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Hyperion City




The sun-dappled forests of Hyperion are a four-season wonderland. Rich blooms of springtime wildflowers come in all colors and sizes, while brilliant Emeri flowers light up the high-elevation meadows in summer. Autumn brings its own fiery rewards with quilted hues of orange, burgundy and saffron blanketing the mountain slopes. In winter, snow-covered fields and ice-fringed cascades transform Hyperion into a serene, cold-weather retreat. Hyperion commands an elevation high enough to see the Great Pine Barrens as a mesmerizing backdrop, harboring more biodiversity than any other forests in the Terran East. 4 miles west is a trail that leads to the tranquil Ponkapoag River. The Thesdan Ridge offers breathtaking views of the South Sea, with Predator's Keep to the West. On a clear day, it's possible to see Dead Peaks, the highest peak in Terrenus.


Landmarks and Monuments

Arcadia – Citadel




 Leocadia Palace: At the epicenter of Hyperion lays Leocadia Palace—this sprawl of grand architecture is the principle home for the Royal and Imperial family and also serves as the center of Imperial administration within the Hyperian Empire. The palace is known to be constructed and expanded upon with several smaller palaces, noted for its gilded, golden domes that catch the mountain sunlight—lending the palace its name.

Imperial Gardens: Raveena’s mother was remembered and renowned for her talent with gardening and reverence to nature and the spirits that many Matreyans still pay homage to. The Imperial Gardens are a tribute to her life’s work in unifying nations alongside the Emperor. These verdant gardens are covered by the perfectly manicured gardens in several collections, which contain fortifications, grottoes, monuments and fountains for private meetings and parties among the Imperial family and guests. One can find a breathtaking view of the garden’s splendor from the prodigious glass-and-iron venue known as the Atrium of Lights.

Atrium of Lights: The setting sun filters through panes of glass that sinuously stretch from floor to ceiling, casting pure scattered light. Rainbow hues ambitiously illuminate every inch of the marble flooring. Somewhere nestled in the botanical splendor that fills the Atrium is a peaceful cascade of a fountain. The Atrium of Lights is known as a public venue known for its romantic and social atmosphere. An outdoor terrace leads into the Imperial Gardens, while a pavilion remains situated for the musically inclined. A dais sits at the forefront, where the Imperial Family presides during social events. The Atrium gets its name from the columns that are wreathed with warm, glowing lights that lend to a magical ambiance.



Corinthia – Civic District




Hall of Sigils: This prestigious hall is the designated meeting place for regents, rulers, and the public. Considered neutral territory, it is where all things war and peace related can be discussed between parties. It also serves as the town hall for public meetings concerning the city and Imperial affairs overseas. A great hall of opulence and pride, it showcases the sigils of every noble house within Hyperion, as well as notable city flags of territories within the Hyperian Empire.

  • Military Quarters

Dormitories and Training Ground: Set in the manicured district of Corinthia, the Military Quarters are home to the local and Imperial military as well as their families. This sub-district was designed to separate soldiers from the civilian population and reinforce discipline, training and comradery. Several sleeping and residential quarters are provided provided not for a place to sleep, but also opportunities for personal and educational growth through Liberty Academy. Many high-ranking Team Captains and members of the Order Guard support this objective by creating engaging activities and cross-training programs to further build and grow military support.

Grey Dungeons: The underground quarters for all lawbreaks and N’er-do-wells. Despite the city’s tentative steps towards urbanization and modernization, the Grey Dungeons remain a relic of Hyperion’s first incarnation: dark, dank and miserable to those unlucky enough to be caught and house here for crimes committed.



Kastoria – Academic District




Bravot Library: A vast, public library that was supplied by the late Thomas Bravot, Master Librarian that was better known as the Count Zantara. Housed in an elusive building rumored to be very much alive, all of his books and findings are categorized by various subjects in various languages from across the Multiverse. For those seeking knowledge, one can consult the Articat Mephisto and the Book of Descendants

Liberty Academy: Where students are welcome to learn a new trade that allows them to sustain themselves or their family. Subjects range from learning to craft weaponry, armor, technology, merchant practices, herbology and botany, to specialized fields for Magi, Psions and Otherworlders.

Pavilion of Prayers: A cluster of smaller buildings and temples where people of different faith can go to worship or pray. Predominantly of Gaian faith, the Pavilion is also home to the Sacred Mind Sisterhood, who seek enlightenment through Psionics; the Society of the Illuminated Truth, a small group who take part in conspiracies and exchange theories. This group is closely monitored; The Circle of the Living Star, a growing group of people who believe that Raven is the avatar of the Matreyan sun god Arun’daeraa

Tiandi Wushu: Tiandi Wushu is a Martial Arts school that originated somewhere on the continent of Terrenus; though details about its history are vague. The school consists of two different factions; the Quinlong, or Azure Dragons and the Bai Hu, or White Tigers. Although the two factions are rivals, the rivalry is a friendly one, with each side continually driving the other to improve. Because of this, any attack on one group is considered an attack on the entire school.



Messenia – Warehouse District




THRIVE Branch: A branch of the illustrious T.H.R.I.V.E. Initiative in Thraece, these clusters of offices serve as a place of business for Terran-based THRIVE volunteers who branch out and assist in rehabilitating Terran lands.

AM Tech Branch: Known as the head company of research and development in the Hyperian Empire, AM Tech hosts a Terran branch of test laboratories and research departments, supplementing the city with its current and ever-evolving magitech.

Air and Field Testing: An open area to test prototypes and patents unhindered, this is a restricted area and only licensed personal are allowed on site for testing and development of technology.

Imperial Forge: The heart of Hyperion’s unique weapons system, the Imperial Forge works in conjunction to the Rising North with its supply of Exalta crystals. The forge is designed to create some of the finest, Exalta-operated weapons in Hyperion, accounting for much of the Aralim’s weaponry, as well as the Enforcers. Known for its original site collapse.



Laconia – Trade District


  • Merchant Quarters
  • Guildhalls and Businesses

Hyperion Market: Where crafters convene to bring their latest and greatest. There are alchemists, magi, and a house forgery where items are conceived, then brought to life. Many workers require components be gathered—some can be bought locally, others must be quested. Here the technology ranges from potions, to maps to armory, weapons to vehicles.

The Sadira Amar: A tea house by day, a popular Tavern by night. The Sadira Amar sits on top of a forge. Visit to get a feel for the local life. Find companions, build relationships and set off to take the city by storm.

Cut and Jib: Adventurer's Tavern and InnA popular tavern dedicated to all the adventuring types. Folks who frequent the Cut and Jib are often embarking, returning, or recovering from taking quests at the quest board. If you're feeling lucky and the call to adventure lures you, stop on in and prepare for an adventure.

  • Southside Slums
  • Farmlands
  •  Arena

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