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Tiandi Wushu



Tiandi Wushu is a Martial Arts school that originated somewhere on the continent of Terrenus; though details about its history are vague. The school consists of two different factions; the Quinlong, or Azure Dragons and the Bai Hu, or White Tigers. Although the two factions are rivals, the rivalry is a friendly one, with each side continually driving the other to improve. Because of this, any attack on one group is considered an attack on the entire school.

Though rare, serious disputes between the two sides are mediated by an overseeing body known as the Baxian, or Eight Immortals. Membership of the Baxian is made up of four masters from each faction. Above them is the Shangdi, or Lord on High, the schools grandmaster who has the final say in all matters.

The Tiandi Wushu believe that strength for its own sake is meaningless, and that power only becomes worth having when it is used for the greater good. To this end, they take requests from those in need, and assign students to carry them out. More than just fulfilling their creed, this also allows students to gain real combat experience.

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