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    • To her surprise, the demon seemed friendly, offering a wing to shelter her from the rain. Cassandra realized she had her arms wrapped around herself, that her dress was soaking wet and clung to her skin, and her handkerchief was little more than a sopping rag. Then the woman in his arms drew a bow on her. Cassandra winced, quickly raising her hands in a placating gesture. "Sorry. No. I'm just passing by. I'm going to leave now." The words spilled out of her mouth, staccato, and then the girl was running in the opposite direction, towards the party. The torrent of sea-smelling water from the sky continued pouring as she ran, feet splashing through ankle-high water. This wasn't at all unlike the weather when she'd first used her powers. Surprisingly, the thought didn't bring the wave of misery she'd grown accustomed to. Perhaps it was the sharp sting of water on her skin, perhaps it was the noise of the carnage beyond the trees, perhaps it was being in vicinity to a handful of monsters whose reality - however distasteful it seemed - managed to paint the clearest picture of existence she'd perceived in a while. The girl burst into the clearing, panting, the fear from having three arrows pointed at her turning into exhilaration. She looked up. Erythraean was still ambling along. She looked around. Immediately, her hand flew to her mouth, the acid taste of bile biting the back of her throat. Is this really necessary? For the moment, she stood there at the edge of the festival, a dozen presences tugging for her to follow, the rain limiting her eyesight. 
    • The old wolf was smiling from underneath the elf. Aldorto chuckled, "Well to be fair you caught the gaze of a wolf with centuries of expertise in the area. However, like I said before, it's not mostly lust that's driving me so the overall feeling is much better. I plan on setting the pace slow, hopefully we have enough time in the day for you..if not..well I'll have to catch you when you wake up. I 'do' plan on having my fun with you after all Ingrid." The topic of Lian was touchy for the time being but still needed to be discussed, "Chin up, I can smell your discomfort. I can feel the situation between you two. It's tense, like wanting the same person but feeling like only one can hold onto it. Within time I can look into seeing how to give you both a body to work out of...though I warn you the process is very time consuming but I've..well, if we're being in the light about it, I've done it quite a few times at this point. That's not an issue....the issue is what happens 'after' you are both free."  It wasn't the most pleasant of subjects to discus. He was quick to try and change the subject. "You're self conscious aren't you? Full of disdain, unsure how someone could see you with a glint in their eye for anything other then your body? Hehe..if it's any consolation to you, I think you are cute. Attractive is a good word but a bit lacking to explain the feeling at times." He took a quick glance back as he shifted the route to move around the volcano. Though the heat was still quite present, the sharp obsidian shards would not be. "You're much more beautiful then you give credit for. Reserved is a good look on you, you expunge an air of confidence, demanding your presence be acknowledged. It isn't like Kalmuli's or Lian's where in they carry power or an ancient aura, you are more grounded, easier to approach. I hold respect for you over them, though you all hold responsibility, you show it more then them. Lian is wild, like the wind, appealing to my younger elf and the wolf in me. Kalmuli demands respect with her power and wisdom. You, you are more human, you feel more real then them. It's refreshing." He was rambling again but he simply chuckled it off, "When you live like I have, someone to hold a human connection with. It might sound a bit odd trying to describe it, but that's the difference I feel...if that makes any sense to you." Already he could feel the heat growing a bit stronger. As he kept moving it started to ease off of him.
    • Lenix had moved over to wrap his arms around the last crate. Once he'd gotten the grip he wanted, the elf knelt down then jerked the box into the air wherein he moved quickly to catch it so he could carry the crate from the underside of the box. With a few cautious steps and the blonde elf was out the door. "Thank you again for the drink and the moment to rest. I guess I'll see ya around."  Lenix moved a bit down the street before slowing his pace to wait for Plume. "So you have a method to preserve perishable items? I'd be interested in perhaps commissioning a few if you are still for making them. We will just need to discus payment for them." Lenix looked over the top of the crate mostly but he shot a few glances over to Plume. On the off chances they would catch gazes he would smile. "So this idea you are working on, I'm curious about it." Makiel was not tired, but content. A lot had happened in a bit of time, being content almost felt rare at this point. It was a good feeling, so much so that he felt secure enough to rest his eyes. "We can discuss the details on it later. I'm almost certain it's going to take quite a few tries and she'll probably be working side by side with Kreigstad..so maybe a fore-warning that a very large wolf-man is going to be assisting her would go a long ways. I appreciate the connection though."  The wanderer moved rubbed along Kalmuli's waist. If he got more content he would pass out right there. "Time..heh..fells like a funny word when mortality isn't really a question anymore. I think my only weigh in would be just do as you feel comfortable. I'm sure you can feel the effects of my hands on you, the muscles were practically screaming out for attention. Let yourself loose but in a fashion that doesn't jeopardize the standing of the position of acting Queen." The though of scandal filling the halls was on his mind as well, though that damage was already done at this point, the only thing to be done was damage control. "Besides, I can't be here all the time to work your body over. We both know to take better care of ourselves missy."
    • Oxidus stood in front of the disembodied door leading into the dungeon. Upon wandering into Dougton, he overheard talk of this door, that it only allowed children to enter. His curiosity getting the better of him, he searched high and low until finding a man who sold various potions, including ones that could reverse a persons aging process by several years. Such things are risky, but it would be a necessary risk to find out what was behind this strange door. The door was guarded, of course, with the intent of keeping anyone from attempting to enter. Oxidus had a simple method for bypassing such an obstacle: charge in quickly and incapacitate him before he can react. It took barely a second for Oxidus to close the distance between himself and the guard and render him unconscious with two well-placed chops to the sides of his neck. With the guard out of picture, he removed the potion, a clear liquid inside a small glass bottle, from his pocket, uncorked it and drank it down. His body began growing smaller, and his features began changing, looking progressively younger as the transformation ensued. Within seconds, he had regressed from a young, eight feet and three inches tall adult, to a mere four and a half foot tall child, roughly five years old. "I'm not used to being this small anymore. Or to my voice sounding so high pitched. Being a kid again feels so weird." Oxidus reached for the doorknob, opened the entrance, and stepped in. He walked down the tunnel, bursting with suspense at could possibly lay ahead in a dungeon meant for children. What he saw was hardly what he expected. Floating lights with faces on them, cacti growing from rocks, and birds fluttering all around. Never had he seen such a place before. He was so distracted by the sights and sounds that he didn't notice the other kids at first. His eyes eventually wandered in there direction, at first looking straight through them, but finally noticing them a moment after. He approached them in his usual friendly manner. "Hello. I wasn't expecting to see anyone else down here with that guard outside. I guess you guys aren't ordinary kids. Or maybe he just isn't very good at his job..." Then he heard the orcs bellowing laughter. "Whoa, what was that? Sounded dangerous, like a monster laughing. We should probably go see what's up. Oh, my name is Oxidus by the way. I always forget to introduce myself when I meet new people."
    • She was searching, and gingerly—delicately, she lifted Welfrick’s chin, “I don’t know.” She replied to her son. “It’s a major liability. I made that mistake once,” She murmured thoughtfully, her gaze raking over the cursed man. “I’m not keen to make that mistake again.” Her Enforcers were only trained for so much of the Supernatural. Shifters were the trickiest, because of their erratic behavior. She knew what Welfrick was capable of, but she still knew too little about his affliction. Was it an infection? Was it magical in nature? Did it lessen? Worsen? Under what conditions? Her hand ran along the smooth shaft of the Long Bow and she exhaled in exasperation. Something felt different this time, off—and yet, she could not readily pin-point it. She looked up around them at the canopy. The shift of the sun as the day stretched on was worrisome. “We need to stay as close to light as possible. He is the worst at night, but that’s all I know.” She thumbed Welfrick’s jawline sadly, her slender brows knit in concern. “What’s happened to you?” She whispered, fiending for answers she wasn’t sure would come. She delicately snapped the arrow that protruded from his shoulder. The fletching end came first—she wouldn’t dare rip the arrow out in full, lest the arrow head worsen his condition. He was a far cry from the man she met that night. Scared—not for himself, but for her and others. Something about that beast hungered. He looked thin and ragged, and not like the smiling man she met the day after. She had faced an incredible danger from him—and lived. She could have left him to die, but she didn’t. How could she have? Welfrick and the creature that dwelled inside of him were night and day—and yet. Even the creature showed compassion for her, despite the warring need to take her and feast upon her.  She gently rolled the downed man and with careful maneuvering, pulled the other end of the shaft from his shoulder and set about the task of packing the wound and tying it off. She grit her teeth. They really couldn’t risk being left out beyond borders, either. Damnit, Grant was right. They’d have to bring him in. She just hoped another occurrence like last time wouldn’t repeat itself. Slinging the bow over her shoulder, she effortlessly scooped Welfrick up into her arms. It was a feat she never would have managed before, but Rowan’s transfusions had granted her peculiar strength for her petite size. Still she stumbled until shifted his unconscious form until he was stable enough to carry him unhindered, “We don’t have a choice. Take my Enforcer, we’ll secure them to my Braix and head back.” Gods, another funeral. She desperately hoped she would not regret this.