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  2. @Dredge come and meet your kin!
  3. I. Love. All. This. Awesome. I'm accustomed to a very canonically-driven writing environment. Star Trek enthusiasts tend to be pretty intense about what is or isn't Star Trek canon. Abrams-verse anyone?! Not to say that Valucre doesn't have a degree of such, but when you write in a dedicated genre like Star Trek, the very mention of introducing a character concept or plot device too similar to another type tends to get you blacklisted relatively fast. I applaud the open-mindedness here, it's quite logical. 😛
  4. Welcome, to the land of tomorrow! … Wait that bit's been used somewhere before. Anyways welcome to Valucre. As some mentioned Ursa Madeum and one particular fellow mentioned the clans in Genesaris, the Yanaihara, the Owari, and the Shokan. As they said they're Asian inspired. To give you some information the Shokan is the clan that recruits those from every bit of life style for a chance to be something, from bandits to disgraced samurai to spies. I think they'd make room for a peasant/soldier of sorts. The Yanaihara however is more based around culture and the artistic side to life with their martial arts even being artistic. The Owari if my memory serves me correctly is more based on the combat side but I could be wrong as I haven't check them out myself yet. Also if you want somewhere to start off at the great place to stop is the Tavern of Legend. As a mentor there I suggest if you aren't sure where to start then that's the place to go to. The tavern itself doesn't have an prerequisite either, just make a character and waltz right in. Their currently dealing with the aftermath of a bird attack so if you join in now there's bound to be some scared or injured people.
  5. Yeah, welcome to the site! There isn't a ton of Star Trek-like stuff, as supes mentioned, but that just means you can be the person to bring it in. My own setting (that was linked above) involves a lot of aspects that weren't very common on the site when I joined (stuff like using motor vehicles or guns, and aesthetics like the Wild West or World War II), so I kind of made it my mission to put such a setting on the map. So who knows, you could be the one to forge an entirely new path here. Also, on the note of Spock, you might be interested in knowing that I have a character who is basically an amoral, quasi-gangster version of Spock as the main advisor in my country. Iol I like the Vulcans a lot, but always was annoyed with their (ironically illogical) morality, so I made my own version that sort of blends Vulcans, Elves and elements of Native American culture/history into my own race to supplement the human-centric culture in Norkotia.
  6. Nice! I'll check out the recommendations, especially the Alternative, thank you!! Although I'm a Star Trek addict, I'm more a sci-fi junkie, anxious to start broadening those horizons. I've got an idea of how I'd like my star treking character to find their way to the world of Valucre, but I'm not too sure as to where their escape pod should crash land. 😛
  7. HAHA! Okay, I'm there with you on watching beauty gurus on Youtube. The drama enthralls me. Who's your favorite, go-to beauty guru at the moment? 😛
  8. Hi there new buddy. Welcome to the site. I think we've been RPing for a lot of the same amount of time though I think you have a bit of an edge on me there, and you've definitely done more mediums than I have - for me its been mostly IM and forums, with forums taking the spotlight for years on end now We've got plenty of fantasy for you to explore. Valucre is actually a bit of a mixed bag. If the genres are families then I suppose we'd be one of those multi-family houses you're familiar with (I made it personal!). We basically have bubbles of various genres and levels of magic and technology all over, and all co-existing on the same planet, so that one area may be Middle Ages in terms of tech and high on the magical scale, or have no magic, or it may be more retro or more futuristic and so on There isn't a lot of Star Trek type play because the focus is on a single planet and the Trek canon is about exploring different planetary settings but anything that Valucre can't host proper, you can find in Alternative. There's an endless worlds thing there that may be of interest to you. It hasn't seen much use yet, but you might be the one who changes all that! As far as in-planet, we have a pretty handy cyberpunk setting called Martial Town It was expanded upon by another member who joined us from a scifi place (die shize), star wars though. And in the same vein another member from the same has made a low magic, dieselpunk type setting that may be of interest: If none of those are no harm, you can poke around until you find something you like or you can make something you feel may be missing on the site and let people flock to it. At any rate am happy to answer any questions you may have Welcome to Valucre!
  9. waves Oh well hello there!! How y'all doing?! I'm brand new to Valucre and looking very forward to learning more about the community. I've been RPGing for over 20 years, sticking mostly to the Star Trek universe with a few excursions into other genres from time to time. 😄 I've collaboratively written using several mediums including mailing lists, message boards/forums, SMS and NOVA, Discord and, most recently, Google Drive (go figure). I live in the beautiful state of Colorado and have a career in the multifamily housing industry, which I love!! 🙂 In my spare time, I enjoy many interests and hobbies including hiking and camping, road trips and exploring, minimalism and urban lifestyles, Postcrossing and penpals, sci-fi and fantasy (most especially Star Trek), and many others. A few guilty pleasures include watching Korean vloggers, the new The Elder Scrolls: Blades app and Spock, in all his recreations, who I'm pretty much in love with (don't judge). Honestly, I'm not sure where I fit within the community, but I'm eager to explore the possibilities!! I'm looking forward to writing with y'all!! 😉
  10. Please fight me! I am open to any style. T1, UFS, Narrative, or just plain talked out. Accept my challenge by posting here or sending me a PM! ~~~ Michael Commager stood on one of two hills separated by a grass valley. The valley was a quarter mile, a perfect bowl, all around nothing visible but the green of grass, the blue of sky, and the white of clouds. Morning sunlight filled his half of the valley, the west half. There were picturesque clouds in the sky that did nothing to blot the swelling daylight. A white tunic clung to the golden band around his neck, the diamond of white satin fit to his torso coming to a skirted point between his knees. His bare feet were spread shoulder length apart. There was a red sash tied around his waist, a perfect trapezoid affixed to his abdomen. The trapezoid was gilded in natural edges of red gem, its center a ribbed tortoise shell pattern of the most matte obsidian. A wooden switch was tucked at his left hip beneath the sash; it was both subtly warped and endlessly reliable. One end of the switch was slightly bulbous and the other a flat end. On the bulb was a perfect triangle of three gems. One was red, one was blue, and the one nearest the pommel purple. There were other gems on the man. Two, to be exact, nestled one beneath each earlobe as if dangling earrings except not. The one beneath his right was red, a deeper crimson than the one on the switch, the one under his left as black as imaginable. Michael's arms were held to his side, elbows bent at a 90° angle with flat palms facing upward. His eyes were closed and he breathed solely through his nose. He meditated, yet to be activated from a seemingly impenetrable slumber.
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  12. No ID for me either, I figured I just did it wrong. I figure I've got a lot of catching up to do, since I've been having fun here for free for a number of years!
  13. Welcome aboard 

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      Yes! I learned about this community through word of mouth and thought I'd check it out to see if it would be a good fit. 🙂

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      That's even better. Please send a warm thanks to whoever recommended us! 

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      I absolutely will!! 😄

  14. Welcome to the site. I don’t have anything to add to the stellar recommendations the community has submitted so I’ll leave that alone and just say hope you enjoy what we’ve got going on here and hope to see you around
  15. Leo was mildly disappointed that no further enemies remained for him to smite; he liked showing off, and was struck with the disheartening thought that maybe there were no more skeletons. It was tough to impress chicks with healing alone, and one of the other broads seemed to be able to do that too. Frowning, he wandered a few feet away from the group, hoping to see some indication of which way they should be going. Leo turned to look down the southern corridor and felt a huge sense of relief; there WAS another skeleton! "More on the way!" he called out. Taking a deep breath, the Halfling channeled his faith through his warhammer; a bolt of white fire licked out from the head, crossing the ten foot gap between him and his new opponent. The holy flame crackled, as if gleeful to be unleashed on such a vile thing, and slithered between the skeleton's ribs, causing it to stumble. If it hadn't known he was there before, it certainly did now! Leo made a beckoning gesture with hie free hand, readying himself for another fight. "Bring it."
  16. Amon sees Aster wave at him and he waves back. After finishing talking to Solomon, he gets up from his chair and walks over to Aster. "Hello, I'm Amon, but call me Carver, Mad Carver, if you will. Anyways, I noticed you waving at me and I saw the scratches on your body, so I would like to know why this giant fight started. Do you have any information?"
  17. A week passed, the news was glorious. After much testing, Chi could now confirm the egg had taken on a spirit. The egg had a patina layer, giving it a greenish surface, with streaks of black. There was an occasional rock from the egg, so Chi had to placed it in a cushioned basket. Whilst the composite shell was strong, he wanted to guarantee the safety of its valuable contents. This was a long journey, one that had taken nearly two months, but it was now only one message from being complete. 'Thank fuck, it's over.' He held the egg in his hands, giving it's surface a light polish. 'You're going to make your owner very happy! And make me a nice bit of coin, but that's beyond the point.' He left the tavern, egg securely hidden in his bag. Shaka sat on top, guarding the contents. Chi had sent his contractor a message three days ago, letting his know his package was ready for collection. He'd rented a space at the gypsies market to sell some good he'd made over the day, whilst waiting for the egg to take life. It was the meeting point with this client, the final step in this journey. Next Chapter - Only first section.
  18. Walking into his work space, Chinafel placed his bag to the side. Reaching in, he placed individual pouches of ingredients on the old wooden table. The room had a variety of tools and equipment, ranging from blacksmithing all the way to alchemy. Chi slowly made his way around the room, trying to decide where to start. Most of his creations where basic and made on the road, creating simple companions for a quick bit of gold. Tho custom contracts were not rare, it definitely was normal. So using facilities such as these were a good treat. 'Lets start by getting the shell ready' Chi took out the copper ore, placing it inside the forges crusher. The machine was small and basic, not designed for large scale production, but it could get this job done. The ore slowly formed a rough gravel like substance, turning off the machine, Chi slowly brushed the now smashed ore into a small cauldron and left it to heat up in the furnace. Meanwhile, he took two drake scales and slowly broke them apart in a mortar n' pestle. After an hour the copper ore had been melted into a white liquid, he poured it out and left it to cool into a reddish solid block. Picking up the block with a pair of tongs and placing it on the anvil, Chi began to hammer the copper. Slowly removing the impurities, he brushed off the surface and placed in back into the cauldron. Returning to his scales, this process repeated 6 times. After a couple of hours he was left with reasonably pure copper and a semi-fine powder from the drake scales. Walking to the cauldron, he poured half the powder into the liquid copper and left it. With the remaining powder, he mixed it with half of the dragons ash. Then took both the earth and air elemental stones, smashing underneath his hammer into a fine dust. He mixed the earth elemental stone dust with the powder mixture, and the air with the liquid copper. Taking the powder mixture, he compressed it down into a ball before carefully heating it over the forge. The earth elemental stone powder should stop the dragon ash from igniting, but that was only a theory. The ball slowly hardened, forming a dull brown ball. Its surface was hard and smooth, like an obsidian ball which would act as the powers source. The let out a deep sigh, thankful his theory was correct. The process was nearing it's completion, so the old timer decided have a breather. 'I have the shell, the power sources and the physical form. Now time for the hardest part, the poison.' Taking a seat at the alchemy table, he brought over the ingredients. Dragon ash, korenia root, photas, creeping charlies and manamoss. Putting the bowl of dragon ash aside, he began carefully grinding the ingredients together in a glass bowl placed over a low flame. Slowly mixing and grinding, breaking it all down into a slushy mixture. Generally Chinafel was not worried with his alchemy skills, but creeping charlies had a reputation in the world of herbalism. Once the mixture reached a paste like substance, he added water before the dragon ash. The resulting concoction was a slimy dark green liquid, the odder was surprisingly pleasant. With everything in place, Chi began the final step. He first took remaining powder mixture and molded it into a rough hollow egg shape, leaving a hole in the top. Then poured the herbal mixture inside, filling roughly half way. Next adding two drake scales, the membrane, manamoss and power source. Once the all had been added, he filled the top. The layer was thin, but strong enough to protect the contents from the molten composite. taking a pair of tongs, he put the egg over a medium heat until the shell had hardened just slightly. With the final touch, Chi dipped the egg in the copper. As he lifted it, it was coated in a thin layer of the copper composite, casting it in the protective layer. Leaving it to cool, the process was complete. It was now a waiting game, to see if the egg took life.
  19. He shakes his head "If they return in such a state, the government will believe that I'm dead and they won't bother us again unless otherwise"
  20. As Schrei demonstrated her unaffected dexterity by flashing her sharp, Cain was above all pleased with her assimilation of the limb. Underneath his pleasure though, he felt the uncontrollable urge he always felt when looking at something beautiful to reach out and dash it, swatting the blade to the side. Instead, a kurt grin she received before being led onto the vessel. Indeed, the Dead could stick together like coagulated blood cells. If a virus ever arose, even though one never had, the First Officer always always would and always had stood guard like a white blood cell, ready to slit the throat and cut the threat. In defense of the Dead, he would do anything. He knew there would be a line that, one day, he could not cross in guarding it; but he had killed entire kingdoms for the Dead by now. What more, he wondered? What more? Lying there curled up like a cat, the audiomancer would hear for the entire 3 hours her First Officer standing in the exact same spot. For the first hour she would hear almost nothing, not even the squelching of regular human organs. Blood still coursed through his veins, that much she would hear, but its flow wasn’t powered by a beating heart; she would hear instead the gentle whine of magic coming from two sources; a circle of runes around his wrist and his brain. The rest of his organs seemed suspended in some sort of stasis, either immune to aging or long dead and somehow preserved. For the second hour, as Schrei really got a feel for the F.O.’s machinations, she might focus in on the brain. When she did, even focusing as hard as she might, she could only just barely hear something. Maybe it wasn’t even there; but maybe, just maybe, Schrei heard millions of voices shrieking out in pain and revile from deep inside the magical whine. For the entire ride he peered with utter motionlessness into the black, crushing ocean that through the depths of which their vessel’s automated navigation sailed them. Magi-computer errors were nearly insignificant in the equation of fatal crashes, but there were plenty of other… influences in the ocean. After spotting the miles-wide angler fish that defended Aidni years ago— finding that all of Aidni, soon to be Amalia, would one day rise on the back of a massive hermit crab— he had developed and fostered carefully a genuine fear of the depths. They were going fast. Although reaching Kalopsia took 3 hours, the devastating strike team that was Schrei and Cain had spanned several time zones. When they arrived it was evening. Slipping into a cove of the Water Court, the sleek black vessel guided itself straight up on to the smooth stones. Its pointed end slid from the black water so gently that nobody in this secluded corner of Kalopsia would be around to see. Cain wouldn’t speak, Schrei would know that they had arrived when the door hissed open and the First Officer moved. He grabbed his back in the exact manner he had placed it down as they moved down the sloping platform. It had been programmed to find the nearby dry land so that neither of them walked in the water. Perhaps a meaningless feature, perhaps not. Wordlessly he extended one of the classic black circular psychic comm pads for Schrei to stick to herself anywhere. As soon as she did, his voice began. Though they were on Kalopsian land, it would take a while longer. He talked while their feet delved through up the hill of pebbles leading away from the beach. It seemed like they stood on a vast, endless beach of pebbles, the hill swaying high then low to either horizon. “We’re in the Earth Court. Nobody on this side of the island is as experienced with water recon as the Water court, so this made a good infiltration point. We’ll have to carriage over to the Water Court. Aisha Kajal is our target. We have two options. Kill Kajal and I can work the puppet,” he said, waggling his fingers instinctively without any real intention for Schrei to see, “or take her out entirely and install our own friendly leader. Our plan hinges on your choice between the two.” Cain removed two meager cloaks that would cover their visages. Cain’s was an almost nationally known face and, though he draped the hooded cloth over his shoulders, he didn’t even bother concealing these weathered features. “People are sloppy these days,” he said, making eye contact with her as if she could read his mind (she could). He had no confidence in anyone to find him; was he talking about them being sloppy, though, or chiding himself? It shone in the lines on his face the dwindling care with which he gazed in the face of death. It was ingrained in their very mission, really: no life was sacred, not even their own. Schrei boarded a wheat carriage headed to the Water Court with a true nihilist.
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