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  2. Bump bump, bump bump, bump bump.. The only sound he heard was the blood running through his veins. The opening and closing the the left and right ventricles as oxygen enriched the blood. Saito has been in meditation since the day of his arrival on this black site. The molding of chakra had been sealed beneath the shakes yet it flowed deeply within his core. Manifesting and layering waiting to explode in an instant. One might get the shakes like too much sugar in the blood stream yet he was calm and quiet. “No voices. I like the silence, you can feel the nervousness of the guards stationed outside the walls. Each one already anxious enough to make a move..” The fear of those who guarded him was tangible beyond belief. Stone faced as always they showed nothing when Grant arrived, however each had an itchy finger to draw from the holster and fire without hesitation. “You don’t sound like the warden, what are you? The shrink? When did they let kids into black sites??” The question was ignored as he remained in darkness keeping his eyes closed. The shackles remained tight around his athletic yet lean figure. The black jumpsuit granted to prisoners was all he wore with bare feet. “Better yet, I’m surprised the Warden granted anyone to speak to me.. So what brings you here fresh meat?” Saito questioned his brow dared to raise at this point. The situation was pathetic and laughable almost but he was happy to have his own space. Adjusting his back slightly he had an odd idea. Without hesitation as kicked both legs forward making the loose chains snap forward in a loud crack. Of course he did not attempt to break them, but for Grant there was a clear change of posture in every guard. Each quickly rounded upon the cell weapons drawn and safeties were off without hesitation. “See what I mean.. So damn tense.”
  3. Excellent. Just wanted to be prepared for the possible. Unfortunate reality is that people bail from threads or the site altogether without any notice. I’m sure I’ve been guilty of that before. Hopefully everyone posts in a timely manner and as often as they might in a regular roleplay!
  4. Oct 16 for all Trueblade. Wildblade hasn't started yet because 1. Attempting to resolve the lack of a vielle, waiting on feedback from a few people. 2. I dun see if any of the rest of you guys have made teams yet. (Btw, Aleksei has kindly volunteered to join. Can't take part in my own contest but dibs!)
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  6. Passed my recently round of classes and have been allowed to have 2 weeks off! Expect some posting to happen starting tomorrow 💕

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      Glad to have you back! I have been waiting for our RP. Take care! 😄

  7. Well what is a “month” in our case? My thread started around mid-September. Are we averaging it as 31 days?
  8. Those words resonated with Xylex. Under his breath He mumbled. “That which lurks in all of us. ID, darkness, the voice of the devil, it goes by many names, but there’s generally one meaning. That which places thoughts of primitive actions and perhaps destruction. To become it would to become only part of yourself; through self control it is part of us, but we are not it.” Xylex sighed it appeared that he didn’t help the situation. He didn’t particularly mean what he said as a threat it was to put her at some level of ease that actions were not of leathal intent by suggesting she’d know if they were. Then it was time that Abraxis gave Xylex a threat. What she suggested sounded amazing, but since Xylex could turn himself into amorphous material independent of needing to stay in one piece that still wouldn’t be enough to kill him. “Believe me lady Abraxis I’m not here to hurt you or at least not intentionally, I can’t promise that your treatment will be painless.” Xylex again did not mean this to be a threat or an ill conceived joke. He just wanted to be up front with her and be honest that not all magics were painless. “But rest assured that I will try to make it as painless as possible.” He also realized to an extent that she wasn’t able to to fully understand what he was saying as drunk as she was. “Now everyone I’ll try a different approach. Oh and Whichever one of you owns this house, before you ask I’ll pay for the damages.” Before Anyone could even ask what damages Xylex sent metal poles into the floor surrounding him and Abraxis. They were emitting some rather powerful waves of divine mana, but rather than an ominous feeling one would feel at peace. Their purpose was to help keep Abraxis calm while allowing both of their inner consciousness to reach a meeting place, so Xylex would not haft to enter her mind directly. “Ok let’s begin. First I’d like for you to further explain that event in greater detail. The one where you should have died.” Xylex thought that was a bit odd. A good as place as any to start. (OOC: Sorry for the delay I’ve been a bit busy.)
  9. Who was she to tell him what was quite enough or not? He was the one in charge here not her, these dark thoughts seemed to twist his moral before he came to the realization that he clearly beat the hell out of them within a inch of their lives. His eyes remained red, it was more of an instinct than anything as he glared at them even though they pose not a threat anymore. If it was for him he would throw them in jail and be done with it, something he will talk with this Aya, immediately. Whatever her Shrine of Judgment was, her God had no business here, not that he was an atheist, though how would you feel when someone comes in your territory and starts doing things their way? The answer, is not good. Though her words, he did not understand, they surely did sound germanic by nature but nothing he has ever heard of. He saw this as a chance for her to prove herself, he almost forgot about their recent talk about her stick which she calls "Staff" now he could see with his own eyes what this power of the God of Judgment could do, if there was such a thing.. He found it rather interesting that the lights would turn black and that her magic spells affected the City's lights, but now he wondered was this truly a God? Or just someone who learned the basics of black magic? The way he came to the realization that it may have been just black magic was because of its dark aura that it had, thinking if it was a Priestess, it would have had a different colored aura and not black. He instantly rolled his eyes when the male tried to trick her by healing him and then run it off, it was typical. What was she expecting even? She was so focused on her task at hand that she completely forgotten about him, maybe she was too focused in her head to prove what she can do. He was a bit impressed but more so skeptical, he had in the end, every right to be, he knew magic when he saw it. However it also made him think about their deal, she said 'deal' that seemed like only the Christian Devil or Satan would do...this was getting more skeptish and he didn't like it. The next thing he said took him by surprise and it was definitely noticeable by his look, she said some private information. Information that would take F.A.N.G.S Top Agents at least an hour to obtain and she did it in literal seconds, how was that possible? But now he wondered even more was all that private information even useful? It wasn't for him, he didn't need a reason to know why this bastard of a man was going to rape this woman. No reason justifies the means and acts of people what she did was not acceptable she told the man to leave and he did. For her nexts actions he was completely silent, seemingly having enough of this show that could have ended by taking all of them to the prison and be done with them. What she was doing was no Justice, it was forgiveness at best, if it was Justice they would have been sent to Jail because that's how modern day works, but now he thought maybe from where she comes from they don't have a system like they had in Joran the more reason to fill her up with the details as soon as possible. What he could say that a good job was done, was with the couple as they were able to be in each other's hold. Probably the people knew not as much about magic but enough for the couple to nod their heads even though they didn't even understood what the hell was going on. He looked at them as they waited for a request and he shook his head. "No thank you, just go and be careful next time." He said before he turned his attention to her, his eyes turning into that amber color finally. "How was that justice you delivered?" He asked her immediately. "From what I know, what we in Joran City do. When someone commits a crime they go to the Judge and they get sentenced and go to prison we did none of that." He said. "What guarantees you that a few sweet but bitter words would make them not do it again?" He asked her. "You know how many years it is worth going to prison for when commiting rape? 15 years that is punishment not some display of your magic." He seemed a bit on the edge now, maybe it was getting really late and he was tiring well she couldn't judge him after all. "We'll have a lot to talk about Aya..." He said with a deep sigh. "And clearly today is not going to cut it but just so you know. Next time we do this, I would like to have my two cents about it as well. You can't let people like them run around, Aya. You can't." He said with a earnest voice, being dead serious about it. "I appreciate what you've done don't get me wrong." He tried to sound nice about it even though he was on the edge. "But if we are meant to be partners we have to do everything, together." He said as he shoved his hands in his pockets before starting to walk, hoping she would follow him. "There is a inn nearby so since you denied my request you can suit yourself." He had a indifferent tone, since he was not going to force her. "Might as well ask my as many questions as you can while we walk." He said as he was ready to answer every any question before they would part ways and meet again tomorrow. @Priestess Yeah, it's alright, no worries. As long as you respond, it is okay. Also about that lore thread, well done job. I liked it and heh funny enough about your so called "Ancient Language" that is German lol. How do I know? Because I live in Germany 😂 Heilen, Bessern, Genesen, Verdicken, Belegan, Verjüngen - Heal, Better, Recover, Thicken, Document, Rejuvenate. Nice touch which little will pick on.
  10. Ingrid looked back over her shoulder at him as he explained the similarities. That seemed accurate. She shivered at the touch of his hand down her arm as she practiced the same little light spell again so he could feel it. "All of the above...but we just call them Elementals versus primals...primals for us in study are mostly ancient spirits. Far older than elementals themselves and tied within the branches of all things. Animal. Plant. Rock."She explained, wriggling her fingers as the light bounce from finger tip to finger tip in a playful way. Each time it moved, it would swirl around the next finger and back again. "I guess you could say it's almost Druid-like...but Elves have always been very close to nature. It's the most natural magic for us to use. We're made up of all these little bits of elements here and there that make us living beings so acting as conduits isn't hard." Ingrid let the light balance just in the tip of her index finger. "I like going on long walks to really absorb it...and cooking is a good way to absorb it physically a little bit better since it's a combination of a variety of different elements."She said, sitting up a little bit more. "I appreciate the help though...I guess I don't really take care of myself any way other than just the skin. Nothing really skin deep."
  11. I know there's not many people left here. However I need to address the issue of the dwindling number of active RP-ers in this thread as well as the future of this RP having a second leg of journey. My wife is giving birth to twins next month. That means I will have a reduced presence on Valucre and may be AFV indefinitely. Thus, I would like to ensure that this story at least gets an ending so that there can be some closure. I will still continue to post. However, my main focus will be ensuring that the Kingfisher and it's crew arrive safely at their destination. From there, this RP will end and I shall be looking for anyone who wants to adopt my characters for future use. I want to thank each and every one of you, present or not, for taking this journey with me. I hope you have enjoyed this story as much as I have.
  12. @Fierach My thread has only just begun so this question is in general— What is the time limit for someone to post, if there is one? Or is there not a time limit except when one “month” is over? So like if I post an attack and my opponent doesn’t reply after three days then it’s an auto-hit, as a bare example of what I mean by ‘time limit’. Or they don’t reply after a month...
  13. Room for one more? I’ve got a hand for hire in Valjer in need of some coin who sounds perfect for the job.
  14. Pure power (chance's stuff anyway)
  15. Greetings ladies and gentlemen in Valucre. A disturbing war has broken out between 2 races. One are Celvestians which are commanded by Nesy. One are Retruvians commanded by..Someone. This will become an epic battle in between 2 races! However not the entire force will be there. So what should you expect? Destruction Ruined nature Chaos Potential death tool. Loads of violence. Terror. How did the small scale war start out? It all started out in the "Tavern of Legends Season 3." when Nesy got a transmission from his enemy that they have found him. While he was just goofing around with his extra terrestrial friends which was interupted by a warning. The Retruvians will send an entire arsenal of 1000 troops that will be hunting for Nesy and including eradicating this entire planet.. But Nesy wont give up because his troops will reinforce Nesy during the fight so the troop ammount is like 1000. This war will happen somewhere in the forests of Valucre in an isolated location 50KM away from the large Tavern. So where will this war break out? Somewhere in Terrenus in the wild natures. It'll start out silently but ends with total destruction. Will Nesy save Terrenus from total destruction by Retruvian forces. Or he'll die in glory? Time to find out who wins.. -- My OC. So who's going to be the retruvian? It's work in progress but maybe it's going to be NPC's Everyone may join this small little event I planned.
  16. It had taken Emile only a minute two get down to the fourth floor, but Ram and Hart where starting from the first floor, and would take a bit longer. He used the time to locate a vehicle and get to work on it. Back in training he had assumed he would never need to remember the hot wiring techniques they taught him. Fortunately he had retained more of them than he thought he had. In a few minutes he had opened the door, disabled the alarm, and started the engine. Just as it turned over he saw his two companions appear. "Get in," he said, then looked at Hart, "Get in the back, keep low." The doctor nodded numbly and did as she was told. Once everyone was aboard, he drove them out to use the opposite entrance from the one they had come in from. He hadn't seen the officers yet, but that could change at any minute. "Are you carrying?" he asked his partner.
  17. robicheaux, ramsey It was his worst nightmare. Fight or flight frantically pranced wild into his nerves. "Ram, change of plans, they're coming for her. No time for the bus, you've got to get out of there now." He adjusted his spectacles, landing specific targets on specific heads among other heads. "Yeah, I see them." "You need to get across the street. Meet me in the parking garage next to my building, fourth floor." He spoke in a mockingly deadpan voice. "Yes, sir." His tone was code for: "You've gotta shitting me, Emile." The moment when several men in uniform started swimming in the opposite direction of the crowd, Ramsey didn't even have time to think. He looked at Hart, smiled, and swung his arm around her shoulder and held her close to his side. It was a smooth gesture, as if they had known each other like chummy boyfriend and girlfriend. Ramsey, the boyfriend, and Hart, the unfortunate girlfriend. Both of them started walking, and so started the chase. "Roll with it," he casually said, "we're going to take a shortcut." They paced towards the street, something the CDF had suddenly noticed, and the officers changed their course. Ramsey was so focused on getting away, he hadn't noticed that a wet flyer had glued itself onto his shoe. His body language and facial tics seemed to imply nothing of a daring escape; but the same couldn't easily be said for Hart. Under his arm, she was in a cold sweat. Ramsey continued playing his part, occasionally engaging in lighthearted small talk in an incredibly dull tone. It would jarr Hart, but it was better than leaving her frightened. In the corner of his eye, the officers inched steadily closer. Red targets bobbed on their heads, displaying the distance he had from them. He pushed his glasses up, stopping dead in their tracks now that they've arrived at the street. As a crowd began to cross, they moved with them and blended in, but they never left the CDF's sights. Amidst the locals, someone like Doctor Robicheaux and Doctor Hart looked embarrassingly foreign. Ramsey pulled his arm off her and technically started to rush. It took fifteen seconds to get to the street and took five seconds to cross it. They entered the parking garage and Ramsey shot a look at Hart with a straight face. "Alright, now we run."
  18. Cool, I'll get the character sheet taken care of soon, and remain on standby until we're good to go!
  19. It didn't take long at all for Leon to catch up, a matter of seconds actually. When he saw the sight, he was instantly ready to put a stop to things. When he said to back him up, Aya said "Very well." in a tone that was eerily calm. While Leon charged in for the man grabbing the woman, two of his friends had made a move on him. One of them had their foot catch on the floor, making him trip and stumble. His head slammed into the wall of one of the buildings, knocking him out. The other man suddenly had a flower pot fall from one of the overhead balconies, smack him square on his crown, and put him out of commission, as well. "How unfortunate." Aya said, and turned her attention to a fourth man. He had a small knife in his hand, but was keeping his back to the wall, staring at Leon with a horrified expression. He was shaking, and Aya could feel no aggression coming from him. Aya stepped forward, seeing that there were no more enemies with the ability to fight. "Sir Leon, that's quite enough." she said, moving the head of her staff in between him and the other man. She saw that his eyes were red, a slight change from his normal color- a massive one, actually. She moved her staff backwards and looked the man in his eyes, which were just barely open. He was clearly unconscious and nearing death, which Aya could use to her advantage. "Heilen, Bessern, Genesen." The lights in world seemed to go through a power outage as they flickered off and then back on. Not just the lanterns and lamps, but the light from the moon, and other things that shouldn't stop glowing like that. The man let out a groan before coughing up blood once more, and his friends who were knocked out from head injuries got back up. "Tell me, sir. Do you fear death? Does the thought of the cold silence of eternal slumber cause you distress?" The man squinted to look at Aya, barely able to breathe from his cracked ribs that were probably shattered. "If you agree to accept any punishment for your actions, I would agree to heal your wounds fully." The man nodded weakly and said "I- uh-ag-gree..." "Very well." Aya said and stepped back. Her staff gave off a slightly black glow and the light faded by a couple of shades, this time, the increased darkness lingered as she chanted. "Heilen, Bessern, Genesen..." strange symbols appeared in front of Aya. Even though the language she was speaking was an easily learned one, the symbols in front her were written in a language that was tens of thousands of years old, and not located in any known history books. "...Verdicken, Belegan, Verjüngen..." another line of words appeared in front of her, and the light faded entirely, but the words remained in the pitch black darkness as a white outline. "...Aufleben, Erneurn, auferstehen" the light words appeared in front her, and then the light returned to the world. The words in front her lingered, and a black light surrounded the man. Faster than the wounds were inflicted on him, they had all vanished, and he opened his eyes. The man's eyes quickly changed to a scowl and he used a fast jerk to get off the wall and begin running, saying "Syke!" If Leon was looking in the direction he ran, he would hear the word "Knacken." come from Aya, and he'd see the man's right leg instantly break. "What the hell!?" he shouted while holding his leg and rolling on his side. As Aya stepped closer, she said in the same eerily calm voice "One does not simply back out of a deal. Or did you forget that you signed your fate to me?" She stopped next to him and kneeled down, resting her hand on the side of his head and giving a sweet smile. The man froze and glanced over to Aya. She could break his leg with a single word... His horror was in the thought of what other things she could do to him. Aya closed her eyes and softly said "You grew up on the streets. You spent your entire childhood alone, clawing for whatever scraps you could find. A woman took you in, and you fell in love with her, and she with you. You became a good man, and a hard worker. However, she was forced to leave for work. You hadn't seen her for several years. The last time you saw her, she was with her newborn and husband. You two made eye contact, but did not speak. Out of anguish, you decided to take to drinking to make the pain stop. In your drunken stupor, you decided to force love, as it were not naturally possible for you." The man was crying and he nodded slowly. Aya tilted her head, opening her eyes to look down on him softly. "Love cannot be forced, poor soul. It requires tempering, and much time to become true. From this moment on, however, you shall have no need for such a thing. No more will you yearn for a female's touch. Instead, you shall find warmth in the loving embrace of the apidae. Have no fear of death, for you are immune to their scorn. So spricht der herr." Aya's staff glowed briefly, and the man's leg un-broke itself. He watched Aya as she began standing up. "Leave." Aya said, and the man nodded before scrambling to his feet and running away. Aya walked over to the two men who were unconscious, but far from dead, and looked down on them. "Fooled by the promise of easy sex, but both in a relationship. Pity, that you aren't awake. I would rather you agreed to this. May you both die alone, never to betray another woman's heart. So spricht der herr." Once more, Aya's staff had glowed. Aya then walked over to the man who was still keeping his back to the wall, but had let his knife fall from his hands by this point. "You have not fled, yet." Aya said with slight surprise. The man just stood there, shaking, unable to even speak. "Will you accept punishment for your deeds? The alternative is you waking up and trying to figure it out on your own." she was blunt, not even bothering to let him think there was mercy for him. He fell to his knees, looking down at the stone ground and nodded. "Your entire life has been ruled by those two men. Your punishment is to grow a spine. So says the lord." Aya turned and walked away, towards the injured man. This time, her staff didn't glow. "I-is... Is that a-all?" he asked, with a newly formed puddle below him. Aya looked at him and said "You did not strike this man, nor that woman. You had no intention of violating her. Should I find that you continue associating with these two, I will make you regret it. Now be gone." The man stood up and said "Th-thank you..." and turned, but stopped at the woman. He took off his shirt and gently set it down next to her. "I'm sorry. Please take this." he said and started running. Aya knelt down by the woman's lover and rested her hand on his chest. "Heilen, Bessern, Genesen, Verdicken, Belegan, Verjüngen." The lights faded from the world briefly once more, but weren't as flashy as when she used the nine-word chant. Black lights engulfed the man. He was healed within a matter of moments, left with nothing but torn clothes. He raised his hand and looked at it, flexing the fingers a few times. His eyes flew wide open and he shouted "Maria!" before quickly sitting up and looking around. "Where is she!?" he asked frantically. Aya stood up and moved aside, letting him see the woman who was on her knees, looking back at him with tears in her eyes. "The two of you should leave." He helped his woman to her knees and looked to Leon and then Aya. "Thank you... Both of you. How can we repay you?" It was customary to never accept proper payment for something done without a deal struck, so Aya said "Magic can only mend the flesh. Go attend to your souls. This is the only compensation I will accept." The man would then turn to Leon, waiting for his request. The woman was too emotionally damaged to speak, she just held onto her man's arm tightly while wearing the other man's shirt as a blanket to hide her exposed body, and looked down. She waited till the couple were gone and then Aya looked at Leon and let out a sigh. "That was tiring." She would then say "For now, a simple inn will be more than enough. I wish to ask you some questions, please. If I may trouble you further, we could speak more tomorrow?" @MichaelTheLightBringer Sorry again for the long wait. Below is a link to the Shrine of Judgement. Anything on that page can be considered IC knowledge. Anything secretive, I've intentionally left out of it. I think it'd be fun to get Diego involved!
  20. The prison whose halls Grant now walked did not have a name as far as he was aware of. It was a government black site; the kind of place that you wouldn't find on any paperwork, and that only a handful of people could even claim to know about. Luckily for him, he had done some work for the warden a few years back. A prisoner had somehow managed to get out, and the Prince had tracked him down and brought him back. To this day nobody knew how the inmate had gotten out, and there had been no escapes since. Not yet at least. Recently the facility had taken custody of an inmate who had proved to be all kinds of trouble for them. Grant didn't know what Saito Jengtsu did to get put here, but it was instigating a riot during which he had killed three other inmates and hospitalized half a dozen guards had gotten him moved to solitary. A further escape attempt had gotten him put in the most secure part of the facility, known as the Coffin. A 12 x 12 cell of three foot thick steel; enchanted to hell and back by master wizards. No natural light got into the cell, and the prisoner was made to wear heavily enchanted shackles. On the outside of the coffin was another heavily secured room, surrounded on all sides by armed guards. When Grant arrived outside the cell, he was taken to a spot where a speech bubble had been painted on the metal. When he spoke, the prisoner would be able to hear him, and respond back. "They tell me that most inmates who get put in there go insane from the isolation within a week," Grant spoke in a conversational tone, "You've been in there for a month. Hearing voices yet?" @Chappu
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    (Character: Amagdalum; Artist: Kawacy) (Character: Nobunaga; Artist: Kawacy) They were inseparable; cat and dog. And they got along just as poorly. 'Course, only in the most affectionate way. "Leave me alone, Amag!" It came out as a strangled, warbled, panicked scream, but there was nothing on Nobunaga's face but sheer delight. Her lips were pulled back to reveal her sharp and pointed teeth, and her red eyes' pupils had narrowed into slits, as they always did under situations of high stress such as this. Her ears, matching in color with her black hair, made quick subconscious movements, constantly changing their angle for her to best make sense of her surroundings via sound. Nobunaga heard Amagdalum laughing behind her as she ran through the dense foliage, trying to lose the dog spirit who so loved their game of chase. Of course, being a cat spirit, Nobunaga was always the prey; the object of the hunt. She moved swiftly between the trees, though "swift" was an understatement. In her running, she trampled bright green plants whose seeds had found fertile soil, plants who had dared to grow toward their star. These plants were glowing lightly, and small blue lights ran down their sides, but she had no time for such aesthetic appreciation now. Although Nobu knew Amagdalum would never hurt her--their bond was far too deep for that to ever happen--her body didn't seem to know that. With the hormones of stress and the surges of adrenaline racing through her, Nobu's body had entered a mode of "fight-or-flight," in which Nobu's evolutionary heritage primed her for survival. Nobu glanced down at her shoes, hardly giving a thought to this truth. She noticed they were getting increasingly muddy, because of how far they had been traveling. She narrowed her eyes. "He-hey!" She yelled behind her. "Amag, my shoes!" Laughter. And in the next moment, the chillingly close sound of a blade slicing through the air. Nobu leapt back from the flash of white that dominated her right-field vision. There Amagdalum was, chest rising and falling rapidly, her blade having cut into the trunk of a tree. Only seconds too late. It took the spirit a moment to get the blade loose, its color a pale white like her hair. Sweat beaded her face, and she was grinning with elation. "You missed!" Nobunaga taunted, stepping back further and reaching for her sword's hilt. With a flash of deep black, the long and thin blade was out of its scabbard and held menacingly before her. Nobu smirked, crouching slightly in a stance reminiscent of a feline. She, too, was breathing hard, and her thirst was growing by the moment. Amagdalum held her gaze for a moment longer, taking only seconds to regain her strength-- Her blade slammed into that of Nobu, who was forced backward. She dug her shoes into the ground and leaned forward, trying her best to not let the dog spirit overpower her, but it was difficult. Strong as Nobu was, Amagdalum was simply better in that department. Whereas she had greater strength, Nobu had greater speed. "I never miss!" Nobu grit her teeth, her arm muscles aching as she tried to keep the sword distant from her body. But it took all her strength to do so, and Amag knew it. She effortlessly pushed harder still, giving Nobu a sly smirk once she sensed victory. "D-damn you!" Nobu yelled. Using the last of her strength, she threw herself forward and pushed against Amagdalum's blade. Her expression--formerly one of calm and cocky certitude--changed to one of surprise and insecurity, and she pushed harder, scowling. When the moment seemed right, Nobu ceased pushing and instead leapt to the side in one swift and agile movement. The speed of this movement and its spontaneity caught Amagdalum by surprise, who--having just moments ago been heavily pushing in a forward motion--lost her balance and tumbled to the ground. She hit the ground hard; dogs never landed well. "Aauhh!" Upon impact, her blade was knocked out of her hand. She closed her eyes when she hit the dirt, particles of organic matter falling like rain onto her formerly clean and handsome clothes, but she soon opened them again and her long fingers reached for the sword. Nobu, having anticipated this, made sure to kick the sword away. Amagdalum tried to move fast, quickly flipping onto her back and trying to stand, but Nobu beat her to it, leveling her own dark blade at Amag's chest. Standstill. The jungle was dense, and teeming with life. Caught up in the chase, neither of them had been able to notice the minute details that would have earned them an appreciation and wonder for their excruciatingly beautiful surroundings. Cutting through the broad leaves overhead, the sunlight fell in shafts of glittering light. It made its way down Nobu's sword, and glinted off of her belt and uniform buttons. The sunlight also felt on Amag, glistening off her shiny white dress shirt--which, needless to say, was now torn up and partly unbuttoned--and lighting a fire to her red eyes. Slowly, Nobu's eyes began to return to normal, the slits widening and her face adopting a more human expression. Amagdalum glared. "That was faster than usual," Nobu said in surprise. "You were fast," Amagdalum muttered, almost under her breath. Of course, thanks to her superior senses, Nobu had no trouble understanding her words. Nobu retracted her claws and extended her hand, offering to help Amagdalum up. Amagdalum didn't move. She glanced up at Nobunaga's face, which had now adopted a placid and relaxed expression--a trusting and loving expression--but her own expression was guarded. She ignored the kind gesture until Nobu's ebony-colored blade was back in its sheath. Then she reached for her own sword's hilt and stood up on her own. "You're faster than you used to be," Amag stated. "And you're stronger than you used to be," Nobu pointed out, a smile on her lips. Amagdalum shrugged, her anger and frustration dissipating as she thought about the truth of what Nobu had said. She had gotten stronger, and that pleased her. More than she would say. "Alright, fair enough." She sniffed, putting a hand on her hip and looking around, her eyelids lowered and an expression of boredom on her face. "Too bad that's done with--fighting you is one of my favorite things to do." Unlike Nobu, Amagdalum was actually barefoot, and her claws sunk into the cool and moist soil. Surrounding her feet was a forest of clovers that had cushioned her fall. Nobu laughed, stepping forward and trying to straighten her collar. A lot of good that would do; this was yet another article of clothing they had, in their passion, damaged. The movement startled Amagdalum, who instinctively tried to pull back. However, after a moment, she stopped resisting. "I promise, the feeling's mutual. And don't worry; there will always be a next time. Besides, I think an hour and a half of playing rough is long enough. Let's head back now--what do you say?"
  22. I'm gonna make something REALLY crazy.

  23. Since Vielle is on indefinite AFV due to issues in real life, I'll be posting next. In the meantime I'll also post on the future of this thread and whether the journey will still continue.
  24. Nesy's hologram suddenly began displaying a gigantic red text infront of him..His armor's LED's began turning bright red. The screen blinked red in an alarm-fasion. The hologram was 30CM away from his face and that made him jump. His hologram blurted out a female voice that was fairly loud. There was a sudden transmission on something and an alarm. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. ... .... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .... .... .... ... .... .... ... ... ... .... .... .... .... .. .... . . . . . . .. . . . .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... . "WARNING! WARNING!" "INCOMING TRANSMISSION FROM AN ENEMY SOURCE! RETRUVIA-1X93 INBOUND." Should Nesy accept the transmission? Well, Nesy couldn't do anything as he'd clicked on the "Accept" buttom on his screen. What were Retruvians? They were the enemies of Celvestia. Nesy thought for a moment.. This has to be a mistake! No no! Nesy began to have this paniced expression as he saw static on the screen.. Following by a psycothic laughter.. Well it was fairly loud. Laughter was heard along with some static behind the screen and it seemed to be from an enemy who has long hated Nesy due to his popularity back at his planet. Whoever this enemy is.. That is someone who comes for Nesy. "Where are you? Nesy.. Come out come out wherever you are.." Psychotic laughter was heard once again. Nesy gulped and he'd angerily said.. "What the bloody hell do you want from me? How the hell did you find my frequency?!" Nesy asked with a slight more angrier but more confident voice. "SHUTUP!! CELVESTIAN SCUM!" A psychotic scream was heard.. It sounded male but demonic. A table slam was heard from the transmission and it was almost if like the person behind the static was sitting by a table. "Nesy Celvius... I've been looking for you for decades. I know which planet you are in and I will be the one to put your head as my trophy once I... FIND YOU!!" The voice sounded even more scarier and threatning.. Which made Nesy snap. "Piss off you son of a gun! You have no right to interupt me!" Nesy seemed to have a horrible arguement with his own enemy behind the holographic screen and he shut the hologram off. Before he shut the hologram he heard something else.. "I WILL FIND YOU-" The feed cut off with a terrifying scream from the enemy. Nesy gave off a deep deep sigh.. This arguement can probabaly make the entire tavern turn to Nesy's area. This wasn't good. This arguement was indeed very loud.
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