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The birthplace of magitech, home to savage wilds and cities of magic and madness. Lagrimosa marries elements of fantasy and science fiction. The largest kingdom is the Terran Empire, though many enclaves and territories exist within. Use this board to find information on artifacts, quests, bounties, and more.


  1. 2264
  2. Wilds of Lagrimosa

    Explore the savage wilds of Lagrimosa, including magical forests, frozen tundras, high mountains, plains and islands. Use this board to roleplay in any of the landmark areas of the nation.

  3. Eridianus

    Stretching along the continent's southern coast, Eridianus is a place in between places, an un-land un-anchored to the Real where the walls holding back the Otherworld wax thin; false stars fall in showers, compass needles lie, and the auroras flood the night skies. Within Eridianus’ quiet madness lies several Enclaves, each with varying levels of magic and technology as well as distinct geographies, peoples and cultures.

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