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  2. There is an impasse, despite what it wants, the mutant is unable to significantly damage the mech. It simply can’t muster enough force to shatter the ballistic glass canopy, or hit hard enough to break the armor, and no matter how hot it gets, it isn’t hot enough to cook the person inside. However, in the process of wildly flailing its limbs and scurrying around the exterior of the mech to avoid being grabbed or swatted by the other Cyclop’s units, something breaks. Rigid pipes and flexible hoses that serve the unit’s cooling system rupture, sending lime green liquid spewing like an artesian fountain. This in turn saturates the filters on the ventilation intakes. Soon the pilot is faced with two dilemmas. The first is that the unit’s beginning to overheat. The second is that the air within the mech is becoming saturated with aerosolized coolant. Annoyed with its inability to get inside the armor and growing tired of being harassed, the mutant abandons it with an almost completely vertical leap. Almost immediately the contingent of mech’s calculate its trajectory, step back just enough to get their firearms into position, and open fire. The stream of bullets is better focused and has superior grouping than before. The high level of concentration means that rounds repeatedly strike close to, if not on, the exact same point. Leveraging all of its limbs, the mutant vaults from beams to pipes and back, moving in an irregular pattern that isn’t immediately apparent. One of the exposed I-beams, making up a key component of a critical girder, starts to break free, a fact that doesn’t escape the mutant. Nae-Nae abruptly repositions itself between the beam and the ceiling, partially using the beam as cover. With its hind legs it pushes straight down, shoving its shoulder into the beam, and setting it loose. Angling it to the best of its ability, it aims the beam at the closest cyclops’ canopy, while riding the support down. The mass and speed, coupled with the smaller impact area, causes the beam to penetrate through the cockpit, through the pilot, and partially into the softer interior controls and circuit of the mech. In fact the beam only stops on contact with the armor plating, slightly deforming it. By the time the beam has stopped its descent and the mech is impaled, the mutant has fled again, scurrying across the ground on all fours toward the commander’s mech.
  3. "Ah," sneered the Colonel, smashing his fist into his palm with the light of justice ignited in his eye. "Nothing like some good ol' slave trade bashing." There was something in him both judicious and fair, but at the same time savage and untamed. The whites of his eyes, his pearl teeth gritted with anger already. So near were there bodies still traded unwillingly for wealth, so similar to the fate of a boy he knew so well, it made him sick with sorrow. "Yes, that's exactly what we'll do. We'll walk in there like buyers." "I was hoping you might have a few ideas about that? A portal or something maybe?" "I've got something even better," said Commager, unpacking a set of Fauxton receivers. "We'll zap them over to the nearest Fauxton station. It's still in great shape and definitely free of danger, I was just there this morning." "Now I must warn you, my appearance will be disguised when we meet tomorrow," he concluded their meeting by giving Emile the exact coordinates of their meeting the next day and headed off back toward the receiver, where he was sit guard it for the night.
  4. “Oh, huh.” The vocalization accompanies his inner thoughts of: She knows my name, neat. All things considered, Asher’s thoughts aren’t exactly aligned with the situation, nor reflect how serious it is. Rather, as far as he is concerned at the moment, the monsters are a minor trifle and he’s being dragged along the ground like a piece of luggage. If he were a third party watching this unfold, he definitely would be crying so hard from laughter. Unfortunately, the discomfort of the bindings, along with Addison yanking him through brush, keeps him from fully appreciating the particular incident. Making matters worse is the fact that he is stuck watching his sword disappear into the darkness. “but my sword.” He practically whimpers the protest as it vanishes completely, concealed by the trees and bushes. A few moments later there is a flash, something brilliant and searing, and all at once Asher is grateful that he’s caught within Addison’s shadow. With the light comes heat, and some minute timeframe later, the deafening roar of a wall of uncomfortably hot air that pushes into the pair. It settles, before he can react. Although they are far enough from the epicenter of the high energy burst, thus not reduced to smoldering husks, Asher can clearly make out Addison and his shadow burnt into the ground. Rather, everything around them has been bleached of color, leaving only the spots they occupied partially protected from the light. And even with Addison acting as a bulwark against the sudden outburst, Asher still fills a twinge of pain, like a light sunburn covering all of his exposed skin. It takes a few seconds for his remaining sense to recover from the overload, the humming in his ear is replaced with crackling, and the smell of burning monsters and foliage fills his nose. With the webbing that coats him significantly degraded, Asher taps into a reserve of strength and flexes outward, stretching the silk to its breaking point and returning some mobility to his limbs. “You okay?” He finally calls to Addison, who certainly took the brunt of the blast. @Phoebe
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    The Tavern

    @Veir Quiet settled over the Tavern, the number of patrons dwindling, most travelers taking their leave to go through the Way-Gates. Night fell, and with it a blanket of stillness wrapped itself around the building, kept at bay by golden lamplight shining through the windows. Within, each member of the staff attended to their duties; still the scent of food wafted from the kitchen, still the bartender polished his glasses, still bard strummed his lute atop the stage. The bard, in particular, seemed to take a keen interest in the newcomer. Blue eyes settled on the stranger for a few moments, but the gaze soon lifted-- the next song began, and the dark-haired bard returned to his music. Tavern service was quick; minutes after he'd spoken his order, the barmaid returned with a steaming bowl of stew, a hunk of bread, and a mug of ale. All three looked beyond "cheap", but the barmaid slid the gold coin and a silver one back to the man. "The Tavern of Legend doesn't charge much," she said, winking. "Will you be needing anything else, sir?" Lamplight glinted off two short horns poking out beneath her braids. Should the man's gaze travel downwards, he would notice cloven hooves where her feet should be.
  7. Ash watched with sharp eyes as the pages leafed up into the air before him. Even after the months spent training above, magic— particularly hers— still fascinated him. The first thing that dawned on him was that she’d taken his idea of stealing a soul for the spear to heart, which warmed his in a certain way. The second was that she was going farther with it, that her pragmatism had extended his isolated idea into a full plan for success. It equal parts frightened and excited him. “The Phoenix, huh?” Ash put a quizzical finger against pursed lips, straining against his code not to kill somebody who he could only assume wasn’t a bad person (considering the bad people were coming for her, in his eyes). He was, however, determined to produce a plan as if he meant it. “Maybe an abduction, so we can try to take her out and see what this Phoenix thing is all about on our own time. You said something about a replacement That could come in handy there."
  8. Commission of Ashton for @Praetorian Actually designed an armor reference for this one, which was fun:
  9. Shanna’s predictions that the creatures were scarce during the day time were confirmed by now, and it was much to her relief. They seemed to shun the sun’s rays, and she could only hope that the heat that bore down on her burdened form now was one that would remain. She had no basis as to the creatures activities during cloud cover, and quite frankly had no desire to discover. Picking her way through the wreckage of another home, Shanna finds herself at the base of one of the relatively untouched towers of the city in exactly the time in which she had predicted. For once, things seemed to be managing in her favor, but Shanna didn’t expect it to last, it never did. Bitterly, her face contorted and brows furrowed before she settled into a determined look and gently began to pull the door open as though there was a horde behind it that might spew forth and claim her as their next victim. She was rewarded with a surge of startled bats, but little else. Casting a cursory glance to the city behind her, Shanna moves inside the door and closes it, latching the lock. Either she will have what she came for, or she will not leave the tower. The first floor is little more than an entrance way, the tower tall and proud in it’s standing as she peers upwards at the long, winding stairs that will be the bane of her existence. It was far too easy to be caught on stairs unaware and at a disadvantage. Surely there was more than one banshee in the city, and Shanna pulled her modified headphones over her ears in hopes that should a banshee be encountered, they would take the brunt of the force. However, it did leave her deaf to most of the world, and she could only hope that her vision and peripheral were well off enough to keep her protected. With a flick of her fingers, a small light hovered above her head to illuminate the darkened parts of the tower that the slight windows did not help. With a deep breath, cheeks puffing, Shanna nods once to herself, and begins her ascent.
  10. Kingly saw what was about to happen. If he didn't make a move, Howard's own would be destroyed. The battle was over for the infantry. He knew the casualties were too risky, he had to retreat. However, it wasn't over for the ships. They were at a safe distance, nothing could harm them. All they needed to do was evacuate Anna's troops. However, 3 ships weren't enough for it. Kingly called for support. He radioed back to Howard as soon as he could as he announced for the order to get all soldiers in a square formation and retreat backwards towards the motorised boats. Another order was made for all guns to fire ahead of annas troops and his troops to create a massive trench, causing dismounts and trips for the cavalry and infantry. Howard meanwhile was furious and he wouldn't allow this to pass. It was time to test the submarines. He decided to send four in which would direct missiles onto the Treants and hopefully cause mass hysteria among them thanks to these rockets coming from what seems like nowhere. The submarines sailed at full speed to the battlegrounds at a depth of 50 ft. The Goddess continued to pound fire on the Treants, each shot breaking the sound barrier as it roared across the field. Meanwhile below, Howard's own was steadily retreating, in a square formation, back to the lifeboats. The two Queen's directed all of their guns towards the singular Treant that was ahead of the rest. Then, an idea popped into Kingly's head. A brutal idea that was so mad it just could work. The Anti-Air guns on board the three ships quickly turned around and picked their targets, mainly the eyes of the Treants and the threatening cavalry. The bullets of these AA guns were explosive and had not been tested towards the ground before. They were designed to explode upon the impact of a metal airship, causing tears in the hull of it and exploding within weak points in the armour. Over the incredibly loud sound of the guns overhead, the AA officers had to wave to order them to open fire. As soon as the order was given, the sound of constant barrages from the three ships was joined by the 'rat-tat-tat' of these surprisingly powerful machine guns. Hundreds upon thousands of little explosions popped up on the beaches in the ranks of the natives and the eyes and faces of the Treants. Howard's Own, being surrounded by the cover of these shots and the holes around them, leapt onto the lifeboats and rushed back to the ship. They continued their fire as they quickly made their way back to the Glory. The lifeboats, once free of the Khaki uniformed Howardonian troops were now rushing back to the beach to quickly pick up Anna's troops. On the roof of these lifeboats, they flew a big red flag, calling a retreat. It was time for the ships to do their job. The two massive guns in the centre of the Goddess had a different task than the rest. They shot their guns separately from the rest. This was a clever tactic to make sure they couldn't run. All around the battle side explosion after explosion rose up from the ground, causing massive impassable holes. The natives didn't know it but they were now surrounded and had nearly no escape at all. Now just to wait for the time to strike.
  11. As Nacht approaches, the creature seems to pay him little mind until he is directly in front of the decaying form. It settles into a vapid stare through jellied eyes that have run down it’s face, before suddenly lurching forward as though to capture him within the brittle grasp of bones and sinew. The secondary – close enough to reach but not without advancing a few steps, turns attention towards Nacht as well, shambling forward before tripping over a rock as it moves forward and promptly falls flat on it’s face in a rather comedic manner. An arm rattles across the shoals of the shore, as the creature lets out a groan that starts lowly and quickly becomes a howling noise – though not of pain. The one reaching for Nacht mimics through broken vocal cords, it’s head throwing back as it descends into a screeching as limbs flail towards the man. The drumbeats that echoed ominously seem to ebb with the tide, becoming louder and then quieter with each pull of the waves, and the screech seems to do much the same. The purpose becomes clear after a moment – the echoing sound becoming louder and bodies lift from the tide and move forward to the sand and rocks, their speed faster than a shamble, this time. The beach becomes a perilous echo of sounds as the undead rise to claim their belongings. @Kyoku @saz @Evelynn Serana Nightmoor @Pala @Peter
  12. Cal would be flung towards a tree and collapse onto the floor. It's a pretty good assumption that the force of that knocked him out.
  13. Event: Uprising Hurtling forward at frightening speed, the boulder crashed loudly several metres to Anna's left, immediately leaving a bloody patch on the ground where it had crushed a few men. In the wake of its impact, the boulder shattered, its pieces and fragments shooting outward, further injuring those who managed to survive the initial blast. There was little time to breathe however. The second treant was readily reaching back into the mountains, grasping another boulder with its large meaty hands. Meanwhile, the first treant, which had initially been incapacitated by Howard's first volley was beginning to rise again, upon immediately being pelted by another shower of explosives. The creature roared in agony as branches and wood began to fall from its body. But as the volley continued, it succumbed. With a loud roar, the treant crashed down onto the ground, leaving large fissures in its wake. Its body began to crumble away as the wood turned to ash, melting back into the dirt. A dim green glow in its chest flickered several times before snuffing out as the living monument turned into a lifeless husk. Behind it however, the third, fourth and fifth treants readily advanced to close the distance between themselves and the survivors of the town. There was no deliberating now. Anna would have to call a retreat or risk the annihilation of her entire population hidden away in the townhouse. Meanwhile, a large cavalry division was sent forward to meet Howard's advancing lines. Four hundred or so men, which was about two thirds of the force present, broke off from the main group and charged toward's the Howardian troops. Their movement was random and fluid, crossing over creases in the plains to evade the hailstorm of bullets. Each elven horsemen was equipped with a ranged weapon of sorts. Though many wielded longbows, there were a few who wielded gnarled oakwood staffs. If Kingly new them any better, he would fear them far more than the archers. @Jack Howard @PrettyCuteAnna Atlesian Migrants Admiration: 2 Respect: 2 Fear: 0 Happiness: 0 Genesari Natives Admiration: 2 Respect: 0 Fear: 5 Happiness: 0
  14. Ah, I see a comrade joining us! Make sure to read that New Member Guide, it has some incredibly useful stuff!
  15. Alright, so samo and shatter have gone on indefinite AFV and withdrawn from this plot, + with Jivundus being inactive for over two months, I'll be looking for new players to fill in the slots of the three gillick children. I may make up a gillick kid character for myself 🤔 Wade has probably mentioned this to some of you already but as part of the war plot, Corinth (or the main ursa madeum kingdom) is going to begin looking for these kids (due to Lupercarl, one of the UM council people, being close to Damien and knowing about some of them). Essentially, they want to attempt recruiting these kids, and I intend to use a mercenary/tracker character to play that out. I'm still not completely free to make new threads at the moment but let me know if you'd be interested in this and we can plot something out OOC
  16. The title says it all! xD Recently, I've been super slow in terms of roleplay, and my babies are starting to overwhelm me. As such, I'm helping them to reach out to other Val members via the water cooler. Jack Howard, played by @Jack Howard is the Governor of New Acheron, a city in the rising Empire of Eternus which formed during the Reclamation event in Genesaris. Dude is also the Prime Minister. Currently quite new to Valucre, but already seizing positions of importance among his own people. Jack is looking for other territory holders in Genesaris to make allegiances, contacts, trading deals! So if you are in or from Genesaris and would like to make contact with the righteous boatman, than here is your opportunity to do so!
  17. He attacked the forest, and then ignored her. If ever was a way to annoy her, that was it. As Cal darted towards Lexa, she punched the air and shot a lightning bolt out of her hand. Even if it didn't electrocute and paralyze him, the attack had enough force behind it to send him flying back. If Cal had no way to alter his flight pattern, he'd take the hit and Lexa would say "No hurting forest! Big brother has to promise."
  18. "I will love you... as justice loves to sit and watch while everything goes wrong"

    —The Beatrice Letters, Lemony Snicket

  19. My two posts owed, to the Dealing With Demons thread, and to the one ive yet to start, will be coming today!

  20. Let me check my chest, my breath right quick He ain't never seen it in a dress like this He ain't never even been impressed like this Prolly why I got him quiet on the set like zip Like it, love it, need it bad Take it, own it, steal it, fast Boy, stop playing, grab my ass Why you actin' like you shy? Shut it, save it, keep it, pushin' Why you beating 'round the bush? And knowing you want all this woman Never knock it 'til you try...yeah, yeah All of them bitches hating I have you with me All of my niggas saying you mad committed Realer than anybody you had, and pretty All of that body-ody, the ass and titties
  21. And read I have! First off, I'd love to thank the wonderful user jaistlyn for providing us a visual tool to see the scene and work it out together. I do want to stress (1 that I'm not an artist, also) that since you're a super informative person, I want most of the battle to take place in words not through this visual. This is just soe have things right in a general sense. Here's the link, you can make edits or add effects to it however you like, or tell me what must be changed to properly reflect our battlefield. https://amenities65480.invisionapp.com/freehand/Neverending-Challenge-eEd59qvuo Reading the wording of your applied character sheet section, I'm going to contest here that he did not change his plans, spell-cancel, or improvise any tactics. Your wording for "improvisatory tactics" does not include battle-ready action to a real-time fight. Even though, as you say, it's not that important, I don't want to mislead you into thinking I'm playing Michael for a fool. Not for a couple more posts at least! I thank your bringing attention to this, and spending time on any metrics of Tori lifting the gem, but that was a mere diversionary tactic. Firstly, I think you're under the impression that Tori runs on Michael's power? But she is instead a self-sustaining object serving as his personal artificial intelligence (not to be corny, but picture Master Chief's Cortana). She moves independently of his strength, but according to his will. Second, which should be an assumption, I accept Tori not being able to lift the crystal for the effect of magnetizing water away from Michael.
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