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Veluriyam Empire

A pocket dimension of untamed wilderness, an island chain rife with political intrigue, a technologically advanced city, and a variety of other territories: together, they form the domain of Veluriyam Empire, a growing powerhouse within the world of Valucre.


  1. Taen

    A land of interdimensional phenomena and untamed wilderness trapped in a pocket dimension, Taen is a haven for adventurers and explorers wishing to carve their mark on a new territory hidden away from the rest of Terrenus.

  2. Ursa Madeum

    An island chain off the southwest coast of Terrenus, aristocratic Ursa Madeum is rank with political intrigue, a battleground for the plots and schemes of the old noble houses vying for power under the tenuous rule of the Veluriyam Empire.

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