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Noble Houses

A template has been created to base your Houses on. From there you will see a thread per City and/or Kingdom for you to post your completed profiles in. These are for serious applicants only, as you will be responsible for maintaining activity for the territory assigned. Inactive Houses will be warned first (30 days of inactivity), but if inactivity continues, they will be purged or replaced. Please reach out to me to discuss your title and territory assignment before submitting your profiles.


What Is Expected

Kind of RP - RPers who are interested should be willing to RP their own independent plots as well as plots that involve the Royal and Imperial families. This stretches between Terrenus and Genesaris for now, but may also stretch into Tellus Mater. You are responsible for generating activity in your area. Think of it as being a mayor to your very own town. Run it as you see fit, but know that you still answer to the Imperial Family for egregious lore changes.

IC, Actions and Consequences - Outside this club (as this is for OOC content only), whatever actions you take ICLY will have consequences for your character ICLY.  Try to avoid situations where characters might be killed off but where no compromise can be reached, what happens ICly will be dictated by IC, not OOC.

Maturity - These territories are open and free to everyone with very few restrictions both IC and OOC; The club is currently read only. As such, it's expected that when you form and execute your Houses ICly that you show other users respect where respect is due. If complications arise, please see me, and we can contact Val staff if further needed.

OOC, Actions and Consequences - Treat people how you want to be treated. Respect your Club and Val Staff, as well as each other. You will be warned once, and removed if it continues.

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