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  2. "Well, thank you so much for the vote of confidence, Amber." Madon shook his head slightly as he followed Dawnwulf. Aside from Amber, Wymp and Owend decided that they would stick with the Exarch, and followed Madon as well. The group of five wound their way through the streets, making their way toward a grand building that stood over the rest of The Valley. Mercenaries and refugees looked at them at they passed, but didn't spare the eclectic group a second glance. Hope had long since abandoned Erasmia. Best to cut their losses and get away before everything they knew and loved was consumed by the fires of Byrn. Madon and Dawnwulf both noted the general demeanor of the people around them. Though neither said a word, they looked at each other, and saw that they were thinking the same thing. The people needed hope. The people needed somebody to rally behind. But who would that be? The answers were not easily forthcoming. And, soon enough, the group reached the building. Illumine landed on Dawnwulf's shoulder as he knocked on the oddly modest door, which swung upon seconds later. The former Exarch led the Amber and the trio from Isore into the building. Inside, they saw a large, semicircular. In the shadows in the back of the room sat some kind of machine that none of the new arrivals could properly make out or recognize. Elsewhere in the room, there were assorted shelves and tables, all covered with open books and various arcane objects. There were people in this room as well, similar in dress and age to Dawnwulf. Presumably, the Wizards of The Valley. Two of them were playing chess on a large, floating chessboard, each of them mounted upon a knight piece. Another looked up and yelled at the two. "Hey! Watch out for my garden, you dipshits!" Indeed, the board was floating by a small garden at the edge of the room. Two more Wizards seemed to be tinkering with some golem closer by the odd machine. There also seemed to be some kind of odd haze pervading throughout the room. Finally, towards the middle of the room, a Wizard that seemed to be the oldest of the bunch sat sipping tea, two needles to one side of him knitting what seemed to be a blanket, and a book floating on the other side that would flip the pages by itself every so often, presumably at the Wizard's reading speed. This wizard was the first to look up and notice the new arrivals. He grinned at Dawnwulf. "Ah, Dawnwulf. I presume you've brought along your grandson and his.. friends?" Dawnwulf nodded after a moment. "Yes, Patricio. I have brought you Madon, who is my grandson and the current Exarch of Isore." Patricio clapped his hands together. "Capital, capital! So, how much have you let him know of your plans?" Madon stepped forward and cleared his throat. "I was told... that you intend to save Erasmia."
  3. neat prompts! My favorites are the four-star ones. The false hydra, in particular, makes me go 👀 Since I use the Simple theme some of the posts have black text on black background (two-star and four-star and onward) which makes it hard to read. Aside from that though, they're great. Linked to the main quest and opportunities index!
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  5. Surus' half of my post is now edited in! in regards to the last two targets of the Area Attack... I'm going to put that as first-come, first-serve. If you need one more damage to finish off a centaur or something, have one of those two arrows whap them to seal the deal. I left those targets intentionally vague in my post in order to abet that.
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  7. The battle commenced and the mage was in the thick of it, his attempt at an eye poke eliciting an instant response from Ryker. Had Arthur committed to an attack with more oomph behind it, he would have found himself pushed away by his opponent’s teep kick. However, the best part of throwing a jab-like strike was its probing nature; he was able to pull back his attack as quick as he could throw it. As he watched Ryker follow the familiar motions of a teep kick, Arthur rotated his hips to the right, chambering his jabbing arm again and bringing his tucked left arm across the front of his torso. The motion brought his elbow and lower forearm crashing into the right side of the club owner’s ankle, deflecting Ryker’s kick to the inside and preventing it from landing on the mage’s abdomen. Arthur smirked dangerously, his hips rotating back to the left in a snapping motion that brought his lead hand back to the forefront. The mutant extended his right hand, his fist closed now and seemingly attempting to meet fire with fire. Jab against jab where the longer, faster jab would win. Ever the magician, however, Arthur was always looking to misdirect, obscuring his true motives. When the mage’s lead punch pulled short in a feint, Arthur back foot (the left) pivoted to the left, so his toes were pointed away from Ryker. Opening up his hips with the repositioning of his foot, the mutant lifted his right knee and leaned away, swiveling his leg sideways so it was positioned perpendicular to Ryker’s body. The move served two functions. First, Arthur leaned away from Ryker’s jab, outdistancing the attack (if the club owner committed to it) as he balanced on his left leg. Secondly, it allowed the mage the snap his suspended leg in a round kick towards the left side of Ryker’s face. Hopefully, the mutant would be able to snap his leg over top Ryker’s extended arm, aiming to drive the rigid bone of his shin into the opening on the side of his opponent’s face in a thunderous blow. @Better Than Gore
  8. The deer and Fate seems to murmer to each other before she gestures for yoy to leave ththiththis place,going tk one of the many book shelves and pulling out anchient tomes
  9. I've finished my quest board, which I'll be opening tomorrow. Any thoughts or ideas on how to improve?
  10. "Soft bodies exhibit lack of innate knowledge, utilization of creatures that have knowledge definite action that assists survivability. In this way, perhaps I is also Mage's familiar." Jaw Finder looks at Shanna. "Flavor exclusivity is an understandable concept. The scent tastes of demon and dog, but also strong scent of Soft Bodies, codes of soft bodies are ones that bind. Hunting to protect a nest is a duty that holds respect." Jaw Finder followed Shanna throughout the tower, taking note at both the size and the abundant scents of different soft bodies, it might be more apt to call this place a hive instead of a nest. The size of things were odd, while some newer parts on the first floor were a bit of what Jaw Finder had come to expect as it was scaled to soft bodies, the older and higher parts felt more accommodating of larger creatures such as Jaw Finder. was this the nest/hive of another, taller species before, or did the soft bodies here have a problem with low ceilings. Standing in the room that ascended was a bit odd, such things wouldn't be needed if soft bodies were stronger, or knew to conserve space. "those that stand strong sleep at any location. the best location is close to Mage, like you has said, wolves and coyotes may seek food at the tall nest, you is vulnerable to being eaten." Jaw Finder puts their hand on Shanna's head, Jaw Finder had learned in the past that this action was how large soft bodies comforted small soft bodies, but it was still just this big clawed reptile hand just sort of sitting on top of Shanna's head for the rest of the elevator ride. Jaw Finder tastes the smell of soft body processed food, with two strong ones sticking out. The scent of soft body cooked wheat, mixed with several sweet smelling plants. there was also something that smelled like hog meat, but was probably the tiny soft hogs that soft bodies bred. a bunch of Soft bodies were tending to food preparation, the room was quite hot from all the cooking. Jaw Finder was somewhat familiar with the soft body concept of 'sadness'. While it wasn't an emotion that people experienced, Jaw Finder always felt that if they could, they would first feel 'sad' about how soft bodies had to go to such lengths to make so many things edible for them. But, if there was one other thing this tragedy of soft body weakness meant, it was that they could create all sorts of flavors by combining completely unrelated foods and using heat in different ways. whether this was net positive or net negative however, remained to be seen. Jaw Finder follows Shanna's lead in sitting down at a table as Hannah carves part of the roast. Jaw Finder turns a chair across from Shanna sideways and sits down, it looked goofy for such a large lizard to be sitting in a normal wooden chair, but the chair somehow didn't break under the weight, it didn't even buckle or make noises. when the plates were brought over, Jaw Finder noticed an odd look from Hannah, not quiet one of 'what the hell is that thing' but a bit more 'what the heck is that thing'. Jaw Finder didn't pay much head to it. Jaw Finder eats the roast with their hands, not caring that the food is hot. they go slower than they normally would, they know that soft body food works better when eaten slowly, and that when eating with soft bodies, they eat slowly as well. "is tall nest the place of you's birth? Jaw Finder knows that soft bodies have feelings of great attachment to personal nest, call it 'home' this is not how people live. only nests are for hatchlings made by parent that stays, after hatching, person is weak, comparable state to soft bodies. Hatchlings have sense of 'home', when it leaves so too does the new person. closest person can get after that is parent that stays, protecting new person from nothing, to egg, to hatchling. I is a parent that stays, many nests were built and tended. Role as parent, creates fascination with soft bodies. whole species of Hatchlings, an existence brimming with mystery." Jaw Finder eats a whole slice of roast with a single bite. "Mage is two extremes, high resemblance to hatchling even compared to soft bodies, essence of person revealed in actions... Something else included. I has strong senses." Jaw Finder sticks out their tongue and points at it. "something tasted since first met that lack resemblance to other soft bodies, idea of it being unique to 'home' region decided. Soft Bodies at tall nest lack extra flavor. what is Mage?"
  11. Hm, so she's from another world like he is... I might actually have an idea for you. Gonna PM it
  12. The light gave it away. A falling beam of sunshine caught a degree of its continuous curve and was scattered, thrown back in every direction, either glinting bright or glimmering with faint iridescence depending on the distance and angle of the observer. It was visible from a great range. Any of the technical, by way of automated sentry, or mundane, by way of posted guard, measures Glasmann estate deployed picked it out easily and well in advance. Remote spectroscopy revealed its composition to be always in flux, at times made up of the same things which make up soap bubbles, at other times steel filament, at other times an amalgam of iridium, rhenium, lead, mercury, and other dense elements. The bubble stopped one kilometer removed from the Glasmann estate, suspended in the space adjacent to an electric light. There, the bubble thought. -ought occurs. The young girl may have further developed her totem (phonetic of TOTM; acronym of theater-of-the-mind). My majestic strength and superlative tactics secures victory in majority of possible encounters. Stepping into traps at my opponent's will changes the framework. Err to caution. From the bubble's main body frothed a smaller replica, a minute, unreal version of itself holographically projected outwards and sent in his place onward to the young girl's estate.
  13. Does the estate have its own article?
  14. The third member of the Lightning-bolt crew (Later known as the Lightning-bolt pirates), daughter to the king of Dreia and ex-fiancee to Dauner, "Sword Princess" Shelly Kuanji. Clever, beautiful, strong and dedicated are just a few qualities that describe her. What exactly would you like to know about her?
  15. Into the Depths She was already committed to the maneuver. Unity could tell the subtle difference in pitch underfoot a split second before she reached it - and decided she'd embrace the dive. Twisting to the side, she pulled in her left leg and proceeded to ride the duct like a slide as she vaulted over the edge into the descent. Her gloved fingertips scraped the smooth surface behind her as she rocketed down, providing a third point of balance and directing her like a rudder. Unity, pro skater. Incredibly brief though the halfpipe grind may have been, it was exhilarating all the same, and for the first time since awakening, something close to an actual smile passed across the thief's painted lips. Feet first and skidding out onto her back, she shot around the outer curve of the leftward turn like a bobsled, using her momentum to propel her down the cramped passage as far as it would take her. It certainly gave her an appreciation for the laminated bodysuit hugging her - right now it was the only thing making the difference between her ass being a cushion or an ablative friction shield. It still burned though, the heat off the non-conductive ceramic positively stinging along her rear, elbows and shoulderblades. Unity found herself quickly hoping she'd slow down soon. The idea of having to pretzel herself in the tiny space in order to stop did not seem very appealing. @Spooky Mittens
  16. Chapter Three Continued – Pandemonium Symposium Against Doom - A meeting involving military personnel as well as several other political figures is held in Ignatz to discuss several issues affecting what was then called Terrenus. One of the key issues that surfaced involved the Enrele threat and how their influence is growing at a rate that warrants action. A large amount of resources are being used by the military only to monitor the threat but several ideas are thrown about by those present on how to combat the threat Demons Beneath Doughton - After overhearing conversation about the matter, Argi of the Cloven Hoof, and one Jennifer Mollins, set out to investigate the disappearances of children within Dougton. Those they find are so desperate to escape the mind controlling parasite that have claimed their families - the Enrele, in particular the Hivemind Aleth - that they willingly offer themselves to an 'angel' of the goddess Meryam, that they have unwittingly call via an old superstition. After a scuffle, and with Jennifer's disapproval, Argi strikes up an agreement with the angel, to keep it from taking the children by instead having it serve as their protector, at the potential cost of his life if he should not remove the threat to the children of his own accord. Before he can even sleep on the matter, he is accosted by several of the Enrele-possessed purveyors of the Lovely Giant, who drive him from the city, and have him wanted for murder after some framing of a mishandled attacker. Aleth hivemind extends its reach into Norkotia - Adime Adozen becomes a citizen, a construction worker, a plant operator, and ends as a junior project manager for an energy refinement company. The Enrele hive-mind infiltrates culture via Adime Adozen who is a host for an Enrele parasite. The Enrele hijack two Norkotian citizens, Peter and Tracy, who intend to continue spreading influence into the Norkotian political and corporate arenas. Aleth hivemind creates chaos in the Banyan district in Taen - Adime visits Taen and is involved in a string of seemingly unconnected crimes that take place over the span of a few hours; arson, petty theft, bank robbery, and a string of indiscriminate murders of opportunity. Reports from the crimes describe behavior which is odd even by local standards and foments civil unrest. One of the bank robbers is stopped and detained. What this means for the agenda of the Aleth hivemind is unknown. Doughton’s regent announces desire to secede and denies the existence of a hive mind within their city - Doughton’s regent Jim Jenkins gives a speech denouncing the Symposium and the existence of the Enrele hive mind, pointing to a conspiracy to defame the city built on misinformation and the military’s obsession with technology. The implication is that ideas like the Enrele hive mind have been presented to the public as a means to justify their desire to control Doughton. Jim calls out Hell’s Gate and the military during his speech and announces he has signed the Defense Against Terrenus Act into law which declares Doughton’s desire for independence from the government. Society of Clinical Psychology Attempts to quell fears regarding several recent events - Dr. Ghada Sudol, president of the Society of Clinical Psychology speaks to the Daily Weekly concerning what the society considers a mental health issue, claiming the idea of the Enrele is either a product of some bio-manipulation or fear-mongering fueled by the media. Several other theories are thrown out that suggest this Enrele threat may just be a fabrication to further fracture the nation. The Redeemer and the Heiress in Hell’s Gate forge an alliance to combat Enrele threat in Hell’s Gate and beyond - Ilyana Sevryn, an up and coming entrepreneur in Hell’s Gate meets with Caeceila Glasmann, member of Hell’s Gate nobility, initially to size each other up but the meeting takes a quick and tense turn as Lady Glasmann confronts Ilyana and expresses a desire to save Hell’s Gate from the Enrele threat. After careful discussion, they both forge an alliance that begins an effort by the two to ensure at the very least that the Enrele in Hell’s Gate cease to exist. Ongoing Threads: Ventrix Arrangement in Casper - Ilyana Sevryn proposes using the resources of her newest investment, Ventrix Industries, to find a means to combat the Enrele threat both in Casper and out. She enlists the aid of the newly christened CTO, Elizabeth Patton, to conduct research and acquire Enrele specimens if possible along with engineering a means to identify the Enrele without the hivemind being alerted or nullifying the threat altogether. A Cure for what Aleth You - Argi, wanted for murder in Doughton, arrives in Casper to warn others about the threat of the Enrele in Doughton. Presenting what he claims to be a mangled Enrele corpse, he pleads with the people around him to help him combat that threat. Several individuals, including a disguised Caeceila Glasmann and Elizabeth Patton of Ventrix arrive and set out to infilitrate Doughton with the intent of launching some sort of assault on the Aleth hivemind. Will the conflicting ideals within the group and hidden agendas pose a threat to the success of this endeavor? Will they even manage to survive the myriad of issues that the Doughton succession and the resilient nature of the Enrele threat pose? Meeting of the Minds in Hell’s Gate - A meeting to discuss the Enrele threat is underway in the heavily fortified Glasmann Estate within Hell’s Gate involving: 1. Caeceila Glasmann, noble in Hell’s Gate 2. Emile – Corporal in the Terran military 3. Steel/Cadmium/’The Bubble’- Military agents in Hell’s Gate 4. Ilyana Sevryn – CEO of the Redeemer Inc (headquartered in Hell’s Gate) and ally to Caeceila Glasmann. The intent of the meeting is to find a means to eradicate the Enrele threat in Hell’s Gate and install preventative measures to keep them out of the city.
  17. Arthur closed what little distance they had between each other in the blink of an eye; Ryker had little to no time to react, so he let basic instinct take the wheel. Ryker needed to reopen that gap so he could act accordingly, so he preformed a go-to Muay Thai fundamental known as the teep, or front push kick. His forward right knee rose and the remainder of his leg lashed out, simultaneously moving his hips and shoulders backwards to add a little more oomph to the attack. Ryker's foot aimed to make contact with Arthur's abdomen. There wasn't enough force for it to hurt per say, but certainly enough to stop his momentum and leave an opening for Ryker to follow up if Arthur's advance continued. Assuming Arthur didn't reconsider his approach, Ryker was ready for him this go-round with a hand combination. Starting with a basic left jab. @Voldemort
  18. M'yr continued to gasp and wheeze. His lungs burned. He clenched his fists by his sides, struggling to breathe. It felt as if the air had suddenly grown too thin to breathe. He managed to stay upright, turning his head upward as his eyes began to burn. The tears welling in his eyes streaked down his face behind the mask and down his chin. The edges of his vision blurred, his eyes throbbed in their sockets. He gasped. He gasped, again. It hurt to breathe. He needed...water. M'yr scratched at his neck, as if trying to make a whole in his neck to breathe through. And yet, he never got there, as Pallas was close by, and paying attention. His eyes cleared--as did his mind as, for a few precious moments M'yr was given clarity. He blinked--his face and chin were dry behind the mask, there were no tears. No scratches on his neck, nothing, again. He didn't expect anything different, by now; for a few moments at least, M'yr was well aware that his afflictions were all in his head and his head alone. He stooped and grabbed the clapper. It was smooth and worn in his hand, and comfortable, too. He slung it over his shoulder again, and nodded, gratefully, at Pallas. "Yeah, you'll need to excuse me, this isn't exactly..." He took a deep breath, grateful for oxygen, apparently. Overhead, thunder rumbled threateningly, yet there were no clouds to be seen. Beyond that, the lull of the festival continued droning onward, emitting a comforting background noise. M'yr was at ease, for at least a little while. He suspected it wouldn't last. "We aren't exactly meant to know this stuff, you know? We're like, glass bottles or orbs. We can hold just about anything we're shown, that we're given." He explained. For the first time in a short while, his voice was even and firm. He didn't hesitate, or stutter or falter for that matter. "You can put almost anything into a bottle, but only so much. What we're dealing with here is either too much information for us to deal with, or something that actively...cracks the glass, you know?" He pantomimed a glass bottle exploding outward, holding the clapper between his arm and his side. Somewhere, the waves surged forth again, and M'yr could hear it in his ears again. Behind the driftwood mask, his gaze dropped, and he stared at the earth instead of at Pallas. "I think that we're broken." He tried to explain. Was he asking for help? Pity? Maybe what he really wanted was a mercy killing. "I mean, I was, I was broken before, and I think I still am. That skull--it was the skull, I think! It! Made things a little less painful, like I was given a secret. The world was going to break, and I had a chance to help the people it would hurt. But I don't know what I'm doing anymore," He gestured uselessly to the clapper. "I don't know what this does, I don't know what the bell is going to do. It's all I've got, man." However, M'yr never said any of that. His ravings, his desperate attempts to explain himself and his actions never left his lips. Instead, he did...he didn't know what. Perhaps just stood there, having said "You can put almost anything into a bottle, but only so much." and nothing else. Why? Why hadn't he said anything then? M'yr didn't know. And now, with the tide so close to him again, he didn't have time to wonder, either. "Anyway," He straightened his shoulders, and stood upright, clutching the bell clapper tightly. M'yr nodded at Pallas before making his intentions plain. "It's about time to do this, right? Let's get going." M'yr, with little else to say, moved towards the stage. Overhead, the bell awaited him, grand and looming. Terrifying, towering. The acolyte stepped forward, and bent low, low enough to climb under the rim of the bell and within. The interior of the bell smelled strongly of saltwater and dried fish. Instead of the slow ringing of the bell, that dull resonance as it vibrated gently in the still air, the sound within was different, somehow. It sounded almost like shifting flesh, or scales, perhaps, like a massive serpent moving around. He reached up, ignoring the sound as best as he could, and affixed the clapper. M'yr stepped back, and bowed out of the bell. He nudged the bell only slightly, and it swayed slowly, creaking as it did. M'yr turned around. For some odd reason, people were paying attention to him. He stood uncertainly on the stage, unsure of himself for a moment. Then, he realized what he was doing. "Uh..." He sort of raised his hands in the air in greeting. "Hi." He got a few greetings, and a few cheers, somewhere. In the distance, flood warning sirens droned out of nowhere. "I hope you guys are having fun? If I'm being honest, this was kind of last minute," He said. "We weren't actually sure when the tide would come in again, so this was sprung on us out of nowhere." He paused, and added, almost dryly. "Imagine the ocean sneaking up on you, right?" A few laughs. It felt good. He swallowed his nerves, and steeled himself. "So anyway, the festivities are gonna keep going for a few more hours, but before we worry about all that, we have one important thing to do." He gestured at the bell behind him. Everybody watched, rapt. He understood completely. It was a massive, curious thing; everyone could see it, everyone had a chance to look at it, examine it, touch it, listen to it. Now, it was time to hear the bell ring. Of course the party goers were eager for it. He saw no reason to keep them waiting, then. M'yr reached for the rope close by, and gave it a slow, firm tug. As he did, the bell twisted and rolled, creaking as it did. When M'yr released the rope, the bell swung backwards into its position again. The bell rang. Immediately, M'yr realized that they'd been standing in the rain this whole time. With the sudden clarity afforded him, he realized he was chilled to the bone, soaking wet and still on stage. The audience realized it too, and with a few soft cries of surprise, and some mild shouting and cursing, they all pulled up their hoods or ran for cover. Massive puddles flooded much of the streets and square, water rolled off the roofs in heavy streams. The sky was dark and inky--no light pierced through it. Thunder rumbled overhead, terrifying and loud and close. Behind him, the bell howled as wind swept around it, ringing constantly. It swung on its own now, ringing constantly as M'yr backed off of the stage. He stumbled and fell into a puddle, then struggled to his feet. The bell continued to ring, flood warning sirens grew louder and louder and louder until M'yr could no longer hear anything save for the droning of the rain. He clutched at his ears, and shut his eyes, howling into the abyss. Around him, other people began to do just the same. People pointed to the heavens, awestruck. Some screamed and fled from the rain. Others, obviously unwilling to remain in the rain in such wet clothes, stripped in the street and discarded their attire, before resuming their festivities. Firm hands on his body pulled him to his feet. M'yr stood up and saw himself, wearing their mask and hoodie. Relieved, M'yr clutched himself, cold and shivvering. "What the fuck did we do?" He whispered to himself. M'yr didn't answer because there was no M'yr. It was just himself again. The ringing of the ancient bell brings to mind terrifying vistas of rising water and crashing waves, pitch black skies and rolling thunder. A sickly yellow eye looms in the sky overhead in the place of a sun, basking the earth in a sickly green hue. Those that have heard the bell ring now perceive illusions of varying intensity, in addition to the constant rain and thunder at all times. The frequency and severity of these illusions is up to writer discretion, and are not constant across all listeners.
  19. Completed Quests 1 Star Completed ~ ~ 2 Star Completed ~ ~ 3 Star Completed ~ ~ 4 Star Completed ~ ~ 5 Star Completed ~ ~ Beyond Quests Completed ~ ~
  20. @Dauner Light Sorry dudes. There was a lot of overtime with my job especially over the weekend and into Tuesday. The first day I’ve had off since the last time I posted. I’m all rested up so 100% a post will come today. I promise.
  21. That was the plan. 😁 Just wanted to make sure I wasn't breaking any rules. So in that case, unless he gets pissed and instakills me for my insolence this round, I'm still in the game. And I might have an action left over. Anyone need help?
  22. Hands crossed over the other, placing on his lap, he sat almost with perfect posture against the wood chair. Ironic how an entire Nation found this one swordsman such an honorific General, teacher, and man yet in this room amongst a many handful of people he had failed to familiarize himself with, little of his own life and rank held no significance here. That in fact, the Soke was a nobody to these people and he'd been contempt in his acceptations of that, something he was certainly willing to gain or earn while participating in their tournament. Even then he wondered just how many allies could he possibly entice once they figured out he was the Commanding Officer of the Datsuzoku Army. This was for all intents and purposes, enemies turf correct? The Blind hanyo already exceeded himself the boundaries of limit, he was dinning and in the public's dispense within the Komturie Hall. The Imperial Grandmaster had yet moved from his table to make a plate, or even found himself the sinning slothful urge to call upon some staff for the assistance. While it's only been about ten, maybe fifteen minutes of meditation he spent most time, listening at those that came and left the Hall. His wolfish gaze remained focused ahead in the direction of the apparent incoming footsteps, chattering laughter, bass of the Band that was not at half bad music as the audience enjoyed it very so, but he soon blotted out all distractions. Allowing his mental judgement and firm intuition to settle any disputes or matters of unclarity. Blacks and whites in auras of each individual attending, he'd perceive these radiations of energy, smell them, visualize them. A single benefit of being half-canine spirit was that Kenshinobu wasn't just limited to a single sense. Every living organism contained these core essences that comprised of their own life forces should one call it. ".....?????....." Kenshi sensed the fleshly man nearing and his undaunted pursuance to seek him out from the crowd give or take, of thirty occupants or more whilst continuing to be at peace with himself in his mediation upon the chair. Soon as the one named Jinsoku approached the table's front-end, the Jigoku wolves stood on hind legs after settling in and curling into the cozy warmth of the Hall. Their ears erect, muzzles pointing towards him with their narrowed gaze intently waiting the signal from their Alpha. Disturbed by the Outsider's presence not only the strange residing familiarity of what, also bellowed from deep within him. However, the protrusion of Kenshi's index finger held upright as command kept the canines most obediently from ripping the man apart and licking dry his bones. This younger man felt strangely similar to himself - his own half-blood of the okami though wiser and obviously more seasoned, still held it's own uniqueness in comparison to himself. ~ How could he, was it possible? "You read me well, even when I tried to reveal, little as possible." Kenshi's lack of surprise came second barely noticed in his confident tone. Despite his frontal approach the swordslayer's face remained lowered towards the floor as he spoke uninterestedly, yet even as if he tried resisting he only felt compelled further. It was then he understood, this man did in fact harness a legendary wolf-spirit known as the Raiju inside him as it's host. It's energy radiated throughout him even when he controlled and concealed it proficiently. "You have much to speculate upon me that, I do not need eyes or vision to see what you have come for. Please, seat yourself. First, tell me, why’s a guy like you playing host to a Raiju?” @Twitterpated
  23. Counter-Attack doesn't consume an action. By it's very definition it's an add on. Can you write a piece where your character is aware his mobility isn't going to be enough and transition to a plausable Counter-Attack?
  24. Despite the revelation that Katana and I might be nothing more than thought forms who went a bit rogue, I'm not even given the chance to have a proper mental breakdown before Condescending Psychic Deer is opening his mouth to reveal a row of over-sharp teeth -- because of course there are carnivorous herbivores in this 'wonderland.' I stare at the deer's gaping, dripping maw, bite the inside of my cheek to pinch off a scream, close my eyes, and fist the sharp hairpin in my pocket, already bracing for the inevitable before Katana begins speaking again: Part of me wonders if Katana being singled out and sidelined would culminate in Katana being eaten, since he seems to have no other obvious usefulness to anyone in this place than harboring MacGyver-like resourcefulness for fishing drowning cats from rivers, being cryptically anachronistic and ahistorical, and menacing the local populace with his sword at unfortunate moments. And part of me -- a very, very small of part of me -- may be alarmed at the possibility. And admittedly, not just because I'm apparently wearing the only change of clothing I own, and trying to get bloodstains out of them would mean drawing on domestic knowledge that my brain hasn't had a chance to fabricate yet. "I, er...I can't believe I'm saying this, but we're a package deal. We'll keep an eye on him, and if he puts a toe out of line, we'll shake him down and confiscate anything remotely lethal." I look at Jack for solidarity, but then remember that he's been labeled the only non-wonderland native among us, and my expression probably comes off looking more tentative than I want it to. I can't help but wonder how he's taking the news regarding his companions.
  25. "Are you sure about this? You would be safer in the ship." Lena stood in Alexa's door, the Inquisitor readying her gear up. Most of the things were in good shape, and whatever damage it had suffered had been repaired as best as they could aboard the Bellum. In contrast, however, her coat still had the marks of battlewear, a couple of tears at the tail and the seams, but still fully functional. "I'm not staying inside while all of you risk your lives Lena. We already talked about this." Answered the Inquisitor, fitting a glove over her cybernetic hand, a serious neutral look on her face. The Guardian nodded silently, already in full armor. "Piercing the warp veil. Arrival at Kadia imminent." The two walked to the bridge as the Imperator Bellum made it's last boost towards realspace. There was a few seconds of silence, follow by a low gasp of most present when the situation unveiled in front of them. It was worse than she had thought. "I have never seen a Daemon engine that size!" Alexa exclaimed, her eyes surveying all around the field. She walked towards Tenkai and James. Pondering her past encounters with large daemonic presences and her old teachings. She could feel the sheer pull of warp energy from the ship-like being, her eyes glinting as an idea formed on her mind. "It's energy signature is too heavy to be that stable. A being that size must be having something inside it tethering it to this plane, otherwise it would be displacing constantly." She explained to the two commanders. "Your orders Lord Eredas?" Lena asked, putting her helmet back on.
  26. “I’ve decided to keep my identity to myself for now,” Arthur declared in that same unbudging tone, not relenting even for a second. “If it’s any consolation, I don’t know your name either and you can keep it that way if you’d like.” Arthur paused for a moment, pondering on the revelations that Ryker revealed to him. The hole was the ruins of an ancient space-faring vessel, very much unlike the spelljammer ships fashioned in the plane he originally called home. The thought of it boosted the mutant’s thirst for adventure exponentially. He could barely contain his anticipation; the wolfish smirk and excited tremors of his body betrayed his otherwise calm demeanor. His excitement only growing further when Ryker spoke his challenge. “A little sport, huh?” Arthur replied with a deadly smirk, his eyes narrowing just before he burst into action. Before Ryker could reply, the mutant stepped forward with his right foot, stepping slightly offline so that his foot achieved the outside angle on Ryker’s left foot. Simultaneously, his right hand lashed forward in a jab-like thrust, but Arthur’s fist wasn’t balled up and his fingers were instead extended. The mage aimed to drive his index and middle fingers into Ryker’s left out. The attack wouldn’t permanently damage his newfound opponent, but it wouldn’t be what anyone would describe as fun either. @Better Than Gore
  27. I think it's about time I drew Drain with clothes on


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