, her light eyes adjusted- as comfortable in the pitch as the noon day sun, they soon found her target. He was fighting, she could see- chest pumping like a pumpjack, fingers twitching, eyelids fluttering. Not dead, yet. How his body was able to summon the energy, she didn't know. Surely, James' back was broken. His lung, nothing more than a limp balloon impotently dribbling poisoned air through capillaries and into stagnant, viscous, blood corrupted by Cain's wicked venom. It was a sight, such proud and powerful man, laid low by the Dead's bone scythe. If only they traded in marketing, but no - their trade was secrecy, it was anonymous violence and unknown motives, never to be spoken of beyond tremulous whispers and shadowed pleadings. As the First grew closer, she flared her telekinetics and slowed enough to land hard on James' broad chest - just in case - with one knee straddling each side of his rib cage and the Mindgorger gripped in her uninjured hand. Beneath the hit, something in James snapped - another rib, probably - and the woman only grinned as it failed to provoke movement. Oh, his heart beat - with his chest nestled snugly between her thighs, she could feel his heart's labored thumps, but the man was all but gone to the Gods. Taking her time, the dark-haired assassin pressed the point of her spear into the flesh above James' heart and began to push. The fibres of his ruined shirt split, then the flesh beneath, until blood welled and began to bubble up and roll down his side. She rotated, to slip through his ribs, but stopped short of death. Normally, the woman was quicker, but this was admittedly a bit of an experiment with the Mindgorger and stealing the PRIMEs essence. What? The First had a PRIME between her legs in the only way she cared about -- you couldn't fault a girl for looking to take advantage. Letting her dark lashes drift closed, Phoebe reached out with her will and into the man's thoughts. Even unconscious, it was an effort - his mind was not the abandoned bastille she expected, but one humming with subdued energy and as tense as an unsprung spear trap. No matter, like the thief she had always been she evaded - beneath, up and over, around, and soon past the perimeter defenses and into the untapped libraries of his mind. There was so much to learn, from how his body held its power to where it had come from. He knew his city's defenses, their armies, their tactics, the politics - it was a veritable trove of information, all of it useful, and valuable, and distracting. As much as she had studied, had practiced, had learned to pilfer every type and manner of knowledge and ability - it wasn't something she could do while remaining aware of the physical world. There wasn't a flicker of movement from Phoebe as Shikai and Darcoza's battle spilled into the cellar, or as James screamed and writhed beneath her, or gripped her calf, but as his dying breath shot current arcing across her body the First shot ramrod straight and roared in tortured harmony with her would-be victim. Her light eyes snapped open, sightless, as the scent of burning flesh wafted into the air. The only saving grace, if a woman like Phoebe could even claim such a thing, was that James' flood of electricity caused her arm to jerk and drive the Mindgorger down into his heart, killing him. His scream cut off. Hers, followed, and unconscious she collapsed forward on his chest like a grieving widow.
  24. “Well, you’re just as, if not more beautiful than myself.” He blushed a bit as she pecked his lips. “I don’t think I’ve slept that well in ages, I hope you did as well.” He drew his fingers along her jawline as she spread her own across his chest. “That doesn’t sound like a half bad plan. I wouldn’t know what they sold around here considering I’ve never been here before.” His voice had a sleepiness about it, slowly becoming more and more awake as he spoke.
  25. Valentine took a moment to take in her surroundings as she made her way to the table in the center of the room. She was proud of what they had accomplished thus far. She nodded at some task force members as their eyes met hers, which caused a few of them to look away quickly. She chuckled to herself at their awkward display. She looked down as her echoing footsteps came to a stop, the table before her. She quickly scanned the blueprints and boards. Her memory was...unique. One look and it all was locked into her brain, like downloading files on a hard drive so you could access them later. "I say we continue to strip all the vehicles for parts so we can see what we have here." Her voice boomed off the walls as she turned to look at Hawk. "How much gasoline do we have available?" @Hawk
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