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    • "This armor will be unlike anything we've ever seen before. Strong, temperature resistant, and chalked full of technological systems. Definitely more surprising in its true nature. It'll consist of two parts, over-armor and under-armour. The over-armor will be the plated parts, while the under armor will house more advanced systems like temperature control." As he continued, Hawk took another list from the case, placing it in front of them as he did the last few. This list consisted of more technical armor abilities he had researched in recent weeks.  Short range motion scanner, internal radio, geiger counter, gps, basic energy shielding, night vision, jump-jets, impact gel, internal oxygen filter and backup supply, body-cam and vital monitors.  He paused for a moment, looking up from the list and to Nacht instead. "I know they're out there somewhere, Ewyer. No way they went down that easy, they're Atlesian." He turned around, resting his backside and palms on the edge of the table before continuing.  "If we're going to find them, we're going to need some bigger firepower. My theory is that Atlas was taken wherever those wooden bastards are, but when we find them, we're going to need to be able to fight. After our last encounter, we know we can't take them when we run into them again. This time we'll be ready." Hawk finished, a cold serious tone lingering in his voice as he spoke. Finding Atlas had become an obsession for Hawk, it's nearly all he had been able to think about since the fall. At this point, there was nothing anyone could say him to convince him they were dead.  @HellstenNacht
    • As addison folded her arms around Lexa, following a small debate about the name 'Zenithia' Lexa took it as her queue to talk. She looked up and quickly brushed the crumbs from her mouth using her forearm before raising it. "Lexa doesn't like it. Lexa thinks name sounds like it trying too hard to be cool. Also sounds... ummm... not-imagine..." she struggled to find the opposite of 'imaginative' while also trying to think of the adjective for 'imagine.' "Sound like someone take Zenith, added suffix, and says it's good name. Lexa would never take name serousy." (Yes, she did mispronounce "Seriously")    
    • As the hole got wider and deeper, freshwater began to pool at the bottom. “Bring stones!” Addison shouted, prompting several of the workers to begin carting over wheelbarrows of rocks and pebbles. Using the stones, a filter wall was constructed along the sides of the hole and the base, preventing soil from contaminating the water. The well was emptied and the water drained out in preparation for new water to begin to pool. As the skies darkened overhead, Addison ordered a zinc roof to be built to prevent rainwater contamination. Once the well’s finishing touches were underway, Addison approached Anna and her fishing group. “It was bloody cold last night. We need to find a way to keep everyone warm.” @PrettyCuteAnna
    • “I respectfully disagree,” Addison replied. “Using existing words as names seems a little. . . Improper. . . ? For example, it is the Kingdom of Grandia, and not the Grand Kingdom. Everyone knows about that city which called itself the ‘Legion’, in which nothing spectacular has occured other than rampant crime, several successful invasions that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of civilians and heretics and soothsayers taking over the streets with cults and orders of. . . Last I heard was some ‘brick’ religion.” She folded her arms. “Zenithia.”
    • Phil nodded and gestured for Douglas to follow. Leading him to the back of one of the trucks, he pulled out the navigation kit and pointed to several spots on the map. “Midway, Harcester and Roselen are the most West reaching settlements of our country. However, Luca Valentine has recently established a fortress by the name of the Rose Keep. It is a government supervised and sponsored military unit which serves as Duchess Valentine’s Royal Guard and a deterrent against the remnants of the Whispernight located in the forests and the Great Lake.” Phil drew a line connecting Harcester, Midway and the Rose Keep. “Realistically, our sphere of influences is strongest along this line. Extending beyond it is a possible move in the future, but we have no guarantee of taking such land until we have a more established border guard.” @Xoco
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